No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 11

That weekend was very busy for Doug and Darren. Now they had five rides to plan their park around, and they hadn't even begun thinking about the outdoor section of the park yet. They knew that they had a lot of work to do in order to see their dream come true, and that's why they asked Fred to help them. Now Fred had sat down with the two boys and begun helping them plan the park. The outdoor section of the park would wait until they talked to the man who said he could build a five hundred foot tall coaster.

Everyone in the family was now taking this business venture seriously though. Mary was now busy planning the interior of the existing restaurant, and deciding what other food locations would be necessary. Donnie and Chris were still pumped about arranging a meeting with a major TV network for character affiliations for the park.

After talking to Benjamin, the weekend slowed to a crawl for poor Wakki though. No matter how much he tried to will the minutes to pass faster, they seemed to slow down more and more. Finally though, and mercifully for Wakki, Monday did arrive. Fred was tempted to jokingly tell Wakki that he didn't know if there would be enough room for him to go to the airport too, but in the state Wakki was in by Monday afternoon, Fred figured he might not live through that little joke. Fred made sure to get to the airport with Wakki plenty early, so they would be there to meet Benjamin and his mother. Wakki watched out the window as planes landed, waiting for the British Airways jet that Benjamin would be on.

As the arrival time approached, Benjamin followed a large white jet in. As it lumbered down the runway, Wakki could see that it was Benjamin's flight. Wakki spun around and shouted, "They're here! They're here!"

Fred chuckled as he led Wakki from the lounge they were waiting at, to a point just outside the customs inspection where they would have to wait. Since 9/11, they could no longer meet their party at the gate. Wakki finally spotted Benjamin and his mother joining a queue with their luggage. They both looked tired from the trip, but Benjamin perked up considerably when he saw Wakki waiting for him. Benjamin went through customs ahead of his mother, then went right to Wakki and gave him a hug.

"I've missed feeling your wonderful body ever so much!" said Benjamin low enough so only Wakki could hear him.

"Well, I want to feel more than just that!" replied Wakki with an impish smile.

Both boys began to giggle as they waited for Benjamin's mother, Sybil, to clear customs. She was finally cleared though, and then headed toward Fred and the boys with her luggage.

"Sybil, please let the boys and me take that." said Fred.

"Thank you ever so much Mister Chambers." replied Sybil, as she shook Fred's hand. "I'm afraid that flight has left me very tired."

Fred then motioned for the boys to take what luggage he couldn't, and led everyone to where he had parked. Doug and Darren had been nice enough to lend Fred their Pathfinder, so there would be plenty of room. Sybil had to try to stay awake back to Lansing, so Fred would have someone to talk to. Meanwhile, the two boys were in the back seat giggling madly. They also had their hands in each other's crotches for the entire drive.

Jenni and Cory were spending a few nights at Cory's house, which would give Sybil a room in the Chambers home until she found a house for her family. Where Benjamin would be sleeping, if at all, was a no brainer. Wakki had vowed to never let Benjamin escape from his room. That was where the two boys went as soon as they got home.

Wakki slowly and sensuously removed every last stitch of Benjamin's clothes once they were in Wakki's room, and then Benjamin did the same for him.

"I've needed this for so long." said Wakki. "I know it hasn't been that long, but it felt like ages."

"I also cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to this." replied Benjamin. "I've been erect since finding out that we were coming here."

"Let me help you with that problem then." said Wakki seductively.

Wakki laid Benjamin down on his bed, then dropped into Benjamin's arms. The two boys kissed amorously at first, and then much more passionately. They were fulfilling a need in each other now that each boy had felt since Wakki left Hawaii. Both boys knew that this would be very special because it would be the first time they had ever been completely alone with each other.

Benjamin finally broke the kiss and said, "I need to taste your four inches of joyful bliss right now Wakki."

Wakki turned around into a sixty nine position, and immediately felt the pleasure of Benjamin's lips around his small cock. Wakki lustily looked at Benjamin's cock for a few seconds, then completely devoured the entire shaft. Both boys settled into a rhythm they felt comfortable with, and enjoyed each other's taste as much as they could. Wakki and Benjamin were in no hurry to cum, as they wanted to feel the pleasure of their boyfriend's cock in their mouth for as long as possible. Each boy told the other when he should slow down for a few minutes, until well over thirty minutes later, when both their balls began to ache. Wakki gently urged Benjamin to pick up the pace now, and he did the same to Benjamin's cock.

