No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 14

This was the moment that Doug and Darren had dreaded. They parted to go to their respective homes, but not without sneaking in a kiss before leaving the airport. Darren now entered the home that he had left nine months earlier, and almost began to cry. He realized that he had missed everything so much, even though now he was missing Doug just as much.

"What's the matter honey?" asked Darren's mother. "Are you feeling guilty about the way you and Doug didn't trust your parents?"

"Geez Louise, Louise!" exclaimed Darren's dad. "Lay off the boy! You'd think the money was more important than having our son back!" Fred then turned to Darren and said, "Let's go upstairs son."

Darren stepped into his room followed closely by his dad. Then Darren sat on his own bed and began to sniffle.

"Missed it more than you thought, huh son?" asked Fred.

Darren smiled at his dad and said, "You have been paying attention, haven't you?" Then Darren and his dad laughed.

"I intend to show you just how much attention I've been paying." said Fred. "As far as I'm concerned Doug is a part of the family now, and he's welcome over here any time. Well, anytime he can get away from his dad Arnold. I'll try to run interference with your mother as much as possible son, but don't flaunt Doug in front of her right now. Not until things have calmed down some, at least."

"Okay dad." replied Darren. "I love you dad."

Fred smiled and said, "I love you too son, even though I haven't proven it much before now."

"I talked to Doug before we said good bye at the airport." said Darren. "He really likes you too now, and he said it was okay to tell you about our arrangement. He agreed we may need at least one parent who loves us in our corner."

"Okay son," said Fred, "I'm listening."

"The special conditions in the trust involve Doug and me." said Darren. "The money to the parents will only be paid out if Doug and me are allowed to remain together. This won't be a matter of record until Doug comes out to his family. Doug is suppose to call our lawyer when he comes out, then when he does, the lawyer will inform Mr. Atherton of the special conditions. We weren't so much worried about you and mom because you already know that I'm gay, but Mr. Atherton scares both of us. Even if he violates the trust though, I plan on remembering that it wasn't you guys who caused it."

"That's pretty shrewd son." said Fred. "No wonder your lawyer wants Jenni to join his firm if she goes to law school. Who knows, maybe the money will be enough to make Arnold accept the fact that Doug is gay. Just make sure you don't tell anyone else about this though until Doug tells his father that he's gay. I'll help you boys any way I can."

"Thanks dad." said Darren. "Do you mind if I ask something that I've been dying to ask?"

"Go right ahead son." said Fred.

"Why have you made such an amazing turnaround about me being gay?" asked Darren.

Fred got a pained expression on his face and said, "Well, I knew that was going to come up eventually. I will try to explain it to you son, if I can. When I was a teenager myself I had a best friend before I met your mother. As an amazing coincidence his name was Darren too. I liked Darren a lot, even though he was gay and I wasn't."

"Did you guys ever do anything together?" asked Darren.

"Don't you ever tell any of this to your mother, okay son?" said Fred.

"Okay dad," replied Darrren, "I promise I'll never mention it to anyone. Not even Jenni or Doug."

"Good!" replied Fred. "Most boys do experiment with other boys at some time in their lives, and I wasn't any different. Darren and me did play with each other's penises a few times. It never really meant much to me, but Darren enjoyed it a lot. It never failed to leave a smile on his face, and I did like it that I made my friend happy. The last time we did anything like that was when Darren said he wanted to do something to me that he was told would feel really good. He asked me to lay back on the bed, then he pulled down my pants. I looked down at Darren as he took my penis into his mouth."

"Holy shit, dad!" exclaimed Darren. "No damn way!"

"Watch your mouth son." scolded Fred as he smiled. "Anyway, I'd had a girl do that to me once and I liked it, so I let Darren continue. I didn't get as much out of it as when the girl did it, but it still felt nice. Once Darren started doing it, it looked as though he was having more fun than he'd ever had in his life. I warned him when I was about to cum, but he just kept right on sucking me. He really seemed to like it when I had my orgasm in his mouth because he swallowed it, but the girl that had done that to me wouldn't even let me cum in her mouth. I told Darren that even though I was straight and liked having sex with girls more, I wouldn't mind letting him do that to me again if he wanted to. That made him so happy that I though he was going to burst."

"So why was that the last time then dad?" asked Darren.

