No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

by tim

Chapter 22

Once all the boys were dressed and downstairs, Fred had everyone gather in the living room.

"Me and Mary wanted this little announcement to be a surprise, but we didn't think about the most efficient communication network in the world living here." said Fred. "I just want everyone to know that me and Mary love each other very much, and that's our only consideration for getting married. We won't be able to do this until both of our divorces are final, but we want to do it as soon after that as we can. Doug and Donnie, I want you two boys to know that I will love both of you like I do my own children, and I'll try to raise you like your father should have. What happened to you boys yesterday will never happen again as long as I can help it."

"I also want Darren and Jenni to know that I will love and nurture them as their real mother would." said Mary. "I think what Louise and Arnold are doing to their own children is revolting and trashy, and I would never put anything above any of you kids. Darren, I know that it might seem kind of awkward now that you and Doug will be brothers, but everyone here knows how you two felt about each other long before this happened. We all think that the love you two share is a beautiful thing, and we hope that it continues just as strong after me and Fred are married. None of us will ever even think of you two as two brothers having sex. You are both two very special people who share a beautiful love for each other."

"Okay everyone." said Fred. "Me and Mary finished moving everything from your old home today. Most of it is in the garage now, so Donnie and Doug will have to go through everything to see what is theirs. We kept everything together, so it shouldn't be too hard. This is where everyone lives now, so I want everyone to consider this house as their home, except for you Chris but you're welcome here any time. Does anyone have any questions?"

After Fred and Mary got done playing twenty questions with the kids, everyone got ready to go out for a celebration dinner. Fred, Mary, and the kids had a great evening, and everyone was happy about Fred and Mary's plans. That evening when they returned home, there was a very handsome boy waiting in front of the house for them. Doug knew the boy as Cory Hawkins, his team's place kicker. Doug and Darren stayed behind to talk to the high school senior, as everyone else went inside. Jenni did do quite a bit of staring on the way inside though.

"So Cory, what brings you out here tonight?" asked Doug. "I take it you don't hate us like Marcus and his friends do."

"No Doug, I don't hate you and Darren at all." said Cory. "I like you guys, but Marcus would try to have me beaten up just for talking to you two like this."

"I would hate to think of that happening, seeing as how you're one of the few people at school who have actually told us that you like us." said Doug. "The team is really going to miss you next year. Why don't you hate us too though Cory?"

"You're not gay too are you?" asked Darren.

"No, I'm not gay." replied Cory. "I'm the only teenage guy in my house that can say that though. My younger brother Adam, who'll be taking my place on the team next fall, is gay. I don't want to think of him having to put up with Marcus, even if it will be only for one year. You guys can't let Marcus keep getting away with the shit he's doing now, because it will only get worse. By the way, Adam is so jealous of you Doug. He kinda had a crush on Darren before you guys disappeared."

"Are you prepared to help us stop him Cory?" asked Doug.

"That's why I'm here tonight." replied Cory. "You guys need to be really careful at school this week. Marcus has something bad planned, and the coach is putting him up to it. I overheard the coach talking to him today, but I didn't catch what Marcus was planning. I wish I could be more help to you and Darren than that."

"Maybe you can be." said Darren. "Would you be willing to go to the principal with what you overheard?"

"If it were more than my word against his, I'd love to see that asshole hang." replied Cory. "Right now though I'd just be seen as a trouble maker, and that's not a good thing with college offers coming in now. I will try to get more than just my word though. My brother has one of those micro recorders, and I'll get the asshole to admit it on that if I can. You guys be careful in the meantime though. I'd hate to think of anything happening to either of you."

Cory's warning was very serious, but Darren couldn't help but to giggle as he noticed his sister staring out the window at their guest.

"Dude, what's so funny?" asked Doug. "Cory kinda scared me with what he said just now."

"It's not that Doug." replied Darren. "I hate to tell you this Cory, but I think my older sister has the hots for you! She's been staring out here all the time."

"No way dude!" exclaimed Cory. "Your sister is pretty fine! Are you sure about that?"

"There's one way to find out." said Darren. "Why don't you come on in and let me introduce you two."

"Uh,... sure, I guess." replied Cory.

