No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

by tim

Chapter 23

Darren and Doug awoke in each other's arms on Friday morning, not knowing what the day would have in store for them. As Doug and Darren were leaving for school, Donnie came up to them.

"Please be careful at school today guys, I have a bad feeling about today." said Donnie.

"Okay little bro, I promise we'll keep an eye out any trouble." replied Doug.

Then Doug and Darren were off to school. They didn't notice anything unusual when they first got there, but that was because Marcus and his friends were all behind the school talking about what they were going to do today. The coach was going to help split Doug and Darren up right after lunch, then they would force their teammate to make the right decision or else.

The first two periods went fine, but things were almost too quiet as far as Doug and Darren were concerned. Doug did stop by the principal's office after the second period, to let him know that things were too quiet today. The principal thought that maybe the coach had finally gotten the message, and that Doug and Darren just had a case of the jitters. He did however offer to excuse them from the rest of the school day, just to be safe. Doug decided to decline the offer, thinking the principal might be right. Doug and Darren ran across Cory as they left the office.

"You guys be really careful today." said Cory. "Everyone is way too quiet today, like something is getting ready to happen."

"Maybe the coach has finally gotten the message, and put a leash on Marcus." said Doug.

"That might be possible, but please be careful anyway." replied Cory. "I think I'm gonna hide out in the locker room with my recorder during lunch."

"Okay, thanks dude." said Doug.

As Doug and Darren went on about the day, Darren said, "I miss our island Doug. I wish we could go back there."

Doug smiled warmly as he replied, "It was really fun until the island blew up."

Lunchtime rolled around, and Doug and Darren went to the cafeteria. They were kind of surprised not to see Marcus and his thugs there, but they didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth either. Meanwhile, Cory was finding a good hiding place near the coach's office. Little did he know that in a few minutes the coach would appear with Marcus and his gang, and what he would hear would make him sick. Coach Dunbar came in, followed by Marcus and his gang, then stood only a few feet from where Cory had concealed himself.

"Okay, you boys know what each of you are suppose to do, right?" asked the coach.

"Yeah, we got the plan down really good!" replied Marcus.

"You better have it down perfect Marcus!" said the coach. "If you boys screw this up, we could all be in some deep shit! Now remember, when I tell Doug to come down here alone, he'll probably leave that faggot up in the gymnasium. He won't want to be too far away from him."

"What do you want us to do with the faggot sir?" asked Marcus.

"I don't give a damn about him, and I don't want to know what you're going to do with him!" replied the coach. "Just take some advice and try not to kill him. They'll throw your ass in jail and throw away the key if you do! All I'm concerned about is Atherton. If we can't get through to him today, I'm washing my hands of him. Then you can do what you want with him too!"

By this time Cory had recorded enough so that he was having a hard time not giving himself away. He'd never heard anyone talk so coldly and hatefully as the coach and Marcus were. Finally though, Marcus and his gang took off. When the coach went into his office and closed the door, Cory slipped out of the locker room as quietly as he could. He looked at his watch and saw that lunch was almost over, so he went to the principal's office as fast as he could. The bell to end lunch rang as he got to the office, and by the time the principal called him in, the next period had just started.

When the principal heard what was on Cory's recorder, all of the color drained out of his face. He immediately called Doug and Darren's class for that period, but they had already left because the coach had wanted to see Doug. The principal called the police right away, then he and Cory took off to find Doug and Darren.

"What the hell do you want coach!?" snapped Doug. "I already told you that I never want anything to do with your team again!"

"Well Atherton, it's good to see you can still follow instructions!" said the coach. "I don't see that little faggot that started this whole thing with you!"

"He's waiting for me in the gymnasium, so don't get too excited!" said Doug angrily. "And if I ever hear you call him a faggot again, I'll personally beat you into a hospital bed!"

"Watch your mouth Atherton!" yelled the coach. "NOBODY threatens me! Now, let's go on up to the gymnasium to find your little faggot friend!"

Doug was seething as he followed the coach. He now knew that before the end of the day, he was going to do something to the man that he might regret. When they got up to the gymnasium though, Darren was not there.

"Where is your little friend Doug?" asked the coach.

"I left Darren right here!" screamed Doug. "What did you do with him you asshole?!"

