No one else

by tim

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My summer at the park has mercifully come to an end. I am now back in Michigan and settling in. Hopefully my writing will not slow down too much during this time. Some of my friends know of my last harrowing days at the park this year, and I will expand on this after I have received my bonus from them.

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 17

Doug and Darren couldn't believe their eyes because on their bed was a naked Donnie and another naked boy, who they assumed was Chris. Donnie was eagerly sucking Chris's dick, as Chris had what looked like a small dildo inserted in Donnie's butt. Donnie and Chris both looked up when they heard the door open, but Chris had a look of fear on his face.

"Oh shit dudes!" exclaimed Doug. "We're so sorry to interrupt you."

"Please don't stop, we'll wait outside for a while." said Darren.

Doug and Darren quickly backed out of the room and closed the door. About ten minutes later a fully dressed Donnie appeared at the door looking sad, and told Darren and Doug to come back in. They came back in to find Chris also dressed, and it looked like he had just stopped crying. Doug and Darren then knew what had happened.

"Hi guys." said Donnie glumly. "Doug and Darren, this is Chris. Chris, this is my brother Doug and his boyfriend Darren."

"I'm not gay!" exclaimed Chris immediately.

"Whoa little dude!" replied Doug. "No one ever said you were."

"What you guys saw when you came in here wasn't what it looked like." said Chris.

"You mean you weren't having fun?" asked Darren. "From what I know, having your dick sucked is fun whether you're gay or straight."

"Well, yeah it was fun." admitted Chris. "I was just curious though. Like I said, I'm not gay."

"You don't really have to be gay dude," said Doug, "there's nothing wrong with doing something that feels good though. You guys didn't have to stop because we saw you. We are gay, so we're certainly not going to say anything."

"Besides," said Darren, "Donnie really likes you and I know he just wants you to feel good. Ever since we've been back Donnie has been talking about what a great friend you are to him. You'd be crazy not to let him make you feel good."

"I do like Donnie a lot." admitted Chris. "It was feeling pretty good, but I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea."

"Trust us dude, no one is going to get the wrong idea." said Doug. "I can see how disappointed my little brother is about what happened though. He wants you to feel good no matter if you are straight, because you're kinda important to him. If you guys want us to, Darren and me will go back out so you guys can finish what you were doing before. No one will ever know about this except us four."

"Please Chris," begged Donnie, "I really want to finish making you feel good. Would you please let me do that for you?"

"Are you guys sure that this will just be between us?" asked Chris.

"We promise dude!" answered Darren.

"Okay then," said Chris, "I guess we can finish."

Donnie's eyes lit up as Doug and Darren left the room. Donnie eagerly took his clothes back off, as Chris began doing the same. Then Donnie held the six inch dildo out to Chris.

"I don't know if I can do that again this time dude." said Chris.

"I was so close to cumming too though." begged Donnie.

"I know," replied Chris, "but sticking a dildo up your butt does seem kinda strange dude. If I have to, I'd rather just jack you off."

Donnie's heart skipped a beat as he said, "Okay dude, that sounds fine. I want to finish making you cum first though."

Chris laid back on the bed, and Donnie hovered over his dick. Then Donnie lowered his face toward Chris's crotch. Chris let out a satisfied moan as Donnie took Chris's dick into his mouth. Donnie began massaging the shaft of Chris's dick with his lips as he stroked the head with his tongue.

"Dude," moaned Chris, "that feels so fucking incredible. I didn't think you could make me feel like this. Why don't you turn around a little bit so I can jack you off while you suck me?"

Donnie shifted his position without letting Chris's dick slip from his mouth. When Donnie had turned around enough, Chris wrapped his hand around Donnie's dick. As Donnie sucked Chris's dick, Chris stroked Donnie's dick. Both boys felt so good now that nothing mattered except for both of them cumming. After about ten minutes, both boys were writhing around on the bed.

Donnie stopped what he was doing just long enough to pant out, "Make sure you aim my dick away from you, I'm about ready to cum."

