No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

By Tim

Chapter 19

Fred and Mary laid in the bed together naked, in the afterglow of what they had just shared. Fred kissed Mary gently as he caressed her bosoms, then Fred pulled back.

"I can't believe we've done this." said Fred in disbelief. "But what's worse is that now I know I no longer love Louise as I once did, and I love you more than I've ever loved any woman right now."

"Maybe all of this happened for a reason Fred." replied Mary. "Isn't it better that you know that money means more to her than her family does?"

"I can't believe that I've been so wrong about her though." said Fred. "She went after the money regardless of the damage it would do to her family. I can never love her again, and with the feelings I'm feeling for you right now there's no way that I'll even try. I love you with all of my heart Mary."

"So, where does that leave us?" asked Mary. "Are we both going to get divorced now and be a couple?"

"She made that decision for us when she went to visit your husband tonight." replied Fred. "I guess we need to find a way to tell the kids, after I tell Louise to leave."

"Which reminds me, we should get dressed before she returns." said Mary.

"You're right, but there's something I want to do first." replied Fred.

Fred put his lips against Mary's and left a trail of kisses from her soft lips and over her bosoms, down to her warm and moist vagina. Then Mary and Fred got dressed to go out and join the kids. The kids didn't say anything about what they knew because it was up to their parents to tell them. Mary went ahead and kissed her two boys good-bye on their foreheads, then Fred walked her to the door. Before Mary left, Fred gave her another passionate kiss on her lips. Thirty minutes after Mary left, Louise pulled into the driveway.

"Hello dear." said Louise as she came into the living room. She almost sounded as though she were somewhere else as she said it.

Fred had already asked the kids to remain upstairs for the rest of the evening, so he replied, "How dare you call me dear after what you've done!"

"What are you talking about Fred?" asked Louise, as she feigned surprise.

"You know good and well that I know about your little scheme with Arnold!" snapped Fred. "How can you do that to your own family?"

"I'm not doing this to our family," replied Mary curtly, "I'm doing this for our family! You know those boys are not capable of handling that kind of money, and it should be entrusted to their parents."

"Our son and his lover nearly died several times over on that island!" Fred said emotionally. "They've earned every penny of what they have, and you and Arnold don't even seem to care that they came back to us safely. All you two can think of is how much you'll get out of it! Just tell me one thing Louise, is it Arnold or the money that you love more than your family?"

"I'm not even going to dignify that question with a reply." said Louise. "You're just trying to overcompensate for the way you treated Darren before, and you're blind to what's really best for them."

"Do you know how hurt the boys were when they found out what you were up to?" asked Fred. "No you don't, because you just don't care! You're sleeping on the couch tonight Louise, and I want you out of my house tomorrow!"

"You're not going to get away with this Fred!" yelled Louise. "I'll take the kids and the house in a divorce, if that's what you want!"

"After you sided with a monster who beat his own son, and then sued your own son?!" Fred asked with conviction. "No court in this country will see you as a fit parent after that, and I think you've hurt the kids so much that they won't forgive you very easily either you bitch!"

Fred went into the bedroom angrily, and a few moments later threw a blanket and pillow at Louise before locking the bedroom door. Louise went upstairs and knocked on Darren's door, but when Darren found out it was her, he told her to leave him alone. Then Louise went to Jenni's room, but Jenni would not let her in either. Louise was now all alone, except for Arnold and her lawyer. Louise laid on the couch, trying to figure out where she would go tomorrow.

The next morning everyone left the house without saying anything to Louise, except Fred. His only word to her was "Pack!"

Fred did not go to work that day. Instead he met Doug and Darren's lawyer, and they went to the county courthouse in Mason. By the time they was done there, Fred had gotten divorce papers and a restraining order against Louise. She was not allowed to be in the house or within one mile of any of the kids. Chuck had agreed to represent Fred as well, as being a part of Doug and Darren's interest. That's how Fred got the restraining order, because Chuck was the best there was. Then Fred and Chuck returned to Fred's home. Louise was slowly packing when Fred and Chuck got there, as she was hoping to talk her way into staying.

"Hello Louise." said Fred when he confronted her. "I'd like for you to meet Charles Wainforth. He is Doug's, Darren's, and now my lawyer."

Chuck reached out his hand toward Louise. When Louise went to meet his hand with hers, Chuck pulled an envelope out of his jacket and put it in her hand.

"It's so good to meet you in person Louise." said Chuck. "That is a restraining order, and my client's papers to divorce you. You've been served! I'll be looking forward to facing you and Mr. Atherton in court."

"Are you ready to go now Louise?" asked Fred.

"What will I do Fred?" Louise asked in shock. "How am I suppose to survive?"

