No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 2

By the time the boys were done swimming, the adults had returned from their walks. It had been a long trip and was now getting late, so everyone decided to turn in for the night. Doug and Darren made love again as they talked about what Donnie and Chris had asked them to do. Darren thought that the two boys might be a bit too horny for their age, which made Doug laugh as they made love.

"I guess someday I'll have to tell you the story of how my dad got an older girl pregnant when he was thirteen." said Doug. "The girl was eighteen, so she had to get an abortion to keep from going to prison for child molesting. My dad said he actually bragged to his friends how his dick got a girl pregnant. Us kids weren't ever suppose to know about it, but he let it slip out once when he was drunk. After that he said he wanted to fuck any girl that would let him. His dick got more of a workout by the time he was sixteen than most guys get in a lifetime."

"So it runs in the family then, huh?" asked Darren as he smiled. "I look forward to experiencing a lifetime of that kind of horniness with you then."

Meanwhile in Chuck and Steve's suite, Donnie and Chris had wanted to watch the two men make love, but Chuck and Steve made them go back to their own bedroom. Then Chuck and Steve went back to their warm and intimate kiss.

After the kiss, Steve asked, "Do you think that it's normal for two boys to be as horny as Donnie and Chris are?"

Chuck snickered as he replied, "It's probably perfectly normal as far as they're concerned. I'm sure they'll mellow out as they get older."

Chuck and Steve didn't know what the boys were doing with each other that night, but they were serenaded by the sounds the boys were making next door as they made love. Later, the two men were lulled to sleep by the sounds of two young boys having sex in the room next door.

The next morning Donnie awoke with Chris's dick still inside him, where it had been all night. Donnie smiled as he began humping back into Chris's crotch, and felt the sleeping boy's dick harden inside him. After a few minutes of humping Chris's stiff dick, Donnie reached between his legs and grabbed Chris's balls. When Donnie began tugging on them, Chris finally woke up.

"Oh my God!" moaned Chris loudly as he began to tremble.

Donnie was immediately treated to Chris's morning cum shooting into him. Donnie clenched his ass muscles around Chris's dick as Chris thrust hard into Donnie, shooting his cum deeply into his boyfriend. When Chris's orgasm was over, Donnie pulled off of his dick, then sat astride of Chris's chest.

"That was so cool to wake up like that!" panted Chris.

"I thought you might like that!" said Donnie proudly. "How would you like a little early breakfast now?"

Then Donnie moved up and laid his dick across Chris's mouth. Chris immediately opened his mouth and sucked Donnie's dick into it. Chris began sucking Donnie's erection as hard as he could. Donnie moaned in pleasure.

"Oh my God Chris!" gasped Donnie. "You feel like you're trying to suck a bowling ball through a garden hose! I love it dude!"

Donnie leaned his head back and closed his eyes, reveling from the immense pressure Chris's mouth was putting on his dick. Soon Donnie began to breathe heavily, then he began to convulse as his cum began shooting into Chris's mouth. Chris sucked even harder on Donnie's dick, until nothing else would come out of it.

After the boys rested for a few minutes, they walked out of the room naked together to go take a shower. Chuck and Steve were already awake and dressed, and sitting in the front room when the two boys came out. Donnie and Chris smiled and waved at the men, as they proudly walked naked to the bathroom. Chuck and Steve both laughed lightly as they waved back at the boys.

Once the boys went into the bathroom, Steve asked, "Are you sure they're going to mellow out babe?"

Everyone met that morning for breakfast in the hotel dining room. They had a great breakfast, full of talk and laughter about today's events. After breakfast was over, it would be time to get ready for the wedding. Doug and Darren both would be standing beside Fred at the wedding as his best men, and Jenni would be with Mary as her maid of honor. The ceremony would take place on the hotel's wedding patio, which overlooked the beach. Doug and Darren finished getting ready well ahead of Fred, as he prepared himself in Doug and Darren's room. Fred was finally ready though, and came out for Doug and Darren to inspect him. Both boys approved completely.

Then Fred said, "You boys look like something is on your mind. You want to talk about it? We have some time left before the ceremony."

"It's nothing really." said Doug.

"We were just thinking about Donnie and Chris." added Darren.

"I think I know what this is about." said Fred.

"You do!?" asked both boys in unison.

