No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

As they passed by the stadium near Doug and Darren's house, Rondell looked out the window and said, "Man, that is so cool that someone is building an awesome park there. I hear it's got three big coasters inside, as well as the two monsters that are going up outside! I just hope they never have the same problem that that other park had last weekend."

"We kinda hope that too!" smiled Darren, as Sky giggled.

"So, what's this big secret that you guys say you've been keeping from everyone?" asked Rondell. "I assume that Sky already knows, since he's with us."

"Yeah, so far Sky is the only one at school who knows." replied Darren. "In the morning, you will too. It's very important to us Rondell that you don't tell anyone until after football season is over."

"I can do that." smiled Rondell. "I know all about secrets!"

As soon as they arrived at Doug and Darren's house, Doug introduced Rondell to everyone while Sky called Tim to come and get him.

"Okay Rondell, first we have mine and Darren's parents, Fred and Mary." said Doug. "Mom is due to have a baby in late January or early February. Then we have our younger brother Donnie, and his boyfriend Chris. Finally, we have our younger brother Wakki, and his boyfriend Benjamin. We adopted Wakki from Hawaii."

Rondell shook everyone's hand, then turned to Fred and asked, "So Mister Chambers, are all of your sons gay?"

"So far, yes." replied Fred. "We don't know about this little guy yet though." Fred patted Mary's abdomen as he said that. "I hope that won't be a problem while you're visiting though."

"Heck no!" replied Rondell. "Doug and Darren are the two coolest people I know, and I have another really good friend at school who's gay."

"Yes, Sky is a nice kid." replied Fred.

"You mean Sky is gay too?" asked Rondell. "I was talking about my friend Billy, our tight end!"

"Billy Hutchins is gay?!" exclaimed Darren.

"Oops, please don't tell him I said that Darren." pleaded Rondell. "Billy is really cool too, and I don't want him to hate me for telling anyone that."

"Okay Rondell, I won't say anything." replied Darren. "It's just kind of a shock though. Doug's the only one who knows this, but I had a big crush on Billy in the eighth grade. I guess I don't have to tell you not to tell Billy that."

"I'll keep it to myself." chuckled Rondell. "Now what's this about Sky being gay?"

"Yeah Rondell, I am gay." said Sky, as he entered the room. "I was trying to keep it kinda quiet, but it seems like we may end up having the gayest football team in the history of our school. My boyfriend is on his way over, if you want to meet him."

"It's kinda cool actually." said Rondell as he smiled. "I wonder how many other guys on the team are gay?"

"There's at least one more that we know of, but it wouldn't be right to say who." replied Darren. "That would be up to him to decide."

"Yes, I shouldn't have said anything about Sky, but that's who I thought you were talking about Rondell." said Fred.

"It's okay Mister C." said Sky. "I'm glad Rondell knows now. I'm starting to kinda want everyone to know, and it would be nice to have Rondell as a friend to back me up."

"That's no problem Sky." smiled Rondell. "If anyone gives you any crap over being gay, just let me know!" Then Rondell gave Sky a quick hug.

"You're one of the coolest people I know Rondell!" replied Sky, as he returned Rondell's smile.

Then Rondell saw Wakki and Benjamin kissing, and said, "You two little guys look so sweet together. Don't ever let anyone tell you there's anything wrong with being in love with each other, just because you're both guys."

"Well, I guess it's about time to order some supper from Mancino's." said Fred.

"Tim said he would pick up something on the way." said Sky. "He said that he likes Mancino's too, but he also likes something different every once in a while. I told him how many we have here."

A few minutes later, Tim showed up at the door. Sky greeted Tim with a very nice kiss as Rondell watched. As the other boys took the chicken and sides Tim had stopped to get, Rondell asked, "You do know that Sky is fourteen, right Tim?"

"Yes, and I am forty five." replied Tim. "I know I'm plenty old enough to be his father, but Sky is a very sweet and charming young man. He professes to be deeply in love with me. I intend on making him take plenty of time to think about that before we ever do anything serious though."

"So, you haven't had sex with him?" asked Rondell.

"No." replied Tim. "I want him to be sure that it's what he really wants, and he wants it for the right reasons. When that happens, I will make love to him as sweetly and gently as I can."