"Because I lost my best friend right after that." said Fred as he began to tear up. Fred took a few minutes to compose himself, then he continued. "A group of older boys caught Darren out by himself one night and beat him very badly because he was gay. He was so badly messed up that my parents wouldn't even let me see him at the hospital. He died two days later, without ever waking up again."

At this point Fred began to cry, so Darren took his dad into his arms and tried to comfort him. Darren held his dad tightly and cried with him until Fred could regain control of himself. Then both guys straightened themselves out.

"That was the first time that I had cried over Darren since I was your age son." said Fred. "I guess when I began to realize that you were gay, I just didn't want to accept it. I thought if I could make you straight again that you wouldn't die like he did. Then I thought that I had lost you anyway, and the only thing I managed to do was beat you up emotionally just like those kids did my friend. I also spent some time looking back on Darren and me and realized that you didn't just turn gay, and I never would have been able to turn you straight. I should have never treated you the way I did son, and I hope you can forgive me."

"Oh God dad!" said Darren as he hugged his father. "Of course I forgive you!"

As Fred hugged his son he said, "You've made me the happiest man alive son. I'll never be anything but proud of you Darren, but you and Doug have to promise me that you'll be careful out there."

"Of course we will dad." said Darren. "I love you dad."

"I love you too son." said Fred. "Now I better leave you, so you can get settled back in here."

As Fred left the room he turned and smiled at Darren, who smiled back at his dad. Now Darren wanted to take a nice long, hot bath, and change out of the Russian clothes he had been wearing for several days. After Darren had soaked in the tub for almost an hour, he dried himself off and wrapped the towel around himself. When Darren went back into his room, he found Doug sitting on his bed. Darren dropped the towel, turned around and locked the door, then launched himself at Doug.

"Oh God, I love you so much babe!" said Darren as he ran his hands all over Doug. Then he kissed Doug as hard as he could. Finally Darren came back up for air.

"Damn dude!" exclaimed Doug. "I'm gonna have to come over and sit on your bed more often!"

Both boys giggled as Darren replied, "Oh, be quiet and make love to me babe."

"You got it my angel." said Doug enthusiastically. "How do you want to do it?"

"I want to lay here on my back and look at your beautiful face while you're inside me!" replied Darren.

"Good!" exclaimed Doug. "My favorite position, and I still have the lube from the plane!"

Doug quickly stripped, then kneeled between Darren's legs. He lubed his cock quickly, then gently lubed Darren's pucker. Finally, Doug gently eased his cock all the way into Darren. Once he was ready, Doug began using long, slow strokes while going in and out of Darren.

"Oh my angel!" moaned Doug. "This feels so good that I want it to last forever!"

"Don't you think that I might get a little sore by the time forever rolls around babe?" asked Darren.

"Not as gently as I'm going to make love to you dude." replied Doug. "I'm going to put my cock into you so gently that you'll never get sore!"

"That would be a dream come true dude." moaned Darren. "I love how your cock feels inside me."

"I love it too my angel." said Doug, as he slowly went in and out of Darren. "We really were meant to be lovers."

Then Doug leaned down and placed his lips over Darren's. The boys took turns massaging the inside of each other's mouths as Doug continued to give Darren the gentlest and best feeling love making that he had ever had. Eventually Darren's cock began poking into Doug, demanding attention.

Doug looked down at Darren's beautiful cock and smiled as he said, "I would stroke it for you as I make love to you dude, but after I shoot my cum into you I'm going to want you in my mouth so I can taste your warm, sweet cum."

When Doug said that, Darren pulled Doug back down onto himself and began humping Doug's cock hard with his ass.

"No, no angel." said Doug. "I want to fuck you very slowly and gently. I want my cock to go all the way in to the base, and come all the way out to the head. I want you to love feeling the entire length of me going in and out of you. I want to slowly caress the inside of you with my hard, throbbing cock."

Darren knew that Doug was trying to talk his way to an orgasm right now, so he decided to play along.

"I want to feel your beautiful cock go into me as far as it will go." moaned Darren. "I want to feel it slide gently through my body as it empties me, then fills me to overflowing. I want to feel your hot cock throbbing inside of me."

"I want to cum inside you my sweet angel." gasped Doug. "I want to shoot my cum into you so it can be a part of you forever. I want my body to become a part of your body."

Doug was now breathing in gasps as Darren said, "I want to feel your cum flowing into me my precious babe. I want to feel it gently flow throughout me as it becomes a part of me. I want you to be a part of me forever. Oh god dude! I can feel your cum shooting into me now! It's the most perfect feeling in the world, having your cock deep inside me and feeling your cum shoot into me. Please cum in me forever Doug."

