No one else

by tim

I tried to make the last chapter a little less controversial, but I guess I failed. Please let me clear up a few points about parental rights in the U.S. Parents have the right to control every aspect of their child's life until that child turns eighteen. If a child finds themselves coming into money, the only way for the child to protect that money from greedy parents is to establish a trust with a third party as an executor. As far as who a child associates themselves with, a parent also has complete control of that as well. I'm not saying that this is right in all cases, but a parent does not even need a restraining order in this country to determine who their child can associate with. The only ways around this are: 1) Buying their freedom, like Doug and Darren have done. or 2) Emancipation from the parents. In order to receive emancipation a child must prove that their safety or well-being is being jeopardized by the parent. "My parents don't like my boyfriend." is not a valid reason for emancipation. The parental rights laws of the U.S. are what chapter 12 were based upon. I personally would like to see minors have more rights, as long as they can exercise them responsibly. Thank you.

This story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: . All legitimate comments will receive a reply. If you resort to irrational nit-picking or name calling like a few did the last time, you will not receive any reply.

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 13

Arnold Atherton was having a hard time digesting what Doug had just told everyone. One hundred million dollars! Even if the boys were splitting the money evenly, that would still be fifty million dollars! Arnold had already started making plans for the money when he was broken out of his state by Doug.

"Dad!" said Doug loudly. "Please say something dad!"

"Son," said Arnold, "I am so proud of you for the way you survived your ordeal so well. You certainly are a fine son, and who knows, you may even turn out to be a good influence on Darren. God only knows he needs it."

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean!?!" exclaimed Darren.

"Darren!" scolded Fred. "Watch your language son! There are civil ways of going about things, especially when a boy is addressing an adult. As for you Arnold, I don't really appreciate the implication that I haven't raised my son well. I love my son very much, and not just for what he can or can't do for me. Louise and myself have done a fine job of raising Darren, and I'm as proud of him as any parent could be of their child."

"Are you accusing me of being a gold digger when it comes to my own son?" asked an irate Arnold. "Let me tell you something Fred! My son was a fine athlete and a fine young man long before he ever got stranded on that island. For all we know Doug could have done all the work when the boys found those gems, and Darren could be the one who is being a little gold digger here!"

The wives were both watching this exchange in horror. Neither woman could believe how their husbands were acting, although Louise was not quite as embarrassed over Fred's behavior as Mary was over Arnold's behavior. The only problem was that Mary was too afraid to say anything. Louise on the other hand was just about to speak up when the adults were interrupted.

"Why doesn't everyone just shut the hell up for a minute!" yelled Doug. "Let me set you straight on something dad! I would never have survived on that island if it hadn't been for Darren. He did just as much work for us to survive there as I did! He even saved my life a few times, even after all of the crap I had put him through. The only thing Darren wants now is for us to be good friends, the way we always should have been, and I intend to be his friend. You may not like it, but I don't remember asking you anyway! Darren is a very big part of my life now because I owe him my life."

Darren looked over into Doug's eyes and could see the love that Doug had for him. Darren was happy because he knew that Doug was ready and willing to fight for their relationship now. The adults looked at Doug in shock however, especially Arnold. Doug was never a push-over by any means, but this was more assertive than anyone had ever seen the boy.

"I'm sorry son." said Arnold. "I'll try to consider your feelings, and I'll try to remember what you and HIM both went through."

"You wanna know something?" asked Doug. "Darren and me both knew this was going to happen when everyone found out about the money. Everyone has acted so predictable. It really makes me glad that Darren and me did what we did with the money."

"What?" asked Arnold. "What are you talking about son?"

"The lawyer we went to see this morning has put all of our money into a trust." said Doug. "No one can touch it until we both turn eighteen, not even us. At that time Darren and me can stand responsible for our own money!"

By this time Arnold was turning as white as a sheet, and Fred was having a difficult time controlling his laughter. Fred wanted to say something so bad, but he knew that it would only incite Arnold.

"Fred and Louise," said Arnold, with a strange tone in his voice, "I think that it's time you left us alone for a while, and please don't forget to take your son with you."

"Doug?" asked Darren meekly.

"I'll be fine dude." replied Doug. Then he mouthed the words, "I love you."

"Okay dude," said Darren as a smile crept across his face, "I'll see you later."

"Bet on it dude." said Doug.

Fred, Louise, and Darren left the Atherton suite and went next door to their own suite. Fred still looked as though he would start laughing at any moment, but Louise had a strange look on her face.

"Dad, what was that you were saying yesterday about being careful around Arnold?" asked Darren as he laughed.

"Well," said Fred, "I'm not the one who is close friends with his son. Besides, no one talks about my son like that. That man is going to learn a hard lesson someday." Then Fred finally began laughing uncontrollably.

"What is it dad?" asked Darren. "What's so funny? I thought you were going to lose it back there in the Atherton's suite."

"I can't believe what you boys did!" chuckled Fred. "Where in the world did you ever come up with that idea?"

