No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

by tim

Chapter 21

Doug had not wanted to involve Darren in his family's mess, but Darren insisted on going with Doug and Donnie to Craig's birthday party. He was sure Craig wouldn't try anything with all of them there. Mary met the boys at the door and gave each one, including Darren, a hug as they came in. Mary and the boys went on in to the family room, where Craig was waiting.

"Well, well!" exclaimed Craig. "It looks like all the fags have shown up today!"

"I can tell you're thrilled to see me Craig." replied Doug. "Happy birthday anyway brother. I got you this." Doug handed Craig an envelope that he had brought with him.

"That was damn nice of you, my queer little brother." mocked Craig. "What do we have in here?" Craig opened the envelope and examined its contents, then asked, "What kind of a birthday present is this Doug? A gift certificate for U-Haul?"

"You'll find out soon." replied Doug.

Darren snickered quietly at Doug's last remark, just before the party was interrupted by someone clearing their throat in the doorway.

"No Doug, you explain it to your brother!" said Arnold. "Would you also explain why this little fag is here in our house?" Arnold then pointed at Darren.

"This isn't your house anymore Arnold!" yelled Mary. "You're violating a restraining order by being here!"

"Shut the fuck up, you slut bitch!" snapped Arnold at Mary. Arnold then cornered Darren and said, "My boy wouldn't be a fag if it weren't for you! I should teach you a lesson for trying to turn my son into a fag, you disgusting little piece of shit! Maybe with you out of the way, everything will be like it use to be." Then Arnold went after Darren.

"Leave him alone you asshole!" screamed Doug.

When Arnold grabbed Darren by the throat with both hands, Doug went insane with rage. Doug landed a flying kick with both feet to Arnold's side, sending his dad stumbling away from Darren and falling to the floor. Craig the decided it was time to help his dad, so he went after Doug. Donnie rammed into Craig with all of his might before Craig could get to Doug. Craig picked Donnie up and hurled his body onto the coffee table, and bouncing into the sofa.

At the same time, Doug was screaming to his dad, "Darren didn't turn me gay you son of a bitch! I would be gay even if it weren't for Darren! He just happens to be the guy I love!"

"You can't mean that Doug!" exclaimed Arnold, with hatred building on his face.

"I do mean it, you retarded asshole!" screamed Doug. "As a matter of fact, Darren isn't the only guy I've ever had sex with! I sucked a Russian guy's cock once, and I really liked sucking his cock!"

"You faggot bastard!" yelled Arnold, who know knew his son was gay. "I wanna know who your slut mother was fooling around with before you were born, because you sure didn't come from my seed!"

Then Arnold sprung up and rushed at Doug. Craig decided that he would make sure that Darren did not interfere. As Darren started at Arnold, Craig hit him in the head, sending him flying to the floor. By this time Arnold had knocked Doug down, and was on top of him, holding him by the shoulders.

"Leave him alone daddy!" screamed Donnie. "If you hate Doug because he's gay, then you hate me too! I'm in love with Chris Parker, and we've had sex too!"

By this time Donnie had gotten up again, and kicked Arnold in the head. Arnold was stunned slightly by the kick to the head, so Craig struck Donnie and knocked him backward. By this time Darren had gotten up again.

"I owe you one asshole!" Darren screamed at Craig. Darren launched himself at Craig, striking him in the midsection and knocking the wind out of him. Just as Darren was about to try to get Arnold off of Doug, a shot rang out. Mary was standing in the doorway, holding a pistol straight up in the air. Then she lowered it down toward Arnold.

"You get off my son, you bastard!" ordered Mary. Once Arnold had gotten up, Mary said, "Darren, get Doug away from him please! Donnie? DONNIE!?"

Donnie had been knocked out briefly, but was starting to come around. "Yeah mom." replied Donnie groggily.

"Darren honey, please help Donnie too." said Mary, who was sobbing lightly.

"Now honey," said Arnold nervously, "please put the gun away and let's talk this out like a family."

