No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 15

The next day was a very lovely April day in mid Michigan, but it was one that Doug and Darren were very nervous about. Today they would be getting haircuts and registering for school. Darren had convinced his parents to let him keep his beautiful long blonde hair pretty much intact, after much arguing with his mother. Fred did help Darren with the argument because he wanted his son to be happy, and Darren agreed to get the ends trimmed and the edges cleaned up. Doug was not as fortunate with his parents. Arnold felt the boy looked too shaggy, and he wasn't about to have his son looking like that. Doug ended up getting a very thorough haircut, to what Arnold considered a respectable length. Doug did however have the stylist sneak and spike his hair, which his father was not happy about. Doug refused to back down though, and eventually his father did.

Next it was off to Lansing Central High. The two sets of fathers and sons arrived there about the same time. Arnold remained in the car because his son should be able to handle his business on his own. Fred however accompanied Darren into the school. When Doug was out of his father's sight, he caught up to Fred and Darren.

"Hi angel." said Doug.

"Hello Doug." replied Fred. "I don't think it's appropriate for you to call me angel though."

That was enough to double Darren over with laughter, followed by a hearty chuckle from Fred. "I'm sorry Doug," said Fred, "I just couldn't help myself."

When Darren had finished laughing he said, "Hi babe, I'm so glad to see you. I see your father had a lot of influence on your haircut."

"Yeah," replied Doug, "Hitler didn't want his son looking like some kind of freak. I got the stylist to spike it really good though, and it pissed the old man right off!"

"Doug," said Fred, "I know your father can be a bit over-bearing at times....."

"That's kind of like calling a hurricane a slight breeze sir." interrupted Doug.

"Yes," chuckled Fred, "I guess it would be. It's just a shame that you two don't seem to have a proper father/son relationship."

"I'm sorry sir," replied Doug, "but the only way to have any kind of relationship with him is to do everything he says without question. You wouldn't like to switch places and live with him, would you?"

"No," chuckled Fred, "that's quite alright son. I wouldn't want to put myself through that either."

"So Darren my angel," said Doug, "I'm glad that your dad let you keep the hair. I love running my fingers through it. Your beautiful hair really turns me on!"

Darren blushed while Fred said, "Okay Doug, that's really too much information for me!"

Doug smile a wicked smile at Fred and Darren, which made Fred smile as well. Darren finally got over his embarrassment and smiled as well.

"If the hallway is quiet when we get in the school, do you mind if I kiss your son sir?" asked Doug.

Fred smiled as he replied, "I don't see any harm in that as long as no one is around. You two be careful around here though, and make it quick."

The three guys entered the school about halfway through a period, so the hallway was empty. Doug leaned over and gave Darren a quick kiss on the lips, with Fred looking on.

As soon as their lips parted Doug and Darren both said, "I needed that!"

"You boys!" laughed Fred. "I'm going to do everything I can to keep the two of you together. Just take good care of my son, okay Doug?"

"Yes sir!" replied Doug, with a smile on his face.

Then everyone went on to the school office. Fred had a talk with the principal first, because he didn't want the boys to be held back for something that wasn't their fault. He finally talked the principal into letting them go on to the next grade the following year, as long as they could pass an entrance exam for that grade at the end of the school year. The principal agreed that Doug and Darren shouldn't be punished for something that wasn't their fault. Doug and Darren agreed that they would contact their lawyer to hire a tutor if it came down to that, then the boys signed up for classes. The final semester was already under way, so the boys had a lot of catching up to do in a short period of time. Doug wanted to take as many classes with Darren as he could, because he just knew that there would be some kind of trouble if he didn't. Finally the boys were registered, and would return to school the following day.

As they left the school Doug said, "I'll try to escape and come over later, but if I don't, I'll see you tomorrow my angel."

"Please try hard to escape babe." replied Darren.

After that, Doug was immediately whisked away by his dad. Darren and Fred both shook their heads, then headed home.

A little while later, it was lunch period at Capitol Middle School. Donnie had caught up to Chris, and the two boys went someplace where they could be alone.

"So Donnie, why did you want to get me someplace with no one else around?" asked Chris.

"I was thinking about when we touched each other's dicks, and made them get hard." replied Donnie. "I thought it was really fun, how about you?"

A smile came across Chris's face as he replied, "Yeah, it was kinda fun having you touch my dick."

"Cool!" exclaimed Donnie. "I know something that is even more fun!"

"Yeah dude, what's that?" asked Chris.

"Pull down your pants and I'll show you!" said Donnie enthusiastically.

As Chris pulled his pants halfway down, Donnie did the same thing. Then Donnie took Chris's dick into his hand.

"Take my dick in your hand and do the same thing I do." said Donnie.

