No One else

by tim

I take it the last chapter didn't go over very well with some people because of the scene with Gregori. All I ask is that you keep in mind that I have given this story a lot of thought, and there is a reason for that particular scene. It may not be apparent now, but trust me, it will become apparent later on.

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 12

Upon hearing the number that Pierre gave the boys, Darren's mouth was frozen in the fully open position and no sound would come out of it. Doug's eyes became as wide as saucers, but after shaking his head hard a few times he began to come out of it.

"I guess that's a pretty nice neighborhood to be in." remarked a stunned Doug.

"I'm sure now you boys see why you would need a lawyer." said Pierre. "That kind of money will make you boys a target for every con artist out there. Then there's also your families to consider."

"Shit Darren, he's right!" exclaimed Doug. "My dad will try to take us to the cleaners if we don't protect ourselves. Darren! Darren!!" Doug then shook his still frozen boyfriend.

"Did he really say what I think he said?" asked Darren as he began coming around.

"Yeah dude," laughed Doug, "we're loaded like crazy!"

"It could amount to a lot more if you let a mining company go after the rest of the gems." said Pierre. "Of course they would want to let your island settle back down first. According to seismographs around the Pacific Rim, your little island is still very active."

"Damn Doug," said Darren, "everyone is going to be trying to screw us six ways from Sunday!"

"You boys really need to talk to the lawyer I recommended before this gets out." said Pierre. "There's no reason why you boys shouldn't be able to enjoy your fortune without worrying about people being out to swindle you. You can use my cell phone to call him right now, if you want to."

"Thanks Pierre," said Doug, "I guess we should call him right now."

Doug then used Pierre's cell phone to call the lawyer. When the lawyer heard who recommended him, and what the problem was, he agreed to fly to Hawaii immediately and meet the boys as soon as he arrived. He also advised the boys not to talk about how much they were worth with anyone until he got there. Fortunately the families would be in Hawaii until the following evening. The boys thanked Pierre again and returned to their families. Arnold and Fred both tried to find out what the boys had to speak with the strange man about, but Doug and Darren wouldn't talk about it. All both of them would say was, "Wait until tomorrow."

Both families then returned to the hotel rooms the airline had booked for them. Now it was the siblings turn at Doug and Darren. Jenni had Darren cornered in the Chambers suite.

"So Dare," said Jenni, "are you going to tell your big sis what is up? You know we've never kept any secrets from each other."

"I'm really afraid to say anything to anyone right now sis." replied Darren. "How much do you think mom and dad have really changed in the past eight months?"

"That depends on what you're talking about." replied Jenni. "They do seem to be much better with you being gay, although they've never seen you in the presence of a boyfriend yet. Other than that, I'd say not much has changed."

"Damn!" exclaimed Darren. "I was afraid of that! Doug and me are going to get screwed over so bad!"

"Well," said Jenni, "if I knew what you were talking about I might be able to help. It's fine though if you don't want your big sis to help you, although you know how devious I can be."

"Our lawyer told us not to say anything to anyone though." said Darren.

"Your lawyer!" exclaimed Jenni. "What are you and Doug into Dare? You have me worried now."

"This is one of those things that you can't say anything about to anyone." said Darren. "You'll have to swear to this one too."

"The last time I did that I found out that I have to sit on the story about my little brother and the star football player." laughed Jenni. Then she noticed Darren's scowl before she continued. "Okay, okay little bro! I swear not to tell anyone about this either."

"Okay then," said Darren, "here goes. You remember the stuff that was taken off the ship we came in on?"

"You mean the stuff that was better protected than Fort Knox?" asked Jenni.

"Yeah," replied Darren, "that stuff. That stuff happens to be rubies and sapphires that Doug and I found on the island we were stranded on. Both of us together happen to be worth one hundred million dollars. Jenni? Are you okay big sis? You look kinda pale."

