No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 11

After dinner Doug and Darren decided to walk around on the deck, with their arms around each other. It was a beautifully clear evening on the South Pacific, and the boys were trying to come to terms with returning home as lovers.

"You do know that they will try to split us up again?" asked Doug.

"Yes," replied Darren, "I'm afraid that's what will most likely happen. We will always find a way to be together from now on though, just maybe not as much as either of us would like."

"Yeah." said Doug, with a dreamy look in his eyes. "Even after everything that happened to us on that island, I really loved spending the past eight months with no one but you."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that my angel." said Darren. "If I had a choice of going through all of that again or not, I would go through all of that again. I'm sure that both of us will come out of this okay and together."

"I wish for that more than anything in the world." replied Doug. "Now we have to find a way to thank Ivan and Gregori for everything they've done for us."

"I think I have an idea too!" exclaimed Darren. "Come on dude, let's go to where they put our jewels."

Doug and Darren made their way below deck, and went to their barrels of jewels. Darren told Doug to pick out the largest ruby he could find for Ivan, then Darren began to search for the perfect ruby for Gregori. Once the boys had found what they were looking for, they headed toward the crew's quarters. Their first stop would be Ivan's cabin.

Ivan heard the knock on his door and responded in Russian, "Come in." When no one came in, he repeated the response in English.

"Hi Ivan," said Doug, "I hope we're not disturbing you."

"Not at all." said Ivan. "What can I do for my two favorite Americans?"

"Well," replied Doug, "Darren and I wanted you to have this." Doug then produced a ruby about the size of a softball.

"I could not take that from you." replied Ivan. "It is much too valuable for me to accept."

"No it isn't." replied Darren. "You saved our lives Ivan. We owe you much more than this rock, but at least it can be a symbol of how much we value your friendship. I hope we do remain friends with you and Gregori, even after we get to Hawaii and return home."

"I am very touched." replied Ivan. "When I look at this beautiful jewel, I will always think of my two young American friends."

"Thanks Ivan," said Doug, "we will always remember you too."

After leaving Ivan's cabin, the boys headed toward Gregori's cabin. When they knocked on the door Gregori opened the door and gave each boy a hearty hug, then pulled them into his cabin.

"I am very happy to see both of you!" said Gregori.

"We could tell." replied Doug, as he smiled at the young man.

"I want to ask something of both of you." said Gregori. "I know we have empty cabin that you can sleep in tonight, but I would like you to stay in my cabin. I have folding bed that I can pull out of closet and sleep on. You both can have my bed. Please?"

"I don't know Gregori." replied Doug. "Darren and I kind of wanted to do something tonight."

"I know," said Gregori, "but I can sleep with my back to you, so you can have privacy. I really want to be with both of you tonight. Please?"

Doug and Darren looked at each other for a few seconds before Darren replied, "I guess we can sleep here tonight. We wanted to give you something too." Darren then pulled out the ruby that he had picked out for Gregori.

"Are you sure?" asked Gregori. "That looks very valuable."

"It's not nearly as valuable as you are." replied Doug.

"There is one condition though." said Darren. "First, take off your shirt." Once Gregori had done as Darren asked, Darren continued. "I want you to have this ruby mounted to a half hoop post that is used in body piercing. Then I want you to have your navel pierced right here." Darren reached down and pinched the fold of skin between Gregori's belly button and abdomen. "That way you can wear the ruby like this."

Darren then stuffed the ruby into Gregori's belly button. The ruby did stretch the opening out, but it did just fit. Then Darren guided Gregori in front of the mirror so the young man could see how the ruby looked in his belly button.

"I will be most happy to do that for my two dearest American friends." said Gregori.

"Good!" exclaimed Doug. "The next time we meet you out in the middle of the South Pacific, we expect you to be wearing the ruby then."

All three guys shared a good laugh together, then settled in to ask each other about their homes. The guys ended up talking until bedtime, at which time Gregori pulled the folding bed from his closet. To the boys surprise, Gregori stripped down naked before climbing into his bed. The boys noticed that Gregori had a very nice looking uncut cock, which was about six inches when flaccid. The boys decided to go ahead and join the party, seeing as how they planned on ending up naked anyway. Gregori did get a chance to see the boys when they were completely naked. He thought their circumcised cocks, which were more than ample for boys their age, looked very nice as well. The boys were finally in bed together and ready to go, but Gregori was still turned toward them.

