No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

On the way back to Lansing that afternoon, the boys talked about their weekend. Doug and Darren was glad that Sky had joined them, and Sky was pretty happy about it too. Most of Sky's talk was about Tim.

"Tim is so romantic that it's hard to believe he's single right now." said Sky. "I've never met anyone that makes me feel so good and loved just by being with them. We may only be boyfriends right now, but I can't wait for him to become my lover."

"Did he talk to you about that?" asked Darren.

"Yeah, and I understand that it's too soon for us to be lovers yet." replied Sky. "I'll gladly wait for him as long as it takes though."

"I'm glad you met him then Sky." said Doug. "When are you going to be ready to go back there with us?"

"Is right now too soon?" laughed Sky. Doug and Darren joined Sky's laugh, and the three boys joked around and laughed all the way back to Lansing.

Almost as soon as the boys got home, Tim was calling them.

"Doug, you guys turn on the news quickly!" exclaimed Tim.

"What channel?" asked Doug.

"It's on all the channels!" replied Tim. "Just turn on the six o'clock news!"

Doug, Darren, and Sky ran to the TV and turned it on to their local station.

"A serious accident marred a day of fun today at a major amusement park." said the anchorman. "I have to warn viewers that we have not had a chance to review the following video, but we are told that it could be too graphic for some viewers. The video was shot from a camera that was unknown to park officials during a media event."

Doug and Darren immediately recognized the ride they were watching, as a train shot up the track at the far end of the ride. The train failed to clear the top of the hill, and began speeding backward toward the station. Doug and Darren watched in shock as employees tried frantically to move trains backward from the launch area and station.

"Holy fuck!" screamed Darren. "It looks like their brakes aren't working!"

The train did not slow down at all as it careened backward toward the next train to be launched. Doug and Darren both flinched, and Sky grabbed Darren tightly as the two fully loaded trains collided at a very high rate of speed. None of the boys had the stomach to look at their TV screen any longer.

"We apologize for the graphic nature of that video." said the anchorman. "It was received by us live as were were going on air, and will be edited for further broadcast. Among the twenty four people reported killed in the collision were several high ranking officials of the park where the accident happened. Their CEO and park manager were in the front row of the train that was waiting to start the ride, and were suppose to be participating in a promotional video that was being made today. Preliminary reports indicate that the safety brake and control systems failed, resulting in the collision. Employees could be seen trying to reverse the ride just before the collision. The park was closed for the day immediately following the accident, and the ride involved in the accident has been closed indefinitely, pending an investigation into the accident."

Doug turned off the TV, and all three boys sat there in shock. Doug finally said numbly, "We have to make sure nothing like that ever happens in our park!"

"I couldn't believe they showed that man's head flying into the crowd of people watching!" Sky croaked. "I'm going to have nightmares tonight after seeing that."

"Don't worry Sky, you can sleep nice and safe between us tonight." said Darren, as he gave Sky a light hug. "What do you think happened Doug?"

"They had to have tampered with the ride control system." said Doug. "If those brakes hadn't been ready to deploy, the ride should have shut down before it started. Besides, we've been on that ride, and it has a safety brake at it's highest point. That should have stopped it too, until they could clear the ride. There was something there that definitely wasn't right. We will never allow that to happen at our park."

Tim called the boys back to talk about what happened. He immediately agreed with Doug when Doug told him what he thought might have happened.

"I would say there could possibly be a criminal investigation there, but the people most likely to be held responsible were probably killed in the accident." said Tim. "There are ways that we can keep that from happening to us though guys, and I hope you see that."

"Yeah, I think that's pretty obvious right now." replied Darren. "I'm glad we have you Tim. You've been on the inside of several parks, and you know what we should avoid."

"Well, so far we're doing that." said Tim. "As long as we drill stuff like this into our staff, I think we can avoid having these things happen. That's the biggest problem I have with safety training in some parks. Their people just don't realize what can happen if something is allowed to go wrong. Everyone involved in operating and maintaining these things should be shown what can happen."

"Yeah, I would think that would help." replied Doug. "I know that I'll never forget seeing that!"

"It's not just that either." said Tim. "Some parks are so concerned about tracking and increasing ride counts, that it sometimes leads to shortcuts that should never be considered. It's insane to put people's lives at risk for higher counts."

"We want you to be in charge of developing and implementing our safety program Tim." said Darren. "We want you to do whatever you think is the proper and safe way to train our staff and run our rides. You can show everyone how it should be done."

