No One Else

by tim the story guy

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No One Else

by tim

Chapter 25

During the last week of school, Chuck did stop by a few times to prepare everyone for the trial the following week. "There are a couple of things we will have to be ready for." said Chuck. "First, Mr. Chester plans on making it look like you boys made out your trust under duress. That means he will claim you were coerced by some outside influence into cutting your parents out of the original trust. I'm sure we can disprove that by the fact that the trust now includes Fred and Mary. You boys need to be careful how you answer any questions while you're on the witness stand though, so it doesn't look like you were under any pressure to do what you did."

"I think me and Darren can handle that." said Doug.

"Good!" replied Chuck. "He will also try to make it seem as though Arnold and Louise were dealt with unfairly. That's where Fred and Mary now being in the trust may have hurt us. Since Arnold and Louise have both finalized their divorce papers though, It will most likely swing things back into our favor. It will make it seem as though they were willing to give up any link to their families. I will also try to introduce evidence about their behavior before you were stranded on the island, and after you returned home. It is very important that no one hold back anything when you are on the stand."

The rest of the first visit, and the second visit, were spent with Chuck asking questions that he would ask if he were representing Arnold and Louise. Some of the questions he asked were a shock, but Chuck talked everyone through how they needed to come across. By the end of the second visit, Chuck felt as though everyone was ready. That Saturday, as Chuck was on a date with the clerk he met at the courthouse, Darren and Doug were providing each other with comfort and strength.

Doug raised his lips back from Darren's and said, "Just think my angel, school is out for the summer, and after next week this whole thing will be over!"

Darren smiled wickedly and replied, "And after we get to Hawaii, I can make love to my brother."

"Can I watch?" giggled Doug.

"I don't know." replied Darren. "I guess that's up to Donnie!"

"I should spank you for that dude!" giggled Doug.

"Ooh! That might be fun!" replied Darren.

Doug then picked Darren up and placed him across his lap, with Darren's butt sticking up in the air. He raised his hand and held it there for a few moments, then brought it down gently onto Darren's butt. Doug softly caressed both cheeks.

"That wasn't much of a spanking dude." said Darren.

"I couldn't bring myself to hurt that beautiful butt of yours." replied Doug. "Besides, I have an even better idea now!"

Doug laid Darren back onto the bed, with his butt still pointed upward. Then he leaned down behind Darren, and spread his cheeks apart. Doug moved in until his face was nestled between Darren's cheeks, then he gently licked the entire length of Darren's butt. On his way back down the crevasse between Darren's cheeks, Doug placed his lips against Darren's pucker. Darren moaned softly as Doug passionately kissed his pucker. After a few moments of kissing, Doug placed his tongue against the pucker and firmly pushed it into Darren.

"Oh God!" moaned Darren. "You're right babe. This beats a spanking anytime! Please make love to me Doug!"

Doug reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the tube of lube, while still sliding his tongue in and out of Darren. As soon as Doug had lubed his cock, he slid his tongue all the way out of Darren. Doug immediately placed the head of his cock on Darren's wet pucker.

"I love you Darren!" said Doug passionately, as he pushed his cock firmly and deeply into Darren.

"I don't care if we will be brothers soon Doug." moaned Darren, as he enjoyed Doug's cock deeply inside him. "Nothing will ever change the way I feel when we make love."

Doug thrust his cock lovingly in and out of Darren, as he kissed Darren's shoulders and nibbled lightly at his neck. "My cock will always long for contact with you, no matter what Darren." panted Doug as he breathed heavily.

After a few minutes of passionately thrusting his cock in and out of Darren, Doug began to build toward an orgasm. Darren could sense this, so he began humping back onto Doug's swollen cock. Doug took this as his cue, so he began ramming forcefully and quickly into Darren.

"Oh God yes Doug!" gasped Darren. "Fuck me like I love it Doug! I do love it greatly when it's you!"

Doug grunted as he continued to ram in and out of Darren. Darren moaned loudly and gasped as he felt his lover's cock go deeper and deeper inside him.