"Dammit Darren!" exclaimed Jenni. "How come when you give me a secret that I can't tell anyone, it almost kills me? What ever happened to normal boy secrets?"

Darren looked at Jenni seriously for a few seconds, then burst into uncontrollable laughter. He was followed almost immediately by Jenni. The brother and sister laughed so hard that they almost cried from laughter. After about ten minutes the laughter finally began to die down.

"I missed you so much over the last eight months Jen." said Darren. "You were the one that I wondered the most about whether or not I would ever see you again. I love you sis."

"You wanna know something little bro?" asked Jenni. "When it sank in on me that I would never see you again, I cried for one whole solid month. I love you so much Dare, but if you ever do that to me again I swear I'll kill you." Then Jenni leaned over and kissed her little brother on the cheek. "Now, here's what you tell that lawyer when you see him....."

Meanwhile in the Atherton suite, Donnie had his big brother trapped by laying his head across his brother's chest as Doug laid on his bed.

"Do you know that I prayed every night for you to come home Doug?" asked Donnie.

"I thought everyone thought I was dead." replied Doug.

"Everyone except me." said Donnie. "I could feel that you were still alive, right up until the state police knocked on our door this week. I've always been able to pick up feelings from you Doug, does that sound crazy?"

"Not at all my dear little brother." said Doug. "You always seemed smarter than anyone else in the family about certain things. I wouldn't have any problem believing you."

"I love you big bro." said Donnie happily.

"I love you too you little squirt." chuckled Doug.

"Yeah," said Donnie, "but I can squirt more and more every day." Then Donnie burst into laughter.

"Whoa little bro!" exclaimed Doug. "That's way too much information!"

"I was just having fun with you." said Donnie playfully. "I'm glad you made up so well with Darren. I'm gonna need your guys' help with something, but not just yet."

"Hold the phone little bro!" exclaimed Doug. "Who told you about Darren and me?"

"Don't you remember Doug?" asked Donnie. "I can pick up on your feelings."

"You mean that you could sense that about me?" asked Doug. "How much can you pick up little bro?"

"Do you mean, can I tell that you and Darren are special friends?" asked Donnie. "You're in love with Darren, aren't you?"

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Doug. "I was hoping that this wouldn't be starting quite so soon. Are you okay with your big brother being gay little bro?"

Donnie giggled as he replied, "I think it's pretty cool big bro."

"That's nice Donnie," said Doug, "but you have to keep this between you and me. Other people like Craig, dad, and my old friends might not think that it's so cool."

"I know." said Donnie. "Craig and dad scare me too!"

"Wait a minute little bro!" exclaimed Doug. "Why do they scare you too? Is there something that you're not telling me?"

"Oops!" said Donnie. "I kinda slipped, didn't I?"

"You're not gay too, are you Donnie?" asked Doug as he crossed his fingers.

"I love you too much to lie to you big bro." said Donnie. "I guess I kinda am gay, just like my big brother."

Doug sat up in bed and threw his arms around his little brother. "It's gonna be hell for both of us Donnie," said Doug as he almost cried, "but I'm so glad that I don't have to go through this alone now. Don't you worry though little bro, Darren and me will watch out for you."

"Thanks Doug," said Donnie as he smiled at his brother, "I knew my big brother would help me through this. I love you so much Doug, and I can't tell you how glad I am that you're back."

"I love you too, my dear little brother." said Doug. Then Doug kissed Donnie lightly on the forehead.

Donnie then looked up at Doug and said, "Now, what is it that you're not telling me big bro?"

"Damn kiddo!" exclaimed Doug. "It's going to be impossible to keep anything from you anymore, isn't it?"

"Why would you want to keep anything from me anyway big bro?" asked Donnie innocently.

"Okay little buddy, but you can't tell this to anyone yet." said Doug. "Our future could depend on this. I don't want anyone to know about this until Darren and me have it all set so that no one can screw us."

"I promise I won't say anything Doug." promised Donnie. "Wild horses won't be able to drag it out of me."

