No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 1

Darren Chambers was not having a good time, as he sat in his seat writing in his journal. His therapist thought that a journal would be a good idea for the fifteen year old boy, and Darren's parents were paying too much for the therapist for him to disagree. So Darren sat there as the plane cruised along at 50,000 feet over the South Pacific and wrote about how fucked up the past month had been.

"Why do they have to meddle in my life so much? I hope they know that I wouldn't be so screwed up if they would stop trying to solve all the wrong problems. I guess my parents mean well, but sometimes they don't have a clue. Especially when I started high school this year. I'd always had problems with Doug Atherton, but they got a whole lot worse this year. Who do you think is to blame according to them? I swear, they would buy the Brooklyn Bridge if someone came along and offered it to them.

Anyway as soon as school started this year I had the bad luck of running across Doug and his new football buddies in the hall. When I went slamming into the locker door, Doug and his friends all claimed that I came at Doug and tripped. Everyone, including my parents, bought that crock of shit too. Like I would be stupid enough to take on the football team. I can't even get a boyfriend now because of him, everyone is afraid of getting beat up if they have anything to do with me. My life has turned into hell and no one seems to care, not even my parents. Doug has managed to make this the worst year of my pathetic life, but that isn't even the best part.

My parents figured that I needed to learn how to get along with kids my own age, so they sent me to a special summer camp. I guess that it was suppose to be pretty cool that we would get to spend a month on the north coast of Australia, and it might have been except for one little thing. They threw us loser kids in with a bunch of supposedly good kids, and guess who was there to make sure that my life sucked as much as possible? If you guessed Doug, then you get a prize. I couldn't even have a fucking decent summer without that asshole finding a way to screw it up. He went out of his way to make me the laughing stock of the camp, and I'm sure he had a hand in everyone finding out that I'm gay.

Yep, among all my other problems I also like other boys. It seems to be Doug's mission in life to make sure that everyone knows about it and hates my guts. Why did it have to be me? I know I can't be the only gay kid in our school, but you would think so if you listened to Doug talk about it. Well, at least this month is finally over. Maybe now I can avoid that asshole for the rest of the summer, as soon as we get off this plane. It could be worse though. He could be sitting right next to me instead of two rows up. I'm kinda surprised that he's not, seeing as how he has found a way to torture me ever since we were in elementary school together."

At that moment the captain's voice came over the P.A. "We're sorry folks, but due to technical difficulties we're going to have to make an unscheduled stop in Tahiti." At that moment the plane lurched violently. The captain came back on and said, "At this time we would like everyone to return to their seats and fasten their seat belts. There is nothing to worry about, we should be on the ground in Tahiti in about one hour and we will resume the flight as soon as possible."

Darren nervously fastened his seat belt, then sat there and waited. Unfortunately he didn't have long to wait. A few minutes after he fastened his belt, the plane began to descend. Then it went into a drastic dive as everyone began screaming. Now Darren was scared. For all the complaining he did, Darren didn't want to die yet. He certainly didn't want to die like this. The pilot fought to regain control of the plane, and almost saved it just before smashing into the ocean. The last things Darren heard were terrifying screams and tearing metal.

"What?" asked a groggy Darren. "Where am I? What happened?" Then Darren's eyes focused on the face that was staring over him. "Oh no!"

"I thought you might be a little happier than that to see me, considering we were the only two to survive." said Doug.

"What do you mean that we were the only two to survive?" asked Darren. "You mean no one else made it off the plane?"

"No one else." replied Doug. "It's just us now."

"And how is that suppose to make me happy?" asked Darren. "Why didn't you just let me die?"

"I knew that I was the only one who would make it off that plane." said Doug. "You're lucky that you don't remember much about the crash, it wasn't very pretty. I could only save one person, so I picked you seeing as how you didn't look badly damaged from the crash. No matter what you think Darren, I don't hate you. Anyway, I carried you to the door of the plane and found the life raft. We made it out just before the plane went down. I waited near where the plane went down, but no one else made it to the surface."

