No one else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 18

The following week at school was great for Doug and Darren, seeing as how the people responsible for starting most of the trouble had been suspended for a week. The coach did call Doug in to talk to him again about getting his teammates suspended, but Doug had just about had enough of the coach. Doug told the coach that his teammates got themselves suspended because they were stupid. At this point Doug thought he and Darren would transfer to Crosstown High the following year, and he would be playing for them instead.

Donnie however, had a much more exciting time at school. The day after Doug and Darren had their brawl at school, Donnie and Chris had found themselves an unused and unlocked storage room at school. Upon entering the dimly lit room, Chris pulled down his pants and underwear. As soon as Donnie locked the door behind them and turned around, Chris ran his hands through Donnie's hair.

"Mister Willie's a dirty boy and needs to be cleaned." said Chris suggestively. Then he shook his hardening dick at Donnie and said, "Clean Mister Willie for me Donnie. It feels so good the way you do it."

Donnie giggled as he said, "Sure!"

Donnie then got on his knees in front of Chris, and took Chris's dick into his mouth. Chris moaned lightly in pleasure when he felt Donnie's lips wrap around his dick. Donnie began slowly massaging the hardening shaft of Chris's dick with his lips, while he gently licked the head with his tongue.

"I don't know why you like sucking my dick so much," cooed Chris, "but I'm glad you do. My dick feels sooo good in your mouth."

Donnie continued his loving treatment of Chris's dick for about five minutes, when he felt Chris's legs begin to tremble. Donnie stuck his finger in his mouth, along with Chris's throbbing dick. Then he put his wet finger against Chris's pucker. Before Chris could figure out what Donnie was up to, Donnie plunged his finger into Chris. Chris let out a gasp when he felt Donnie's finger go inside him, and Donnie went straight for Chris's young prostate. When Donnie found what he was looking for and began stroking his friend's prostate, Chris moaned loudly and exploded into Donnie's mouth. Chris's orgasm was so intense, that the boy went limp. Donnie held Chris up as he drained the boy's cum from his wildly twitching dick. As the orgasm slowed down, Chris went completely out. Donnie gently laid his friend on the floor and began stroking the side of his face.

"Chris dude!" said Donnie as loudly as he dared. "Wake up dude! I didn't mean to hurt you! Come on Chris!"

As Chris came back around he gasped, "What the fuck did you do to me dude?! I've never felt anything that intense! It was the most incredible thing I've ever felt!"

Donnie smiled as he said, "I take it I didn't hurt you then."

"Hurt me?!" exclaimed Chris. "You made me cum so hard, I saw sparkles dude! You have to make me feel that way again sometime dude!"

"I'd love to!" said Donnie, as he helped his friend sit up.

"The only thing is, it was so awesome that I feel like I owe you something dude!" said Chris. "Why do you like sucking my dick so much anyway Donnie?"

"I love the way you taste when you cum in my mouth Chris." replied Donnie.

"Really?!" remarked Chris. "What do you think it tastes like dude? Wait, let me guess. Vanilla!" Then Chris began giggling.

"It's the sweetest tasting vanilla I've ever tasted dude." replied Donnie.

"I'll take your word for it dude." said Chris. "Now, for what I owe you. Just remember, I'm not gay. Don't tell anyone I did this, okay Donnie?"

"Okay," replied Donnie anxiously, "not a word to anyone."

Chris leaned toward Donnie until their lips just touched, then Chris gave Donnie a short, but nice, kiss. Then Chris looked at his watch, while Donnie recovered from the kiss.

"Oh shit dude!" exclaimed Chris. "Lunch is almost over, let's get out of here!"

The two boys straightened themselves out, then left the storage room the same way they had found it. Donnie had a blissful smile on his face for the rest of the day.

That evening Darren was near the front door, unaware that Arnold was about to make his presence known. Darren heard the doorbell ring, so he went to answer it. Standing at the door was a nicely dressed, but shady looking man.

"I'm looking for Darren Chambers and Doug Atherton." said the man. "My name is Theodore Chester esquire."

"Doug!" yelled out Darren. "Come here quick!" As Doug approached the door, Darren said, "I'm Darren, and this is Doug."