Doug smiled at his little brother and said, "Okay little bro, I trust you. Do you remember the stuff that was unloaded from the ship we came in on? The stuff that had so many guards around it?"

"Yeah," replied Donnie, "I remember it."

"That stuff belongs to Darren and me." said Doug. "It's a whole bunch of rubies and sapphires that we found on the island we were on."

"Are you and uncle Darren rich?" asked Donnie.

"Uncle Darren will love that one little bro!" chuckled Doug. "But yeah, we are rich now. The gems are worth around one hundred million dollars."

"Holy fuckin' shit Batman!" exclaimed Donnie. "Oops! Don't tell mom and dad I said that. That's like really really rich though Doug!"

"Yeah," laughed Doug, "I guess it is, but remember not to tell anyone else about this Donnie."

"I love you Doug," replied Donnie, "so I'm not telling anyone."

"I love you too little dude." said Doug as he ruffled Donnie's hair.

The remainder of the evening and night passed quietly at the hotel. The boys parents made it a point to let them know several times that they were glad to have the boys home. Doug and Darren both almost thought that it looked as though the parents were trying to convince them of that. Early the next morning the boys lawyer sent a message to their rooms that he was in the hotel, and he would like to meet them as soon as possible. Fred and Arnold both felt that they should be with their sons when they spoke to the lawyer, which was still a shock to them, but the lawyer insisted in the message that only Doug and Darren should come to meet him. No one knew it, but the lawyer had already been tipped off by Pierre. So the boys nervously got ready to go meet their lawyer.

When the boys arrived at the lawyer's door Doug said, "Wait just a moment before you knock Darren."

"Why babe?" asked Darren. "What's wrong?"

"This!" replied Doug.

Doug then leaned into Darren and put his lips against Darren's. The two boys kissed deeply for a moment, then parted.

"Damn angel!" exclaimed Doug. "I needed that so badly. I do hope we get to spend a little time together every once in a while, or I'll go crazy!"

"Shut up babe, and kiss me again!" said Darren.

The two boys locked their lips together again. After several minutes of deep kissing, the two boys began swapping tongues in each other's mouths. The two boys were so deeply involved in their kiss that they didn't even hear the door open behind them, until they heard someone clearing their throat.

"I'm sorry." chuckled the lawyer. "I didn't mean to interrupt something so important."

Doug and Darren both turned about as red in the face as they could. Then both boys took turns stammering incoherently.

"Don't worry about it." said the lawyer. "Even though I've never been inclined to do something like that myself, I think you two boys make a very cute couple. I have a partner in the firm though that would have loved to see you two going at it."

The lawyer began laughing softly to try to relax the boys. It finally worked, as Doug and Darren began laughing along with the lawyer. Then the lawyer invited the boys into his suite.

"My name is Charles Wainforth." said the lawyer, as he stuck his hand out toward the boys. As the boys took turns shaking his hand, the lawyer continued. "Please don't call me Charles though, no one does unless we're in a courtroom. I'd rather be called Chuck."

"Hello Chuck," said Doug, "my name is Doug Atherton, and my friend is Darren Chambers. As you might have been able to tell, he is my boyfriend."

"Hello Chuck." said Darren.

"You two boys appear to be very wealthy now, in more ways than one." said Chuck. "What would you boys like to see done with your monetary wealth?"

"My sister and I came up with a few ideas about that last night." said Darren. "My sister loves me very much, and doesn't want to see our parents take over our money. Her words were, "They'll fuck you guys like cheap whores." I tend to agree with her on that. Is there some way that we could put the money into a trust fund that none of us could touch until Doug and me are both eighteen?"

"That should be no problem." said Chuck. "The only problem is that someone would have to be assigned to oversee the trust. That person can be anyone over eighteen that you boys want it to be though. Seeing as how I'm your lawyer now, you can always assign me. For your own piece of mind though I would suggest that set the trust up so that no one can withdraw funds from it, unless they are at the bank in your presence. Unless you needed something, all I would do would be to manage the account as it grows from interest and dividends. I could have my accountant take care of all tax records for you too."