Donnie resumed sucking Chris's dick as Chris's balls began to draw up. Donnie knew what this meant, and he was looking forward to tasting Chris's cum. As Donnie got his wish and felt Chris's cum shooting into his mouth, his own dick began letting it's load shoot out. Chris did not heed Donnie's warning, and let some of Donnie's cum splash against him. While Donnie could not see him, Chris scooped some of Donnie's cum onto his finger and brought it to his face. Chris looked at the pearly liquid, then sniffed at it. Chris decided that it didn't look or smell bad, so he tentatively stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked on it. Chris was surprised that it also didn't taste bad either, but he wasn't about to share that information with anyone yet. Meanwhile Donnie was hungrily swallowing every drop of Chris's cum. Finally both boys orgasms were over, and they both laid back on the bed together.

After a few minutes Chris said, "That was so awesome dude! Thanks for making me feel so good."

"It was a pleasure for me, my good friend." replied Donnie.

After a few more minutes, both boys got redressed. Then Donnie went to the door and called out for Doug and Darren. Finally all four boys were in the room together again.

"Did you guys have fun?" asked Darren.

"Yeah!" answered Donnie enthusiastically.

"Sure." replied a slightly embarrassed Chris. "I guess so."

"Hey dude," said Doug, "there's no reason to be embarrassed if you guys had fun. It happens all the time." Doug and Darren chuckled lightly as Donnie giggled.

"Really though," said Darren, "at your age sex should just be fun. You shouldn't worry so much about how you do it, you have plenty of time to drive yourself crazy with that later."

"I guess you guys are right." said Chris as he recovered from his embarrassment. "It was fun, and Donnie is kinda cool. I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime I guess."

"Great dude!" exclaimed Donnie. "I'll make you feel good any time you want, all you have to do is say the word."

"Cool," replied Chris, "would you mind sucking me again tomorrow sometime?"

"Just find a time and place." answered Donnie. "I like having your dick in my mouth dude."

"Okay," said Chris as he smiled at Donnie, "I'll come up with something and we'll have some more fun. I better get home for dinner now dudes."

"Okay," said Doug as he offered Chris his hand, "we'll see you later then. I hope you'll think of Darren and me as your friend too."

"That's awesome!" exclaimed Chris. "You guys are about the coolest gay guys I've ever known."

"Thanks." replied Darren. "We'll see you later then, our friend." Darren then gave Chris a light, friendly hug before Chris left.

Once Chris was gone Donnie asked, "So, what did you guys think of Chris?"

"He sure is a sexy little guy!" chuckled Doug. "I hope you guys do hook up, he seems nice, although kinda confused though."

"Have you ever heard of gaydar?" asked Darren.

"Gaydar?" asked Donnie, with a quizzical look on his face. "What is gaydar?"

"It's a sense that some guys develop that tells them if another guy might be gay." replied Darren. "My gaydar goes right off the chart with Chris dude!"

"Really?" asked Donnie. "He's always pretty clear about not being gay though."

"I think he doth protest too much!" replied Darren. "He's probably not ready to accept it yet, but I'm pretty sure that you guys will eventually figure out that he is."

"Cool!" exclaimed Donnie.

"Just don't push him though, little bro." said Doug. "I know for a fact how hard it is to admit that you're actually gay, after you've spent years convincing yourself that you're straight. Now, let's get downstairs to dinner. By the way little bro, where in the world did you get that dildo?"

"One of my teachers is gay, and he trusts me so I can't say who it is." replied Donnie. "I asked him to get it for me, and he likes me so he did. You should see some of the stuff he gets me, I got some really cool magazines at our house." Donnie could see a look of concern on Doug's and Darren's faces so he added, "He's really cool though, he gets me all this stuff and he's never tried to come on to me. I think he has a really serious boyfriend cause he's always talking about some guy named Vince."

"Oh!" replied Doug, with a look of relief. "That's cool then, just be careful though because not all older guys are cool like that. A lot of them are, but there are some that might hurt you just to get their rocks off."

"I know my teacher's not like that though." said Donnie. "He's always asking me how things are going with the love of my life. He thinks the idea of me having a little boyfriend is kinda cute."

"That's cool." relied Doug. "Now let's get to dinner!"

