No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 8

A boy who lives in a city in the Great Lakes area of the United States is kneeling beside his bed before going to sleep. He has done this every night for the last five months, and will continue to do so until God grants his request.

"Dear God," starts the boy, "this is Donnie again. I know that I've been asking for the same thing every night, but I really need this and you're the only one who can help me now. I know my brother isn't gone forever, and I need you to bring him back here. Everyone thinks that I'm crazy, but I know that I'm not. I know Doug is out there somewhere. I've always been able to tell how Doug is feeling, even though I've never told anyone that until now. If Doug were really gone forever, I would be able to tell. Please God, he is the only one who can help me with something and I need him to come home. I promise that I'll do anything you want me to if you'll just bring him back. Please God, help me. Amen."

As is usual, by the time the boy has finished his prayer he has tears streaming down his face. The boy then climbs into his bed and cries himself to sleep yet again.

Meanwhile, back on a small island in the South Pacific, Doug and Darren are walking along the beach and holding hands. Suddenly Doug spotted something in the bushes near the sand, and let go of Darren's hand to run over to see what it is.

"Dude!" shouted Doug. "Come here quick! You ain't gonna believe this!"

Darren ran over to see what Doug had found. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Darren. "Is that the raft we came here on?"

"It sure is dude!" replied Doug. "Look! It has the airline name stenciled on the side of it. It looks like it's still in good shape too!"

"I would have thought that typhoon would have blown that raft all the way to Asia dude." said Darren. "Wait, I hope you're not thinking what I think you're thinking!"

"But Darren," said Doug, "we have to get off this island someday. I don't even know exactly how long we've been here now!"

"Okay then Doug," replied Darren, "how long do you think we would last on that raft in the open ocean? We were lucky that we even made it here."

Doug thought about what Darren said for a few minutes, then replied, "I guess you're right babe. I wasn't thinking too clear there for a moment, was I?"

"Don't get down on yourself my love." said Darren. "You know, there is a way this raft may be able to help us."

"What do you mean dude?" asked Doug.

"You remember those really dark berries that the birds wouldn't eat, so we were smashing them against the rocks for fun?"

"Yeah." laughed Doug. "We were aiming at a hole in the rock, and you never did hit it."

"Go ahead mister athlete, rub it in." said Darren in a mock hurt voice. "Do you also remember how those berries stained the rocks, and the stains never have washed off?"

"So, we have stained rocks on the island." said Doug. "How does that help?"

"Those berries could also be used to stain something else dude." replied Darren. "You haven't checked out on me here have you? All we have to do is write a message in the bottom of the raft, then let it go out to sea. Maybe someone will find it that can help us dude."

"You're gonna have to help me with some of my classes at school when we get back dude." said Doug. "I wish I were half as smart as you."

"Aw shucks! It weren't nuthin'." replied Darren.

As soon as the boys were through laughing, they began to search for some of the berries they needed. After a while they had found enough to fill a coconut shell. They then crushed the berries inside the shell, then found a small bamboo quill to use as a brush. Then Darren wrote the following message in the raft:

"Please help. My name is Darren Chambers and I am on a deserted island in the South Pacific with Doug Atherton. We were on a Trans Pacific Airlines flight when it crashed about one hour away from Tahiti. We escaped in this raft but we don't know which way we drifted. Shortly after we got here a very strong typhoon passed directly over the island that we are on. Please help, we want to go home."

Doug and Darren admired the message that Darren had wrote as they waited for the berry juice to dry. Once the juice had dried, the boys set the raft out to sea then watched it slowly drift away from the island. This now gave the boys a slight sense of hope.

Over the next several weeks that hope also showed in the way Doug and Darren expressed their love to each other. They were now treating each other as if the other boy were a part of themselves, and their love-making was becoming more passionate than ever. The boys were so in love with each other now that nothing else seemed to matter, that is why they did not notice the slight changes that were occurring to their island paradise. Each of the changes in themselves would have been difficult to perceive as a threat, unless one of the boys had been a geologist.

First, the water temperature in their fresh water pools had raised slightly. It was only by a few degrees, so the boys barely noticed it. They thought nothing of this occurrence. They also thought nothing of the fact that the birds on the island started acting differently. All of the birds would take flight at the same time, and behave in a very agitated manner. Finally, the ground had started to shiver very slightly beneath their feet occasionally. It was so slight that the boys could hardly feel it, so they thought nothing of it.

Then the sixth month anniversary of their arrival on the island came up. The boys didn't know that it had been exactly six months, but for some reason Darren felt that this was a very special day. The boys spent most of that day passionately kissing and caressing each other. By the time that evening came around Darren felt that the time was finally right for them to make love to each other in the most intimate way possible.

Darren started a small bonfire before the sun went down that day, and kept it burning until darkness had overtaken the island. Then Darren built the fire so that it cast a very warm and romantic light on the beach. Doug watched as Darren dragged their mattress out next to the bonfire.

