No one else

by tim

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Chapter 4

Doug and Darren had thought that at least their underwear had been spared from the wrath of the ants. However when they awoke together the next morning, they found that their underwear were now falling apart.

"I guess we're going to get to know each other a whole lot better now." said Darren, as he laughed nervously.

"Yeah," said Doug, "I guess we will at that." After a few nervous moments Doug continued, "Awe, what the heck. We both knew that this would happen eventually."

"Yeah." said Darren. "This is no different from the shower room in gym class. Just imagine that someone stole our clothes and hid them." Then Darren noticed that Doug had begun looking guilty. "Shit dude," said Darren, "I'm sorry. I really wasn't talking about the times you had done that to me though."

"I know," said Doug, "it just reminds me of yet another thing that I'm sorry for."

"Well don't be sorry." said Darren. "If you want to know the truth, it actually helped me get lucky a few times."

Doug then began to smile again and said, "Well then dude, I'm glad that I could help."

Both boys started moving around for the day, so that they could become use to being totally naked around each other. It wasn't too difficult for Doug, seeing as how he could never imagine himself acting on any of the feelings that he had been having toward Darren. For Darren however, it was pure hell. He would find his eyes automatically drawn toward Doug's six inch flaccid penis. Then his own would naturally rise to it's seven inch stiffness. Then Darren's mind would start to imagine just how big Doug would be if he were erect. This did not help Darren at all.

When Doug caught Darren trying to hide his erection he said, "I thought I told you that it wouldn't freak me out if you popped a boner every once in a while."

Darren knew that it wasn't every once in a while though. The damn thing just seemed like it would never go down again. Even climbing to the top of the island's peak with Doug didn't help. They did get a chance to look around though. They stayed up there for quite a while, searching the sky and the horizon. They didn't spot even the slightest trace that a ship or plane had ever been anywhere near their island. Finally Doug sat down on a flat rock, followed by Darren.

"We're really not going to get out of this one, are we?" asked Doug sadly.

"We will get rescued someday." said Darren sincerely. "I know we will, I just have a feeling."

"But what if it is just you and me for the rest of our lives?" asked Doug.

"If that's what happens, then I could think of worse things." blurted out Darren.

"What???" exclaimed Doug.

"Oh shit!" thought Darren to himself. "What the hell did I just say? This guy is never going to be comfortable around me if I keep saying things like that. I mean I know I'm attracted to him because he's good looking and he's the only other guy on the island, but I can't be falling in love with Doug. I just can't be." Darren was shaken out of his thoughts by Doug's voice.

"I just can't believe that after everything I've done to you, you want to be my friend as much as you do." said Doug.

"I thought we settled that, you goof." said Darren.

"Yeah," laughed Doug, "I guess we did. Thanks for not hating me dude. Damn Darren! Is that thing ever going to go down?" Doug was pointing right at Darren's penis.

Darren laughed weakly as he responded, "You do know that I'm gay, right? This whole thing has turned into something like twenty-four hour porn."

Doug chuckled as he said, "Oh yeah, I guess it would be, huh? Sorry dude."

The boys then got up and headed back down the mountain. They had decided that it would be a good idea to go up there every couple of days or so, just in case. When they got back down to the pools, both boys bent down to the drinking pool to quench their thirst.

As they finished Doug said, "Those stones at the bottom of the pool are pretty fascinating. I'd love to take a closer look at some of them."

"You do know that the only way to do that would be to dive into the pool that we drink out of naked, right?" asked Darren.

"Damn Darren, you are quite the genius." said Doug. "Of course I know that. I don't have a problem with drinking after myself, do you? It's not like I'm going to pee in it."

The thought of drinking water that had touched Doug's naked body made Darren hard once again. "I guess not." replied Darren. "I mean, we're both guys, or something like that."

