No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

by tim

Chapter 20

Chuck drew up the new trust on his notebook, then printed it and had Doug and Darren sign it. He also had the boys sign new Power of Attorney forms for Fred and Mary. Now Chuck was satisfied that Arnold and Louise would never see a penny of the boys money, and Doug and Darren were free to go upstairs to their room. The boys ran across Jenni in the upstairs hallway.

"Hey sis," said Darren, "are you okay with everything that's been happening? I mean with the divorce, and dad being in love with Mary?"

"Seeing as how we're the only two people in this house not getting any dick, I'll stand behind dad no matter what." snickered Jenni. "Seriously though Dare, I'll trust you, Doug, and dad long before I'd trust mom. I can't understand why she would do what she did, and especially with Arnold! No offense Doug."

"None taken." chuckled Doug.

"That's good sis." said Darren. "You know how much I've always loved you and looked up to you. Now all we have to do is find you a guy!" Doug and Darren both snickered at that.

"I should be thrilled over you're offer to find me a guy, Dare." replied Jenni. "You've always had very good taste in guys." When Doug and Darren blushed, it was Jenni's turn to snicker.

Doug and Darren knew they were beaten this time, so they went into their room. Darren immediately started stripping Doug. Once Darren had Doug down to just his colored briefs, he began licking and kissing Doug's stomach. Darren's hands caressed Doug's butt cheeks through his briefs.

As Doug reached down to strip Darren's shirt off, he said, "Someone sure is in an affectionate mood tonight!"

"You heard your mom," said Darren breathlessly, "she wants me to ravage your beautiful body!"

"I don't think she quite said it like that, but it sounds great to me." giggled Doug.

Doug pulled Darren to his feet, so he could get to Darren's pants. Darren took the opportunity to relieve Doug of his underwear. Doug pushed Darren back onto the bed so he could get Darren's shoes and socks off, then took his pants and underwear off the rest of the way. Once both boys were naked, Doug jumped on top of Darren and wrapped his arms around him. The two boys then kissed each other very deeply and passionately. After several minutes Doug began kissing his way down Darren's body, stopping to gently suck on each of Darren's nipples. Then he continued his way down to Darren's navel, and on to Darren's erect cock. Doug looked at Darren's cock lovingly for a few moments.

"Dude," said Doug softly, "do you know how truly beautiful your cock is? Every time I see it, it fills me with a desire that I think I'll never be able to satisfy. Then I look at the beautiful person that it belongs to. I wonder how God could have created anything as perfect as you dude. I look at you and wonder how anyone can be as in love with someone as I am with you."

Doug kissed and caressed the head of Darren's cock with his lips, then took the entire beautiful shaft into his mouth. Then Doug began lovingly stroking Darren's entire cock with the inside of his mouth.

"Oh Doug!" moaned Darren softly. "God must have created two perfect people then, because whenever we make love it feels like we are one person. I feel like I could never be a complete person again without your love to make my heart beat, and make my spirit soar. You are everything in the world to me."

Doug continued to completely love Darren's cock with his mouth and lips. Every time Darren's heart beat, Doug could feel his cock pulse in his mouth. After a few more minutes, Doug crawled back up into Darren's warm and loving arms. Doug and Darren placed their lips together gently and began to explore the inside of each other's mouth. Both boys were consumed with an incredible passion as Doug separated from the kiss.

"I need to have you inside me Darren." begged Doug. "I need to feel the completeness that I feel when your beautiful cock is one with my body."

Darren gently laid Doug back on the bed and knelt between his legs, as if he were giving thanks for his prayers being answered. Darren lubed his cock, then gently placed it at the entrance to Doug's inner being.

"I love nothing more than when we're joined together as one soul." Darren said lovingly, as he slid his cock into Doug.

"Nothing could ever feel as perfect as what I felt just now." gasped Doug, with a euphoric smile on his face.

