No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 2

Before going out to search for food, both boys had to quench their thirst. They climbed up the small outcropping to the upper pond. This pond was actually a fresh water spring, which fed the lower pond and a small stream. Both boys leaned down and began gulping at the fresh water.

"Oh god!" exclaimed Doug. "I haven't had a drink of water in so long that I didn't know water could taste so good!"

"Me either!" giggled Darren. "And look at how pretty the bottom of this pond is!"

The spring was so clear that you could plainly see the bottom of it. Scattered across the bottom of the spring, a little way out from the shore, were some very nice looking red and blue stones. Doug had noticed them and thought that they looked nice, but didn't want to say anything.

"Leave it to you to point out how pretty everything is." said Doug. "I'm a little more interested in not dying of dehydration." Doug then noticed the reaction that his remark caused in Darren's face. "I'm sorry dude, I didn't mean it to sound that way. You're right, those stones at the bottom of the pond do look nice."

"I just wish you would stop trying to prove how macho you are to all of your buddies." replied Darren. "In case you haven't noticed, they're not here right now. That's right, I know how you guys are. Always trying to prove how cool you are to each other by treating people who are different from you like complete shit. If you're always going to put me down for me being who I am, then I don't know how long I'll be able to make it."

Something in Darren's reply struck a nerve in Doug. "Shit dude!" exclaimed Doug. "I said I was sorry and I don't usually say that, so when I do you can pretty much believe that I mean it. And why is it that you think you have me all figured out? I can guarantee you that you don't know half of what you think you do!"

"Doug," said Darren, "I don't want to fight with you. I've been fighting with you for years, and I'm tired of it. If I could have one wish, it would be for us to be able to get along with each other. It would be so much easier to do that, but you don't seem to want to have anything to do with that. I'm not asking for a lot from you. I don't want you to throw me to the ground and make love to me, or take me to the prom. I just want us not to hate each other." When Darren was done he let out a sigh. Darren knew that he had taken a big chance by opening up that much to a person that he still didn't completely trust yet.

Darren's remarks did get to Doug though. Doug motioned to Darren and said, "Come here." When Darren didn't move right away, Doug repeated his request. "Come here dude, I ain't going to hurt you."

When Darren cautiously moved closer to Doug, Doug surprised the hell out of the boy by putting his arms lightly around Darren in the way that a friend would.

"I am sorry Darren, and I really do mean it." said Doug. "We need each other now because we're all each other has right now. I know that I've acted like an asshole just to prove things to my friends and my old man, but you are right. They're not here right now, and I'm still acting like an asshole at times. I doubt I will throw you to the ground and make love to you, or take you to the prom, but I need you as a friend now. I'm going to really try to act better, but if I do forget every once in a while please don't hate me. I'd rather have you help me instead. Help me not to be a jerk, so I can be your friend instead." When Doug had finished, he was drained. That was as much as he had ever opened up to any guy before.

"Okay Doug," said Darren, "I'd love for us to be friends. Does that mean if we ever get off this island, you're not going to be ashamed of me in front of your other friends?"

Doug smiled and said, "You got a deal dude! And if they don't like it, then to hell with them!"

Darren smiled as he said, "Okay! There's just one more thing. I want you to admit that the bottom of our drinking pond is pretty, not nice."

Doug playfully pushed Darren away and said, "Okay you dufus, it is pretty. I wonder what those rocks are anyway?"

"Wouldn't it be something if our drinking pond was filled with rubies and sapphires?" asked Darren.

"Now you're dreaming." said Doug. "But it would be kind of ironic that we would be sitting on top of something like that, and it won't do us any good. Now, let's start looking for something to eat before I have to chop you up and eat you, like in that movie about the plane crash in the Andes."

"You wouldn't!" said Darren.

"You're right," said Doug, "I could never eat a friend." When Darren started to grin evilly Doug added, "And get your mind out of the gutter! That ain't going to help you one little bit!"