The boys went downstairs just as Fred was about to call them down for dinner. Fred wanted to talk to Doug and Donnie before dinner though.

"Okay boys," said Fred, "I talked to the child welfare officer in your case today. Your mother is so afraid of your dad that she refuses to file a restraining order against him. The child welfare officer has insisted on that before she'll let you guys go home. She also isn't worried about your brother Craig because he turns eighteen in a few weeks, and he doesn't show any signs of ever being abused. As a matter of fact I think they talked to him too, because they're not too comfortable with him being in the same home with you guys either. A police officer and the child welfare officer will be by after dinner, so we can all go over to your place and get whatever stuff you guys need for now. I'm also going to try to talk to Mary while we're there. She shouldn't let your father get away with what he's done to you boys, and I hope I can convince her of that. Your mother seems like a nice person who has been bullied and intimidated by your father for years."

Doug and Donnie thanked Fred for helping them, and everyone sat down for dinner. Louise did look a little disturbed by what was happening, but the thought of how much Doug and Darren were worth kept her from saying anything. After a quiet dinner, Fred and the boys waited around for the police and child welfare to show up. Once they showed up, everyone except Louise headed out toward Doug and Donnie's house. The police asked Mary and Craig to stay in the living room while the boys got what they needed from their rooms. Darren helped Doug pack enough to do him for a while, then they went to see how Donnie was doing. Donnie had decided he wanted to take his computer, as well as his stash that his teacher had gotten him. Fortunately he had hid it well enough so that it had remained undisturbed.

Meanwhile back out in the living room, Fred had taken Mary aside. "Mary," said Fred, "your two younger sons are great kids, so I don't mind taking care of them while this whole thing is settled. You have to realize though that Arnold is just totally out of control. I'm sure the boys miss their mother, but they are really in danger being around their father."

"You don't understand though Fred." Mary said, as she looked about ready to cry. "I try to look out for the boys as best I can, but their father is very strong minded about how to raise them."

"That shouldn't include hitting the boys though Mary." replied Fred. "Doug has already been through more than most other boys his age, and he needs to be treated with compassion instead of violence. And now Donnie is starting to get the same treatment at home. I don't mean to tell you what to do but if you and Arnold are staying together because of the kids, it may no longer be in their best interest. One of your children is about to turn eighteen, and the other two are being abused by their father."

"It's not that Fred!" said Mary, as she began sobbing softly. Then she began crying, so Fred took her into his arms to comfort her.

"Are you being abused too Mary?" asked Fred compassionately. "If you are, you're much to good of a lady to deserve something like that."

"He was such a good man when we first got married!" cried Mary. "I just don't understand where things went to wrong. I'm sure he doesn't mean to hit me and the boys, he use to love us so much!"

Fred patted Mary gently on the back and said, "Arnold needs help Mary, and to let things continue the way they are isn't going to help. I will do everything I can to help you and the boys, but I won't help to keep them or you in the position where you can be abused by Arnold. You need to care about yourself as much as others do Mary. You and your boys deserve much better."

Mary sniffled as she looked at Fred and said, "You're such a great man Fred. Your family is very lucky to have you around. I wish Arnold could be more like you but I guess you're right, that's not going to happen anytime soon. I'm just so afraid of him sometimes though."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Mary." said Fred. "I know the kids are glad to have me around finally, but Louise has been acting very strange lately. As far as Arnold goes, if you want help with him just let me know and I'll be there for you."

Mary looked into Fred's eyes and said, "Louise doesn't know how good she has it then. You're a better man and father than most I've ever known."

Then Fred and Mary involuntarily began moving their heads closer together. Fred's lips gently came in contact with May's soft, quivering lips. Fred and Mary then shared a quick, but warm kiss. Neither one thought of anything else, as their lips caressed each others lips. Fred drew away with a confused look on his face.

"I'm sorry Mary," apologized Fred, "that probably didn't help things much."

"Don't be silly Fred." consoled Mary. "It meant quite a bit to me. I just wish we had met much longer ago, but I know you have your family to think about. I want you to take good care of my boys until I can get this mess straightened out. I want to know that they are someplace safe until I'm sure I can protect them and myself from their father. I do think I could fall in love with you Fred, but I'm not going to destroy your family too."

