No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

Once Doug and Darren had finished cumming, they laid back and smiled as they watched Sky clean himself. Sky carefully licked the cum from his hand, then wiped his cock clean and licked his hand clean again. Sky scooped up as much cum from his stomach and chest as he could, and once again licked his hand clean. Once Sky had cleaned himself as thoroughly as he could, he smiled at Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren smiled back after watching their friend enjoy the taste of his own cum, and all three boys finally fell asleep smiling.

Sky was excited about seeing an amusement park being built as he awoke the next morning. To Doug and Darren it was just a construction site for now, but they were happy to see Sky excited. Sky hurried them through breakfast, then they headed out toward the park. Doug drove up to the guard shack and rolled down his window.

"Good morning Doug and Darren." said the guard. "How's it going today?"

"We won our first game this week, and it's a beautiful morning!" replied Doug with a smile. "Is anyone else here yet?"

"Just Tim so far." replied the guard. "Your dad and Simon should be in later though. Don't forget to wear your hard hats when you're not in the office."

"Okay, we won't forget." chuckled Doug. "Have a great day out here."

"Thank you sir." replied the guard. "You boys have a good time."

"We'll have a better time once some of this stuff starts running." laughed Doug.

Doug drove on around to the offices on the south end of the dome, then had Sky hand him his hard hat. Doug told Darren and Sky to wait there as he went in to get a hat for Sky. He came back out a few moments later with a nice new hat for Sky to wear. Once Sky had it adjusted properly, the boys headed toward the stadium.

"We'll show you around in a minute Sky." said Doug. "I want to see how Tim is doing first."

"Cool!" exclaimed Sky. "Me too!"

Doug and Darren laughed as they led Sky to the office entrance. Sky thought it was a shame that the stadium would never be used for football again, but he couldn't wait to see what it would be used for next. Once they got inside, the boys removed their hard hats and headed toward Tim's office. Doug knocked on the door, and Tim answered from inside, telling them to come on in.

"So, what are you doing here so early, Tim?" asked Doug.

"I just wanted to read the trade papers to see what's going on in the amusement park world." replied Tim.

"Hi Tim." said Sky, who then walked up to Tim and put his arms around him.

Sky then pressed his lips against Tim's, and gave the man a very passionate kiss. Tim didn't fight back nearly as much this time, and within a few minutes he was returning Sky's kiss with equal passion. The young boy felt so good in Tim's arms, as their tongues touched each other. Tim could feel himself falling in love with the boy who had already fallen in love with him, but he had to make sure that Sky wanted this for the right reason. That didn't stop him from kissing the boy with as much love as he could though.

When Sky finally broke the kiss, he said, "That's much better Tim. I hope you know that I still love you, and I want us to make love someday. If you keep kissing me like that though, I can wait a little while. You're a hell of a great kisser Tim."

"Thank you Sky." replied Tim. "It was a pleasure to kiss a boy as sweet and tender as you are Sky. I don't see any reason why we can't at least do that for now."

"Great!" exclaimed Sky. "I'm already starting to wear you down! You'll be my lover before you know it!"

Tim laughed, then gave Sky another brief kiss. This time Tim held Sky close to him when they kissed, and gently rubbed Sky's back.

"Mmmm." purred Sky. "That feels nice Tim. I wish we could make love now."

Tim smiled at Sky and said, "We'll both know it if that time comes."

"Damn!" exclaimed Darren, as he read one of the trade papers on Tim's desk. "That must have sucked!"

Tim turned with one arm still around Sky, and replied, "What is that Darren?"

"Here, the story at the bottom of the page." said Darren, as he handed the paper to Tim.

At first, Tim smiled. Then Darren looked at him kinda strange as he actually chuckled. Darren didn't see what was so amusing about the story he read, which led him to believe Tim was reading the wrong story.

"Are you reading the right story Tim?" asked Darren. "The one about the guy that died?"

"I'm so sorry Darren, I know that was so wrong of me." said Tim. "I hope God can forgive me for that, but I couldn't help it. You have to understand something. The park I worked at was the one this program was being run at. They bring in foreign workers to supposedly fill in spots that they can't fill. The only problem is, they pay the foreign workers a dollar an hour less than they do their American workers, so when they bring in more foreign workers that they expect, who do you think gets the ax?"

"You gotta be shitting me man!" replied Darren. "How can they get away with paying them less?"

