No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

"That's my quarterback, and it's my job to take anyone out before they get to him!" shouted Rondell. "If your pussy ass wants a piece of him, you have to go through me first motherfucker! How bad are you now, you useless piece of shit?!"

The entire team was cheering Rondell on by this time, and Rondell played it up by slamming the man back to the ground a few times. When the police arrived, they had the man cuffed and in their car in less than ten minutes. Once the excitement was over, Rondell strutted up to Doug. He took Doug in a firm hug, and gave him a few hard pats on the back.

"I got your back, my friend!" said Rondell, as he released Doug.

"And I think I've got my team captain!" replied Doug, as he looked into Rondell's face appreciatively.

The rest of practice that week wasn't nearly as exciting, but the team was now beginning to really try to work together. Doug knew it was Rondell's attitude that was bringing the team together, which was why he made Rondell the team captain. He felt Rondell was someone that the rest of the team should look up to. The principal did stop by to talk to Doug, Darren, and Rondell about the incident the following day, and told them that the man had filed a complaint, and the police would probably stop by too. Doug made sure he was with Rondell for that, so they would know that Rondell was protecting him from a violent situation. The principal also made sure that the man who almost attacked Doug would not be allowed on school grounds anymore.

Friday came quickly that week. The following week would be the first week of school, and the team would have their first game in less than one week. Doug and Darren normally would have went back to Sterling Heights on Friday, but since the season was getting ready to start, they wanted to have a party for the team. Rondell thought he would be the first one to the party, but was disappointed when Darryl and Sky beat him there. Most of the team showed up for the party, and quite a few brought young ladies to accompany them. Rondell wanted to introduce the young lady he was with to Doug and Darren.

"Hey guys, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Shanice." said Rondell. "I met her last year, when the team wasn't doing so well. We've been together almost a year now. Shanice, this is Doug and Darren, our team coaches."

"Hi Shanice, it's nice to meet you." replied Doug.

"Same here Shanice." said Darren. "Hopefully we can help things out by helping the team do better this year."

"It's nice to meet you guys too." said Shanice. "Rondell has been saying so many good things about both of you lately. I wanted to thank both of you for helping him with his brother, and for making him the team captain. That racist Dunbar would have never even considered that, even though my baby is the best player in the state."

"Well, we recognize talent when we see it, and we're proud to have Rondell as our team captain." replied Doug.

"Yeah, Rondell said you two were pretty cool." laughed Shanice. "I just can't believe you two are like, boyfriends, and my baby is okay with that."

"Well, it was a little rough at first." snickered Darren. "I almost peed my pants when I got him alone, and he asked what I'd do if he decided to kick my ass!"

"Ooh, I would've whooped Rondell good if he'd done that!" laughed Shanice.

"You have a good girlfriend there, Rondell." laughed Doug. "You might want to make sure you don't let her get away!"

"I'll try to remember that, coach." smiled Rondell.

The party went great from that point on, and most of the team grew even closer. Doug and Darren knew that they could handle the team now, but school would be starting the next week. They were both a little nervous about that.

The next morning, Doug and Darren got ready to go to their parent's house as soon as they woke up. They wanted to spend as much time with their family as they could this weekend, plus they wanted to see how their friend was doing working with their dad.

"Hi mom, hi dad!" called out Doug and Darren together, as they entered their house.

Mary gave both boys a hug, followed by Fred. Then Darren asked, "What's new around here this week?"

"Tim came up with a new ride for the Enchanted Village." replied Fred. "When he heard about your flying pig ride, and that you wanted to have fun with the place, he had a brainstorm of an idea. Unfortunately though, he asked me not to tell you what it is. He wants to surprise you."

"You know that it's really going to bug us now, wanting to know what it is, right?" asked Doug.

"I know, that's why I agreed!" laughed Fred.

"So, you think he'll work out okay?" asked Darren.

"Hell, I'm glad we got him!" replied Fred. "He also wants to put in a mini kiddy frisbee ride, and a kiddy shuttle coaster based on the Barnstormer. We're going to have the best kiddy rides area in the world by the time we open!"

"Cool!" exclaimed Doug. "We'll have to make sure we see him before we go back tomorrow evening."

Doug and Darren went by their park that afternoon, to see how things were going, then stopped by to visit Tim on the way home. Tim had some news from Chuck when they got there.

"Chuck did a little digging around this week, and he thinks what happened might be related to the fact that I'm gay." said Tim. "He's really pissed off about it right now. He said that if he finds out for sure, he'll be sure to let you guys know."

"Those assholes!" replied Darren. "I hope they get what they deserve!"

