No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 12

While Mary and Sybil were at the doctor's office on Monday, Fred called Simon, Doug, and Darren together to compare what they had found out so far. Fred found out that management often had a different view of how things were running compared to the employees. Where the employees had talked about several serious issues, the management was often under the impression that no problem existed. This was due to having people in place to handle certain areas, but not checking to make sure that things were being carried out properly.

Doug and Darren had also spotted several problems at both parks that the employees seemed powerless to control, even though they should have been able to. This included everything from handling guest problems to safety issues. Also, employees who lived in their own housing also seemed to be more rested and alert than those who lived in company housing. Doug and Darren had heard several complaints that gave them a good indication of why that might be a problem. They knew that they would have to have much more control over employee housing than the first park that provided housing seemed to have. Fred, Simon, Doug, and Darren discussed things they could do differently than the parks they had visited until Mary and Sybil had returned.

"Simon my love, I have an announcement to make." said Sybil. "It seems as though we will be having another child."

Simon smiled widely as he replied, "That is the most wonderful news I have ever heard dear."

The adults were very excited about Sybil's news, and the younger boys finally came downstairs to see what was going on. Benjamin was just as excited as his parents when he heard that he would be getting a baby brother or sister, although he secretly hoped for a baby brother.

The rest of the week was very busy. Preparations had to be made for moving, and Doug and Darren had appointments to meet with several more ride manufacturers. Simon also had to begin hiring security personnel, seeing as how materials would begin arriving soon, and construction crews would soon be busy working on the site. Chuck also helped out by finding a health insurance plan to begin covering theirs and Simon's family, as well as the employees who Simon would be hiring soon. On top of all of that, Doug still had to make sure that Darren would be ready for football season by the time school started.

By the next week the insurance plan was in place, and Simon was ready to begin interviewing people for the security staff. Fred had been in charge of contracting construction companies to begin work on the park, and Doug and Darren had been contacted and told that the first of the park's rides would begin arriving on Friday of that week. Doug and Darren would be moving with the family on Thursday, then coming back to Lansing before school started. Wednesday would be everyone's last night in Lansing, and the person that was taking it the worst was Donnie. Wednesday would be his last night with Chris for who knew how long.

Wednesday afternoon, as Fred and Mary finished packing, they were discussing who might be best to be in charge of the park's housing department.

"Well Fred, I have an idea if you're interested in hearing it." said Mary.

"You know I'm always interested in anything you have to say dear." replied Fred, as he gave Mary a hug.

"Good." replied Mary. "I was thinking that the perfect person to handle the housing department might be Eileen Parker. It's not just because she is Chris's mother either. I've talked to Eileen quite a bit, and she's a very ambitious and organized person. If anyone could handle the problems you think might come up, I think it would be Eileen."

"Would you like to talk to her then dear?" asked Fred.

"I would love to!" replied Mary. "I'm sure she will be very excited about this."

"I'll let Simon know that you're contacting her about the position then." said Fred.

They didn't want to say anything to Donnie or Chris yet, because they didn't know for sure what Eileen's reaction would be, so they had no choice but to let the boys think they would be parting for now. Mary did call Eileen that evening though.

"Hi Eileen." said Mary. "How is everything going?"

"Well, Chris is really down about Donnie moving." said Eileen. "I really hate it that he's taking this so hard. My husband, on the other hand, thinks this is so wonderful. He really seems to be enjoying the pain his son is going through. I'll tell you what Mary, if I were in the position, I would tell him what's what."

"Maybe I can help with that then Eileen." said Mary. "Our family business is really starting to come together now, and we need to start hiring our top people. One of the positions we need to fill is manager of employee housing. I thought that you might be perfect for that position Eileen. The boys would be willing to pay you twice what your husband is making right now, plus benefits. I'm really kind of hoping that you will take the position. We could have you start whenever you are ready."

"Are you serious Mary?" asked Eileen.

"Absolutely!" replied Mary. "Considering the type of person we need, I couldn't think of anyone better, and Fred agrees."

"Have you told the boys about this yet?" asked Eileen.

"Not yet." replied Mary. "I thought it would be a good idea to talk to you first."

"Well, I would love to do it Mary!" said Eileen. "I will have to talk to my husband though, not that he will have any say one way or the other. After that argument is over, then I would like to be the one to tell Chris."