Fred then gave Mary another quick kiss and said, "I think I should see if the boys are ready. I'll take care of them as if they were my own, and you're welcome to come over anytime to see them. Just don't let child welfare know too much about it. You're a really great lady way down deep Mary, but Louise and me have to try to work out our problems."

"I know Fred, and I wish you the best of luck." said Mary. "Remember me if things don't work out though." Mary then laughed lightly for the first time all evening.

Fred smiled and gave Mary's hand a squeeze, then he turned to go check on the boys. The boys were relieved that Fred didn't pry into what was in some of the boxes they were carrying out, as Fred helped them load their stuff into his car. The drive home was very quiet and the boys could tell that something had happened, but they did not try to pry into what Fred was obviously thinking about. After Fred helped the boys carry their stuff into their new temporary home, he went to sit on the patio alone to think. In all of the excitement of the day, Fred had forgot to talk with the principal at Doug and Darren's school.

That night Doug and Darren made love again while Donnie watched. This time there was no physical contact with Donnie, but Donnie still stroked himself to a second large orgasm for the day. When Doug and Darren finished making love, they saw that Donnie had cummed all over his stomach. Seeing as how Donnie would be moving into his own room the next evening, Doug and Darren decided to give the boy a going away present. Doug and Darren got up and stood on each side of Donnie's bed, then both boys rubbed Donnie's cum all over his young and smooth body. Then they went to wash their hands, leaving Donnie laying in a blissful state of shock.

The next day at school was just as much fun for Doug and Darren as the first day had been. If Darren had thought things were bad before, they had become even worse now. As soon as the boys got to school Darren would hear someone yell out "Fag!" every few minutes. Then as Doug and Darren walked through homeroom, Marcus stuck his leg out in front of Darren. Fortunately Doug was in front of Darren to catch him, but Doug had almost had enough.

Doug went up to Marcus and yelled, "Listen here you dickhead! I don't care how bad you think you are, you know I could beat your worthless ass down in a New York minute!"

"Listen to yourself!" sneered Marcus. "Hanging out with fag boy here has made you forget who your real friends are! Is he that good at sucking your cock Dougie?"

As Marcus said the last part, the teacher quietly walked into the room.

"Marcus!" commanded the teacher. "Get out of my classroom right now and go to the principal's office! You know better than to have talk like that in this classroom."

Marcus angrily got up to head for the door, but first he reached over and smacked Darren in the back of the head.

"Okay mister football hero," yelled the teacher, "you can make plans on spending the next week after school in detention for that one!"

"Go ahead and do your worst!" challenged Marcus before stomping out of the room.

The teacher immediately buzzed the principal on the intercom, and let him know what had happened. Then the class continued with Marcus's friends staring evilly at Doug and Darren. The rest of the morning continued about the same way until lunch, when things once again took a downhill turn. Marcus and a few of his friends caught up to Doug and Darren outside the cafeteria. Marcus grabbed ahold of Doug who was caught off guard, and held him up against the wall.

"Listen here Dougie," said Marcus coldly, "we're going to help you see things the right way or else!"

One of Marcus's smaller friends then grabbed ahold of Darren and threw him against the opposite wall. Doug cringed when he saw Darren smash into the wall, but Darren did stay on his feet.

"Why do you want to act the way you're acting Dougie?" said Marcus. "Is fag boy a good enough cocksucker to make you give up being a part of our team? You better not tell us you've done that disgusting shit to him too Dougie or I'll not only have you kicked off the team, but I'll make you and your boyfriend pay! Is he so good that he turned you into a fag too Dougie? Maybe we should find out!" As Marcus said that, he lewdly grabbed his crotch.

Doug spat in Marcus's face and said forcefully, "When I start kicking your ass Marcus, I'm not going to stop until one of us is out cold! It sure as hell ain't going to be me either!"

Darren didn't want to see Doug get into that kind of trouble, so he balled up his fist. Then Darren struck the boy who threw him against the wall with all of his might, right square in the boy's face. Blood immediately began to spurt from the boy's nose.