"Like you were just trying to talk to MY sons!" screamed Mary. "You shouldn't have come here Arnold! You don't belong here anymore!"

"It's my oldest son's eighteenth birthday!" shouted Arnold. "You can't expect me not to be here for that!"

"You and Craig can both get out of here and go to hell!" screamed Mary. "I've sold the house, and Craig has to leave anyway! He's not going with me and the other boys! I imagine the police are probably on their way here by now, so if the both of you don't want to go to jail tonight, I suggest you get out of here now!"

Arnold helped Craig up and said, "Let's go son, we have another home now."

"If you ever come around me or the boys again Arnold, I'll kill you the next time!" warned Mary.

After Arnold and Craig had left, Mary slumped onto the couch and began crying. The three boys limped over to the couch to join Mary. Donnie sat on one side and leaned into his mother, and Doug and Darren sat on the other side and rubbed Mary's shoulders.

"It's okay mom." said Doug softly. "It's over now. If dad has any sense at all, he'll never come around us again. We love you mom."

"You kids should never have had to go through that though." cried Mary. "I should have had the guts to throw him out of here after Donnie was born."

"Don't blame yourself mom." begged Doug. "It's not your fault that dad is insane. We know you love us, and we love you too."

At that moment, they were interrupted by the doorbell. Darren went to answer the door for Mary and the boys, and was greeted by several police officers with their batons out.

"Is everything okay here young man?" asked the officer. "We have a report of a fight and gunshots at this address. Would you like someone to look at that eye?"

"A couple of guys tried to beat us kids up." said Darren. "The gunshot was Doug's mom trying to scare them away. They're gone now."

"Can we come in and talk to everyone?" asked the officer.

"Sure sir, come on in." replied Darren.

Darren led the officers into the family room, to talk to Mary and the boys. A few moments later, they were joined by paramedics who were called to look the boys over.

The officer who was taking Mary's report examined the gun that had been fired, then unloaded it and gave it back to her.

"You do realize that using a firearm to defend yourself does have risks, right?" asked the officer.

"He was crazy though." said Mary. "He was going to kill the boys!"

"We'll have him picked up too." replied the officer. "If he had come at you though, you would have either had to shoot him or he may have taken the gun away and used it on you or the boys. We'd like to take the boys to the hospital, to have them looked over for our report. Can you call Darren's dad and have him meet us there?"

"Okay, let me call Fred real quick, and I'll be ready to go." said Mary.

Fred met Mary at the hospital while the doctor's were still looking at Donnie. Mary, Doug, and Darren filled Fred in on what had happened. Fred did not lose his temper much, but Darren could tell that his dad was very close to it. Darren went over and clasped his dad's hand tightly.

"We should let the police and the court handle this dad." said Darren. "They'll teach Arnold and Craig a much better lesson than we could."

Fred finally looked down at his son, then smiled and said, "You're right son, they will. You certainly have grown up to be a bright young man Darren."

Darren put his arms around his dad and said, "I try to take after the greatest guy in the world dad, you."

Fred leaned down and kissed Darren lightly on the forehead, then said, "Thanks son, I love you so much."

The doctor finally came back out with Donnie and said, "Everything has checked out okay with Donnie, he may have a slight concussion is all. Just keep an eye on him for the next twenty-four hours. I'll copy the reports for all of the boys for the police. Sorry about the problem you had tonight."

As everyone was leaving the hospital, Mary said, "Can you take the boys with you tonight Fred? I don't want them in that house tonight, just in case."

"Only if you come to Mary." replied Fred. "I don't want you in that house tonight either, just in case." Then Fred smiled as he continued, "Besides, there's plenty of room for you in my bed."

The boys looked back and smiled, as Doug said, "Come on guys, no making out in front of the hospital!"

"Yeah, geez!" added Darren. "Get a room or something!" Then all three boys began laughing for the first time that evening.

Mary smiled and said, "I guess there's no use fighting it dear."