"Yes, and I think that it's great that you're looking after them until we leave Hawaii." said Fred. "With two guys like you to watch out for them they'll be fine, so try not to worry too much. It's a shame about the boy who was raped, and the other one that's missing though. I hope they find him okay, and they catch the scum that's responsible."

"Yeah, us too!" said Doug.

Doug and Darren hadn't heard what Fred was talking about though, so they went to Chuck and Steve's room before it was time to go to the ceremony. They wanted to check on the two boys, and make sure Chuck kept a close eye on them until the wedding. Chuck and Steve had heard about the incident Fred was talking about though, so they filled Doug and Darren in. The day before yesterday a young boy who was staying at a hotel about a mile down the beach was found wandering around naked on the beach. He had been raped by a man that the boy had described as middle aged and caucasian. Then yesterday morning another boy was reported as missing. This boy was staying at a hotel about a half mile down the beach. The local police were sure the two incidents were related.

"Okay, we'll take Donnie and Chris to the wedding with us." said Doug. "Can you do something else for us as quickly as possible Chuck?"

"Anything for my best friends and favorite clients!" said Chuck.

"Darren and I want you to get the word out as quickly and as publicly as possible that we'll give a one million dollar reward to anyone who finds the missing boy." said Doug.

"We wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if we didn't do something to help." said Darren. "Also get the word out that we'll double the reward if it leads to the capture of whoever snatched the boy."

"I can't believe you two!" said Chuck emotionally. "This is exactly why I'm proud to call you my friends. I'll have the word out to everyone on the island in thirty minutes!"

"I just hope they find the poor little dude alive before we go to Tahiti tomorrow." said Doug.

As Doug and Darren left the room with Donnie and Chris, Darren looked at Doug sadly and asked, "We don't have any other choice, do we? I would hate for that boy to be either Donnie or Chris."

"I know dude." replied Doug. "I don't know how I'd get over something like that! We have to tell them exactly why we'll do it though."

Doug and Darren then took Donnie and Chris aside before getting to the elevator, and Doug said, "Darren and I have decided that we will do what you guys asked us to when we get to Tahiti. That will give you dudes until tomorrow night to decide how you want to do this. The reason that we're doing it for you is because two boys about your age have either been raped or kidnapped in this area in the past two days. They were both staying at hotels around here. If you guys had met up with the creep that's doing this, it would just kill us. If you two really want to experience someone older, we want it to be with someone who loves you and won't do anything to hurt either of you. We want you guys to feel good when you take someone larger into you. I'm sure what happened to those other two boys didn't feel very good at all, and you guys will never go through anything like that if we can help it."

Doug and Darren then gave Donnie and Chris both a warm and loving hug, and a short but heartfelt kiss on the lips.

"We wouldn't want this to be with anyone but you guys now." said Donnie. "Thank you guys so much, you'll never know how much this is going to mean to us."

"Good then." said Darren. "If you two want to really thank us, you'll agree not to be out of your room alone for even a second. Doug and I are going to be your shadows until we leave Hawaii, or until the creep is caught!"

The boys then got into the elevator to go downstairs to meet Fred. When they got to the patio, Doug and Darren sat the two boys with Cory. Then they waited and hoped Chuck and Steve would make it in time. Chuck and Steve came dashing onto the patio and took their seats as the music was starting. When Fred saw his beautiful daughter escorting Mary down the aisle in her wedding gown, he almost got a lump in his throat. The ceremony was very beautiful, with vows that Fred and Mary had written themselves. Chuck sat next to Steve and sniffled a few times because he always cried at weddings. Cory was torn between trying not to giggle at Chuck, and trying not to drool over how hot Jenni looked in her bridesmaid gown. Donnie and Chris couldn't help but to giggle at Chuck and Cory. Doug and Darren proudly handed Fred the ring as they smiled at each other.

When the ceremony was over, Doug softly said into Darren's ear, "I love you my brother."

"I love you too my brother." replied Darren into Doug's ear.

As soon as Fred and Mary's kiss was over, everyone went to a small reception room nearby. The room was very crowded though, because every TV and radio station in Hawaii was already waiting there for Doug and Darren.

Chuck took the boys over to the reporters and said, "These are my clients and friends, Doug and Darren. They are the ones offering the reward."

All of the cameras and microphones trained on Doug and Darren as one reporter asked, "So, is it true that you boys are offering one million dollars to anyone who finds the missing boy, and two millions dollars if his kidnapper is caught?"

