No One Else 2

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

Here it is everyone, the continuation of one of my most popular stories. Before we start, I would like to thank everyone who wrote me after chapter 25. It was a lot of fun to write that one, and I hope I could show that very few people are ever beyond hope. Okay, maybe the coach and his boys were. lol. This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, and any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Thanks so much, and here we go!

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 1

Chuck naturally accepted the new case Doug and Darren hired him for. Then he told Arnold to go have a long talk with Craig, and to stay out of trouble until he got back from the South Pacific. Arnold knew that he had his work cut out for him because he had poisoned his oldest son's mind for years. Craig hated Doug because Arnold had told him it was the right thing to do, and now he had to convince Craig otherwise. Chuck had also taken Craig's case, even though he had reservations about it, but if Arnold couldn't get through to Craig it wouldn't do any good.

Right now though, Chuck, Mary, Fred, and the kids had preparations to make for their trip. Chuck would be taking his new boyfriend Steve with them, and Jenni would be taking Cory. Donnie wanted to take Chris along, but the two younger boys did not have much luck in talking Chris's parents into it. As soon as they got home from the courthouse, Donnie convinced Fred and Mary to give it a try. Chris's parents big concern was that the two boys were getting too close, and something about the friendship struck them as unusual. When Fred heard that, he knew he had his work cut out for him.

"Mr. Parker, boys often form very close friendships at their age." said Fred. "There's really nothing unusual about it. I'm sure you had your best friend when you were a young boy too, so you should know that in a few years our boys will be growing up and going their separate ways. It won't hurt anything to let them have this time at this point in their lives. Besides, me and my fiancee will be with the boys at all times. If they tried to do anything wrong, we would put a stop to it."

"It's really a matter of what you consider wrong Mr. Chambers." said Mr. Parker. "I've heard a little bit about your two other boys, Doug and Darren. Is that what you consider right?"

"Are you saying what I think you are Mr. Parker?" asked Fred rhetorically. "Yes, Doug and Darren are gay, and they're not really trying to keep it a secret from anyone. It isn't a disease though Mr. Parker. It sounds to me like you think Donnie will catch it and pass it on to Chris, but I assure you that it doesn't work that way. Would you be willing to tell those two boys that that is what this is all about. You're afraid they will catch gayness? As far as whether I think Doug and Darren are wrong, that's not really an issue here. First of all, they wouldn't really care what I think about it. Second, all I want for my son is for him to be safe and happy. Those are my only responsibilities to him as a parent. I care about my son, but what he does in that regard is really none of my business."

At this time Mary took the phone and asked to speak with Chris's mother, while the two men calmed down.

"Hello Mrs. Parker, I thought the men needed a chance to calm down a bit." said Mary. "They can be so emotional at times. I can assure you that I won't be letting Donnie and Chris be doing anything that you might consider wrong. Right now though they are just best friends, and they want to have a great adventure together as friends. We both know that there's nothing wrong with the two boys being friends, it's what makes them boys. It would also mean the world to both of them for you and your husband to let Chris go on this trip with Donnie and us. I personally would love to see our boys that happy."

"I do agree with you Mary." said Mrs. Parker. "My husband can be such a paranoid hothead at times! I will talk to him though, after I have a long talk with Chris. I want to see the boys happy too, and I'll convince my husband of that one way or the other! I'll call you back tonight Mary, and we'll talk some more. You know, just us girls. And please, call me Eileen from now on."

"Okay Eileen, I'll look forward to talking later." said Mary. "I knew we could work this out because everyone knows, women are much more rational."

"I couldn't agree more Mary!" laughed Eileen. "I'll call you later after I tell the guys what's what!"

After Mary hung up the phone, Fred said jokingly, "Oh, you're really pushing it honey! Women are more rational than men! Please!!!"

"Well, it worked!" snickered Mary. "Now we can tell Donnie that Chris can go with us!"

Fred smiled as he said, "You're the greatest honey!"