"They might already be getting that!" laughed Tim. "I just heard from some people I know there that the price of gas is really killing them. There was one day last week when they had less than two hundred people in the park, and their attendance hasn't been too much better since."

"Well, we have plenty of funds to ride out the gas crisis." said Doug. "I hope it hurts them bad though!"

All three of them laughed about that thought. Doug and Darren ended up spending a couple of hours with Tim. Even though he looked like he was doing okay now, they could still tell that he was feeling a little bit lonely. Doug and Darren would try to keep him company as much as they could though, until he could once again have someone special in his life. The weekend seemed to pass very quickly, probably because the boys would be in school on Monday.

"Well, here we are again, at least for the first half of the semester." said Darren, as he and Doug walked into the school on Monday.

"At least the principal arranged it so we would have the same schedule." said Doug. "That means we have homeroom together, and we can get a locker together."

When Doug and Darren walked into their homeroom together, it didn't seem as though anyone even noticed. While final copies of the class schedules were handed out, and lockers were being assigned, Darren thought he heard someone toward the back of the class snickering though. Darren quickly peeked behind himself and Doug. The only one who stood out was one of the team's few returning starters, Billy Hutchins. "Oh no, don't let it be him!" thought Darren to himself.

At lunch, Darren got him and Doug off by themselves, then asked, "Do you remember back on our island when I was telling you about realizing I was gay in the eighth grade?"

"I'll never forget that one!" snickered Doug. "Finding out you had the hots for our tight end? That should stick with me for a while!"

"Well, I'm sure I heard snickering from the back of the homeroom today, and Billy was sitting back there." said Darren.

"That could have been anything though Dare." replied Doug. "If no one said anything to you, I'd try not to worry unless we have a reason."

"I guess you're right Doug." said Darren. "Maybe my nerves are getting the better of me."

As soon as Doug and Darren had finished lunch, they went to their locker. When they got there, they found someone had written in marker, "Coach Faggot and Ass. Coach Fudgepacker."

Darren turned to Doug and asked, "Is that enough reason to worry Doug?"

"Let's not assume it was Billy until we have a reason to suspect him." said Doug. "I know there aren't any gay people at the top of his invitation list, but I don't think Billy would turn on me like that. If he felt like that, why wasn't he in Marcus's group last spring?"

"I guess it would've made sense if he had been, huh?" replied Darren. "I guess I better go get the principal to have the janitor clean this off. I better not find out it was someone on the team though."

"You'd make 'em pay for that, wouldn't you my little tiger?" laughed Doug.

"Hey guys what's,..." started Rondell, as he came up to Doug and Darren. "What the fuck is that!!!"

"I guess that's someone's way of welcoming us to a new school year." replied Darren.

"I'll give them a welcome they won't forget if I catch 'em!" said Rondell heatedly.

"Well, whoever it was better be afraid now, if they have any sense!" smiled Doug. "Thanks Rondell, we appreciate that you feel that way."

The locker was cleaned off by the end of the day, and the principal told Darren he was going to think about cameras for certain areas of the school. Finally, the first day of school was over, and it was time for practice. Sky had a really hot foot going into the last week of practice, which Darren made sure to notice.

"Hi Sky, you're looking pretty good this week." said Darren. "Are you ready for our first game on Thursday?"

"I can't wait!" replied Sky excitedly.

"There was something else that I've meant to ask you since the first day of practice." said Darren. "Back in the spring, Cory told us your name was Adam. Why is that?"

"My full name is Adam Skyler Smith." replied Sky. "The initials spell A-S-S, so I dropped the Adam. I like Skyler much better. I think Cory just does that because he knows it irritates me."

Then Sky and Darren both laughed, and Darren replied, "Don't worry Sky, I won't make an ass out of you!"

"No biggie." chuckled Sky. "Cory does it all the time. Besides Darren, you're so cute that you can call me anything you want!"

"Hold on there sport, I'm spoken for!" laughed Darren. "Don't let Doug catch you flirting with me."

"I'm just kidding with you Darren." replied Sky, as he smiled. "Not that you're not cute though. You really are. I'm in a phase right now where I like older men though."

"Damn, you little horndog!" snickered Darren. "How old are we talking about?"

"Guys in their thirties or forties." replied Sky, a little more seriously. "Please don't tell Cory though, he would freak!"

"Don't worry Sky, your secret is safe with me." said Darren. "Just be careful though buddy. You never know what you might get when you flirt with someone that much older. Hey! I know someone you might like to meet! He's my dad's assistant manager."

"How old is he?" asked Sky.

