No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

by tim

Chapter 24

Although Darren was in some pain from the attack at school, he didn't mind being in the hospital for a few days. The nurses seemed to take extra good care of him, and Doug and Cory always seemed to be there. The interview with the police wasn't a lot of fun though, but Darren did find out that the county prosecutor was going to make an example out of the coach and Marcus's gang. Coach Dunbar had indeed been fired from the school, and Marcus and his gang had all been expelled. While Doug wasn't looking on Saturday, Cory told Darren of the principal's offer to Doug.

"Doug, can I talk to you?" asked Darren.

"Sure my angel!" replied Doug with a smile. "Whatcha want?"

"I wanted to talk to you about football." said Darren. "I know after what happened yesterday, it's probably the last thing you want to talk about. Those people are all gone now though, and they won't be coming back. That's going to leave the school's football team in a horrible mess!"

"I suppose you're right Darren." replied Doug, as he leaned down to kiss Darren.

Once Doug's kiss was over, Darren continued, "I think you should take the principal up on his offer, but with a condition. The team will need you to concentrate mostly on being their quarterback, so you should ask to have an assistant for the coaching responsibilities."

"Do you have anyone in mind?" asked Doug with a gleam in his eye.

"I'm sure you can think of some cute young guy, who you can teach everything you know." said Darren. "Some really nice dude who can help you with ANYTHING you might need help with."

"Well, okay Darren, I'll try to think of someone like that." snickered Doug.

When Doug saw the really cute mock look of hurt on Darren's face, he leaned back down close to Darren, and said, "You know there's no one else I'd rather have do that for me than you. We've been through so much together that you're a part of me now, and we can do anything together. I want you to be with me for everything now, for the rest of our lives dude. I love you more than anything in the universe Darren, because you are my universe now."

Then Doug put his lips against Darren's again. Darren wrapped his arms around the back of Doug's neck, as the two boys kissed deeply. Cory smiled as he sat on the other side of Darren's bed and watched his two friends kiss more passionately than any two people he had ever seen. The kiss lasted for several long minutes, but not nearly long enough as far as Doug and Darren were concerned.

As the two boys parted slightly, Darren softly said, "I need to taste you Doug."

Cory was so cool about everything, that Doug and Darren no longer had any problems expressing their love in front of him. As Cory looked on, Doug stood at the head of Darren's bed and pulled his pants and underwear down. Cory was impressed when he saw Doug's hard cock spring free of his underwear. Darren immediately trapped the bouncing cock, and placed his soft lips around it.

"Uhhhhh!" moaned Doug, as Darren began massaging his cock with his warm mouth.

Cory had moved in a little closer to watch, and without realizing what he was doing, he began to rub his crotch through his pants. "Damn!" exclaimed Cory softly. "You two look so right together when you have sex! You make a dude loving another dude look so natural."

Doug looked down at Cory, and smiled when he saw the huge bulge in Cory's pants. Then he looked down at Darren and smiled, as the two boys silently communicated with each other.

"Darren and I wouldn't mind if you wanted to try sucking his cock Cory." moaned Doug, as Darren took his time stimulating Doug's cock.

"I'm in love with Jenni though, you guys." replied Cory.

"But your cock is telling us that you are interested dude." said Doug. "Don't worry Cory, it's perfectly natural for most guys to at least wonder what having sex with another guy is like at least once in their life. Jenni doesn't have to know what happens here today. You have to admit Cory, you ARE wondering what it would feel like to have Darren's cock in your mouth right now, aren't you?"

"No one could ever find out about this, okay guys?" said Cory nervously.

"You have our word dude!" replied Doug.

Cory's heart raced as he stood up and pulled Darren's sheets down. Then Cory pulled up the gown, exposing Darren's semi-hard cock. Cory slowly leaned down and flicked Darren's cock with his tongue a few times, then backed off enough to stare at it. Cory then slowly lowered his head again, and watched wide-eyed as Darren's cock disappeared into his mouth. Darren sighed when he felt Cory's quivering lips around his cock.

