No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 10

Wakki was excited by Doug's news, to say the least. He couldn't wait for his boyfriend to come to America to live. Even saying that made Wakki smile from ear to ear.

Doug chuckled as he said, "I'm glad I could make you so happy, little brother."

Wakki grabbed Doug in a hug and replied, "You've made me more than just happy, big brother. I love all of you so much for what you've done for me!"

The next day, the Detroit News called wanting to interview Doug and Darren. They had heard about the sale of the domed stadium through one of their contacts, and about the new owners' plans. Fred agreed to the interview if he could be present with the boys. The writer that arrived that afternoon was very surprised by Doug and Darren's age, and could see why Fred insisted on being present. The newspaper writer was very nice during the interview, as he thought this would make a hell of a story for his paper. Fred steered the interview away from the exact nature of Doug and Darren's relationship, so that the story could focus on the boys' wealth, and what they were now doing with it. Doug and Darren went into some detail about what their park was going to be like, and the writer was eating it up. He liked the boys, and felt that with enough local backing the park may be the best one in the Great Lakes area. The writer originally planned for a half hour interview, but ended up talking to Doug, Darren, and Fred for over two hours.

Doug and Darren felt good as they made love that night. Neither boy couldn't remember their lover's cock ever feeling so good inside them. A lot of it had to do with the man from Utah that would be visiting them tomorrow. After tomorrow and the next day, their park would officially exist.

The next day, everyone got ready to go to the stadium. The family decided to make a day of it, as they looked the stadium over while Doug, Darren, and Chuck conducted their business. The man was waiting for them outside the stadium, and Doug, Darren, and the adults shook hands with him before going inside. Once they were inside, everyone went directly to the bowl area.

"This will make a beautiful year round park!" said the man, who had introduced himself as Dale. "I was wondering when someone would stop bulldozing these places, and use them for something like this. When most of these stadiums were built in the seventies, they were built to last one hundred years or more."

As Fred, Mary, and the rest of the family began looking around, everyone else got down to business. "We have a large inverted coaster planned for the centerpiece of the park, but most of it will be in the bowl area." said Doug. "The station and lift hill will be the only parts occupying the floor. Most of the floor will be pretty much open, so we're interested in any ideas you might have."

"Yeah, we don't want the indoor section of the park to be a one coaster park." said Darren. "Anything else would have to fit in whatever floor space is left though."

"Well, I think I can help you boys then." said Dale. "We have a couple of ideas that have a very small footprint as far as coasters go. All we need now is a park who will install them, and I think this building would be perfect. They are both ideas that other companies tried, and then ran into trouble and never completed them. The first one is a vertical coaster. The entire ride is built on a tower structure, with pivoting cars that travel vertically up the tower. Then the cars pivot as they dive and climb their way down the tower. Just think of a coaster that zig zags it's way down the side of a building."

"That sounds pretty cool!" exclaimed Doug. "Are you sure that it can fit on the floor along with the inverted coaster lift hill and two of your tower rides?"

"There will be plenty of room, I promise." replied Dale.

"What's the other idea?" asked Darren.

"This one was originally designed as a conventional shuttle coaster with pivoting cars." replied Dale. "What we've done is something that we've wanted to try for a while now. We turned it into an inverted shuttle coaster with pivoting cars. The car will launch out of the station, and then travel straight up a vertical section of track. When it nears the point where it runs out of power and stops, a dog will trigger the pivoting mechanism in the car. The car will then rotate so it is facing straight down as it begins traveling down the vertical track. Then it goes through the station, and up another vertical section of track before pivoting again. We can program it to make as many passes as you want, although we would suggest four passes. The first and last pass would both count as a half pass."

"Man, that one sounds as good as the other one!" exclaimed Doug.

Doug and Darren then talked it over amongst themselves for a few minutes, before Darren asked, "How much would it cost us for both of those, plus the two tower rides?"

Dale smiled as he said, "I think we can work out a good deal for you!"

Chuck then became involved in the dealings, and by the time they had finished negotiating a price, the boys were getting the two tower rides for the price of one. All four rides would be setting the boys back by eleven million dollars, which Dale assured them was a good deal for what they were getting. He would take a few pictures before leaving, then send a survey crew out after the boys had made a deal for the inverted coaster. After Dale had taken a few pictures, then left Chuck and the boys with a handshake, Doug, Darren, and Chuck set out to find the rest of the family. They finally found them in the restaurant on the club level at one end of the stadium.

"This is a very nice restaurant!" remarked Mary, after Chuck and the boys had joined them. "It seems like a shame that it was used as little as it was. I imagine that will change when the park is open though."

