No One Else 2

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 14

"I'm really nervous about this babe." said Darren, as he got dressed on the morning of the first day of practice.

"I know Dare, so am I" replied Doug. "I haven't been on the football field in quite a while."

"It's not really that Doug." said Darren. "I'm just nervous about how they'll accept us."

"Well, we know there will be at least two people there who will understand." said Doug. "Darryl and Cory's brother. I just hope he's a good kicker."

As soon as Doug and Darren were dressed, they headed out toward the school. Everyone who was either on the team, or wanted to try out for the team was told to be at the football field at nine o'clock. Doug and Darren got there at eight thirty, and there were already boys showing up. By nine o'clock, quite a crowd had gathered in the stands at the football field. Now came the moment of truth, as Doug stepped up to the mic on the field.

"Hello." said Doug. "Can everyone hear me?" It seemed as though everyone could hear him, so Doug continued, "My name is Doug Atherton, and I'm going to be coaching the team this year. Some of you remember me from the season before last. I wasn't here last season because I was kinda stranded somewhere else, but I'm sure most of you have heard that story."

"Yeah, and we also heard that our new coach is a fag!" shouted someone from the stands. "This year is going to suck in more ways than one!"

"I want whoever said that to stand up, or you're all doing ten laps in street clothes this morning!" replied Doug.

The snickering from the stands was suddenly replaced by moaning when Doug said ten laps. A fairly large boy finally stood up.

"Were you here last season?" asked Doug.

"Yeah, and our best players from last season aren't here anymore, thanks to you!" said the boy.

"If those were your best players, you're not missing much then!" shot Doug back. "And judging by last season's record, you should be use to sucking by now! Do you have any more smart comments, or do you want to keep them to yourself now?"

The boy just sat back down grumbling, with several of the boys around him looking at him.

"Okay everyone, just so we can dispense with any more comments like that, I am gay." said Doug. "It's not as though my sex life is anyone's business except for my boyfriend though. If anyone DOES have a problem with that though, you are welcome to leave now. I will not have anyone's attitude over things that aren't their business fucking up this team. I hope everyone understands that. I would suggest that some of you stick to worrying about your own sex lives. I'm a teenager myself, so I know how hard it is for some of you just to manage your own sex lives. The last thing I expect to say on the subject is that if anyone is approached by someone else on the team in that way, I want to know about it. We will not tolerate any kind of intolerant or hateful behavior on this team. Now, does anyone have any problem with the fact that I'm gay?"

When three kids raised their hand, Doug said, "Go ahead and leave the field then. The team does not need that type of presence this year!"

At first the three kids didn't think Doug was serious. Then he ordered them to leave again, and waited until they had. That got everyone's attention quickly.

"Now that we've taken care of that, I hope everyone realizes that I'm very serious about this." said Doug. "I hope that everyone who makes the team from this group can get along with the entire team, in spite of their differences. You're going to be playing this game with a lot of people that are different than you, and prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated. Since I'm also going to be playing on the field, I'm going to have an assistant coach. He will handle everything from the sidelines while I'm on the field, and I expect you to follow his instructions just as you would mine. If you give him trouble, you give me trouble. Everyone , please meet our assistant coach, Darren Chambers."

Darren stood up to a handful of weak applause, which he kind of expected. Doug was not happy about it though, so he had Darren sit back down.

"Okay everyone, I guess we need to try that again!" said Doug. "Remember this time that it's still not too late for that ten laps in street clothes idea! Everyone, please meet our assistant coach, Darren Chambers."

This time the applause was much more respectable, which made Darren blush slightly. Then Darren stepped up to the mic.

"Apparently some of you know that I am Doug's boyfriend." said Darren. "As Doug said though, that's not important to any of the positions that any of you will be playing. I may not have played the game with any of you, but Doug has taught me everything he knows about football. If I didn't think I were up to this job, I would have definitely told him so. This morning we want to start getting an idea of who will make the team, and who we won't have enough room for. We need everyone to go change into your workout clothes. Everyone was also told to bring a jock and a cup. Please make sure you use them. We don't need anyone getting hurt like that today. Please be back on the field in ten minutes, ready to warm up."