"You're damn right dear!" laughed Mary. "And don't ever forget it!"

To say Donnie was excited when he heard the news would be the understatement of the year. Donnie hugged Fred and Mary so hard that they thought they would pass out. Donnie swore that he would never forget what they did for him and his boyfriend. Chris was a little more reserved in his reaction at the Parker house. Eileen did have that long talk with Chris first. She almost came right out and said that she suspected Chris might be gay, but she didn't need to hear if it were true or not because she loved him very much anyway. She just wanted Chris to have fun, and if his idea of fun was being friends with Donnie, she wouldn't let anyone interfere. She also told Chris to be careful not to give any more fuel to his father's paranoia though, then she went on to try to explain how he felt about this. Chris kissed his mother lightly on the cheek and told her that he would remember everything she told him. When Chris was alone in his room, he silently screamed and cried for joy that his mother was letting him go with Donnie.

One would think that in the last few days before the trip, the only thing Doug and Darren did was make love. Although they did a lot of that, they did have other things on their mind too. Doug had until August to teach Darren everything he could about the game of football. Darren was very eager to learn too, because he wanted to see his Doug do well. They also joked about that rollercoaster seed Chuck had planted in their heads. They both thought it would be cool for two kids their age to own one, but then there was the matter of maintenance and operation. Fred's idea made much more sense, that they might as well own a whole park.

Jenni and Cory on the other hand were putting the contraception they were using to good use, and having a great time doing it. Jenni loved feeling Cory inside her because as she put it, Cory fucked like a jackhammer. He never failed to cause her to have an orgasm too. Whenever she wasn't having sex with Cory, she was thanking her brother and Doug for getting them together. Doug and Darren would laugh and say it was their pleasure, because they were meant for each other.

Then the day finally came to begin the big trip. Chuck and Steve met everyone at Fred and Mary's house so they could take as few cars to the airport as possible. Then everyone went by to pick up Chris.

"You be a good boy honey, and do everything that Fred and Mary tells you to." said Eileen. "I love you baby, be careful."

"And don't do anything I wouldn't do!" added Mr. Parker.

That one almost caused Chris to laugh out loud, but he did mange to control himself until he hopped in the car next to Donnie. When Chris told Donnie what his dad had said, Donnie began to laugh too. Of course Donnie did that as he hugged Chris tightly. There was also a little fondling between the two boys, but they didn't want to get too carried away in the car. After all, they did have Cory in the back seat with them. Cory wouldn't have minded though, but he thought he would keep that to himself for now.

The airport was exciting to everyone except Doug and Darren for some reason. Chris and Donnie were glued to the window, watching planes taxi and take off, and occasionally stroking each other's butt. When they saw their 747 pull up to the jetway, they became very excited. First class was called to board the plane, so the whole group got together. Donnie and Chris were excited, while Doug and Darren were very nervous. After everyone was seated, Fred got up and stood in front of the two boys. He discreetly opened his jacket and handed two small bottles to Doug and Darren.

Fred quietly said, "I know how you two feel about flying, and I can't say I blame you. Keep these bottles out of sight, and be very discreet with them when you get your soft drinks. And remember, this was only for medicinal reasons."

Doug and Darren thanked Fred profusely, then giggled amongst themselves. Fred smiled because it had already worked, and the boys hadn't even opened the bottles yet. Donnie and Chris both looked out the window as the plane began to taxi. They were also discreetly feeling each other's dicks. The jumbo jet finally lumbered down the runway, and lifted majestically into the air. The trip of a lifetime was finally under way. As soon as the plane began to level off, the flight attendant came by to take drink orders. Doug and Darren both had 7-Up to go with the small bottles of whiskey Fred had given them. Once drinks were served, Doug and Darren relaxed a little more. Donnie and Chris quickly finished their soft drinks, and began whispering in each other's ear.

"I saw Doug and Darren do something the last time we flew, and I was wondering if you wanted to try it Chris." whispered Donnie. "They went to one of the lavatories together and had sex dude. They called it the Mile High Club."