Yeah, it should be pretty busy then." said Doug. "It's going to take someone very good to run it and the other food venues we will need though. Would you consider managing our food services mom?"

"Yeah, we know that you could do a great job with it!" said Darren.

"If you boys have that much faith in me, I'd love to!" replied Mary. "Although it will seem kind of strange working for my sons at first."

"It won't be that way mom." said Doug. "You would have absolute control over food services, while Darren and I concentrate on park operations. You would be the boss of your department."

"I don't see how I could say no then." replied Mary, as she smiled at her sons.

That's cool." said Darren. "While we're at it, we'll need a park operations manager too. With school and everything, we won't be able to be here as much as we'd like for now. Would you like to do that for us dad?"

"I don't know how much I know about running an amusement park though boys." said Fred.

"We've got the rest of the summer to go to parks around here so you can talk to the people there and learn what you need to know." said Doug. "Besides, we need to have someone that we trust completely. Seeing as how Chuck is our lawyer and mom is our food services manager, that only leaves you."

"In that case I'll learn as much about amusement parks as I can this summer." said Fred. "I'm honored that you boys can only think of me, along with your mother and Chuck."

"Can I have a job too?" asked Donnie.

"We have a very special job for you and Chris both, if you guys want to do it." said Darren. "We're going to need some kind of mascots. All parks have them, and we don't want to be left out. See what you and Chris can come up with for us, okay?"

"Cool!" exclaimed Donnie excitedly. "We won't let you down, I promise!"

Doug and Darren laughed lightly at Donnie's enthusiasm, but they had no idea what they had just unleashed on the rest of the world. As soon as everyone returned home that day, Donnie called Chris to have him come over.

First the two boys made love in a sixty nine position, as they were both incredibly hungry for each other's dick. Both boys writhed around on the bed as they gently sucked each other. After about ten minutes, both boy's dicks were throbbing madly inside their lover's mouth. Chris was the first one to shoot his cum into Donnie's eager mouth, which was followed a few moments later by the sweet taste of Donnie's cum in Chris's mouth. As the two naked boys then laid in each other's arms, Donnie told Chris about their job for Doug and Darren.

"We need to get characters that everyone already knows." said Chris, as he gently fondled Donnie's flaccid dick.

"That's what I thought too." replied Donnie, as he rubbed Chris's balls lightly. "Most of the good ones are already taken though. I wonder if we could get the characters from our favorite cartoon on Comedy Central."

"I guess we would have to find out who owns them and ask." said Chris.

The boys got out of bed giggling because their erections had returned, and walked over to Donnie's computer desk. Once the computer was booted up, Donnie told Chris to see if he could find out anything first. As Chris sat at the desk and began navigating the internet, Donnie got down in front of him and took Chris's dick back into his mouth. Chris typed with one hand as he stroked the top of Donnie's head with the other hand and smiled.

"I'll always love how much you love sucking my dick Donnie." cooed Chris. "It's exactly the same as how much I love sucking yours. I'm so happy that we're both gay, and that we love each other so much."

Donnie sucked Chris's dick with as much love and passion as he could, while Chris slowly pecked away at the keyboard. Chris was concentrating on something else way too much to be making much progress on the computer. When Chris's dick began throbbing again and he began to pant, Donnie began sucking very hard on his dick. Chris moaned loudly as he began cumming into Donnie's mouth for the second time that afternoon. As soon as Donnie had savored every drop of Chris's cum, the two boys traded places.

As soon as Donnie had sat down, Chris dropped down and devoured his dick. Chris ravenously sucked Donnie's dick as Donnie forgot all about the computer, and began stroking Chris's head with both hands. Donnie then worked one hand underneath Chris's chin, and pressed Chris's jaws together until his teeth came lightly into contact with Donnie's dick. Then Donnie manipulated Chris's jaws to cause Chris to lightly chew on his dick. Donnie's hands went limp as he moaned loudly in the deepest state of pleasure he had ever felt before. Chris continued to lightly chew on Donnie's now wildly throbbing dick. He loved that he learned something new to make Donnie feel so good.

After only a few moments Donnie moaned out, "Suck..... me..... NOW!"

Chris quit his light chewing, and passionately sucked Donnie's dick. Almost immediately Donnie began cumming in Chris's mouth, as Chris sucked down all of Donnie's cum. After Donnie's intense orgasm ended, Chris sat in his lap and the two boys quietly recovered.

After a few minute, Donnie softly said, "I can't believe how intense and good it felt to have you chew my dick. Every time your teeth pressed into my dick, it made my whole body jump and tingle. I can't wait to do that again!"

"Only if you'll chew on my dick the next time we make love, so I can see how it feels too." replied Chris. "Now, let's find what we set out to find."