"Oh God!... Oh God!... Oh God Darren!" shouted out Doug. "I love you dude!"

Darren moaned even louder as he felt Doug's cum surge deeply into him. Doug shuddered as his massive orgasm shot into Darren relentlessly. Both boys writhed in ecstasy as Doug emptied all the cum from his balls into Darren's clenching rectum.

As soon as the flow from Doug's cock had ceased, Darren panted loudly, "I'm almost ready to cum too Doug!"

Doug quickly pulled his cock out of Darren, causing Darren to gasp once more. Then he flipped Darren over and devoured his throbbing cock. Darren moaned as he immediately started flooding Doug's mouth with his cum. Doug sucked hard to draw all the cum from Darren's cock.

When the cum had stopped flowing from Darren's cock, Doug looked up and begged, "I need to taste more of your cum Darren!"

"Then keep sucking and let's see what happens!" panted Darren.

Doug continued to work on Darren's cock intensely, and to Darren's surprise he didn't begin to soften after his orgasm. Doug sucked hungrily on Darren's cock, and about five minutes later he heard Darren begin to gasp. Doug sucked hard on the throbbing tube of flesh in his mouth, and was rewarded with a second orgasm from Darren. Darren moaned and ran his hands through Doug's hair as he once again pumped just as much cum as before into Doug's mouth. This time as soon as Doug had drained all of the cum that he could from Darren, he climbed up into Darren's waiting arms. The two boys fell asleep with their tongues in each other's mouths, and their cocks pressed tightly against each other. That was no small feat with Jenni and Cory in the room on one side of them, and Donnie and Chris on the other side.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Doug and Darren were the last ones to join the family. Jenni, Cory, Donnie, and Chris all began to snicker as Doug and Darren entered the kitchen.

"Hey, we can't help it if we're loud lovers!" exclaimed Darren. That brought a round of laughter from the kids and Fred. Mary tried to look shocked, but she was having a hard time holding back her laughter too.

"At least we all know how much you like having Doug inside you, my horny little brother!" laughed Jenni.

The rest of breakfast was filled with laughter, then Cory had an announcement to make. "I've decided to accept a full football scholarship from State." announced Cory. "Me and Jenni want to go to school right here in East Lansing."

Fred patted Cory on the back and said, "We're very happy to have you staying here at home son!" Then he gave Cory a warm hug, and followed that with a warm hug to Jenni.

"We couldn't stand the thought of leaving people who love us so much!" whispered Jenni into her father's ear.

The rest of the weekend was very happy, leading up to Monday morning. Fred, Mary, and the kids met Chuck at the courthouse in Mason, bright and early on Monday morning. Today would be mostly jury selection, but if there was time, both sides would make their opening statements. Everyone went on in to the court room, and Chuck, Doug, and Darren took a seat at the defendant's table. Fred, Mary, Jenni, and Donnie sat right behind them. At the plaintiff's table sat Arnold and Louise, looking very smug. They were accompanied by their lawyer, Theodore Chester.

The bailiff entered the court room and said, "All rise. The state calls the case of Arnold Atherton and Louise Chambers versus Doug Atherton and Darren Chambers. The honorable Nolan Smith presiding."

Judge Smith came into the court room and had a seat at his bench. Then he said, "You may all be seated." The judge looked at the case in front of him and remarked, "Hmm, a man and woman suing their two sons. Someone definitely likes to keep it in the family, huh!?"

After the laughter in the court room subsided, the task of selecting a jury began. Chuck had a tough task ahead of him, but he felt he was up to it. He wanted jurors who were mostly from the smaller towns east to the east, southeast, and south of Mason. People there were less likely to understand how a man and woman could sue their own sons. He didn't want jurors who were too conservative in their views though, because it would most likely come out in court that Doug and Darren are lovers. Theodore Chester had not given jury selection as much though as he should have, because he had not wanted a jury trial. That was Doug and Darren's right though, so there was nothing he could do about it. The jury was finally selected with about an hour before the court was scheduled to adjourn for the day.