"Aw Doug! Why would you want to call me names like that?" asked the coach. "I was going to help you see if we could find him. I can forgive and forget though, so let's see if we can find the faggot!"

As the coach turned, Doug smacked him in the back of the head just hard enough for him to feel it. "I warned you, you asshole!" spat Doug.

"Follow me and let's get this over with Atherton!" yelled the coach.

The coach now had serious doubts about the plan that he and Marcus had cooked up, as he led Doug to the service area between the gymnasium and the auditorium. As the coach and Doug passed by two of Marcus's goons, Doug started to become afraid of what he would find. What he did find was about his worst nightmare. Darren was being held by two of Marcus's friends toward the back of the service area. As Doug and the coach walked in, Marcus punched Darren hard in the abdomen. Then Eric came up behind Doug and the coach, and put Doug into a wrestling hold.

I think this is a good place to stop for now. Just kidding, please don't hurt me. lol.

When the principal and Cory got to the gymnasium, there was no one there. Cory checked the locker room quickly, but it was empty as well.

"Sir, we have to do something!" begged Cory. "Doug and Darren are my friends! Plus, my little brother will be coming here next year, and we can't let him come to a school like this!"

The police showed up in the gymnasium as the principal asked Cory, "Where would you go around this area if you didn't want to be disturbed?"

Cory thought for a moment and screamed, "Oh my God! The service area between here and the auditorium! Let's hurry sir!"

The principal and Cory quickly headed toward the service area, followed closely by the police.


Doug tried to free himself from Eric, but Eric had more leverage against him.

"Why don't you stop trying to fight this Doug?" asked the coach. "All I want is to stop you from throwing away a great career. All you have to do is tell that faggot over there that you don't want to be his friend anymore, and to stay away from you. I promise you that Marcus and the boys will never hurt you again. They take orders from me very seriously, which is what you should have done all along."

Darren was not looking too good as he gasped, "Please help me Doug!"

"Are you assholes so filled with hate that you can't stand to see someone who knows what love is?" asked Doug.

"Wrong answer Doug." said the coach. "Marcus, show Doug the penalty for a wrong answer."

Marcus hit Darren in the abdomen again, knocking all of the air from Darren's lungs. Darren gasped heavily as he tried to catch his breath back.

"NOOO!!!" yelled Doug, as he struggled to get free of Eric again. It was no use though.

"You're not telling us that you're in love with that faggot, are you Doug?" asked the coach. "That would make you a faggot too Doug!"

"I've been gay my whole life!!!" yelled Doug. "I've always loved Darren, even when people like you and my dad tried to stop it! No one will ever stop me from loving Darren. Why can't people like you just leave us alone???"

"You don't know how much it hurts for me to hear that Doug." said the coach. "I had hoped that we could talk some sense into you, but you want to go through life the hard way. I give up! Marcus, when you're done with that one, Doug is all yours!"


The group led by the principal had come up on Marcus's lookouts, who asked, "What do you people want?"

The principal was not in the mood for them, so he replied, "You two boys are expelled! Now get the hell out of our way, before you feel what these officer's handcuffs feel like around your delinquent wrists!"

When the boys didn't move immediately, the principal had them cuffed so they could be removed from school property later. As Cory passed by, one of the boys said, "I can't believe what a traitor you are Cory!"

"I'm gonna have so much fun watching you two being a couple of washed-up high school drop-outs!" replied Cory.


The next punch Marcus landed was to Darren's head, knocking him unconscious. He remained held upright by Marcus's goons though. That was just about all that Doug was ever going to take in his life. Before the coach could leave, Doug struggled one more time. This time he put more effort into it than he knew existed in his body, and broke the hold. Doug grabbed Eric's head and smashed it into the coach's head hard enough to knock them both out. Then he turned to Marcus with blood in his eyes.

"Leave him alone Marcus!!!" yelled Doug, his voice filled with rage. "Why don't you come after me, you worthless pussy! I'd love the chance to kill you with my bare hands!"

Marcus charged Doug, and threw a punch that missed. When he turned back around, Doug knocked him down with a single punch to the head. Marcus wasn't knocked out, but it gave Doug a big opening. Doug grabbed Marcus's arm and pulled it around behind him, then placed his foot across Marcus's neck.

"Do you assholes know how little pressure it would take for me to snap his neck and kill him?" yelled Doug at Marcus's friends. "Let my boyfriend go right now, and get the hell away from him! I'm more than prepared to kill Marcus to protect Darren!"