"That sounds like something my dad would do." giggled Chris. "Let's do it!"

Doug and Darren began to giggle when Chris got up to go to the lavatory, because they knew what was next. Fred also saw the boy get up, and he had a good idea of what was going on. Sure enough, Donnie got up about a minute later and went to the same lavatory door that Chris had gone to. Doug turned around to Fred and giggled as he asked, "Do you think they'll be the youngest members?"

"Most likely son." snickered Fred. Mary had not caught on to what was happening.

"Kinda cramped in here, isn't it?" Chris asked Donnie.

"Yeah, I'm kinda impressed that Doug and Darren could do this!" replied Donnie. "I'm glad I have a small tube of lube with me dude. I think that's the only way we'll be able to do this."

Both boys then lowered their pants, and Donnie lubed his already erect dick. Then he had Chris bend over slightly, which was all that Chris could bend. Donnie put his dick between Chris's cheeks, and firmly pushed it into Chris.

"Hmmm." moaned Chris softly. "That feels great dude. Please make love to me now."

Donnie began to quickly thrust in and out of Chris, holding onto his upper body for leverage. Soon, Donnie had built up a nice rhythm in the cramped quarters. Chris had to work on controlling his grunting, so they wouldn't get caught. Donnie was now moaning softly into Chris's back as his dick began to throb inside Chris. Donnie began hammering his dick into Chris with very short strokes.

"Uhhh, dude." moaned Donnie softly. "My dick feels so good inside you right now. I'm gonna shoot my cum inside you before too much longer dude."

"Do you have to do it so soon?" asked Chris. "This feels so good dude."

"I'm sorry dude." replied Donnie. "My cum has decided that it wants to be inside you really bad."

After about another minute, Donnie began grunting softly as his cum began shooting into Chris. Both boys enjoyed Donnie's orgasm quite a bit. As soon as it ended, Donnie kissed Chris gently on the back of the neck.

"Let's turn around now dude." whispered Donnie, as he handed Chris the lube.

The two boys turned around, and Chris eagerly lubed his dick. He now couldn't wait to feel himself inside Donnie, and Donnie was looking forward to it just as much. Donnie smiled and moaned softly as he felt Chris's dick go all the way into him in one thrust.

"I still have a hard time believing how good your dick feels inside me dude." moaned Donnie quietly.

Chris kissed Donnie between the shoulders, then began thrusting in and out of him. As Chris became use to the rhythm needed for their cramped quarters, he reached around Donnie and began to firmly squeeze his nipples. When Donnie began moaning a little louder, Chris began running his hands up and down Donnie's front side. One of Chris's hands settled firmly around Donnie's dick, which had become erect again. Chris pounded Donnie's erection in his hand as he thrust into Donnie harder. Before long both boys were beginning to sweat slightly, and Chris began to nibble at Donnie's back.

"Oh God dude!" moaned Donnie quietly. "I'm gonna cum again!"

The muscles in Donnie's butt clamped around Chris's thrusting dick as he shot his second load against the lavatory wall. That caused Chris to begin shooting his cum into Donnie. When both boys were done cumming, Chris held onto Donnie gently for a few moments.

"I don't care if my dad likes it or not, I love you Donnie." said Chris softly. "Their ain't a damn thing he can do about it either! He'll never be able to tell me that I can't love you!"

"I just hope it don't get too bad dude." replied Donnie.

"I'm not worried." said Chris. "My mom is on my side, I think."

Donnie then turned around, and the two boys kissed deeply for a few minutes before Donnie said, "I'll never regret falling so deeply in love with you Chris. I'm just glad I was able to make you realize how serious I was about us."

"Me too dude." replied Chris. "I can't imagine ever loving anyone as much as I love you now Donnie."

The two boys then pulled their pants up, and without thinking, walked out of the lavatory together. That got a few stares from the people in the cabin, and quite a bit of laughter from Doug and Darren.

Mary turned to Fred and asked, "Mile High Club?"