"Do both sides feel they can present their opening statements in one hour?" asked Judge Smith.

Chuck stood up and replied, "If Mr. Chester takes the entire hour, I have no problem with making my statement in the morning."

"Very well Mr. Wainforth." replied Judge Smith. "Mr. Chester, you may proceed with your opening statement."

Theodore stood up and introduced himself to the jury as Theodore Chester esquire, then proceeded to drone on and on about how Louise and Arnold were the victims of a terrible injustice. He wanted to convince the jury that their families had thrown them aside after coming into an incredible fortune, and that Arnold and Louise deserved to be compensated for the way they had been mistreated. Chuck kept a close eye on the time, and was amazed that Theodore had found a way to go on for about forty minutes. When it was over though, Chuck told the judge that he would be able to finish his statement today.

"Hello fine ladies and gentlemen of the jury." said Chuck. "My name is Charles Wainforth, but I prefer to be called Chuck. I'm representing two sixteen year old boys by the name of Darren Chambers and Doug Atherton, who are being sued by Darren's mother and Doug's father. The counsel for the plaintiff would like you to believe that his clients are the victims in this case, but I assure you that the only victims here are justice, and those two boys sitting at that table. Doug and Darren cannot understand how two people who were suppose to care for them could turn on them the way the plaintiffs have. I intend to prove that the behavior by the plaintiffs was not brought on by the wealth that the two boys came into, but was a pre-existing condition. I know that most people see lawsuits as nothing more than being about dollars and cents, but that isn't what this one is about. Doug and Darren would be happy to share their fortune with all of their family, or at least the members of their families that truly care about them. This case is about right and wrong, and I trust that you fine people will remember that as you listen to the evidence in this case. Then ask yourselves with your hearts, who is right and who is wrong? You will hear a lot of things in this court room that will shock you, and a lot of things that will make you sad. Please remember though that the future of two young boys rests with your decision. That's really all I have to say for now, and we're ready to let the evidence speak for itself. Thank you for listening to what I had to say."

The judge and the jury looked genuinely relieved that Chuck did not drone on endlessly like Theodore had done, and Theodore realized that Chuck had scored a few points with the jury already. Now he was prepared to drag Doug and Darren through mud if he had to.

The next day, Theodore wanted to lead off with his strongest card. Louise was the first to take the witness stand. Louise tried to put on the look of a victim as she was sworn in.

After Theodore had her identify herself, he asked, "Can you tell the jury in your own words what you've been through Louise?"

"You mean like what we talked about last night?" asked Louise. "Sure!"

Chuck thought for sure he was going to laugh up his breakfast as Theodore slapped his forehead. "This is really going to be fun!" thought Chuck to himself.

"Well, we were always a close family." said Louise. "I always gave Darren as much love and support as I could, or as any mother would. When we were told that the plane he was on last summer had crashed into the Pacific Ocean, I was devastated. For months I went thinking that my poor baby had been killed in that plane crash. Then in April, we were told that Darren and his friend Doug had been found on an island in the South Pacific. I was so overjoyed to hear that my baby was okay, and he would be coming home. When we got to Hawaii, we found out that Darren and Doug had found a large sum in gems on the island they were on. Then for some reason that I can't understand, we found out that Darren and Doug had set up a trust that would keep anyone from using the money until they had turned eighteen. I know it wasn't my Darren's idea, because I had never once given him any reason not to trust me. The pressure of that decision began to put a strain on our family, and before I knew what was happening, my Fred filed for divorce from me. As Darren's parents, we should have had the right to take care of his money for him, but that right was taken away from us and it destroyed our happy family." Louise then sniffled a few times, and dabbed her cheek with a handkerchief.

"You loved your family very much, didn't you Louise?" asked Theodore.

"Oh yes sir!" replied Louise emphatically. "With all of my heart!"

Theodore held his hand over his chest and said, "You poor woman, you've been through so much! I have no further questions, you're excused Louise."

As Louise started to get up, Judge Smith said, "Mr. Chester! It's my job to excuse witnesses, if you don't mind!"