"It sounds like you're accepting the job." said Mary.

"You can count on that Mary." laughed Eileen. "My husband is one of those types who thinks women belong in the home. I would love to make more than him."

"That's great then Eileen!" said Mary. "I'll make sure not to say anything to the boys until you talk to Chris."

Meanwhile, Chris and Donnie were together in Donnie's room.

"I don't want this to be out last time together Chris!" Donnie almost cried.

"Me neither, but we don't seem to have much say." replied Chris emotionally. "If have to though Donnie, I'll run away from home to be with you. They better let me come see you often when you move, or else."

"You would do that for me?" asked Donnie.

"I would do anything for you Donnie." said Chris. "I would have never known what love was if it weren't for you, and I'm not giving you up, no matter what!"

Donnie then laid Chris down on his back and crawled between his legs. "I wonder if we are big enough to do it this way?" asked Donnie.

Donnie then lubed Chris's pucker and his dick. Chris put his legs up on Donnie's shoulders to make himself as accessible as possible, then Donnie placed his dick against Chris's pucker. Donnie decided that they were indeed big enough, so he pushed his dick into Chris. Chris moaned gently as Donnie's dick went into him as far as it could. As soon as Donnie was in as far as he could get, he began to thrust passionately in and out of Chris. Then Donnie laid down on top of Chris, and placed their lips together. Chris's balls were getting squeezed between the two boys when Donnie thrust into him, but Chris didn't care. What they were doing felt too good to stop now. As Donnie's dick continued to slide in and out of Chris, Chris began to clench his rectum around it. Both boys loved this position more than anything they had ever done together before. Donnie wanted to keep going in and out of Chris all night, but after ten minutes he began to feel his balls start to churn. As Chris continued to moan in pleasure, Donnie began to pant and grunt in approach of his orgasm. Donnie lifted up from Chris and drove his dick into Chris hard. Both boys now moaned as Donnie's cum shot into Chris.

When Donnie's orgasm ended, he looked down at Chris and smiled. Chris was also smiling back up at Donnie, so the two boys began to giggle. As soon as they had finished giggling, Donnie and Chris switched places and repeated their love making. When it was over, Donnie and Chris fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning when Fred went to wake Donnie and Chris, he found that they were not in Donnie's room. Fred and Mary then quickly searched the house, but the two boys were not there. Mary worriedly picked up the phone to call Eileen.

Eileen had not had a good night the night before. The discussion about her new job had turned into an argument with Mr. Parker, who insisted that she was the wife and should remain at home. Eileen wouldn't even sleep with him that night because of the argument. When Mr. Parker woke up this morning, the discussion started again. By the time he left for work, Eileen had decided that they should separate for a few months. Eileen still loved her husband, but he had gotten to the point over the past few years that he could be a real jerk sometimes. As Eileen sat at the kitchen table contemplating what her and her son would do, Chris and Donnie came running into the house together. Before they could say anything though, the phone rang.

"Hello, Parker home." said Eileen.

"Hi Eileen, this is Mary." replied Mary. "I hate to disturb you, but when we went to wake Donnie and Chris up this morning, they were gone. I'm going to call the police now, so I thought you might want to know."

"There's no need to call the police Mary." replied Eileen. "The boys just came running in here. Let me find out what they have to say for themselves, and I'll call you back."

"Would it be okay if I came over Eileen?" asked Mary.

"Okay Mary, but give me a chance to see what they say first." replied Eileen. "I'm sure they must think they have some reason for running off."

Eileen ended the call with Mary, then turned to the two boys. "Okay boys, you have Mary and Fred scared to death." said Eileen. "Spill it!"

"Please Mrs. Parker, you can't let Chris and me be separated!" begged Donnie, as tears began to stream from his eyes.

"Please mom, there has to be something we can do!" begged Chris, who was crying as well. "We need to be together!"

"Oh my God!" replied Eileen. "That's why you ran off this morning?! You two boys must love each other very much, don't you?"

"I know you said you didn't want to hear this mom, but I could never love anyone like I love Donnie." cried Chris. "I want to be with him forever."

"I love Chris just as much Mrs. Parker!" cried Donnie. "It would kill me if we were split up! Chris is the only one I could ever share the rest of my life with."