"I don't know, but they do." replied Tim. "Anyway, this past season they brought in hundreds more foreign workers than they expected, so Americans were getting fired for phony reasons left and right this year. There was over one hundred fired the week before I got it. I'm sorry, but I just can't feel too bad that the asshole that came up with that program died from a bee sting. It may have played a part in why they fired me."

"I guess I can't blame you under the circumstances." said Darren. "Just don't laugh about it though Tim, you're much better than that. Now, if they went broke and had to sell the place, I'd join you in laughing my ass off over that!"

"Thanks for understanding Darren, and believing in me." said Tim. "That really means a lot to me."

"No problem Tim, you deserve it." replied Darren, just before giving Tim a kiss on the cheek. "Are you ready to go see what we're building Sky?"

"Can Tim come along?" asked Sky sweetly.

"I'd be happy to!" chuckled Tim.

As everyone went outside first, to check on the progress there, Sky held onto Tim's hand tightly. Sky wasn't going to give Tim's hand back to him either, until they were ready to leave later. The group came up to where they were in the process of building the giant steel coaster first.

"This is going to be our big summer coaster." said Doug. "Those towers are the support towers for the lift hill."

"Damn!" exclaimed Sky. "They're pretty tall already! How high are they going to go?"

"The first hill will be five hundred and twenty feet, with a drop of five hundred at a ninety degree angle. It's also going to have the world's largest vertical loop."

"Holy fucking shit!" replied Sky loudly. "Are people going to survive it?!"

"We certainly hope so!" laughed Darren. "It would be kinda bad for business if they didn't!"

"We're going to have a bunch of smaller rides over here across from it." said Doug. "If anyone is too intimidated by The Sky Diver, they'll have something else close by that they can do. If we walk on back, we have some more pretty cool stuff we're building too. Tim is trying to talk us into leaving enough space to build an exact replica of The Crystal Beach Cyclone. He found a really cool simulation of it online, and I have to admit that it looks pretty damn wicked."

"Yeah, they tore down the Cyclone fifteen years before I was born, and I'd give anything to be able to bring it back and ride it." said Tim. "I have it on my computer here if you want to see it when we get back Sky."

"That would be really cool Tim." replied Sky. "Is it any wonder why I love you?"

The group walked all the way back to where they where building the big wooden coaster, before turning around to head back. Sky couldn't wait to ride some of the rides Doug and Darren were having built, especially the coasters and the world's tallest gyro-drop. When they got back inside, the group went out to look at the floor of the stadium first.

"Wow!" exclaimed Sky, who then went speechless while still holding onto Tim's hand.

"Yeah, it's getting to be a madhouse in here most days now." laughed Doug.

"Is that an indoor Swiss inverted coaster?" asked Sky.

"Yep, it's the only one of those built indoors anywhere in the world!" boasted Darren proudly.

"Is it going to do a fly by of the restaurant on the other end of the stadium?" asked Sky.

"Yeah, that should give everyone quite a thrill!" replied Doug. "We also have two more coasters on the floor, plus two air launched tower rides."

"How can you even fit two more coasters on the floor?" asked Sky.

"One is a shuttle coaster, so it don't take up much room." replied Doug. "The other one is what they call a vertical tower coaster, and it takes up even less room. If we put the queues just inside the lower bowl, we may even have enough room for a couple more smaller rides. Darren came up with a really sweet idea to run most of the queue for the inverted coaster through the tunnel and in an open area we found under the lower bowl too. The only queue that will be on the floor for it will be a single line from the tunnel to the station. Then we'll have a crossover path under the station, so guests and employees can get from one side of the floor to the other without going all the way up to the concourse. Over on the right side will be our kiddy area, and on the left will be larger rides. We even have a water ride going in on the upper bowl."

"We still have to figure out something to do with the upper bowl on the right side though, over the kiddy area." said Tim. "With the angle that it's tilted at, it kind of rules a lot of stuff out."

"I saw this one ride at a carnival one time called the Bayern Curve." said Sky. "It just went around in a circle, but very fast, and the whole platform was tilted like the upper bowl here. As the cars went faster, they would drop down so that they were banked. You could get someone to build something like that, but much larger and faster."

"That's an outstanding idea Sky!" said Tim. "I'll get right on it Monday. I'm sure I can come up with something. The German companies we deal with love to build custom rides. If they can come up with a few more like that, we could put in a go cart track too and be all set!"