"Doug, please let me up." mumbled Marcus, as his face was being pressed into the floor.

"Shut the fuck up you asshole!" screamed Doug. "I suggest you don't struggle too much. You could accidentally snap your own neck, and I don't want this to be an accident!"

"I'm sorry Doug." mumbled Marcus. "We won't bother you or Darren again."

"I said shut the fuck up you asshole!" screamed Doug. "I know you're not going to be bothering anyone else again!"

"Doug, please let the boy go." begged the principal from behind him.

"I can't sir!" cried Doug, as his tears began to flow. "They hurt Darren! Darren's the nicest guy in the whole world, and they hurt him!"

Cory saw Darren laying on the floor unconscious, and ran over to help his friend. Blood was coming from Darren's nose, so Cory took off his shirt to block the blood, and pinched Darren's broken nose together. "Wake up Darren!" Cory called out to his friend.

"Doug, please listen to me." begged the principal. "The police are here with me. The coach and all of these boys are going to jail now. If you kill Marcus though, they'll take you to jail too!"

"I don't care!" cried Doug. "All I ever wanted to do was love Darren, and they hurt him because of that! Why should I care about Marcus?"

"Doug, I'm not asking you to do it for Marcus." said the principal. "Marcus and his kind aren't worth anything! I'm asking you to do it for my brother." The principal began to fight back his tears as he continued, "If you let Marcus go, my brother would be so proud of you if he were still here. I know that I've been very proud of you up until now Doug. Please don't let us down now Doug."

"Please, someone help Darren!" sobbed Doug as he let go of Marcus's arm, and took his foot off the boy's neck.

The police immediately rushed in and separated Doug from Marcus. Then they cuffed Marcus, and let Doug go to Darren. As the coach began to come around, the police snapped a pair of cuffs on him too.

"What's going on?" asked Coach Dunbar groggily.

"You are more than just fired Dunbar!" said the principal. "When the recordings we have are played in court, they'll put your miserable ass in prison where it belongs!"

The coach just moaned as the police read him his rights. Then Eric started coming around too, and he was immediately cuffed. Then the police began reading Marcus and his gang their rights, while they waited for the paramedics to look at Darren. Doug was holding onto Darren's hand and crying heavily, as Cory continued to hold his shirt over Darren's broken nose.

"He'll be alright Doug." comforted Cory. "I know he will, he has to be!"

The paramedics finally arrived to begin taking care of Darren. Cory offered Doug his shoulder to cry on, and Doug wrapped his arms around his friend as he wept. Then the principal came over to Doug and Cory, and he cried along with Doug. After about fifteen minutes, the cops had taken Marcus, his gang, and the coach to their cars. The paramedics had started an IV on Darren, and patched up his nose until they could get him to the hospital. As they were about to put him on a stretcher, Darren began to come around. Doug immediately rushed to his side and kissed him gently on the lips, being careful of his broken nose.

"What did they do to you, my sweet little angel?" asked Doug as he tried to stop crying.

"Is it over now?" asked Darren very groggily.

"Yeah my little angel, it's over." replied Doug softly. "All the monsters are on their way to jail, where they belong."

Darren tried to smile, and said weakly, "Good. Now maybe we don't have to be afraid to love each other around here. Can I get another kiss?"

Doug cried, "I'll never stop kissing you, if that's what you want dude!"

Darren giggled as he said, "That might make it kinda tough for them to get me in the ambulance, babe."

Doug leaned down and gave Darren another kiss, then let the paramedics take him to the ambulance.

The principal came up to Doug and said, "I know my brother is smiling up in heaven right now Doug. Let's call your folks and get to the hospital." Then the principal looked to Cory as he put his blood stained shirt on, and asked, "You want to go too Cory?"

"Just try to stop me!" replied Cory.

"Let's go then boys!" said the principal.

While he was driving to the hospital, the principal said, "Doug, I know you don't want to think about football right now, but our program is a mess! Most of it is either going to jail or graduating, and now we don't even have a coach. If I can get permission from the state High School Athletic Association, would you consider being the first ever player/coach next year?"

"I promise I'll think about it sir." replied Doug. "Right now though, I have more important things on my mind."

"I understand completely Doug." said the principal. "Take all the time you need."

