No One Else 2

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

"I don't blame you Tim, I'd be mad too!" replied Darren. "You should talk to Chuck, our lawyer. Those people need to be sued for defamation of character!"

"I think I will Darren." replied Tim. "Could you have him call me?"

"Anything for a friend, Tim." replied Darren. "Don't you worry about a thing, we'll fix them good!"

"Thanks Darren." said Tim. "You and Doug are the greatest!"

"No problemo Tim." replied Darren. "By the way, if you don't have any plans, Doug and I want to stop by this weekend and see how you're doing."

"That would be great Darren!" replied Tim. "I don't know anyone around here yet, so I'd love the company. Maybe while you're here, you could tell me what job I'll be doing for you guys."

"You'll be our dad's assistant, but we'll explain that this weekend." replied Darren. "He may be getting so swamped now that he'll find something for you to do there right away. Anyway, we'll see you this weekend Tim."

"Okay guys." replied Tim. "Bye for now, and thanks again for everything."

Once Darren ended the call, Cory said, "He sounds like a nice guy. I wonder why some people seem to like causing problems for people like that?"

"Probably because they think they can get away with it." replied Doug. "No matter how it looks though, you never get away with anything forever. Your life always catches up with you."

"Yeah, I guess you guys found that out the hard way, huh?" asked Cory.

"Yeah, but it was definitely worth it!" said Darren.

The rest of the week went by smoothly. Doug and Darren did ask Chuck to call Tim and then Rondell's family. Chuck made appointments with them for later that week. On Friday, Chuck went to speak to Tim. After Tim had told Chuck his story, Chuck looked a little upset.

"I can't believe my colleagues in that area would be afraid to take them on in court." said Chuck. "To just about come out and tell you that the court in Erie County will let them get away with whatever they want is completely improper! I got into law to make sure the right thing is done by everyone. Sure, a lot of my clients are businesses, but I always insist that they do things right if they want me to represent them, and I'm not afraid to take the side of the individual. Since I'm also licensed in Ohio, I'll handle this for you if you want me to Tim."

"That would be great Chuck." replied Tim. "Doug and Darren have made sure they won't ruin my life like they want to, but I hate to think of them getting away with what they did to me. The next person they do that to might not come out so well."

"I'll get my investigator right on it, and we'll see if we can prevent that from happening to anyone else." said Chuck. "I just have one question, and I want you to really think about it. Do you think there's any way they might have done this because you are gay?"

"I don't know Chuck, that's a possibility though I guess." replied Tim. "Most of the gay people there are very closeted when it comes to dealing with management, kind of like they're afraid for management to know that they're gay. A lot of people who are unjustly terminated seem to be gay people. It could be that, or it could be that I stepped on the wrong toes. I just don't know for sure."

"Well, I intend to find out." said Chuck. "I'm gay myself, so if they're discriminating against gay people, I'll make damn sure they pay for that mistake!"

Also on Friday, Doug and Darren's principal caught up with Doug and Darren. He had received complaints from three sets of parents that their sons were unjustly cut from the football team on the first day of practice. Doug and Darren knew exactly which boys parents were complaining, so they explained to the principal what had happened at the beginning of practice.

"If that's the case boys, I can understand why you cut them." said the principal. "I will back your decision completely, and let the parents know that the school has a very strict anti-discrimination policy, which their sons were in violation of."

"Thank you sir." replied Doug. "It's going to be hard enough to win people over this season, so we appreciate all of the help we can get."

"I told you two that I would stand by you this season, and I intend to do that." said the principal. "I think you handled the situation completely properly, and I'm glad you have the courage to enforce the school's policy."

"After last spring, you don't have to worry about that sir." replied Darren. "The policy is there for a reason, and it has needed to be enforced for a long time now."

As soon as the principal was through talking to Doug and Darren, it was time for the weekend to start. They made a brief stop at their house in Lansing, then left right away for their other home in Sterling Heights. Donnie was excited to see them when they came in early that evening, and Fred had made plans for everyone to go out to a nice dinner that evening.