When Doug was standing beside Darren, Theodore said, "Once again my name is Theodore Chester esquire! I'm representing Arnold Atherton in his criminal case, and in a lawsuit against you two boys. Mister Atherton is suing you for one hundred million dollars, for depriving him of his right to handle the financial affairs of his minor son. I hope you boys have a good lawyer!" Theodore smirked as he said the last part.

Also during the last part, Fred happened to be walking past. When he overheard what the slimy lawyer had said, Fred curtly said, "These boys do have a lawyer, and he's the best there is. I suggest you haul your worthless ass off my property, and talk to the boys' lawyer! These boys have absolutely nothing to say to you!" Then Fred slammed the door shut in the lawyer's face.

Louise, who had heard the exchange, snuck out the back door. "Hello, Mister Chester?" said Louise as she approached Theodore. "I'm Darren Chambers' mother. I agree with Arnold that the boys are not fit to handle that kind of money. If Arnold tries to take it all for himself though, he will have a fight he won't win. Can you suggest to him that him and me work together on this? It will make things much easier."

"I'll talk to my client and see if he's open to such an arrangement." replied Theodore. "In the meantime, here's my card. What would be the best time to call to speak with you?"

"Anytime before three o'clock in the afternoon." replied Louise. "I've tried to get my husband to see the logical side of this situation, but he refuses to do so. Maybe Arnold and me can get the message across to everyone else."

"I'll see what he says and get back to you Mrs. Chambers." said Theodore. "It's been a pleasure talking to you. You're much nicer than that rude husband of yours."

Theodore got in his car and oozed off, and Louise slithered back inside the house. She was satisfied that the boys wouldn't be able to keep their money tied up for much longer.

The next day Mary called Fred at work to make arrangements to see her boys that evening. Louise saw that as the perfect opportunity that night to sneak out and visit Arnold at the county jail. Louise was leaving the house as Darren and Doug walked up the walk to the front door.

"Where are you going mom?" asked Darren.

"I have something that needs to be taken care of this evening." replied Louise. "I shouldn't be out too late. Doug's brother is already here. Bye." Louise made her getaway as fast as she could.

"Dude," said Doug, "I don't mean any disrespect, but your mom is acting really weird."

Darren had a forlorn expression on his face as he replied, "I know dude."

Doug and Darren went into the house, and upstairs to their room. When they went in, they found Donnie sitting naked on the bed beside a naked Chris, who looked like he was asleep.

"Tough day at school, little bro?" asked Doug, while pointing at Chris.

"Nah," replied Donnie, "he passed out from the blow job I gave him."

"Shit, little bro!" exclaimed Doug. "I have to get you to teach me how to do that!"

Doug and Darren both began laughing, followed shortly by Donnie. As Doug and Darren laughed together, their arms went around each other. Within a few moments they were embracing each other with their lips sealed together, and had begun undressing each other. Donnie knew where this was going, so he gently moved Chris to one side of the bed. Once Doug and Darren had their clothes off they noticed that one side of the bed was free, so they laid down and began caressing each other. Darren found himself on top of Doug, so he turned around into a "69" position. Donnie watched as the two boys began lovingly attending to each other's cocks, but he didn't want to be left out himself. Donnie began gently sucking on Chris's dick again, which brought Chris back around. Chris's head was in a position that he came to to the sight of Doug sucking Darren's cock, then he realized that Donnie was once again busy on his dick. Chris didn't know if he could cum again, but he was busy watching the two older boys which made what Donnie was doing feel really good. It felt so good that within a few moments Chris did have another orgasm, without any warning.

After Donnie had drained Chris again, Chris said, "Sit up here on the bed where I can reach you dude. Chris continued watching the two older boys as he began stroking Donnie's dick.

"Wow!" remarked Chris. "Your brother and his boyfriend really love having sex with each other, don't they?"

"Oh yeah!" moaned Donnie, as he concentrated on how his dick felt in Chris's hand.

This time it wasn't just a quick hand job by Chris. Chris was taking enough time to make Donnie's dick feel better than it had ever felt before, as he continued to watch the two older boys in awe. After about five minutes, Donnie began writhing underneath Chris's hand.

"Oh dude!" moaned Donnie deliriously. "I'm going to cum now!"