"Actually it was Jenni's idea." replied Darren. "By the way, our lawyer wants Jenni to join his firm when she graduates from law school." At that point Fred and Darren both began laughing.

"Well," said Louise, "I don't really see what is so funny about it. Apparently our boys don't really trust us."

"Geez Louise!" exclaimed Fred. "I'm proud of them for having the intelligence to look out for themselves. You know Arnold would try to take them for everything they have, and it's really their money."

"I just don't think you should be making light of the issue Fred." replied Louise. "It doesn't send the right message to our children."

"Whatever honey." said Fred.

After Louise had left, Darren asked, "Do you really mean everything you've said since we've been back dad?"

"Of course I do son." replied Fred. "It took me almost losing you to make me realize how much you mean to me. Why son?"

"Because dad, I've always wanted to trust you enough to tell you anything." said Darren. "It was always like when you found out I was gay though. You really looked like you hated me, and that hurt so much." Then Darren began to cry softly.

Fred put his arms around his son and said, "I don't even know who that asshole was son, but I promise you that nothing like that will ever happen again. I don't really understand why you're gay, but I know you didn't choose to be that way. Why would you choose that, when you knew how your stupid old dad was going to react?"

"You're not stupid dad." said Darren, as he tried to stop crying. "I love you and mom, and I never gave up on you. I haven't even given up on mom yet."

"Don't sell your mother too short." said Fred. "I know she seems to be acting strange about the money thing, but she kept me from doing a few things that I would have regretted when it came to you. I do mean it when I say I'm going to do everything I have to do to understand who my son is, and why he feels the way he does about things. I wasn't there for you before, but I am now and I intend to make it up to you."

"I love you dad." said Darren. "Now I want to tell you something that only me, Doug, Jenni, and our lawyer knows about. There's a clause in our trust that will split the money between all of us, but only under certain conditions. If those conditions are met, Doug and me will split fifty million, and both our sets of parents will split the other fifty million."

"I can't believe you boys would do that after what we have put the two of you through." said Fred.

"There is really a good reason for doing it." said Darren. "It's covered under the certain conditions I mentioned."

"I don't suppose you could tell me what those conditions are?" asked Fred.

"It involves Doug and me both." said Darren. "I really couldn't do it unless Doug was okay with it."

"I understand son." said Fred. "The last thing you should ever do is to violate Doug's trust in you. A real man just doesn't do that. Just don't tell anyone else what you've told me, okay son?"

"Okay dad." replied Darren.

Then Fred kissed Darren on the forehead and tried to ruffle his hair, but Darren's hair had become too long for Fred to ruffle. By this time it was time to get ready to return home. As Darren was killing time while his family packed, he could hear shouting coming from the Atherton suite. This had Darren worried, but he figured Arnold wouldn't be dumb enough to hurt his millionaire son. Finally it was time to call a taxi to the airport, and by this time the shouting in the Atherton suite had stopped. The Chambers family arrived at the airport well ahead of the Atherton's, so Darren nervously waited for his boyfriend to show up. Darren wasn't looking forward to flying home, but with Doug there he figured he would be okay.

Doug and his family showed up just before check in for the flight began. Doug was sporting a black eye, but his dad was also sporting a noticeable limp. An official representative of the airline was there to personally check in both families, so he could once again apologize for what had happened. For a few moments all the adults were busy with the airline people.

"What the hell happened babe?" asked Darren softly.

"Nothing compared to what he got, my angel." replied Doug, as he pointed his thumb at his dad.

"You guys really need to learn to talk without so much violence." chuckled Darren. "What did you do to him anyway?"

"Let's just say he now knows what it's like to be a tackle dummy." replied Doug as he smiled.

At this time it was time to board the plane. Darren was getting very nervous now, until he heard a commotion behind him.

"I'm walking with him onto that damn plane, and that's that!" yelled Doug. Doug then joined Darren and said, "I can't freaking believe what an incredible asshole he is."

"Calm down babe," said Darren quietly, "I promise things will be okay."

"Well my angel," replied Doug, "you were right the last time you said that."

Both boys relaxed a little as they walked onto the plane. This time they would be in first class, so they decided to make the best of it. The Atherton's were seated directly behind the Chambers', with Doug directly behind Darren in an aisle seat. Considering their last flight, there was no way that either boy would sit anywhere except the aisle. As soon as the plane was airborne, Arnold asked for a drink. Arnold quickly downed the drink, and a few moments later he was out like a light.

Doug leaned forward and asked, "Are you okay dude?"

"Actually I'm scared shitless." replied Darren.

Doug sat back in his seat, and began scribbling a note to Darren. When he was finished Doug handed the note to Darren, and Darren immediately read it. The note said: "Meet me in the lavatory in two minutes. I know how to make flying again a little less scary."

Doug then got up and made his way to the lavatories. He found a vacant one, and went in. Two minutes later Darren excused himself, and went to the same door that Doug had gone in. Sure enough, the sign still read vacant. Darren opened the door when no one was looking, and squeezed into the small space with Doug.

