No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim the story guy

Chapter 7

That evening as the boys sat on the porch of their island home, Darren put his arm around Doug.

"I am the luckiest boy in the world to be with you right now Doug." said Darren.

"I just hope that you can get me to be able to express those kinds of feelings." replied Doug.

"I think you'll catch on just fine babe," said Darren, "but we do have to talk about a few things. It would kill me to see you get hurt when we go home, because of what has happened to us here."

"The same goes for me." said Doug, "But I guess you've already been through some of that, haven't you?"

"More than I can believe myself." replied Darren. "That's why I can help you so you won't have to go through this alone."

"Then how do I deal with this when we go home?" asked Doug. "My dad may kill me!"

"Family is about the toughest part of being gay." said Darren. "I've gotten to the point where I could care less what the rest of the world thinks, but my family will always be there to deal with."

"How did that go for you?" asked Doug.

"Well," said Darren, "my older sister found out first. She immediately wanted to take me out shopping for some strange reason." Darren stopped for a moment, as he and Doug shared a laugh. "Jenni has been pretty cool about it though. We kid around about it all the time, but she has never shown any kind of bad feelings about having a gay brother."

"You're so damn lucky to have her for a sister." said Doug.

"Yeah," said Darren, "I really do miss my big sis sometimes. I guess I kinda look up to her more than anyone else I know."

"I'm gonna have two brothers to deal with when we get home." moaned Doug. "Donnie is two years younger than me, and he looks up to me more than he does to my older brother. I know that might change, but I really hope by some chance that it doesn't. Then there's Craig. He is so much like my old man that it scares me. I always kid him that he and dad are going to be great drinking buddies when he gets old enough, but it's probably true. At least he's only a year older than me, so I can handle him alone if I have to. How about your parents though? I know you say they don't seem to care about you."

"The best way that I've found to deal with them is to not talk about it." said Darren. "I guess that's why they think I need a shrink. My dad is almost mild-mannered compared to some, but he was pissed when he found out. He was yelling that he was going to throw me out of the house during the middle of the last school year. I actually thought that he might hit me, until mom stepped in and popped him on the side of the head. That was one of the few times I've seen her get mad at him. My mom doesn't like me being gay though. She always wants to know why I was so stupid as to ruin my life the way I have, that's mostly why I just stopped talking about it. Still though, whenever dad starts going off on me she just looks at him with that evil scowl of hers and says, 'We're just going to have to learn to live with this for now.' Dear old mom, she's so sentimental." Doug and Darren then shared another laugh.

"At least you have a mother that will keep your old man in line though." said Doug. "My mother is downright afraid of my dad at times. I couldn't ever see her standing up to him like that. I don't see her hating me because I'm gay though." Doug chuckled softly before continuing. "Damn dude, it still sounds like someone else talking when that comes out of my mouth. It's true though dude, I really am gay. Even this soon, I can't imagine not being in love with you. The thought of learning everything I can about making love to you gets me hard as a rock." Doug gave Darren a quick, soft kiss on the lips, then continued. "Anyway, back to the asshole I call dad. He's gonna want to kill me babe. I get so scared when I think about it. What's even scarier is the thought that he and Craig may gang up on me."

"If it gets that bad dude you can come live with me." offered Darren. "I won't give the parents any other choice. Jenni is secretly teaching me how to deal with them, and they're going to be so surprised when I finally stand up to them."

Doug laughed hard as he said, "Damn dude, if I was straight I might go after your sister. She is pretty cool."

"There better not be any funny stuff with Jenni when we get back home." said Darren in a mock scowl.

"Don't worry Tiger," said Doug. "I'm just as gay as you, and you're the only one I'll ever want again."

Darren put his arms around Doug's mid-section and nestled his head into Doug's chest. "That's exactly what I love to hear." cooed Darren.

The boys then got up and went inside their home for the night. Doug then got Darren to help him put the mattress back onto their hammock, although Darren was somewhat puzzled as to why.