Everyone went to the locker room, including Doug and Darren. Even though Darren didn't have to, he had planned on working out with the team. He felt that he needed to do as much as he could to earn their respect. After everyone made it through the locker room okay, they all began heading back out to the field. Doug and Darren led the boys through their warm up exercises, then led them on two laps around the field. Then everyone was split up into two groups, offense and defense. Doug took the defense, while Darren took the offense. Since Doug would also have to try out for quarterback, they felt it would be more fair for Darren to compare him with the other boys trying out. To Darren's shock, the boy who had given Doug a hard time earlier lined up on the offense side of the field.

Darren cleared his throat and said, "Okay everyone, I want offensive linemen, except receivers on one end of the line, receivers next to them, backs next to them, and special teams on the other end. We'll have to call Doug over when we get to backs today."

Darren then walked down to the end of the line, where the large boy with the big mouth was standing out front. Darren had no choice but to approach him first, so he stood his ground as much as he could.

"What's your name?" asked Darren.

"I'm Rondell, what's it to ya?!" replied the boy in a challenging tone.

"Well, being the assistant coach, I should know the names of the people who want to try out for the team." replied Darren calmly.

"So, you're going to tell ME if I'M good enough to be on the team???" asked Rondell, not letting up.

"I already have a good idea that you're good enough Rondell." said Darren. "We just have to see if we can get past the attitude." Darren was determined not to back down from Rondell as he continued, "With someone like you blocking for the offense, why didn't the team do better last year?"

Rondell looked Darren up and down, then let out a sort of half-laugh. "I guess our coach just wasn't too damn bright." replied Rondell. "He tended to favor the white boys on the team, even if it wasn't always what was best."

"I'm sorry to hear that Rondell." said Darren in a conciliatory tone. "I promise you that you won't have that problem this year. Doug and I will always do what's best for the team. If we can get past the attitude, I have a feeling you might see a lot of playing time this year."

"I'm sorry about the attitude, but I have a good reason for not trusting certain types of people." replied Rondell, switching back into a tough tone.

"What would that be Rondell?" asked Darren, still not backing down.

"I ain't sayin' nothing in front of these guys!" replied Rondell.

"Okay linemen, I want you to put on some pads and a helmet, and see what you can do with those blocking dummies." said Darren loudly. "Rondell, you come with me!"

Darren led Rondell away from where anyone could see or hear them. Then he turned to face the boy, who looked more upset by the moment now.

"You got a lot of guts being alone with someone who said they have a reason not to like you!" said Rondell. "I almost kinda admire that! What would you do if I decided to kick your butt though?"

"Then I would have to kick you off the team." replied Darren calmly, even though he was now a little nervous. "I just want to get to the bottom of this attitude Rondell. I think if we could do that, we could have a great team, with you as a big part of it. Just tell me what the problem is."

"You wanna know what the problem is?!" asked Rondell emotionally. "I'll tell you then, then maybe you'll know why I feel the way I do! I have a little brother, and he's a great little guy. He's eleven right now, but when he was nine, something happened that changed him forever. We were at a family gathering and everyone kinda lost track of him. We also lost track of an uncle of mine that everyone always thought was really weird. I went looking for my brother, and when I found him, he was with the uncle. My weird ass uncle was holding him down to the ground after he had stripped both of their pants off. I almost killed the bastard, but he had already put it inside my brother. My brother cried for months after that, and he still has bad dreams about it! Why shouldn't I hate you?!"

Darren had to think about that one for a moment. Finally Darren softened his tone and said, "I'm really sorry about what happened to your brother Rondell. It must have been a nightmare for your whole family, especially him. Your uncle is a sick man Rondell. He's a child molester and a rapist. There's a big difference between that and being gay though. If I had been in your place, I probably would have killed him. No one is in any danger from how Doug and I feel about each other, but all children are in danger from people like your uncle. Doug and I even helped rescue an English kid from someone like that this summer, and now we're good friends with the kid. Did your uncle go to prison for what he did?"

"No." replied Rondell, trying to keep from crying. "My family didn't want anyone to know what happened. They thought it would make things worse for my brother. Besides, they said my brother had already been through enough."

"Your uncle needs to be in prison though Rondell." said Darren urgently. "If he's still out, then any kid around him is in danger! Your brother could tape a statement against him, and it wouldn't be too rough on him. The courts are really making things a lot better for victims these days, especially if they're kids."

"Yeah, but there's also the fact that I beat my uncle pretty bad." said Rondell. "I put the bastard in the hospital for almost a month!"

"That wasn't nearly long enough, if you ask me." said Darren. "You were defending your brother though Rondell. There isn't anyone who is ever going to hold that against you. You did the right thing then, and I'd love to see you do the right thing now."