Doug and Darren could both tell from the tent in Cory's pants that he was more interested than he let on. Doug and Darren led Cory into the house, then went to find Jenni. It wasn't too hard, seeing as how Darren had just spotted her staring out the window. Darren had Doug and Cory wait outside the room, as he went in to talk to Jenni first.

"Hey sis, how ya doin?" asked Darren. "Is there any way I could get you to do me a favor?"

"What's that Dare?" replied Jenni nonchalantly.

"You remember the guy who was waiting for me and Doug when we got home?" asked Darren.

"I vaguely remember a guy waiting outside when we got home." replied Jenni.

"His name is Cory Hawkins, and he was the field goal kicker on Doug's team." said Darren. "He's a senior like you though, so he'll be going to college in the fall. Probably a pretty good one too, considering he's the best high school kicker in the country. Who knows, he may end up going to State or the U of M. There is a problem though, he kinda has the hots for you. That's practically all he can talk about right now. Is there any way you could, like talk to him? If you don't like him, don't worry about it. All you have to do is talk to him. He seems like a really nice guy though, and pretty good-looking too."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk to your friend Dare." said Jenni, as she tried not to look as excited as she really was. "Go ahead and tell him to come on in."

Darrren giggled as he rejoined Doug and Cory. "Damn Cory, I've never seen my sister have the hots for anyone like she does for you. Go ahead and go on in, but be warned, she may try to take advantage of you. I think she's tired of being the only one in this house besides dad who isn't getting any dick! Try not to have too much fun dude."

Cory was pitching a very noticeable tent as Darren shooed him in to talk to Jenni. It was enough to make Darren and Doug laugh uncontrollably after Cory had went in to talk to Jenni. They finally went to their room to talk seriously about Cory's warning to them. They even called downstairs to Fred, to have him join them. Fred did give them good advice on how to look out for themselves, and he left briefly to call the boys principal. He came back up after that, to help the boys figure out what to do.

It had been about an hour since Cory had been introduced to Jenni, and Cory was trying to figure out how he could get his tongue any further down her throat. It seemed to be blocked though, because Jenni was trying to do the same thing to Cory. Cory didn't know how much more of a tent his pants could make without ripping to shreds at this point. The two finally came up for air.

"I hope you don't think I'm too easy, or cheap and trashy." said Jenni. "I'd love to help you with that problem you have with your pants Cory. I think I fell in love with you the second I saw you, and I kinda hope you feel the same way too. We don't have to do anything you don't want to do though."

Cory took out his cell phone and said, "Let me call my parents to tell them I might not be home tonight. I don't think you're too easy at all Jenni. As a matter of fact, I've kinda been noticing you for a while. I would love to make love to you Jenni."

As it turned out, Donnie would be the only one left out tonight. He tried to talk Chris into coming back over to spend the night, but his parents wouldn't allow it on a school night. So as Fred and Mary laid down to make love, and Jenni and Cory laid down to make love, Doug and Darren were preparing themselves for their love making.

"I want to try something a little different tonight Doug." said Darren.

"Your wish is my command." replied Doug. "What do you want to do tonight?"

"I want to start off laying on my stomach, with my butt facing up." said Darren. After you get done rimming my ass out good, I want you to climb on top of me and hump me from behind. I want you to do it really hard, but not too fast. Then when you get about ready to cum, I want you to turn me over really quick and ram your cock right back into my mouth. I want you to hump my face like you just did my butt, until you fill my mouth with your cum. What do you think?"

Doug kissed Darren breathlessly as hard as he could, then panted, "Why don't you lay down and let's find out!"

Darren laid on his stomach and stuck his beautiful butt into the air to entice Doug, who dove onto it ravenously. Doug spread Darren's cheeks, and buried his face between them. Doug ran his tongue along the cleft between Darren's cheeks several times before concentrating his tongue on Darren's pucker. Darren was now moaning quite heavily, as Doug attacked the rosebud with his tongue. Darren loved it when Doug was wild, and he had found a good way to drive him that way. Darren felt nothing but pleasure as Doug pushed at his hole with his tongue. Darren finally relaxed to the point where Doug's tongue forcefully slipped into him. Doug shoved his tongue as far into Darren as it would go, and ate hungrily at Darren's hole. Doug now didn't mind that his tongue didn't come out of Darren completely clean, after all, Doug loved everything about his boyfriend. As a matter of fact, the slightly tart taste that Doug got on his tongue turned him on in a big way. Doug ate Darren's hole forcefully, until it was slightly open and wet.

