The following story contains verbal descriptions of consensual sexual activities between teenage males and between teenage males and teenage females.  If such material might offend you then you should go elsewhere, and get a libido tuneup while yur at it.

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Chapter 3


"Wow", I managed, after my breathing and heart rate had slowed to near normal, " that was TFA."


"Yeh, Totally Fukin Awwsum -- TFA. The things you did for me, the feelins. I've never felt anything like this. How'd ya do that?"

"Well, for starters, you've got great equipment for me to work with," laughed Karl, stroking my half-erect rod. "This guy is just the right size for me, and look at how he stands at attention so nicely. Nifty helmet he's wearin too. But, uh oh, there's a hole in his helmet. Maybe that's where all that stuff was spurtin from. We'll have to look into that."

"Here, want a closer look?" I teased, rolling quickly so that I was sitting on Karl's chest with my boner pointing at his face. "The music was awwsum too, what was it?"

"Couple a my favorite guys, Willie and Lobo, old surfers who live in Mexico and play like wild gypsies. Maybe someday I'll be able to fiddle as good as Willie. Listening to him do Amsterdam is ecstasy."

Karl now was squeezing my cock head and peering closely at it with one eye closed. "Yup, definitely a hole, and evidence of a recent discharge." He leaned forward and his tongue licked along my piss slit.

"You got a license to be carryin this thing, sonny? I might have to seize it."

As he grabbed hard at me, we both started laughing uncontrollably and rolling across the giant bed. We ended up in a pile on the floor.

"Shit, Karl, this is so much fun. I luv bein with you. Yur so kewl with sex."

" Well, I had a very good teacher."

"Teacher, what kinda teacher?" I asked as I sat up and turned to Karl.

"I'll tell ya about it while we fix some real lunch." Karl hopped up and headed for the kitchen. I followed, once again admiring his perfectly formed ass.

"My parents have been Buddhists for years. Some time ago they got involved in the study and practice of Tantra, an aspect of Buddhism in which you focus on immediate experience and on concentrating your energies, especially your sexual energies, toward liberation of your mind. Sexuality is sacred and the development of skills in different sexual practices is part of the path of awakening."

"Your 'rents believe this?"

"They not only believe it, they practice it all the time. They have an incredible sex life for old people"

"Howda ya know?" I challenged.

"They tell me. Besides, I generally can hear when they're having a great time in bed. Good sex is supposed to be noisy."

"O.K., so your parents are Tanta Buddhists, what's that got to do with you?"

"Tantrrra, with an 'r', tantra'," corrected Karl. "Well, for one thing it means I'm a Buddhist too, and we're vegetarians, so there's no meat in the house for lunch."

"What about this?" I teased, grabbing at Karls golden rod. "Or this?" I laughed swinging my hips so my own tool waved at him. "Seems like you were chewin real hard on this sausage just a few minutes ago. Some vegetarian."

Karl grinned his wicked grin and reached out to hold my waving cock. "This is special meat for which I make exception," he said with mock seriousness. "Besides, I'd hate to see this sliced up for a sandwich. We do have great cheese, fresh bread, and ripe mangoes. Hows that for lunch?"

We carried our food and juice out to a table on the patio by the pool. The patio was situated so that it was totally screened from nearby villas but still had a view of the bay. The pool was small but inviting. So inviting that, as we put our lunch on the table, we looked laughingly at each other, nodded toward the pool, and both plunged in. My nerves that had been electrified by Karl in bed a few minutes ago were reawakened by the cool water.

Naked in the pool, under the intense Caribbean sky, watching Karl dolphin kick back and forth I felt more alive than I'd ever thought possible. I grabbed Karl as he passed, wrapped my arms and legs around him, and kissed his sweet mouth. Entwined, we sunk slowly to the bottom with our lips locked together, our tongues doing an intricate dance back and forth between our mouths. Finally, when I knew my lungs were about to collapse I pushed off from the bottom and shot thru the surface, gulping in air. Karl rose slowly beneath me and performed the same trick blowing bubbles up my ass and then licking my cock that he'd used to seduce me by the swim platform this morning.

"How about lunch?" he laughed after he surfaced and gulped some air.

 "Yeh, and I've still got dessert cummin too," I answered, climbing out of the pool and showing off my now erect cock.