"That's true." said Darren. "We know that someone out there has to know something about the missing boy. I'm sure you guys with the TV stations have already broadcast his picture."

"Why are you boys doing this?" asked another reporter. "Do you know the missing boy?"

"We don't know the missing boy." replied Doug. "We do know that he has family that cares about him very much though. No boy deserves to go through what he is going through now. Darren and I are both very well off, so the reward money is nothing to us. Seeing the missing boy found alive and reunited with his family means everything to us though, because we went through the same thing only a few months ago."

"You're the two boys who everyone thought had been killed in a plane crash last summer, aren't you?" asked another reporter. "Then you were found on a volcanic island just before it blew up."

"Yeah, that's us." replied Darren. "That's why we know how important it is for this boy to be returned alive to his family."

Chuck then asked the cameras and reporters to come outside with him so Doug and Darren could celebrate the wedding with their family. He offered to answer any more questions that they had. Chuck had made sure the reception was catered very nicely for his friends, and Fred and Mary had presents to open from all of the kids. Chuck had even brought along a few presents from Arnold and Louise, who were now trying to make amends as best as they could. Fred and Mary were shocked that their ex's now wished them both well, but Doug and Darren were both happy about it. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of partying and dancing. The highlight was when Donnie and Chris were caught slow dancing together, unaware that anyone was watching them. Fred made sure to have the photographer Chuck hired take plenty of pictures of the very cute couple.

Later that evening during dinner, Chuck got a call on his cell phone. Chuck looked very excited by the time he ended the call.

"Steve babe, can you watch Donnie and Chris by yourself after dinner is over?" asked Chuck. "I have to take Doug and Darren to the room to make out a check, then take them to the police station!"

"What is it?!" both boys almost yelled in unison.

Chuck smiled brightly as he said, "The check will be for two million, and the boy is alive!"

Doug and Darren cried and hugged each other, as they jumped up and down in joy at the dinner table. Everyone else couldn't help but cry in relief for the missing boy that they didn't even know. When the waiter came over to see what the commotion was about, Darren announced to the entire restaurant that the boy who had been kidnapped yesterday had been found alive. The entire restaurant broke into applause at the news, then Chuck and the boys excused themselves from the table.

When Chuck, Doug, and Darren got to the police station, they found out that the rapist had been turned in by one of his neighbors. The man was suspicious when his neighbor had come home yesterday with a scared looking young boy, but the suspect explained that the boy was his nephew, and his parents had gotten themselves into trouble. The boy was so afraid of the suspect that he was afraid to say anything. The neighbor did finally find someone who knew the suspect though, and left him a message to call him. The man called the suspect's neighbor back today, just as Doug and Darren appeared on his TV. When the suspect's friend told the neighbor that the man had no brothers or sisters, the neighbor heard Doug and Darren's plea. He immediately knew who the boy he saw was, so he called the police. The police broke into to the suspect's home, and found the missing boy tied up and naked on the suspect's bed. The suspect had already raped the boy several times, and was almost ready to get rid of any evidence that the boy had been there.

As the TV cameras watched on, Doug and Darren gladly handed the neighbor their check for two million dollars. Doug and Darren both hugged the man on camera, and thanked him for saving the boy's life. Then Doug and Darren were told that the boy, who was now at the hospital, was asking to see Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren were escorted to the hospital, and taken to the boy's room.

The boy's mother saw Doug and Darren, and cried as she said, "Our little boy wants to see the two greatest saints this world has ever known!" Then she hugged Doug and Darren as she left the room.

Doug and Darren looked into the scared eyes of the young boy, who then sat up in bed and held his arms out to Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren took the crying boy into a hug, and patted him gently on the back.

"It's okay little dude, you're going to be okay now." said Doug.

Darren added, "It's over now, and the doctors will make everything all better for you."

"I was ever so scared!" sobbed the boy heavily. "That bloke hurt me so much!"

"Your parents love you very much though." said Doug. "They don't care what happened, because it wasn't your fault. They'll do everything they can to make this better for you."

"I heard about what you mates did." said the boy, as he tried to stop crying. "That was a terrible lot of money, and I shall pay you mates back somehow."

"Do you want to pay us back right now?" asked Darren. "All you have to do is let us see you smile."

The boy slowly let a smile creep across his face, then Doug said, "That's a beautiful smile dude. I think that was worth three million, so we owe you another million!"