"Aw dude!" moaned Darren. "That feels very nice! Just make sure to be careful with your teeth."

Then Darren went right back to work on Doug's cock. Darren worked slowly on Doug until he felt himself catching up, then he picked up the pace. In a few more minutes, Darren and Doug were both moaning from pleasure, even though Darren was moaning around Doug's throbbing cock. Then Darren pulled off Doug again.

"You may not want to suck me too much longer dude, unless you want to taste my cum in your mouth." warned Darren. "I'll hold back for another minute or two, until I feel your hand around it instead, but if you go any longer I'll have to shoot in your mouth."

Darren then went back to work on Doug's cock with everything he had. Doug was now holding his cum back, waiting for Darren. Darren was now working hard to hold back his cum. Just before Darren was about to give up, thinking maybe Cory wanted to taste his cum, he finally felt Cory back off and take his cock in his hand. Cory stroked Darren's cock hard a few times, then watched it erupt all over Darren and the bed. When Doug saw Darren's cum shooting from his cock, he let his cum blast into Darren's mouth. Cory stroked Darren, and Darren sucked Doug, until both orgasms came to an end. Doug finally took his cock from Darren's mouth, then moved down so he could lick Darren's cum from his body.

Once Doug had cleaned Darren, he looked at Cory and said, "Darren wants you to get up on the bed now, and straddle his face. Take your pants off first though dude."

Cory pulled his pants and underwear down, then off over both feet. Cory nervously climbed up on the bed, then straddled Darren's face. Then Cory gasped as he felt Darren suck one of his balls into his mouth. As Darren started sucking on Cory's balls, Doug leaned over and took Cory's cock into his mouth. Cory's mouth hung open and his eyes rolled back, as he had never felt anything like this before. After a few minutes, Doug and Darren switched. Doug had Cory lean forward so Darren could get to his cock, then he went behind Cory so he could get to Cory's balls.

After a few more minutes, Cory gasped, "Oh my God! I'm going to cum!"

Doug and Darren made no attempt to stop what they were doing to Cory, so Cory began to shoot his cum into Darren's mouth. Cory moaned deeply as his balls were drained of their load by Doug and Darren. Once Cory's intense orgasm was finally over, he carefully climbed off the bed, and slumped into the chair. Then Doug and Darren pressed their lips together, and shared Cory's cum between them. Cory watched in awe as the two boys devoured his cum.

When Doug and Darren finally separated, Cory said, "That was fucking awesome! It wasn't enough to make me give up on girls, because I love Jenni, but I can see what people like you and my brother see in it now! By the way Darren, your cock felt kinda good in my mouth dude."

"We both just wanted to show you how much we like you Cory." said Darren, as he rested. "I'm glad you love my sister though, and she doesn't have to know about this."

"Maybe not yet anyway." chuckled Cory. "It might make an interesting story to tell someday though! I know our sons will have to hear it if any of them turn out to be gay."

After spending the weekend in the hospital, Darren was ready to go home on Monday. Doug had to go to school that day, so Fred showed up alone to pick Darren up. After the doctor advised Fred to continue to keep an eye on Darren for signs of complications from the concussion, Fred and Darren headed home. When they pulled in the driveway, Chuck was waiting there for them.

"Hi guys!" said Chuck. "I just heard this morning about what had happened to you Darren. How are you feeling?"

"Glad to get out of that hospital." snickered Darren. "I feel much better today than I did Friday though."

"I talked to the county prosecutor here, and he said he's going to prosecute everyone that was arrested Friday to the fullest extent of the law." said Chuck. "I think they must have struck a nerve with him."

"Yeah, the police said he wanted to make an example out of Dunbar and the boys." said Darren.

"I also have some news about the lawsuit today." said Chuck. "A date has been set for June first, and we're more than ready for court. Louise and Arnold's lawyer did make an offer to settle out of court, and by law I have to inform you of it. They will settle for ten million apiece if Mary and you boys agree not to testify against Arnold in his criminal trial."

