The following story contains verbal descriptions of consensual sexual activities between teenage males and between teenage males and teenage females.  If such material might offend you then you should go elsewhere, and get a libido tuneup while yur at it.

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Startled by the intruding voice, I looked up from my snuggle with Karl to see a knock-out, naked girl standing on the steps from the great room to the deck smiling down at us. She was killer -- in her late teens, I guessed, with a perfect body, cute face, and long yellow-blonde hair draped over her tanned shoulders. Seeing her there, I panicked and, struggling to untangle myself from Karl and shield my still erect rod from her view, managed to dump myself off the lounge and land in a heap on the deck. Meanwhile, Karl nonchalantly rolled toward her from his side to his back, fully exposing his semi, stretched lazily, and yawned, "Hello, Lena, how are you?"

"Vell, vee heard what sounded like a wounded animal out here," she chuckled, shifting into English. "I thought I should come investigate."

"Oh, yeh, hehe, sorry if we bothered you. This is my friend Ryan. Ryan, meet my sister, Marlena."

"He..l..lo," I stammered, peering up meekly from behind the lounge.

"Hello, Ryan, nice to, ummmm, see you" laughed Marlena. "I'm going to fix me and Lukas somting to eat, Karl. Do you mind if ve eat it out here on the deck?"

"No, we're done ..uh..eating," replied Karl with a grin.

As soon as Marlena had returned to the kitchen, I started jumping around spilling out my lament --"Oh shit Karl, I'm sorry. What'll she do? Will she tell yur `rents? Will they tell my `rents? Will she blackmail ya. Oh shit, shit, shit. Whadda we gonna do?"

"Try chillin, Ryan. It's `no problem mon', as they say in the islands."

"No problem…no problem," I howled, waving my arms. "Yur sister just caught us cuddled up makin out, and with what she heard she has to know what else was goin on. How can ya say that's `no problem'?"

"I don't have to have any secrets from my sister. She's kewl about what I do."

"She's kewl about ya gettin it on with other guys? Yuv gotta be kiddin!"

"No, I'm not. Marlena knows most every thing about my sex life. Just like I do about hers. What we were doin wouldn't shock her at all and she'd fur sure have no reason to tell my folks about it, cuz it wouldn't upset them either."

"Wowser, yuv got sum family," I said, getting up from the deck and shaking my head in disbelief. "Don't ya'll have any sexual inhibitions?"

"Sure we do. Incest would be way out of bounds. Actually havin sex in front of one another would feel uncomfortable, at least to me anyway. We just all believe that our bodies and our sexual energies are our own, for us to use, responsibly, as we see fit."

"But what if she thinks yur gay or somethin Won't she get weird about that? Aren't ya uptight about what she thinks of ya?"

"She knows that I'm bisexual. She is too. I've talked with her lots about it. We both think its kewl to be able to have sex with someone of either gender that you feel a connection with. Marlena's lover Lukas is bi too, and she's kewl about that."

"Lukas… is that who she's fixing lunch for?"

"The same. They're both stayin here too, in the back bedroom. I think you'll like talkin with them."

"Yur sister `n her lover are stayin here together? I asked. "Yur parents are `k with that?"

"Ya, they're both almost 20 `n my parents have no problem with their sex life."

"Did you know they were in the villa when we came in?"

"I figgered they were but didn't think we'd bother them cuz they spend most of their time in bed working on Tantric union meditations."

"What'r union meditations?"

"Meditations that they do while they're havin sex together. They try to sit still, joined together, for 90-minute periods, just meditating."

"Joined together!! You mean, like, fuckin? For 90 minutes?"

"Ya, except their not fucking like you mean it. They're sittin quietly, joined together, just breathin deeply, not like bumpin and grindin or anything. I'm going for a swim before they come out."

As Karl dove gracefully into the pool, I shook my head in amazement at his whole family's attitude toward sex and followed him into the refreshing water. After the heat of our passion on the lounge and my panic over our discovery by Marlena, the cool water calmed me and cleared my head of the whirl of thoughts and emotions going thru it.

"BiSexuality?" I'd never really heard much or thought much about it. I mean it'd been mentioned in our sex-ed classes and my parents had covered it briefly as a concept in the talks we'd had about sex and sexuality. But in the world view of me and most of my friends at the time a person was either straight or gay. There wasn't really room for any in between. That's what had always been so frightening for me about being as attracted, or sometimes even more attracted, to cute guys as to any girls that I knew. Did that mean I was gay? Would I start walking with a swish or want to wear dresses? What kind of future would I have? What would the world think of me?

Now, after the mind-blowing sex I'd just had with Karl and his talk of being bi-sexual, my thoughts muddled even more, as I floated lazily in the pool. Karl drifted up underneath me, his groin pressed against my ass and his head next to mine.

"Did I tell you that you were great?" he whispered in my ear as we floated together.

"Yeh, that was awwsum, T.F.A.." I answered, reaching around and caressing his soft shaft. "I can't get enough a this vajra guy. I loved doin good for you, but I'm still kinda in shock that that I loved it all so much."

"How come?"

We turned, so that our groins were pressed together, and I slowly rubbed Karl's meat against mine.

"Well, you were right this morning about me havin thoughts, lotsa thoughts in fact, about sex with other guys, but I usually try to put them outta my head as just weird or somethin, cuz I don't wanna be gay or anything or even thinka myself maybe bein gay. 'N now, well, the gay sex with you was fabulous, I loved it. I luv holding ya like this and bein together right now. I want more. But where does that leave me?"

"Why does it have to leave you anywhere? Why not just let what we did, and will do, together be, for itself, without having to put a label on it or figger out what it means?"

"Yeh, I guess I do get kinda hung up about labels."