"Come here boys." said Eileen, as she held out both arms. Eileen took a boy in each arm, and gave them both a warm hug. "That was an idiotic thing for me to say Chris. I didn't mean it like that, but I realize that's how it must have sounded." Then Eileen kissed both boys on the forehead. "As for splitting you two up, I have no intention of ever doing that, especially now."

Chris and Donnie both looked at Eileen as their tears stopped, and smiles began to come back to their faces. Both boys gave Eileen a very nice kiss on the cheek, then Chris asked, "What are we going to do about Donnie moving though?"

"Well son, if you had given me a chance, you would have found out soon." replied Eileen. "Chris, your father and I have separated."

"How does that help Chris and me be together though?" asked Donnie.

"Well Donnie, your brothers actually helped with that one." replied Eileen. "I'm going to be working for them, and Chris and I will have to get an apartment closer to the park."

"Are you and dad going to get a divorce, like Donnie's parents did?" asked Chris.

"I certainly hope not son." replied Eileen. "I'm hoping that a few months apart will make him realize how important his family is, and that he'll try to be the man I married again. I still love your father Chris, but it's best for us to be apart for now."

"I hope things work out mom." said Chris.

Then both boys put their arms back around Eileen, and gave her a huge hug. The boys were still hugging her when Mary pulled up and came to the door. Mary walked into the Parker's kitchen and saw Chris and Donnie with their arms around Eileen.

"I take it you told them." said Mary.

"I had to." replied Eileen. "They came over here this morning crying, begging for me not to split them up."

Mary then took Donnie into a hug and said, "I'm sorry son. We should have done something about this before now. I guess I just didn't stop to think about how important your boys' relationship is to both of you."

"That's okay mom, as long as we can be together now." replied Donnie. "So Mrs. Parker, can Chris come with us today to help me move?"

"I guess so Donnie, seeing as how I have to come out that way tomorrow to find us a place to live." replied Eileen. "He will have to come home with me tomorrow though. He needs to spend some time with his dad before we leave."

"I'd rather spend time with Donnie." said Chris.

"I know son, but your dad wasn't always the way he is now." said Eileen. "There was a time when I think he might have even been able to accept having a gay son. I just don't know what happened to him to make him change."

"Well, I hope you two figure it out for the sake of your family." said Mary. "I was very lucky to have Fred there for me when things fell apart, or I might not have made it through the divorce."

"Thanks Mary." replied Eileen.

"Now Eileen, why don't you come with us too?" asked Mary. "We could start on finding you a decent place to live today."

"I really hadn't planned on getting out, but it might do me some good." replied Eileen.

Eileen got ready quickly, and her and the boys followed Mary back to Mary's house. The moving van was there by now, and with Fred and the boys helping, they almost had everything on the truck. Once the truck was loaded, Simon and Sybil got in the car with Fred and Mary. Benjamin and Wakki went in the Pathfinder with Doug and Darren, so Donnie and Chris rode with Eileen. As the three cars pulled out, Jenni and Cory waved good bye. They now had an entire house all to themselves until football season. The moving van almost made as good time as the cars had, and they all arrived at Fred and Mary's new home at the same time. As the guys helped the movers unload, Mary and Sybil took Eileen out to look around the neighborhood.

After driving around for over an hour, they headed back toward Mary's house. Just before pulling onto the street from the opposite end of the street from where they took off, Eileen spotted a smaller apartment complex. It may have been smaller, but Eileen liked the outside of the complex more than any apartment she had seen that day. The ladies took a tour of a model apartment, and it was the most quaint apartment that any of them had ever seen. Eileen fell in love with the place, so Mary went ahead and put down a deposit for her. Eileen knew that Chris would love the apartment too, because it was about one quarter mile from Mary and Fred's house. When Eileen and Mary told Chris and Donnie the news, the boys hugged each other as they jumped up and down.

Mary and the younger boys then had to take over the unpacking because Fred, Doug, and Darren had to meet with a European ride company at the park. This company dealt mostly in spinning rides and kiddy rides, which Doug and Darren now needed to concentrate on. Besides, tomorrow they would have to meet with a man about a wooden coaster for the outdoor section of the park. Simon and Sybil left Benjamin with Wakki as they went to check on their new home. Their movers would be showing up tomorrow with all of their stuff from London. Benjamin would spend another night with Wakki, which made them happy, while Simon and Sybil would rough it at their new home.