"I hope you don't mind if I make an observation here," said Darren, "but you sure have a strange way of proving that you don't hate me. What about the run in with the locker last year? Or the way you single-handedly caused me to have nightmares about gym class? How about in the eighth grade when you set my hair on fire while we were waiting in the cafeteria line? How about making sure the whole damn world knows that I'm gay? I'd hate to see what you could do if you did hate me."

Doug looked down into his lap as though he were embarrassed. "You wouldn't understand." replied Doug. "Besides, I really would rather not go into all that right now. How about if we just forget about all that crap and try to get along until we get rescued?"

Darren knew he wasn't going to get an answer from Doug, but he didn't want to give up too easily yet. "You expect me to just forget everything that you've put me through Doug?" asked Darren. "How can you possibly expect me to be happy about your face being the only one that I saw when I woke up? You've never thought about how I would feel about anything, and now I'm suppose to forget everything and be happy? I've spent the last few years trying to avoid you as much as possible Doug."

"At least you're alive now because of me." mumbled Doug. Doug then became very quiet and began staring out over the ocean, away from Darren.

Several hours passed as the two boys drifted aimlessly across the ocean. There was still no sign of search planes, and no way for the boys to know how far away from the crash site they had drifted. After what seemed like an eternity the sun began getting closer to the horizon. Darren was the first to speak in hours.

"Hey Doug," said Darren, "I'm sorry about what I said earlier today. I'm not mad at you for pulling me out of that plane. Thank you for saving my life."

When Doug turned to face Darren for the first time since the boys stopped speaking, it was apparent that he had been crying earlier. "That's okay Darren, you are right. I am a complete asshole, and I don't blame you for being mad at me because of the things I've done. I really do want us to work together to get out of this mess though."

"It doesn't look too good right now, does it?" asked Darren. "I would have thought we would have seen some kind of search plane by now."

"That would depend on how far away we've drifted from where the plane went down." said Doug. "For all we know we could be so far away that they wouldn't find us when they found the plane. I don't know how long we'll last out here, but it looks like we'll be out here overnight."

Meanwhile news began getting back to the rest of the world about the plane crash, which had apparently taken the lives of all 289 people who were on board. Some of those on board were kids who were returning home to the U.S. after spending a month in a summer camp in Australia. Among those listed as presumed dead were Darren Chambers and Doug Atherton. Both families were crushed by the news about their sons.

The boys spent a fitful night aboard the raft. Then just as the sun was coming up over the horizon, Darren spotted a fin in the water. He shook Doug as he said, "Doug, wake up dude. We have company this morning!"

Doug groggily woke up and looked out at what Darren was talking about. After a few moments he said, "I don't think it's a shark, it's fin is all wrong to be a shark."

At that moment the fin disappeared, then a dolphin leapt up out of the water. The animal swam over to the raft and poked it's bottle nose out of the water toward the boys. The dolphin began cackling loudly at the boys in the raft.

"I wonder what he wants." said Darren.

"I don't know," replied Doug, "but dolphins don't usually get too far away from land. Maybe he's looking for a friend Darren. Why don't you try petting him?"

Darren reached out and stroked the top of the dolphin's head, which caused the dolphin to spray the boy with water. Doug fell over backwards in the boat from laughing.

"I'm sorry dude!" chuckled Doug. "I should have told you that dolphins are sensitive on the top of their head and prefer to be petted on the chin." Doug then began laughing again.

"Very funny, asshole!" exclaimed Darren. "How was I suppose to know that? I wish this dolphin could understand me, so I could get him to come over there and splash you!"

Almost as if obeying an order, the dolphin swam over to Doug's side of the raft and sprayed him too. It was now Darren who couldn't sit up because he was laughing so hard. Darren straightened back up in the boat, then motioned for the dolphin to come to him. Darren reached over and petted the animal on it's chin.

"Your a good boy!" said Darren as he petted the dolphin. "I'm starting to like you a lot!"