"I'd love to too." replied Rondell. "My family is afraid of stirring things up though."

"I can have a lawyer friend of mine talk to them, if you want me to Rondell." offered Darren. "Maybe he can convince them that your uncle needs to be put away so he can't hurt anyone else."

"I'd like that." said Rondell, as he smiled at Darren for the first time. "I can't believe that we're talking like this now after how things started today!"

"That's because I care Rondell." replied Darren. "I know that you appreciate that, and you want to do what's right now. I'll tell you what, Rondell." Darren then held his hand out as he continued, "Here's my hand. I'm offering it in friendship. You can either shake it or break it, the choice is all yours."

"I think I'd rather stick with a handshake for now." replied Rondell, as he laughed lightly.

After the two boys shook hands, Darren said, "Now let's get back out there and see what your teammates are doing. We gave them a lot of practice, but I'll bet you still show them up!"

When Darren and Rondell came back out on the field laughing together, Doug was so shocked that he tripped over his own feet. He couldn't believe what he saw, but then again, Darren seemed to have that effect on everyone.

The boys around Doug snickered as one of the linemen said, "Maybe some of us should be on the offensive line this year. Doug might need a little extra time to pick his ass up off the ground from time to time."

Darren watched his other offensive linemen as Rondell put on a helmet and pair of pads. Some of the boys looked pretty decent, but when Rondell began hitting the dummies, there wasn't any comparison. Darren had no problem choosing Rondell as a starter. Darryl also made the cut easily, as he seemed to be the best one going out for center. Darren finally filled out his offensive line roster, and moved on to the receivers and quarterbacks. Doug was called over so he could go up against his competition for quarterback. Before starting, Doug went over to Darren.

"What did you do to the big kid with the big mouth, Dare?" asked Doug, still amazed. "I was sure he would be such a problem that he wouldn't last the day!"

"His name is Rondell, and I guess I just have a knack for talking to people." replied Darren with a smile. "He's not bad once you get to know him. Besides, he's hopefully going to be keeping my baby from getting knocked on his butt this year, provided you make starting quarterback!" Darren giggled at the last part.

Doug just shook his head and smiled, as he went out to secure his starting spot. The competition was actually a lot closer than Doug expected. A freshman who was going out for the position looked pretty good on short passes, but seemed to have quite a bit of trouble with the longer ones. Doug could see that it was just a matter of the boy learning how to judge the speed of the faster runners in high school, and leading his receivers properly. Doug hoped Darren would see that, and choose the boy as Doug's second string. That way, Doug could work with him for next year. As hoped, Darren put down Doug as the starter, and the freshman as his second string. As soon as Darren had picked his receivers, Doug went back to filling out the defensive roster.

Darren was able to quickly pick out his other backs, then he moved on to special teams. When he got to kickers, a boy came up to him and said, "Hi Darren, I'm Cory's brother Skyler. Everyone calls me Sky though. Cory told me to stick pretty close to you and Doug this year."

"Hi Sky." replied Darren cheerily. "Let's see what you can do with that ball that Darryl is holding at the twenty five yard line."

"Are you sure you want me to kick it from there?" asked Sky.

"Yeah Sky, that's not too much for you, is it?" asked Darren.

"I was actually thinking of backing it up a little, but if you want to see me do something I can do in my sleep, that's fine with me!" replied Sky.

Sky went ahead and kicked the ball from Darryl's hold, then watched it sail effortlessly through the middle of the uprights. Darren was already impressed. Darren then called a few of his linemen over to try to block the next kick.

"Okay Sky, let's see you do it under pressure." said Darren.

Sky kicked the ball again, and once again it sailed over the linemen and through the uprights. Now Darren really was impressed.

"Okay Sky, enough playing around." said Darren. "Go ahead and set Darryl wherever you want, and let's see what you can do!"

Sky smiled brightly as he backed Darryl up to the forty yard line. Sky then lined himself up, and gave the ball another kick. Darren's jaw dropped when the ball once again went through the uprights.

"Can I show you something Darren?" asked Sky.

"I think you already have Sky, but go right ahead." replied Darren.

Sky went over and whispered to Darryl, who smiled widely before going to talk to one of the receivers. Darryl and the receiver lined up, then Darryl gave the signal to start. The receiver took off down the field as Sky approached the ball. At the last second, Darryl flipped the ball up to Sky, who threw a beautiful spiral down to the receiver.