"I'm sorry your honor." replied Theodore almost sincerely.

"Do you have any questions for the witness Mr. Wainforth?" asked Judge Smith.

"Yes your honor, but I'll be brief." replied Chuck. Then he approached the witness stand and asked, "Mrs. Chambers, when did your husband file for divorce?"

"What do you mean by that?" asked Louise indignantly.

"Isn't it true that you talked to Mr. Chester and Mr. Atherton while he was in jail, BEFORE your husband filed for divorce?" asked Chuck.

"I object!" yelled Theodore. "That question is irrelevant to the case!"

"Your honor, I intend to prove that it was Louise's greed and not the defendants trust that broke up her marriage." said Chuck.

"In that case I'll have to overrule the objection." said Judge Smith. "Please answer the question Mrs. Chambers."

"Yes, but it was only because I was concerned about Arnold's welfare." said Louise.

"Is it also true that before your son went to Australia last summer, you asked him why he couldn't be like normal boys?" asked Chuck.

"Objection!" yelled Theodore.

"This question goes to prove whether or not Louise loved her son as much as any other parent would." said Chuck.

"Overruled!" said Judge Smith, who was now getting tired of Theodore. "Answer the question."

"Well,... I might have said something like that, but I didn't mean it the way it sounds!" said Louise.

"I have no further questions your honor." said Chuck.

Next it was Arnold's turn on the stand. This time Chuck was moaning to himself over how full of crap Arnold was. Arnold talked about HIS happy family life, and how proud he was of all of his sons. He tried to be convincing when he said that he loved Doug, and was happy that his son had survived his ordeal with the plane crash, and being stranded on the island. Chuck was almost sure he would lose his breakfast before Arnold could get off the stand. Darren and Doug however almost laughed over the expression on Chuck's face. Finally though it was Chuck's turn to cross examine Arnold. Arnold was the person that he most wanted to discredit.

"Mr. Atherton, would it be fair to say that you hated Doug?" asked Chuck.

"What the hell do you mean by that, you asshole?" replied Arnold.

"Mr. Atherton!" said Judge Smith. "I'm going to ask you once to watch your language, or I'll find you in contempt of this court!"

"Just answer the question please Mr. Atherton." said Chuck. "Do you hate your son Doug?"

"Of course not!" replied Arnold. "That's completely ridiculous!"

"I would like to admit two arrest reports as exhibits A and B." said Chuck, as he handed two reports to the judge. "Now Mr. Atherton, would you please tell the jury why you have been arrested twice since Doug returned from the South Pacific?"

"I object your honor!" exclaimed Theodore. "Mr. Atherton has not been convicted of any crime, and this type of testimony is irrelevant and inflammatory!"

"I'm just trying to establish the truthfulness of Mr. Atherton's testimony sir." replied Chuck.

"Okay counsel, I'll overrule the objection, but please stick to only documented evidence." said Judge Smith. "Go ahead and answer the question Mr. Atherton."

"I was arrested twice on assault charges, but my lawyer will have those charges dismissed when I go to trial." replied Arnold.

"Specifically though Mr. Atherton, where you arrested once for assaulting your son Doug, then again for assaulting Doug, his friend Darren, and your youngest son Donnie?" asked Chuck.

"You bastard!" exclaimed Arnold.

"That's enough of that Mr. Atherton!" said Judge Smith. "I'm finding you in contempt of court, and fining you one hundred dollars! Any further outbursts like that will be dealt with more severely!"

"Once again Mr. Atherton, do you hate Doug?" asked Chuck.

"Of course not!" replied Arnold.

"I suppose assault is a sign of a loving parent!" remarked Chuck.

"Objection!" yelled Theodore.

"I'll withdraw my last comment your honor." said Chuck. "I apologize to the court for that."

"Okay Mr. Wainforth, just be more careful in your comments." replied the judge calmly.

"Let's move on to your so-called loving relationship with your ex wife." said Chuck. "Is it true that you accused her of infidelity?"