"Oh, what the heck." whispered Doug. "I don't care who knows that I love you, or how much."

With that, Doug placed his lips against Darren's. The two boys engaged in a very passionate kiss, with their tongues swapping back and forth inside each other's mouths. Doug began running his hands up and down Darren's sides, while Darren had one hand on Doug's back and the other hand on Doug's butt. By this time Gregori would not be able to tear his eyes away from the two boys, who apparently loved each other very much. He was about to get the best show he could imagine.

Doug began running his lips down Darren's chin, to his baby's chest. Then Doug gently took Darren's right nipple between his lips. Doug sucked lovingly on the nipple for several minutes, while flicking it with his tongue. This caused Darren and Gregori both to begin moaning lowly. Then Doug moved on to the other nipple, and gave it the same loving treatment. Darren's cock had not been touched yet, but it was now as erect as it could possibly be. Gregori knew that he was watching the most passionate and love-filled love making that he had ever seen before, which had him erect without even touching himself either. Doug then slowly turned around and placed his proudly erect cock directly over Darren's face, then lowered his hips until his lover could easily reach him.

When Doug slowly took Darren's cock into his mouth Gregori began massaging his chest with one hand, and clenching his bed with the other. From the looks on Doug's and Darren's faces, Gregori knew that he had never seen two people more in love with each other. While Darren was slowly sucking all of Doug's cock into his mouth, Doug was running his tongue around and around over the head of Darren's cock. The look of hunger in the boys faces showed that they could not think of anything that tasted better than their lover's beautiful shaft. The sight that Gregori was watching now had him panting heavily, still without touching his own cock. Doug was now alternating between sucking Darren's cock and sucking his balls, while Darren had his hands around Doug's cheeks and pulling Doug into his face as hard as he could. The only thing on the boys minds now was giving their lover the release that would feel so good.

Gregori watched as Darren was the first to cum. Doug sucked hard as Darren's cum shot into his waiting mouth, not wanting to leave the slightest trace of cum on Darren's cock. When Darren had finished cumming, and Doug had sucked his deflating cock clean, Doug raised up slightly to look at the most beautiful cock that he could imagine. Doug smiled as he flicked at Darren's cock several times with his tongue. Darren was now stroking the entire length of Doug's cock with his lips, trying to coax out the cream that he craved so much now. Gregori watched Doug's face, as Doug began cumming into Darren's mouth. Then Gregori watched Darren, as he sucked the cum from Doug's erupting cock. This caused Gregori to begin shooting cum over his chest and abdomen, still without touching his cock. Gregori rubbed his cum into his chest and belly, as Darren sucked as much cum from Doug as he possibly could. Finally Doug's cock was empty, so he turned and dropped into Darren's waiting arms. Doug, Darren, and Gregori laid there for a few minutes, recovering from Doug and Darren's love making.

Gregori breathlessly said, "That was the most beautiful and incredible thing I have ever seen. I am so glad that you boys honored me by letting me watch you. I hope you boys are never parted, because you were born to be with each other."

"Thank you Gregori." said Doug and Darren together. Then Doug continued, "It feels good to have someone know how much Darren and I love each other, and I'm glad that it was you. Did you cum while Darren and I were making love to each other?"

"Without even touching myself." replied Gregori. "That's how hot you two boys are together."

This caused Doug and Darren both to giggle. "Well then," replied Darren, "I'm glad that we could help the best friend that we've ever had." All three guys then settled in for a very peaceful night's sleep.