Doug looked so beautiful to Darren, as he began caressing Doug's insides with his cock. The boys were now joined together as one soul, but with each boy needing the other to be able to express their feelings of love. Every time Darren thrust into Doug it made his body tingle, and it made Doug's rectum pull at Darren as if he were trying to pull his lover completely inside of him. Darren looked down and saw Doug's beautiful cock bob up and down with each thrust, and he knew that Doug was being pleasured without being touched.

"Please don't let your love flow from that perfect cock until it can flow into me." begged Darren.

Doug would honor any request Darren made of him, so he would do whatever he had to to save himself for Darren. Darren picked up the pace of his thrusts, knowing that Doug was now trying to wait to have his love released. Darren felt the familiar feeling beginning in his balls, so he thrust into Doug with as much passion as he could. Darren went on automatic as his orgasm began to explode into Doug's body. Doug's rectum began pulling, trying to draw Darren's cum as deeply into his body as it could. Darren shot six strong blasts of cum into Doug, before the rest of his orgasm just flowed out into Doug. Darren was exhausted, but he continued to thrust in and out of Doug until his cock began to soften.

Then Darren summoned all his strength as he pulled himself out of Doug, and took Doug's throbbing cock into his mouth. Darren went all the way down until his lips were pressing into Doug's groin, and Doug's cock was just inside his throat. Darren then began to take Doug's cock in and out of his throat, as Doug began to sweat from the intensity of the feeling. As Darren was maneuvering the head of Doug's cock in and out of his throat, his tongue was massaging all around the base of Doug's cock. Doug's cock began to throb as he now rushed madly toward his orgasm. Darren still had some lube on his finger, so he placed it at Doug's pucker and waited. As soon as Darren felt the surge of Doug's orgasm in his cock, Darren plunged his finger into Doug and hit Doug's prostate. Doug groaned very loudly as he blasted eight strong shots of cum into Darren's hungry mouth. It was the most Doug had ever cum, but Darren swallowed every drop of the best tasting concoction that he knew of. Darren continued to suck and stroke Doug's prostate until he was sure that Doug could not cum any more. Darren climbed up into Doug's waiting embrace. The boys were so drained from their love making, that they were snoring softly in each other's arms in just a few minutes.

The rest of the week and the weekend went pretty smoothly. Louise seemed to have gotten the message, and did not try to contact her family. Darren and Doug had no problems at school, but the boys who started the trouble with them would be back on Monday. Monday also happened to be Craig's eighteenth birthday, and Mary had a special surprise for her oldest son. Mary knew that Craig was a lot like his father, and he hated his two brothers. That's why Mary was content to let them stay with Fred, along with the fact that Mary now had a buyer for the family home and made plans with Fred to move in with him and the kids. Mary and Fred both knew that since both their marriages were over and they were in love with each other, that they wanted to be together and be married when the divorces were final. Since Craig had graduated early and had finally found a job, Mary was going to have to tell him that he had to find a place of his own to live. She knew that like Arnold, Craig would never change, and there was no way that he could be with his brothers any more.

Also Chris's and Donnie's relationship continued to develop over the weekend. Doug and Darren were there to advise Chris to never be afraid to love whoever he wanted to love, even if it was another boy. This made Chris much more comfortable with making love to Donnie, even though they were sticking to oral sex for now. Chris was really beginning to grow fond of the feeling of Donnie's dick in his mouth.

The one thing that happened over the weekend that no one knew about involved Louise and Arnold. Louise felt that it would help their lawsuit against Doug and Darren if Arnold were not sitting in a jail cell. On Saturday she made arrangements to post bail for Arnold. The police were suppose to notify Mary if Arnold was able to post bail, but their wires got crossed and no one called Mary about it. Louise waited outside the jail for Arnold to be released, so she could take him back to Lansing.

"Hello Louise!" Arnold said in a friendly tone. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate being out of there. You are a very good woman, Louise." Arnold then held Louise while he kissed her quickly but softly.

"Thanks Arnold, it's nice to be around a rational man for a change." replied Louise. "I've had to give up on Fred coming around, especially since he filed for divorce from me."