"Can we go by and pick up a friend to join us?" Darren asked Fred. "He's going to be your assistant, so we all might as well get to know him better."

"Sure boys, that's no problem at all." replied Fred. "We already have us, Eileen and Chris, and Simon's family. I don't think one more would hurt."

"He's the guy you moved into Chris's apartment building, isn't he?" asked Donnie.

"Yeah, little bro." laughed Doug. "You can go along and help Chris get ready."

"Thanks Doug!" replied Donnie excitedly.

"So, what have you little guys been up to this week?" asked Doug.

"Well, on Tuesday we both made each other cum without touching each other's dicks!" replied Donnie proudly. "Then last night Chris had his first multiple orgasm! It was so cool! I thought he was going to pass out though." Donnie was giggling by the time he finished telling about that.

"You guys are the two horniest little guys I've ever seen!" snickered Darren.

"We learned everything we know from my two awesome big brothers!" beamed Donnie.

"Oh come on Donnie!" replied Doug dramatically. "We're nowhere near as horny as you two! I do think it's really cute though, and I'm proud of my horny little brother."

The three boys laughed as they headed down to Doug and Darren's car. They were still joking around and laughing when they pulled into the apartments where Eileen and Tim both lived. Donnie went straight for Chris's apartment, while Doug and Darren went to see Tim.

Donnie flew into the apartment and called out, "Hi Mrs. Parker. Is Chris ready?"

"No, and I'm sure he'll appreciate the help." snickered Eileen, as Donnie quickly went by on the way to Chris's room.

Donnie went on in and asked, "You're not going to wear that tonight, are you?"

"It's good to see you too, lover boy!" replied Chris jokingly. "I'm still picking something out before I hop in the shower."

"How about you go ahead and get undressed and take your shower, while I pick out something for you to wear?" asked Donnie impishly.

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea, but okay." replied Chris.

Donnie watched intently as Chris stripped down naked, then went to his drawer to get a towel to wrap around his waist. The sight of Chris's boyhood bouncing around until it was covered by a towel was enough to make Donnie stiff. Donnie went over to Chris and gave him a quick kiss.

"Wait just a moment Chris." said Donnie.

Donnie then opened Chris's towel back up, and gently played with Chris's dick as he stared at it.

"Don't you think it's going to look a little awkward if my mom sees me tenting my towel out?" asked Chris.

"I don't care." replied Donnie. "I haven't seen your beautiful dick enough yet today."

"You're so romantic!" giggled Chris. "I have to shower though, so you'll have to wait until later for more."

Chris wrapped the towel back around him, and he was indeed tenting the front of the towel out. Both boys saw that and giggled, then Donnie pushed Chris on out the door toward the bathroom. Eileen did see Chris as he made his way to the bathroom and began laughing.

"You boys!" laughed Eileen. "I realize that sex is very fun, but you and Donnie have the rest of your lives to love and pleasure each other."

"Sorry mom." replied Chris, as he looked down to notice the obscene tent in his towel.

"You don't have to be ashamed son." said Eileen. "I use to bathe you all the time when you were little, so I've seen and handled it enough that it's not a problem. Besides, I think it's cute how much you two love each other. Remember though, we are getting ready to go out."

When his mom started talking about handling his dick during baths when he was little, it was enough for Chris to rapidly deflate. He knew that it was an unavoidable part of bathing a small kid, but he didn't need to hear about it. Eileen snickered at the effect her statement had on Chris, as he continued on to the bathroom.

Tim answered the knock on his door to find Doug and Darren standing there. "Come on in guys!" said Tim cheerfully. "I talked to Chuck today, and he's going to handle everything."

"You're in good hands then Tim." said Darren, as he walked up and gave Tim a friendly kiss on the lips.

"Hi Tim, it's good to see you doing better." said Doug, as he gave Tim the same kiss.

Tim recovered from the greeting and said, "If you guys were trying to get me hard, it worked!"

Doug and Darren looked down at the bulge in Tim's pants and snickered. Then Doug said, "I'm glad you like us so much Tim, but we were wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with us and our extended family?"

"We hope you haven't eaten yet this evening." said Darren. "We really want you to meet everyone as soon as your problem goes back down."