After a few moments the dolphin began swimming away from the boat. After going out about a hundred yards, he would turn around and return to the raft. Then he would cackle at the boys. The dolphin repeated this process several times.

"I'm not sure," said Doug, "but I think he wants us to follow him. Try to grab his fin and see if he will pull the raft."

Darren nodded, then reached over the side of the raft. The dolphin came alongside the raft and let Darren grab onto his fin. The boys didn't know where the animal was taking them, but they knew that they wouldn't last very long on the open ocean so they took a chance on their new friend. After about thirty minutes of being towed by the dolphin, the boys spotted an island on the horizon.

"Damn!" exclaimed Doug. "He's taking us toward that island! Good boy, dolphin."

Moments later the boys were joined by a second dolphin, who helped tow them toward the island. The boys had no idea what they would find when they reached the island, but at least they would not die on a raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After what seemed like forever, the animals had towed the boys as close to the island as they could. Darren and Doug worked together to paddle the rest of the way to the beach. When they were close enough, they jumped out of the raft and waded the rest of the way to the shore.

"I think we should secure this raft somewhere, in case we need it again." said Darren. "We don't have any idea what we're going to find on this island."

"Not bad thinking for a gay boy." said Doug. Doug immediately noticed Darren's expression change. "I'm sorry dude." said Doug. "I really didn't mean anything by that, it just kinda slipped out. I'll try to stop saying things like that."

"Do you really mean that Doug, or are you just trying to tell me what I want to hear until we get out of this mess?" asked Darren.

"If I told you what you wanted to hear, you'd never understand." replied Doug.

"If you really want to be friends you'd give me a chance." said Darren. "I might be smarter than you give me credit for."

"Maybe someday." said Doug. "But when we get back home I'm going to prove to you that I really am sorry for the things I've done."

That did improve Darren's attitude a little. After the raft was hidden and secured the boys decided that the first thing they should do was to see what was on the island. There was a small peak in the middle of the island so the boys decided to head for that. They would surely be able to see any villages, or hopefully cities, that happened to be on the island. Doug took the lead as the boys made their way toward the peak. They could not find any paths, so they had to make their way through the trees and brush until they reached the base of the small peak. It took the boys a few hours, but they finally managed to reach the top of the peak. The boys then both looked around in all directions.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Doug.

"I was afraid of something like this." said Darren. "That beach we came in on was a very good location. It would have been an obvious choice for a settlement if there had been anyone on this island."

"This can't be happening!" Doug almost cried. "How can there be nothing on this island except for trees? I wanna go home Darren!"

Doug began sobbing gently, so Darren carefully put his arm around Doug's shoulder. "Don't worry," soothed Darren "we'll make it dude. We'll work together to find a way to survive, and someday we'll get out of here and make it home. I promise you that, Doug."

Doug looked at Darren for a few moments. Why had things gone the way they did between the two boys? When they were in elementary school Doug thought he might want to be friends with Darren. But then he started noticing things about Darren, things that his father constantly preached to Doug to learn to hate. Darren didn't look like the monster that Doug's father made people like Darren out to look like. Darren was about 5' 6" with a fairly solid medium build. His face was nice and smooth with very nice features. He had very nicely styled medium length blonde hair. The one thing that Doug had the most trouble figuring out was that Darren could have any girl in school falling all over him, so why did he like other boys? And why did everyone tell him that he had to hate Darren because of that?

Meanwhile Darren was trying to figure out why Doug was looking at him. Darren had always tried to avoid Doug as much as he could, especially for the past few years. He was terrified about what might happen if he didn't. Doug was about 5' 9" with a very muscular build. Doug did have some weight to his body, but it was almost all muscle. And those deep brown eyes of his that showed so much expression was the perfect match to Doug's short brown hair. If Doug didn't hate him so much, Darren could have been so attracted to him. That is mostly why Darren tried to avoid Doug. Sure, the hell that Doug put him through had something to do with it too, but Doug could never find out how Darren looked at him at times. Doug would kill him if he ever knew. That is why the way Doug treated him hurt so much.