As Mary and Fred shared a brief but passionate kiss, The boys all began acting as though they were choking and gagging. Then they all doubled over from laughter. The ride home was much happier than the ride to the hospital. When they all got to Fred's house, Doug and Darren went straight to their room and began undressing each other.

"Are you sure you feel up to making love tonight Darren?" asked Doug.

"Just try to stop me!" said Darren as he guided Doug's naked body back onto the bed. Darren laid naked on top of Doug as he looked warmly into Doug's eyes, then said softly, "I loved it when you told Arnold about Gregori. He looked like he was going to pass a bowling ball out of his ass."

Doug giggled as he replied, "You say the sexiest things Darren."

Darren lowered his lips to meet Doug's, and the two boys began exploring each other's mouth, while they gently caressed their lover's entire body. After a few minutes of this, Darren softly said, "I need to taste your beautiful cock Doug."

"Then turn around so I can pleasure the most wonderful cock in the world." replied Doug breathlessly.

Darren turned around and took Doug's cock lovingly into his mouth. At the same time, Doug swallowed Darren's cock all the way to the base. Darren began to slowly caress Doug's throbbing cock with his lips and tongue. When Darren had only the head of Doug's cock in his mouth he applied a light suction to it, and then slowly slid back down the shaft with his lips. As Doug would go as far down on Darren's cock as possible, he stuck his tongue out and gently bathed Darren's balls with it. Soon both boys were moaning in the throes of passion, and hoping their love-making would last a while. Even though both boys wanted desperately to cum after five minutes, they wanted to hold their loads as long as possible because their lover was having such a great time loving their cock. After ten minutes though, Doug could not hold back much longer.

"I'm gonna cum in your mouth soon my angel." moaned Doug.

"Let me slide underneath you Doug." panted Darren. "I want you to pull out when you cum, and shoot it all over my face while I watch it come at me. Then I want you to lick your cum from my face, okay babe?"

"You better do it now then!" gasped Doug.

Darren slid underneath Doug while gently sucking his cock, then Doug immediately backed it out of Darren's mouth. Darren stared at Doug's cock as he pumped it with his hand. Then he saw Doug's cum shoot out toward his face. Darren watched Doug cum on his face, until some of Doug's cum shot into his eyes. Darren blindly stroked the rest of Doug's cum from his cock, then let go of it and waited. Darren then felt Doug's lips lift off of his cock.

Doug turned around and said, "You look beautiful with my cum all over your face Darren. I didn't know I was cumming so much now dude."

A few seconds later, Darren felt Doug's soft tongue licking and stroking his entire face. Doug hungrily sucked and licked his cum from Darren's face. Darren's entire face was covered with Doug's cum, so it took Doug a little while to clean Darren off.

"You got it in your eyes, didn't you Darren?" asked Doug.

Darren softly replied, "Yeah, I got carried away."

"When you feel my lips around your eye, go ahead and open it." said Doug.

Doug placed his lips over Darren's right eye, and Darren complied with Doug's instructions. Doug gently sucked the offending cum from Darren's right eye, the they repeated the process for his left eye. As soon as Darren could see again, Doug laid down on his back and asked Darren to straddle his face. Darren put one leg on each side of Doug, and brought his cock down to Doug's waiting mouth.

"I want you to fill my mouth with your cum Darren." begged Doug. "I can't get enough of your taste."

Then Doug took Darren's cock back into his mouth. Darren had remained erect while Doug was cleaning his face, so he wouldn't last too long. Within a few moments, Darren's orgasm was about to explode from his cock.

"I love you Doug!" gasped Darren. "I'm cumming dude!"

Doug swallowed quickly as Darren began firing about eight good shots of cum into Doug's mouth. After Doug had sucked all of the cum from Darren, Darren laid down beside Doug. Both boys embraced each other as they kissed for a few more minutes, then they fell asleep in each other's arms.