Doug came up behind Darren on the beach and said, "I bet I know what you want my angel."

"Are you sure about that babe?" asked Darren playfully.

"Okay then," said Doug, "what is it that you're thinking tonight?"

"I was thinking how much I need to feel you inside me Doug." said Darren. "I think we're ready for it now babe, and I know that it's going to be so great."

"Have you ever done anything like that with anyone before?" asked Doug. "I mean, it doesn't hurt or anything like that does it?"

"I don't know." replied Darren. "The only thing I've ever had inside me is a finger, but I know when I feel you inside me that it will have to be the best feeling ever. If you're not ready to feel me inside you that's okay babe, but I really need to have you inside me tonight Doug."

"Okay," replied Doug, "but you're really gonna have to help me with this one. I don't know what to do at all here."

Darren smiled at Doug, then grabbed Doug's hand and pulled him down onto the mattress. "First we need to get each other ready for this." said Darren. "We'll need a little lubrication for this, so I'm going to lay on my back while you hold my legs in the air and get me as wet as you can with your tongue. Then I'll get you wet too."

This was already starting to sound like a lot of fun to Doug, as he kneeled between Darren's legs and lifted them high into the air. Doug then leaned down and eagerly licked at Darren's rosebud, leaving as much spit as he could in the area. Doug now wanted to try something that he had been thinking about ever since he discovered how nice it felt to bathe Darren's butt with his tongue. Doug took his tongue and firmly pressed it against the opening to Darren's insides. Doug hummed contentedly as he felt his tongue slip a little way inside Darren. This also caused Darren to let out a very pleasurable moan. After a few minutes of slipping his tongue in and out of Darren, Doug decided it was time for Darren to get him ready. Doug slowly pulled away from Darren's beautiful butt, then slowly made his way to where Darren could get him ready.

Darren readily took Doug's cock into his mouth. This time though it was not to bring his lover to a wonderful orgasm. Darren was making sure that Doug was as wet and hard as he could be. Once that was done Darren let Doug's swollen cock slip from his mouth, then pushed Doug back toward the position he wanted his lover in.

"I need you in me now babe." moaned Darren. "Just take it really easy at first, you're a little bigger than any finger."

Doug smiled at Darren, the placed Darren's legs on his shoulders. This lined Doug's cock up almost perfectly to Darren's rosebud. Doug gently placed the head of his cock against the opening and began to push. Finally, Doug found just the right amount of pushing to get his cock to slip inside of Darren. As soon as he slipped inside Darren, Doug instinctively knew to stop for just a moment. Darren winced a little at first, but soon the feeling of Doug being inside him started to become overwhelming. Darren began pushing down onto Doug's cock, so Doug took that as a sign to proceed slowly. Over the next few moments Doug slowly slipped his cock in deeper, until the entire length had disappeared inside Darren. Doug then looked into Darren's face to see if there were any signs that they should stop.

"Dude," said Doug softly, "I have never seen you look so happy before. You are the most beautiful person I have ever known in my life."

At this point Darren was almost incoherent from experiencing more pleasure than he ever had before, but was able to moan, "This is a hundred times more awesome than I ever imagined it dude. Please let me feel your love inside me."

Doug leaned over to kiss Darren tenderly as he began sliding his cock slowly in and out of his beautiful angel. Darren was still barely on this plane of existence as he returned Doug's tender kisses. Darren knew that this was a feeling that he would now crave for the rest of his life. Doug could also not believe how intense it felt to have Darren's rectum wrapped snugly around his cock. Doug had never imagined that anything could feel as out of this world as the way his cock was feeling right now. Doug continued to slide slowly in and out of Darren as their kissing became more passionate and urgent. Without even being conscious of it, Doug's pace began to pick up. Doug was conscious of the feeling when his balls began to churn though.

Doug lifted up to look into Darren's face. The bonfire was now casting the perfect amount of light onto their love-making. The sight that Doug beheld beneath him was enough to make his soul melt. "I need to give you something that I want you to keep forever my angel." moaned Doug.

"Please let me feel how much you love me babe." begged Darren softly. "You are the only one that my heart will ever be able to love again."

At that point Doug began to erupt inside Darren. The feeling was so intense that both boys screamed loudly from the pleasure. As Doug's orgasm subsided after what seemed like a wonderful eternity, Doug collapsed next to the boy that he now loved more than life itself. Their love for each other was now almost as complete as it could possibly be. Doug could sense that their was still one more step to take though.

In a barely conscious voice Doug begged, "I need you to be inside me now my angel."

"Are you sure Doug?" asked Darren in a whisper.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life Darren." replied Doug.