"You really should have thought about that before you betrayed your family Louise." replied Fred. "I have left the money we had left from the settlement with the airline in our joint account. The rest of the family's money is in an account in my name only. I think I am being more than generous with you in letting you take the joint account to live on. Now, please leave before the kids get home, or I will call the police for you violating your restraining order."

Louise finished packing and put everything in her car. Fred watched as she pulled out of the driveway, knowing that his marriage was now over. Chuck patted Fred on the back and consoled him.

"You know that this is best for everyone, including the kids, right?" asked Chuck.

"Yes, but that doesn't make it easier." replied Fred. "That was the last twenty years of my life that pulled out of the driveway. It had to be done though because she would have destroyed this family, if she hasn't already."

"You're a good man Fred, and you really care about your kids." remarked Chuck.

"They're my whole life now." replied Fred.

"I wish I could make you feel better Fred, and make you realize how great you are for thinking of your kids over everything else." said Chuck. Then Chuck leaned over and kissed Fred on the lips.

When Chuck pulled back, Fred said, "Thanks Chuck, that does help. You have to know one thing though, I am straight. As a matter of fact, I've fallen in love with Doug and Donnie's mother. She's a great woman, and deserves a man who will treat her right."

"I'm so sorry Fred!" said an embarrassed Chuck. "I didn't mean to do anything to make you feel worse."

"Nonsense!" said Fred. "Like I said, it helps to know that you care that much. Besides, if I did have any inclination to be gay, I'd probably be all over you. You are a very nice man, and I appreciate everything you're doing for me and the boys. That was a very nice kiss too, and now we have to find you a nice gay man to share that with."

Chuck began smiling again as he said, "Thanks Fred, it's too bad you're straight!"

That finally made Fred laugh for the first time all day, and he was joined by Chuck. Chuck and Fred continued talking about how Fred could be included in the boys trust now, to make it impossible for Arnold and Louise to ever see a penny of the boys money. They also talked about their personal lives, as they started to become good friends.

Finally the kids began to return home for the day. First was Donnie and Chris, as they went straight to Donnie's room. A few minutes later, Jenni, Doug, and Darren came in. Chuck had been waiting for Doug and Darren so he could tell them about what he planned on doing about the lawsuit. He also asked them if they would like to include Fred in their trust, to make the trust even stronger. Doug and Darren agreed that it was a great idea, then Doug suggested that they also bring his mother in on this. That would mean that Mary would find out that her son is gay, but Doug was now ready for that step. After asking Doug if he were sure he wanted to do that, Fred agreed to call Mary over to the house. Fred decided that if Doug could be brave enough to tell his mother that he's gay, it might be time for he and Mary to come clean with the kids.

Doug and Darren went upstairs to their empty room. They could however hear the unmistakable sounds of pleasure coming from Donnie's room, which was right next door. Meanwhile next door, Chris and Donnie both had all of their clothes off. Donnie was lovingly sucking Chris's stiff dick, while Chris gently ran his fingers through Donnie's hair. Donnie could tell from the way Chris was treating him that Chris really loved him now, but the boy needed a little nudge for them to ever take things further. Donnie took Chris almost to the edge, then suddenly pulled off of Chris's throbbing erect dick.

"What did you stop for dude?" asked Chris. "That was feeling really good!"

"You know you're my friend, and I love making you feel good." said Donnie. "I'm gay though Chris, and I need to find a boy who can love me the exact same way I love him. I wish it were you dude because I love you a lot, but you don't seem very interested in loving me too."

"Are you saying you don't want to do stuff with me anymore?" asked Chris as his lips began trembling. "Please don't say that Donnie, we're best friends and I need you. I don't mind if you're gay, and I don't want to lose you as a friend. I'm so scared Donnie!"

Chris began sobbing, so Donnie took him into his arms. "What are you scared of Chris?" asked Donnie with concern in his voice.

"I'm scared that you don't like me anymore Donnie!" sobbed Chris. "I'm scared that we won't be friends anymore! I'm scared that I'll never have the guts to tell my best friend how I really feel! I'm scared I'll never feel the things I feel with you ever again! I'm scared of being gay dude! Please help me Donnie!"

Donnie held Chris tightly and stroked his bare skin, until Chris's sobbing let up. Then Donnie lovingly gazed into Chris's sad but beautiful eyes. "I'll never stop loving you Chris." said Donnie softly.

Donnie then placed his lips over Chris's trembling lips, and kissed him as passionately as he could. In that instant Chris's fears evaporated, and he began to return Donnie's kiss with equal passion. Both boys were now stroking each other's soft, smooth skin as they fell backwards onto the bed, locked in a loving embrace. After five minutes of the hottest kissing either boy had ever experienced, Chris drew back and looked into Donnie's eyes.

"I love you Donnie, I was just to afraid to admit it." said Chris. "I want to make love to you dude!"