The next day the threesome were practically inseparable for the entire day. Ivan did not mind letting his son have fun with the two American boys, as there was not a lot to be done aboard the ship at this point. Ivan was actually happy that his son had made such close friends, as he usually didn't get that opportunity with all of the traveling they did. During the day Gregori vowed to visit Doug and Darren back in Michigan someday, while Doug and Darren told Gregori that they would love to visit him at his home in eastern Russia. The threesome also went down to look over Doug and Darren's cargo, as they speculated how much it may be worth. It would turn out that they had no idea exactly how rich the boys would be. The boys tried to have as much fun as they could that day, because they knew the next day they would return to their families. Gregori did give the boys advice on how to deal with their families, just in case they did not take the boys relationship well. Gregori wanted to do everything he could to make sure that Doug and Darren would remain together for the rest of their lives. Finally it was time for the boys last night at sea, so everyone retired to Gregori's cabin once again.

The boys once again made love to each other while letting Gregori watch them. This time though, they begged Gregori not to let himself cum. The boys had a very special surprise in store for their new friend. After recovering from another passionate session of love making, the boys sat up and looked at Gregori.

"I did as you asked." said Gregori. "I did not allow myself to cum. I will have to take care of it later though." Gregori then chuckled lightly.

"Or we could take care of it for you, our special friend." said Darren.

Doug and Darren then both got out of bed, and went over to where Gregori laid on his bed. Doug went to one side of Gregori's bed, while Darren went to the other side. The two boys then gazed at the erect, uncut, nine inch cock.

"You boys do not have to do this." said Gregori. "I know how much you love each other, and I can take care of this myself."

"We also care about you a great deal Gregori." said Doug.

"We do care for each other more than anyone in the world, and no one will ever come between us." said Darren. "We also care for you too though, and we would like to show you how much."

"I cannot tell both of you how happy I am to have made two friends such as you." said Gregori. "Can I get a kiss from both of you first?"

The boys then traveled to the head of Gregori's bed. Doug leaned in and gave Gregori a passionate kiss, although it was not nearly as passionate as when he kissed Darren. Still though, it did feel good. Then Darren leaned in a gave Gregori an equally passionate kiss. The two kisses left Gregori with a bright smile on his face.

"You are a very beautiful man, Gregori." said Darren. "Not nearly as beautiful as my Doug, but still a very beautiful man."

"Now we want to make you feel as good as you deserve to feel." said Doug.

The two boys went back to where Gregori's cock was now standing semi-erect. Darren took Gregori's shaft into his hand, and put the covered head of Gregori's cock into his mouth. While Darren's tongue flicked at the opening of Gregori's foreskin, Doug took Gregori's large balls into his mouth. Doug found that he was only able to suck one ball at a time.

Darren pulled up a little bit and said, "I've never sucked an uncut cock before, but there is something that I would love to try."

Darren then grasped Gregori's cock tightly, and pulled the foreskin down over the head of Gregori's now fully erect cock. Darren placed his tongue along the top of Gregori's exposed head, then let the foreskin cover both the head of Gregori's cock and his tongue.

"Ahh," said Gregori softly, "you've docked your tongue to my cock. Stick your tongue out of your mouth as far as you can so we can see what you've done."

Darren stuck out his tongue to reveal that Gregori's foreskin was tightly wrapped around half of his tongue. It felt very good to Darren's tongue, as well as to Gregori.

"Wow!" exclaimed Doug. "That looks so cool. I'm going to try that too as soon as I get the chance."

Darren then took Gregori's cock back into his mouth and massaged Gregori's foreskin between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. Then Darren massaged the head of Gregori's cock with the underside of his tongue. This caused Gregori to sharply draw in a breath of air.

"I can't describe how good that just felt." said Gregori. "You boys are so full of love that I will never forget either of you."

Darren then sucked on as much of Gregori's large shaft as he could for several minutes, before turning Gregori's cock over to Doug. Doug took ahold of Gregori's cock and gazed at it for a few seconds, then took the young man's cock into his mouth. Darren took over on Gregori's balls, while reaching up to Gregori's chest and taking a nipple between two fingers. Gregori was now beginning to pant slightly. The first thing Doug did was to dock his tongue underneath Gregori's foreskin, just as Darren had done. After a few moments of this, Gregori began to moan softly.

"I love you boys so much." moaned Gregori, over and over again.