"I don't know about putting go carts way up there." said Darren. "What if someone's cart goes off the track? It would be an awfully long way down!"

"We'd cover the track with an acrylic shield to keep the carts on the track." replied Tim. "It could work like that, and the view would be awesome!"

With that figured out, the group headed on back to the office. Sky was still holding Tim's hand, which made Tim smile at the boy often. Sky even held his hand as Tim started the simulation program on his computer, and showed the boy the coaster he was talking about. Tim was almost disappointed when Doug and Darren said that it was time to go.

Tim looked at the boy warmly and said, "You have a very sweet and soft hand Sky. It was a pleasure to hold it for so long."

"I'll give your hand back now if I can get a really nice kiss Tim." giggled Sky.

Tim leaned down and placed his lips against Sky's soft young lips, and Sky wrapped his arms tightly around Tim. When Tim felt Sky's tongue brush against his lips, he parted his lips to let Sky's tongue into his mouth. Sky purred softly as Tim sucked gently on his tongue. Tim finally realized that the kiss was getting a little too hot for now, so he slowly brought both of them back down, then gently broke the kiss.

"I love you Tim, and I'm not going to stop until you're my lover." said Sky breathlessly.

"I hope you do keep after me until that happens Sky." replied Tim as he smiled. "You're an extremely beautiful and loving boy."

Darren let Doug and Sky leave, as he stayed behind for a few seconds. Once he and Tim was alone, Darren said, "I can tell right now that Sky loves you very much Tim."

"I know, and I want to thank you and Doug for bringing him along." replied Tim. "I hope you understand that I have to be very careful with him though. He's very young, and I wouldn't want this to end up hurting either of us. He has to figure out why he wants this, and it has to be for the right reason. Otherwise it could cause some serious problems. I do love him though, and I hope he wants this for the right reason. Please bring him back with you as much as you can."

"Don't worry Tim, we will." giggled Darren.

Then Darren gave Tim a quick kiss on the cheek, and took off to catch up to Doug and Sky. It was such a beautiful day that the boys decided to stop by a fast food place, then eat their lunch at a local park. As they sat and ate their lunch and talked, they noticed a couple of very young shirtless boys playing together. The boys seemed to not think anyone could see them from where they were at. Doug, Darren, and Sky could see them though, and could just hear them. One of the boys then quickly leaned toward the other, and gave his friend a quick kiss on the lips.

"What did you do that for?" asked the boy who had been kissed.

"Cause your my best friend, and I wanted to see what that would feel like." replied the other boy.

"It felt kinda nice." giggled the first boy. "I liked it."

"Me too." giggled the other boy.

The boy who started it then leaned in closer so their chests were touching, and kissed his best friend again. This time he left their lips together longer, and both boys kissed eagerly.

"Wow!" exclaimed the first boy. "Julie tried to kiss me yesterday during recess, but it didn't feel anywhere near as nice as that!"

"Maybe that's because Julie isn't your best friend like I am." replied the other boy. "You wanna go back to my place and kiss some more?"

"Sure!" replied the first boy excitedly.

The two young boys then retrieved their shirts, and headed in the direction of Doug, Darren, and Sky. They soon realized that they had been seen kissing each other.

"W-w-we weren't doing anything guys!" stammered the boy who started the kissing.

"Yeah,... honest, we weren't!" said the other frightened boy.

"Relax guys." said Darren. "We thought what you just did looked very nice. You guys like being best friends, don't you?"

"Yeah, we've been best friends ever since we started school last year!" said the first boy. "By the way, I'm Tommy and my friend is Billy."

"Hi Tommy and Billy." replied Darren. "I'm Darren. This is my boyfriend Doug, and the other guy is our best friend Sky."

"Did you say boyfriend?" asked Tommy, as both boys were now paying much closer attention.

"Yeah, that's kinda like best friend, but much better." laughed Doug.

"So you guys are what, six?" asked Darren.

"Yeah, we're both six now." replied Billy.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with what you guys did." said Darren. "Isn't that right Doug?"

"Yeah, and I can even prove it." smiled Doug.

Doug leaned over, and pulled Darren to him. Tommy and Billy smiled as they watched Doug and Darren share a brief but passionate kiss.

When Doug and Darren parted, Tommy exclaimed, "That was so cool!"

"Yeah, it was." giggled Darren. "If you guys go home to kiss some more though, don't let your mommy or daddy catch you. They might not understand just yet."