Donnie smiled warmly as he laid Chris back on the bed. Then Donnie turned the other way into a "69" position, and looked down toward Chris's head.

"I want you to look at my dick closely Chris." said Donnie. When Chris was doing that, Donnie continued, "I want you to think about how much love there is in it, that is waiting for only you to release it. I want you to love my dick Chris. Do you love it dude?"

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Donnie." said Chris breathlessly. "I want to take it and make it feel so good dude."

"Then take my dick into your mouth dude." instructed Donnie softly. "Make it feel as good as you can."

Then Donnie felt what he had been waiting for, as Chris longingly took Donnie's dick into his mouth. Donnie could not believe how good Chris's lips felt as it stroked his dick, and Chris could not believe how wonderful his best friend's dick felt in his mouth. Chris knew that this was what he'd really wanted ever since the first time Donnie sucked his dick, and now he wanted to make up for wasted time. Chris stroked Donnie's dick lightly with his mouth, as if it were a popsicle that he never wanted to be finished. This made Donnie sure that no boy could ever suck anyone's dick as well as Chris could, so Donnie took Chris's dick back into his mouth. Donnie and Chris then continued to pleasure each other as if no one else existed.

After a few minutes Chris began trying different things. When he sucked hard as he pulled off on Donnie's dick, then slowly caressed the shaft with his tongue as he went back down, Donnie almost squealed with pleasure. After that, Donnie sucked and released on Chris's dick while keeping it deeply in his mouth, and caressed the head with his tongue. That made Chris moan "Oh God yes!" with Donnie's dick still in his mouth. When Chris did the same to Donnie's dick, Donnie began to whimper like a puppy. Chris and Donnie loved having each other's dicks in their mouths more than anything else they could imagine now.

Chris was starting to get close to cumming in Donnie's mouth, so he knew Donnie had to be in the same state. Chris wetted his finger, then poked around Donnie's butt until he found his target. Donnie moaned as Chris's finger went into him, then Donnie wet his finger too. Chris probed around inside Donnie until he found Donnie's prostate. Donnie found Chris's prostate at the same time, and both boys began bucking into each other's mouth. Donnie savored the taste of Chris's cum as his now boyfriend exploded into his mouth. Chris was already use to the taste of Donnie's cum so he was able to keep up with Donnie's spurting dick, even though the force of Donnie's cum shooting into his mouth almost caught him off guard. Both boys sucked at each other's dick after they had stopped shooting, to make sure that they had swallowed as much cum as the other boy could offer. Then they just held each other's dick in their mouths as they softened.

Donnie finally turned back around and took his boyfriend into his arms, then pressed his lips against Chris's. The boys shared a tender kiss for a few minutes before Chris pulled back.

"I can't believe how good it felt to suck your dick Donnie." said Chris. "It was like it's the only thing I should ever do now, because it felt so right. I'll be happy to be your boyfriend if you'll help me not to be afraid of being gay. I love you Donnie."

"I love you too Chris." said Donnie. "I promise that I'll do everything I can for you, and we'll face being gay together."

The boys were so happy to be boyfriends now, that they almost had tears of joy in their eyes as they held each other tightly in each other's arms.

At the same time in Doug and Darren's room, Doug was laying on his back naked and had his legs propped over Darren's shoulder's. Darren was on his knees between Doug's legs, and was about to blast a load of cum into Doug as he thrust into Doug lustfully.

"Let me feel your cum shoot into me, my angel." Doug begged breathlessly. "Please give it to me now Darren!"

Darren shouted out as he pumped his cum into Doug. When Darren's orgasm subsided, he immediately buried Doug's cock into his mouth. Doug had already been about ready to cum while Darren was sliding himself in and out of him, so it took very little time before Darren was tasting Doug's sweet cum.

"Oh yes Darren!" moaned Doug. "Swallow all of my cum dude! Let my little sperms swim around in your tummy dude."

Darren almost started laughing as Doug was cumming in his mouth, but he managed to swallow all of Doug's load. As soon as Doug's orgasm was over, Darren slid back up the bed so he was face to face with Doug.

"What the hell was that dude?" gasped Darren as he laughed. "Let my little sperms swim around in your tummy dude?"

"I wanted to see if I could make you laugh while I was cumming." replied Doug with a smile. "That would have been cool to see my cum shooting out of your mouth all over the place."

"You almost got your wish dude!" giggled Darren.

After kissing passionately for a few more minutes, Doug and Darren saw it was time to go downstairs to wait for Mary to arrive. First they stopped by Donnie's room, so Donnie could join them. The door was unlocked so Doug and Darren peeked inside. Laying on the bed naked was Donnie and Chris, who were snoring softly in each other's arms. They both had each other's dick cupped in their hand as they slept.