"Well geez, the number I had in mind was a little lower!" said Darren sarcastically. As for not testifying against Arnold, the only way that will happen is if he changes his plea to no contest!"

"Well, I knew that would be your response, and I imagine that Doug's won't be much different." said Chuck. "I don't blame you boys at all, but like I said, I had to inform you of the offer according to law. I also have to wait for Doug to get here, so I can hear his response personally."

"Well then, come on in Chuck!" said Fred. "We'll try to keep you entertained until Doug gets here."

Chuck and Darren went in and had a seat in the living room, while Fred got them some refreshments from the kitchen. Fred and Chuck had iced tea, while Darren had lemonade.

"So, how are things going with Mary and her boys living here now?" Chuck asked Fred.

"Aside from the bumps and scrapes we've had, it's been great!" replied Fred. "I really do love Mary, and it's been more like what a relationship should be like. Louise just forgot what that should be like, but Mary has been as starved for it as me."

"That's good Fred, I'm really happy for both of you." said Chuck. "I imagine the kids will be happier too, once the shock wears off."

"I don't think it took long for the shock to wear off with Doug and Donnie." said Darren. "Their dad really wasn't very good to them."

"Yeah, it's always a shame when that happens." replied Chuck. "I'm glad they have a man in their lives now who treats them the way they should be treated."

"Yeah, dad's pretty good like that!" said Darren as he smiled at his dad.

"Is there any news in your life Chuck, relationship wise?" asked Fred.

"A few guys who are interesting possibilities, but nothing serious yet." replied Chuck. "There is a clerk at the county courthouse who's a real hottie though. I'm hoping by some chance that he might be gay and available."

After the three guys had talked for some time, Mary came home from her job. She was followed a few minutes later by Jenni, Cory, Donnie, and Doug. When Darren saw Doug come in, he said, "Hey babe, how was school today?"

"Not too bad at all dude!" replied Doug. "There were a few kids who complained that I ruined the football team, but not that many, and all they wanted to do was complain. Most of the kids at school are actually happy that we got rid of Marcus and his gang. They say they feel much safer now!"

"I'm glad I could help then!" laughed Darren.

"You better be!" replied Doug. "There are a few guys at school who want to shake your hand tomorrow!"

When Doug and Darren were finished laughing about that, Fred asked Doug to come talk to Chuck. Chuck then told Doug about the offer made by Arnold and Louise's lawyer. Doug laughed so hard that Darren had to help him up off the floor.

"I'm glad I could help you boys laugh so hard today." chuckled Chuck. "I'll make sure to tell their lawyer what your responses were. I do have one more bit of business before I leave today. Fred, you and Mary may want to hear this too." As soon as everyone had gathered around Chuck, he continued, "Have you boys considered a name for the island you own in the South Pacific?"

"Well, I've been considering Doug and Darren's Love Nest." said Doug light-heartedly.

"Nah, I've got that beat!" giggled Darren. "I've been considering Doug's Island of Massive Eruptions."

Doug, Darren, and Chuck were almost doubled over in laughter from Darren's suggestion. Even Fred and Mary couldn't help but laugh too.

"Oh God!" moaned Chuck as he recovered. "You guys are something else! The reason I was asking though is, your island seems to have gone back into a dormant stage. It has been declared stable by the International Geological Survey. Several mining companies have already made bids for the rights to mine on your island, and very soon you stand to make a lot more money than you already have! A few private geologists have already been out there, and they say that you boys only scratched the surface of the gems on that island. Not only are there many more rubies and sapphires out there, but there is what they believe is a huge deposit of diamonds under the bedrock at the base of the volcano. You boys stand to become two of the wealthiest people in the world!"

Fred and Mary were shocked beyond belief. They asked Chuck to keep this information as quiet as he possibly could, but to continue with negotiations for the mineral rights. All Doug and Darren could do was stare at each other with their mouths wide open. Finally the boys began to come out of their state of shock.

"About how much do you expect us to stand to make Chuck?" asked Doug.