"He WHAT?!" asked Arnold rather loudly. "What an asshole! How could any man divorce a good woman like you?"

"He's just completely blind as to what is best for everyone I guess." replied Louise. "It's okay though. I've found a comfortable place to stay for now, and if he never comes around then I don't need him! Now, do you have a place where you can stay for now Arnold?"

"Not really." replied Arnold. "My family has kicked me out too. Craig has never had any problem with me, but I don't know what's going on with my good son. Mary is probably trying to kick him to the curb too though! That stupid bitch!"

"Well," said Louise, "you're more than welcome to stay with me for now, and then we'll try to figure out what's going on with your family."

Arnold put his arm around Louise's shoulder and said, "Thanks Louise, you really are a great woman. If Fred can't see that then that's his loss!"

Arnold gave Louise another kiss, but a little more tenderly, then they both got into Louise's car. Louise and Arnold talked all the way back to Lansing, with Arnold trying to make a positive impression on Louise. When they finally got to Louise's apartment, she told Arnold to make himself at home. Arnold then asked if he could use the phone. He hoped Craig would answer the phone because Craig would never snitch on him.

Craig picked up the ringing phone and said, "Craig Atherton here. Can I help you?"

"Craig, my wonderful son!" answered Arnold. "It's so good to hear your voice! How are you doing, my fine young man?"

"Dad?!" Craig asked excitedly. "Is that really you dad? Are you still in jail?"

"It's really me son." replied Arnold. "I had to talk to the son I care about most as soon as they released me from jail. How are you holding up my special boy?"

"Now that I can talk to you again, I'm great dad!" replied Craig. "Where are you at dad? Do you need anything?"

"That's exactly why I called you son." said Arnold. "I need to see my good son. I know I haven't said this enough Craig, but you're very special to me. And also I need my stuff from the house. Could you bring me my stuff so I can see your handsome face, and talk to a real man?"

"Sure dad!" Craig said as he smiled a goofy grin. "I can't wait to see you again! You're not going to even believe the shit that's been going on around here, I'm not sure I believe it myself!"

"That bad, huh son?" asked Arnold. "Well, we'll talk all about it when you get here."

Arnold then gave Craig Louise's phone number and directions to her apartment, and said good-bye to his son. Now all he had to do was wait. Arnold got up and walked to the kitchen.

"You don't happen to have any beer here, do you Louise?" called out Arnold.

"Yeah." answered Louise from the back of the apartment. "I thought you might want to stay here for now, and I knew you'd be thirsty. It's in the fridge!"

Arnold got a beer from the fridge and took a long, hard gulp. That hit the spot, but Arnold realized that wasn't the only thing he was thirsty for. He walked to the back of the apartment as he drank his beer, and found Louise in the spare bedroom.

"Oh, hey Arnold." said Louise when she saw him. "I see you found the beer. If there's anything else you need, just ask. It's a good thing they only had two bedroom apartments left, huh?"

"Yeah, we might need it for something!" chuckled Arnold. "There was something else I needed Louise, but I'm almost afraid to ask."

Louise straightened up from making the bed and said, "Don't be afraid to ask me anything Arnold. Because of me and you being so close and like-minded, we're going to make ourselves very rich!"

"Yeah, that'll be great." said Arnold. "What would be even better would be to share all that money with a very classy lady, like you Louise. Maybe Fred don't know how to treat a lady, but I'd sure like the chance right now. Can I make love to you Louise?"

Louise was shocked by Arnold's blunt question, but she also found herself breathing a little heavier. Louise looked Arnold over carefully, and he did seem to be very manly to her. "Take off your shirt and turn around slowly for me Arnold."

Arnold smiled as he took off his shirt, then he struck a pose to show off his upper body and slowly turned all the way around. Arnold saw the look in Louise's eyes, and knew that she wanted this. He stepped up to Louise and began to remove her top, and Louise did not back away from his advance. Once the top was off, Arnold unsnapped Louise's bra and took her bosoms into his lustful hands. Arnold gently massaged Louise's breasts and looked into her eyes. He knew she wanted to continue.