"Of course not!" replied Arnold.

"You mean you didn't say, and I quote, You must have been with someone else because Doug couldn't have come from my seed?" asked Chuck.

"That was just a joke!" replied Arnold. "It may have been in bad taste, but it was only a joke."

Chuck walked back to the defendant's table with an evil smile on his face. He was now very glad that he'd had Arnold followed by a private investigator after he had left jail the first time. Doug and Darren saw Chuck's smile, and almost giggled out loud. Chuck removed a photograph from his briefcase, and walked back to the judge's bench.

"I would like to mark this photograph as exhibit C." said Chuck. As soon as the clerk marked it as evidence, Chuck took the photograph to Arnold and asked, "Could you please tell the court who is in this photograph Mr. Atherton?"

"Objection!" yelled Theodore.

"Overruled!" Judge Smith immediately replied.

Arnold's face drained of all emotion as he replied, "That is me and Louise Chambers."

"And what are you two doing in that picture?" asked Chuck. Arnold mumbled an unintelligible reply, so Chuck said, "Could you speak up Mr. Atherton? We couldn't hear your reply."

"We're having sex!" exclaimed Arnold. "It was an honor for me to have sex with such a fine and classy woman too!"

"I have no further questions your honor." said Chuck.

Theodore rested his head in his hands as he said, "I have no further witnesses your honor." He had planned on calling Craig to the stand, but now figured that would be like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Chuck then began calling his witnesses to the stand. Jenni told the jury what she knew about her family's strained relationship, and of her involvement with the decision about the trust. Theodore tried to make Jenni sound like she pressured Doug and Darren into making out the trust the way they did, but Chuck had made sure Jenni was ready for that. Then Chuck called Fred. He knew that if he didn't bring up the relationship between Fred and Mary, that Theodore would.

"Mr. Chambers, can you tell the court about your family's relationship before Darren disappeared last summer?" asked Chuck.

"We knew that Darren was gay." said Fred. "The only one who really accepted him well at that time was his sister, Jenni. Louise would always try to make him feel guilty about being gay, and I'm afraid I handled it even worse than that. I was very mean to my son because of things that had happened in my past. When I was younger, I was very close friends with a boy who was gay. He ended up being beaten to death because of that, and I didn't want to see the same thing happen to Darren. Then when we were told that he had been killed in a plane crash, I fell completely apart. I knew I had treated my son badly, and he was taken from us anyway. I was very close to having myself admitted to a hospital."

"I'm so sorry to have to bring these things up Mr. Chambers." said Chuck. "Tell us what happened when you discovered your son was still alive."

"I felt a feeling that I had never felt in my life!" replied Fred. "I was so overjoyed and consumed by love for my son, that I vowed that nothing would ever make me feel the way I had felt about him again. I completely accepted who my son was then, and vowed that I would make him as happy with his life as I possibly could."

"What about the money?" asked Chuck.

"I supported my son's decision." replied Fred. "After what he and Doug had been through, they deserved every penny of that money! Louise didn't take it so well though. She wanted to get ahold of the money very badly."

"Is that what led to your filing for divorce?" asked Chuck.

"Louise had seen Mr. Atherton's attorney, then went to see Mr. Atherton in jail." replied Fred. "They were planning to take the boy's money from them, but it was completely unnecessary. The boys had made a provision in the trust that would have shared the money with their families when they turned eighteen. Louise and Arnold didn't want to wait though, and wanted even more. That and the fact that there hadn't been a lot of love in our relationship for a few years, led me to file for divorce."

"Your relationship with Mary Atherton had nothing to do with it then?" asked Chuck.

"Mary and I never had any relationship until after I filed for divorce." said Fred. "After I had filed for the divorce though, we discovered that we had feelings for each other. They were feelings that neither of us had felt in a long time. I plan on marrying Mary in Hawaii in the near future."

"What happened to the trust?" asked Chuck.

"The trust has been dissolved." replied Fred. "Mary and me are now the executors of Doug and Darren's estate. They do trust us, but they had no reason to trust Louise and Arnold."

