No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 10

It had now been almost eight months since the plane carrying Donnie's brother, Doug, had went down in the Pacific Ocean. On this night Donnie's prayer took on a frightening tone.

"Dear God," said Donnie, "you have to help Doug now. I don't know what is wrong, but if you don't help him now he will die. Please God, don't let my brother die. I can't face the things going on in my life without him. I love my brother, and he is the only one in this family who will love me before much longer. I don't care what it takes, or what I have to do for this request. Just please don't let my brother die. Amen."

By this time Donnie was a little pale and was crying harder than he ever had in his life. He finally fell asleep thinking over and over, "Please help me God."

On Doug and Darren's island, the boys were very nervous. Their island had been unusually calm during the previous night, although that morning there was a thick coating of dust on everything outside. The boys nervously made their way to the drinking pond, only to discover that it had been turned into a foul smelling sludge.

"Damn dude!" exclaimed Doug. "We're not going to last much longer without fresh water, even if this island doesn't blow up now!"

"We gotta do something Doug!" cried Darren. "I don't want to die yet!"

Doug held Darren in his arms and said, "I know dude, I don't want to die either. Something has to happen now though."

As Doug said that the island was shaken by a low rumble that lasted for several minutes. When the boys turned to look at the mountain, they discovered the source. Smoke was once again pouring from the cave between spurts of lava.

"Let's get to the beach my angel." said Doug. "I don't know how much longer we have left." The boys quickly made their way to the beach in front of their hut.

As they were approaching the beach Doug asked, "How good of a swimmer are you dude?"

Then Darren excitedly pointed out at the ocean and said, "We may not have to swim for it dude, look!"

What seemed to be a fairly good sized ship was floating across the horizon. Darren ran onto the beach and began starting a fire as quickly as he could.

"Dude," said Doug, "don't you think that this island is already putting out the biggest signal fire you could possibly want?"

"I want to make sure they know that the volcano is not the only thing on this island." replied Darren.

Within minutes the fire on the beach was going as both boys kept their eyes glued to the ship, waiting for the ship to turn toward them. Several agonizing minutes passed without the ship turning.

"Damn it dude!" screamed Doug. "This can't be happening! They have to see us, damn it!" Doug then looked upward and continued, "Please God, don't let Darren and me die. Please help us now."

"Doug! Doug!" screamed Darren. "They saw us dude! The ship is turning toward us! We're saved dude!"

The ship was indeed turning toward the island as Darren and Doug hugged each other and jumped up and down. Then Doug dropped to his knees, looked upward, and said to himself, "Thanks big dude, I owe you one."

It took a lot longer than Doug and Darren would have liked, but the ship finally came as close to the island as it could. A good sized flat-bottomed boat came from behind the ship, and came all the way to the shore. Three men got out of the boat, led by a distinguished looking middle aged man.

"Is this you?" asked the man in a thick accent. The man was holding the remains of Doug and Darren's raft from the plane, and looking the boys over carefully.

"Yes! Yes!" exclaimed both boys in unison.

"I am Commander Ivan Petrovsky from the Russian research vessel Vlostok." said the man. "We are on our way back to Russia from Antarctic expedition. You boys may be in danger if you stay here much longer. Let's go now!"

Doug and Darren both hugged the Russian commander and thanked him before Doug added, "Can we take something with us sir?"

"Please call me Ivan." said Commander Petrovsky. "What do you want to take?"

Doug and Darren ran over to the side of their hut as Ivan watched the two naked boys. They threw the palm leaves they were using to cover their fortune off the barrels, then Doug threw a large ruby to Ivan.

"Is this what I think it is?" asked Ivan.

"Yes," replied Doug, "and we have sapphires too!"

Ivan immediately pointed to his two crewmen and commanded, "Quickly!"

With the three Russians working along with Doug and Darren, all the barrels were loaded on the boat within ten minutes. This just barely left enough room for the five passengers. Ivan then guided the boat back to the ship as fast as he could. As soon as the boat was safely aboard the ship Ivan ordered the ship to move away from the island as quickly as possible. Doug and Darren then stood on the deck of the ship along with Ivan, and watched their island as it got further and further away.