"I'll look forward to that opportunity." replied Tim. "There's been changes that's been needed in this industry for quite a while, and I'll make sure everyone knows how to do things right!"

Tim and the boys discussed their plans for quite a while that evening. Later on, Doug and Darren took Sky to bed with them, to try to calm their upset friend.

By the time the boys went to school the next morning, they were not as upset by what they had seen. It was a big topic of discussion at school though, which was understandable as most of the kids at school had been there before. Doug and Darren did get their business at school back to business as usual though. Doug and Darren took control of Monday's practice, and made sure of that. After their first game and first win, the team was eager to concentrate on nothing but football. After Monday's practice, Rondell hung around in the locker room until everyone but Doug and Darren had left.

"I wanted to tell you two something today." said Rondell, as he approached Doug and Darren. "My uncle was arrested yesterday, and he's being held without bond. The police say that he'll never do what he did again if they can help it. I don't even know how to thank you guys for what you've done for me and my brother. You two are the best friends I've ever had, and I'd walk through fire for both of you!"

Rondell gave a smiling Doug a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Then he did the same for Darren.

"I love both of you guys like brothers now, but I've never respected anyone as much as I do you Darren." said Rondell, trying not to get emotional. "You came onto a football team without having ever played before, knowing that some people wouldn't take to it very well. You did it anyway though, because you made a promise. Then you took on someone like me, knowing that I didn't want to have much to do with you at first. You wouldn't back down though, until you showed me that you wanted nothing more than to be my friend. Then you went a lot further than anyone else ever would have, to help me and my family. I hope you know how special you are Darren, and I hope Doug knows how lucky he is to have you as his boyfriend. If anyone even looks like they want to give you shit Darren, they'll have to deal with me first, and they won't want to deal with me when I'm protecting such a good friend as you. Just ask that asshole that tried to take Doug on." Then Rondell laughed loudly as he gave Darren another hug.

"We want you to go to our parents house with us this weekend Rondell." said Darren. "You are a good friend, and we want to share a few things with you. I think you'll really like seeing who we are away from here."

"I'll ask my folks, but I'm sure they'll say it's okay." replied Rondell as he smiled. "So, how bad are we gonna beat our opponent this week?"

"With you, Doug, and Sky in there, we'll tear them a new one!" smiled Darren.

"That reminds me, I also like how you think!" laughed Rondell.

The next day, Doug and Darren's locker vandal struck again. The new video cameras that the principal put in that hallway still weren't properly aimed though. As Doug, Darren, Rondell, and the principal looked at the incident, they could not clearly identify the perpetrator. Rondell thought he might know who it was though, but he didn't tell anyone his suspicions. After practice that day, Rondell slowed down his suspect enough to make sure that the boy would be the last one out of the locker room. Little did Rondell know that Darren had to see one of his teachers about something, so Doug was taking care of a few things in the coach's office with his door mostly closed.

"Hey there Billy." said Rondell, as he approached his suspect.

"What's up Rondell?" asked Billy, unaware that anything was going on.

"Not too much." replied Rondell, as he came up close to where Billy was sitting to tie his shoes. "I'm just trying to figure out why someone who's good enough and smart enough to know what's good for the team is trying to drive away two coaches who are good enough to take this team all the way."

"What the hell are you babbling about this time Rondell?" asked Billy.

"I was just admiring your brilliant artwork on their locker earlier." replied Rondell.

"You're crazy Rondell." said Billy. "Why don't you ask if I would even do such a thing before you accuse me?"

Billy started to get up, and Rondell shoved him back down as he replied, "Maybe I'm just not in a mood to hear you lie Hutchins!"

"Oh really Rondell?!" replied Billy. "Let's just see how bright you are then! Did you know that Darren had a crush on me back in the eighth grade? He didn't think I knew about it, but I did. If I hated either of them, why didn't I do something back then? Why didn't I do something last year, when all my other friends got kicked out of school and put in jail? Do you think it might have had something to do with the fact that I thought my friends were being assholes?" Then Billy lowered his head and asked, "Did you stop to think that I might have wanted Darren to tell me that he had a crush on me back in the eighth grade?"

"That kind of bullshit is so typical of you Billy!" replied Rondell. "Do you expect me to believe any of that for one minute?"

"Do I have to prove how fucked up I am to you Rondell?" asked Billy, looking a little upset. "Do you want to hear about the boys I've been with since then, that I could never let anyone know about? Do you want to hear about how I was afraid of those assholes I called friends, until they got busted last year? Do you want to hear how relieved I actually was, because they wouldn't find out my secret now?"

