No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 5

The next morning Doug and Darren awoke and began rebuilding their hut. The typhoon had left plenty of readily available raw material for the hut, so the boys decided that they would build an even nicer hut than before. The boys worked very well together for almost an entire week, rebuilding their home. This time it even included a porch that they could sit outside on. It seemed that both boys had realized that they may be on the island for a very long time, and they might as well make themselves comfortable.

They were becoming more comfortable in other ways too. Although Darren still felt compelled to stare at what he considered an awesome body in Doug, he was feeling much less guilty about it. Doug was not giving any indication that he was uncomfortable with the attention. Darren did still have a problem with erections every time he thought about what Doug would look like hard, but it didn't seem to bother Doug.

Doug seemed to be getting very comfortable with living with a boy that he knew was gay, even though he still didn't consider himself that way. That in itself was enough to bother Doug occasionally, but Doug dismissed it as a leftover influence from his old friends and family. Doug was to the point now where he liked being with Darren, and he didn't want to do anything else that would hurt his friend.

The morning after finishing their new hut, Darren finally got his wish. He was awaken that morning by something poking him in the leg. He looked down and gasped as he saw Doug's eight inch erection pushing against his thigh. Darren wanted so badly to touch it, but he knew that would be the wrong thing to do. Instead he just stared at Doug's erection intently, until he was broken from his trance by Doug's voice.

"What do you expect," said Doug, "I am human after all. It'll go back down after I go out and take care of it."

"I'm sorry Doug," apologized Darren, "I didn't mean to stare at it. I just couldn't help myself."

"I know." said Doug. "Don't worry, I know you have urges too. As long as you don't act on them with me, we'll be fine dude. Otherwise you can look all you want. Right now though I think I need to go out and take care of it."

Another hurdle had been cleared, and Darren felt even better than ever. Doug also seemed to drop his defense against getting hard in front of Darren. Over the next few weeks it began happening more and more often, which Darren didn't mind at all. The one thing that did bother Darren though was that he was now becoming sure that he was falling in love with Doug. He knew that Doug could not return his feelings though, so he kept it to himself as best he could.

Also over the next few weeks the boys began collecting the rubies and sapphires from the bottom of their drinking pool. Doug had found quite a few logs that were hollowed out on one end, and made great barrels. Darren made a net out of palm leaves that would let water pass through, but hold the gems. That way they could bring up more gems at one time. Within a few days they had filled several barrels, and put them in their cave where they would be safe.

Then an incident happened which would forever change the lives of both Doug and Darren. Doug woke up in the middle of the night one night to find a hand wrapped around his erect penis, and stroking it gently. Doug made a quick check and discovered that it must have been Darren's hand.

Doug pleaded, "Please dude, stop doing that."

However, Darren didn't respond because he was sound asleep. Doug made several more weak pleas to Darren, but Darren never woke up. Doug also never did anything to stop what was happening, until he came close to having an orgasm. At that point he finally took ahold of Darren's hand and removed it from his swollen erection. Then Doug got out of the hammock and ran outside, with Darren still sound asleep. After masturbating himself until he had an orgasm, Doug sat on the porch of the hut and began to cry to himself.

"Why didn't I stop him as soon as I realized what was happening?" thought Doug to himself. "The dude was sound asleep and I just let him keep doing it. Why did it have to feel so nice too? It should have felt terrible unless I'm ...I'm ...I'm ..." Doug could not bring himself to finish his final thought.

After Doug cried quietly for a few more minutes he went back into the hut and climbed back into the hammock. This time however he laid with his back to Darren. The next morning Doug was acting a bit distant towards Darren, but Darren didn't have the slightest idea why. All day long Darren tried to get Doug to open up to him.

"Doug," said Darren finally, "if I've said or done anything wrong I wish you would tell me. You've been acting strange all day, almost like you are fighting not to go back to being the way you were before. I wouldn't be able to take that dude, we need each other too much now."

"It's not you dude." said Doug in a low voice. "It's me. I'm not going to act the way I use to, I just need some time to figure something out."

"Maybe I can help then." offered Darren. "It's usually best to talk to someone when something is bothering you."

"I can't." said Doug. "Just let it go dude, I'll work it out."

Darren didn't mention it again, but it was starting to bother him that Doug was acting so cold and refused to talk about whatever was going on between them. That night Doug went to bed and Darren went outside to think. Darren made his way to the beach in the moonlight, and climbed up onto the rock he sat on when he and Doug became friends again.

Darren looked up to the sky with tears beginning to form in his eyes and said, "Please God. Please don't let things go back to the way they were before. Not when I'm finally so happy for the first time in such a long time. I just can't take that kind of thing anymore. Please God, let me and Doug just be happy together. That's all I really want."

