No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 6

When Darren heard Doug screaming, he came running as fast as he could. Darren almost fainted when he saw what Doug was pointing at excitedly. Darren built a fire as quickly as he could, and within ten minutes he had a thick cloud of smoke billowing up high into the air.

"Dude," said Doug, "that's a great fire. I can't wait until they pick us up! We're going to go so many places when we get back. It's going to be great, you'll see dude."

"As long as we stay together, I don't care where we go." said Darren, who was becoming as excited as Doug.

The boys then sat and watched the ship. At first it looked as though it was heading right toward them. Then the ship began to turn. The boys watched helplessly as the ship floated across the horizon.

"This can't be happening!" screamed Doug. "How can they not see the fire you built dude? They'd have to be blind to miss that! Come back dammit! Please get us off this island!"

The boys watched, frozen in shock, as the ship continued on and disappeared over the horizon. Darren stood there with his mouth open, wanting to say something. The lump in his throat would not let any sound come out though.

Finally Doug cried out in agony, "Why the hell didn't they see us dude? Anyone could have seen that, and they just went right on! I wanna go home dude! We're never going to get to go home, and it ain't fair!" Doug then began crying uncontrollably.

As Darren was about to cry himself he said, "We'll go home dude, I promise we will. I love you more than anyone else ever has, and I wouldn't lie to you Doug. I know we will go home someday. At least we have each other right now."

"You don't understand," cried Doug between gut wrenching sobs, "I love you too but I still want to go home!"

"You love me too?" asked Darren as he cried too. "Do you know what that will mean to other people?"

"Yes dude." replied Doug. "I love you too, but I want us to go home now! I don't care what anyone else thinks. If they hate me I don't care, but I want us to get off this damn island!" Doug then began crying harder again.

Darren took Doug into his arms and looked into Doug's tear filled eyes. Darren could see in Doug's eyes that he was ready, so Darren moved his face closer to Doug. Doug was so busy crying that he did not move away from Darren. Then Darren carefully touched his lips to Doug's quivering lips, and began to kiss Doug. Doug put his arms around Darren and began kissing back. The two boys stood naked in the sand and shared a very tender kiss with each other. After a few moments, Darren pulled back.

"I need to hear it again Doug, just to make sure." said Darren.

"I love you Darren." said Doug. "I probably always have, but the people around me wouldn't allow me to show my feelings. They're not here though, and I wouldn't care if they were. I love you Darren."

"When we do get back though almost everyone you know is going to hate you." said Darren. "They'll make your life hell just for fun dude. It will be anything but easy Doug. I love you too Doug, but I want you to know what you will be up against."

"I know what I'll be up against." said Doug. "After all, I use to be one of them. I've been lying to myself and everyone around me though, and I'm tired of that. I want us to be home, happy, together, and in love with each other. That's not too much to ask, is it?"

"Not for me it isn't." said Darren. "We will go home together someday Doug, and I hope that it's as lovers."

With that Darren placed his lips back against Doug's, and the two boys resumed their kiss. This time though Darren's hands ran down the back of the boy he had only dreamed of being in love with before. Doug didn't even flinch when Darren's hands came in contact with his firm butt, it only made him kiss Darren harder. Darren ground their crotches together and discovered that he and Doug were both as hard as they could be.

Darren pulled back again and breathlessly said, "God, you're a great kisser! The girls are going to be pissed when we get home dude."

Doug smiled and said, "Let them be as pissed as they want to be, I love you now Darren. I just never thought I'd ever say anything like that."

"I'm glad that you did." said Darren. "Do you think we could make love Doug?"

"It wouldn't be right for us to be boyfriends if we didn't." said Doug.

"You're not just doing this now because you don't think we'll ever get off this island, are you?" asked Darren.

"Like I said, I don't care if we get off this island or not, I still love you Darren." replied Doug.

"But what about everyone else when we do get off this island?" asked Darren.

"They aren't here right now, are they?" replied Doug. "They don't have any idea what has happened here, or what they're talking about when it comes to things like this. Like I said, I use to be one of them and I didn't have any idea of just how wrong I was. You changed all of that for me Darren. Now I know what is right, and I'll never be able to show you how much I appreciate what you've done for me. Now, let's go in the hut so we don't get sand all over ourselves."