Benjamin began to moan lightly, and his cock began to twitch. Wakki knew that he would be tasting Benjamin's cum soon, and he was getting pretty close too. Wakki heard Benjamin moan louder for a second, then he felt Benjamin's hands on the back of his head as he began to taste Benjamin's cum. Wakki swallowed longingly on Benjamin's cock, trying to coax out as much cum as possible. As Wakki tasted the last few drops of Benjamin's cum, his cock began to shoot it's load as well. Wakki felt Benjamin sucking as hard as he could as he massaged Wakki's pulsing shaft with his tongue. Wakki grunted in pleasure until the last drops of his orgasm had emptied into his boyfriend's mouth.

Wakki then turned back around, and the two boys began kissing once more. They were interrupted after about five minutes by a knock on the door. Then Doug slowly peeked his head in.

"The adults wanted me to check and make sure you guys hadn't pleasured each other to death." snickered Doug. "They also said to get ready for supper."

After supper, everyone gathered in the living room and discussed what was happening. Sybil was sure she would be able to begin house hunting the next day, but felt that Lansing was a bit far away from the park. Fred and Mary knew Sybil was right, as they were now thinking the same thing. Doug and Darren hadn't really thought about this until now.

"I know you boys were looking forward to playing football in Lansing this year, but you are going to be investing most of your assets into the park." said Fred. "We have to be there every day to make sure your investment is well taken care of. If not, you could lose everything if you leave your investment to others to watch for you."

"Can we at least wait until after this football season though dad?" begged Doug. "If we left now, it would kill the team."

"But work is going to have to begin on the park right away if it's going to be open for next summer." replied Fred, who then saw the look on Doug's and Darren's faces. "I'll think about the situation and see what we can come up with, but I'm not promising anything yet."

"Where would you suggest to begin searching for a house in the area of the park Fred?" asked Sybil.

"I talked to Chuck, who talked to a friend of his." replied Fred. "Chuck is suggesting a town just east of the park called Sterling Heights. It's a very nice community from what I've been told. I'll tell you what Sybil, Chuck and the boys have to meet someone at the stadium tomorrow, so we'll check out this town Chuck told us about while they do that."

"That sounds like a wonderful plan Fred." said Sybil. "It will give me more of a chance to get to know you and Mary better."

Later that night, Wakki and Benjamin went at it again. This time Wakki wanted Benjamin to pleasure his cock again, then put his cock inside him. It had been a very long time since Wakki had felt another cock inside him, and he wanted Benjamin's cock to spread his butt hole open badly. Benjamin agreed, and the two boys had a wonderful night of sex together. Wakki fell asleep with a smile on his face, as Benjamin fell asleep with his cock still buried inside Wakki.

The next morning, Wakki woke up to Benjamin's hard cock driving in and out of him again. Benjamin let out a few loud gasps, then Wakki felt Benjamin's cum shooting into his rectum again.

"Oh my God love, I hope you don't mind me waking you up like that." gasped Benjamin. "Your insides feel so silky smooth that I couldn't help myself."

"You can wake me up like that anytime you want!" moaned Wakki.

Then Benjamin pulled out of Wakki, and climbed underneath him. Benjamin lifted Wakki's hips, then Wakki felt his cock going into Benjamin's mouth while he was still laying face down. Wakki knew what Benjamin wanted, so he began thrusting his cock in and out of Benjamin's mouth. Wakki thrust in and out of Benjamin's mouth until he felt his orgasm coming on, then he began driving his cock as deeply into Benjamin's mouth as he could. Benjamin laid on his back and swallowed all of Wakki's first cum of the day.

After the boys rested for a few minutes, they went to the shower together to get cleaned up for the day. They were going to stay at the stadium with Chuck, Doug, Darren, and Donnie. Donnie and Wakki wanted to show Benjamin around the stadium that would soon be the world's largest indoor amusement park.

Upon pulling into the stadium, Doug and Darren greeted a man waiting there who introduced himself as Bill. Doug, Darren, Chuck, and Bill went into the offices to talk, while the other boys began looking around.

"Like I told you boys on the phone, we can put your park on the map like no other company can do." said Bill. "We have always been use to having the largest and best coasters around. When the park two hours southeast of here built a two hundred and five foot coaster, we went to two hundred and forty five feet. When they built a three hundred and six foot coaster, we went to three hundred and eighteen feet. When we heard they were going to four hundred and twenty feet, we immediately began designing a coaster to top out at over five hundred feet. Our current design is five hundred and fifteen feet tall, and the first drop is five hundred feet even. The lift is electric, with a backup system so you won't have guests stranded on it, and it climbs up at eighty degrees. The drop is at ninety degrees, and the train should be going about one hundred and forty to one hundred and fifty miles per hour at the bottom of the drop. At that speed, each car on the train will have to have a windshield. We have come up with one design which is non looping, and another design which would have the worlds largest vertical loop. We've never done a looping coaster before, but we feel we can do it better than anyone else."