When Chris had taken ahold of Donnie's dick, Donnie began to stroke the entire length of Chris's dick. Chris immediately got a look of pleasure on his face, and began to stroke Donnie's dick too. The two boys quickly became engrossed in stroking each other's dicks.

"Damn dude!" moaned Chris. "You're right! It feels so good to have you rub my dick like that."

"Your hand feels good rubbing my dick too dude." said Donnie breathlessly. "It also feels good to rub your dick and make it feel good."

"You like making my dick feel good dude?" asked Chris.

"Hell yeah dude!" replied Donnie. "Your my best friend, and I'm happy that I can make your dick feel good."

"That's a relief." sighed Chris. "I kinda like rubbing your dick too, and I was afraid that I was the only one who felt that way."

"This is so cool dude!" exclaimed Donnie, as the two boys continued to stroke each other. "You're my best friend, and I want to make you feel just as good as you're making me feel. I'm gonna make you feel really good when I make you cum dude!"

"What's cum?" asked Chris.

"That what they call the stuff that shoots out of your dick after you rub it long enough." replied Donnie.

"Cool!" replied Chris. "Will you make me cum today dude? I'll make you cum too!"

"I'd love to!" replied Donnie.

The two boys stroked each other's dicks as they began feeling a pleasure that they never knew existed. Donnie stared intently at Chris's dick, as he stroked it in his hand. It looked so beautiful to Donnie and he wanted nothing more than to suck on it, but he didn't want to go too fast and scare Chris.

As Donnie felt his balls begin to tighten up he heard Chris gasp, "Dude, ...I think I'm ...getting ready cum."

"Me too dude!" moaned Donnie.

Donnie continued to stare at Chris's dick as cum began to shoot from the tip of it. Even though he was now shooting his own cum, Donnie couldn't take his eyes from Chris's dick. It made Donnie cum even harder when he though about what Chris's cum might taste like. Donnie finally looked into Chris's face, and it looked as though Chris were a million miles away. Then Chris's eyes focused on Donnie.

"That was so freaking incredible dude!" said Chris breathlessly. "We need to do this whenever we get the chance!"

"Yeah, it was great!" said Donnie dreamily. "What if someone catches us though and thinks that we're gay?"

That made Chris think. As a matter of fact, it made Chris think so much that Donnie began to get scared. Then a smile slowly began to return to Chris's face.

"We'll just have to make sure that we don't get caught when we do it again." replied Chris. "I mean, I really hope I'm not gay and all but I really liked what we did dude!"

This made Donnie smile, and sigh a sigh of relief.

"Oh dude!" exclaimed Chris. "I'm so sorry dude! You got my cum all over your hand."

Donnie looked at his cum covered hand and thought, "I might as well find out now." Then Donnie licked all of Chris's cum from his hand, while concentrating on how it tasted. "I'll be damned!" thought Donnie. "Darren was right!"

"Dude!" exclaimed Chris. "Why did you lick my cum off your hand? Doesn't it taste gross?"

"Actually, it kinda tasted pretty cool." replied Donnie.

"Well, you won't catch me doing that anytime soon dude." said Chris. "Seeing as how you like it though, would you like to clean off the end of my dick too?"

"Sure!" replied Donnie, as he smiled from ear to ear.

Donnie knelt down and gently took the end of Chris's dick into his mouth. Chris moaned as Donnie cleaned the cum from the end of his dick. It took Donnie about a minute to suck the cum from Chris's dick, because he wanted to make sure he did a thorough job. When Donnie was done, he stood back up and licked his lips.

"Are you gay dude?" asked Chris.

Donnie found himself beginning to panic, as he didn't know if he should be honest or not. Donnie realized that this was why Doug and Darren told him not to rush things with Chris, but it was too late now. Donnie swallowed really hard as he decided that Chris needed to know the truth, even if it did hurt.

"Yeah dude," replied Donnie sadly, "I think that I am gay. Please don't hate me Chris."

"Are you like, in love with me or something Donnie?" asked Chris.

Donnie looked into his best friend's face, but could not read Chris's expression. Then Donnie replied, "I think I am Chris. Actually, I'm pretty sure I am."

"Well duh!" exclaimed Chris as he laughed. "I can ask some pretty dumb questions, can't I? I guess you would have to be in love with me to like swallowing my cum, wouldn't you? Please pay no attention to the stupid boy behind the curtain, I am the great and powerful Oz!" Then Chris almost fell over laughing.

"You mean you're not mad at me dude?" asked Donnie in relief. "You're okay with me being gay?"

"Heck no, I'm not mad at you dude!" replied Chris, as he recovered from his laughter. "I don't know that I understand how another boy can fall in love with me, but you're my best friend. As far as you being gay, I'm glad that one of us is because I liked what we did today. Who knows, maybe we can think of other things to do. You being gay kinda opens up a few more possibilities dude."