Doug surprised Darren by saying, "So, we're friends now? I promise I'll never treat you bad again if you want to be my friend. After everything I've done to you though I would understand if you didn't want to be friends, I don't know that I deserve that kind of treatment from you."

"I ...I ...I would like to be your friend Doug." stuttered Darren. Darren didn't know what to think now. There had to be some reason that Doug was suddenly acting like he wanted to be friends, and Darren figured that it was because there was no one else to be his friend right now.

"Okay," said Doug, "the first thing we need to do my friend is find some way to survive until we get off this island. That could be a while, because I didn't see any other islands out there. Using the raft would be very risky, we could both die long before drifting somewhere where we could be rescued."

"Then we'll need to find a source of food and build some kind of shelter." said Darren. Darren couldn't believe that they were now discussing the possibility of being alone on the island indefinitely. How would he ever be able to keep his feelings hidden from Doug with no one else around.

"Hey!" exclaimed Doug. "Look down there! There's a small pond down there. We might have just found our supply of fresh water."

The boys made their way down to where Doug had spotted the small pond. When they got there they found that there were actually two ponds. The first one was a spring which fed into a lower pond through a small waterfall.

"This is perfect." said Darren. "We can take our drinking water from the upper pond, and use the lower pond for bathing."

"That sounds like a good idea right now." said Doug. "we should wash the salt water off of us before it soaks into our skin any more."

Darren watched in amazement as Doug stripped naked and dove into the lower pond. It was everything that he had hoped it would be, as he watched more and more of Doug's skin being exposed. When Doug removed his boxers though it caused Darren to gulp loudly. Doug had the nicest seven inch circumcised cock he had ever seen. This was going to be very difficult for Darren to keep a secret, as his cock began to stiffen.

"Come on in." said Doug. "The water is great!"

"Okay." said Darren reluctantly. Maybe he could get into the water without being noticed if he did it quickly enough.

Darren went ahead and started stripping. The instant he pulled down his underwear he dove into the water. Doug did notice Darren's predicament though, but decided not to say anything yet. He was beginning to realize that the two of them may be on the island for a very long time. Doug swam over to where Darren had dove into the water.

"There," said Doug, "doesn't that feel a lot better to get all that salt off your skin?"

Darren noticed that Doug was now actually smiling as he said that. Darren smiled back as he replied, "Yeah, it feels great. That salt water was starting to irritate certain parts of my body." Both boys giggled at Darren's reply.

At this point Darren didn't know what to think. He was never use to Doug acting so friendly toward him. Darren was now waiting to discover that this was just some kind of joke that Doug was pulling on him, but Doug seemed to be so sincere about the way he was acting now. "I'd give anything for this to be the way he really feels right now." thought Darren to himself.

Meanwhile Doug was thinking, "I hope I can get him to trust me now. We're going to be very miserable if I can't. I wish things had never gotten to the point that they did between us because he really is a nice guy."

The boys continued to frolic in the water for about an hour, then they rinsed the salt out of their clothes. They found a branch to hang their clothes on until they dried. Now Darren realized that they would have to stay naked until they and their clothes had dried. Doug noticed the worried look on Darren's face and figured that he would have to put the boy at ease.

"Don't be so nervous," said Doug, "it's just us guys now." Then Doug glanced down at Darren's growing erection and continued, "And don't worry about that either, those things have a mind of their own sometimes. It's really not going to bother me if you pop a boner from time to time." It didn't bother Doug either. He found himself liking how Darren had went from about five inches when flaccid to a six and a half inch erection. It actually looked kind of nice. "No Doug!" he thought to himself. "You can't think like that, not after everything that has happened."

Doug tore his stare away from Darren, then the two boys laid down in the sun while their clothes dried. As soon as the clothes were dry both boys got dressed. Now they would have to begin looking for food if they wanted to survive on the island for any amount of time.

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