Darren could not believe what was about to happen as the boys went into their home. Even as he and Doug pulled the mattress they made off the hammock and onto the floor, Darren could not believe he was about to make love to the hottest boy he knew. Darren felt as weak as a kitten as Doug took him into his arms again, and both boys laid down on the mattress.

Doug smiled as he looked at Darren and said, "You're going to have to help me dude, I've never even thought of making love to another guy before. Well, I may have thought about it lately but I don't have any idea what to do."

"Don't worry Doug," said Darren, "we'll keep it simple for now. Right now I would really like to kiss you some more dude."

Doug and Darren's lips came together again, but this time it was different. Darren was now kissing the boy that he loved more than any other. Doug was feeling what love really was for the first time in his life. There had been several girls before, but Doug now realized that he never loved any of them. What he had wrapped in his arms right now was hundreds of times better than anything he ever felt before.

After a few moments Darren pressed his tongue against Doug's lips. It only took Doug a second to realize what Darren wanted, then open his lips more to let Darren's tongue into his mouth. Darren's tongue began stroking everything inside of Doug's mouth, and pretty soon Doug's tongue had joined Darren's. The boy's tongues wrestled with each other, then began massaging each other. Soon Darren and Doug were taking turns exploring the inside of each other's mouths. At the same time the boy's hands were busy exploring each other's bodies. Doug's hand became fascinated with Darren's smooth, round butt. Finally Darren rolled on top of Doug, and their lips parted.

"If you thought it felt good when I jacked you off in my sleep," said Darren, "just wait until you feel what I'm going to do now."

Doug waited breathlessly as Darren began to lower his head. Darren stopped at Doug's chest, and took Doug's right nipple between his lips. Then Darren began to suck lightly on Doug's nipple.

"Oh my God!" panted Doug. "I've done that to a few girls, but no girl has ever done that to me. That feels so incredible!"

Darren looked back up at Doug with a smile on his face as he said, "We're just getting started my love."

Darren then took Doug's left nipple between his lips. This caused Doug to let out a gasp. After several minutes had passed Doug's nipples were both erect, so Darren decided to continue. Darren lowered his head until it was even with Doug's cock. Then Darren gently took the head between his lips. It tasted better to Darren than he could have ever imagined, so Darren began to lick the head with his tongue while it was in his mouth. This felt so incredible to Doug that all he could do was roll his eyes back in his head and moan. As Darren began going slowly up and down Doug's shaft, Doug knew that this would not last long enough. Doug did not want this to end too soon though.

"Darren," panted Doug, "I want you to teach me how to do that to you now. I need to know how your cock feels inside my mouth."

"Okay Doug," said Darren, "anything you want my love."

Darren rolled over and positioned Doug on top of him, then propped himself up on his elbows so he could watch Doug's progress.

"First," said Darren, "I want you to open your mouth then cover your teeth with your lips. It's very easy the first time to accidentally scrape the other guy with your teeth." When Doug had done as Darren instructed, Darren continued. "Now, slowly lower your mouth over the head of my cock. Once you've done that I want you to lick the head with your tongue so you can get use to the taste." Doug seemed eager to follow Darren's instructions, which sent a shiver through Darren's body. "Uhhh, Doug that feels so wonderful. Now you're ready to take the whole thing into your mouth. My cock isn't too large, so it shouldn't be a problem. Just lower your mouth down the shaft until your lips are around the base. Oh yeah Doug, that's great dude. Now just slide your lips up and down the shaft while you massage it with your tongue."

Doug was now going slowly and gently up and down on the shaft of Darren's cock. Darren loved the feel of his friend's mouth wrapped around his cock, which had been craving this for weeks now. Darren whispered encouragement to Doug, as Doug began to get use to the taste and feel of Darren's cock. Doug was now enjoying sucking on Darren's cock. He couldn't help but to think about how wrong other people were about what he was now doing. Doug's mind had been changed forever, as what he was doing felt so beautiful and natural to him.

"Oh Doug, my love." moaned Darren softly. "This feels great just the way it is, but I need us to both be on our sides right now. I want to make this perfect for both of us."