The two boys then began searching the internet, as they alternated that with playing with each other's dicks and giggling. In about an hour they had found the information they were looking for, which was the parent company of the network and a number for their headquarters. Donnie and Chris eagerly called the number and told the person who answered that they were interested in buying a license to use the characters from one of their networks in the park that their older brothers were building. The boys were placed on hold for what seemed like forever, before they were joined by a new voice on the other end of the line. Then they repeated their request. The man was sure that this was some kind of prank, and he told Donnie and Chris as much. Then the man was very rude to them for a few minutes before hanging up on them.

Donnie and Chris were a little upset by the rude man, and didn't know quite what to do next. They considered going to Chuck, and having him call the rude man back. Then Donnie came up with another idea. He also liked several cartoons that played on Sunday night, and as far as he knew, no other park was using those characters. The boys quickly found the number for the network that the Sunday night cartoons played on, and nervously dialed the number. As soon as the phone was answered by a nice sounding lady, Chris immediately told her about what had happened when they called another network. He told her that they were on the up and up, and that they really wanted to get permission from someone to use characters they liked in their older brothers' park. The lady put the boys on hold, and Chris feared the worst. Chris handed the phone to Donnie, as he didn't want to hear any more rude people.

A man finally came back on the phone and asked if what they had told his secretary was really true. Donnie practically told the man their whole life story as he told about his brothers becoming rich, then buying the stadium north of Detroit, and how they were in the process of turning it into an amusement park. Then the man asked if there was an adult there that he could talk to, just to back up their story. Chris was so excited that he took off out of the room naked to go get Fred, and bring him back to Donnie's room to talk to the man. Fred couldn't help but to chuckle as he entered the room, then picked up the phone to talk to this mysterious man. Fred and the man, who turned out to be a network executive, talked for quite some time, then the man asked to speak to Donnie again.

"I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't believe you either Donnie." said the man. "Usually when we deal with someone about something like this, they're much older. That's why I had to check out your story, without being rude about it I might add. I don't blame you guys for being mad at that other network though because they shouldn't have been so rude about it. Now, let's talk business. We would actually love to have some of our characters associated with a major park somewhere. What kind of park is your brothers building?"

"Well, the indoor section will be open year round." said Donnie. "Then there will be an outdoor section that will only be open from May until October. My brothers want to build a lot of rides that you will never find anywhere else, even in the indoor section. I think we can beat any park in the country, and I think it will be the most popular park in the world at some point."

"Well, that sounds very interesting, and I'm certainly glad you called me after your experience with the other network." said the man. "If we do this though, I will have to speak and sign contracts with the park owners. Would you like to get them, so I can arrange to come see them about this? You can sit in on the visit with them as well, of course."

"That would be great!" exclaimed Donnie. "I'll go get Doug and Darren right now!"

Donnie, who was still naked, dragged Doug and Darren down the hallway to his room. Doug and Darren had a hard time not snickering as they talked to the man, and made arrangements for him to visit them in Lansing. Once the arrangements had been made, and the phone had been hung up, Doug turned to Donnie and Chris.

"I have to admit, I gave you guys a job, and you did better than I dreamed that you could." said Doug. "The next time though, you may want to consider doing it with some clothes on." Then Doug and Darren both began snickering loudly, as Donnie and Chris turned slightly red.

The next day, everyone went back to the stadium to meet a gentleman named Hans from Switzerland. While the family explored the rest of the stadium, Doug and Darren explained to Hans what they wanted. The stadium setting was very intriguing to Hans, and he had a few ideas of his own that Doug and Darren liked. When Hans had jotted down all their ideas, and took a few quick measurements of the stadium with a lazer measuring device, Chuck joined them to sign the deal. Chuck seemed apprehensive though when Hans told them that they would have to sign a contract to build three of their coasters over the next twenty years. Hans explained to Chuck that this was the standard contract that all of their clients have had to sign, and that with their ride catalog, the boys would have a hard time deciding which three to buy.

Doug and Darren quickly looked over the catalog Hans had with him, and agreed that they would want to buy more rides from them. Since Chuck had heard that they had the best reputation in the world for their coasters, he agreed for the boys to sign. Before Hans left he left the boys a catalog, and suggested that they visit his company's website occasionally to check for new developments. Finally Hans told Doug and Darren that as soon as the ride path had been plotted, he would send a survey team over to plot the ride footers for the boys. Then they would give those specifications to the construction company that the boys would hire to assemble the coaster.

The boys and Chuck knew that with contracts signed for five major rides now, the amusement ride industry would soon know about the park. The next few weeks would show them how fast news travels in the amusement industry.