"Dude!" exclaimed Darren quietly. "Run and get my digital camera, I don't want to let this moment get away!"

As soon as the picture had been taken and the camera had been returned to Doug and Darren's room, Doug softly shook both boys to wake them. Donnie's eyes fluttered open, and he looked up at Doug and smiled.

"Hey big bro," Donnie said sleepily, "we're boyfriends now."

"I can see that little bro!" chuckled Doug. "Wake your boyfriend up little dude, mom should be here soon."

"Don't worry dude," mumbled Chris, "I'm awake now."

"Yeah," Darren said as he giggled, "and you guys are still holding onto each other's dick."

When Chris began to blush and pull away from Donnie, Doug said, "Don't worry about it little dude, we're all gay here. I think it's sweet that you two are just discovering your love for each other. Now, how was it?"

Chris was a little rattled by Doug's blunt question, until Donnie held onto his hand. Then Chris answered, "It was so awesome! I couldn't imagine that making love to your brother could be so great, but it was! I love him so much dude."

"That is so great little dude." said Doug. "My brother has done nothing but talk about how much he loves you."

Chris took Donnie into another kiss in front of Doug and Darren, then they reluctantly began getting dressed. Chris had to be going home for supper soon any way. All four boys went downstairs together, and Donnie walked to the door with Chris. As Fred, Chuck, Doug, and Darren watched on, Donnie gave Chris a very passionate good-bye kiss.

After Chris was gone, Chuck remarked, "Damn, that was cute!"

Everyone laughed at the remark, including Donnie. A few minutes later, Fred and Chuck was finishing dinner as Mary arrived. Fred would have made dinner himself, but today was his first day of being a bachelor and he didn't want a visit from the fire department. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and Mary complimented the two men, but mostly Chuck, on their cooking. Then everyone went to the living room and had a seat. Fred was the first to stand, and he asked Mary to join him.

"We wanted to let you kids know what is going on, because I'm sure you've noticed a few things that are different lately." said Fred. "Doug and Donnie, your mother went yesterday and filed for divorce from your father. His violent behavior had gotten out of control, and your mother was afraid for your safety. As for love, she and your father haven't really loved each other in years, but she was too afraid to do anything before now. Darren and Jenni, I filed for divorce from your mother today. The love in our relationship had also disappeared, and her greed for money caused her to do something that may have destroyed the family if I hadn't taken action. We want to assure you kids that we love you very much. Mary and I have also discovered that we are in love with each other, and I hope we can become one family someday." Then Fred and Mary sat down.

Darren stood up and asked, "Can I speak for all of us?" After getting a nod from Jenni, Doug, and Donnie, Darren said, "Us kids love you two very much. We don't have any problem with you being in love with each other, because if you're happy together, that's all that matters. As far as Arnold goes, I know it will be very difficult for Doug and Donnie to forgive him for beating them. As for mom, I don't know if I can forgive her for filing a lawsuit against me. We hope you two are happy together for a very long time."

Then it was Chuck's turn. "Fred and me came up with a way to almost guarantee that Arnold and Louise's lawsuit will be laughed out of court." said Chuck. "I've already mentioned this to Doug and Darren, and I think it is the best way to go now because the boys have a great deal of trust in Fred and Mary. I am going to rewrite the trust to include Fred and Mary in the trust. Before I go ahead and do this though, I believe Doug wanted to say something."

Doug nervously stood up and faced his mom. Darren could see he was a wreck over this, so he joined Doug. "Mom," said Doug, "when Darren and me were stranded on that island and thought we may never get home, we became more than just friends. I came to realize that I had been fighting something my whole life, and I decided to stop fighting it. Mom, Darren and me are lovers, and I am gay." By this time Doug was close to tears, and Darren was caressing and kissing his hand.

Mary got up and walked over to Doug. "Darren, please?" asked Mary. Darren let go of Doug's hand and took a step back, then Mary took Doug in her arms and laid his head on her shoulder. "Don't cry, my sweet young man." said Mary as she patted Doug's back. "Do you think your mother is blind? I can see how much love there is between you two boys when I see you together, and I could see it years ago when you were friends as young kids. I know there has always been something very special between you and Darren, and I will stand by you boys no matter what you need."

Then Mary looked at Darren and said, "Thank you for taking such good care of my very special boy Darren. I think you two were meant to be life mates, and I hope you continue to love and care for him as much as you have over the past several months. He deserves a boy as wonderful as you. There is no one else I'd rather have Doug be with."

Doug raised his head to look at his mother. The tears streaming down his face were now tears of happiness. He kissed his mother hard on the cheek and said, "I love you so much mom, and me and Darren will never disappoint you. I promise."

By this time there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The rest of the evening was filled with talk about future plans for the two families, their monetary situation, and how they would defend themselves against their former spouses.

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