Chris then paid attention to what he was doing. When Donnie began gasping and shooting his cum, Chris aimed it straight up in the air. Donnie's cum came back down all over Chris's hand as it continued to stroke Donnie's erupting dick. As if on cue, Doug and Darren began cumming in each other's mouths. By the time Donnie had stopped cumming, Chris's hand was covered with Donnie's cum.

"I'm sorry dude." gasped Donnie. "I got my cum all over your hand."

"That's okay," replied a somewhat flustered Chris, "I'll just go wash my hand really quick."

Chris got up and went to the bathroom, then turned on the water in the sink. Instead of washing his hands though, Chris held his cum soaked hand up to his nose and gave it a sniff. Once again, Chris decided that it didn't smell bad at all. Chris licked every bit of Donnie's cum off his hand, then ran his tongue around the inside of his mouth. Chris was shocked by how good it actually tasted. Chris quickly washed his hands, then looked at himself in the mirror.

"I can't be turning gay, can I?" asked Chris to himself.

Chris did not want to think about how to answer that question though, so he quickly dried his hands and returned to the bedroom. The four boys then talked and joked with each other as they slowly redressed themselves.

Then Donnie looked into Chris's face and said, "Thanks for jerking me off dude. You didn't have to, but it felt really good."

"It was the least I could do for a friend who gave me such an awesome orgasm." replied Chris. "Would you like me to kiss you again, like yesterday?"

"That would be great!" exclaimed Donnie.

Doug and Darren smiled as they watched the two younger boys share a sweet, friendly kiss. Donnie could taste a familiar, yet different taste on Chris's lips though. Then it struck him. It was his cum that he could taste on Chris's lips!

The only thing Donnie said when the kiss had ended though was, "Thanks Chris, that was really nice. I'm so glad to have a friend like you!"

Then Chris said he had to be going, but he wanted to come over after school the next day too. Donnie walked Chris to the door and said good-bye to his friend, then went back to Doug and Darren's room.

As Donnie entered the room and closed the door, he exclaimed, "You guys! I could taste my cum on Chris's lips! He must have went into the bathroom and licked it all off!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Doug. "No way little bro!"

"I know it was my cum big bro!" replied Donnie.

"That's really great Donnie." said Darren. "Just don't push him into sucking your dick though. Let it be his idea."

"Do you think he really might, Uncle Darren?" asked Donnie hopefully.

"If he licked your cum off his hand, he must have liked it from the way he was acting." replied Darren. "He'll be wanting to try taking your dick into his mouth before too much longer.

Donnie smiled a lustful smile and said, "Sweet!"

A short time later, Mary showed up to visit her sons. It was the first chance she'd had to talk to Doug and Donnie in several days. Mary apologized to both boys over and over, begging them to forgive her. As far as Doug and Donnie were concerned though, their dad was the one to blame. The reunion was a very happy and emotional one for all three. While that was going on, Jenni had found a letter to her mother that had been delivered by a special courier that day. The letter read:

Dear Mrs. Chambers:

I have discussed your proposition with my client, Arnold Atherton, and he is very excited to have you join his civil case against Doug and Darren. He is looking forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience, to discuss monetary distribution upon the successful completion of this case. Also please stop by my office to discuss business matters pertaining to this case. Thank you for stepping forward, and welcome aboard.


Theodore Chester esq.

Jenni was shocked by the letter. She immediately took the letter to show Fred and Darren. Darren was visibly upset by it, but Fred became very angry. Fred thought, "How can she do this to our own son?" Fred assured Darren that Arnold and his mother would not get away with what they were trying to do to the boys, then Fred called Doug and Darren's lawyer. At first Chuck was apprehensive about Fred knowing so much about the boys' financial arrangements, but Fred convinced him that he had Doug and Darren's best interests at heart. After Chuck calmed Fred down about the letter, which he insisted that Fred make a copy of, he agreed to fly to his firm's Michigan office the next day.

Finally Mary finished her visit with Doug and Donnie, so Darren and Jenni left the adults alone to talk about what was happening.

"I don't know how to tell you this Mary," said Fred, "but your husband and my wife have hired a lawyer to try to take Doug and Darren's money away from them."

"I'm so sorry to hear that Louise is involved in this." said Mary. "It doesn't surprise me one bit that Arnold would stoop that low though. He will pay for his actions though Fred. I already had an appointment with the court tomorrow, to file for a restraining order against him. I've come to the decision that I'm also going to file for divorce while I'm there." Mary then began to tear up just a little.