Donnie looked like a little boy on Christmas morning, as he hugged his friend and said, "Thanks Chris. I was so afraid that you would hate me. I'm happy that you're okay with me being gay. Now I know how I fell in love with you dude."

"Yeah, whatever dude." replied Chris as he quickly returned Donnie's hug, then broke away. "Just don't get too mushy on me dude. It's just fun as far as I'm concerned. Now, let's get back before someone starts getting ideas about us. By the way, it looked kinda cool to see my dick in your mouth dude."

With that, Chris pulled up his pants and took off, with Donnie right behind him. The two boys laughed and joked around together for the rest of the day, as though nothing unusual had ever happened.

Later that afternoon Darren was sitting in his room, waiting to see if Doug would be able to get away. When Doug finally showed up, his black eye had returned. This time though, it was a little bit darker.

"Oh my God babe!" exclaimed Darren. "What happened this time?"

"Major Asshole and me got into it again." replied Doug. "He really didn't like my idea about getting my hair spiked."

"You mean he hit you just because you got your hair spiked?" asked Darren. "Which, by the way, I think looks sexy as hell!"

Doug smiled at Darren and replied, "Thanks angel. Nah, he didn't hit me because I got my hair spiked. He hit me because he's a complete dickhead. I got him before I ran out though. I kicked him square in the nuts!"

"Isn't he gonna be kinda pissed when you go back home babe?" asked Darren.

"Maybe," replied Doug, "but what can I do? I'll just knock his ass out if I have to."

"I hate all of this violence though Doug." said Darren. "I'm a lover, not a fighter. Really though, someone's going to end up getting seriously hurt if this keeps going on. Besides, even if you do get him to lay off you, he may start up on someone less able to defend themselves. Maybe my dad should take a look at that eye babe."

"If he lays one finger on Donnie I'll kill him, I swear I will." replied Doug. "I love my little brother more than anyone else in my family, and I'd sacrifice anything to protect him." Then Doug rested his head in his hands and almost cried as he said, "Maybe your dad should take a look at the eye dude. You're so lucky to have a dad like him."

Darren put his arm gently around Doug, as he yelled out for his dad to come upstairs. Fred came into the room and saw Doug sitting on Darren's bed with his head still resting in his hands. Darren still had his arm wrapped around Doug as Fred sat down next to Doug.

"What's wrong boys?" asked Fred.

Doug lifted his head and said, "My eye kinda hurts a little sir. Darren thought you should look at it."

"Let me see what's wrong then son." said Fred. When Doug turned toward him, Fred immediately yelled out, "Oh hell no!!! I know he's your dad Doug, but there's no fucking way I'm going to let this continue. If that bastard doesn't know better than to strike a kid, he'll sure as hell learn better!"

"Please sir." cried Doug. "I don't care what he does to me, just don't let him start doing this to Donnie too."

Fred hugged Doug tightly and said, "That'll never happen if I have anything to do with it son. I'll take you both into my home and get a restraining order against him if I have to."

"I wish you were mine and Donnie's dad sir." sobbed Doug into Fred's shoulder.

"We'll have to wait and see where this goes son." said Fred. "Darren, take care of Doug for a few minutes while I make a phone call."

"You heard the man," said Darren, "I have to take care of you."

Darren placed his lips against Doug's, and Doug began kissing Darren as if his life depended on it. Fred chuckled lightly as a smile began returning to his face.

"You boys!" said Fred light-heartedly, as he got up to leave the room.

Fred went downstairs and immediately called the police. When he hung up the phone, Louise walked up to him.

"Do you really think you should get involved in another family's business dear?" asked Louise.

"Don't start with me right now honey." pleaded Fred. "We have a boy upstairs who was assaulted by someone who has no right to call himself the boy's father. What's even worse is that Doug has another brother who is two years younger. You don't need to be a psychic to figure out where this is going to go dear. If anything were to happen to either of those boys and I didn't try to do something about it, I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

Louise backed off without another word, and Fred waited for the police to show up. When a pair of officers finally came to the door, Fred led the male and female officer upstairs.

Fred knocked on the door and said, "Boys, I have someone here I want to bring in with me."

Doug and Darren were just finishing putting their clothes back on after a quick '69' when Fred knocked. They quickly straightened themselves out before Darren told his dad to come in. When Doug saw the two officers follow Fred in, he became a little scared.

"Doug," said Fred, "I know you may not want to do things this way, but we do have your younger brother to consider as well."

"That's right." said the female officer, as she stepped forward. "My name is Debbie. Hello Doug." Debbie held her hand out to shake with Doug.

"Hello ma'am." replied Doug as he shook Debbie's hand.