"Yep!" snickered Fred.

"Maybe we can renew our membership later." said Mary suggestively.

"I'd love to honey!" replied Fred as he began kissing Mary.

Donnie and Chris decided to hide somewhere for a few minutes before returning to what would be a sure teasing from Doug and Darren, but both boys thought it had been worth it. After a few minutes, they were approached by a man in his thirties in the first class lounge.

"I'll bet you two boys were really hot in that lavatory together." said the man.

"You've got about five seconds before we begin screaming mister!" said Donnie.

"Please don't do that boys." said the man. "I'm not going to hurt either of you, I just wanted to talk for a minute."

"Okay mister, you got one minute starting now." said Chris. "You better make it good!"

The man handed the boys his card and said, "My name is Peter Sweet, and I direct all male adult films out in Hollywood. I'd love to talk to both of you boys again the moment you turn eighteen. I think you could do very well as a couple in my industry. Please keep my card until then, and consider giving me a call. You guys are what? Fourteen or fifteen? I'd love to hear from you in three or four years!"

"I have a tape of us together if you're interested." said Donnie.

"I wouldn't mind taking a look at it personally, but we don't do kiddy porn." said Peter. "You're talking serious prison time for that stuff! I have a portable tape viewer in my carry on though, if you boys don't mind letting me take a look."

"I'll go get it and meet you back here in five minutes!" said Donnie.

Peter went to get his viewer while Donnie went to fetch his video tape. The boys met Peter back in the lounge, and Donnie handed him the tape. Donnie told Peter that there was audio on the tape, so he might want to mute it. Peter started the tape, and became very aroused by what he saw. Donnie and Chris giggled as they saw the effect their tape was having on Peter. By the time the tape was over, Peter was almost breathless.

"You are two of the sexiest boys I have ever met." said Peter quietly. "Sex oozes from every pore on your beautiful young bodies. I know I'm right about both of you, and I'm sure I can make you both famous. Please call me the moment you turn eighteen."

Peter handed the tape back to the boys, then excused himself to go to the lavatory. Donnie and Chris finally returned to their seats just before lunch was to be served.

"What in the world have you guys been up to?" asked Doug.

"We'll tell you when we get to Hawaii." giggled Donnie.

"Yeah dudes." giggled Chris. "You ain't even going to believe this shit!"

The two boys giggled and kissed until lunch arrived. At this point, they didn't care who saw that they were in love with each other. Everyone settled in to eat lunch as the in flight movie started. On the leg of the flight to California they were playing Airplane. This was one of Donnie's favorites, but Chris had never seen it before. The two boys almost laughed up their lunch while watching the movie, but Donnie was laughing almost as much at Chris's reaction as he was at the movie itself. Doug and Darren had to admit that the movie took some of the edge off flying again, or maybe it was the slight buzz they were feeling thanks to Fred. After the movie had ended, the plane began it's descent into Los Angeles. As Peter got off, he gave a discreet wave to Donnie and Chris. The boys smiled brightly as they waved good bye to their new friend.

After thirty minutes on the ground, they were back in the air and on the way to Hawaii. Donnie and Chris spent this leg of the trip in their seats, but the entire group was kinda shocked when Mary, then Fred excused themselves to the lavatory. Fred very discreetly made his way to the same door that Mary had used, then quickly ducked inside when he thought no one was looking. All of the kids giggled and snickered for the entire twenty minutes Fred was in the lavatory. Chuck and Steve finally couldn't help themselves, as they began to snicker too as Fred returned to his seat and blushed slightly.

Once Mary returned to her seat, Fred said, "I think we've been busted honey!"

The entire group began to snicker and applaud when Fred said that. Mary and Fred didn't really care too much though, because they thought it had been worth it.

"I can't believe how cool your folks are Jenni." said Cory. "I hope we can still swing like that when we're their age!"

"Why don't we go to the lavatory then, and start now?" asked Jenni.

"Who said we need the lavatory?" replied Cory.

