No one else

by tim

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No One Else - by tim

Chapter 9

"Dear God, this is Donnie again. I'm not going away, at least not until Doug comes home. I wish you would answer me though because I think Doug needs help. I don't know what it is, but something isn't right. Please God. I'm sorry that I called Sandy a bitch last week, but she shouldn't have pushed my friend Chris down. Please don't punish my brother for that though, you can do whatever you want to me instead. Just let me see Doug walk through the door first, then I'll be ready for whatever you want to do to me. Please dear God, bring my brother home where he belongs. Amen." After Donnie finished his prayer he wiped the tears from his face and climbed into bed. He had still not strayed from this routine in well over six months now.

Meanwhile, back on a nearly deserted island in the South Pacific, Doug and Darren sat on the porch of their hut sharing a passionate kiss. They broke the kiss after nearly passing out from lack of oxygen.

"Dude," said Doug, "it seems like we use to be able to go a lot longer without getting light-headed."

Darren giggled before he replied, "Maybe you're just such a stud that you take both of our breaths away."

"Could be." laughed Doug. "I know I also have a hard time telling how much time has passed when I'm kissing you." the two boys shared another tender and brief kiss before Doug continued. "I am afraid of something though dude."

"What could that be babe?" asked Darren.

"I don't know how I'm gonna be able to keep my hands off you when we get back." said Doug.

"So what's the bad part about that?" joked Darren. After receiving a mock scowl from Doug, Darren continued, "I'm just kidding dude. We're not gonna want to give the assholes back home any more reason to hate us, are we?"

"No, I guess not." replied Doug. "That's not going to keep me from showing you how much I love you whenever I get a chance though. You're my angel, and you're the most important person in the world to me. I love you so much dude."

After the two boys shared another very passionate kiss, they got up to take care of other matters. They did still have quite a few gems to gather on the bottom of their pool. Today they would be bringing up quite a few large ones too. When they got to their pool Doug put a breathing tube into his mouth that Darren had made from very soft and pliable bamboo, then he slipped under the surface of the water. This allowed Doug to spend as much time as he needed on the bottom of the pool. As Doug would fill up the basket Darren had made, Darren would pull it up and sort the gems into the barrels made of hollowed logs. After a few hours the boys had filled up two more of their barrels.

When Doug came out of the water he exclaimed, "Damn dude! We're going to be so rich when we get back!"

"As far as I'm concerned, we already are rich dude." replied Darren. "I know I wouldn't take a million bucks for you."

Doug smiled at Darren and said, "You're worth more than all the gems in the world to me too. Now, let's get these to our cave."

The boys grabbed ahold of the first barrel and began dragging it toward their cave. When they got to the mouth of the cave, Doug started in first.

"Whoa dude!" exclaimed Doug. "This cave really smells bad today. It's been getting worse and worse all week, but today it's just nasty. It smells just like rotten eggs."

Darren took one sniff inside the cave and said, "Shit dude, You're right! We gotta get our gems out of here babe."

"What will we do with them though Darren?" asked Doug.

"Well," replied Darren, "typhoon season should be over by now, and there's no one else on this island. I guess we can put them next to our house. I don't see much other choice Doug."

So Doug and Darren decided to abandon their cave. They worked for the rest of the day dragging all the barrels out of the cave, and down to their hut. As they laid down on their hammock exhausted, a mild tremor shook their hut.

"Dude?" asked Doug. "What is wrong with our island lately?"

"I don't know," replied Darren in a shaky voice, "but I'm starting to wish we could leave soon. Our love nest is starting to act weird."

The boys held onto each other that night, but the tremor did not repeat itself. The next few weeks saw the island behaving a little more normally, except that now the smell from the cave could be detected over a large part of the island. Also every few days Doug and Darren would notice a small layer of dust building up on everything. They were not too concerned about that though, as long as the tremor they had felt did not repeat itself right away.

Toward the end of the sixth month Doug and Darren were busy making love one afternoon. The boys were past the kissing, and were now stretched out in a "69" position. Darren had Doug's cock resting comfortably in his throat, and Doug was sucking Darren's cock like a lollipop. Both boys had a look on their face that said there was nothing that they enjoyed more than what they were doing now. Darren had gotten to the point where he never thought how anyone except Doug would taste in his mouth. Doug had also made quite a bit of progress in his education about himself. He could no longer think of making love without seeing Darren's beautiful face, and this was what he wanted for the rest of his life.

The boys were concentrating so hard on how their lover made them feel that they had each other in their mouths for almost an hour. By the time Doug and Darren would let their orgasms begin to build, they knew they were in for a gigantic release. Doug and Darren now eagerly looked forward to that. When Doug felt his balls begin to churn he started sucking on Darren's cock as hard as he could. Then both boys felt an incredible amount of pressure begin to build in their balls. Doug and Darren both knew that they would be swallowing more of their lover's cum than they ever had before.

Then it happened. First Doug began shooting such a massive load that he could not help but scream out while Darren's cock was still in his mouth. This was all it took for Darren's cock to have no choice but release the cum that had been building inside of it. Darren would have screamed himself, but he did not want to let any of Doug's juices escape from his mouth. Then as the last strong shots were escaping from Doug and Darren's cocks, their island was hit by a tremor that was stronger than anything they had felt yet.

"I knew you were the greatest lover in the world Darren, but you don't have to show off." moaned Doug.