Darren knew that this wouldn't last too much longer, so he switched nipples for a few minutes. Doug was now sucking hard on as much of Gregori's cock as he could comfortably take into his mouth. When Darren felt Gregori's balls begin to churn he quickly put his lips around the base of Gregori's shaft, while Doug continued sucking the upper half of Gregori's throbbing cock. The boys had already decided that they wanted to share taking Gregori's cum into their mouths, so they were getting ready to make a quick switch. When Gregori began shouting out in the heat of passion, the boys got ready for his orgasm. Doug took the first few shots of Gregori's cum into his mouth, then quickly switched with Darren. After several more strong shots, it seemed as though Gregori would not stop cumming. By this time Doug had already swallowed the load that he had taken, so the boys switched again. Darren's mouth was now nearly full of Gregori's cum, which he swallowed as he licked the appealing taste from his lips. Before Gregori finally finished cumming, Doug had taken about another half mouthful of the man's good tasting cum.

Both boys smiled as they looked up at Gregori, who was now almost out of it from his massive orgasm. Then Darren and Doug made their way back to the head of Gregori's bed.

Darren leaned in and kissed Gregori on the lips again. When he pulled back he said, "That was very nice Gregori. Neither of us will ever forget this night."

Then Doug leaned in to kiss Gregori on the lips again. When he pulled back Doug added, "You will make some nice man very happy someday Gregori. When that happens, we want to meet our best friend's lover."

"I love you boys very much as friends," replied Gregori, "and both of you will always be in my heart. It will be difficult to find someone as nice as both of you, but I will try as much as I can now."

Before going back to their bed, Doug and Darren kissed Gregori on both cheeks at the same time. All three guys rested peacefully again that night.

When morning came Doug, Darren, and Gregori got dressed and went onto the deck. The ship was now sailing past the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. When the boys caught sight of Mauna Loa, it made them cringe slightly.

"Do not worry my friends." said Gregori. "Mauna Loa is a very slow erupting volcano. It has been erupting like that for many years. Apparently it is vented so well that it cannot build enough pressure for a destructive eruption."

"That's nice to know." said Doug. "I think we've seen enough of that to do us for a lifetime."

Everyone laughed as they gazed at one of the most impressive sights that nature had to safely offer. The island itself was very large, as it took them quite some time to sail past it. Several hours after leaving the big island behind, the ship was now approaching Oahu. As the ship neared it's destination, the Coast Guard came out to escort them to Pearl Harbor. The boys watched in wonder as the ship sailed past the beautiful city of Honolulu. Then the ship reached the inner harbor and sailed past the Arizona memorial, before being guided toward the docks at Pearl Harbor. Doug and Darren now started to become very nervous, as they anticipated what would happen when they met their families for the first time in eight months. When the ship docked, the boys watched as their cargo was taken ashore. The man who the Coast Guard had contacted about the jewels had arranged for heavy guard for the boys' cargo. Then it was time for the boys to go ashore. Before leaving the ship Doug and Darren gave Ivan and Gregori a hearty hug and a few more thank you's, while vowing to see them again someday. Then the boys began the walk down the gangplank.

The boys had expected their parents to put on a very good show of being relieved to see them, but they were not prepared for the reception they got. Both boys were nearly knocked off their feet before making it ten feet from the gangplank. Jenni launched herself at Darren at the same time that Donnie launched himself at Doug.

"Oh my God!" screamed Jenni. "It really is you Dare! Oh God, I've missed my little bro so much." Jenni cried as she hugged her brother tightly.

At the same time Donnie had himself wrapped around Doug, crying, "Thank you for answering my prayers God! Thank you so much for bringing Doug back to me!"

Doug could not get Donnie to stop crying, so he held his little brother tightly in his arms and patted him gently on the back. The reception that the siblings gave their lost brothers was nearly enough to bring the parents to tears. Ivan and Gregori watched the scene from the deck of the ship with tears of joy in their eyes. They felt honored to have been the ones to bring these two boys back to their homes.

Arnold Atherton stepped up and put his arm around his son's shoulder. "Welcome home son." said Arnold. "I can't even imagine what the last eight months has been like for you, but soon we'll be home and everything will be just like it always was."

"Maybe not exactly," said Doug, "but I hope we'll all be happy again."