"How large of a loop are we talking?" asked Doug.

"Our designer has put the loop at three hundred feet." replied Bill.

"How much will this cost us?" asked Darren.

"That depends on construction costs, but we estimate it at thirty million." said Bill.

"That's quite a bit, isn't it?" asked Chuck.

"Anything over three hundred feet is going to cost a lot, but it can generate an incredible income." said Bill. "A park in New Jersey just spent even more, and didn't go nearly as high as we want to go. If you open with our coaster, I guarantee you will make at least thirty percent more per season than if you open without it. You will also put your brand new park in the record books, and on everyone's tongues."

"If we can do this Chuck, we'd really like to." said Doug.

"There is one more thing." said Bill. "Every park who has gone over four hundred feet so far has had a tremendous increase in maintenance and operation costs. Our coaster is a conventional coaster, and it's systems are very cost effective. You will not have those problems with our coaster, I promise."

"Well, I guess it would make sense to do this then." said Chuck. "You said that you also do other types of rides. If we buy this coaster, can we work out a deal on any other types of rides we get from you?"

Bill smiled widely and said, "I'm sure we can make this very attractive for you good people. If you buy our coaster, I'll throw in your first two rides of any other type for no charge."

"I think we have ourselves a deal Bill." said Darren.

"And let's go with the loop too." added Doug.

Doug, Darren, Chuck, and Bill then went outside so Bill could take some measurements of the park area with his lazer measuring device. He determined that the coaster would fit, and would take up about ten percent of the planned park area. It would also be able to be seen from quite a distance away from the park, which made Doug and Darren smile. After the contracts were signed, Bill said he would have a survey crew there by the end of the week, and they would begin fabricating the coaster as soon as possible. Doug and Darren also picked out the two rides Bill was throwing in before he left, and was told they could arrive at the site in two to three weeks. The boys now had to think about beginning to hire construction crews for the park.

Meanwhile, Fred, Mary, and Sybil were scouting around Sterling Heights. The town looked very nice and quiet to them. They were just about to look in the phone book for a real estate agent when a wrong turn by Fred took them into a very nice and well manicured area. By the time they made it through the neighborhood, they spotted two houses on the same block that were offered by the same company. Mary and Sybil both liked the looks of both houses, so Fred wrote down the agent's number from the for sale signs. The agent said that both houses were unoccupied, with the owners currently residing in summer residences. If they wanted to, he could set up an appointment that afternoon to see the houses.

Fred and the others then went back to the stadium to check on Chuck and the boys. By that time, Bill was just leaving. Doug and Darren excitedly told Fred about what they were building in the outdoor section of the park, as Fred chuckled at the boys' enthusiasm. Fred then got everyone together for a nice lunch before going to see the two houses they had spotted earlier.

The first house was the larger of the two, and looked like it would be perfect for Fred and Mary's family. Mary immediately fell in love with the inside of the home, which had been very well cared for. Fred could see by taking one look at Mary that a decision had been made, although he didn't want to let on to the real estate agent just yet.

When Wakki and Benjamin saw how close the second house was to the first, the two boys gave each other a high five, then hugged each other. That got a chuckle from all of the adults, including Sybil. Since Wakki had left Hawaii, she had had a chance to have a few long talks with Benjamin about his feelings. Sybil now knew that there were things that even Benjamin had no control over, and she accepted her son's orientation. Now all that mattered was Benjamin's happiness. She could easily see how happy Benjamin was with Wakki, and it made her smile. Her son had come a long way now since the very scary incident in Hawaii, and Sybil was thrilled to see that.

The second house was somewhat smaller, but very quaint and even better cared for than the first. Sybil knew that her husband trusted her judgment, and she liked this house quite a bit. Benjamin and Wakki both liked it just as much, but for an entirely different reason. Now it was time to go back to the real estate office to make a deal. While the adults were doing that, the boys kept themselves busy with an arcade that was located three doors down from the real estate office. The downtown area of this new town looked very nice, and the boys all thought they might be happy here. Doug and Darren still wanted to finish the upcoming football season in Lansing though.

After making a deal on both houses, the adults caught up to the boys at the arcade. The boys had talked to a few of the local kids, and they had seemed nice enough. Now it was time to go home though, and call a family meeting with Jenni and Cory present.

Cory's family had all gone to State, and that was where Cory really wanted to go to college. Jenni wanted to be there with him as well. Fred finally decided that he would keep the house in Lansing for now, and Jenni and Cory could live there while attending college. Fred had a feeling that they would be doing that anyway when they began thinking about moving. Then Fred turned to Doug and Darren.