Doug backed off Darren, then took his achingly hard cock and put it inside his boyfriend. Darren sighed a sigh of ecstasy as he felt Doug's cock go all the way into him. Then Doug pulled almost all the way out, and drove himself into Darren hard. So hard that the boys heard an audible whack as Doug's balls hit Darren's butt. Doug and Darren both grunted loudly as Doug went into him. Slowly, Doug repeated the process again, producing the same noise when his balls struck Darren's butt.

"Oh God!" moaned Doug. "Whenever my balls hit your butt that hard, it sends a jolt right through them. It feels so fucking incredible dude!"

"Oh Doug." moaned Darren softly. "You're making me feel so good that it's driving me crazy dude."

Doug continued to thrust into Darren hard and slow until he felt his orgasm building. When Doug was close enough, he pulled out of Darren and turned him over. Darren's mouth was already open, so Doug rammed his cock into Darren's throat. He thrust his cock in and out of Darren's mouth and throat the same way he had done to Darren's butt, with his balls now whacking against Darren's chin. After only about a half dozen thrusts, Doug began to grunt continuously. Oh his next thrust in, Doug began to shoot his cum down Darren's throat, then he backed off to shoot the rest of it into Darren's hungrily sucking mouth. Darren wanted to make sure that he cleaned Doug's cock off, as well as completely drained it at the same time. Darren could taste the taste of his insides mingling with Doug's cum, and the combined taste was pretty good as far as Darren was concerned.

As soon as Doug had been drained of cum, he dove downward on the bed and devoured Darren's rock-hard cock. It didn't take nearly long enough as as as Doug was concerned before Darren was about ready to explode into his mouth. Darren had to concentrate hard on not moaning out loud enough to wake the entire house, as his cum gushed into Doug's mouth. After Doug had swallowed all of Darren's cum, he climbed back up the bed and took Darren into his arms. Both boys drifted off to sleep with smiles on their faces.

The next morning when Darren woke up, he nearly ran right into a very naked Cory who was coming from the bathroom. Darren looked Cory over carefully from his toned and hairless torso down to his very nice cock, which looked to be about six inches flaccid.

Cory was ready for Darren to blow up at him, but instead Darren said, "It's a good thing you're straight dude, cause you might drive guys like me crazy if you weren't."

"You mean you're not upset over me coming out of your sister's room naked?" asked Cory.

"Should I be?" asked Darren. "You didn't hurt her did you?"

Cory grinned widely as he replied, "She was still smiling when I woke her up this morning dude!"

Darren held his thumbs up and exclaimed, "Way to go dude! Just make my sister happy and I'll treat you like family Cory."

"I hope Jenni is happy with me for a long, long time Darren." replied Cory.

Darren finally let Cory go so he could get dressed, and watched his firm butt wiggle down the hallway. Then Darren continued on to the bathroom as he smiled. That morning, as the boys were about ready to leave for school, Fred got a call from the police. They informed him that both Arnold and Craig had been picked up, but Arnold's lawyer was pushing for a bail hearing as soon as possible. Arnold's lawyer was very busy that day, as he was also now trying to get the lawsuit against Doug and Darren moved up as much as possible. He felt that Arnold and Louise stood a better chance of winning their case against the boys if Arnold was not sitting in jail.

Doug and Darren were called to the principal's office as soon as they got to school. The principal said he would do everything he could to keep anything from happening to them, but he would need Doug and Darren's help. If they noticed anything unusual, whether they thought it was important or not, he wanted them to let him know immediately. The principal also said that if there was any proof at all that Coach Dunbar was involved in a plot against them, he would take great joy in firing the man and having him removed forcibly from school property.

The boys had a very nervous but uneventful Wednesday at school. They did get a few stranger than normal stares from Marcus and his gang, which Doug reported immediately to the principal. Cory did talk to the coach that day, but the subject of what Marcus was planning never came up, and Cory thought the coach would become suspicious if he brought it up. Cory was determined to get his proof against the coach before anything happened to his new friends, so he would keep trying as much as he could.