As they watched the island though, smoke and lava both began shooting from the cave, under what appeared to be immense pressure. The when the ship was just a little bit over five miles from the island, the volcano finally blew. The explosion was so intense that everyone on the ship could feel the surface of the ocean shake beneath the ship. A cloud of hot ash and fire rolled down the mountain and covered everything down to the beach that their hut was on. Within a few minutes rocks and balls of lava were landing within a few hundred yards of the ship. The spectators on the ship were left awestruck at one of the most violent displays that nature could offer. The mountain was now shooting smoke and ash several miles up into the air, as lava poured down all sides of what was left of the mountain.

Ivan turned to the boys and said, "I am very glad that you were not there."

The boys did not answer though. They just stared at their island, frozen in shock. If they had been on the island any longer than they were, they would have been killed in the eruption. Finally Doug and Darren began crying as their arms automatically wrapped themselves around each other. Ivan gave the boys a few minutes together, then placed a hand on each boy's shoulder.

"You boys are okay now." said Ivan. "It was not meant for you to be on that island when it blew up. Someone is watching over you, and you will be okay now."

The boys looked up at Ivan with tears still in their eyes, and thanked the kind Russian commander. "We both seemed to know somehow that someone would save us." said Doug. "We are both very glad that it was you. Thank you Ivan."

Ivan then spotted his smallest crewman on the deck, and motioned for the young man to come over.

"Boys," said Ivan, "this is Gregori." Ivan then looked at Gregori and continued, "Gregori, I want you to take these boys to your cabin and find them something to wear. Then find them a place to rest if they want. I will contact the American Coast Guard and let them know that we will take the boys to Hawaii before returning to Russia." Then Ivan turned back to the boys and said, "You boys get some rest, you are okay now. It will take us two days to reach Hawaii."

Gregori then began leading the boys to his cabin. On the way there he said, "I speak a little English. If you have question, please do not speak too fast and I will try to help."

"Okay then," said Darren, "I have a question but don't take it the wrong way, I've just never met any Russians before. Are all Russians as nice as the people on this ship?"

Gregori laughed and said, "I asked same thing when I first met Americans. I think we both don't understand each other as much as we should."

"Well," said Doug, "we have two days to get to understand each other better. I certainly don't mind making new friends."

The three continued to talk the rest of the way to Gregori's cabin. Once there, Gregori began looking through his clothes to find something that might fit the boys. When the boys were dressed again for the first time in over seven months, Gregori asked them if they would like to rest.

"I guess we could use a little nap," replied Doug, "today has really tired us out a bit. Come back and wake us in four hours though, we don't want to sleep too long."

After Gregori left the cabin, Darren and Doug laid down on the young man's bunk. They cuddled against each other for a few minutes, not being able to believe they were actually on their way home. They finally fell asleep for a short nap with smiles on both of their faces.

Back in Lansing Michigan, state trooper Rick Castle was preparing to make a late night call to an area family. Usually these types of calls were something that he dreaded, but this one would make up for all of those calls where he had given a family bad news about a loved one. Trooper Castle finally made it to his first stop, got out of his car, went up to the door, and rang the bell.

When the door opened trooper Castle asked, "May I come in please?"

The woman who answered the door showed the trooper in, and immediately went to get her husband. She soon rejoined the trooper with her husband.

The husband asked, "What can we do for you officer?"

"Are you Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Atherton?" asked trooper Castle.

"Yes we are." replied the man.

"Are you also the parents of Doug Atherton?" asked trooper Castle.

"Yes we are." replied the woman. "Our Doug was taken from us in a plane crash about eight months ago."

"I have some news for you about Doug then." said trooper Castle. "Your son was found alive on a small island in the South Pacific. He was picked up by a Russian research ship and is now on his way to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The airline he was flying on has requested that you contact them immediately to make arrangements to meet your son. I am very happy to bring you the news about your son. I have to be going now to make another call tonight."