"Mary and I may be crazy for considering this, but we've reached a decision about your football season." said Fred. "Doug and Darren, you can stay here until football season is over as long as Jenni and Cory can put up with you two. Then you will transfer to the new school. I would suggest that you have the principal work on finding a coach for next season though, as well as groom a quarterback to replace you Doug."

"Thanks a lot for sticking us with those two horn dogs dad!" laughed Jenni.

"Don't worry Jen, it's only until October or November depending on how the team does." replied Fred.

"Yeah, after that you won't have to put up with our wild orgies anymore." added Darren.

Later on, Doug and Darren thanked Fred and Mary for trusting them enough to let them stay in Lansing through the football season. Fred reminded the boys that they survived alone on an island for eight months, so they must have done some growing into adulthood then. Both boys promised that they wouldn't disappoint them.

Fred kissed both of them on the forehead and said, "I don't think that would be possible at this point boys."

That night Doug and Darren took turns thrusting slowly and gently into each other, as they made slow and passionate love to each other. Darren still loved feeling Doug's big cock inside him, and Doug had gotten so use to having Darren's cock inside him that he couldn't remember what it was like to not feel it. Doug and Darren both had very good orgasms that night, and went to bed satisfied feeling each other's cum inside them.

Planning for the park picked up quite a bit over the next week, with Fred helping the boys now. They still let the other boys help too, as they needed all the help they could get. It was decided that rides would be terraced on both the lower and upper bowls of the stadium, so quite a bit of construction was going to be required.

Benjamin's father Simon called the day after Sybil bought their house, and said that he would be able to get things in England wrapped up sooner than he expected. He was now planning on joining his wife and son at the end of the week. Sybil was happy to hear that, as it seemed that house buying had made her somewhat tired. Mary was slightly concerned about her new friend getting tired so quickly, but decided not to say anything for now. Doug, Darren, and Fred decided that with Simon now ready to join the team, it was time to start visiting other parks to find out what they were getting themselves into.

Simon came in at the airport on Friday, and was told to rest up. They would be taking a two day trip to two parks in Ohio on Saturday and Sunday. Fred had already called ahead, and had arranged appointments to see the general managers of both parks. While he and Simon were doing that, Doug and Darren would stay with the rest of the family in the parks, and try to find employees there willing to talk to them. They could never have dreamt of how easy that would be. While the younger boys, including Chris, were having a good time on the rides, Doug and Darren were finding people in lines who worked at the parks. At the first park, which provided housing on the premises for it's employees, Doug and Darren were able to find quite a few employees off duty who were willing to talk. There seemed to be no end to the stories Doug and Darren were told, and they began to figure that running a park themselves might be a real challenge. For the most part the employees they talked to were satisfied with their work, otherwise they wouldn't be staying there. They did tell the boys about quite a few of the problems that they felt were not addressed properly by their employers though.

The next day, in Cincinnati, Doug and Darren found fewer employees to talk to. They did find enough however to make the trip worthwhile. The first day of the trip had tired Sybil out quite a bit, so she stayed behind at the hotel on the second day. When Mary returned from the park on the second day, she was tired as well. Mary then had an idea of what might be wrong with Sybil. She had Fred keep Simon out for a few minutes, while she went to Sybil's room for a talk.

"Hi Sybil, how are you feeling now?" asked Mary.

"I feel quite a bit better this evening actually." replied Sybil. "I don't know why I've been getting so tired so easily these past several weeks though."

"I think I might have an idea." said Mary. "It came to me this evening when I realized that I too have been getting more tired recently. You see, I'll be having a baby in February of next year. Have you been missing your periods lately Sybil?"

"I did miss my last one, now that you mention it Mary." replied Sybil. "I just assumed that I would make it up before my next one though, but it's beginning to feel like that one may be off too."

"I think you really should see a doctor when we get back to Michigan then." said Mary. "It sounds a lot like you may be pregnant as well."

"Isn't medical care very expensive here in the US though?" asked Sybil.

"We'll have Chuck work on setting up a company health insurance program tomorrow, and you should be covered by the end of the week." replied Mary. "How do you think your family will take this?"

"Simon will be thrilled." replied Sybil. "He was beginning to think that we would never have more of a family, and I think that has disappointed him a bit. I'm sure Benjamin would also love to have a younger brother or sister too. I guess I shall have to break the news to them soon."

That night, Fred and Mary heard shouts of joy coming from Simon and Sybil's room. Fred and Mary couldn't be happier for their new friends.

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