"OWW!!!" screamed the boy. "That mother fucking faggot broke my nose! I'm going to kill you, you faggot asshole!"

"You're going to do no such thing, young man!" said the principal, as he and several larger teachers approached the group of boys. "I've seen just about enough out of you boys for today! Marcus, take your friends and go to the vice principal's office. Doug and Darren, you go to my office now!"

Doug and Darren went to the principal's office obediently, but Marcus and his friends had to be escorted to the vice principal's office. Doug and Darren sat in the office, while the principal phoned Fred at work.

"Dude!" exclaimed Doug. "I didn't know you had that in you! Would you consider being my bodyguard?"

After Darren finished laughing he replied, "I didn't know I had it in me either dude! I hate violence, but I knew if you started on Marcus you would end up getting kicked out of school. I couldn't stand the thought of that Doug."

Doug smiled a crooked smile at Darren and croaked out, "I love you so much dude! I'll stick by you through anything now Darren."

"I love you too Doug, with all of my heart!" replied Darren emotionally.

The boys were finally joined by the principal, who did not look as though he were in a good mood. "Your dad is on his way here right now Darren." said the principal. "I thought you might like to know that Marcus and the other boys outside the cafeteria have all been suspended for one week. I suspended them for three days for fighting, and the rest of the week for lying to me. Now, before I decide what to do about you two I want one of you to tell me what happened outside the cafeteria."

Doug didn't want to see things get worse for Darren, so he took charge of answering the principal.

"The whole thing started yesterday." said Doug. "Everyone in school seems to know that Darren is gay, and Marcus and his friends don't like me being around Darren. They started saying things about Darren yesterday in the cafeteria, and they started making threats. When Marcus grabbed ahold of me during the argument, I knocked him down so Darren and me could get away. Then they used the coach at the end of the day yesterday so they could separate Darren and me. They thought they would be able to get Darren by himself, but I showed up again before that could happen. This morning when we got to school Darren was being called fag constantly, then Marcus tried to trip Darren. I caught Darren before he fell, and Marcus started running his mouth. That was when he was sent to your office the first time today. Then outside the cafeteria Marcus grabbed me and threw me up against the wall, so he could threaten Darren and me both. At the same time one of his friends smashed Darren against the wall pretty hard. I was about to lose my temper with Marcus when he threatened to rape Darren, but Darren punched Marcus's friend before I could do anything. That's when you showed up sir."

"I want to thank you for being honest with me Doug." said the principal. "I did see most of what happened, and your description matches what I saw today. Marcus and his friends weren't even close. You're a fine young man Doug. Now I have to ask you one more thing. Are you gay Doug?"

This was the moment that both boys had dreaded, finding out if their love could survive having to be honest with others in the outside world. Doug swallowed very hard and closed his eyes.

Then Doug looked into the principal's eyes and replied, "Yes sir, I am gay. Darren and me became boyfriends shortly after being stranded on that island in the South Pacific. My old teammates are so afraid that I've become gay that they're not going to let this go without trying to hurt Darren or me."

"I won't allow that to happen if there's anything I can do about it." said the principal. "I'm not going to suspend either of you today, but when Darren's dad gets here I would like you guys to return home for the rest of the day. It's just for today, and it's for your safety. Hopefully things will be different when tomorrow rolls around."

Fred came into the principal's office right after that, and made sure both boys were okay. Then Fred apologized for what happened. He told the principal that he had intended to call him the evening before about what was going on, but he had forgotten to do so. The principal accepted Fred's apology and made everyone promise to come to him the instant anything else ever happened.

Darren had the goofiest grin imaginable on his face on the way home. Doug finally couldn't take seeing Darren's silly grin anymore.

"What in the world is wrong with you Darren?" asked Doug.

"I'm just so proud of you, and happy about what happened back there babe!" replied Darren.

"What do you mean angel?" asked Doug.

"You came out to the principal dude!" said Darren. "You actually looked like you were proud to tell the principal that you're gay dude!"

"No dude." replied Doug. "I was proud to tell him that you're my boyfriend!"

Fred smiled in his mirror as he saw Doug and Darren kissing passionately in the back seat of his car.

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