"That sounds really good." said Doug. "That way our parents wouldn't be able to screw us over."

"Yes," said Chuck, "I can arrange it so that they will have no say or choice in the matter."

"There is one other thing." said Darren. "Doug's family has no idea that he is gay yet, and especially that I am his boyfriend. I'm afraid when that happens, Doug's dad will do everything in his power to split us up. Hell, my own parents may even try something like that. I just don't know for sure how they really feel. When we turn eighteen can we make it so that fifty million dollars of the trust will be paid to our parents, with the stipulation that Doug and I are allowed to remain together as boyfriends. The stipulation would not become public record until Doug's family knows that he is gay, that way Doug can tell them whenever he feels comfortable about it."

"Damn dude!" exclaimed Doug. "I'm impressed! You and your sister would make great lawyers someday. You were wrong about one thing though, Donnie does know that I'm gay."

"Donnie knows!" exclaimed Darren. "How did that happen dude?"

"Don't worry angel," replied Doug, "as it turns out, Donnie is gay too! He's such a sweet little dude, and he's going to need our help." That news made Darren sigh in relief.

"That really sounds like a wickedly great idea!" said Chuck. "Let's see if fifty million dollars will force the parents to accept the two of you as lovers. I love it! It may take some creative contract writing, but I think it's perfectly feasible. When you and your sister graduate from law school, please come see me first!"

The three guys laughed heartily over what they were about to do, then Chuck began working on all of the necessary papers. When he had enough paperwork drawn up to secure Doug and Darren's money, he had the boys sign the papers. The papers included a Power Of Attorney in Chuck's name, so Chuck could sign to make the boy's signatures legal. When everything was signed, Chuck said he would have more papers delivered to the boys to sign that would tie up any loose ends. Then Chuck congratulated the boys on their fortune being secure, and wished them luck with their relationship. Now the boys were free to let the cat out of the bag, and there would be nothing that anyone could do about it. The boys returned to their suites feeling better than they had since stepping onto the dock in Hawaii. Both boys went back to the Atherton suite, and Doug led Darren inside.

"Hello son." said Arnold, upon seeing the boys. "What is HE doing with you?"

"I really wish you would get over it dad!" replied Doug. "Darren is my friend now. We spent eight months on an island by ourselves, and surprise surprise, we became friends again!"

"Maybe so," said Arnold, "but don't use that tone of voice with me son! Besides, you're not on that island anymore."

"But Darren is still my friend," said Doug, "and I intend to keep it that way."

"Okay son," said Arnold, "I don't want to fight about it. Hello Darren."

"Hi sir." replied Darren nervously.

"So son," said Arnold, "are you ready to tell me what all this business is about with the lawyer and the stranger from yesterday?"

"First we should call Darren's parents over here." said Doug. "This is going to involve them too."

Darren called his suite, then everyone waited for his parents to arrive. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Mary came in and joined everyone as Arnold went to answer the door.

"Hello Fred and Louise," said Arnold, "come on in. The boys won't say anything unless we're all together." Fred and Arnold both looked at their sons as Arnold then said, "Okay Douglas, spill the beans. What exactly is going on here?"

"Okay, here goes." said Doug. "Shortly after we arrived on the island, we noticed that there were some very nice looking stones at the bottom of the pond we were drinking out of. When I got some of the stones out of the pond and we looked at them, we discovered that they were actually rubies and sapphires. Darren and me worked together until we had gathered all the gems off of the bottom of the pond, then we brought them with us when we left the island. The man from yesterday is named Pierre, and he came out to appraise the gems. They turned out to be very high quality gems, and Pierre told Darren and me that they were worth around one hundred million dollars. Dad? Dad! Say something dad!"

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