While Fred and the boys were at the stadium, a truck arrived to unload a forklift. The boys needed one because their rides were set to begin arriving the next day. For now they would be stored on the floor of the stadium, and out of the way of the construction crews which would begin next week. Fred had used a forklift before, but Doug and Darren both wanted a shot at it. Fred laughed as he watched the two boys trying to operate the machine, before giving them a few pointers. The man from the European company finally arrived, and everyone got down to business. The boys bought quite a few rides from the man, who gave them a good deal for buying so many rides from him.

The next day, Donnie was down in the dumps because Eileen had come back to take Chris home with her. She did however sign a lease on the apartment near them, so Chris would be back soon. Doug and Darren decided that to cheer Donnie up, they would take him to the stadium with them. Simon and Fred were also at the stadium. Fred had to get everything ready for the construction crews to begin work, while Simon had to begin hiring security staff to watch the site. That left Wakki and Benjamin with the ladies, to help them unpack at Simon and Sybil's house, then go out shopping to furnish two homes. By the end of the day, Doug and Darren were ready to watch their stadium become the world's largest indoor amusement park. They were also now ready to concentrate again on the upcoming football season.

The next week was very busy for everyone. Doug and Darren took a TV and VCR to their office, along with a football. That way they could work on football whenever they didn't have any business to attend to. Fred had worked all weekend to get blueprints ready for the construction crews, and had to get them started on Monday. Mary was now getting ready to start working out the details of her department, and Eileen came in to pick out an office, and to start working furnishing the employee housing buildings when they were finished. She would also have to write the regulations for employees living there, taking into consideration what Fred, Simon, Doug, and Darren had told her about housing at one of the parks they had visited. Later that week, Eileen would be busy moving her and Chris to their new apartment.

Fred also made an announcement that week that they needed to visit more parks, so he had made reservations for everyone to travel to Orlando the following week. This included Eileen and Chris, if they wanted to go along.

On Thursday, Doug and Darren received blueprints for the inverted coaster they were building indoors, including the foundations. The construction crew for that job was already set to begin the next day, so they were happy to get the blueprints.

The following Monday, everyone got into a van that would take them to the airport. They would spend most of the week in Central Florida, and Doug and Darren were asked not to add anyone else to the family on this trip. Fred smiled as he said that, so the boys knew that he was just kidding with them.

After everyone had gotten on the plane, and it had reached it's cruising altitude, Donnie and Chris looked at each other impishly. This was noticed by Doug, Darren, Fred, and Wakki, and all of them began to laugh. As Donnie and Chris began to blush, Eileen asked what was so funny. Fred told Eileen about the trip to the Pacific, which made Eileen look at Chris.

"You better control yourself young man." said Eileen. "I'm sure you two can wait until you're at the hotel."

That made Donnie and Chris blush even more. The flight was completed without any extended visits to the lavatory, and everyone got into a van to go to their hotel. All of the boys immediately disappeared into their rooms, so the adults went to the lounge. If that early evening session had been a contest between the boys, Wakki and Benjamin would have won. Benjamin was now to the point where he couldn't control his feelings around Wakki. He dearly loved everything about his Polynesian boyfriend, and Wakki was just as much in love with Benjamin. The two boys sat on their bed and talked after recovering from their intense orgasms.

"I love how tan your skin is Wakki." said Benjamin. "It goes so perfectly with your wavy dark brown hair."

"Thanks Benjamin." replied Wakki. "I think this shade is pretty much exclusive to my island."

"I also love your beautiful cock." said Benjamin as he smiled.

"I don't know why." replied Wakki. "It's very small compared to other boys my age, at least around here."

Benjamin held Wakki's small cock in his hand and said, "I don't care how big it is. I think it's the most lovely cock I've ever seen. I could be biased because it's attached to my boyfriend, but I still think it's beautiful."

"No more beautiful than the boy from England that I fell in love with." replied Wakki.

With that the two boys took each other into another passionate embrace, and fell back on the bed kissing. They were called out of the room about fifteen minutes later by Benjamin's mom and dad, so everyone could go to dinner together.

After dinner, everyone was told to get plenty of rest, and that the first park they would visit tomorrow would be Universal. All of the boys did sleep soundly that night, but only after another round of love making.

I hope everyone liked that chapter. I'm trying to get the story back to more of the relationships with the boys, and still keep the current plot going. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 13.