"'Food for the Gods'. My teacher used to say," smiled Karl. As he bumped his erect rod into mine. After a minute of swordplay we settled back to lunch and the rest of Karl's story.

"When I turned 13 two and a half years ago my parents said, 'You're now physically, spiritually, and emotionally mature enough to start learning about your sexual energies.' They started me in weekly sessions with a Dahkini, a sort of Tantric sexual priestess. She knew everything in the universe about sex. She lived and breathed her sexual energy in every moment. At first, just being close to her was almost overwhelming.

"She started out helping me get to know my own body and its sensations and responses to physical or sexual stimulation. I had a lot to learn. I was embarassed at first touching myself in front of her, but she would touch first and be patient and gentle."

"No way!!  She touched you, where?"

"All over of course, and we eventually did a lot more than touch. But the first time she put her hand on my vajra I came almost immediately."

"Vajra? What's yur vajra?"

"Its sanskrit for 'Thunderbolt' or 'sword.' I think its a more honorable name than 'prick' or 'cock,' don't you?"

"Yeh, 'vajra', sounds kewl. So what all'd you learn from this Dahkini?"

"I learned all about sexual energy and the joy of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. We did pretty much everything a guy and girl could do together sexually and she allowed me to practice at it all. Then her assistant helped me learn everything two guys could do together, too."

"Come on, you actually had someone teach you 'bout havin sex with a guy?"


"Wowsers. Could you teach me?" My words tumbled out, matching the turmoil of my emotions. "Everything you did with me today was beautiful. Every thing about you turns me on. I'd love to turn you on. But I couldn't begin to do for you what you did for me. I don't know how to do any of it . I'd be too clumsy. I'd be too hung up over whether this means I'm gay. Are you?"

"Like I said this morning, I believe in sharing sexual energies, male or female. I don't need a label for it. And sure, Ryan, I could teach you. In fact, I thought you'd never ask. Lets start with dessert."

Karl picked up a mango, sliced off a half, and walked over to the lounge chair by the pool. Lying down and handing me the mango, Karl directed, "Rub it on my chest and then lick it off."

I rubbed the fragrant, fleshy fruit on Karl's well-developed pecs and small brown nipples, lowered my face to his warm sticky chest and probed at his right nipple with my tongue. The sweet fruity taste of the mango mixed with Karl's salty sweat made it delightful to lick his soft skin and then gently suck on the tip of his stiffening nipple.

"There are a thousand times a thousand ways for using the mouth to give pleasure," Karl said. "The lips, the teeth, the tongue all can be used, by themselves or in combination, and they can be used with different pressures, rhythms, and patterns. Experiment."

I followed his suggestion with the other nipple, first brushing it lightly with my lips, then drawing circles around it with my tongue, even taking it gently between my teeth.

"I think I like this experimentin," I laughed.

I could tell by his smile that Karl was enjoying it too. His look and my sense of relaxation gave me the freedom to get more creative. I rubbed more mango pulp along Karl's rippled abs and squeezed a pool of mango juice into his belly button. Moving my face lower, I scraped my front teeth along his abdomen and then sucked at the wet patches of flesh where mango pulp had been.

"Your hands and fingers also can give a thousand kinds of pleasure," smiled Karl. "Use them rubbing, pressing, scratching, tickling, pinching to continue in areas your mouth has left or to prepare areas where your mouth is going."

"Yes, my teacher," I laughed, cupping a hand over his right breast and kneading it vigorously. Rolling his nipple between my finger and thumb I tugged on it, while my tongue swirled mango juice around Karl's innie. The fingers of my other hand began tracing patterns thru Karl's sparse blonde pubic hair as I sucked his belly button dry. My fingertips found their way to the start of his golden shaft and then danced lightly along its erect six inches. As I took hold of him more firmly with my hand a shiver ran thru both of us. Our eyes were locked together and he seemed to be looking into me, not just at me. Grins spread across both our faces as I took the mango in my palm and wrapped it around Karl's shaft. We both laughed as I twisted and rubbed until his golden rod glistened with mango juice and pulp.

"My dessert," I giggled, eyeing his fruited erection.

Then a storm of thoughts clouded the pure joyfulness of the moment - "Are you really going to suck his cock? You've never done anything like that before. (Yeh, but I've dreamed of it.) Are you really ready to be gay? If you do it what will happen to you? What if you don't like it? What if you choke?"