As soon as the boys were on their sides, Darren turned around so he could face Doug's cock while Doug was sucking his. Then Darren took Doug's cock back into his mouth. As Doug was enjoying the feel of Darren's cock in his mouth, he felt Darren's lips wrap around his cock. As far as Doug was concerned the island had now become Heaven. Doug had never felt such joy and pleasure before in his entire life. Years of hatred and intolerance that had been preached at him were now gone. Doug now loved Darren more than he had ever loved anyone before, and he now knew that this was how things were always meant to be between he and Darren. As Doug was giving pleasure to the boy he loved and enjoying what Darren was doing to him, it dawned on him; those assholes back home knew! They knew that there was something between Doug and Darren when they were young children, and they went out of their way to destroy the lives of both of them! Doug now knew that he would always be there for Darren from this day on, and he also knew that he was about to cum. He wanted to warn Darren, but it felt so good that he couldn't say anything. He just hoped that Darren wouldn't be mad when he felt the cum shooting into his mouth.

Darren was busy trying to make Doug's cock feel better than it ever had before when he felt Doug's cum begin shooting into his mouth. Darren swallowed as fast as he could because Doug's cum tasted better than he had ever imagined. When Darren had drained all of the juice from his friend's cock, he pulled back off of it with a goofy, love-struck smile on his face.

Doug stopped what he was doing just long enough to ask, "You liked it when my cum shot into your mouth, didn't you?"

"Your cum tasted sweeter than the sweetest wine." moaned Darren. "I will never get tired of the taste of you Doug."

Doug responded by continuing what he was doing to Darren. This time though Doug had picked up his pace a little bit. He now wanted everything from Darren that Darren had wanted from him. In just a few moments Darren began bucking back and forth. Just seconds later he was overtaken by the most powerful orgasm of his life. Doug tried to keep up as best he could, but he was new to this so some of Darren's juice came dripping out of the corners of his mouth. When Darren's orgasm was over, both boys laid back to recover.

After a few moments of happy silence Doug said, "I never could have imagined anything feeling as good and right as what we just did. I love you Darren Chambers, and that's really why I pulled you out of that plane. There was no one else that I wanted to be with more than you." Doug then wrapped Darren tightly in his arms.

"I love you too Doug Atherton." said Darren. "I always have since we first met each other, and I always will no matter what."

Darren then placed his lips against Doug's. After a few moments of kissing, Doug and Darren fell asleep in each other's arms. After a short nap Darren awoke to find Doug grinning madly at him. Doug had spent the past few moments staring at Darren's sleeping face.

"Penny for your thoughts." said Darren softly.

"I was just thinking how special and beautiful what we just did really was." replied Doug.

"That was about the most beautiful love-making I have ever experienced." said Darren.

"Yeah," said Doug, "but I still can't believe some of the things the old me did to someone as beautiful as you. Thank God the old me is now gone forever."

"I'm so glad to hear that," said Darren, "because when we go home all of those old friends will be trying to bring the old you back out."

"That will never happen now that I know the truth." said Doug.

"The truth???" asked Darren.

"Yeah," said Doug, "the truth about myself. My family and friends back home knew who I was before I even knew. They also knew that there was something special about us. I can't believe that I almost let them destroy our lives before I realized it. I still want to go home to show them that they failed, but as long as I'm with you it isn't as important as it use to be."

"I'm so proud of you Doug." said Darren. "I also love you so much that there aren't enough words to express how I feel."

"Who said we need words." said Doug.

Doug then kissed Darren again. After a long kiss the two boys went out to their pond to get cleaned up. Darren watched Doug splash about in the water and marveled at his luck. The boy that he loved now loved him back without any reservations. In this new light Doug looked more beautiful and attractive than Darren had ever remembered him looking. Darren knew though that when they did go home, Doug would face things that he never knew before. Darren had already been through those things himself, so he would help Doug as much as he possibly could. His only hope was that their love would survive the changes that would occur when they went home.

So, how was that? This is really just the beginning for Darren and Doug. Doug is now learning what real love is. They will also be going home eventually, and Doug will have to learn what it means to be gay. Let me know what you think. Send all comments to: . See you again in chapter 7.