"Mid forties, and he's really nice." replied Darren. "If you can get him interested in someone your age, he'd probably be really good to you."

"Could you introduce us sometime?" asked Sky.

Darren looked down and saw Sky's cup bulging out a little more than normal, then laughed, "Sure buddy, I'd love to! Do you want to go home with Doug and I this weekend?"

"That would be cool!" exclaimed Sky. "Let me ask my parents if I can spend the weekend with you and Doug!"

Sky had his answer for Darren by the time the game rolled around on Thursday. Sky's parents wanted Darren's parents number, but he could spend the weekend with Darren. Then it was time for the game. Doug was petrified that he would be rusty in a real game, and that he and Darren would screw things up somehow. To Doug's surprise, the game was tied with one minute left, when his team recovered a fumble on the other team's thirty yard line. Darren didn't even have to look at Doug for this, as he had Sky start warming up for a field goal attempt. Central High ran one more play, and picked up five more yards, but the clock was down to twenty seconds when Darren signaled to call for time out. Darren confidently had Sky go out to attempt the field goal. The play started, and Skyler kicked a beautiful kick between the uprights to take the lead. The fans were now cheering loudly for Darren and Doug's team, which made Darren very happy. The other team couldn't do anything with the few seconds they had left, and Central High had won their first game of the season.

Rondell had followed everyone else into the locker room, and exclaimed loudly, "You guys are the best coaches we've EVER had! Yeah!!!"

"Take it easy Rondell." said Billy. "You sound like you're going to ask them on a date!"

Rondell slammed his fist into the locker next to Billy, putting a good dent in it, and said, "That's the only date I have planned! You understand?! You can either be excited for this team, or do us a favor and get off it!" All Billy could do was look at Rondell in shock.

By the time Friday came to an end, the first day incident was the only thing that had happened that week. Cory was surprised to see his brother come home with Doug and Darren, because he knew they would be getting ready to leave for Sterling Heights. Then Sky explained that he had gotten permission to spend the weekend with Darren. Sky followed the two boys to their room, as Doug and Darren started getting ready to leave. Doug came up to Darren, and wrapped him in a hug as Sky watched. Then Doug gave Darren a deep and passionate kiss.

"Cool!" exclaimed Sky. "I've always wanted to see my football coach kiss his assistant coach!"

That caused Doug and Darren both to laugh, so they went ahead and got ready to leave. The drive to Sterling Heights was kind of nervous for Doug and Darren. They had never been too public about what they were doing as far as their park. They didn't want the people at their school to know about that just yet. Skyler would be the first to know, but Darren was sure that he could keep it quiet. As they drove past the stadium on the way there, Sky glanced out his window.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Skyler. "What are they doing at the dome?! It looks like someone is building a kick ass amusement park around it!"

"We have something to tell you Skyler, but you have to swear not to say anything to anyone at school, okay?" asked Darren. "The place my dad is the manager at is there. Doug and I are building the park with the money that we're making from our island in the South Pacific."

"Sweet!" replied Skyler. "Don't worry guys, your secret is safe with me. What are you calling it?"

"We haven't completely decided yet, but Doug and I are both leaning toward calling it Thunderdome Amusement Park." replied Darren. "We have to decide soon though, so dad can get busy on a web site for us. Once the football season is over, we don't care who knows about it, but for right now we'd like to keep it our secret."

"It'll be fun sitting on one this big!" snickered Sky.

"If you want, we can show you around tomorrow." said Doug. "Some of the rides are starting to go up now."

Once they got home, Doug and Darren introduced Sky to their family, then everyone enjoyed a nice supper. After supper, Doug and Darren wanted to check with Tim, to see how he was doing. Sky seemed eager to go along and meet him.

"Hey guys, how was school this week?" asked Tim, as he greeted the three boys at his door.

"Well, we got an unwelcome reception on the first day, but nothing has happened since." replied Doug. "Our team won it's opening game yesterday."

"We won it with a field goal from our friend here, Skyler." added Darren.

"Hi Skyler, it's nice to meet you." said Tim, as he offered the boy his hand.

"Same here Tim." replied Sky, as he shook hands. "Doug and Darren said you were pretty cool, so I've been looking forward to meeting you."

"Well, thank you Skyler, that's really nice." said Tim.

"You can call me Sky if you want to." replied Sky. "That's what all my friends call me."

"Thanks Sky." said Tim, as he gave the boy a brief and light hug. "Can I get you boys anything to drink?"

"Doug and I will have a Pepsi." replied Darren. "What do you want Sky?"

"That sounds fine with me too." replied Sky.