"Okay, we won't." replied Tommy.

"I'll tel you something else that might be kinda fun too, if you like kissing." said Darren.

Darren got up and began whispering to Tommy so no one else could hear, and Tommy began giggling like crazy. He was also paying attention to every word Darren was whispering to him. Darren finally smiled, and sat back down.

"That does sound like fun Darren!" said Tommy. "I think I'll try that! Thanks a lot for being cool about this you guys. It was fun meeting you."

"It was fun meeting you too." replied Darren. "Now go have some fun together."

"Okay, bye!" giggled Tommy.

Tommy then grabbed Billy's hand, and the two boys ran off laughing. Doug took one look at Darren, and began laughing too.

"What?!" asked Darren with a smile.

"I'd be willing to bet anything that you just told that six year old boy to see if his friend will let him play with his dick, didn't you?" laughed Doug.

"You gotta be kidding!" exclaimed Sky. "Did you do that Darren?!"

"I didn't do anything wrong!" laughed Darren. "I just told him to see if he could touch and feel it. They're on their own as far as figuring out anything else goes."

The three boys laughed together as they finished their lunch, then headed home. That evening, Sky began pestering Doug and Darren about spending the night at Tim's place. Darren told Sky that Tim felt it was too soon for them to be doing anything, but Sky insisted. Darren finally called Tim to see if Sky could stay there for the night. He and Doug were perfectly happy where they were though. Tim told Darren that he would be over to pick Sky up, and that he would have a very serious talk with the boy tonight. Needless to say, Sky was thrilled when Darren told him that Tim just wanted him to stay overnight at his place. Tim showed up about fifteen minutes later, and Sky was ready to go.

Sky excitedly followed Tim out to the car, and chatted a mile a minute about nothing on the short drive to Tim's apartment. Then the boy eagerly followed Tim to his door. Tim turned on the light, and once Sky was in the apartment, he locked the door behind them.

"Do you want a soft drink Sky?" asked Tim.

"Sure, that would be great Tim!" replied Sky.

Tim chuckled as he got himself and Sky a soft drink, then returned to the living room. Tim noticed that Sky had sat in a chair, as he sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to him.

"Come on over here Sky." said Tim. "You're not afraid of me now are you?"

"No way Tim!" replied Sky. "You know that I love you. It's just that it's the first time for us to be alone, and I didn't want to seem like I was rushing things."

As Sky got up to go sit next to Tim, Tim said, "Yeah, you've made it pretty clear that you love me."

Sky sat next to Tim, and Tim had him scoot over until they were in contact with each other. They both took a drink, then Sky let out a very cute soft belch. Tim smiled at that as he looked at the boy, then drew Sky's face closer to his. Tim pressed his lips against Sky's, and gave the boy a very gentle kiss.

"To be totally honest with you Sky, I think I love you too." said Tim, as he looked deeply into Sky's eyes.

"Thank you Tim, I needed to hear that." replied Sky softly.

"You're a very sweet and very beautiful boy Sky, and any man would be lucky to have you fall in love with them." said Tim. "Now, why is it so important for you to have sex with me?"

"Because I love you Tim." replied Sky.

"Considering our circumstances though Sky, there has to be more than that." said Tim. "I love a lot of things and people, but I don't want to have sex with them."

"Do you mean that you don't want to have sex with me?" asked Sky fearfully.

"I didn't say that Sky." said Tim. "When we do that though, it will have to be more than just having sex. It will have to be making love, and it will have to be for feelings that are much deeper than just love. Do you understand that Sky?"

"Not completely." replied Sky. "I guess that's why it's still too soon, huh?"

"Well, it's a combination of that and your age." replied Tim. "If you were eighteen and were coming on to me the same way, we probably would have had sex by now. It would have just been having sex though, because it's way too soon to be calling it making love. When we do it, and I said when, not if, it will have to be making love. You are so young right now that just having sex with you would be a major felony, no matter how much we both want to do it. That's why I can't just have sex with you Sky. It has to be making love. Do you understand now?"

"Yeah, I think so." replied Sky. "I love you and you love me..."

"Please don't start singing Barney songs Sky." chuckled Tim. "That won't help this age difference thing at all."

As soon as Sky had stopped laughing, he said, "I was going to say that we both love each other, and that's great right now. We shouldn't make love though until we both know exactly how much we love each other, right?"