"I guess that's cool then." said Rondell. "It's just that my uncle got ahold of my younger brother, and forced him to do stuff with him. It really hurt my brother, and messed up his head."

"Well, I would never dream of hurting Sky." replied Tim. "I love him, and I want to make sure that it's right for both of us before we do anything."

"So, little Sky is like attracted to middle aged men?" asked Rondell as he grinned.

"I think you should be talking to Sky about that!" smiled Tim.

Rondell did see Sky kiss Tim a few more times before they left to go back to Tim's place. When Sky did kiss Tim, it seemed as though he really was deeply in love with the much older man. Rondell and the other boys spent the evening getting to know each other, with Rondell trying to pry Doug and Darren's secret out of them. They were determined that Rondell would have to wait until morning. When Rondell gave up, the conversation turned to what had happened the previous weekend.

"So, I wonder who's head that was that went flying into the crowd of people that were watching?" asked Rondell.

"We were glad we didn't see the video of that until it had been edited." said Donnie. "We were all together when we heard that, and it would have been awful to see it happen."

"That was their CEO." said Doug. "Darren and I still can't get that image out of our heads."

"They also lost their park manager, operations manager, a few board members, and several managers and supervisors from their ride operations staff." said Darren. "I heard that they didn't open for this weekend, but they might for next weekend."

"I can't imagine that they will have many more customers this year though." said Rondell. "I know I was thinking about going until last weekend. I doubt I will now though."

"I guess there will be quite a few people who feel that way." said Doug.

"You guys seem to know an awful lot about this." said Rondell. "Why is that?"

Doug and Darren immediately started trying to change the subject, and eventually the conversation became much lighter. Rondell chuckled when Donnie and Chris began kissing.

"You'll have to excuse them Rondell." snickered Doug. "I think they may be the two horniest little boys in the world. If they thought they could get away with it, they'd make love right in front of you. You two horndogs better control yourselves until you get to your room tonight!"

Everyone laughed at that, as Rondell secretly wished that he could watch all six boys make love at the same time. He still didn't want anyone but Doug to know about that side of him though, so he kept that thought to himself. As bedtime approached, Doug and Darren sent the other boys off to their rooms, then showed Rondell to the guest room. When Doug and Darren got back to their room, they slowly began to make passionate love to each other. As that was happening, Rondell heard a knock at his door.

"Hey Donnie, what do you want?" asked Rondell cheerfully.

"I saw something earlier when Doug was talking about Chris and me, and I wanted to check it out." said Donnie, as he stepped into the room and closed the door. Then he turned to Rondell, and a little more softly said, "When Doug said that Chris and I would make love in front of you if we could get away with it, I thought I saw a look in your eyes that said you wouldn't mind that. Would you like to come to our room and watch us?"

Rondell's heart beat just a little faster as he asked, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, Chris and I love to show other people how much we love each other." replied Donnie. "It could be our secret Rondell. We won't say anything to Doug and Darren about it. I can tell you want to see other guys make love. We even talked Wakki and Benjamin into showing others how much they love each other too. They would be just as honored as we would be if you would watch us make love."

Rondell swallowed really hard, then nervously followed Donnie to his room. Donnie set a nice chair next to the bed for Rondell, then Donnie, Chris, Wakki, and Benjamin began to undress. Rondell's breathing became harder as he stared at the four naked younger boys. Then Donnie knelt between Chris's legs and began lubing his dick, as Wakki and Benjamin laid down next to them in a sixty nine position. Rondell then got out of the chair, and sat on the bed next to the two pairs of boys. Rondell reached over and fondled Wakki's dick gently for a few seconds, before Benjamin took it into his smiling mouth. Rondell had never seen a boy take another boy's dick into his mouth with such joy and pleasure.

"If you liked that Rondell, you'll love this!" smiled Donnie.

Rondell leaned forward so he could watch Donnie's dick slide into Chris. Chris smiled brightly as he felt Donnie's dick enter him. Rondell leaned back, and smiled as he watched the four boys make love. Then Rondell opened his pants, and took his cock out into his hand.

"You're even larger that Doug!" exclaimed Donnie softly.

"I take it you like my big dark cock, huh?" smiled Rondell.

"It's beautiful!" said Donnie, as he thrust in and out of Chris.