"The lease of the mineral rights alone will double what you already have." replied Chuck. "Once you start getting paid for your share of the gems themselves, it will easily be in the billions. The estimated size of the diamond deposits are making people in South Africa jealous of you!"

"I wanna go back there before anyone starts mining the island." said Darren.

"It's really not much more than a big rock in the middle of the ocean right now Darren." said Chuck. "I have some aerial photos here, if you'd like to see them. The volcano devastated most of the island."

"I don't care what it looks like Chuck." said Darren. "That island is very special to me and Doug, and I want to see it one last time before we turn it over to the miners!"

Chuck smiled warmly at Darren, and said, "I understand son. I would probably feel the same way too. I will arrange a trip for all of us to see it as soon as the trial is over, and I won't let anyone begin mining before then."

"Thanks Chuck." said Darren, as a single tear formed in the corner of his eye.

Doug and Darren talked for a few minutes, while Chuck was busy answering questions from Fred and Mary. They were concerned that these new developments may have an impact on the case filed by Arnold and Louise. Chuck assured them that with the case he was preparing, they had nothing to worry about. Then Doug and Darren came back up to Chuck.

"Me and Darren have been thinking about something ever since my dad and his mom went wacko on us." said Doug. "Now with everything that's going on, we've made a decision. We want to dissolve the trust, and appoint Fred and Mary as the executors of our estate until we turn eighteen. If we're going to be filthy rich, we may as well start living like it!"

"Are you boys sure about that?" asked Chuck.

"It won't hurt our court case, will it?" asked Darren.

"No." replied Chuck. "As a matter of fact, it may make it even stronger!"

"Then we're sure!" said Doug and Darren in unison.

"I'll draw up the papers we need, and bring them back here tomorrow evening then." replied Chuck. "From everything I've seen since I've met you boys and your families, I think you're making the right decision."

Then Doug and Darren turned to Fred and Mary, and once again in unison said, "Mom, dad, we want a car!"

"Oh no!" said Fred, with an exaggerated look of terror on his face. "Here we go!"

Everyone then burst into uncontrollable laughter, including Chuck. Just as everyone was starting to recover from their laughter, Chuck said, "Just be glad they didn't ask for a rollercoaster in the back yard!"

Doug and Darren looked mischievously at each other, then turned to Fred and Mary as Darren said, "Mom, dad, we want a back yard big enough for a rollercoaster!"

"Then we want a rollercoaster in the back yard!" finished Doug.

"Come on boys!" said Fred. "If we give in to something like that, you may as well buy a whole park!"

"GOOD IDEA!!!" exclaimed Doug and Darren together.

Everyone laughed and joked until it was so late that they decided to just go out for dinner. Fred and Mary called the other three kids downstairs and told them to get ready to go out for dinner. Cory felt honored to be included in family plans now, but Donnie whined that Chris was suppose to come over for a few minutes. It was agreed that they would wait for Chris, and take him too. Then the other two family members found out what all the noise had been about that evening, and Jenni began shamelessly schmoozing Doug and Darren. For the rest of the evening they were the happiest group of people that anyone had ever seen.

That night as the boys made love, Doug was knelt between Darren's legs, looking down into the face of his lover. "It feels really cool to have my cock inside the richest guy I know besides me." said Doug.

Darren giggled, then replied, "I've always wanted an obscenely rich guy to do this to me."

As Doug thrust his cock in and out of Darren, he said, "We're rich even without the money dude. I became a rich man the day I said that I love you."

As Darren began grunting, he replied, "No one can take that kind of wealth away from us my love."

"Oh God Darren, I love you!" panted Doug, as he filled Darren's insides with his cum.