"Okay, now you're sweet, beautiful, and smart." smiled Tim. "I can't wait until we both know that the time is right to make love Sky. There's absolutely no reason why we can't show affection in the meantime though."

Tim leaned in and kissed Sky again, but with even more passion than before. Tim felt Sky's tongue against his lips again, and this time he sucked the boy's tongue into his mouth. Tim and Sky leaned back against the back of the couch, and shared a highly passionate kiss for the next five minutes. Once they broke the kiss, they picked up their drinks again, and Sky leaned into Tim's side. Tim smiled as he put his free arm around Sky's soft shoulders.

"I'm going to enjoy waiting for you to become my lover Sky." said Tim softly.

Tim and Sky drank their drinks, watched TV, and enjoyed the warmth of each other's bodies until it was time for bed. "Okay Sky, here's the deal." said Tim, as he stood up to get ready for bed. "I only have one bed, so you either have to sleep with me with no funny stuff going on, or you'll have to take the sofa. If you sleep with me, you'll need to know that I always sleep naked."

"I'll be okay with you Tim, I promise." replied Sky with a smile.

"Okay then Sky, let's go to bed." said Tim.

Sky followed Tim to the bedroom, then they both got completely undressed. Tim pulled the covers back and laid down on the bed. Once Sky had joined him on the bed, Tim covered them over and reached over to turn out the light. Tim and Sky were both laying on their sides, so Sky snuggled back tightly into Tim. Then Sky took Tim's arm and wrapped it around him. Sky smiled as he felt Tim's cock resting gently against his butt.

"Good night Tim, I love you." said Sky.

"Good night Sky, I love you too." replied Tim. They were soon both sleeping blissfully. Sky's dreams that night were the best he had ever had.

"Good morning love, time to get up." said Tim, who then gently kissed the back of Sky's neck.

"I'd love to kiss now, but I gotta pee!" replied Sky. Sky threw the covers back to reveal his cock sticking straight out, and as hard as a rock.

"Ah, a piss hard on, I remember those!" chuckled Tim. "The bathroom is straight across the hall from the bedroom."

Sky got up and quickly made his way to the bathroom. When he came back, his cock had gone back down to a resting position. When Sky sat on the side of the bed, Tim joined him there.

"I'm going to be getting a really fine young body to make love to when we become lovers, aren't I?" asked Tim, as he gently ran his hand over Sky's naked body.

"Are you trying to turn me on Tim?" giggled Sky. "I'm already turned on by that hairy chest of yours! It will be so great to make love to you, then nuzzle my face into your chest."

"Now who's trying to turn who on?" laughed Tim. "I do love you Sky."

"And I love you too Tim." replied Sky. "Now, what's for breakfast? I'm starving!"

"I don't know." laughed Tim. "I thought I would take my sweet little boyfriend out somewhere nice for breakfast."

Sky kissed Tim warmly on the lips and said, "I love it when you call me your boyfriend. Is it okay for me to call you my boyfriend too?"

"I don't see why not." replied Tim. "We are boyfriends, aren't we?"

"You bet we are!" replied Sky, as the biggest smile possible crossed his face.

Tim and Sky then got dressed, and headed out for breakfast. After that, Tim took Sky back to Doug and Darren's house. Tim stopped before pulling in, and gave Sky a very deep and sensuous kiss.

"I'll see you again the next time you come out with Doug and Darren, my love." said Tim.

"That should be every weekend from now on!" laughed Sky sweetly. "I love you more than anyone in the world Tim."

"I love you more than I can say, Sky." replied Tim.

On the way back to Lansing that afternoon, the boys talked about their weekend. Doug and Darren was glad that Sky had joined them, and Sky was pretty happy about it too. Most of Sky's talk was about Tim.

"Tim is so romantic that it's hard to believe he's single right now." said Sky. "I've never met anyone that makes me feel so good and loved just by being with them. We may only be boyfriends right now, but I can't wait for him to become my lover."

"Did he talk to you about that?" asked Darren.

"Yeah, and I understand that it's too soon for us to be lovers yet." replied Sky. "I'll gladly wait for him as long as it takes though."

"I'm glad you met him then Sky." said Doug. "When are you going to be ready to go back there with us?"

"Is right now too soon?" laughed Sky. Doug and Darren joined Sky's laugh, and the three boys joked around and laughed all the way back to Lansing.

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