Arnold gave his son a strange glance before Mary Atherton broke in. "Whatever has happened in the last eight months, we're just happy to have you back now." said Mary. Then she gave her son a hard kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile Fred Chambers had approached his son. "I'm sorry that we haven't gotten along well in the past son." said Fred. "When we thought we'd lost you forever, I finally realized what a jackass I've been though. I promise things will be different son. Maybe it's your old man that needs help, and not you."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing." said Darren, as a tear formed in the corner of one eye. "Do you know how long that I've wanted to hear that? I've missed you guys over the past eight months."

"I'm sure you have son." laughed Fred. Then he looked over at the Athertons before saying, "I'm pretty sure that you don't spend eight months with someone without getting to know them a lot better. Just be careful around Arnold Atherton, okay son?"

"Okay daddy." said Darren, as he put his arms around his father and cried lightly.

"Are you upsetting my baby?" said Louise Chambers, as she cut in.

"No dear." said Fred as he smiled. "Darren and me just had a little talk. It was probably way overdue too."

"Welcome home baby." said Louise, as she pried Darren from Fred. "I can't believe that you're actually here now. I promise things will be much different back in Michigan, we've already put you through way too much."

Darren looked up at his mother and asked, "Does that mean no more questions about why I'm the way I am?"

"We'll try our best to never put you through that again honey." said Louise as she hugged her son closely to her.

After a few more minutes of the reunion, a man stepped up to the Chambers family. "Hi," said the man, "My name is Pierre. I will need to talk to Darren and his friend Doug about their cargo as soon as they get a chance."

"Okay," replied Darren, "I'll get him and we'll be right over."

"Son, what did he mean by cargo?" asked Fred.

"It's something that Doug and me brought with us from the island we were on." replied Darren. "I'll tell you all about it after we talk to Pierre."

"Before you go, could you come over here?" asked Jenni. She then took Darren aside before continuing. "So, you spent eight months alone with Doug. How was it?"

"It was okay, I guess." replied Darren.

"It was okay I guess!?!" exclaimed Jenni. "Come on little bro, he's tortured you for years. You've spent the last two years trying to avoid him as much as possible. I don't know how many times you've cried to me over something that he did to you. How can you......." Then Jenni noticed that Darren was blushing slightly. "Oh no! You didn't? You and Doug? The star football player? Mr. All-American jock? The guy who's made you so miserable for years? How serious is it Dare?"

"You can't repeat this to anyone yet sis." said Darren. "You gotta swear you won't repeat it!"

"Okay little bro," replied Jenni, "I swear."

"Okay." said Darren. "Doug knows that he's gay now. He's completely in love with me, and I love him just as much. We both know that we were meant to be together. We've also made love so many times in the past eight months, that I couldn't even make an estimate."

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Jenni as she started laughing. "Me and my big mouth. I'm sitting on top of the gossip of the century, and I can't say anything about it. I hope you're happy, you lucky little dog!"

"I've never been happier." said Darren as he smiled. "Just remember though that you promised. Now, I gotta get Doug and talk to that Pierre guy."

Then Darren was off to get Doug. Mr. Atherton seemed annoyed that Darren would interrupt their reunion, but Doug assured his dad that it was important. Finally, Doug and Darren walked over to where Pierre was standing.

"Ah, there you boys are!" said Pierre. "There's just a couple of things that we need to take care of right now. I plotted the coordinates to your island, and it is in completely international waters. There are also no countries that claim the island as theirs, so all I need for you boys to do is sign this paper. This will make the island officially yours forever." The boys went ahead and signed the papers before Pierre continued. "Now I can officially talk to you about your jewels. First though, do you boys have a lawyer to handle your financial affairs?"

"No," replied Darren, "do we need a lawyer?"

"I would say definitely yes." replied Pierre. "I will give you a number to call. This lawyer is very trustworthy. Now, I don't have an actual figure for you yet. It could take a week or two to come up with that, but I can give you an idea of what you boys are now worth. The jewels you brought back with you are very high quality. I would say you boys together are worth in the neighborhood of one hundred million dollars."

Sounds like a nice neighborhood to be in, huh? Has Darren's dad really changed? Will Doug's dad ever change? Find out the answers to these questions and more as the story continues. Please send all comments to: . See you in chapter 12.