Karl must have seen the look of hesitation cross my face. "Ryan, be here, now, and give only what you are comfortable giving," he whispered.

Refocusing on the pleasure I was feeling in the moment, and looking at my actions as giving, blew all those doubts and fears about the future away. Here I was right now with a beautiful young sex god, electricity sparked between us, and I was free to give to him whatever I chose. My giving, whatever it was, could bring us both pleasure and joy. Wasn't that how all life should be.

My mouth hungrily engulfed him. As though my own cock were remembering how Karl had delighted me earlier, my body rather than my mind took control of what I was doing. My tongue swirled over the exposed head of his rod, freeing bits of mango from the folds of his foreskin. Sucking softly, I swallowed pulp, juice and salty precum. I tongued Karl's under-ridge and then scraped my teeth along it as my fingers pulled his foreskin back and forth around his cock head. My hand encircled his shaft and my tongue descended to his hairless, slightly wrinkled scrotum. Sucking on one ball, then another, I pumped Karl's rod to the rhythm of his gyrating hips. Karl was breathing deeply, with a look of bliss on his face.

"Get your middle finger good and wet," he asked softly, "and then put it slowly up my hole."

Being the obedient student, I did as I was told, fearful all the while of hurting my new bud's bud. I moved my moistened finger slowly around the soft rim of Karl's hole, not sure how quickly or how far to go in. His fleshy ring rippled as my finger rubbed it.

"Hold your hand steady and let me push," breathed Karl.

He eased his hips forward and, relaxing his rectal muscles, slipped over my extended finger. Letting out a long exhalation, Karl wriggled further on to my finger and moaned with pleasure. I started slowly moving my finger and the intensity of the moans increased. My mouth and tongue continued their massage of Karl's shaft. I could sense a blazing energy flowing from his rigid rod into my warm mouth, thru me, out my undulating finger, and back into Karl's tight ass.

"Rad, Rad, Rad," I said over and over to myself.

The cycle of energy spun faster and faster as Karl's joyous moans increased and I worked his cock and his hole more and more vigorously. Then I got lost. Focusing on Karl's cock inside my mouth, I lost track of where he stopped and I started, of what was him and what was me. His cock was inside me - did that make him part of me? At the same time, my finger was inside of him - so was I now part of him? All the boundaries that I thought defined who I was seemed to be melting.

The look of ecstasy on Karl's face as he rode the wave, a wave that I was an integral part of, mirrored how I had felt riding a similar wave a little while ago. Here I was, so intimately hooked up with another boy, a boy who felt the same sensations I did, knew the same fears I did, laughed and no doubt cried like me. I felt like I knew him the same way I knew myself. I felt like I was making love to myself. Our eyes were locked together as intensely as our bodies. Looking into Karl's killer blue eyes was like looking thru him to a universal soul that was my soul too. This beautiful boy and I really were one. We both were loved and loving at the same time.

Karl cried out, "Ya, Ya, Ya!!"

And I cried. I cried real tears of joy for the pleasure I was giving him and for the connection I was experiencing with him. Lifting my face from his throbbing cock, I yelled out "Ride, Buddy, Ride," and then I dove back to sucking, pumping, and fingering him for all I was worth. The level of energy coursing thru us grew and grew and then, grasping my head with both his hands and pulling me hard against him, Karl erupted. The muscles of his ass started gripping and then releasing my still probing finger. Salty, spicy cum blasted out of his swollen cock into my mouth. As I swallowed one mouthful, another burst forth. And another. Karl was gulping deep breaths and roaring out his exhalations. I was gulping cum and choking with laughter.

This was all so awsum. I loved it. I loved Karl. I loved life. Karl's supple body heaved and then buckled one more time as a last mouthful of his sweet juice poured into me. I rose up to share it with him. Our kiss went on and on as our bodies writhed and rubbed against one another. Finally, both drenched in sweat and drained of energy, we fell still on the lounge.

"You are a good learner," smiled Karl.

"You provide good study materials, Oh Awwsum Teacher," I whispered, softly caressing Karl's softening shaft and cuddling up against him.

We lay together lazily drifting in our bliss for a while until a nearby voice, speaking a language I didn't understand, startled us both.

-To be continued-