Darren smiled as he felt Doug's love flowing into him, and when Doug's orgasm was over, the two boys traded places. Doug laid on his stomach, while Darren laid on top of him. This way wouldn't exert Darren too much, and Doug would still feel his lover inside him. Darren laid on top of Doug and gently thrust into him, until he began shooting his cum into Doug. Then the boys fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Darren was nervous about going to school with the bandage still on his nose. Doug assured him though that he had nothing to worry about. For the first time since coming home, Doug and Darren walked into their first period class holding onto each other's hand. The entire classroom erupted into applause upon seeing Darren enter the room, then almost everyone wanted to at least shake his hand. They wanted to congratulate the boy who helped vanquish the biggest bully their school had ever known. Apparently Marcus hadn't focused all of his attention on Doug and Darren. One younger boy even stood up and gave Darren a quick peck on the cheek, accompanied by a chorus of cat-calls from the rest of the room. Even with a broken nose and the after effects of spending the weekend in the hospital, Darren had never felt better in his life. The rest of the day went pretty much the same way, with not very much said about Doug and Darren's open affection towards each other. During lunch, they were joined by the principal.

"I wanted to let you know how things are going Doug." said the principal. "I still haven't heard back from the state high school athletic league about you being a student coach, but if they approve that, I have no problem with Darren being your assistant. Just make sure to teach him everything you know. I'm also very happy that things are going so well for you boys this week."

"Thanks sir." replied Doug. "We're just glad that you and Cory were there for us when we needed you."

The principal ruffled both boys hair, then let them finish their lunch.

Chuck was waiting for Doug and Darren when they got home that evening. The boys then signed all of the papers that would allow them access to their money, under the control of Fred and Mary. There was also another reason to celebrate that evening. Arnold and Louise's lawyer had advised them that it would be in their best interests to finalize their divorces before the trial. That day, Fred and Mary had both received signed divorce papers by certified mail. They were now free to proceed with their wedding plans. After discussing it with the entire family, Fred and Mary decided to be married in Hawaii, on the way to visit Doug and Darren's island. Which, by the way, Doug and Darren had decided to name Utopia Island.

The next day after Doug and Darren arrived home from school, Mary told them that Fred would be a little late getting home. He had an errand to run after he left work. Fred finally pulled into the driveway, followed by a shiny, new Pathfinder. A man got out of the vehicle, handed Fred the keys, then got into another car that had followed them and drove off. Fred took the keys to Doug and Darren, who had been watching everything.

"Here you go boys." said Fred, as he handed each of them a set of keys. "It's all yours!"

"How did you know dad?" asked Darren. "It's exactly what me and Doug would have picked out!"

"A father has ways of knowing these things!" chuckled Fred.

Doug and Darren spent the evening showing off their new car. They took Fred and Mary out for a ride, then Jenni and Cory, then Donnie and Chris. It seemed as though everything had gone from being terrible to being as good as it could get, but there was one more major hurdle to jump after school let out for the summer.

The remaining weeks in the school year were a blur for Doug and Darren. They had become two of the most popular and well-liked people at school. This wasn't unusual for Doug, having been the star quarterback on the school's football team, but it was all very new for Darren. He had risen from self-induced obscurity to protect himself, to the peak of popularity. He did have Doug and Cory to help him adjust though, and everyone seemed to love Darren. Doug and Darren were also informed that the state would allow Doug to be the first student coach in the state next year, with Darren as his assistant. They did make a provision though, that the boys would have to keep their grades up or the experiment would be terminated.

The boys final exams were tougher than anyone else's, because they had to pass two grade levels at once. Jenni and Cory did take the time to help them though, even though they were also preparing for graduation. When Doug and Darren were told that they had passed all their exams, it was cause for the biggest celebration since their return. The boys exam celebration was combined with Jenni's graduation celebration, to make it a memorable event for the family.

Now, with the end of school only a few days away, it was time for everyone to turn their attention to setting everything right with their family. The lawsuit against Doug and Darren would begin the week after school ended.

It seems as though everything is about to wrap up for now. We just have to wait and see what happens to Louise and Arnold. Like I said though, I have many more adventures planned for the boys. No One Else 2 will start off with the boys and their family returning to the island that started everything. Please send all comments to: I'll see you again for the finale in Chapter 25.