The following story contains verbal descriptions of consensual sexual activities between teenage males and between teenage males and teenage females.

If such material might offend you then you should go elsewhere, and get a libido tuneup while yur at it.

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No Boy Is an Island

Chapter 2

Dessert First

"Let's go to my place, fix a sandwich for lunch, and den vee can get creative for dessert," Karl laughed, ramping up his accent.

We had swum lazily in to shore from the dive platform, and my boner had relaxed enough that I could walk up onto the beach without a show.

"Which cabin are ya stayin in?" I asked with a nod to the row of resort buildings sitting back from the beach.

"We're not staying here this year. We have a rental villa up the hill, down the beach aways," he answered, pointing toward the "textile" section of the long stretch of sand.

Out of the water completely now, I turned to look admiringly at Karl beside me. He had a great swimmer's body, rippling abs and well-developed pecs, with the gangling arms and thick shoulders of someone who worked a lot on their butterfly stroke. His golden, all-over tan glistened as the salt water dried quickly in the noon-day sun. Slim and uncut, his cock swung gracefully from a patch of blonde, almost white, pubes. His tousled blonde hair, soft facial features, and wicked blue eyes gave him an impish, devil-may-care look I found irrisistible.

"I better check in with the `rents `fore I leave the beach," I said.

"With who?"

"The `rents, my parents, that is." I located them lounging under a beach umbrella a few hundred feet up the beach and headed that way. "Come on `n meet them."

"Lo Mom, Dad, this is my new friend Karl. Karl, this is my mom, Rhia, and my dad, Jose. Karl's staying up the beach aways `n we're goin ta his place ta get some lunch, "K?"

"Hello Karl, nice to meet you. Where are you from?" smiled Mom.

"Pleased to meet you, Rhia, I live in Amsterdam"

"Are you here with your family?" asked Dad.

"Ya, we've been on the island almost a week and we'll be here three more. My mama and papa are right over there. Would you like to meet them?" Karl pointed to a bronzed, blonde couple about 20 feet down the beach."Mama, Papa, come meet some new friends."

Karl quickly introduced his father, Laurens, who looked just like a grown up version of Karl, with the same great build, smooth body, and a good seven inches slack dangling from a clump of blonde pubes. His mom, Eva, whose round, firm tits, slim body, and almost teenage good looks made it hard to believe she could be Karl's mother, rather than his sister, had Karl's same mischieviious smile. We all exchanged pleasantries and while Karl's `rents pulled their lounge chairs over to visit with my folks, Mom reminded me, "Go on and have fun with Karl, but remember to be back for family night out by 6."

"Thanks, y'all. Nice ta meet ya, Laurens and Eva," I called as I grabbed my shorts and sandals. Karl picked up his sandals and a brightly colored cloth and joined me.

"Family-night-out's always a big deal fur us. We try ta do it at least once a week and ya miss a scheduled one only fur dire emergencies."

"Your parent's seem nice, but none of you have very strong Texas accents, why not?"

"We've only lived in Dallas fur 3 years, so we -- wait a minute how'd you know we're from Texas?"

"Vee haff vays of finding tinks out," smirked Karl, turning and trotting down the beach.

"God, what a beautiful ass," I thought to myself as I took off after him. He didn't stop at the end of the established nude section of the beach to put on any clothes like most of the other nudists do. "Hey, wait," I called as I slowed by the big sign marking the transition to textile land, but Karl kept on jogging, through throngs of gawking tourists. Afraid I might lose sight of him in the crowd if I stopped to pull on my shorts, I took a deep breath and plunged ahead, naked as a newborn.

Although my family and I were used to walking or jogging the full length of the beach nude early in the morning or in the evening, it felt kinda weird to have it all hangin out in front of the crowds of day-tripper tourists who milled around by the shops and packed the lounge chairs lining this more developed section of the beach at midday. I felt hundreds of eyes fixed on my swinging cock and bouncing buns as I streaked along after the laughing Karl. Then I realized how free I felt. Here I was naked, alive, laughing with a new friend, and I didn't have to care about the disapproval, or envy, of the uptight folks crowding the shore. This was how I always wanted to live.

Karl finally slowed to a walk about half way along the textile section and when I caught up with him he resumed our conversation where he had left it

"When you showed up on the beach yesterday, I asked at the front desk about new arrivals," he explained. " I know you have been here before, you are from Dallas, Texas, you have a younger sister, and you will be here for 3 weeks. I also know you looked like a young demi-god just now, jogging along the beach with your beautiful shaft waving to-and-fro in the breeze and the sweat glistening on your brown skin. I know I want to get to know lots more about you."

"You saw me yesterday?"

"Yeah, I saw you yesterday and I recognized you right away from when I had seen you last year and had said to myself , `That's one killer kid.' Last year I was sick and you left the day after I saw you, so I never got with you. This year I wanted to make sure we got together. I saw you, and I saw you checking me out, yesterday and knew I wanted to M.E.A.T. you, hehehe. So, here we are."

`Speakin of here, do ya always go naked on this part of the beach?"

