No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 16

That night Doug was very excited about staying with Darren, even though Donnie would also be in the room with them on a small roll away bed.

"Okay little bro," said Doug, "it looks like we have no other choice here until Darren's parents get the spare room ready. You're probably going to get a little more of an education than I had planned on, but you need to do two things. Keep quiet, and don't get in the way of Darren and me. Okay little dude?"

Donnie's bright young eyes were wide with excitement as he replied, "Okay big bro, I won't get in the way of you and Uncle Darren."

"I could get so use to your sweet little brother calling me Uncle Darren." said Darren as he smiled.

"How do you feel about this then, my angel?" asked Doug.

Then Doug leaned down and put his lips against Darren's. Donnie watched in awe as Doug and Darren shared a deep, loving kiss. Both boys moaned as they took turns sucking on each other's tongues. At this point they were no longer aware of anyone in the room with them. Donnie was now on the edge of his bed as he watched Doug and Darren in the heat of passion. As Doug and Darren continued their kiss, they stripped each other's remaining clothes off.

Darren then began nibbling at Doug's ear as he whispered breathlessly, "I need you inside me babe."

Doug spread Darren's legs apart as he reached to the nightstand for the lube. Doug knelt between Darren's legs as he prepared his cock to go inside his lover.

Doug placed the head of his cock at Darren's pucker as he moaned, "I love you my angel."

Then Doug gently pushed his cock into Darren, and began to slowly slide himself in and out. Donnie no longer had a very good view of what was happening, so he quietly got up and stood beside Doug and Darren's bed. Donnie could then clearly see Doug's cock going into Darren's butt. Donnie watched wide eyed, and with his mouth gaping open, as he saw Doug's cock sliding in and out of Darren. With what he was seeing, Donnie's dick had become painfully erect. He began absently playing with it as he watched Doug and Darren's love making.

"How does it feel to have Doug inside you like that?" asked Donnie curiously.

"It feels like heaven to have his cock massaging my insides." replied Darren dreamily. "Once you get use to doing this with your boyfriend, you'll love it!"

Donnie then continued to watch quietly, as Doug's cock began picking up a little speed. Donnie could see a look of pure bliss spread across Darren's face, as Doug took on the look of someone who was consumed with passion. Without even thinking about it, Donnie began stroking his dick as he watched Doug's cock disappear inside Darren and then reappear again. Donnie was amazed at how stiff Darren had become without anyone touching his cock yet. Doug was now panting heavily as his thrusts picked up more force.

"Cum inside me babe." moaned Darren. "I need to feel your cum shooting into me."

Donnie watched in anticipation and continued to stroke his dick, as he waited for Doug to cum inside Darren. When Doug began to cum, the intensity on his face shocked Donnie. Donnie began breathing heavily as he watched Doug empty his cum into Darren. Darren's cock began twitching wildly as he felt Doug's cum shooting into him, but Darren held his orgasm back so that Doug could take it from him. As soon as Doug's orgasm ended, he hungrily took Darren's cock into his mouth.

Doug began sucking Darren with passion, as Darren stroked the back of his head with one hand. Then Darren reached out with his other hand and pushed Donnie's hand away from his own dick. As Doug sucked Darren's cock, Darren stroked Donnie's dick with force. This was almost too much for Donnie, as he felt his heart trying to beat out of his chest. When Donnie's dick began throbbing madly, Darren took Donnie's hand and placed it back on his own dick. As Darren placed both of his hands on the back of Doug's head, Donnie began stroking his dick harder than he ever had before. When Darren felt his orgasm beginning to rise, Donnie began whimpering like a puppy. Darren began shooting his cum into Doug's mouth as Donnie was wracked by the most intense orgasm of his life. Donnie was paying no attention to where his cum was shooting as it splattered against the side of Doug's face and Darren's hip, but Doug continued to intently drain Darren of his orgasm. When Donnie's orgasm was over he slumped against the side of Doug and Darren's bed, completely exhausted and breathing very heavily.

When Doug was done tasting the remains of Darren's cum, he got up from bed and picked his brother up. Doug carried Donnie back to his own bed, and laid the boy down.

"You got your cum on the side of my face little bro." said Doug. "Could you please get it off?"

Donnie obediently stuck out his tongue and licked his own cum from the side of his brother's face. Doug then smiled at Donnie and bent down, giving his brother a light kiss on the tip of his nose.

"I love you little bro." said Doug. "Sleep tight."

Doug then returned to Darren's waiting arms. First though he took a t-shirt and wiped his brother's cum from Darren's hip. Then Doug and Darren embraced each other tightly in their arms, and drifted of to a peaceful slumber as they listened to Donnie's gentle snoring.

The next morning Doug and Darren woke up and got ready to return to school for the first time since the last school year. When the boys got to Lansing Central High, they nervously walked through the doors. The first person they met was the football coach, who immediately took Doug aside while Darren continued on to his first class.

"It's great to see you back and looking fit Atherton." said coach Dunbar.