"You must really be afraid of me, to try to make me think you're gay so I won't kick your ass!" said Rondell.

"You're an attractive guy Rondell." replied Billy. "Would it prove it to you if I sucked your cock right here? Would you like to know how many times I've drooled over the sight of it anyway?"

Rondell smiled as he now thought he had Billy trapped. Rondell quickly dropped his pants and boxers, and moved in to stick his cock right in Billy's face. "Okay Romeo, go ahead and make me feel good!" dared Rondell.

Billy stared at Rondell's big ebony cock for a few seconds, then began to wrap his lips around it. Rondell was shocked as Billy stroked his cock to an erection with his soft lips. Then Billy relaxed his throat and took Rondell's huge and hard cock completely into his mouth. Rondell could not believe that their tight end could take his entire cock into his mouth and throat. Not even his girlfriend could do that! Billy was lost in another world, as he made love to the cock that he had drooled over since seeing Rondell for the first time in the ninth grade. This was a chance of a lifetime for Billy, and he wanted to make Rondell's cock feel as good as he could.

Doug's eyes were as wide as saucers, as he watched the two boys from the crack in his door. He couldn't believe how much Rondell now seemed to enjoy having his cock down Billy's throat. Billy wanted to do a good enough job that Rondell would become his boyfriend, but he knew that that would never be.

Rondell rubbed the top of Billy's head softly and moaned, "Damn Billy, I never knew! God, it feels so great!"

Doug watched in shock as Rondell maneuvered Billy down to the floor, without breaking the contact between Billy's lips and his now throbbing cock. Then both boys laid on the floor in opposite directions. When Billy felt Rondell unfasten his pants, his heart began to beat faster, and he continued making love to Rondell's cock.

"I've never done anything like this before Billy, but something about you makes me want to." said Rondell softly.

Rondell then took another boy's cock into his mouth for the very first time. Billy's cock felt and tasted so exciting that Rondell began sucking it eagerly. Within seconds, both boys were moaning deliriously around each other's hard cocks. Rondell was soon holding back his orgasm, waiting for Billy to catch up to him. Doug absently stroked his raging hard cock as he watched the two jocks in the heat of young passion. Billy knew that Rondell was holding his orgasm back so both of them could cum, and that quickly took Billy to the brink. As soon as both boys began yelling out as they released their orgasms into each other's mouths, Doug's weight finally made the door give way. Doug tumbled out onto the floor right next to Billy and Rondell, as the boys filled each other's mouths with cum. Their orgasms ended quickly after that, and Rondell sat up in terror.

"Doug, please don't ever tell anyone about this!" pleaded Rondell hysterically. "I don't even know why I did it man! I love my girlfriend very much. Please Doug, please don't tell anyone!"

Doug could tell that Rondell was hysterical, and Billy was hurt that Rondell had changed so quickly. "I know you love your girlfriend Rondell, but you have very strong feelings toward Billy too, don't you?" asked Doug.

"I never knew it, but I guess I do now." cried Rondell.

"Even though you love your girlfriend, you'd still like to make love to Billy every once in a while, wouldn't you?" asked Doug. "From what I can see from Billy, he'd love that."

"Yes, I would." sobbed Rondell.

That made Billy smile, as Doug said, "There's no reason to cry Rondell. Love is a very beautiful thing. Trust me, you two looked very nice together. I shouldn't have watched the whole thing, but I couldn't stop myself. What you and Billy do is between you and Billy, and it's only up to you as to whether anyone else ever knows. I won't even tell Darren if you don't want me to, but I know he would be very happy for both of you. There's nothing wrong with showing Billy how much you love him too, and I hope you won't hesitate to do it again sometime."

"I love you Rondell, but I'm not going to push you for anything." said Billy. "The only thing I want is for us to make each other feel good every once in a while. I loved making love to your cock Rondell, and I'd like to do it again whenever you want me to."

"It was kinda exciting sucking another guy's cock for the first time." replied Rondell, as he finally stopped crying. "I can still taste Billy's cum, and it's making me hard again."

Doug and Billy looked down at Rondell's cock, and sure enough, it was getting huge and hard again. Billy reached down and stroked it softly.

"I loved making love to your huge, beautiful, black cock Rondell." said Billy. "I can't wait to have it down my throat again. You're the sexiest black guy I've ever known Rondell."

"Can we go to your place when we leave Billy?" asked Rondell with a smile. "I know I didn't get to give you a full load of cum, and I'd really like another taste of yours."