When Doug, Darren, and Chuck caught up with the family today, they were in the office complex underneath the lower bowl of the stadium. The boys agreed that they would make fine administrative offices for the park, and immediately picked out the nicest office as theirs. Fred and Mary then staked a claim on their offices as they chuckled.

Then the family moved on around the underside of the stadium to the home team locker room facilities. These would make fine shower facilities for the seasonal employees that would be housed there from May to October. At one end of the main hallway was the access to the stadium floor, and at the other end was the access to the outside of the stadium. Doug and Darren then found a small service hallway that ran parallel to the bowl for a short distance. At the end of the hallway was a service door which led to a cavernous open area underneath the stadium. It was discussed about building accommodations for seasonal employees there, but Darren couldn't stand the idea of no natural light in the area. He felt the employees would be miserable living in that kind of an environment. It was decided then to build the accommodations at the outside end of the main hallway. Since the visitors locker room would be set up the same way, men would live on one side of the stadium, while women would live on the other side. Now they would have to wait for Benjamin's father Simon to figure out how many employees they should plan on housing.

When everyone returned home that day, there was a message on the answering machine for Doug and Darren. The voice said, "Hi, my name is Bill and I'm a representative for one of the largest ride manufacturers in the US. I'd like to come to Michigan to talk to you about what we might be able to do for you. We build everything from carousels and circular rides to very large coasters. As a matter of fact, we've designed the first conventional coaster to break the five hundred foot mark and are now looking for someone to install it in their park. I know you won't be able to fit that indoors, but I've also heard that you plan on a part of the park being outside. Believe me, this would put your park on the map like no other ride possibly could. If you want to get together, please return this call at 555 987-1234. Thanks, and I hope to talk to you later."

Chuck could see Doug and Darren both drooling over a five hundred foot coaster, so he chuckled as he told them to go ahead and call Bill back. Once that was done, Doug and Darren went upstairs to check their e-mail. They actually weren't surprised now to find two e-mails from two European ride manufacturers. It seemed as though their little park was already becoming well known.

The next day was free of appointments for Doug and Darren, so they decided to concentrate completely on football. Donnie and Chris were concentrating on their usual subject, each other's naked bodies. Wakki was feeling a little left out until Mary told him that he had a phone call from England. Wakki ran to the phone and picked it up excitedly.

"Hello? Benjamin?" said Wakki.

"Hello Wakki, how is my beautiful boyfriend today?" replied Benjamin.

"I'm fine except that I wish you were here now." replied Wakki.

"Really?" replied Benjamin. "And exactly what nefarious plans would you have in mind for me if I were there?"

"It's not like that at all Benjamin." said Wakki. "I just need to make love to you again."

"Hey, I'm alone in my room, and I'm trying to get something out of this call." giggled Benjamin. "Now, what would you do to me? And remember that I'll be masturbating as you reply."

Wakki got a wide grin on his face as he said, "The first thing that I would do would be to slowly strip off all of your clothes with my teeth. Then you could do the same to me if you wanted to. After we are both naked, I will climb on top of you and breathe heavily onto your beautiful uncut dick. Once it responds to that, I'll gently bury your dick in my mouth, where I will slowly make love to it." Both boys were now busily masturbating as Wakki continued, "I would force your foreskin back with nothing but my lips, then I would run my tongue over the head of your dick repeatedly. Then I would dock my tongue underneath your foreskin, as I slowly massaged the shaft of your dick with my lips."

Wakki stopped for a few minutes to listen to Benjamin moaning over the other end of the line. Wakki didn't realize it but he was now panting, and it was turning Benjamin on incredibly. Wakki was now up to his full four inch erection, and masturbating it for all he was worth.

"As my lips travel up and down the shaft of your rock hard dick, I'll begin sucking it very hard." said Wakki shakily. "By the time I am through sucking your beautiful dick, you are going to know how much I love sucking it. I will caress your dick with my lips until the cum shoots out of it hard, and into my hungry mouth."

"Do you mean like this?!" moaned Benjamin loudly.

Wakki could hear Benjamin moaning in the throes of an orgasm, and that was all it took for him. Cum came shooting hard from Wakki's four inch pride and joy, and flew all over him. Wakki saw a string coming toward his face just in time to open his mouth and catch it on his tongue. Both boys finally finished their orgasms, and picked the phones back up.

"Thanks ever so much my love, I needed that." said Benjamin. "And now I have a way that I believe I can thank you. My father is sending me and my mum on ahead of him to get things set up for him before he gets here. We will be leaving London on Monday, and will be in Detroit Michigan by the end of the day. How does that sound my love?"

"That sounds great!" replied Wakki. "Now I can't wait to do all the things we just did over the phone, and then some!"

Benjamin and Wakki will be together soon, just as they were always meant to be. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 11.