Cory then asked the flight attendant for two pillows and a blanket. Cory and Jenni both put their seats back, and pulled up the armrest. With Chuck and Steve right behind them, they weren't too worried about getting caught. With the way Cory manipulated his cock by hand once it was inside Jenni, no one seemed to notice anything unusual. The only exception was Chuck, who had a birds eye view down the front of the blanket. He just smiled as he saw Cory manipulate his covered cock inside Jenni with his hand.

By the time that the sex flight had reached Hawaii, Doug and Darren were feeling a little left out. They did have a chance to kiss and discreetly fondle each other on the way, but it just wasn't the same. When the group got to the hotel, there was a bit of a disagreement between Donnie and Chris, and Fred and Mary. The two boys had wanted their own room, but Fred and Mary wasn't sure that was a great idea under the circumstances.

"Please mom!" begged Donnie. "We don't want to be trapped in the same suite with two horny newlyweds!"

"I'm sorry sweetie, I'm just not very comfortable with the idea of you two boys alone in a hotel room." replied Mary. "I'm not worried about the you know what, I'm just afraid that if you two were alone you might get carried away."

"I'll tell you what Mary." said Chuck. "Why don't you let the boys share the suite with me and Steve? We can make sure they don't cause any disturbance. Besides, you and Fred are getting married tomorrow and you'll need your privacy."

"Are you sure you two wouldn't mind?" asked Mary.

"Of course we won't mind!" said Chuck.

"Would that be okay with you, Donnie and Chris?" asked Mary.

"And how!!!" exclaimed both boys enthusiastically.

Chuck and Steve both laughed at the boys reply as the arrangements were set. Everyone had a suite to themselves except Chuck and Steve, who were now sharing a suite with two very excited and horny boys. After having a nice dinner, everyone did their own thing before turning in. Doug, Darren, Jenni, and Cory went to their suites for a romantic evening. Donnie and Chris hung out at the hotel pool for a while. Everyone else went for a moonlight walk on the beach. Fred and Mary went one way, while Chuck and Steve went the other way.

"Tonight is our last chance to make love before we start doing it as brothers." said Doug, as he laid naked on the bed.

"I don't know." said Darren as he joined Doug on the bed. "I'm kinda looking forward to making love to you as my brother tomorrow. Besides, Cain and Abel did it, so why shouldn't we enjoy our special relationship as brothers?"

"I agree one hundred percent, my sexy brother!" replied Doug. "Now, let's go out as just friends with a bang!"

Darren rolled on top of Doug, and pressed his lips against Doug's. Doug wrapped his arms around Darren, and grabbed a butt cheek in each hand. Then Darren kissed Doug as hard as he could, and drove his stiff cock into Doug's crotch. Doug pulled Darren into him and moaned softly into Darren's mouth, as Darren began humping into his crotch.

"That cock feels so sexy grinding into my crotch that I have to taste in babe." moaned Doug.

As soon as Darren had turned around on top of Doug, Doug grabbed his butt again and pulled Darren's erect cock into his mouth. Darren immediately devoured Doug's throbbing cock, and the two beautiful boys began sucking each other passionately. Doug massaged Darren's cock as lovingly as he could with his tongue, while Darren used his whole mouth to stroke Doug's cock. Both boys began to moan softly around each other's cocks, making them even harder. When Doug felt Darren's cock begin to twitch in his mouth, he slowed down to keep his lover from cumming yet. Darren did the same thing with Doug's cock. After Doug and Darren had been sucking each other for ten minutes, they were so involved with each other that they didn't hear Donnie and Chris come in.

"Put your cock inside me and make love to me Doug." said Darren, with Doug's cock still in his mouth.

When the boys started to change positions, they noticed they had an audience. "What do you guys want Donnie?" asked Doug as he lubed his cock.

"We were just wondering what you and Darren were doing." said Donnie. "We thought you might want to come back to the pool with us."

"You knew what we were doing, my horny little brother." said Doug, as he placed his cock against Darren's hole. "You just wanted to watch us!"