"You know labels are really, like, blindfolds you make up, or more likely the world makes up for you, to put over your experience so you don't hafta really look at or think about what's truly going on."

"Karl, has anybody ever told ya that yur kinda deep," I laughed, pulling away from him and pushing him underwater. He grabbed my leg and pulled me under as well and we spent a few minutes wrestling around and playing grabs in the water.

When we surfaced after a long underwater kiss, Marlena and a tall, good looking dude were sitting down at the table by the pool, both nude of course. He was about 6 foot, tanned, sandy blonde hair, slender, but well-muscled, and very well-hung. Karl climbed out of the pool, pulling me after him, and plopped us down with them.

"Lukas, meet my friend Ryan. Ryan, this is Lukas."

Lukas smiled at me from behind a sparse blonde beard and extended his hand in greeting. "Hiya, Ryan, nice ta meet you."

"Yeah, nice ta meet you too, `n hi again Marlena, sorry about bein kinda dumb earlier."

"That's allright, Ryan. I'm sure I took you by surprise."

"Ryan's a Welsh name isn't it?" asked Lukas. "Are you from Wales?"

"Naw, I'm from Texas, but my mom's family is very big on their Welsh heritage. My dads Basque, so I've got a Basque last name and a Welsh first name.

"I never made it to Texas when I was in the states. Do you like it there?" asked Lukas

"Well, I've only been there a year and a half, but it's pretty kewl…well actually it's kinda hot…but it's kewl, like nice, ya know."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Between living in the states for a year `n what we get in t.v., movies, `n the net, I'm pretty up on American slang, for an old guy."

"You lived in the states, where?"

"Southern California, goin ta school studying marine science."

`Kewl, did you like it?"

"Mostly, except that American attitudes about sexuality are so screwed up. Sexual messages are everywhere, in ads, movies, t.v., but true sexuality is suppressed. There's ugly attitudes toward gays or other alternatives. Shit, even nudity is illegal almost everywhere. It's a crime, Southern California has miles and miles of beautiful coastline and beaches and there's only a few isolated spots where ya can swim nude.

"And there were thousands and thousands of other beautiful teen guys and girls there but tryin ta have a sexual relationship with any of them just made people uptight. I was pretty open there about bein bisexual, `n I seemed ta get a lot of grief for it."

Karl laughed, "As you can see, Lukas isn't shy about giving out his opinions. Lukas, Karl is curious about bisexuality, why don't you tell him some of what you think about it."

I shot Karl a withering glare for being so revealing about me, but then, realizing his good intentions and the safety of the company I was with, I relaxed enough to listen to Lukas' reply.

"Its simple really. Bisexuality is simply the capacity for physical or romantic attraction to more than one gender. I think almost all of us have that capacity to one degree or another. It's a natural part of us. Because for centuries reproduction has been essential for the survival of the species, and of particular cultures, both society and to some degree instinct have pushed us to focus on procreative sex with someone of the opposite sex. That focus ignores that sex can be enjoyable and exciting, hell even enlightening, just for its own sake, without any reproductive function involved. And that enjoyable aspect of it's true for sex with either gender."

"You make it sound like almost everybody's bisexual, but I bet most people wouldn't think so," I said.

"Personally, I think about 80% of all people, if they're honest about their feelings, are. We just don't want to admit it `cause of what `society' thinks. How `bout you, if your honest, don't you think your bisexual?"

"Well..ll," I stammered, feeling really on the spot.

"As they say in the pop magazines, `Take this simple test'," interjected Marlena. "Have you ever gotten aroused looking at or being with a girl, or ever even thought that you could?"

Man, these people were direct. I shrugged and replied, "Well…shur."

"So, there, you have it.  I saw for myself a little while ago that your capable of getting aroused with a boy," she chuckled. "What do you think all that might mean?"

"Maybe, I'm a bisexual?" I answered, with a sheepish smile.

"Yeah," said Lukas. "Now what you do with that is up to you. You can ignore or deny it, like most people, or you can accept it and explore it. Maybe you'll find that sex with just girls is what works best for you and stick with that. Maybe sex with guys will be best for you. Maybe you'll do both for awhile and then settle into a long-term, committed relationship with somebody of one sex or the other."

Marlena laughed and explained, "When I first saw Lukas it was at a party and he was sitting on a sofa passionately kissing the guy that was his lover at the time. I was so turned on by him and by his obvious sexuality. I knew right then I wanted him. I wasn't uptight about him being `gay' or anything and I just worked on getting to know him as a person. But it took me a while to develop the kind of relationship we have now."

"Yeah, and even though now I'm in this relationship with Marlena, and just having sex with her, I don't think of myself as a `hetero'. I'm still bisexual," added Lukas.

"Wowsers, you guys are all pretty amazin," I sighed. " I gotta think about all this."

"Good plan," laughed Lukas. "Now, me `n Lena gotta go. Nice to talk to you, Ryan. Hope we see you again."

"I think you will," I smiled back at him. "Nice to talk to both a you. And thanks fur the test, Marlena."

Marlena rose, leaned to me and softly kissed my cheek, "Bye for now, Ryan. You're a sweet boy."

Well, what do you think?" asked Karl as Marlena and Lukas went back inside.

"I think they seem like awwsum peeps. I think they gave me a lot ta think about. I think I know what I want to do right now," I answered, looking warmly into the beautiful pools of Karl' eyes. "Did you say you play the violin, Karl?"

"Ya, its right here in my room," he answered.

"Killer. Lets go in there, close the blinds ta the deck, you can show me yur violin, and then maybe we can fiddle aroun with each other for a while." I grabbed Karl' lovely shaft and he followed me obligingly to his room.

-To Be Continued-