"Isn't it going to be kinda hard to make love on the hammock tonight," asked Darren, "or are we going to be practicing some kind of x-rated circus act?"

"No my silly babe," replied Doug, "we're not practicing some kind of x-rated circus act. That is one circus that I would like to go see though. I was thinking something else though. You know how they say that most boys go through some stage of experimenting with each other?"

"Oh," replied Darren, "you mean the fun years."

"Yeah," chuckled Doug, "the fun years. I never went through the fun years dude. Something like that would have been way too gay according to my dad, and I still believed the jerk at the time. I kinda wanted to spend tonight just seeing how your body feels in my hands dude. I want to see how your cock fits into my hand. I want to see how your butt cheeks feel when I squeeze them with both hands. I want to know how every inch of your beautiful body feels."

"Dude," said Darren in a choked voice, "that is the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever said to me. It would be totally amazing to spend tonight with you like that my love."

Doug and Darren then climbed into the hammock and snuggled closely together. Doug locked his lips to Darren's, and the two boys engaged themselves in a deep and passionate kiss. Doug ran his hands all over Darren's head, feeling every little bump in Darren's skull and running Darren's beautiful blonde hair through his fingers. Then Doug felt both of Darren's ears carefully. Doug was in new territory now, and he never realized that a person's ears could feel so incredible. This began to get both boys very aroused, so Doug continued on. He did not want this to end too soon.

As Doug's hands began to explore Darren's body, Darren began running his own hands over Doug's body. Darren had been fascinated by Doug's body for some time now, and this was his chance to get to know the body he craved in the most intimate way. Darren ran his fingers over every single rib in Doug's ribcage, then gently massaged both of Doug's shoulder blades with his hands. As Doug was now caressing both of Darren's butt cheeks with his hands, Darren began running his fingers along every vertebrae in Doug's smooth back. Darren finally made his way down to Doug's butt, and took a cheek into each hand. Darren was now gently caressing the butt that he longed to completely bathe with his tongue someday soon. To Darren, Doug's butt felt even more beautiful than it looked. Doug had become completely fascinated by Darren's butt by this time. Now Doug took two fingers and began running them through the valley between Darren's cheeks. When Doug's finger lightly caressed Darren's rosebud it made Darren let out a gasp, and it caused his wonderfully erect cock to jump.

"I take it that felt good." said Doug softly.

"Oh God Doug, anything you do to me is going to feel great." moaned Darren. "That though, felt absolutely awesome."

"We need to be on our backs now." said Doug. "I have to feel more of your body. I need to feel every inch of you so badly that it hurts."

Doug and Darren then laid on their backs with their bodies pressed impossibly close together. With their free hand, each boy began exploring the front of his lover's body. Doug immediately took Darren's cock into his hand.

"Your cock feels so great dude," said Doug, "but I'm going to have to get back to it later. We aren't even close to being finished yet."

"I hope we never finish doing this dude." said Darren breathlessly.

At this time Darren began rolling Doug's nipples between his fingers, which caused Doug to let out a low, satisfied moan. It seemed as though whenever Darren did anything with his nipples it felt like Heaven to Doug. Doug was now massaging Darren's smooth chest. Doug now knew that he could not wait for the time when he would bathe every inch of Darren's perfect body with his tongue, but that would have to wait for another time. Doug then moved on to caress Darren's flat stomach. After a few moments Doug stuck one finger down into Darren's innie belly button. This caused Darren to let out his own satisfied moan. Then the boys moved on. As Doug was caressing each of Darren's thighs and knees, Darren had found his way to Doug's plum-sized balls. Once Darren began caressing Doug's balls with his fingers, Doug quickly made his way to Darren's balls. The boys were now getting closer to experiencing something very beautiful together, and their hands tried to tell each other that they knew how special this was. Doug once again took Darren's cock into his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Then Doug unwrapped his hand and let Darren's erect cock rest in the palm of his hand.