"Well, just let me relax a little, and I'll be ready to go." replied Tim. "Can I get you boys something to drink? I've got Pepsi, water, juice, or milk."

"Two Pepsi's will be fine." replied Doug.

Tim got everyone a drink, then they sat around and talked for a few minutes as they drank their drinks. Doug and Darren filled Tim in on their week, and Tim filled them in on his. Doug and Darren convinced him to show them the writing he had been working on that week, as they wanted to give Donnie enough time to get Chris ready.

As Chris took his shower, Donnie was going through Chris's drawers to get his clothes ready for him. As Donnie went through Chris's underwear drawer, he thought to himself, "I really have to work with him on this!" Then in the bottom of the drawer, Donnie found something that stopped him in his tracks.

"Hold the phone!" said Donnie. "What's this?!"

Donnie pulled out a pair of Superman underoos. They were a little small, but they looked like they might still fit Chris. Donnie had found Chris's underwear for the evening, so then he went over to the closet. Donnie finally settled on a red satin shirt that buttoned down halfway, and a pair of jet black cargo pants. "My baby is going to look so fine tonight!" thought Donnie to himself.

Chris came back into his room, and discarded the towel to the corner. Donnie looked him over good and gave him a wolf whistle.

"Okay oh horny one, what do you have for me to wear?" snickered Chris, as he stood there naked.

When Donnie pulled out the underoos, Chris let out a groan. "Are you sure about that one man? Those still fit, but they're really tight!"

"Good!" exclaimed Donnie. "They'll really show off your sexy package when I get you stripped down to them tonight! Plus, they will just look so cute on you. We'll work on your underwear collection this weekend."

Chris pulled on the tight fitting underwear, and adjusted his dick and balls in them for maximum comfort. Then Donnie pulled out the pants and shirt as he admired the way Chris's underwear accentuated his goodies.

"Oh man, my mom is going to love this outfit!" remarked Chris.

"You'll look beautiful!" replied Donnie. "But then again, you look beautiful in anything, or nothing at all."

"I guess we'll stick with this then." snickered Chris. "That last idea might get us in a little trouble!"

That remark had both boys laughing, as Chris finished getting dressed. Once everything was in place, Donnie put his arms around Chris and pressed their lips together. The boys kissed passionately for a few moments, before breaking it and heading out to the living room. Eileen took one look at Chris and rolled her eyes.

"Well, everyone will be able to tell that Donnie dressed you tonight!" chuckled Eileen.

About that time, Doug and Darren knocked on the door to see if everyone was ready. Eileen let them and Tim in, then Doug and Darren introduced him.

"Everyone, this is Tim." said Doug. "He's a really cool guy we met at the park in northern Ohio, on the lake. They screwed him over though, so now he works for us. He's going to show us how southern parks are run, so we can beat the crap out of the parks around here. By the way Chris, did my brother dress you tonight?"

Everyone but Chris laughed at that, and Chris almost went back to change clothes. Doug had to convince him that he was only kidding with him, and Darren clinched it when he told Chris how great he looked. Then everyone took off to Doug and Darren's house to meet the rest of the dinner party. Once again, Doug introduced Tim to everyone, and Tim shook hands with the adults. Once they got to the restaurant, the conversation turned to business.

"So Tim, Doug and Darren tells me that you'll be my new assistant manager." said Fred. "They also tell me that you worked at Universal for five years. What's the biggest difference between them, and the parks around here?"

"The biggest difference is the way they treat people." replied Tim. "When a guest walks into Universal, every employee they come across has the authority to do whatever it takes to make sure they have a good time. That authority covers quite a wide range of things they can do for the guests. In order to give employees that much control over the guests, they put a lot of money and effort into training the right people. As a result of that, they treat their employees almost as well as they treat their guests."

"Why would you leave someplace like that for the park we found you in then?" asked Fred.

"I've asked myself that quite a few times." replied Tim. "There were a lot of personal factors involved, but if I had known how bad things were at the park I went to work for here, I would have stayed in Florida."