Darren moaned in pleasure as Doug's cock pushed deeply into him. "You're cock feels better than ever tonight Doug." moaned Darren.

"Well, if you guys weren't so good at it, it wouldn't be a problem." snickered Donnie.

"If you guys want to wait until me and Darren are through making love, we'll be happy to join you." said Doug, as he began to thrust in and out of Darren. Then Doug leaned over and began kissing Darren deeply.

As Donnie and Chris watched Doug thrusting into Darren and rubbed their crotches, Donnie asked, "What are we suppose to do while we're waiting?"

Doug lifted off Darren slightly and replied, "You have your boyfriend with you and you're almost naked. Use your imagination little brother."

Doug then leaned back down and began kissing Darren again, as he continued to thrust in and out of him. Donnie and Chris immediately dropped their swimsuits to reveal their hard dicks to each other. Donnie and Chris laid on the bed next to Doug and Darren in a sixty-nine position. Then they eagerly swallowed each other's dicks. Darren smiled as he looked over to see Donnie hungrily sucking on Chris's beautiful dick. Doug also took a quick look, then gazed into Darren's eyes and smiled.

"That's my brother, all right!" said Doug proudly. "Just look at how much he loves to suck his boyfriend's meat!" Then Doug began thrusting into Darren even harder and continued, "Speaking of meat, mines about to cum inside you babe."

"I wanna feel your cum shooting into me Doug!" begged Darren.

Doug began to grunt loudly as he blasted his cum deeply into Darren, and Darren moaned in pleasure. Doug continued to thrust into Darren until his orgasm was completely over. Chris looked over just in time to see Doug pulling his cock slowly out of Darren. Chris and Donnie both couldn't wait until their dicks were as big as Doug's and Darren's, so they could be called cocks too.

Doug and Darren then switched places, and Chris watched again as Darren lubed his cock and pushed it deeply into Doug. Doug turned his head to the side and smiled at Donnie.

"I hope you're feeling as good as I am now little bro." moaned Doug. Then he gazed back up at Darren and said, "Your cock feels so good inside me babe. Make love to me now!"

Darren began to thrust into Doug urgently, gazing into his lovers eyes as their faces drew closer. Darren pressed his lips against Doug's, and drove his cock into Doug as far as he could. Doug panted into Darren's mouth on every thrust. After only a few minutes, Darren was rapidly approaching his orgasm. One look at the two writhing younger boys next to them told Darren that Donnie and Chris were very close too. Darren began to pant heavily as his cum began shooting into Doug. Donnie and Chris were both moaning softly as they swallowed each other's cum as fast as they could. When Darren's orgasm was over, he collapsed onto Doug at the same as as Chris collapsed on top of Donnie. All four boys laid on the bed for a few minutes, until their strength began to return.

As the boys were putting on their swimsuits, Chris said, "Me and Donnie were wondering if you guys could do something for us before this trip is over."

"What would that be?" asked Darren.

"We love feeling each other's dicks inside us, and we love each other very much, but we both want to know what it's like to be fucked by a real cock." said Chris. "You guys are at least twice as big as us, so we were wondering if you could show us what it feels like. It's either that, or we'll have to find some strange guys to do it. We'd much rather it be you guys."

Doug and Darren looked at each other with a stunned expression, then Doug finally replied, "I don't know dudes. We don't want to see you trying to get some stranger to do that to you, but it's still asking an awful lot. Can you give us a few days to talk about it before you do anything?"

"We'll give you guys until we come back to Hawaii from Tahiti." said Donnie. "But when we get back here, we want to have a real cock inside us no matter who does it."

Doug and Darren knew they were going to have a long talk about this later. They might even have to get the advice of an adult on this one. Right now though it was time to go swimming, and to keep the two incredibly horny younger boys occupied with something other than sex.

Now what will Doug and Darren do? They both know that it could be dangerous for two young boys to try to find a strange man to put his cock in them. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens there. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 2.