That night, Doug dreamt that the wall Darren had been trapped behind for his whole life was now gone. The demons that had attacked the boys before had come back, and Doug had been able to slay most of then with Darren's help. One last demon appeared though, and it was more fearsome than any other that had come before. It now stood between Doug and Darren, wondering which boy to go after first. Doug woke up during the night, in a cold sweat. Then he looked at the sweet, sleeping face of his lover.

"Don't worry my angel," whispered Doug, "whatever happens, I'll make sure the demon doesn't get you. I'd sacrifice my life for you Darren." Doug was then able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next day at school wasn't too bad for Doug and Darren, although everyone except Doug's old friends wanted to know why the two boys looked like they had been beaten up. This included the principal, who talked with Doug and Darren for most of the lunch period. He told Doug and Darren if they needed anything to not hesitate to see him. Doug also ran across his coach, who warned Doug to stop causing trouble for his teammates if he wanted to continue to play football. Doug mentioned that conversation to the principal at the end of the day.

"Yes, I've been keeping a close eye on coach Dunbar since the end of the football season last fall." said the principal. "To be honest, the school board would love to replace him right now, but he has a contract as our coach. Unless he does something to violate the contract, I can't do much. I will continue to keep a very close eye on him though, because the rest of the team has to be learning their hatred from someone."

Doug and Darren went on home after talking to the principal. When they asked how Donnie was doing, Mary said that he had come in with his friend Chris about ten minutes ago. Meanwhile, Chris and Donnie were on Donnie's bed, removing each other's clothes.

Once they were naked, Donnie said, "Go ahead and lie face down with your butt up a little Chris."

As Chris laid on the bed, Donnie got out a small tube of KY he had gotten Doug to buy him. Donnie began rubbing the jelly into Chris's opening, and sticking his finger into Chris.

"Whoa dude!" said Chris. "What are you doing Donnie?"

"I'm getting you ready so I can put my dick inside you and make love to you dude." replied Donnie.

Chris turned halfway over to look at Donnie, and said, "I don't know dude, I don't think I'm that gay yet. If you want me to fuck your ass though, that might be kinda fun."

"I can't believe you Chris!" said Donnie in disbelief. "You've been saying how much you love me, then you take what should be really special, and make it sound dirty. This isn't about fun anymore dude, it's about love. All I want to do is show you how much I love you."

"I do love you dude." replied Chris. "It's just that, well, letting a guy fuck you is really, really gay. My brother found out what I've been doing and was going to tell my folks. He said what we've done so far isn't too gay, but if I ever let you fuck me he is going to tell my parents."

"Do you really love me Chris?" asked Donnie fearfully.

Chris seen that Donnie was close to being upset, so he smiled and replied, "Of course I do Donnie, I just don't want to get in trouble."

"Then don't tell anyone what we're doing." said Donnie.

With that, Donnie turned Chris back over as he lubed himself. Chris tried to turn over again, but Donnie held onto him as he lined himself up. Once Donnie was lined up he said, "Tell me to stop and I will Chris. I'm not going to force you into this."

Donnie waited for Chris to respond, but all Chris did was weakly try to turn again. When Chris didn't say anything, Donnie pushed himself into Chris. Donnie drove his dick inside of Chris's butt as far as he could, which caused Chris to gasp sharply. It did hurt a little bit at first, but Chris didn't say anything. Donnie kept his dick fully embedded in Chris for a few moments.

Then Donnie asked softly, "Do you want me to take my dick out of you Chris? I'll stop right now if you tell me to."

"No." was all Chris said.

"What do you want me to do then Chris?" asked Donnie.

Chris weakly replied, "Make love to me dude."

Donnie leaned down and kissed Chris's neck and back, as he slowly thrust his dick in and out of Chris's butt. Soon Chris was moaning lowly and contentedly at the feeling of Donnie's dick inside him. Donnie nibbled lightly at Chris's neck and gently massaged his shoulders, as his balls began slapping loudly against Chris's ass.