Mr. Atherton seemed to be genuinely happy to receive the news about his son. Mrs. Atherton was so overwhelmed that she had to sit down. She had long since grieved the loss of her son, and now her son was back. Then Donnie came down the stairs to see what the commotion downstairs was about.

"Dad, what's wrong with mom?" asked Donnie. "What's going on?"

"The state police were just here son." replied Mr. Atherton. "Your brother Doug was found alive on an island in the South Pacific and is on his way to Hawaii now. The news made your mother feel weak, so she had to sit down."

"Yes! Yes!" shouted Donnie. Then he looked up as tears of joy began streaming from his eyes and said, "Thank you for answering my prayers God. I owe you big time."

Trooper Castle was now standing in front of another door, and ringing the doorbell. The door was answered by a girl who appeared to be about sixteen or seventeen years old.

"Hi," said trooper Castle, "I'm trooper Rick Castle with the Michigan State Police. May I come in and speak with your parents?"

"They're not here right now officer." said the girl. "They went up to Mackinac Island for a few days, but they will be back tomorrow."

"Your parents are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chambers, right?" asked trooper Castle.

"Yes." replied the girl. "What is this about?"

"This is about your brother, Darren Chambers." replied trooper Castle.

"This is about Dare!?!" exclaimed the girl. "What about my little brother? Is he alive or something? Please tell me that Dare is alive!"

"Your brother is alive." said trooper Castle. "He was found a few hours ago on an island in the South Pacific, and is on his way to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii."

"Dare!" squealed the girl. Then she threw her arms around the trooper and said, "Thank you sir! Thanks for giving my little brother back to me!" Then she kissed the trooper on the cheek.

"We should get in touch with your parents and let them know about your brother." said trooper Castle. "I'm sure they will want to know right away."

The girl untangled herself from the trooper and ran to the phone. Then she excitedly dialed the number to the hotel that her parents were at. "Mom! Dad!" squealed the girl into the phone. "You're never going to believe this! There's a state trooper here right now that just told me that Darren has been found alive on an island in the South Pacific!" After a pause she said, "No! I'm not kidding! Dare is still alive!" After another pause she said, "Here then, talk to him yourself!" Then the girl handed the phone to trooper Castle.

Rick Castle spent the next ten minutes convincing Mr. and Mrs. Chambers that the call was not a joke, and that their son was alive. After they were finally convinced, they told the trooper that they would start home as soon as the first ferry from the island ran the next morning. Before trooper Castle could leave, Darren's sister gave him another hug and kiss. This had definitely been one of Rick Castle's best nights on the job ever.

Back aboard the Vlostok, Gregori opened the door to his cabin and saw Doug and Darren sleeping on his bunk, with their arms wrapped around each other. Gregori couldn't help but to smile at the sight before he went over to wake the sleeping boys. Gregori shook Doug's shoulder as he said, "Wake up now boys. Dinner is ready in the dining room. I thought maybe you two would like to be first in line."

Doug's eyes fluttered open as he said, "Did someone say dinner? I'm starving!" Then Doug shook Darren awake and said, "Dude! Let's go get dinner, I could eat a horse right now!"

As Darren was waking up Gregori laughed and said, "You Americans eat such strange things. I don't think we will be serving horse today."

Everyone had a hearty laugh as Doug and Darren got out of the bed. Then Gregori began leading the boys to the dining room. On the way there, Gregori turned to face the two boys.

"You two are in love with each other, no?" asked Gregori.

Doug became very nervous. Now, for the first time, he had to face another person about his relationship with Darren. Darren was nervous as well, because he didn't know how Doug would react when faced with this situation. He knew that this would have a great impact on their relationship.

"Well ..., um," stammered Doug, "we do love each other, but it's not what you think."

Darren began to feel a lump develop in his throat, as he listened to Doug stammer through Gregori's question. At the same time Doug knew that he had to make it through this, so he summoned up all of his courage.