Darren sat there and cried for quite a while, before going back to the hut. As soon as Darren climbed into the hammock, Doug rolled over so that his back was to Darren. Darren finally fell into a fitful sleep. That night his old demons began invading his dreams once more.

The next morning the boys awoke without saying too much to each other. They did decide though to go up to the top of the mountain, to see what they could see today. After several quiet hours of seeing nothing, the boys started back down with Darren right behind Doug. While walking along a narrow ledge though, Doug's foot suddenly slipped out from under him. Doug did manage to catch himself by his fingers before plummeting off the very high cliff. Doug now hung on by his fingers, at least one hundred feet from the rocks below.

"Please Darren!" screamed Doug. "Help me dude! I don't think I can hold on! I don't want to die Darren, I'm not ready yet!"

Darren got down on his knees and grabbed ahold of Doug's forearms. Darren had never lifted very much weight before, but now his friend's life depended on him lifting more than he ever thought he could.

"Please don't die on me Doug!" cried Darren. "I can't go on without you to help me! Please God, don't let my friend die!"

Darren concentrated harder than he ever had before, and somehow began lifting Doug back up over the edge of the cliff. As soon as he could, Doug swung a foot back up onto the ledge and Darren helped him the rest of the way up. Doug crawled over to where Darren had slumped to the ground and held onto him, while both boys cried for some time.

Doug was almost completely out of breath as he said, "You saved my life dude! Even though I was starting to act like an asshole again. Why?"

Darren thought, "Should I go ahead now and tell Doug that I am in love with him?" Then he thought that it would kill any chance of them being friends.

Finally Darren replied, "For the same reason that you pulled me out of that airplane Doug. We were always meant to be friends because we need each other. I can't survive without you. If you had fallen off that cliff, I would have let you pull me with you. Please don't leave me, and don't shut me out."

"I'm so sorry dude." said Doug. "I shouldn't have done that to you."

"Then please tell me why?" begged Darren.

"Let's get off this damn mountain first." said Doug.

The two boys made their way carefully the rest of the way down the mountain, then went back to the hut. Then they sat there and looked out at the ocean while Doug worked up the courage to talk to Darren.

Finally Doug said, "I was woke up the night before last by you. You were jacking me off in your sleep dude."

Darren looked terrified as he said, "Oh my God! Doug, I am so sorry!"

"The real problem was, I didn't stop you even though I easily could have." admitted Doug. "I thought it should have felt terrible, but it actually felt good. I didn't stop you until I was almost ready to cum, then I went outside and finished myself off."

Now it was Darren's turn to come clean, he just hoped that he didn't ruin their friendship in the process. "You know I would never do anything to hurt you Doug, right? I'll try not to ever do that again, but the reason I think I did that in my sleep is because I am falling in love with you Doug. I know that you're not gay, but I can't seem to help myself. I missed you so much when we stopped being friends as kids, and now you are the only other person on this island. There is no one else, and we may never get off this island. I'm never going to force you into doing anything, but I thought you should know how I feel. Please don't hate me Doug."

Doug began laughing as he said, "It's so funny that I said the same thing to you when we first got here. What's wrong with us anyway dude?"

Darren smiled and said, "I wish I knew, my friend."

"I like the sound of that." replied Doug. "Listen Darren, we may be on this island for a long time, and who knows what might happen to us in the future. If you are in love with me though, I'm not going to let it affect our friendship. I may not be gay like you, even thinking that I might be scares me, but who knows what might happen someday."

"Can I at least get a hug for now then?" asked Darren.

"Okay," said Doug, "but no funny stuff, got it?"

Darren laughed, then agreed. Then Doug put his arms around Darren again and gave him a warm and friendly hug. After the hug both boys vowed that nothing would ever interfere with their friendship again.

The next few weeks were the best weeks that either boy had ever had in their lives. The boys were busy with collecting more gems, building onto their home, and trying to make things that would make their lives on the island more bearable. The boys felt that their lives on the island were becoming better with every passing day. Then one day while the boys were walking on the beach, a bottle washed ashore at Doug's feet. The bottle had a note in it which read, "Please help me. I am marooned on a deserted island in the south Pacific."

Doug laughed and exclaimed, "Aren't we all!"

Darren laughed too, but the bottle gave him another idea. Darren took the bottle from Doug and went up onto the beach away from the water. Then he gathered some dry leaves and twigs. Darren carefully broke the bottle and concentrated the sunlight onto the small pile of leaves and twigs. Doug watched on in fascination as within a few minutes the pile began to smolder. Finally Darren managed to catch the pile on fire. Both boys cheered wildly as they watched the small pile of leaves and twigs burn.