"That wasn't me babe!" screamed Darren, as a roof panel landed next to them.

Even though they were both exhausted, Doug and Darren both jumped up and ran outside.

Doug looked up at their mountain and said, "Shit dude, our cave is on fire!"

Doug and Darren watched smoke coming out of their cave as barely visible dust particles settled around them. Neither boy had any idea what was going on with their island, but they were both now very scared.

"Fuck dude," said Darren in a shaky voice, "I don't want to be here anymore! What's happening?" Darren then threw his arms around Doug.

"I don't know what's going on," replied Doug, "and I'm scared too dude." after a moment Doug pointed at the cave and continued, "I think it's about time we found out what is happening dude."

Doug and Darren cautiously made their way toward the cave. By the time they got there, the smoke had cleared from the cave enough for Doug to peer inside. After only a second though, Doug pulled back coughing.

"Babe," screamed Darren, "what's wrong? Are you okay dude?"

Doug took a few minutes to get some air into his lungs, then replied, "It's horrible in there! I've never smelled anything that bad in my life! There's also this really bright red glow coming from the hole in the back of the cave."

"Oh shit no!" screamed Darren as he began crying. "This can't be happening to us dude!" Darren's body was then wracked by powerful sobs.

"What is it dude!" screamed Doug, as a fear worse than that of the typhoon they went through gripped Doug. "What's wrong Darren?"

After about five minutes Darren regained control of himself enough to answer Doug. "This is no ordinary island Doug. I think that we're sitting on a volcano that may be getting ready to erupt dude. I have no idea how bad it may get when it does blow, it depends on how long it's been dormant I guess."

Doug's face was frozen with his eyes and mouth wide open for several minutes, then he snapped out of it. "Dude," yelled Doug, "we have to get away from this mountain quick!"

"It's not really going to matter." said Darren, as he hung his head down. "If it's a relatively safe eruption, we should be able to keep out of it's way. If it's a violent eruption, there won't be anyplace on this island where we will be able to survive."

Both boys looked at each other very somberly for quite a while before quietly heading back toward their beach. They both knew that the tremors they had been feeling was an indication of the tremendous pressure that was building up inside their island. Darren didn't know what to think, as he desperately searched his brain for a way out of this mess. Doug was very upset. He couldn't understand why he would survive a plane crash that should have killed him, only to die with Darren on this rock when it finally exploded. It didn't seem the least bit fair to Doug. The boys sat and held each other closely for the rest of that day.

Finally Darren looked at Doug with a tear stained face and said, "I've finally come to accept something babe. We both know now that no one can live forever dude. The last seven months has made my entire life worth living to this point. I would never take back being able to spend the past seven months with no one but you Doug. I never knew love could be as great as what we've had dude, and when we die I'm glad that it will be in your wonderful arms. I'll love you for the rest of eternity Doug."

Doug sniffed back a few tears as he looked at the boy who meant more than anything in the world to him. "Do you remember how you said that we would get off this island someday my angel?" asked Doug. Doug waited for Darren to nod yes before continuing, "I'm gonna hold you to that dude. I know that we will get out of this, and we'll get to spend a very long time in each other's arms. I spent way too long figuring out how I feel about you to give up now. Now I believe that you were right before, and someone will come get us off this rock before it blows up." Doug and Darren then took each other into an embrace, and finally fell asleep with their arms around each other.

The next month was, in the most positive terms imaginable, pure hell. As the island prepared itself to turn into a nightmarish inferno, the animals began avoiding the island. The boys would go for days without seeing a bird, and fewer and fewer fish swam in the waters around the island every day. The tremors also increased in strength and numbers as time went by. One tremor opened up a crevasse filled with lava that ran from the mountain to the ocean. The following day, another tremor filled it back in. Then they began to notice lava flowing from their cave. Fortunately the path that it took to the ocean was well away from them. These events still did not diminish the strength of the tremors that now wracked their island hell.

During this time Darren and Doug began making love as often as they could. They had no idea how much longer they would have before time ran out on them, but through everything Doug still insisted that they would be rescued. Even though he was now scared to death most times, as was Darren, Doug did not give up hope. His and Darren's love could not be extinguished now, it just wouldn't be right.

One evening near the end of their seventh month, both boys had an unquenchable thirst for each others love. First they pleasured each other completely with their mouths, then each boy took the other inside of himself. At one point after Darren had already cum twice, he laid on his back impaled by Doug's swollen cock.

Darren was so consumed by passion that he smiled brightly as he said, "I'm gonna cum again dude without even touching myself. That's how great you feel inside me right now."

Doug smiled as he looked down at his proud cock disappearing inside Darren. Then he looked at Darren's beautifully erect cock, standing at attention by itself. Doug watched Darren's cock as he thrust one more time into his lover. Darren's cock began spurting like a fountain, without anyone touching it. Then Doug became driven by passion as he thrust in and out of Darren, until he shot his love deep inside Darren. By the end of that evening Doug had cum four times, while Darren had cum three. Once Doug and Darren had licked their juices from each other, both boys fell asleep not knowing what tomorrow would bring. They did know that their island had calmed down during their evening of passion though.

I know this one was kind of short, but I want to save what follows for it's own chapter. Congratulations to those who correctly guessed that the boys were on a volcano, and I apologize for that evil little twist. lol. Please send all comments to: . See you in awesome and explosive chapter 10.