Fred offered his shoulder for Mary to cry on, and began patting her on the back. "I'm so sorry to hear that Mary." consoled Fred. "You would think that with the boys being home safely, things would be much better than they are. For what it's worth though, I'm glad to see that you're more concerned about Doug and Donnie's welfare than anything else. They are two very special boys, and I can see where they get that from."

"Thanks Fred." sniffled Mary, as she accepted Fred's comfort. "I somehow knew all along that things would end up this way though, even before Doug returned home to us. I'm just so sorry that he has dragged your wife into this mess."

"I"m sure she didn't have to be dragged kicking and screaming though." replied Fred. "I'll have a very serious talk with her after I've talked to the boys' lawyer tomorrow. She needs to know that she crossed the line this time."

The Mary looked at Fred, as Fred looked at Mary. The two began drifting closer together until their lips met. This time when Fred and Mary kissed, they released years of built up passion that had not been satisfied by their mates. Fred's hands wandered over Mary's quivering body, as their kiss deepened. Fred could feel Mary's bosoms press against him as parts of Fred awoke from an age old slumber. After ten minutes of the most passionate kiss that either of them could remember, they backed apart slightly.

"I can't explain it, but I've fallen very much in love with you Mary." said Fred breathlessly. "My wife hasn't made me feel the way you do in a very long time."

"I love you too Fred." said Mary tenderly. "I've never met a man like you in my life. You've begun to awaken feelings in me that I thought were dead. We have to make sure that we know what we're doing though Fred."

"Would you come with me to my bedroom Mary?" asked Fred. "I'd love to show you how sure I am right now."

Mary then followed Fred to the master bedroom. She knew that she wanted to make love to this man, and that he wanted to love her just as much. After they had left the living room to go and make love, Donnie stepped out from around the corner he had been hiding behind. Donnie then went to Doug and Darren's bedroom, still shocked by what he had seen. Jenni was also there, as she had been helping Darren tell Doug what was going on. Jenni was the first to spot the stunned boy.

"What's wrong Donnie?" asked Jenni with concern showing in her voice.

"Mom and dad are getting divorced." said Donnie without any emotion. "Her and your dad are downstairs making love right now."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Doug, Darren, and Jenni in unison.

"Do you think they're really in love with each other?" asked Jenni unbelievingly.

"I don't know!" replied Darren. "He was acting kinda different when we went to Doug and Donnie's house to get their stuff!"

"Well," said Doug, "I don't blame my mom for not loving my dad anymore. What's to love about him?!"

"I knew mom really crossed the line when she talked to Doug and Donnie's father's lawyer," said Jenni, "but enough for dad to be in love with Mary?"

"What's so bad about that?" asked Doug.

"I didn't mean it like that Doug." replied Jenni. "It's just really weird to think that our parents may get divorced too now."

Darren then noticed that Donnie, who had been temporarily forgotten, looked like he was on the verge of tears. Darren sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Come here and have a seat on my lap little bro."

As soon as Donnie had climbed into Darren's lap, Darren put his arms around the boy and said, "Don't cry little dude. I mean, little bro. I may have to get use to calling you that, huh? We all love you very much Donnie, but your dad has forgotten how to feel that way. Your mom might be better off finding someone who loves her and you guys more than your dad does now. I hate seeing my parents split up, but if they do, I know my dad would love her and you guys so much that you'd never be sad again." By this time Jenni and Doug had joined the two who were sitting on the bed.

"And who knows," said Jenni, "it might be fun if we all became a family. You and Doug would make really cool brothers, and with you around I'd finally have another normal guy in the house to pick on." Jenni smiled at Donnie as she said the last part.

"I hate to tell you this Jenni," said Doug, "but our little brother is gay too."

"Damn!" exclaimed Jenni jokingly. "Why is every guy in this house except for dad gay?"

Doug, Darren, and Jenni broke into a fit of laughter. Donnie finally joined in the laughter, then all four kids shared a group hug with Donnie sandwiched in the middle. The kids were determined now that if they were all going to be a family, they would be the best family that they could be.

Well, there it is! I would like to apologize up front to anyone who doesn't like the idea of the parents getting divorced, but this story is not in the fantasy section. Divorce is a reality. Please send all comments to: . See you again in Chapter 19.