When Chris turned his head toward Rondell, Rondell's ten inch erection was almost right in his face. "Donnie's right!" gasped Chris. "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!"

As Rondell began to stroke his cock with one hand, he reached down and fondled Chris's dick with his other hand.

"It looks cool to see you play with my boyfriend's dick." gasped Donnie, as he slowly reached out toward Rondell.

Donnie wrapped his hand around Rondell's cock, then began to stroke it vigorously. Now that Rondell had a hand free, he took Chris's dick into the hand that had been stroking his own cock. Then he reached the other hand over and began to softly caress Benjamin's butt. Benjamin moaned his appreciation as he stroked Wakki's dick with his lips. Rondell marveled in the sight of the younger boys making love, and the feeling of Donnie's hand around his cock.

"My dick feels so nice in your hand Rondell." moaned Chris, who then reached up to take Rondell's cock from Donnie. Donnie and Chris took turns stroking Rondell's cock, as Donnie thrust in and out of Chris, and Rondell stroked Chris's dick as he massaged Benjamin's soft cheeks. After about five more minutes, everyone in the room was breathing heavily. Donnie, Wakki, and Benjamin all began cumming at the same time. Rondell's heart beat rapidly as he watched three of the boys in the midst of their orgasms.

Once all three boys had finished cumming, Rondell gasped, "I want some too!"

Rondell bent down and took Chris's dick between his lips, and Donnie said, "Let him have your cum babe."

Chris's dick immediately began cumming in Rondell's mouth, as Rondell swallowed hungrily. Once Chris's orgasm was over, he began stroking Rondell's cock again. Then Donnie leaned down and placed his lips over the head of Rondell's cock. Rondell immediately began cumming in Donnie's mouth, as the other three boys watched. Donnie let the first mouthful of Rondell's cum build up, then swallowed it eagerly. Rondell was able to fill Donnie's mouth again completely before his orgasm stopped, then Donnie leaned over and placed his lips against Chris's. Chris eagerly swallowed Rondell's second load of cum. Then everyone laid back on the bed to relax, with Rondell between the two sets of lovers.

When it was time for Rondell to go back to his room, Donnie said, "Thanks Rondell, what you did was really nice. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did."

"Doug was right about you guys." laughed Rondell lightly. "You are the horniest little guys in the world. Don't ever change one bit! Oh yeah, please keep this between us, okay?"

"No one will ever know." smiled Donnie.

After breakfast was over the next morning, it was time for Doug and Darren to let Rondell in on their secret. Doug, Darren, and Rondell went out to the car, and Doug took off toward the stadium. Rondell couldn't figure out what they were doing when Doug pulled up to the guard booth outside the stadium.

"Good morning Doug and Darren." said the guard cheerfully. "Tim is already here this morning. He said he will wait for you guys over by the offices."

"Thanks Hank." replied Doug. "You have a beautiful day."

As Doug drove on in toward the offices, Rondell asked, "What the heck is going on here guys?! That guard just treated you two like you own the place or something!"

"We're almost there Rondell." replied Darren. "Could you put that extra hard hat back there on for us? It's kind of a law."

Doug stopped the Pathfinder next to Tim and Sky, then he and Darren put on their hard hats as they got out. They were followed by an extremely bewildered Rondell.

"Okay Rondell, do you know about the rumor that Darren and I found a few gems when we were stranded on that island in the Pacific?" asked Doug.

"Yeah, I've heard it." replied Rondell in a confused tone.

"It was actually more than just a few gems." said Darren. "We brought about one hundred million worth of them back with us, and now a mining company is mining our island for the rest of them. They're digging up rubies, sapphires, and diamonds now. Now that they've started mining, we're getting in the neighborhood of ten million a month from our island."

"That's a damn nice neighborhood." said Rondell numbly.

"With that much money coming in, we needed a place to invest it." said Doug. "Rondell, welcome to mine and Darren's park. We hired our dad as our general manager, and Tim here is our assistant general manager."

"I have to say, your friends are building a damn nice park here Rondell." smiled Tim.

"You guys ain't shittin' me, are you?" asked Rondell, as everything began to sink in.

"You're our friend Rondell." replied Doug. "We could never kid you about something like this."