Then the boy smiled a little wider, and Darren said, "That is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen dude. That money didn't mean anything to us. I could have set that much on fire, and never even missed it. You're worth a lot more than any amount of money will ever be dude!"

"Now dude, how do you want that other million?" asked Doug. "Will a suitcase full of fifties and hundreds be good enough?"

Doug and Darren couldn't believe it when the boy began to laugh, so they laughed along with him. The boy's mother cried heavily from joy as she listened through the door, and heard her son laughing with the two American boys. She was wishing that her son could have them as friends back in England.

Darren finally stopped laughing enough to ask, "Is that an English accent I hear in your laugh?"

"You mates are the ones with the accent." snickered the boy.

"It doesn't matter as long as we speak the same language, friendship." said Darren. "We're very glad to see that you're okay, and we hope you'll be our friend. I'm Darren, and this is my brother Doug."

"I'm Benjamin, and I would like so much for us to be mates." said the boy. "I would have taken you two more for best mates than brothers though."

"Actually we're both." said Doug.

"That must be so grand, to have a brother whom is also your best mate." said Benjamin.

"It has it's moments." said Darren as he smiled. "How long are you and your family going to be in Hawaii Benjamin?"

"I don't really know now." said Benjamin. "It was suppose to be a two week holiday, but after this has happened I don't know if we shall stay. I guess I shall have to ask my mum. Why?"

"Because Doug and I have to go to Tahiti tomorrow, then we're going to our island in the South Pacific." replied Darren. "We'll be gone four days, but we want to see you again when we get back."

"Does that mean you have to leave now?" asked Benjamin.

"Of course not, we can stay as long as you want." said Doug. "I'm sure your mother would like to see you again for a few minutes though, then we'll come back."

Doug and Darren gave Benjamin a hug, then went outside. They were immediately grabbed in a hug by Benjamin's mother.

"I shall never know how to thank you lads properly for everything you have done for my family!" said Benjamin's mother. Then she kissed Doug and Darren both on the cheek.

"Just make sure Benjamin knows that none of this was his fault." said Darren. "We'll be happy with that."

While Benjamin's mother was visiting her son, Doug and Darren were calling to make sure it would be okay to spend more time with the boy. Since the plane to Tahiti didn't leave until 11:00 am, Fred told them they could stay until midnight and Chuck would bring them back to the hotel. The boys stayed with their new friend until he became too weary to stay awake. Before leaving though, the boys did exchange addresses and phone numbers in case Benjamin's family cut their vacation short. As Benjamin's eyes began to droop closed, Doug and Darren leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"I rather liked that." said Benjamin sleepily. "I hope we become fantastic best mates."

"Sleep tight little dude, we already are." said Doug.

"Take care of yourself until we come back my friend." said Darren.

Doug and Darren sat close together on the way back to the hotel, and cuddled quietly. Chuck could hear the occasional sniffle from them, but didn't want to interfere with their moment.

When they got back to the hotel Chuck asked, "He kinda got to you, didn't he?"

"We just don't understand how someone could hurt such a sweet kid." said Darren.

"Besides, he kinda resembles Donnie a little bit." said Doug.

"He is a very sweet and cute boy." said Chuck. "Any trips to England in your future?"

"I would say definitely now." snickered Darren.

Doug and Darren held each other close that night, as they took turns sliding in and out of each other during their love-making. This night was all about love and tenderness as they thought of their new friend, and about being with the two lovable horn dogs tomorrow night. The two boys locked their lips as Doug thrust gently toward his orgasm. Darren smiled warmly as he felt Doug's cum shooting into him.

When Doug's orgasm was over, Darren said dreamily, "That was so gentle and peaceful babe. I loved every moment of it."

Then the boys rolled over and changed places, so Darren could show Doug exactly how it felt. Once Darren had finally cum into a smiling Doug, the two boys fell into each other's arms and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning everyone got up and got ready to go to the airport. Once they reached Tahiti, they would spend the night there. Then the next day they would take a sea plane to Doug and Darren's island. They had planned to camp overnight on the island, with the pilot sleeping in the plane in case they needed to leave the island quickly. Then the next day they would fly back to Tahiti to spend another night, before returning to Hawaii. Doug and Darren watched the jumbo jet roll up to the jetway almost eagerly. This was the part of the trip that they were most looking forward to. To see their home for eight months once again. It was easy for both boys to smile as they remembered some of the good times they had on their island paradise.

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