"I can't blame you for that Tim." said Doug. "I'm glad you are here though. We were all the most impressed by Universal, and that's how we want things run here."

"I'll do my best to help you then." said Tim.

"So then, our park shall be a place where only the best shall need to apply, right?" asked Simon.

"That's how they do it in Florida, and that's what we should aim for." replied Tim.

The rest of the dinner went well, and everyone had a great time getting to know their new friend. After the dinner was through, Doug and Darren took Tim back to his place. They told him to be ready to go out in the morning, as they wanted to show him the park. As they were getting ready to leave, Doug went up to Tim and gave him a very warm hug, and a kiss with just a bit more feeling than before. Once Doug was through, Darren did the same thing.

Then Darren looked down and said, "Oh oh Doug! I think we did it again!"

"Well, he looked like he could use it." replied Doug. "We're going to have to help him find a boyfriend now though." Doug could immediately see that he had hit a nerve. "I'm sorry Tim, do you want to talk about it?" asked Doug.

Tim got himself together and replied, "It's just that at my age, you tend to get fewer chances at things like that. I thought I had gotten one of those chances just before I was fired. I wouldn't have done the things they accused me of even if I could have, because this guy was becoming very special to me. Do you think they even care about anything like that though?"

Darren put an arm around Tim and said, "We'll teach those assholes a lesson Tim. I hope we put them right out of business, then buy their park to show them how to do it right!"

"You said this was right before you were fired?" asked Doug. "Do you think they might have found out about it, and gotten rid of you because of it?"

"I don't know, but Chuck said he would find out." replied Tim.

"Then tell Chuck to let us know exactly what he finds out, as long as it's okay with you." said Doug.

"Yeah, if that's what happened, we'll make 'em choke on it!" said Darren.

Tim thanked his friends for caring, and got another hug from each of them. Then he went right off to bed.

The next morning, Doug and Darren picked Tim up, then headed toward the park. There was quite a bit of construction going on both inside and outside the dome, so everyone had to wear hard hats unless they were in the offices. The foundations for the new housing buildings were nearly ready, and the pilings were almost all in place for the two large outdoor coasters. Inside the dome, the tiered foundations for the smaller rides were well underway, and crews were now putting together a few of the larger indoor rides. Doug, Darren and Tim viewed the progress inside the dome from the restaurant. Tim was impressed by how much they were going to be able to fit indoors. Then they went to the offices, and Tim picked out the remaining empty office next to Fred's. Doug and Darren took him to their office then, and showed him the sketches that had been drawn of how various things in the park would look.

"How big is that monster outside going to be?" asked Tim.

"It's going to top out at five hundred and twenty feet, with a first drop of five hundred feet at a ninety degree angle." replied Darren. "The hill is so tall that they're going to use an electric trolley to pull the trains up it. It will also have the world's largest vertical loop. They're still working on the train design though. The ride will generate so much force that shoulder harnesses might not be possible, but we'll need more than just a lap bar."

"Wow!" exclaimed Tim. "This is going to be one hell of a park if it's run right. You might just be able to do what you said last night, and I'm glad to be helping you."

The rest of the weekend went well for everyone. Fred and Simon wanted Tim at the park at least three days the following week, as they had a lot to get done by the next spring. They felt they would be able to use Tim full time soon, if not right away. Doug and Darren had a very relaxing weekend, even with Donnie and Chris hanging out with them most of the time. Tim agreed with Doug and Darren that the two boys were very adorable together, and he thought it was great that they gave each other so much pleasure. All too soon though, Sunday afternoon rolled around. It was time for Doug and Darren to return to Lansing, and get ready to get back to football the next day.

On Monday morning, Doug and Darren were approached by Rondell. Rondell had an urgent look on his face, and he wanted to speak to Doug and Darren alone.

"I wanted to thank you guys for having Chuck talk to my parents." said Rondell. "We had a talk with him and the county prosecutor off the record, and he assured us that if we wanted to pursue this, he would make it as easy on my brother as possible. I think he convinced my parents that my uncle should be dealt with, because they've never given it this much consideration before. The prosecutor did talk to me alone though, and it kinda scared me at first. He said if anything did come out of me beating my uncle up, he would make sure that I was given immunity. That helped a lot."