"You are a very classy lady Louise." said Arnold. "You're also a very attractive lady."

Arnold placed his lips against Louise's and kissed her deeply. As he kissed her, Arnold reached down and unfastened her pants. When Louise felt her pants and panties hit the floor, she kicked her shoes off and stepped out of the rest of her clothes. Arnold laid Louise back on the bed and removed the rest of his clothes. His nine inch erection sprang up in need of release. When Arnold saw the look in Louise's eyes, he knew he had what he wanted.

Arnold and Louise finished their sexual encounter and straightened up just before the doorbell rang. "I wonder who that could be?" asked Louise with a puzzled expression on her face.

"That's probably Craig, my oldest son." replied Arnold. "He's the only one in my family I can trust now."

Arnold went to answer the door, and Louise followed him as far as the living room. When Arnold opened the door and saw Craig, he threw his arms around the young man.

"It's so good to see you again son!" said Arnold. "Come on in son. Set that box down and have a seat."

"There's more in my car dad." said Craig. "I got as much of your stuff as I could find. Mom came home as I put the last box in my car and tried to stop me, so I flipped her off and took off. She was so pissed!"

Craig chuckled as he set the box down, then walked into the living room to have a seat. When he saw Louise, Craig exclaimed, "What the heck?! What's going on dad?"

"Louise is helping me in the lawsuit against Doug and Darren." replied Arnold. "She also bailed me out of jail today, and has offered me a place to stay. Louise is a very good and classy lady, not to mention she's pretty damn attractive too!"

"I guess this makes as much sense as anything else that's happening lately." Craig said as he shrugged his shoulders.

Arnold went to the fridge to grab another beer, then he went ahead and took two out. Arnold came back to the living room and stuck the beer out toward Craig.

"You've always made me very proud of you Craig." said Arnold. "You act more like a man than a lot of men I know, and I think you deserve the right to be able to have a beer or two with your old man. Now, let's have a drink while you tell me what's going on."

Craig smiled as he took the beer, and said, "Thanks dad! You're the greatest dad a guy could have!"

Craig tried to act as though it was his first beer, so his dad would be even more proud of him. Craig was a good actor, and he had Arnold believing that he handled his first taste of beer very well. Arnold smiled as he was proud that his favorite son handled his first beer so well.

"You're a fine young man, Craig!" said Arnold proudly. "Now, tell me what's going on."

"Okay dad, but try to hold on to something." said Craig. "Mom has been spending a lot of time with Fred Chambers. I think they might be in love with each other." Louise flinched as Craig continued, "She's even threatening to sell our house, and I'll bet it's so she can move in with them. Doug and Donnie are both still staying over there. Doug wants to be queer with his queer boyfriend, and he wants to corrupt Donnie and turn him queer too."

Arnold's face turned a deep red as he gritted his teeth. He had never been so angry in all of his life, so he closed his eyes tightly and counted to ten. Then Arnold took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

"Did you know about this Louise?" asked a barely under control Arnold.

"I tried my best to put a stop to it Arnold." said Louise. "I always thought Darren would just grow out of it. I never dreamed that he would turn Doug gay first. I think Fred is the one to blame here, he actually looked like he encouraged that shit to happen. I should have taken those kids away from him long ago, and put Darren in a hospital until they could fix his head. I'm so sorry Arnold."

Arnold took a few more deep breaths and said, "Don't worry about it Louise, what's done is done. If your son has turned my son into a faggot, there's not much we can do now. I just wish they hadn't turned Donnie into a faggot too, but I hear that's how those people are! I can't believe Fred would encourage that faggot shit though, I'm really disappointed and upset with him."

"We'll teach them when we take those queers' money away from them though, won't we?" boasted Craig.

"That we will son." replied Arnold. "That we will. I won't forget who my only real son is either!"

The lines had now been drawn, and there was no turning back from the course that had been set. The threesome continued to sit around, drinking and talking for the rest of the day. Louise did make a beer run before she was over the limit, and Arnold and Craig got as drunk together as they could get. Arnold did show some sense in not letting Craig leave until the next morning, but that was about it.