Tim went to the kitchen to get everyone a soft drink, then came back to the living room. Doug and Darren had spread out on the sofa, leaving the only place to sit being on the loveseat, next to Sky. Tim handed Doug and Darren their drinks, then smiled as he sat down next to Sky.

"We heard from Chuck this week too." said Darren. "He was really pissed, saying he was going to teach those homophobic bastards you worked for a lesson."

"Yeah, apparently he isn't very happy with some of the things he's found out." chuckled Tim.

"You were fired from someplace for being gay?" asked Sky.

"I don't know for sure, but it seems to be a possibility." replied Tim. "Don't worry though, you're safe around me."

"Who said I was worried?" asked Sky, with a mischievous smile. "I think it sucks that someone would do that though. You seem like a nice guy."

"Thanks Sky." replied Tim, as he smiled at the boy.

Sky spent the next few hours trying to make Tim interested in him. Sky really liked him a lot, and wanted to at least be friends, if not more. Tim was flattered by the attention from the boy that Doug and Darren brought with them, but he didn't want to lead Sky someplace where he didn't think they should go. Finally, Doug and Darren had to be getting home. They both got up and gave Tim a hug, then it was Sky's turn.

"It was nice to meet you Tim." said Sky softly, as he hugged Tim. "I like you a lot, and I think I might be attracted to you. I've been trying to make you just as interested in me all evening."

"I appreciate that thought Sky, but don't you think I might be a bit old for you?" asked Tim, as he looked at Sky. "I'd hate to see you do anything you might feel bad about later, just out of curiosity."

"I'm not attracted to people my age though." replied Sky. "Your age is not a problem as far as I'm concerned. I think you're a really nice guy."

Then Sky held onto Tim tightly as he pressed his lips against Tim's. He could feel Tim resisting, until his tongue came into contact with Tim's lips. Tim stopped resisting Sky, and caressed Sky's tongue lightly with his own.

Sky pulled back after a nice kiss and giggled, "Who's curious now? I really want to see you again Tim, and I hope we can at least be good friends. Can you at least agree to that?"

"We'll start as friends Sky, and see what happens." replied Tim as he smiled. "I can't guarantee anything though. As young as you are, there is only one reason that anything should happen, and you'll have to be the one to figure out what that is."

"I can handle that, my friend." smiled Sky. "Thanks Tim, you really are a nice guy, and I'm glad we're at least friends now. Just to warn you though, I may be spending the weekends with Doug and Darren a lot more often now!"

Tim kissed Sky on the forehead and said, "You're welcome here anytime Sky."

When the boys got home and began getting ready for bed, Doug and Darren offered Sky the guest room. Sky wanted to be with them though, which was not too much of a problem as Doug and Darren had a fold down bunk on one wall of their room for such occasions.

"I have to warn you about something Sky." said Darren. "You may see your coach and assistant coach doing more than just kissing if you stay in here tonight."

"What's this may crap?" laughed Doug. "He'll just have to get use to it!"

The boys all laughed as Darren pulled the bunk down, and prepared Sky's bed. Sky pulled off all of his clothes, then laid down on his bunk as he watched Doug and Darren get ready for bed. As Doug and Darren removed the last of each other's clothes, Darren glanced at Sky and snickered.

"Are you sure about not being interested in guys closer to your own age Sky?" asked Darren, as he giggled and pointed at Sky's growing erection.

"I'm sure." replied Sky, as he noticed his predicament. "This is just a side effect of watching two guys who are about to make love."

Sky watched intently as Doug and Darren laid down and took each other into a warm embrace. The two boys kissed more passionately than Sky had ever seen two people kiss. Sky's erection was surely not going to go away by this time. As Sky continued to watch, Doug and Darren caressed and kissed each other lovingly. Then Darren slowly turned around on top of Doug, and the two boys took each other's cocks into their mouths. As Darren and Doug made love to each other, Sky took his cock into his hand and continued to watch. Doug and Darren both noticed Sky stroking himself erotically, and put as much passion into their love-making as they could. When Sky saw Doug and Darren cumming into each other's hungry mouths, he began to shoot his load all over his stomach and chest.

Once Doug and Darren had finished cumming, they laid back and smiled as they watched Sky clean himself. Sky carefully licked the cum from his hand, then wiped his cock clean and licked his hand clean again. Sky scooped up as much cum from his stomach and chest as he could, and once again licked his hand clean. Once Sky had cleaned himself as thoroughly as he could, he smiled at Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren smiled back after watching their friend enjoy the taste of his own cum, and all three boys finally fell asleep smiling.

That was fun, wasn't it? How will things go at school though, now that someone has welcomed Doug and Darren back? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 17.