"If everyone knew about this, we'd have to leave school and get our diplomas through a private tutor." said Darren. "My Doug loves football though, and wanted to play one more season. After this season is over though, we probably will have to leave school for good."

"Why?" asked Rondell. "Rich kids have gone to school before."

"Yeah, but they normally go to private schools, and they don't own their own island and amusement park." replied Doug. "I know that guys like you and Sky would be totally cool about it, but how do you think some of the kids at school would be about it? Besides, this will give us a chance to be around our park more."

"I'll really miss you guys when the season is over." said Rondell.

"What's that about?" asked Darren. "We're friends now. Even after the season ends, you're welcome at our house anytime. We'll get back to Lansing and see you as much as we can too. There's no reason for any of us to miss each other."

"I guess you're right Darren." smiled Rondell. "I can't believe it though. My two best friends are not only obscenely rich, but they own what is going to be the best park in the world! This is so cool!"

"You wanna see our park now Rondell?" asked Doug as he smiled.

Doug, Darren, Tim, and Sky showed Rondell all over the park, inside the dome and outside. Rondell was really impressed by how much work was going on at one time. By the time the tour was over, Rondell knew his friends would indeed have the best park in the world. He liked the Skyride that was planned over the highway, to hook up with the parking garage that was being built there. The rides that were being built inside to run year round were awesome, and the summer rides outside were even more incredible. The five hundred foot coaster brought back memories of the previous weekend, but Doug and Darren said that it was a conventional coaster, and once it started, there was no going backwards. That put Rondell at ease, until Doug told him about the three hundred and fifty foot loop. Rondell's reaction to that made Tim and Sky giggle.

After the tour was finished, and Tim and Sky had left together, Doug and Darren took Rondell out for some fun. It was decided during the evening that instead of Rondell going to the park where the accident had occurred, which he didn't want to do now anyway, the three of them would find a fourth person and go to a park in Pittsburgh. This would mean an overnight stay after visiting the park, but none of the boys had been there before. It was a good chance for Doug and Darren to check out another one of their competitors.

Tim brought Sky back to Doug and Darren's house early the next day, and the two shared a very long and warm good-bye kiss. Then Doug and Darren was talking about the next weekend's plans with Sky.

"That is such a coincidence!" said Sky. "Tim had gone there once over the summer, and he wanted to take me there next weekend too. It's the start of their Halloween celebration. Who are you going to ask to go with you Rondell?"

"I guess I should ask Shanice first." replied Rondell unenthusiastically, while Doug gave him a knowing look.

As the boys were driving back to Lansing that day, Rondell asked Darren, "Do you remember Friday night when you said there was at least one more person on the team that you knew was gay? I don't suppose there's any way you could tell me who it is, is there?"

"I know you would be cool about it Rondell," replied Darren, "but it's really up to Darryl,... oh shit!"

"Darryl, our center?!" exclaimed Rondell. "What do you mean that Darryl's gay? He's one of the last people on the team that I would think was gay!"

"Darryl doesn't want too many people to know Rondell." replied Darren. "Just forget I said that, please?"

"I guess, but I'd like to know him better." said Rondell. "The only gay person I ever knew before I met you guys was my uncle. Ever since I met you though, every gay person I've met has shown me how fucked up my uncle really is. I'd like Darryl to know that I'd like to be his friend too."

By this time Doug had started laughing as he drove down the freeway. "What's so funny babe?" asked Darren.

"I was thinking that we need to have a coming out party, so we can find out how much of the team is gay!" laughed Doug. That one made everyone in the car laugh, and the rest of the drive was much more light-hearted.

The next day at school, Doug came up on Shanice and Rondell as he was heading to the locker room to prepare for practice.

"Pittsburgh?!" exclaimed Shanice. "Rondell baby, I thought we were going to go to another park this weekend."

"You mean the one where the accident happened?" asked Rondell. "No one even knows if they'll be open again. Even if they are, I don't want to see anyone's head get cut off!"

"But why Pittsburgh baby?" asked Shanice. "It's so far away, and it probably ain't even that good anyway."

"It's the oldest park in the country Shanice." replied Rondell. "It has to be good if it's been around that long! Besides, Pittsburgh is only four hours further than the park you wanted to go to. We can go early Saturday, stay in Pittsburgh Saturday night, and come home on Sunday."