As Doug's orgasm subsided he looked down at Darren and said, "I love it when you talk dirty to me!"

That made both boys giggle, until Doug pulled his cock out of Darren then put his mouth around Darren's cock. Darren was already pretty close after the hot scene with Doug inside him. Doug only massaged Darren's shaft with his tongue for a few moments until Darren began to cum in Doug's mouth. Doug sucked hard on Darren's shooting cock, trying to suck all of the cum he could from it. When Darren had been emptied of his cum as well, Doug moved up and put his arms around his boyfriend.

"Not that I mind seeing you Doug," said Darren as he rested in Doug's arms, "but what are you doing over here so soon after getting home anyway?"

"I just had to see my little angel." said Doug. "Besides, dad and me got into it again after we got home. I had to get out before we started throwing punches again. By the way, Donnie said he was going to try to get away and stop by too. He's such a cute little dude. There's no way I'm ever going to let dad lay a finger on him."

"I don't blame you there dude." said Darren. "I'd watch out for him too."

Suddenly Doug and Darren heard a knock at Darren's door. They scrambled to dress themselves, then Darren went to unlock the door.

"Hi guys." said Donnie as he entered the room. "You guys are so cool to look out for me. I love both of you."

"Were you listening at Darren's door?" asked Doug.

"Maybe a little bit." replied Donnie.

"How much did you hear?" asked Darren.

"When Doug was fucking you, just before you started talking dirty to each other." giggled Donnie.

"I think we're going to have to have a little talk with your brother, Doug." said Darren.

"Geez!" exclaimed Doug. "I guess so!" Then Doug motioned for Donnie to sit with him and Darren.

"I just want to say that we're not mad at you Donnie, okay?" said Darren.

"Okay little bro, if you have any questions just stop us and ask." said Doug. "I know that you're at the age when you're really curious, but when two people make love like Darren and me, it's a really private thing. When I was, as you put it "fucking Darren", that was something that is very special between us, and it isn't meant for just anyone to see."

"What about with Gregori?" giggled Darren.

"Okay Darren," said Doug, "you're not helping any. Besides, that was different."

"I'm sorry babe." said Darren as he smiled wickedly.

"If you let someone else watch you, then why can't you let me watch?" asked Donnie.

"If we invited you to watch, that would be a different story." said Doug. "I'm just afraid that it would seem too weird to have my little brother watching me making love to Darren, even though you are gay too."

"How am I suppose to learn stuff then?" asked Donnie.

"Just ask me or Darren if there's anything you want to know." said Doug. "We'll answer any question you have, and make sure you understand what we told you. Who knows, we may even give you a demonstration if you don't understand something, but you shouldn't be watching or listening to us without us knowing about it."

"What's it like to have another boy's dick in your mouth?" asked Donnie.

"You don't believe in asking easy questions, do you little bro?" asked Doug.

"I'll take over for you babe, okay?" asked Darren.

"Go for it angel." replied Doug.

"What's the most you've done with other boys, Donnie?" asked Darren.

"Me and another boy touched each other's dicks until they got stiff." replied Donnie. "Then we jacked off in front of each other. That's about all I've ever done."

"Is there another boy that you like a lot, and want to do stuff with?" asked Darren.

"Yeah." said Donnie bashfully. "It's the boy that let me touch his dick. His name is Chris, but I don't know if he would want to do some of the stuff that I want to do."

"Okay." chuckled Darren. "If you like him a whole lot, like I like Doug, and he lets you have his dick in your mouth, it will be the most awesome feeling you have ever felt."

"I don't know if that will happen." said Donnie. "When we were jacking off he kinda got some of his stuff on my leg, and it almost freaked him out. I wiped it off and told him it wasn't a big deal or anything."

"You should have wiped it onto your finger and put it in your mouth." laughed Darren. "That would have really freaked him out."

"You mean you and Doug have eaten each other's stuff???" asked a shocked Donnie.

"Heck yeah!" replied Darren. "If you really like the other guy, it kinda tastes good. And a guy's stuff is called cum."

"Wow!" exclaimed Donnie. "That's cool!"

"I would suggest that you try to find out how Chris feels about you though Donnie." said Doug. "You don't want to try to do something with him, then find out that he won't do it."

"How do I do that though?" asked Donnie.