Darren then started laughing, followed shortly thereafter by Doug. Then the two boys set off on their quest for food. If they passed by something that neither boy recognized, they would leave it alone for now. When they saw some type of animal, they would wait to see if they could find out what the animal was eating. Within a few hours they had found several items that they had either recognized from the supermarket, or saw some animal eating. Before long both boys had filled their bellies for now.

"Do you know how fast I am going to get tired of fruits and leaves?" asked Doug after his food had settled.

"Yeah, but it does beat starving to death." replied Darren. "Besides, what else are we going to eat?"

"I'd love to be able to have a little meat from time to time," said Doug, "and before you say anything, you know what I mean! The only problem is that raw meat doesn't sound too appealing either."

Darren finished giggling and replied, "The Japanese eat raw fish all the time. It doesn't seem to bother them."

"Damn!" exclaimed Doug. "You're right dude, why didn't I think of that? It's a good thing that I snuck this on the plane then." Doug pulled a fairly good sized pocket knife out of his pocket.

"Holy crap!" responded Darren. "How in the world did you get that onto the plane?"

"That's easy," said Doug, "I'm smarter than the average airport security officer." Both boys laughed at that remark, then Doug continued. "All I have to do is find a stick that I can make a spear out of, then go into the water and spear us some fish. It can't be too hard, I've seen it done on TV before."

Darren giggled because he knew it would be at least a few weeks before they would be eating any fish, but Doug now had a goal to accomplish. Darren also remarked that the knife would come in handy for building the boys some kind of shelter, and for expanding their food supply to include coconuts. The shelter would have to wait though, because the sun was setting and the boys were about to spend their first night on the island.

The boys didn't know what to expect from their first night on the island, but they soon started to find out. The boys had decided that for now it would be safer to sleep with their clothes on, which turned out to be a good idea. As soon as the sun had disappeared completely, the nocturnal residents of the island began to make themselves known. Darren was quickly spooked by the noises that they heard, as he moved closer and closer to Doug with each new noise.

"Damn dude!" exclaimed Doug after a while. "If you get much closer some people might consider it a date!"

At that moment one of the louder animals decided to make itself known. The noise almost caused Doug to jump into Darren's arms.

"I thought I was getting too close." said Darren.

"That's okay." replied Doug. "I think we can get a little closer without feeling too weird about it."

It was more than okay with Darren. The contact with Doug's body began to relax him to the point where he wasn't quite as scared anymore. Doug also seemed to calm down somewhat. After a few minutes of being in Doug's strong arms though, Darren did notice a part of Doug that had not relaxed as it poked him in the leg. Darren smiled and finally drifted off to sleep without saying anything to Doug. He did not want to take a chance on spoiling this moment. As for Doug, there was something about being this close to Darren that made him feel good. As his friends might have observed though, a little too good. At this point though Doug didn't care, a few more minutes of this and most of him would be able to fall asleep. Doug decided that he would deal with his other feelings later, if at all.

As the sun came up both boys started to awaken. The first thing that both of them noticed was the feeling of something stinging them all over. "ANTS!" yelled both boys together.

They immediately ran for the ocean and jumped in, clothes and all. The salt water immediately washed the ants away, but it also made the small welts that the ants left on their bodies hurt even more. They both scurried out of the ocean and ran for their pond to wash the salt water off. After soaking in the pond for a few minutes they removed their clothes and rinsed them out. Then they hung their clothes up and jumped back into the water.

"Damn, that sucked!" yelled Doug.

"Yeah, I can think of better ways to wake up." said Darren. "They must have been attracted to our body heat. I guess the shelter and a couple of hammocks have just become our number one priority."

"I couldn't agree with that more." replied Doug.

The boys continued to play in the water until the ant bites started to soothe away. They put their clothes back on immediately, so they could begin working on a way to avoid any further contact with the ants. The boys found a spot near the beach that was slightly elevated and had six sturdy trees that formed a rectangle.

"These trees would make great corners for a hut." said Darren. "And there's two more toward the back that we could hang hammocks from."

"Okay!" said Doug. "That sounds awesome. Now let's see if we can find some vines or something to make these hammocks out of."