Doug laughed briefly at Darren's response, then dived into the pool. He swam out to where the stones were the most plentiful, then dived straight down. He was in about ten to fifteen feet of water, as he picked up as many of the stones as he could and still swim back to the shore. As Doug climbed out of the pool, Darren watched in fascination at the water glistening off of Doug's body. Meanwhile Doug was busy looking at both colors of stones, which were actually crystals.

"So, what do you think dude?" asked Doug.

"What?" exclaimed Darren. "Think, what?"

Doug smiled and said, "About the stones. And you were calling me a goof earlier. You remember the stones that I just dived into our drinking pool to get, right?"

Darren blushed and replied, "Yeah, the stones. Let me take a look." Darren held the crystals up to the sky and looked at them carefully, then began laughing like a maniac. "That's just our luck dude!"

"What do you mean Darren?" asked Doug.

"I'd be willing to bet anything that these red ones are rubies, and the blue ones are sapphires." replied Darren. "They're pretty high quality stuff too, I can't find a flaw in any of them."

"Shit dude!" exclaimed Doug. "That is pretty funny. You wanna hear something even funnier? There are much larger ones down there!"

Both boys laughed for quite a while at the irony of sitting on top of a fortune in gems, but being marooned on an uninhabited island.

Finally as the laughter began to fade away Darren said, "Well dude, I guess that we are now the richest kids that we know."

Doug was still laughing slightly as he said, "And to think that I have my best friend to share this massive fortune with. I want to talk seriously about something else though dude. We both knew that our underwear wouldn't last long after what the ants did to our other clothes. I also knew that when that happened I'd have a kid who happens to be gay staring at my penis. As long as it doesn't go any further than that, I really don't feel uncomfortable with you staring at me. As a matter of fact, I'm kinda flattered that you would think that way after all the hell that I've put you through. The bottom line is, I have a penis and you have a penis. We can both plainly see each other's penises, it's just that you enjoy looking more than I do. I really don't have a problem with it because there's nothing we can do about it."

After Doug said that, Darren felt ten times better. It was no longer a problem, and as a result it was easier for Darren to deal with being around Doug naked. The boys slept peacefully that night knowing that they were okay with each other, and now they were both very rich.

The next morning the boys knew that they would need to find a place to store their treasure, in case they ever made it off the island. It had to be easily accessible, but sheltered enough to protect their gems. They scoured the island for two days until they finally found a cave at the base of one of the cliffs on the mountain.

"This should be a fine place to store our gems." said Doug.

"Are you sure?" asked Darren. "It looks kinda dark in there."

"Of course it's dark dufus, it's a cave!" exclaimed Doug. "Do you wanna look around inside?"

"Are you kidding!?!" replied Darren. "It's so dark in there we could walk right off a ledge and get killed before we even knew what hit us!"

"Party pooper!" exclaimed Doug. "I have an idea though."

Doug went off and returned a few minutes later with a vine. He tied one end around himself, and the other end around Darren. Doug then proceeded to crawl into the cave on all fours, with Darren right behind him. Doug carefully felt his way into the cave with his hands before proceeding further. The floor of the cave turned out to be fairly flat and smooth, until the wall rose up in front of the boys about fifty feet into the cave. When Doug stopped, Darren kept crawling and bumped his head into Doug's butt.

"Geez dude," said Doug, "you must be getting really desperate by ramming your head into my butt."

"It was an accident Doug." said Darren. "You know I don't want to do anything to ruin our friendship." Darren knew that was a lie though, and he hoped that Doug wouldn't pick up on it. Darren knew that Doug's butt felt really good against the top of his head.

"Don't worry dude," said Doug, "I was just kidding with you. I know it was an accident. You're not mad are you?"

"Of course I'm not mad." said Darren. "I guess the old me was just being a little defensive."

Doug and Darren decided that even though there was an opening about halfway up the back wall that they could squeeze through, there was no reason to go any further into the cave. They were relatively safe this far in, and that was enough. As it turned out, they had found the cave in the nick of time.