"Oh Donnie, I was so afraid of what would happen to me if I let you do this to me." moaned Chris softly. "Now I don't ever want you to stop making love to me. Your dick feels so good inside me that I don't ever want you to take it out of me." Then Chris's rectum began instinctively clamping around Donnie's dick and pulling it in deeper.

"I love you so much Chris." panted Donnie. "This was what I wanted to show you today, how much I love you."

Donnie's instincts then took over, and he began humping in and out of Chris faster and faster. Chris began moaning and grunting louder from the pleasure that Donnie was filling his young body with. Chris grabbed one of Donnie's hands and pulled it around to his face, then began sucking madly on Donnie's fingers. This drove Donnie wild, and he began humping Chris with all of the power and energy that he could. After a few minutes, Chris removed Donnie's fingers from his mouth and placed them over his painfully erect dick.

"Please cum inside me Donnie!" begged Chris loudly. "I need your cum in me, to become a part of me forever!"

Then Donnie's orgasm struck him like a bolt of lightning from heaven. In the midst of the most intense orgasm he ever had, Donnie cried out, "AH... AHH... I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!"

When Donnie's orgasm was over he collapsed on top of Chris, unable to move from exhaustion. Chris gently slid Donnie off onto the bed, and looked into his beautiful smiling face. Chris leaned in and passionately kissed Donnie on his still trembling lips.

Then Chris softly said, "I'm so happy that you're the first boy to ever put himself inside me and make love to me. I feel so good having your cum inside me now. Now, just lay right there and let me make love to you."

Chris then sat over Donnie and lubed Donnie's pucker. He watched intently as his finger slid in and out of Donnie. Once Chris was satisfied with that, he put some of the lube on his dick too. Then Chris climbed on top of Donnie, and placed his dick against his boyfriend's hole. Chris somehow knew how Donnie would like it, so he pushed his dick all the way into Donnie quickly, causing Donnie to smile even more. Chris then began thrusting in and out of Donnie as hard and fast as he could. This caused Donnie to grunt and gasp in succession, showing his approval at what Chris was doing.

After a few minutes Chris panted, "Oh Donnie, you feel so good wrapped around my dick. I'm not gonna be able to hold it dude! Here I cum Donnie! I'm... CUMMMING!!"

Chris emptied one of his largest orgasms ever into Donnie, then slumped onto Donnie's back. After resting for a few moments, Chris slid down and took Donnie into his arms. The two boys professed their love for each other between passionate kisses. As the two boys lay naked in the bed kissing, Doug and Darren walked into the room.

"Okay little bro, I guess I'm gonna need to teach you about locking your door while you two are fooling around." said Doug.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Darren. "Look at the looks on their faces Doug. They just did IT!"

"My little bro and Chris?" asked Doug. "No way dude!"

"Are you guys just trying to embarrass us?" asked Donnie with a smile.

"Come on over here and let's find out Doug." said Darren. Darren walked over and felt both boy's flaccid dicks, then said, "Just as I thought babe, their dicks are covered with KY."

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Doug, who then walked over to the bed and ran his hand through both boy's ass cracks. "You're right dude!" said Doug. "They have KY all over their puckers too." Then Doug looked at Donnie and said, "Way to go little dude!"

Darren rubbed Chris's head and said, "Congratulations to you too, little sport. You couldn't have found a nicer boy to lose your cherry to."

"Go ahead and yuck it up you clowns." said Donnie.

"Yeah, laugh all you want." said Chris. "It was still the best time I've ever had!"

Donnie and Chris sat up and gave each other a loving hug. They were soon joined by Doug and Darren in a warm group hug.

"I'm so happy for both of you guys!" said Doug. "You two take really good care of each other, and I hope you're happy together for the rest of your lives."

The four boys shared a group hug, and some friendly kisses, for quite a while as they sat on Donnie's bed.

Jenni ran into the room and said, "You guys, come downstairs quick!" then she put her hand over her eyes and continued, "Sorry Donnie and Donnie little friend. I didn't see anything, honest! You guys have to get dressed and come downstairs though. Fred and Mary are gonna get married!"

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