"Thanks sir." replied Doug. "I'm a little nervous about being back after such a long time, but I'm sure things will get back to normal soon."

"That's the spirit Atherton." said coach Dunbar. "We sure missed you last season. Eric Pearson is a nice kid, but he could never throw the football like you could. I hope you'll be ready to go by next school year."

"I'll try my best sir." replied Doug.

"Great!" exclaimed coach Dunbar. "Now get on to class before you're too late, and it's great to see you again Atherton."

Doug ran to his first class, and made it just as the final bell was ringing. When Darren had entered the classroom, he got no response from the class. However when Doug entered the classroom, the entire class broke into applause. This even included the teacher. Darren had sat down where there were several empty desks, so Doug went back to join Darren. Eric Pearson, who was Doug's backup quarterback, and Marcus Blake, who was the defensive line captain, saw Doug go to sit with Darren.

"Hey Doug, why don't you sit over here with us?" asked Marcus. "We'll make one of these pinheads move their butt for you."

"That's okay." replied Doug. "I want to sit with my friend Darren."

This got a bright smile from Darren, and a few quizzical looks from Eric and Marcus. Little did Darren and Doug know that Craig, who was a senior, had already had a talk with some of Doug's old football friends that morning. Craig told them that Doug and Darren were getting a little too close, and asked them to try to break the boys up. Now Eric and Marcus had the confirmation they were looking for. Everything went okay that day until lunch period. As Doug and Darren made their way through the cafeteria to find a seat, they passed by the table containing almost the entire football team. Absent from the group was the place kicker and the second running back.

Marcus stood up to block Doug's path and said, "Hey Doug, sit with us. We want to talk because it's been so long since we've seen you."

"I'll sit if you make my friend Darren welcome at the table." replied Doug.

"That's kinda what we wanted to talk to you about Doug." said Marcus.

"Yeah!" added Troy Stone, the main running back. "Everyone knows your little friend has a reputation!"

"If Darren's not welcome here, then I'm not welcome here!" exclaimed Doug. "Now, move out of our way Marcus."

"Aw, come on Doug." pleaded Marcus. "I promise we'll keep Troy quiet for now. Why don't you sit for a moment and tell your little friend that you'll see him later?"

"Come on Darren," said Doug as he pointed in the opposite direction of the team, "let's go over that way and sit."

"What's the matter Doug?" asked Marcus, as he raised his voice. "Does the little faggot give such good head that you forgot how to be a part of a team? You do know that you'll get a reputation too if you keep hanging out with him, and it's not one that will fit on our team!"

"Fine!" yelled Doug. "You want to spend another season looking like a bunch of little girls, be my guest! You don't think I already heard how much you guys stunk last season? I'd probably be better off going to play for Crosstown High anyway!" Then Doug lowered and softened his voice and said, "Let's go Darren."

Marcus grabbed Doug by the shoulder and yelled, "This ain't over Dougie!"

When Marcus spun Doug around, Doug led with his fist. Marcus stumbled backward over the table, and began swearing loudly at Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren quickly made their way away from the table, and out of their sight.

"Crap Doug!" exclaimed Darren in a frightened voice. "We're fucked, aren't we?"

Doug just smiled at Darren and said, "Don't you worry Darren, I won't let anything happen to us."

This did calm Darren down, and the boys finished their lunch peacefully. However, the rest of the school day was rather tense. Whenever Doug and Darren spotted anyone from the football team, the football players would begin whispering to each other. Then during the last period, the teacher of that class received a note that coach Dunbar wanted to speak with Doug.

Before Doug got up he said to Darren, "Don't move from this spot until I get back. Okay dude?"

"Okay Doug," said Darren, "but please hurry!"

Then Doug went to the coach's office. Doug knew that this was probably about the scene in the cafeteria, and Doug was nervous. He knew that he would stand his ground though. He and Darren had been through so much together, and now Darren was the most important thing in the world to Doug. Doug hadn't told Darren this but if it came down to a choice between football and Darren, Doug was ready to choose Darren without a second thought or any regrets. Doug reached out and knocked on the coach's door.

"Come in!" came the gruff reply from coach Dunbar.

Doug stepped in and asked, "You wanted to see me sir?"

"Sit down Atherton." said coach Dunbar. When Doug was seated, the coach continued. "It was brought to my attention just before this last period that there was a disturbance in the cafeteria between a couple members of my football team, and I was looking for some kind of explanation. You do know that teammates work together and they certainly don't go around hitting each other, right?"

"I'm sorry sir." said Doug. "I shouldn't have hit Marcus, but he grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me around like he was about to do the same thing. I do know that teammates work together, but my personal life is just that. Mine. If Marcus and the rest of the gang don't like who I choose as friends, that's their problem sir."

"Is there anything else you need to tell me Douglas?" asked coach Dunbar in a less stern tone.

"Not really sir." replied Doug. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm just fine. I was almost killed in a plane crash, then left to survive with nothing except someone that I spent most of my life trying to torture. Things like that have a way of forcing you to realize what's really important."