"I'm glad we could help you and your brother Rondell." said Darren. "We really hate to see things happen like what your uncle did."

"If you or your brother need anything at all, just call Chuck or us." said Doug. "You can call us anytime Rondell, and we'll always be available to help you."

"Thanks guys." replied Rondell. "Everyone has been so nice about this. Chuck was nice, the prosecutor was nice, even the principal called me in to talk to me, and he was nice! You two have been the best though. I was so wrong to act the way I did to you guys at first, and if anyone wants to start anything with you, they have to go through me first!"

"I'm glad to have you feel that way, considering that you're the best player on my offensive line." said Doug as he smiled.

"Don't worry about that at all Doug." replied Rondell. "I'll make sure no one gets close to you all season."

Practice was going very well that Monday. The team looked like it was coming together well, and the boys were listening to Doug and Darren both. A few of them still grumbled about it, but they did listen. Then a man showed up on the field that none of the boys knew. It was the father of one of the three boys who had been cut before practice started. Doug noticed the man, and approached him slowly while the rest of the team watched. The man's intention was clear to him. He was going to cause Doug to do something that would have him removed from the team, so his son could play.

"Can I help you sir?" asked Doug, as he removed his helmet.

"Are you the fag boy who kicked my son off the team?" asked the man menacingly.

Doug sized the man up, and wasn't intimidated by him at all. "I'm the coach of this team, so if he was cut, I'm the one who did it." replied Doug. "Who is your son?"

"He was one of the kids you kicked off in front of everyone, before practice even started!" said the man, not backing off. "You didn't even see him play, and your sissy ass wants to tell him he's not good enough to be on the team!"

"Your son's ability isn't at question here sir." replied Doug. "It's his attitude that got him kicked off the team. This school has policies regarding behavior, and your son has no regard for those policies. If he wants to change his bad behavior, I'd be glad to give him a fair chance."

"That's just what I would expect some queer ass faggot to say!" said the man bitterly. "The world has no use for faggot pussies like you!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way sir." said Doug. "Your son doesn't stand a chance of ever playing on this team if he learns his behavior from you."

The man's plan wasn't working. Doug remained as calm as ever, and this began to anger the man.

"Someone should teach faggots like you a lesson in front of all of these boys, so they'll know better in the future!" shouted the man. That got the attention of quite a few of the boys, including Rondell. The man continued shouting, "You think because you're a kid, that's gonna save your queer ass! If you want to take on an adult job and adult responsibility, then you want me to think of you as an adult as far as I'm concerned! As an adult, you should feel the consequences of trying to expose these kids to your faggot way of life!"

"Sir, my life is no one's business but mine and my boyfriend's." replied Doug, still remaining calm even though he wanted to take the man apart. "I intend to keep it that way, and I certainly wouldn't try to force it onto anyone else."

"You sick little pervert!" yelled the man. "I'll teach you a lesson!"

The man then drew back, and Doug was sure he would have to defend himself. The man was suddenly tackled from his blind side by Rondell though, as Darren was calling 911 on his cell phone. Rondell took the man down with a hard tackle, and made sure to grind him into the ground a little bit. As Rondell sat on top of the man, he grabbed him by the shoulders and looked him square in the eyes.

"That's my quarterback, and it's my job to take anyone out before they get to him!" shouted Rondell. "If your pussy ass wants a piece of him, you have to go through me first motherfucker! How bad are you now, you useless piece of shit?!"

The entire team was cheering Rondell on by this time, and Rondell played it up by slamming the man back to the ground a few times. When the police arrived, they had the man cuffed and in their car in less than ten minutes. Once the excitement was over, Rondell strutted up to Doug. He took Doug in a firm hug, and gave him a few hard pats on the back.

"I got your back, my friend!" said Rondell, as he released Doug.

"And I think I've got my team captain!" replied Doug, as he looked into Rondell's face appreciatively.

I hate to say this, but out of the newest characters, I like Rondell the best. That Tim guy is a close second though. lol. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 16.