"Oh god my angel," whispered Doug, "I've missed you so much since two nights ago."

"Don't you think this is a little risky?" asked Darren as quietly as he could. "Not to mentioned cramped."

"And here I prepared for this so much." whispered Doug. "I even brought a small tube of K-Y. Why don't you just drop your pants and let me inside you angel?"

Darren was not stupid, he immediately dropped his pants to the floor. Doug slipped his hand between their two bodies and dropped his own pants, then lubed his cock with the jelly. Doug carefully aimed his now erect cock at Darren's pucker, and pushed himself inside Darren.

"Oh god babe," moaned Darren quietly, "I needed that so bad. Let me feel how much you love me Doug."

All Doug could manage was short, quick thrusts inside the cramped lavatory, but that was more than enough for Darren. Darren began using the muscles in his rectum to massage Doug's throbbing cock, and it was getting Doug hotter than he had been in a while.

"Oh my angel," whispered Doug, "I can't wait to pump my cum into you."

"I can't wait to feel your cum shooting into me either babe." whispered Darren.

Doug held off as long as he could, but after his cock had been in Darren for ten minutes Doug began to cum. He had to really control himself to keep from shouting out, as his balls emptied themselves into Darren's rectum.

As soon as Doug's orgasm was over, it was Darren's turn. At this point neither boy cared how long they had been locked inside the lavatory. Both boys turned around, and Darren began lubing his cock. When that was done, Darren placed his cock against Doug's pucker and pushed. Doug's rectum felt so warm and good wrapped around Darren's cock, that Darren almost cried out in joy. Darren just managed to stop himself from crying out, and began thrusting in and out of Doug as much as he could. By this point in their relationship Doug had learned the trick about contracting and relaxing the muscles in his rectum, which made Darren's cock begin to throb.

"I'll never be able to get enough of your cock being inside me now my angel." whispered Doug.

"I know babe." whispered Darren. "It feels like it was meant to be there, and I was meant to pump my cum into you."

Darren held off as long as Doug, but his orgasm finally overcame him too. Doug hummed softly as he felt Darren's cum shooting from his cock, and warming his insides. Darren pumped as much as he could, until his orgasm faded and stopped. Then just Darren turned around, and the two boys kissed deeply for several minutes. Finally the boys decided that they had been locked in the lavatory for way too long.

"I love you so much Darren." said Doug before the boys parted.

"I love you every bit as much Doug." replied Darren.

Darren finally stepped cautiously out of the lavatory. He was sure that someone must have noticed, but no one gave any indication of it. Then Darren calmly walked back to his seat with a smile firmly planted on his face. A few moments later Doug followed Darren back, with the same smile on his face. As soon as both boys were seated, Fred got up and asked them to follow him.

When they found a somewhat private place to talk Fred quietly asked, "You love Doug a great deal, don't you son?"

"Yes dad." replied Darren. "I love him so much that it drives me crazy."

"Well then," said Fred, "that explains what you two just did. When I saw Donnie with his ear to the lavatory door I thought something might be going on, but when he came back to his seat with a shit eating grin on his face I knew what was going on. You two don't think I ever heard of The Mile High Club?"

"I'm sorry sir," said Doug quietly, "it was my idea."

"Don't get me wrong boys." said Fred. "I really don't mind the idea that the two of you want to have sex as long as you love each other."

"I love Darren more than I could have ever imagined possible." said Doug.

"That's great son." said Fred. "As long as you take good care of my boy, welcome to the family. What I was going to say though was, what if your dad had woke up Doug? I want you boys to have fun, but I want you to be careful about it."

"I kinda made sure that he wouldn't wake up sir." said Doug. "I slipped him a mickey."

"You what!?!" exclaimed Fred as quietly as he could.

"I just can't stand listening to him sometimes sir." said Doug, who was almost on the verge of tears. "I know that he hates Darren, and if he hates Darren then he hates me too."

Fred put an arm around Doug and said, "It's okay son, try to calm down a little. I promise that I am going to try to help you boys as much as possible. You have to help too though, and that means no more mickey's. I promise you though Doug that if you're that important to Darren, then you're family as far as I'm concerned."

"Thank you so much sir." said Doug. "I wish my dad could be like you."

"I'm honored that you would feel that way Doug." said Fred. "Now, let's get back to our seats before anyone else figures out what happened. By the way boys, congratulations on joining The Mile High Club."

All three guys laughed softly before returning to their seats. It was now getting pretty late, and soon almost everyone had fallen asleep. Everyone except for Doug and Darren, neither of whom would ever sleep on a plane again. Doug reached forward and held Darren's hand as everyone slept. The rest of the flight passed quietly, even after everyone had woke up from their sleep. Even Arnold was unusually quiet. After what seemed like an eternity, the plane finally came in for a landing at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. In just a few more hours on the freeway Doug and Darren would finally be home, although they were eight months late.

I'm really beginning to like Darren's dad. lol. I hope this chapter causes a little less controversy than the last two. If you are not against having sex in airplane lavatories please send your comments to: . See everyone in Chapter 14.