"First, see if he wants you guys to keep touching each other's dicks." said Doug. "If he does, and he seems to like doing it, try jacking him off a little. If he likes that too, then try jacking him off until he cums."

"Then after you've made him cum a few times, you can try getting some of it on your hand and licking it off." said Darren. "If you get that far though, try to get use to the taste while you're at it. If that doesn't freak him out, then ask him if you can suck his dick."

"I'm gonna have to start spending a lot of time with Chris, huh?" asked Donnie.

"If you like him a lot, you should enjoy spending that much time with him." chuckled Doug.

"If I get that far with him, how do I suck his dick?" asked Donnie.

Doug again became embarrassed, so Darren answered, "That's a really tough one to explain little dude. You up for one of those demonstrations babe?"

"Um, I guess, I suppose it wouldn't hurt." stammered Doug.

"Oh, cool as shit!" exclaimed Donnie. "I get to watch!"

"Don't get too worked up little dude," chuckled Darren, "this is just a demonstration."

Darren then pulled Doug's pants back down, and exposed Doug's already hardening cock. Donnie watched on eagerly, as Darren got ready to suck his brother.

"First," said Darren, "you take the dick, or in this case cock, into your mouth gently. The first thing a guy likes is when you rub your tongue over it, especially the head."

Darren then began to show Donnie what he was talking about. Donnie was fascinated as he watched Doug's cock disappear into Darren's mouth. Darren ran his tongue over the head of Doug's cock for a few moments, then pulled off.

"Then you begin sliding the shaft of the dick, or cock, in and out of your mouth while caressing it with your lips." said Darren. "Like this."

Darren took Doug's fully erect cock back into his mouth, then began sliding his lips gently up and down on it. At this point a bomb could have exploded next to Donnie, and he wouldn't have noticed. After a few moments though, Donnie looked up at Doug. Doug looked as though he were on another planet as Darren sucked his cock.

"Damn!" exclaimed Donnie. "My brother really likes it when you do that Darren!"

Darren pulled off again to look at Doug, who didn't even notice that Darren had stopped momentarily.

"I think your brother needs to cum again Donnie." said Darren. "Do you want to see his cum shoot out, or watch me suck it into my mouth?"

"It would be so cool to see it shooting out of his cock!" said Donnie eagerly.

Darren then continued to suck Doug's cock, until Doug started getting close. Donnie now looked like a little boy in a candy shop as he watched his big brother getting ready to cum. When Doug began to twitch Darren quickly pulled off, then took Doug's cock into his hand and began stroking it. Donnie watched as cum began shooting from Doug's cock and landing on his stomach. Darren pumped the erupting cock until Doug's orgasm began to subside. The last few spurts ran down over Darren's hand.

"Now for the good part." said Darren.

Darren licked the cum from his hand, then began licking the cum from Doug's stomach. Donnie was amazed as he watched Darren cleaning his brother off.

"What does it taste like?" asked Donnie.

"Well," replied Darren, as he licked the last of Doug's cum from his lips, "I love Doug very much, so it tastes just like candy to me."

"Wow!" exclaimed Donnie. "I can't wait to do that to Chris now!"

"Just don't rush things, okay?" said Darren.

"Don't worry, I won't!" replied Donnie excitedly. "It may take a whole week before I ask him if I can suck his dick!"

Doug was just coming around and pulling his pants back up when Donnie said that. It caused him and Darren both to laugh.

"Just don't ask him before he is ready, okay little bro?" said Doug.

"Okay." replied Donnie. "Thanks for showing me that, you guys are the greatest. I really love both of you."

Doug and Darren hugged Donnie between them as Doug said, "We love too little dude. Just be careful."

All three boys hung out for a while longer just talking, until Doug announced that it was close to supper time and he should take Donnie on home. Before leaving Darren's room though, Doug and Darren shared a passionate good bye kiss.

"Can I get a good bye kiss too, uncle Darren?" asked Donnie.

"Only on your forehead, little dude." chuckled Darren. Darren then leaned down slightly and gave Donnie a kiss on the forehead, as promised.

"I love you uncle Darren." said Donnie.

Darren smiled as he replied, "I love you too little dude. Take care of my boyfriend for me, okay?"

Donnie smiled from ear to ear and chirped, "Sure!"

Darren walked Doug and Donnie to the door and said good bye. Then he leaned against the door as he watched the two boys start walking home, and thought to himself, "This just might work out okay."

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