"How is your family's relationship now?" asked Chuck.

"The relationship now is more like a real family should be than anything I've ever experienced." said Fred.

"Thank you Mr. Chambers." said Chuck. "I have no further questions."

Theodore tried to trip Fred up, but Fred had been completely honest. Every attempt Theodore made failed miserably. Then it was time for Mary to take the witness stand.

"Hello Mrs. Atherton." said Chuck. "Can you tell the court what your family was like before Doug disappeared last summer?"

"Arnold was always mean spirited in the way he handled me and the boys." said Mary. "He seemed to get along with Craig okay, but he use to hit Doug every so often for something. I've taken a few hits by standing between him and Doug. Doug didn't seem too excited about being with some of the boys he would be with in Australia, but he seemed excited to get away from here."

"That's a lie!" yelled Arnold. "My boy use to love me before that Darren boy came along!"

"That's enough Mr. Atherton!" said Judge Smith. "One more word from you, and I'll have you removed from the court room!"

"What was it like when you heard that his plane had crashed?" asked Chuck.

"It was awful!" exclaimed Mary. "Arnold got drunk for a week, then acted like he was over it. I was devastated though. It felt like my life had been drained out of me. I had to hold myself together for Donnie's sake though. It was bad enough with how much he missed his brother. I looked in on him quite a few times as he would be getting ready for bed. He prayed for his brother to come home every single night until we heard that Doug had been found alive."

Doug turned around with a tear forming in the corner of his eye, and looked at Donnie. Doug mouthed the words, "I love you brother."

"Did that help things at home?" asked Chuck.

"We were all a little happier until we got to Hawaii." replied Mary. "Arnold took one look at Doug and Darren together and became consumed by the idea that Darren had tried to turn Doug gay. I had always knew there was something between the two boys though, from back when they use to be close friends when they were little. I was honestly very happy for Doug when I saw how they had survived together for eight months. Then the money issue came up, and Arnold went back to hitting Doug. At least this time Doug was able to defend himself better, which infuriated Arnold. I began to think I would have to divorce Arnold for the safety of Doug and Donnie."

"It wasn't because of the money then?" asked Chuck.

"Certainly not!" replied Mary. "That money belonged to Doug and Darren as far as I was concerned. If they wanted to share with their families, that would be great. I can't say that I blame them though for not trusting Arnold, and it doesn't bother me at all."

"How are things now?" asked Chuck.

"Much better." said Mary. "My children are safe and very happy now. Fred is a kind man, and loves Doug and Donnie as if they were his own sons. I have never known a man that I was happier to be around than Fred makes me. Arnold hasn't expressed real love for me in years, but Fred is a sweet, gentle, and loving man. I am very happy to be marrying him soon."

"Well, I wish you, Fred, and your family luck for the future." said Chuck. "I have no further questions."

"Mrs. Atherton, how are you?" asked Theodore.

"Okay." replied Mary.

"Am I correct in hearing that you pulled a gun on your husband?" asked Theodore.

"Yes, but..." started Mary.

"Yes or no will be fine Mrs. Atherton!" said Theodore, as he cut Mary off. "I have no further questions your honor!"

Theodore strutted back to his table like a peacock showing off it's feathers. The judge was about to dismiss Mary when Chuck stood up.

"May I redirect, your honor?" asked Chuck.

"Go ahead counsel, and if you say you object Mr. Chester, I'll find you in contempt!" said Judge Smith.

Theodore had stood up, but when the judge lectured him, he shut his mouth and sat back down.

"Why did you pull a gun on your husband Mary?" asked Chuck.

"Because he barged into my home uninvited, in violation of a restraining order issued by the court." replied Mary. "Then he began to assault three minor children with the intent to seriously injure or kill them! I was protecting the safety of mine and Fred's children!"

"I have to object, your honor!" said Theodore. "She has no idea what Arnold's intent was at that time!"