The principal, Doug, and Cory got to the hospital at the same time as Fred and Mary did. Then everyone sat and waited to hear about Darren. While they were waiting, the principal explained everything that had happened that day to Fred and Mary. Then Fred went over to Cory.

"I hear things might have been much worse today if it hadn't been for you." said Fred.

"I wish I could have kept this from happening though sir." replied Cory.

"You did the best you could son, and Doug and Darren are lucky to have a friend like you!" said Fred. "I just want you to know that if you and Jenni ever decide to make a commitment to each other, I'd be proud to have a son in law like you."

Fred then gave Cory a warm hug in the middle of the waiting room. A few moments later, a doctor came out and asked for Darren Chambers' family.

"Darren is doing much better now than he was earlier." said the doctor. "He does have a broken nose and a serious concussion, which is accompanied by some swelling in the brain. We think we can control that with medication though, so there won't be any need to go into his skull. We'd like to keep him here with us until Monday to be safe. We'll have him set up in a room in about thirty minutes, and you can see him then. Please limit yourselves to two visitors at a time though, and try not to get him too excited."

Fred and Mary went in to see Darren first, to make sure that he would be okay. They told him the doctors wanted to keep him at the hospital until Monday, but they would be there so much that he would get sick of them anyway. After about fifteen minutes, they decided to give Doug and Cory a chance to see Darren.

Doug was feeling much better now, so he grabbed a doctor's smock and surgical mask off of a cart on the way to Darren's room. By the time he and Cory went in, Doug had everything put on. Darren took one look at his boyfriend, and almost cracked up.

"So, what's the verdict doc?" asked Darren.

"Well, I talked to a colleague of mine downstairs, and we agree." said Doug. "It looks like you have a swollen head!"

"How would you know that doc?" asked Darren, on the verge of giggling. "You never even looked under my gown!"

By this time, Cory was laughing his ass off. Then Doug replied, "There are some things we can tell just by looking at a patient."

"So, what's the prognosis doc?" asked Darren, as he put a mock look of concern on his face.

"You?!" exclaimed Doug. "You'll live to be a hundred, however we're not giving your boyfriend much longer to live unless he gets a kiss from you immediately!"

"Well then, tell him to take off that silly mask and lean over here!" replied Darren.

Doug took off the mask and leaned over Darren's bed. As Cory stood on one side of the bed, Doug gently kissed Darren from the other side, being very careful of Darren's nose. The two boys kissed for several minutes before they remembered Cory was standing right there. After the kiss was over, the three boys talked for quite a while about all of the day's events.

After about a half hour, Darren said, "You should become a doctor Doug, that smock is really turning me on!"

"Well then, I better take it off." said Doug. "The real doctor said not to get you too excited!"

"I guess that means that you giving me a blow job is out, huh?" asked Darren.

"Hey you guys, straight guy in the room!" said Cory as he laughed.

"Oh geez Darren, I'd love to!" replied Doug. "However, there is a straight guy in the room."

"Well, nobody's perfect." snickered Darren.

"Hey guys, I was just kidding." said Cory. "You guys can do whatever you want. You should see some of the things I've caught my brother doing!"

"You mean it wouldn't bother you at all if I pulled down Darren's sheets, and sucked his cock right here?" asked Doug. "Are you sure you're straight dude?"

"I'm sure!" laughed Cory. "Besides, a simple blow job between two guys is nothing compared to the show my brother has put on before!"

As Cory stood at Darren's bedside, Doug pulled Darren's sheets down. Then he lifted Darren's gown, and took his already hard cock into his mouth. Doug sucked gently but passionately on Darren's cock, as Cory watched and talked to Darren. After about ten minutes, Darren began panting his replies to Cory. Doug readied himself to swallow Darren's cum, which began blasting into his mouth as Darren moaned. Darren reached out and grabbed the side of his bed as he blasted his cum into Doug's mouth. When Doug had drained Darren's cock, he put the gown back down and pulled Darren's sheets back up. Doug then licked Darren's cum from his lips as he looked at Cory.

"Are you sure you're okay with what we just did dude?" asked Doug.

"Hey, you two guys love each other very much, so it was a very cool thing to watch." said Cory.

Then the three friends talked like nothing had happened until they had to be told that Jenni wanted to see her brother.

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