When Doug and Darren got home, they were not surprised to see Chris and Cory both there. Cory was there to talk to Doug and Darren briefly, then to see his new girlfriend Jenni. Of course Chris was there to see Donnie, and the two went to Donnie's room and locked the door. By the time Donnie had locked the door, Chris was already half naked.

"You don't want to make love with me by any chance, do you?" snickered Donnie.

"Are you kidding dude?" asked Chris. "It's been twenty-four whole hours since the last time!"

"You're right, and I'm horny too." replied Donnie. "Are you sure you're gay enough to have any kind of sex with me dude?"

"I was stupid when I said that yesterday Donnie." admitted Chris. "I'm gay and that's all there is to it. As a matter of fact, I can't wait to feel you fuck my butt again dude. That was more fun than I've ever had!"

"I can't wait either Chris." said Donnie as he put his arms around Chris, and touched their two noses together. "You have a really nice butt, and I can't wait to put my dick inside you."

Chris and Donnie then began to kiss, while they finished removing each other's clothes. Once they were naked, they remained joined at the lips while they moved toward the bed. Once they made it to the bed, both boys laid down together.

Chris then turned over with his butt in the air and said, "Please fuck me Donnie! I need to feel your dick inside me now!"

Donnie reached over to his nightstand and grabbed his tube of lube. Then he carefully lubed Chris's hole, sticking his finger just inside Chris. This made Chris squirm on the bed and beg for more. Donnie then lubed his dick, and placed it against Chris's butt hole.

"Please put your dick inside me now Donnie!" begged Chris. "I love you!"

Donnie smiled as he pushed his dick into Chris. When Chris felt Donnie's dick go into him, he moaned out in pleasure. Then Donnie began to thrust in and out of Chris. As Donnie did that, Chris began thrusting his butt upward to meet Donnie.

"God, you do love to be fucked, don't you?" asked Donnie. "You know what would be really cool?"

Chris grunted an unintelligible reply, so Donnie continued, "We should get someone to video tape us having sex. It would be so cool to be able to watch ourselves fucking and sucking each other. We could get Doug and Darren to do it tomorrow dude!"

Chris nodded yes as Donnie continued to thrust in and out of him. Donnie was so in love with how his dick felt inside Chris, and he was enjoying it as much as possible. Finally Donnie panted, "I'm gonna cum inside you dude!"

Chris's rectal muscles began tugging at Donnie's dick when Donnie said that. In a few more seconds Donnie began grunting loudly, as he shot his cum into Chris. Chris squirmed and moaned as he eagerly took Donnie's load into himself. Donnie humped Chris until his orgasm was completely over, then laid down on Chris's back to rest.

After a few quite minutes, Donnie asked, "Do you want to fuck my ass now Chris?"

"Would you suck my dick instead Donnie?" asked Chris. "I love your cute ass, but your mouth feels better around my dick."

"How about if you fuck my mouth then." offered Donnie. "I want to feel you humping me one way or another."

"I'd love to fuck your mouth dude!" exclaimed Chris with a smile.

Donnie laid down on his back, then Chris climbed up over top of Donnie's face. Donnie opened his mouth for Chris, and Chris stuck his dick into Donnie's mouth. When Donnie closed his lips around Chris's dick, Chris began thrusting it in and out of Donnie's mouth. As Chris fucked Donnie's mouth, Donnie's tongue massaged his dick as it slid in and out.

"Oh God dude!" moaned Chris loudly. "It feels so incredible to fuck your hot mouth! I feel like I'm going to explode when I cum into your mouth dude!"

Doug and Darren were next door in their room, laughing themselves into a fit because they could now hear every word the two loud boys were saying. Donnie and Chris had also attracted an audience outside their door too. Cory and Jenni were passing by, and couldn't help but to stop and listen for a few moments. When they both began to giggle uncontrollably, they figured it was time to go to Jenni's room and make love.

As Jenni shut her door, Cory laughed as he exclaimed, "My God! Those two little boys are fucking animals, aren't they?"

"They do seem to enjoy having sex with each other an awful lot!" laughed Jenni.

"I'll bet not any more than I love having sex with you!" said Cory seductively.

Meanwhile back in Donnie's room, Chris was loudly approaching his orgasm. "Oh God dude!" shouted out Chris. "Make sure you're sucking my dick as hard as you can Donnie. I'm getting ready to cum!"