"Dude," said Doug softly, "I never thought about another guy's cock until we found ourselves on this island, but your cock is so beautiful. I am so in love with the way it looks, but the way it feels and tastes is even better." Doug then wrapped his hand back around Darren's cock and began slowly stroking the entire length of it.

"Even though you use to torture me every day, I've never been able to keep my eyes from gazing at you Doug." said Darren. "I've always been so in love with you, and that was probably the worst torture of all. Now that I have you with me, this all seems like some kind of fantastic fantasy that I never hope comes to an end. I have always thought that you are the most beautiful creature that God ever put on this earth. You belong in a museum Doug, because you make Michaelangelo's David look like a dog. I hope that I am able to show my love to you for the rest of our lives dude."

Both boys were now in a state of complete ecstasy as they slowly stroked each other. They were in no hurry for this to end, because this moment felt so wonderful to both of them. After what seemed to be a blissful eternity though, their passions began to rise. Both boys were overtaken by intense orgasms at the exact same time. Both boys laid there in the midst of their orgasms, feeling the cum shooting from their bodies as their lover's hand remained gently wrapped around their cocks. Once their orgasms had subsided, both boys tenderly cleaned their lover with their tongue. First they would lick their own cum from their lover's hand, then they would lick their lover's cum from their body. As soon as both boys were clean, they fell into a happy and blissful sleep.

The next morning the boys woke up in the mood that the world was now perfect, just the way it was.

"I was just thinking about what you said last night while we were making love." said Doug. "I can't believe how completely you've forgiven me for the things I've done to you."

"That's because that was another Doug." said Darren. "That was in another time and another place. That wasn't you who did those things, because that Doug doesn't even exist anymore. That was the Doug who was guided by the hatred that came from his friends and family. I don't believe that that could ever happen to you now dude. You've shown me how much you really love me, and we can never let that love die again."

"You're so right dude." said Doug. "Those old friends are still out there though and they're not going to be happy to see us, are they?"

"I will never lie to you Doug," said Darren, "they are going to hate you. They're not going to be happy about what's happened to you, and they won't let it go easily. They will also hate me even worse for what they think that I've done to you. We both know what a crock of shit that is, but their hatred is based on ignorance. You know the truth now, and look at how much better you are for it."

"Yeah," said Doug, "I don't ever have to live someone else's lie again. I don't ever have to be anyone except Doug for the rest of my life. I feel so much better knowing that, but I'm still scared Darren."

"Don't be afraid my angel." said Darren. "Those old friends may be your demons, but they are mine too. They put you in the position you were in before we came to this island. They've caused a lot of pain to you and me both dude, and when we get back it will be payback time. I'm not saying that we should beat the hell out of all of them, even if they do deserve it, but we should leave no doubt in their minds how pathetic they actually are."

"As long as we're together then we'll be fine, right?" asked Doug.

Darren smiled a bright smile as he replied, "I'm absolutely sure of it dude!"

Over the next few weeks the boys became more at ease about eventually taking their love back home with them. They also practiced that love, not only in making love to each other, but by the way they treated each other as well. The two boys were so in sync with each other that whatever hurt one, hurt the other as well. Both boys now knew that they would never hurt each other intentionally again. The truth would only bring them insight, instead of the pain that it use to cause.

They also spent quite a bit of time amassing their fortune that they hoped to use someday. Their cave was beginning to fill up with barrels of rubies and sapphires. They had no idea how much all of it would be worth, but they had a feeling that it could amount to quite a large sum. Now they only hoped that when they were rescued, it would be by a fairly good-sized ship.

Their lovemaking did progress slowly over that time. Although there was still one very special thing that they had not done yet, they did get a chance to try the tongue bathing that they were looking forward to. That only helped them to enjoy making love to each other even more. Neither boy could ever remember being any happier.

Doug's education and awakening seems to be coming along very nicely, but there is still further to go before they will be ready for the world. They are forming a strong bond to each other that will serve them well. I'll see everyone again in chapter 8. Please send all comments to: . Thanks again for the unbelievable support that I am getting for this story.