The next day dawned with the clouds starting to build up in the east. The wind, which had also picked up a little, was no longer the pleasant breeze that they were use to. It seemed to have a very bad feel to it. Doug went running back into the hut, after going down to the ocean to see if he could catch any fish.

"Darren, dude!" said Doug. "There is something seriously wrong out here! Come outside and look!"

Darren followed Doug out of the hut and looked around. He couldn't put his finger on what was wrong, but he also knew there was something in the air.

"Dude," said Doug, "the ocean usually looks so clear here, but today it almost looks nasty."

The beach that the boys were on faced the west, so they couldn't see the wall of storm clouds that were building off on the eastern horizon. Darren still finally picked up on what was wrong though.

"Oh fuck dude!" screamed Darren. "Do you know what season it is in this part of the world?"

"It's probably not football season, is it?" asked Doug, now becoming concerned.

"No dude, it's not." said Darren. "It's fucking typhoon season dude!"

"Oh hell!" exclaimed Doug. "You have to be kidding dude!"

"We better get to that cave we found right now!" screamed Darren.

The boys grabbed what they could, including the knife and Doug's spear, and ran for the cave. The mouth of the cave opened to the south, so when the boys got there they could finally see some of the eastern sky. They wished that they couldn't though, as the typhoon that was coming at them looked horrendous. The boys made their way to the back of the part of the cave that had been explored. Then they laid on the floor of the cave and held on to each other, as they waited for the storm to hit.

Darren cried as he said, "I'm scared dude. I've never seen anything like that storm that is coming at us!"

Doug absent-mindedly stroked the top of Darren's head as he replied, "I'm scared too dude, but I promise I won't let anything happen to you."

The two scared boys held each other in complete darkness, as they heard the wind begin to whistle past the entrance to their cave. Then the wind began to howl as both boys cried. After that the wind began to make noises that neither boy had ever heard before. Every once in a while a gust of wind would catch in the mouth of the cave, blowing a driving rain in on the two terrified boys. After what seemed like an eternity, the wind began to die down.

Darren sniffled and cleared his throat, then said, "I don't know if it is over now, or if we're just in the eye of the storm."

"I hope the eye missed us and it's over now." said Doug, as he tried to regain control of himself.

"There's only one way to find out for sure." said Darren.

The boys went to the mouth of the cave and looked at the sky. Directly over top of them were bright blue skies. In every direction they looked around them though the clouds were as black as night. They were in the eye of one of the worst storms to ever hit the south Pacific. The boys went back into the cave and held each other again, as they waited for the return of hell to their island. The second half of the storm was every bit as strong as the first half. By the time it was finally over, both boys were trembling in a fear that was greater than anything they had ever known. Finally in the last hour of sunlight, the wind and rain stopped. The boys left the cave and looked at what they could see of their island.

"God help whatever populated land that storm finally hits!" said Darren.

The island was in total disarray. Only the strongest trees survived the storm. Hundreds of others were scattered around like giant matchsticks. The boys knew that they would be busy cleaning up their island for quite a while.

"If we hadn't found that cave, we'd be dead now." said Doug somberly.

"I'm glad you had the courage to go into that cave, in spite of me." said Darren. "I hope you never change that part of yourself Doug."

The boys walked closely together back to their beach. Their hut was gone, but amazingly the trees that they had used for corners had stood. So did the trees that still had one lone hammock tied to them.

Darren laughed as he said, "I never really did like that upper hammock anyway!"

Doug joined Darren as both boys doubled over in laughter. Both boys laughed so hard that they had tears in their eyes. Finally their laughter died down.

"I guess we're going to have some rebuilding to do starting first thing tomorrow." said Doug.

"As long as we're still together, I don't mind at all." said Darren.

Then both boys climbed into the hammock together, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

I know this chapter is a little short, but it seemed like a great place to end a chapter. I will work on another chapter of this story before working on my others. Please send all comments to: . Thanks, and see you in chapter 5.