After searching the area for about an hour, the boys ran across a forested area that contained a huge supply of vines. Then they set about making their hammocks out of the vines. They took a break during the middle of the day to get water and some food, then returned to their task. By late afternoon Darren had finished making his hammock, which he had done a very good job on. Doug however, was still working on his. As evening approached Doug finally announced that he had finished his hammock.

"Didn't you overdo it just a bit?" asked Darren. "That thing looks like it might be big enough for three people!" Darren was secretly hoping that Doug would reply, "No, just two."

"I like to have a lot of room." said Doug. "You never know what might happen." Then Doug thought to himself, "Like I might want you to jump in it with me."

Doug was finding it harder and harder by the moment to deal with the feelings he was starting to have. For all of his life his dad and friends had been drilling it into him that those kinds of feelings were bad. Now Doug was beginning to hate the part of himself that was having those feelings. His dad and friends didn't know how hard it was to keep those feelings inside though. They weren't on this damned island, they were safe and sound in their nice homes. Doug still felt though that as long as he ignored those feelings, he would be okay.

The boys took their hammocks back to the trees that they has found earlier and hung them up. They made sure to leave plenty of room for when they built their shelter. They wanted a floor on their shelter so they hung the hammocks up high enough to allow room for that. Doug hung his hammock first, then hung Darren's hammock above it. By this time it was almost night time again, so Darren began trying to get into his hammock. Several minutes passed and Doug was already in his hammock, but Darren had not had any luck yet.

"Dude!" complained Darren. "You hung my hammock too high! I can't get in it."

"I had to hang them where I did so when we build a floor they won't be too low." replied Doug.

Darren was starting to think that Doug may have done it on purpose, but he didn't want to say anything. Instead he asked, "What am I suppose to do then?"

"I guess you can sleep with me if you have to." said Doug. Then he thought to himself, "What the hell did I just say?"

Meanwhile Darren was using all of his strength to remain calm. As calmly as possible he answered, "Okay, I guess so." Then Darren climbed into the hammock with Doug.

"Just watch your hands mister!" said Doug. "I will kick you out of here if I have to."

The two boys laid down together again for the second night in a row. On this night however, the air had become slightly hot and sticky. Soon both boys had stripped down to their underwear and eventually began snoring softly. Their dreams that night were quite different from each other.

Through no fault of his own, Darren had never known much peace in his life. Even with all the difficulties the boys were facing though, it was the most peaceful Darren's life had been in a very long time. Darren's dreams were now of finding someone and having a long and happy life with them. It was enough to make the boy smile in his sleep.

Doug, on the other hand, could not escape from his demons in his sleep. If anything, it made it easier for them to catch up to him. Doug knew that he hated himself most of all. He just couldn't figure out whether it was because of his feelings now, or the way he had acted in his past. His dreams were certainly no help now. His dreams found him dependent on the very people who had led him to this point, and no matter what he did he seemed to do the wrong thing. This night was no different. In this dream his friends were demanding that he make a decision about his friendship with Darren. To turn on Darren now would cause his death, but to not turn on the boy would completely ruin his life and make him wish he were dead. Doug awoke from his dream and looked at the boy laying beside him, then he began to cry quietly. If his friends were really his friends, how could they do this? Didn't they realize that Darren was the only person in his life right now? There was no one else. Doug decided that he wouldn't die and Darren wouldn't die, and if the world didn't like that then they could go to hell. When Doug fell back to sleep, he slept soundly through the rest of the night.

The boys awoke the next morning much more comfortably than they had on the previous morning. They decided to get dressed, then find something to eat. After breakfast they would begin working on their hut.

As Darren was getting dressed he smiled and said, "See, I didn't molest you during the night. You have nothing to worry about around me."

Doug smiled back and replied, "That's only because you know better dude." Then Doug's smile turned into a frown. "Besides, we may not have too much other choice than to trust each other, look!" Doug held out his shirt and pants to show Darren that they were starting to fall apart at the seams.

"Shit!" exclaimed Darren. "It must have been those damn ants! But my clothes are okay, see!"