So Darren gathered all of his strength, and began to prepare Doug for what was about to happen to him. Darren knew that this would be the first time anything had gone into Doug, so Doug would need a little help first. Darren did not want this to hurt his lover one tiny bit. After Darren had Doug's rosebud as wet as he could get it, Darren wet a finger and slipped it gently into Doug. As the finger went into him, Doug grunted a very low grunt. But the finger did feel good, so Doug moaned his encouragement to Darren. After loosening Doug up with one finger for a few minutes, Darren wet a second finger and slipped it into Doug. Doug now felt his sphincter begin to stretch, but the discomfort was slight and went away quickly. Doug begged Darren to take him further. Darren pulled his two fingers back to the first knuckle, then pulled Doug's rosebud slightly apart. Then Darren put as much juice from his mouth into Doug as he could. Darren removed his fingers completely and pressed his tongue against the opening. Doug moaned in bliss as Darren's tongue slipped into him.

"Oh God!" moaned Doug. "I never dreamt anything could feel like this."

Darren just smiled as his tongue remained inside Doug, loosening him up for what would come next. When Darren finally felt that Doug was ready, he removed his tongue then got into position for Doug to get him ready.

Doug gazed at Darren's proud cock and said, "I can't wait to feel this inside me now. I know that it will be as close to Heaven as we will come until we get there someday."

Doug then took Darren's cock into his mouth. Darren's cock was already slightly wet from it's own juices, so Doug added some from his mouth while enjoying the taste of Darren's cock. Darren knew his cock was ready though, so he gently slipped it out of Doug's mouth. Then it was Darren's turn to kneel between Doug's upstretched legs. Darren placed his cock against his lover's opening and looked into Doug's face.

Darren smiled warmly at Doug as he pushed his cock against Doug's rosebud. Then it slipped inside of Doug. While it was just the head of Darren's cock, it wasn't much different than what Darren did to get Doug ready. When Doug looked as though he were relaxed enough, Darren began to push into new territory for Doug. At first Doug didn't know how he felt about his rectum being filled by Darren's cock, but then the discomfort gave way and Doug knew exactly how he felt. Darren's cock now never felt better to Doug than it did right now.

"Dude," moaned Doug softly, "I now know everything I need to know about who we are. Our love for each other is such a beautiful thing that I'll never be able to live without it again. Please show me how great that love can be."

Darren began sliding in and out of Doug, as Doug writhed in pleasure underneath him. Doug now knew the full depth of love for the first time in his life, and was now completely sure that the old Doug could never be resurrected. Doug would now never be separated from the boy that he was meant to love from the day he was born. As Darren continued to slide in and out of Doug, he leaned down and locked his lips to Doug's. Darren kept up his pace as the to boys laid, tightly joined together. As the passion between them increased, so did the pace of Darren's cock inside Doug. Darren now knew that he was building up to one of the most intense orgasms of his life, and he wanted Doug to feel that too. Darren put as much love into his thrusts as he could as he began shooting his massive orgasm into Doug. The feeling of Darren cumming inside him was so intense for Doug that he had another large orgasm between their two intertwined bodies. When both boys had finally stopped cumming, Darren collapsed on his back next to Doug. The two boys immediately fell into a deep and restful sleep, next to the bonfire on the beach.

The next morning the boys awoke in the best mood that either of them had ever known, especially Doug. Darren laughed as he watched his lover, who he had never seen so happy throughout their entire lives. Doug himself felt so happy that he thought he may be able to fly without wings. Doug's mood helped lift an already happy Darren even higher.

Finally Darren had to ask, "Was I that good last night dude?"

"You have always been the best my little angel." beamed Doug. "Last night was certainly no exception."

"Why are you so much happier than usual today then?" asked Darren.

"Because today I feel free dude." replied Doug. "I have never known this kind of freedom in my life, and it's all thanks to the greatest guy in the whole world. I love you so much Darren, and I can't wait to tell the world how much!"

"Well," laughed Darren, "you certainly have seemed to get over that problem about expressing feelings of love."

Both boys laughed together for several minutes before Doug continued. "You know what is really hard to believe dude? Before we came to this island I would have beaten the crap out of anyone that would even hint that I would have sex with another dude. I look back today and I can't believe the lies that I was living then. I can't even look at sex in terms of liking to do it with another guy or a girl now. We're just two people who were always meant to be together, regardless of our sex. And I can't imagine making love being better with anyone than it is with you. We should have been boyfriends back when we were six years old dude."

"I love you Doug," said Darren, "and that would have been so awesome to kiss you when we were six."

Both boys thought about that sight and howled with laughter. No day had ever been brighter and happier than this day. Everything seemed to be so beautiful to the boys. The way they would laugh, kiss, and caress each other. The way they would just hold each other's cocks in their mouths just for the feelings it produced in their mouths. The birds were beautiful, the sky was beautiful, the clouds were beautiful, and even the way the ground seemed to shiver beneath their bare feet was beautiful.

Hey everyone, I'm feeling so good that I had to get another chapter out for you before the end of the week. Doug and Darren's love has grown to a level now where it can get them through anything, but something doesn't seem right in paradise though. Let me know what your thoughts are on what's wrong on the island now. Please send all comments to: . Thanks for reading and I'll see you next week in chapter 9.