"I don't want to be cramped up in no car that long baby." said Shanice.

"We're going with Doug and Darren in their Pathfinder." replied Rondell. "It's not cramped at all! It'll really be fun baby."

"You might be going with Doug and Darren, but I ain't going to no Pittsburgh!" said Shanice, who then turned and walked off.

Doug then went on around the corner to find a very sad Rondell. Doug gave him a brief hug and said, "It'll be okay Rondell, this is a minor thing. When you go with us, then come back, she'll see that you had a great time, and that she was wrong."

"How am I going to have a great time if Shanice won't go?" asked Rondell.

"Do you know how fast Billy would jump at the chance to go to Pittsburgh with you?" asked Doug. "He'd realize that he gets to spend the night alone with you in a hotel in Pittsburgh, and he'd be creaming his pants five minutes after you asked him!" When Rondell started laughing, Doug said, "That's much better! I'll bet you two have so much fun you won't want to come home!"

A few minutes after Doug got to the coach's office, Darren caught up to him. "I got our assignments from last period babe." said Darren. "Is it my imagination, or are they really not making it too difficult on us?"

"Let's just put it this way angel, you and Sky are probably the first two people on this team who have been know more for their brains than their muscle!" snickered Doug. "Of course with Sky, he's probably more known for his leg than anything. That just leaves you, my intelligent lover."

"Don't sell yourself short babe." replied Darren as he smiled. "You had the brains to be my boyfriend!"

"That was a no-brainer." replied Doug, before leaning in to give Darren a kiss.

The players began arriving shortly after that. As Billy sat on the bench adjusting his cup inside his jock, Rondell came up.

"Hey Billy, I'm going to Pittsburgh this weekend with a couple of friends." said Rondell. "Shanice can't make it, and I was wondering if you wanted to go? We'll have to stay overnight in Pittsburgh on Saturday night, then come home on Sunday."

"Do you mean I'm your second choice?" asked Billy quietly.

Rondell leaned in close and whispered, "Never!" Then he backed away and said, "Come on Billy, don't be that way. I HAD to ask Shanice first. Now that she said she can't, I'd like to hang out with my best friend. What do ya say?"

"I'd really like to go Rondell!" smiled Billy. "It sounds like fun! Say, we're not going to Kennywood, are we? I hear it's a great park, and I always wanted to go there!"

"That's exactly where we're going." replied Rondell. "I hear it's really fun!"

Now that that was settled, all Rondell had to do was keep anyone except Billy and Doug from finding out how he felt about Billy. After practice, Billy had a talk with Doug.

"I think I've come up with a way to trap our locker vandal." said Billy. "The guy seems to know where the camera is, which is why he never turns toward it. I have two good ideas who it could be, and I have them both on video tape doing something that could be mistaken for writing on a locker if we superimpose my film over the school's surveillance film. All we have to do is video capture both tapes on a computer, reverse the image from the school tape so it looks like they added a camera from the other side, then superimpose our suspects over that. Then we'll see if they confess when they see themselves vandalizing the locker. I'll bet the real vandal cracks like an egg!"

"Geez, and here I was telling Darren that he was the smartest person on the team before practice!" replied Doug. "I'll talk to the principal before I go home, and see what he thinks. Thanks Billy, and if I ever need a computer genius, I'll know where to turn."

The next day was a bit different. Doug and Darren went to their locker before lunch, to find that someone had cracked their combination. Nothing was taken, but the person who broke in left two pink football jerseys, both with the black number sixty nine on them.

"These would be nice jerseys if it weren't for who left them, and why." remarked Darren.

"Then we'll keep them for after this is over." said Doug.

The principal looked at the tape, but the person who did it once again kept their back to the camera. With what had been done this time, they couldn't use Billy's idea. Doug and Darren did keep the jerseys, and knew that it was only a matter of time before the locker vandal screwed up. Billy did have another idea to help that along though. He now gave Doug and Darren the names of his suspects. The plan was for Doug and Darren to get themselves close to the two suspects, and talk loudly about how they loved the jerseys, but hated it when their lockers got written on.

That Billy is pretty sharp, huh? Just so everyone knows, what Billy proposed doing would never stand up in a court. It could however work well enough to be used as a bluff. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to check out my site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 20.