"Damn dude," said Doug, "I'm impressed! Now we can cook our fish. No more sushi!"

"We can also use it to build a signal fire if we ever need to." said Darren.

Doug spent several days figuring out new ways to cook fish, and Darren just loved seeing the boy he loved being so happy. Darren, on the other hand, began searching for the best fuel for a signal fire. He managed to find a certain leafy bush that produced a billowing cloud of smoke when burned. The bushes happened to be plentiful near the beach. Now Darren was sure that if anyone ever came near their island, he and Doug were sure to be rescued. Darren's enthusiasm quickly spread to Doug, and both boys were very happy with each other.

Also, Darren was now finding it easier to accept the fact that he had fallen in love with Doug. Even though Doug never showed any signs of returning all the feelings Darren had for him, Doug never acted like Darren's love for him made him feel bad. Doug was also beginning to realize this himself, which left him confused. The fact that he and Darren were the only two people on the island, and that they may never be rescued didn't help much. Doug kept his promise to the best friend he'd ever had though, and never treated Darren badly because of his confusion. On the evening of the day that marked two months since the boys had been marooned, Doug sat down with Darren to talk about his feelings.

"Darren," said Doug, "all my life I'd had people telling me that certain things were suppose to be a certain way. Then we ended up here. None of those people had ever been through what we're going through now. I doubt they've even thought about having to go through anything like this."

"Then why don't you just completely let go of what they've said to you?" asked Darren.

"Trust me my friend," said Doug, "I've let go of quite a bit of it already. If I hadn't we never would have gotten as far as we have together. I consider you the best friend I've ever had, even though we're so different and you've told me that you're in love with me. That would have put the old Doug right over the edge." Both boys laughed for a moment before Doug continued. "I guess that's what bothers me most these days. I know that you love me, and I don't care. I still want to be your friend. I guess there's still a small part of me that says there must be something wrong with me for feeling that way."

"You're not afraid that you'll start listening to that part of you again, are you?" asked Darren.

"Hell no!" exclaimed Doug. "Those days are over. When the plane crashed I saved your life because I didn't want to be alone, and you were the only person there that I knew well. When you saved my life, you did it because you love me. I'll never be able to tell you how happy I am that you love me enough to save my life dude. I'm really confused over this whole thing though."

"You're not afraid that you might be turning gay, are you?" asked Darren.

"I wish that I knew." replied Doug softly. "What exactly happened when you turned gay dude?"

"I hate to tell you this Doug, but you don't just turn gay one day." said Darren. "Do you think that I chose to live a life that would cause people to hate me? Especially people that I wanted to be friends with more than anything else? As far as I know, I've always been gay. It might have taken it's time making itself obvious to me, but I've never really felt differently about things than I do right now."

"That's the kind of thing that no one around me has ever told me." said Doug. "If I were to believe my old friends and family, then something must have happened to you to make you gay. They would never believe for a minute that you could be gay because that's just how you are."

"I hope you don't believe them anymore." said Darren.

Doug looked into Darren's eyes for several moments before he replied, "How could I believe garbage like that. I know you too well to believe that kind of thing now dude. I just wish I knew myself well enough to not be so confused about everything."

"Would you like to know how to stop being so confused about things?" asked Darren.

"I would love to have that kind of information." said Doug. "It would beat the hell out of the crap that I've been told to believe my whole life."

"Here it is then." said Darren. "Don't worry about things so much. You are who you are Doug. You're not going to magically change overnight. You may end up not being who you always thought you were, but that's not a bad thing. It's just who you are. Your real friends will always like you, just like the way you like me even though you know that I'm different than you."

"It wasn't always that way though." said Doug. "Until we got stuck on this island, I use to do some horrible things to you. I'm so ashamed of some of the things I've done that I don't know how you can even like me, much less love me."

"It's because I always knew that it wasn't really you that was doing those things." said Darren. "I could tell that you were being influenced by everyone else around you. It was pretty damn obvious at times. All I'm saying is don't be worried that you are going to wake up some morning and be gay. It just doesn't work that way. Right now you either are or your not. It's not going to change, and there's nothing that anyone can do about it."

"Damn!" exclaimed Doug. "How did you get so smart?"

"Maybe it was all those visits to the shrink." said Darren as he smiled. "I think they may have rubbed off on me." Both boys laughed at the last remark, then they prepared to go to bed. Little did Doug know as he fell asleep, that years of confusion would come crashing down around him the next day.

The next day started as any other for the boys. They went to the pool to clean themselves off, and ate some mangoes as they dried off in the sun. Then the boys made their way back to the beach. Doug could not believe his eyes when he looked out at the ocean and saw a ship on the horizon.

"Darren! Darren!" yelled Doug. "Look out there!"

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