Donnie began sucking as hard as he could on Chris's rock hard dick, and in the next moment Chris began shooting his cum into Donnie's hungry mouth. Chris humped hard into Donnie's face as his orgasm gripped him. When Chris's orgasm ended, he backed up and slumped into Donnie's arms. The two boys then wrapped their arms around each other, and sealed their lips together.

The next day at school, Doug and Darren were really tense. Cory tried to lead the coach several times into talking about his views on people like Doug and Darren, but the coach didn't seem interested in talking about it. By the end of the day nothing had happened yet, but the coach did send word that he wanted to speak with Doug. Doug had no intention of leaving Darren alone, so he took his boyfriend with him to see the coach.

"Atherton!" yelled Coach Dunbar. "Did I tell you to bring HIM with you?"

"In all respect sir, I don't remember asking if you liked Darren or not!" shot Doug back at the coach.

"Well, he's the cause of all this crap that's going on!" said Coach Dunbar loudly. "You go off and try to turn queer with this little faggot, and forget what being on a team is about!"

"It's none of Marcus's business, and certainly none of your fucking business, who I want to spend my life with outside of the team!" yelled Doug. "And for another thing you asshole, I'll make love to whoever I damn well feel like!"

"That's it Atherton, I'm getting sick and tired of your faggot ass causing trouble on this team!" yelled the coach back. "You tell that little piece of shit you're with to hit the road right now, or you're off the team!"

"Then have a nice life, you hateful son of a bitch!" said Doug venomously. "I'm off the fucking team of assholes!"

With that, Doug and Darren turned on the coach and walked off. As they left, they didn't notice Cory hiding in the corner with his recorder running. Doug and Darren went straight to the principal's office before going home. The principal was already pissed by what Doug and Darren was telling him, and then Cory came into the office too. He had made sure that no one saw him entering the principal's office.

"Hello sir." said Cory. "I thought you might want to know that I got the conversation between Doug and Coach Dunbar on my digital recorder. It clearly picked up every word they said to each other."

As Cory played the recording, the principal's face turned a bright red with anger. After he had heard everything that was on the recorder, he had Cory download it into his computer. As Cory, Doug, and Darren were leaving the office, the principal was getting ready to call the coach to the office. He was now prepared to give the coach an ultimatum. Either straighten out the mess that the football team was in and stop all harassment of Doug and Darren, or begin looking for a coaching job elsewhere.

Cory split up from Doug and Darren as they left the office, and said he would see them later at their house. Doug and Darren went straight home, and were immediately confronted by Donnie and Chris. At first Doug and Darren were shocked by the younger boys' proposal to tape them as they were having sex, but Donnie and Chris begged the boys into doing it. So Darren went downstairs to retrieve the camcorder, then met everyone in Donnie's room. Darren then quickly showed Doug how to use it because he was unsure of whether or not he could successfully tape the two boys having sex.

"Okay dudes." said Doug. "Let's have you boys standing next to the bed. First I'll tape you two undressing each other, so make it good. Maybe throw in some kissing of body parts while you're doing it. Then when you guys lay down on the bed, I'll move in and tape all of it. Make it as hot as you can so you'll have fun watching the tape over and over again, okay?"

"Okay!" said both boys excitedly in unison.

Doug then began to roll the tape as the two boys began, while Darren stood behind Doug and watched. As Doug looked through the viewfinder, he couldn't believe the scene that was unfolding before him. His little brother and Chris were hotter together than any porn star he could imagine. Darren had seen a few porn movies too, and he couldn't believe the show Donnie and Chris were putting on either. As Doug continued to film the action, that had moved onto the bed, his cock began to stiffen. He was shocked that the action between his brother and Chris was turning him on so much. A quick glance at Darren's crotch though, revealed that Darren was in the same predicament as well. The two boys went at it for quite a while as Doug taped them, and they were having the most passionate sex that they'd ever had before. By the time both boys had been drained and were laying in each other's arms, Doug and Darren both were about to shoot without touching themselves. Doug gave the camera to Donnie, while he and Darren quickly ran to their room.

Heh-heh-heh-heh. That sure was fun, wasn't it? So, was the big situation at school averted in time? Has Cory forever endeared himself to Darren's sister? Find the answer to these question in the next chapter. In the meantime, please send all comments to: . Thanks, and see ya later.