"Do you mean when Arnold was assaulting three children?" asked Judge Smith. "I'll tell you what Mr. Chester, we'll strike the part about Mr. Atherton's intent. The rest of the testimony will stand as is!"

Theodore immediately realized that he had fucked up, and he looked as though he wanted to hide somewhere. Doug and Darren couldn't help themselves as they snickered softly. The judge smiled at the two boys and pretended he didn't hear their snickers, then he dismissed Mary from the stand. Chuck felt he could have won the case at that point, but he wanted to slam dunk this one.

Darren took the stand next. Chuck decided to turn Darren loose, and let him run with it. Darren told the court everything from the horrifying crash, to ending up on the raft with Doug, to the boys realizing they would have to put their differences behind them and work together to survive. As Darren talked, he looked directly at Doug. The entire court room could see the love that Darren felt for Doug. Darren told them how at times, it looked as though they would never get along well enough to survive. Then he talked about what he felt as he realized he was falling in love with Doug. When he got to the part about Doug realizing that he was gay, and that he was also falling in love with Darren, the two boys gazed at each other very intensely. As Doug listened to Darren talk about the typhoon, finding the gems, and finally the volcano, he knew why he had fallen so deeply in love with Darren. Darren was the inner peace and strength that he had searched for for his whole life. Doug knew he would never be complete without Darren in his life. Darren also told the court room how he and Doug both felt that at least two of their parents would try to spend every penny they could before the boys ever turned eighteen. That was before they even reached Hawaii. Once there, they knew their suspicions were correct. He told the court that he and Doug were only too happy to get advice on how to protect their money from anyone who would give it. Then Darren told the court about everything they had been through since returning home. By the time Darren was through, there were more than a few people in the court room who were trying to hold back their tears. Arnold though looked pissed, while Louise looked very uncomfortable.

Theodore sensed that it would probably do more harm than good to go after Darren, so he decided to take his last shot at Doug. Finally it was Doug's turn to take the stand, and Chuck did the same thing with him.

"I don't know how much I can add to what Darren said, but I'll try." said Doug. "I love Darren more than most people will ever understand. I love him so much that the fact that I'm gay doesn't bother me at all, although my dad hates me because of it, no matter what he says. If he'd had his way, me and Darren wouldn't be together right now, and there wouldn't be any money to be fighting over. He's tried to keep us apart since we were little kids. If it seems like I don't trust my father at all, it's because I don't. He's never given me one single reason to ever trust him. All he's ever done is try to hurt me. I use to consider running away from my life at least once every few weeks, until Darren came back into it. I'm glad we were on that plane when it crashed into the ocean, because it taught me to begin living my life the way I should have all along. I can't really add anything to what it was like on our island because Darren did such a beautiful job of telling you about it. I hope everyone can see now why I love him so much!"

Doug then smiled a beautiful smile at Darren as he continued, "When we were rescued with the gems we had found, I knew in my heart that my dad would want to get his hands on the money they were worth. I wouldn't have really cared if he had though, because I was rich just by having Darren in my life. The fact is though that the money does belong to me and Darren. We didn't have any problem with sharing it with those who cared about us, but we didn't want someone like my dad spending every penny of it before we turned eighteen. After what we've been through, we deserve to have a good life when we graduate from school. Fred and Mary will make sure we have that, but my dad will never think of anyone but himself. That's really all I have to say except, I wish just one time before he's out of my life forever I could see my father act like a decent human being."

When Doug had finished, there were a few less drier eyes in the court room. A pair of those eyes belonged to Arnold. Doug had finally touched a nerve inside him. Theodore stood up to try to take Doug apart on the stand, but Arnold grabbed him and pulled him back down.

"Don't do that to my son Theodore." said Arnold with tears in his eyes. "I really have fucked up! If we lose, then we lose. I've already hurt him way too much!"

Then Theodore said, "I have no questions for the witness your honor. Can we have a recess before closing arguments begin?"

"Seeing that it's one o'clock, I'm sure we could use a lunch break." said Judge Smith. "Court is in recess for one hour."