"You guys are so sweet together." smiled Doug. "I'm glad you got together, cause I know how much fun you two are going to have tonight."

"Okay Doug." laughed Rondell. "Remember though, please don't tell anyone else about this. I'm probably going to want to make love to Billy at least two or three times a week now, and I can't afford to have anyone find out."

Billy leaned in and kissed Rondell on his very full lips, then said, "Now, since Rondell thought the guy that marked your locker looked like me Doug, I might have two or three ideas who it could be. Does anyone want to trap a homophobic asshole?"

"That might be fun." said Doug as he smiled.

"Hell yeah!" exclaimed Rondell. "Let's get the bastard!"

Billy gave Doug and Rondell his list of possible suspects, then outlined a plan to catch whichever one it was. Doug and Rondell both liked the plan, so it was agreed. Then Billy and Rondell got dressed, and Billy took Rondell to his house to make love to him all evening.

Doug smiled as he went back to the classrooms to meet up with Darren. Darren wanted to know what the smile was about, but Doug had made a promise to Rondell. Darren was shocked by the intensity of Doug's love-making that night, as Doug made Darren cum harder than he had in a while. Doug smiled as he knew that Rondell and Billy had done the same thing to each other that evening.

The boys would have to wait for the vandal to strike again before they could set their trap, which had not happened by game time that week. This week's opponents put the Central High Warriors to the test this week, and the game was close all the way through. Central High had scored three touchdowns, and had three field goals off Sky's magical foot, but with two minutes left in the game, the team from Grand Rapids took a three point lead. Doug tried as hard as he could to get one more touchdown, but with only a few seconds left, he had not been able to do so. Doug then used their last time out, and went over to talk to Darren and Sky. Rondell and Billy followed Doug over, and heard Doug and Darren talking about going for the tie with a field goal. Sky was lobbying very hard to let him attempt a pass.

"Doug, the team wants to win this, not tie it." said Rondell. "And Sky, I know you can throw the football, but these guys have made it tough on Doug. The second they see you're not going to kick, they will do everything they can to break up your pass."

"Do you have any ideas then Rondell?" asked Darren.

"Man, do I have an idea!" laughed Rondell. "Put me and Billy in right next to each other, on the left side. Then Sky will take the snap, and fake a pass attempt. As soon as he does that, the other team will defend a pass from him. Sky, you are going to run the ball up the left side, and Billy and I will block for you. They will never see it coming, and Billy and I will never let them get close to you Sky. Please trust us on this."

"Can you do that Sky?" asked Darren. "You're going to have to run as fast as you possibly can."

"I can do it!" smiled Sky.

Sky went back out with Rondell and Billy, and Doug stood next to Darren with his helmet off. Central High lined up for what Grand Rapids suspected might be a fake field goal attempt. They were confident in blocking any pass by the kicker though. Once the fake had been made, Sky tucked the ball in and took off up the left side as fast as he could. Billy and Rondell blocked perfectly for him, and Sky was sure he could do it. As Sky got to the one yard line, the other team finally caught him and tackled him. Sky flew through the air, but didn't land until his body had crossed the goal line. As the play was being called a touchdown for Central, the clock ran out to zero. Rondell hurried over to make sure Sky was okay, and helped him to his feet with the ball still cemented in Sky's grip.

"You did it man!" screamed Rondell happily. "Holy shit, you did it!"

Sky tossed the ball to the official, and jumped into Rondell's arms. The the two boys then bumped helmets. By that time the entire team had come over to join the celebration, and the crowd was going wild. Almost every young face in the locker room was happy with that evening's game. Rondell and Billy took notes on those who weren't.

Billy wanted to spend the weekend with Rondell, but Rondell had already promised to join Doug, Darren, and Sky that weekend. The four boys were ready to go to Sterling Heights as soon as they were done showering after the Friday evening game.

As they passed by the stadium near Doug and Darren's house, Rondell looked out the window and said, "Man, that is so cool that someone is building an awesome park there. I hear it's got three big coasters inside, as well as the two monsters that are going up outside! I just hope they never have the same problem that that other park had last weekend."

"We kinda hope that too!" smiled Darren, as Sky giggled.

"So, what's this big secret you guys say you've been keeping from everyone?" asked Rondell. "I assume that Sky already knows, since he's with us."

"Yeah, so far Sky is the only one at school who knows." replied Darren. "In the morning, you will too. It's very important to us Rondell that you don't tell anyone until after football season is over."

"I can do that." smiled Rondell. "I know all about secrets!"

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