"Yeah. When my parents first started coming here this whole beach was almost deserted and people were nude everywhere along it. It's still called 'clothing optional' in all the guide books. I figure, if the tourists are going to take it over and are going to invade the marked nude section in front of the resort to gawk at the nudies, then turn about is fair play and they can learn to put up with my bare ass strolling along here now and then. This is the body nature gave me and I'm not afraid to have anybody in the world see it."

As Karl finished his speech he stopped and grinned at me saying, "Anyway, yur naked too, aren't ya, so now we're trend setters. But here's where we head up the hill, so I usually wrap up the rest of the way," he said, winding a sarong-like piece of cloth around his waist. I pulled on my shorts and sandals and followed him.

A quarter-mile walk up the road brought us to a group of kewl looking villas behind an ornate entry gate. Karl's was the second in from the road. Hot and sweaty from our jog on the beach and trek up the hill, we walked up the lushly landscaped path and thru the front door into a large airy interior furnished in casual island style.

"Wanna cool off with a shower?" asked Karl, heading down a half-flight of steps just inside the door. We entered a huge bedroom, with sliding glass doors on one wall leading out to an inviting pool, and picture windows along another wall looking out over the beach and the bay. A king-size bed stood against the back wall.

"This is my room. Do you like the view?"  Karl asked, as he untied his sarong and dropped it to the floor.

"Which one?" I laughed, gazing at his perfectly formed rod and strippin off my own shorts and sandals.

Karl turned on th CD player by the bed and stepped close to me, "The shower's in here."

As Karl brushed by, the closeness of his tanned body and the scent of his salty sweat sent a shiver thru me. I followed him into the bathroom, where a huge marble shower filled one end. He kicked off his sandals, turned on the water and entered the cascade. I stood admiring his physique and felt my cock starting to harden. As I watched, his tool started to come to attention too. We both looked up at each other at the same time and, realizing we had each been ogling the other's growing hard-ons, burst into laughter.

I stepped into the shower and Karl's hands went to my hips, pulling our groins together. We pressed close together, rubbing our rigid rods against each other. Karl's cute face came to me, his sparkling blue eyes looking deeply into mine. Our lips touched. His tongue parted my lips and teeth and flicked against mine. I sucked his tongue lightly and flicked back. I'd never kissed a guy before and sensations of awe, of shock, of fear, of adventure, of warmth were flooding through me all at once. I was connecting, sexually, with Karl, a guy I'd just met, in a way I'd never connected with anyone before. This wasn't like any circle jerk, hand job, or other sex I'd ever known. Real passion was pulsing between us and my now hard cock was pulsing too against Karl's erect tool, as he and I ground our hips together. The intensity of our kiss deepened as our tongues probed each other's mouths.

Suddenly I was drowning in emotion and in the streaming water of the shower. I stepped away to get my breath and to get control over the conflicting feelings flooding my mind --"wow, what awwsum vibes" -- "So does this mean I'm gay?" --"What happens if I keep goin?" -- "How could I possibly stop?" I grabbed a towel and dried off, while Karl eyed me curiously from the shower.

"What about lunch?" I managed to ask, tryin to mask my confusion.

"I'm a believer in an old Buddhist saying -- `LIFE IS UNCERTAIN, EAT DESSERT FIRST,'" laughed Karl, stepping out of the shower and toweling his still hard rod.

"You are nervous?" he asked, walking to the bed.

"Yeh," I mumbled, following him, "I don't know where all this is takin me."

"It will go wherever you let it go. You will go wherever you let yourself go. Are you ready to let your `Self' go and find out who you really are?" Karl's usually grinning face was serious now and the depths of his eyes spoke as clearly as his words, "Take a deep breath and decide from the confidence of your heart not the fears of your mind."

I inhaled, swallowed hard and breathed out my fears. On my next in breath I thought of the freedom I felt this morning jogging naked on the beach and of the thrill I had just felt in Karl's grasp in the shower.

"Ready," I exhaled, smiling.

"Lie down," he invited  with a nod to the bed.

In one fluid motion, I launched myself backward onto the soft blue comforter and pillows. Karl kneeled on the bed between my legs.

"You have a gorgeous piece of meat there, Ryan. I'm ready to swallow it whole, but first a little sesoning," he said, grabbing a bottle of oil from the night stand.

He dribbled the sweet smelling liquid on my stomach and chest and began rubbing it in. His fingers lightly circled my nipples, then squeezed and pinched until I could feel them start to harden. Next, his hands worked back down my abdomen, alternating stroking with a light scratching, until they reached my thighs. He pushed my legs apart and began to powerfully knead the tendons running from the base of my rock hard cock up the insides of my thighs.My cock was throbbing with pleasure already and, when Karl wrapped his oil-slick hand around the shaft and squeezed, currents of joy shot thru me. I threw my head back and let out a whoop. Karl laughed and, rolling the glistening helmet at the end of my rod between the fingers of his other hand, he pulled away a sticky strand of precum from the tip.