Chuck, his new boyfriend, Fred, Mary, and the kids found a small cafe near the courthouse. They began talking as they enjoyed their lunch.

"Damn Chuck!" exclaimed Doug. "You weren't lying when you said the guy you wanted to date was a hottie!"

After everyone finished laughing at Doug's remark, Chuck turned to his boyfriend and said, "You'll have to get use to that Steve, or they'll embarrass the hell out of you if they can!"

Everyone laughed again, then Darren said, "I can't believe you made your old man cry Doug!"

"Yeah, I guess I got my wish." replied Doug. "I do kinda hope him, Craig, and your mother are happier together than we were as a family."

"I guess we can do what we can to help with that, if you really want to babe." said Darren.

"Me and Mary are so proud of you boys right now!" said Fred. "After what you've been through, no one would expect to hear you talk like that about them."

"We had two very good teachers!" said Doug, as he smiled at Fred and Mary.

"I'm glad you feel that way about us honey, because I have an announcement to make." said Mary. "I just found out something yesterday, and me and Fred were trying to find the right time to tell you kids. I'm pregnant with Fred's child!"

Everyone was so excited about Mary's announcement that they almost lost track of time. They managed to get back to the court room just a few moments before the judge did. Theodore made his closing arguments, and almost begged for sympathy for Arnold and Louise. The jury didn't seem too impressed by his pleas though. His closing argument was much more subdued than his opening statement though, and the jury did seem grateful for that. Then Chuck made his closing argument. As expected, it was brief and to the point. Chuck stressed what the boys had been through, as well as their feelings for each other. He also stressed that their fears over Arnold and Louise went back even before the money became an issue. Then he thanked the jury for listening to the case. Everyone got together outside the court room, and finally decided to wait for the jury's decision out on the courthouse lawn.

"Well, I guess the only thing we can do now is wait." said Chuck. "It's always kind of hard to guess how long these things will take. I've seen them drag on for days!"

Then the bailiff approached the group and said, "Excuse me folks, the jury has reached a decision. You need to come back to the court room now."

"Then again, it may only take five minutes!" laughed Chuck.

Fred, Mary, and the kids were elated when the jury announced that they had decided in favor of Doug and Darren. The jury even went as far as to wish the two boys good luck in their life together. Everything was finally over now, and everyone could now concentrate on enjoying their lives. As the group was leaving the courthouse, they ran across Louise, Arnold, and their lawyer.

"Me and Louise want you boys to know that we're sorry about the pain we've put you through." said Arnold, as he hung his head down. "We know it's a little late for that though, and we don't blame you boys for hating us."

"We don't hate you two." said Doug. "Me and Darren never would have been brought into this world to be together now if it hadn't been for both of you. Sure we're disappointed, but neither of us can hate you two."

"How could we possibly make this up to you boys though?" asked Arnold.

"Just try to remember us, and how things could have been." replied Doug.

For the first time in his life, Arnold wept as he hugged Doug tightly. "Please forgive me son!" sobbed Arnold into Doug's shoulder.

As Arnold was trying to apologize to Doug, Louise was talking to Darren. "I guess your father is a better man than I ever deserved." said Louise. "He changed so much while you were gone, and I just couldn't do it too. I'm so sorry honey, and I hope you and Doug take good care of each other. Tell your father I also hope he and Mary are very happy together. They seem to be very good for each other."

"I still love you mom, and I hope we can put this mess behind us someday." said Darren.

"You always were such a great boy!" said Louise, as she hugged Darren tightly and cried.

Doug and Darren finally turned to Theodore. "You are a complete and total waste of effort dude!" said Doug. "They would have been better off being represented by The Three Stooges! Dad will be lucky if he doesn't get life with you representing him in his criminal trial!"

Chuck was now laughing so hard that he could barely stand up, as Darren stepped in and said, "You are so fired dude! Arnold needs a real lawyer if he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail! We're going to have Chuck take care of his criminal trial. Good-bye dude!"

It was now finally time to go home. Next week they would all be going to the South Pacific, and a new chapter would be starting in their lives.

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