"What I mean is, Darren and I are very much in love with each other." said Doug. "Neither of us have been given any choice about it, we were meant to be together. I love Darren with all of my heart now, and I wouldn't change that even if I could. I don't believe anymore that it's wrong for Darren and me to feel the way we do about each other, because I don't think I could live without his love anymore."

Doug's response now brought a bright smile to Darren's face. Darren now knew that their love could make it through any obstacle that came up, and he had never been more proud of Doug than he was right now.

"I'm sorry," said Gregori, "I didn't mean to upset you with my question. I think you two look very good together. Where I am from no one would think badly of you. I just wanted to make sure I was right about you two because you are both very good-looking, and I didn't want to say anything that might be wrong for me to say. I hope you two have a very long and happy life together."

"I'm sorry too." said Doug. "I didn't mean to sound like I was upset, it's just that you are the first person that I've had to face about my love for Darren. I guess you caught me off guard and I was being a little too defensive. So, you think that we are both good looking huh?" Doug gave a sly smile as he asked that.

"You are both very good looking," said Gregori, "but I don't want to cause any problem between you two."

The rest of the walk to the dining room was very happy, with Gregori talking to both of the boys and both of the boys talking to Gregori. Then just before they got to the dining room Doug and Darren both gave Gregori a light kiss on the cheeks. Doug kissed one cheek, while Darren kissed the other cheek. Gregori blushed slightly before they entered the dining room. The boys were treated to what Gregori touted as the best Russian cooking that can be found anywhere, much to the delight of the ship's cook. To the boys it was the best meal that either of them could remember having in a long time, which is why they went back for seconds, then thirds. The cook was very happy that the boys enjoyed his cooking so much, and told them that they would make very fine Russian boys. Just before the boys finished eating, the commander came into the dining room.

"Hello boys." said Ivan. "I see you both have very healthy appetites. The cook said that he would like to adopt you both." Ivan stopped to laugh before continuing. "The American Coast Guard has contacted the authorities where you live, so your families now know that you are both alive and well. I also informed them about your cargo, and they said that they will have someone in Hawaii to take care of the gems for you. You should both be very rich boys when you return home."

"Thank you very much Ivan." said Doug. "Is there any chance that the Coast Guard could also have someone there to help me with my dad when he finds out about Darren and me?"

"What about Darren and you?" asked Ivan.

Then Doug started to tell their story. "Darren and me weren't exactly getting along well together before the plane crash. When we were the only two to survive though, we discovered that we would have to learn to get along together. Before long we came to realize that we needed each other to survive. Then we realized that we had always needed each other, but my family and friends had done everything that they could to keep us apart. Then I figured out that the reason that we needed each other so much was because we were both very much in love with each other. Right now I couldn't even imagine any kind of life that didn't include Darren and our love for each other, but I know that my family is not going to be very happy about that." Doug was starting to find that the more he talked about his feelings for Darren, the easier it was to do.

"Ah!" exclaimed Ivan. "The American preoccupation about anything different being bad. Your parents sound like they are a very big part of that preoccupation. All that I can suggest to you boys is to remember that just because someone says something, that doesn't necessarily make it true. I know that at your age, that may not help much in dealing with your parents though."

"So, if your teenage son told you that he was gay it wouldn't be a big problem with you?" asked Doug.

"No, it wouldn't." said Ivan. "I would love my son just as much, and realize that it's just a part of who he is. Don't mistake what I say, not everyone in Russia feels the same way as I do, but those who are so intolerant of others who are different are a very small minority."

"I wish it were that way in the U.S.," said Doug. "because there's no way that my love for Darren will ever go away."

"I wish there were more I could say or do to help." said Ivan. "I do wish the both of you the best of luck when you return home though. In the meantime, my son Gregori will take very good care of you."

Gregori gave the boys a sly smile and waved. "As you can now tell," said Gregori, "my father speaks from experience, as well as from his heart."

Doug and Darren still knew that it would not be easy to face their families in Hawaii, but the Russian father and son had now given them a bit of hope for their future together.

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