"An appetizer," he giggled as he licked the precum from his fingers.

His other hand, still wrapped around my shaft began a slow rotating motion that I started to mirror with my own hip movements. Karl cupped his free hand around my balls and gave them a slight tug. My groans of pleasure prompted him to repeat the tug several times.

"Oh, shit, Karllll, this is beautiful," I gasped, alternating between laughing and crying for joy. 

Swelling, breath-taking gypsy violin and guitar music swirled through the room from the CD player, matching my own swelling cock and my breathlessness.

"This must be what heaven is like", I thought.

"Try to remember to breathe, breathe it all in, slow and easy," advised Karl.

With his palm still cupped around my sack, Karl's fingers massaged the ridge between the base of my scrotum and my asshole, at first softly and then more vigorously. I felt as though he'd found the roots of my cock buried down there and was massaging it with one hand while his other continued to twist and rotate on the exposed 6 inches. Then his probing fingers found the soft spot just above my hole and pressed in on it at the same time as he tightened his grip on my cock. I'd never felt anything like this. I writhed on the bed and moaned with pleasure.

"Open your eyes," Karl suggested gently.

I realized that, with the intensity of the pleasure I was feeling, I had squeezed my eyes tightly shut. Opening them I saw Karl's wide grin and a look of ecstasy on his face that matched what I felt mine must look like. As I smiled at him he blew me a kiss and, lowering his face to my groin, he whispered, "I'm really getting hungry, now."

I watched as his tongue rolled across the head of my cock, pulling away with another sticky strand of precum. Then, still holding me with his hand, he ran his soft tongue up and down along the ridge on the underside of my cock. He sucked one and then the other of my balls between his soft lips. Using his hands to pull my balls and cock up away from the base, his tongue continued to lick along the root shaft buried in my groin. Finally, its tip found my asshole and gently circled and then probed the opening.

My whole body was shaking with waves of pleasure. I watched with joy as Karl's face came up from my groin and his open mouth closed around the head of my cock. With his lips sealed around the shaft he began running his tongue around the rim of my helmet, while his hand started to pump my shaft. With each circuit, my cock throbbed harder and harder and my moans grew louder and louder. Karl lifted his mouth away from my cock, with silky precum dangling from his tongue. He pushed forward on his knees till his grinnin face met mine. With his still extended tongue he parted my lips and shared the sweet, salty taste of my precum with me.

"Tasty, isn't it?" he smirked. "I'm almost ready for you to give me buckets of the real stuff, Ryan."

His tongue went back to the head of my cock and pushed into my piss slit, where it pulled out more strands of precum that he hungrily gobbled. After his last gulp, his mouth closed around my shaft again and he began suckin as if his life depended upon it. His tongue flicked along my undercock ridge, one hand pumped at the base of my shaft, and the other cupped my balls. My breathing was wild and my hips were thrusting up into the air to meet Karl's eager mouth.

Suddenly, he circled his index finger and thumb around my sack and pulled gently down on my nads. At the same time, he stopped pumping me and just held my shaft firmly.

"Jesus, don't stop now," I wailed.

My flailing hands reached for his head and pulled him even closer to me until my entire shaft disappeared between his lips.

He spit me out and sputtered, "Relax. Breathe. Let yourself ride this wave."

He was right. The energy in me fueled by Karl's every touch and the wild gypsy music filling the room carried me like a wave. I was on the crest of a giant roller undulating underneath me. Its awesome power was lifting me higher and higher. I inhaled and the power of the wave swelled with the swelling of my chest. I started a long slow exhale and was racing down the wave's almost breaking crest. Another inhalation and I was being lifted again. Karl resumed the rhythm of his hand on my shaft, slower and more deliberate now.

"Ride, buddy, ride," he grinned.

He placed his other hand firmly on my chest. Raw energy pulsed thru me between his hands.

My laughter was ecstatic, "I couldn't ride any higher. I'm flyin, man, I'm flyin."

But I did go higher. Karl's mouth closed around my helmet again and his tongue swirled over it. His right hand pumped my shaft while his left returned to its massage of the ridge between my asshole and scrotum. The combination lifted me up, up on the wave gathering force inside me. The crest was cuming, so was I. As I pumped my hips furiously, the head of my cock banged against the back of Karl's mouth. Rather than gagging, he grabbed my buns and pulled me even closer.

Every nerve was charged as I reached my peak. Shouting, "GOD, OH GOD, Karlll!!" I felt the first burst of cum shootin from my balls, thru my electric cock, and into his sucking mouth. Then another burst swept thru me. And another, and another. I was bucking wildly with each burst, but Karl managed to keep his grip on my ass and keep my cock locked between his lips.

After I shot my fifth load, my thrashing stopped and I fell back, wasted, on the bed. Karl lifted his face to mine, our lips met, and I sucked a mouthful of my juice from him. We passed the salty mix of cum and spit back and forth from mouth to mouth a few times as our breathing slowed and our arms wrapped around one another. I looked into Karl's wicked eyes and knew that my life had changed forever.

 -To be continued -