"When I was a girl about your age I had a friend, who happened to be the boy who lived next door to me." said Debbie. "He had a younger brother too, and their father abused his children. It started off with my friend, but eventually he got too big for his father to handle. The man then turned to beating my friend's brother. One day he beat the boy so bad, the boy ended up dying from his injuries. My friend's father is still in prison to this day, but that doesn't help the boy he killed. I became a cop so I could help people like my friend's brother. Let us help you and your brother, Doug."

Doug broke down and began telling the officers what had been happening in his family. Darren held onto Doug's hand as Doug told the officers how violent his father had become. Doug cried again as he told them that he was afraid his father would eventually begin beating Donnie too. Debbie assured Doug that they would not allow that to happen.

Jenni came home from school while the police were upstairs talking to Doug, so she decided to stay downstairs until they were gone. A few moments after Jenni sat down in the living room, she heard the doorbell ring. Jenni opened the door to find Donnie standing there with a black eye.

"My God Donnie!" exclaimed Jenni. "What happened to you little dude?"

Donnie sniffled a few times and replied, "I came home after school and dad was working on getting drunk. I guess he was in a really bad mood or something, because he hit me for no reason. I ran here as fast as I could because I knew Doug would be here, but why are the police here? Why did dad hit me? I would think he would be happy now that our family is together again." Then Donnie began crying again.

Jenni held Donnie against her in both arms and said, "You're okay now little dude. Everything will be okay Donnie. Let's go find everyone." Jenni took Donnie upstairs with her, and quickly figured that everyone was in her brother's room.

Fred heard a knock on the door and called out, "Who is it?"

"It's me dad." replied Jenni through the closed door.

"We're kind of busy in here Jenni." replied Fred. "Can this wait?"

"No it can't." said Jenni. "I need to bring someone in there with me."

Doug's heart sank because he knew that Jenni could only be talking about Donnie, and he didn't want his brother seeing him like this. Doug was not prepared for what he saw when Donnie walked into the room though.

"That filthy rotten mother-fucker!" yelled Doug. "He's fucking dead now! Let me out of here!"

"I'll be okay Doug." pleaded Donnie. "Really, I will. It's just a black eye, just like yours."

"You may be okay my dear, sweet little brother, but he won't be when I get my hands around his rotten throat!" exclaimed Doug.

It took Darren, Fred, and the male officer to hold Doug down, while Debbie called on her radio to have Arnold Atherton picked up and arrested for assaulting two minors. The guys held Doug down until Debbie received a call back thirty minutes later, saying that Arnold was on his way to jail after a brief scuffle with the officers who went to pick him up.

"I guess we're just about done here." said Debbie. "I'm going to send a child welfare officer by here in a little while to talk to the boys. It would be best if they stayed here until we know what will be happening with their father. Would that be possible Mr. Chambers?"

"Doug and Donnie are welcome here for as long as they want to be here." replied Fred. That definitely peaked Doug and Darren's interest.

"I want you to promise me something Doug." said Debbie. "Promise me that you will let the police handle this for you. Your father is in jail now, and he can't hurt you and your brother from there. Will you promise me that Doug?"

"Okay ma'am." replied a much calmer Doug. "As long as he can't hurt us anymore, I'm happy to let you take care of him."

"Thanks Doug." said Debbie. "I wish all of you the best of luck, and much happier times ahead."

Everyone finally left Darren's room except for Darren, Doug, and Donnie. Doug sat on one side of Donnie, while Darren sat on the other side. Then both boys gave Donnie a hug at the same time.

"I'm so sorry that you had to find out about dad's temper the hard way, little brother." said Doug.

"We did promise you that we would look out for you though," said Darren, "and that's exactly what we're going to do!"

"What are we going to do now though Doug?" asked Donnie.

Doug rubbed the top of Donnie's head and replied, "For now we get to stay with your really cool Uncle Darren."

"I like that idea!" chirped a much happier Donnie.

The three boys sat around and talked for a few minutes, until Fred knocked on the door. Then Fred peeked his head into the room.

"Doug," said Fred, "your brother Craig is at the front door, and I don't trust him from the way he's acting."

Doug and Darren jumped up from the bed to go to the front door, followed closely by Donnie. All three boys stood outside the front door, with Craig standing in the front lawn.

"Well, well!" exclaimed Craig. "I hope you're happy, you stupid fuckhead! You went and got dad arrested today. He should have kicked your ass so bad that you couldn't come over here! And now you're teaching Donnie how to be an idiot, just like you. Why are you dragging him over here to hang around with that little faggot friend of yours?"

"That's just about enough from you Craig!" yelled Doug. "If you don't get your ass outta here, I'll beat it into the ground. I'll whoop you just like the little bitch you are!"

"You just wait, dear little brother!" warned Craig. "When dad gets out of jail, he'll make sure you get what you deserve!" With that, Craig slinked off down the street.

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