Darren squatted and flexed his arms way out in front of him like he was in a mock bodybuilder's pose. At that moment both boys heard ripping noises coming from Darren's clothes.

"Fuck!" shouted Darren loudly.

Doug laughed and said, "At least we still have our underwear for now, although I don't know how long they will hold out either."

"Let's hope they hold out for a little while." said Darren. "I don't know how comfortable I would be starting a nudist colony on this island just yet."

The boys said good-bye to their shirts and pants and set out to gather breakfast. Darren was now having a very hard time keeping his eyes off the way Doug's muscles moved underneath his skin. Darren thought, "Why is this so difficult? It wasn't very long ago that me and Doug hated each other, and now I can't keep my eyes off of him. I know he'll never feel the same way about me that I do about him. Shit, if he knew what I was thinking now he would probably kick my ass." Darren concentrated really hard, and was finally able to clear the feelings he was having out of his mind. He would still look at Doug out of the corner of his eye every once in a while though.

The boys had their breakfast and began concentrating on building their hut. They gathered as much vines, bamboo, and fallen logs as they could to build their new home. Today was very different in that the boys had stopped quarreling so much, and were now working together as friends or teammates. At least as long as they kept themselves busy it was easier not to think about their confusing feelings. By evening the foundation of a hut was actually starting to take place.

"Well, I guess that's about all we'll get done for one day." said Doug.

"I think it's starting to look pretty good." said Darren.

"What do you mean?" asked Doug. "It doesn't look like much of anything right now. It would probably look more like a hut if you weren't staring at me all the time though, and helping out a little more. I hate to think what it would be like if we didn't still have our underwear."

"I can't believe this!" screamed Darren. "You remember when you said for me to let you know when you were acting like an asshole? Guess what dude? You're acting like an asshole!"

"Whoa there!" said Doug. "I catch you perving on me like a fag, and you want to turn this around on me? What do you take me for dude?"

"Answer me one question then." said Darren as tears began to form in his eyes. "Since when does anyone have to flex the muscles in their chest just to eat a mango? And when I'm behind you your butt muscles flex so much that you look like you're climbing a mountain. Why is that?"

With that, Darren ran off crying uncontrollably. Doug was on the verge of crying after he had caused Darren to run off, but he knew Darren would be back after he had calmed down. Doug laid down and waited, but Darren didn't return. It must have been the middle of the night when Doug finally broke down and began crying. He knew that if he didn't go and find Darren that the boy would never come back, and neither of them would be able to survive alone.

Doug searched and cried for what must have been hours. Finally, just before the sun began coming up, Doug spotted a lone figure sitting on an outcrop of rocks that jutted out into the ocean. He could tell that Darren was still crying, so he approached the boy cautiously as he dried his own tears.

When he got close enough Doug softly asked, "What are you thinking now?" When he got no response, Doug continued, "You must really hate me now. I don't know why I screwed up the only thing that should have been important to me right now, but even if you do hate me please don't run away from me. Hit me, cuss me out, or spit on me because after the things I said, I deserve it. Just don't stay away from me, please Darren."

"Do you really want to know what I'm thinking right now?" asked Darren. "I'll go ahead and tell you. I've been sitting here wondering if it would hurt if I just let myself slip off this rock into the water, and just let myself sink. My family must think that I'm dead by now anyway, not that they cared much when I was alive. I can't take it anymore Doug. I really can't." At that point Darren broke down again and began crying. This time though, he was joined by Doug.

As the sun began coming up, Doug spoke up again. "Shit dude, I had no idea it was that bad. What really hurts is that I also know that it probably wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for me. If anyone should slide off this rock and into the ocean, it should be me. I was wondering though if there wasn't some other way to handle this?"

"What do you mean?" sniffled Darren.

"Do you know how you're always asking what my problem is, and I keep telling you that you wouldn't understand?" asked Doug.

Darren looked at Doug and replied, "Yeah."

"I think it's about time that I gave you a chance and see if you do understand." said Doug. Doug then put his arms around Darren and added, "Just don't leave me dude, I need you."

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