"Okay then Doug, you can go." said coach Dunbar. "Please remember though that I can't let these types of problems destroy the team. If there's something you need to talk about, come see me. If there's a problem, maybe we can fix it. It may be as simple as someone thinking that you are something that you're not. Whatever the case, I don't want to hear about any more of these incidents."

Doug got up and left the coach's office. As he was walking away Doug muttered under his breath, "Yeah chump, and maybe they know something about me that they just don't like."

Doug then hurried to get back to the classroom. The final bell had just rang, and he didn't want Darren waiting too long because the teacher might ask him to leave. On the way there Doug passed by some of his teammates, who looked as though they were waiting for someone. "Oh no you don't!" thought Doug to himself, as he rushed past them. When they saw Doug, they turned and left with angry looks on their faces. Finally Doug got back to his last period classroom, and Darren was still there. The teacher had just about been ready to ask Darren to leave the classroom when Doug arrived. Both boys were relieved that Doug had made it back in time.

As they left the classroom Doug said, "Stay close to me angel, just in case those assholes from the team are still around. They were waiting in the hallway when I came back from the coach's office."

Doug and Darren cautiously made their way through the hallway, until they were finally out of the school. By the time they got outside, Darren was very frightened.

"What's going on Doug?" asked Darren frantically.

"I think someone from the team went to the coach just before the last period started." replied Doug. "They may have been trying to separate us at the end of the day, because a couple of them were hanging out in the hall near our last period class. I think they took off when they saw me return."

Doug and Darren began walking toward Darren's house as they talked. "We're going to have to do something Doug." said Darren in a little calmer voice.

"I know." said Doug. "I'm seriously considering quitting the team for good."

"You can't let them force you into doing something like that though Doug." replied Darren. "I know how much you love football, and you'd be miserable if you weren't playing this fall."

"I don't care how much I love football my angel." said Doug. "I love you so much more than some stupid game."

Darren smiled at Doug as he said, "I love how you always seem to say just the right thing babe. There has to be something we can do though. I think we should get my dad's advice when we get home."

"I'm sure he'll love to hear how I may be putting you in danger." said Doug in a serious tone.

"He knows exactly how much you mean to me Doug." said Darren. "I can't tell you how he knows, just take my word for it. He already thinks of you as a son in law though."

Doug finally smiled and said, "That's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. How was I so lucky to get a boyfriend like you, my angel?"

"Someone up there must like the both of us for a change." replied Darren.

The boys passed by a vacant storefront on the way home, so they decided to duck around behind it where they wouldn't be seen. Doug took Darren tightly into his arms and placed his lips on Darren's. Doug kissed Darren passionately but hard for several minutes.

When the boys separated Doug said, "I love you so much Darren. I promise I will never let anything happen to you, no matter what I have to do to prevent it. Except for us splitting up of course, that will never happen. I would die without you."

"A year ago I never thought I could ever love anyone as much as I love you Doug." said Darren. "We'll make it through all of this crap as long as we're together."

The two boys shared another brief kiss, then started off for Darren's house again. By the time they got to Darren's driveway, the two boys were holding hands. Fred pulled in from work as Doug and Darren were walking up to the front door.

"What did I tell you boys about being careful?" asked Fred in a concerned tone.

"We kinda figured it was too late for that." replied Darren.

"Oh oh!" exclaimed Fred. "First day of school?"

"Yep!" replied Doug and Darren in unison.

"Okay boys," said Fred, "let's go inside and talk."

Doug and Darren told Fred everything that happened that day, from the first talk with the coach until the last few frightening moments of the day. Then they asked Darren's dad for his advice. Fred was now genuinely concerned for the safety of both boys.

"Unfortunately I know something about these types of boys." said Fred. "I don't think quitting football is going to be the answer though Doug. They sound like the type that won't let this go, even if you do quit the team. We may have to transfer you boys to Crosstown High before the next school year begins, but we still have to make it through this one first. I don't want to get the kids on your team in trouble Doug because that will only make things worse, but I still need to have a talk with your principal. I need to make sure that he knows that he's responsible for your safety while you're on school property. In the meantime you boys need to avoid Doug's teammates as much as possible. Do both of you understand that?"

"Yes sir." replied both boys in unison again.

"And Doug," said Fred, "please watch out for yourself and my son. Both of you boys mean a great deal to me."

"I'll never let anything happen to my angel sir." replied Doug. "I owe Darren my life a couple times over, and no one is going to hurt him."

"Thanks son." said Fred. "I already think of you as a son in law, and I'm glad that Darren has a boy like you who loves him. Now you boys run along, I think Donnie was looking for both of you. He brought a friend home with him and wanted you guys to meet him."

Doug and Darren stopped in the kitchen for a snack. Darren's mom then ran them out, not wanting them to spoil their appetite for supper. So Darren and Doug headed upstairs to Darren's room. When they opened the door and quickly stepped in, the sight they saw made both of their jaws nearly hit the floor.

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