Doug and Darren knew that Monday wouldn't be a good day, but they felt that they would make it through whatever they faced together. Marcus and his friends weren't happy about having been suspended from school, and it showed in their faces on Monday morning. The principal had left a message at the home of each boy who had been suspended, saying he would be keeping a close eye on them. Marcus didn't care though. A suspension on his record would not look very good when it came time for colleges to choose which high school football players would be joining them. Marcus couldn't afford to have another mark on his record, but he was determined to find a way to get even with Doug and Darren.

Doug and Darren first saw Marcus that day in homeroom, and immediately decided to stay as far away from him as they could. They had to change routes between classes several times throughout the morning to avoid Marcus, and they did a very good job until lunch. Doug and Darren took a seat in the corner of the cafeteria, trying to avoid trouble, but trouble was intent on finding them. Marcus spotted them in the corner and had his friends sit so they would block Doug and Darren from getting away. Then Marcus came up from their blind side.

"Hey ladies!" said Marcus. "I have a problem, and I need your help."

"I'm sorry," said Doug, "I'm not qualified to help anyone with the kind of problems you have Marcus!"

"Ha ha! Very funny, fudge packer." said Marcus. "But seriously girls, I need to know something. If there's a guy who likes other guys, and he likes you but you don't like him, how do you get unwanted faggots to stop hanging around? The reason I ask is because we definitely have a few unwanted faggots around here, and I need to get rid of them!"

Doug was about to get up, but Darren saw the principal coming up behind Marcus and he pulled Doug back down.

"Hello Marcus." said the principal. "Do you think that you're so much of a football hero that I won't expel you from this school?"

"I was,... I was,... just having a friendly chat with a couple of friends." said Marcus.

"What kind of an idiot do you take me for Marcus?" asked the principal. "No one talks to friends the way you just talked to those two boys. As a matter of fact, they're two boys who I would like to commend for doing everything in their power to avoid this kind of scene. You are a completely different story though Marcus. I don't want to see you or any of your friends around these two boys. If you so much as touch them or say one word to them, I will expel you from this school so fast that you won't know what happened to you. Do you understand me Marcus?"

Marcus lowered his head and his voice, and answered, "Yes sir."

"Good!" said the principal. "Now go over to the table where your friends are sitting, and tell them that I want your group on the far side of the cafeteria before I change my mind and start expelling people today."

Marcus took off, and a few moments later his group moved to the far side of the cafeteria. Doug and Darren could tell they weren't happy, but they were off their backs for now.

"Thank you sir." said Doug. "Could you tell us something though sir?"

The principal sat down at the table and replied, "Go ahead son, what do you want to know?"

"Why are you watching out for us like that?" asked Doug. "Don't say it's because it's your job either. I want the truth. If most strangers knew we were gay, they wouldn't care what happened to us. You really seem to care though. Why?"

The principal looked at Doug and Darren and took a deep breath, then said, "When I was a kid I had a brother who I loved very much, even though I knew he was gay. He was a great kid though, and we had a lot of fun together. One day he was beaten by a bunch of homophobic gay bashers like Marcus and his group, and he never woke up again. I'll never let anything like that happen again if I can prevent it boys. The really spooky thing is, my brother's name was Darren too. Please be careful around Marcus and his friends, and I'll find some way to put a stop to this, okay boys?"

After a cold shiver ran up and down both Doug's and Darren's spine, they both answered, "Yes sir."

As the boys went on about their school day, the principal went back to his office and cried. It had been so long since he had cried over the loss of his brother. He was determined that no one else should have to go through what he had though.

The rest of the school day was pretty uneventful for Doug and Darren. Finally it was time for Doug and Donnie to attend Craig's eighteenth birthday party. Doug didn't really want to go, but Mary said she might need some help when she gave Craig her news. Mary was convinced more and more every day that Craig was a carbon copy of his father, and now she didn't completely trust him.

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