"Holy fucking shit!" exclaimed Darren. "Now I'm officially impressed out of my pants!"

"Can I go for a personal record Darren?" asked Sky.

"You can do whatever you want!" replied Darren. "I'm sure we have our kicker now!"

Sky backed Darryl up until he was fifty five yards from the goal line. "I made one from the fifty once, but I always wanted to try just a little bit further." said Sky.

Sky lined the kick up, then gave the ball his best shot. Everyone on the field was looking by now, and everyone was amazed when the ball went through the goal.

"Shit!!!" exclaimed Sky. "I can't believe I made THAT one!"

Neither could Darren, as his jaw was left hanging wide open. By this time, Doug was on his way down the field to talk to the kid who was destined to become a star.

"Damn kid!" exclaimed Doug. "I ain't never seen anything like that! Cory was a great kicker, but you just put him to shame! Who are you?"

"Doug, I'd like you to meet our starting kicker, Sky." said Darren. "Sky is Cory's brother."

"He's going to be so-o-o jealous when he hears how you think I'm so much better than him!" laughed Sky. He even had a beautiful laugh too!

Darren filled out the few positions left on his roster, and the team was set. Now came the toughest part of the day for Doug and Darren. Not every boy who showed up today could make the team, and it was time for those who didn't to find out. Doug remembered how that was always a gut-wrenching experience for the boys who didn't make it. Sure, there were recreational leagues to play on, but everyone wanted to be on a high school team first. A few boys would even volunteer for water boy or equipment manager just to be on the high school team, even though they really wanted to play.

Once that was over, it was time to hit the showers. There were a few glances and mumbles as Doug and Darren stripped to shower off, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be ignored for now. As Doug and Darren picked out a shower and began to clean themselves, Rondell showed up in the door of the shower room. Rondell had the largest cock of all of the boys, and everyone always noticed that, even though they tried not too. Rondell came on into the shower room with over nine inches of dark cock swinging between his legs, and walked up to Darren and Doug.

"I want to thank you guys for helping me today." said Rondell, as he held out his hand. "If I had been you guys, I don't know if I could have overlooked someone being such a jerk. I appreciate you not passing judgment on me though, and I'll try not to do the same to you again."

As Doug and Darren shook Rondell's hand, they gained a bit more respect from their teammates. They knew that it wasn't one big happy family time yet, but today was a much better start than they expected.

Cory met Doug and Darren at the door with a serious look on his face, and said, "So, I hear you like my little brother more than me now. Is that how it is? After everything I've done for you two?"

"But Cory, you don't understand,..." started Darren.

"You don't understand either." said Cory, who then began to snicker. "I'm just messin' with you. I'm just lucky that Sky is four years younger than me. I was able to get out of high school before he got there, and I'll be able to get out of college before he gets there. Just watch though. I'll have me a nice comfy NFL career going, and BAM!!! He'll blow me right out of the water. People will forget all about me when he comes along!"

"Geez Cory, I hope you're not jealous of him." said Doug.

"Jealous?!" exclaimed Cory. "Are you kidding? I couldn't be prouder of the little shit! Just do me a favor though, and don't let it go to his head. He's a nice kid now, but he might start becoming a showoff."

"I know what you mean!" chuckled Doug. "Today in practice he kicked one through the goal from the opposite forty five yard line!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Cory. "If you add ten yards for the end zone, that's sixty five yards! I gotta start eating what he's eating!"

After everyone shared a laugh over Cory's remark, Darren decided to call their friend Tim. He wanted to check with him to see how things were going.

"Hi Tim, how are you doing?" asked Darren.

"I'm a little upset, but fine." replied Tim.

"What are you upset about?" asked Darren, which made Doug put him on the speaker.

"It's a good thing you guys came along when you did." said Tim. "The assholes I worked for decided to fight my unemployment claim. That's really not upsetting itself, thanks to you guys, but the fact that they're telling everyone the things they are without any evidence whatsoever really pisses me off!"

"I don't blame you Tim, I'd be mad too!" replied Darren. "You should talk to Chuck, our lawyer. Those people need to be sued for defamation of character!"

"I think I will Darren." replied Tim. "Could you have him call me?"

"Anything for a friend, Tim." replied Darren. "Don't you worry about a thing, we'll fix them good!"

"Thanks Darren." said Tim. "You and Doug are the greatest!"

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