No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

"These would be nice jerseys if it weren't for who left them, and why." remarked Darren.

"Then we'll keep them for after this is over." said Doug.

The principal looked at the tape, but the person who did it once again kept their back to the camera. With what had been done this time, they couldn't use Billy's idea. Doug and Darren did keep the jerseys, and knew that it was only a matter of time before the locker vandal screwed up. Billy did have another idea to help that along though. He now gave Doug and Darren the names of his suspects. The plan was for Doug and Darren to get themselves close to the two suspects, and talk loudly about how they loved the jerseys, but hated it when their lockers got written on.

The locker vandal was still playing it pretty smart though. The only other time he struck that week was on Thursday. Instead of writing on the locker, he once again cracked the combination, which had been changed. This time he left a used condom with semen spilling out of it in the bottom of the locker.

As the principal once again looked at the tape, which once again did no good, Doug said, "I get the feeling this guy will be spending a lot of time in prison for burglary when he gets older."

"I don't understand how he can crack the combination no matter what it's changed to!" replied Darren.

"I'm with Doug." said Billy. "I'd say it's a safe bet he's already been hanging out with people who knows how to pick locks, and there's usually no legitimate reason to do that."

"Well, hopefully we'll get more security funding at tonight's school board meeting." said the principal. "I really want to catch this delinquent now! What he did today is disgusting, not to mention a public health risk."

"I know that school policy doesn't allow private locks on the lockers, even though they're set up for it, but could you make an exception in mine and Darren's case?" asked Doug. "I really don't like the idea of this creep going into our locker whenever he feels like it."

"I'll bring up changing that tonight, to allow students with special permission to use private locks." replied the principal. "Just bring one with you in the morning, just in case."

"And you might want to make it the most tamper-proof lock you can find." said Billy. "This guy just looks too experienced for his own good."

When the principal went to the meeting that night, he did get the policy changed to allow for special permission for private locks. He also got a slight increase for security, but only because the football team had been bringing in more funds this year. Doug and Darren put their own lock on their locker the next morning, and hoped that would help.

Even though Doug was a bit preoccupied during the game, and didn't have his best performance, Central High still had a heck of a game. Sky's leg and foot couldn't be stopped that night. At half-time, he was already only one field goal shy of tying the school record. In the third quarter, the other team had the ball, and was on a drive that could possibly break the tie the two teams were in. Then a fumble turned the ball back over to Central, deep in their own territory. Doug tried to put a drive together, so Central could break the tie now, but he could only get the ball a little past midfield, and was now facing a fourth down with nine yards to go. Darren was going to send the punting team in, but Sky begged him for a chance.

"I'd like to Sky, but that would be a sixty five yard attempt." said Darren. "At least this way we may be able to bury the ball in their end."

"I've never felt this good though Darren!" begged Sky. "Right now it feels like I could kick any distance. Please let me try it Darren. If I miss, I'll never ask for anything like this again."

Darren looked into Sky's eyes for a second, and saw that his friend really thought he could do it. Doug was shocked when Darren ended up sending the field goal team in, instead of the punting team.

"I hope you know what you're doing babe." said Doug, as he came to the sideline.

"Sky said he can do it, and I believe him." replied Darren.

Once the ball was snapped, Doug and Darren both held their breath. They knew that this one was going to be close, and so did Sky the moment the ball left his foot. The crowd began to stand as the ball reached halfway. Sky couldn't look anymore, so he turned to face the opposite goal, and held his hands on his helmet. Then he heard the crowd roar as the ball just barely sailed over the goal, and the referee raised both arms in the air. Sky had just shattered the record for longest field goal in the state, and probably the country.

The entire team swarmed a stunned Sky, and Central ended up with a penalty for delay of game after the play. It didn't matter now that Sky's kick was on the scoreboard, and in the record books. The other team seemed to lose a little of their fight after that. Sky went on to two more field goals, and Doug got two touchdowns afterward, to help Central easily win the game.

Doug, Darren, Sky, Rondell, and Billy wanted to stay with the team that night and celebrate, especially with how happy the locker room was. They would be leaving for Pittsburgh very early the next morning though. If they left at five o'clock and made good time, they could get to Pittsburgh between eleven and noon. With Sky, Billy, and Rondell in the back seat of the Pathfinder, it was very cozy. Rondell just hoped that in the evening hours, no one could see the erection he had all the way to Sterling Heights. Billy's leg was constantly grinding against his though, causing the erection, and Rondell didn't want him to stop.

When they got to Doug and Darren's house, Rondell smiled as he took his time carefully getting out of the car. He managed to keep himself turned away from everyone until his erection went down, then he relaxed. Wakki had already gone to Benjamin's house for supper and to stay the night, and Donnie and Chris were going to Chris's apartment as soon as they ate. That would leave an empty room on either side of the guest room, and a chance for Rondell to do something about the boy who had been driving him crazy all week. As soon as bedtime approached, Rondell followed Billy into the guest room after Doug and Darren had went to their room.

Rondell smiled as he walked up to Billy, reached for Billy's shirt, and asked, "You want some help taking this off?"

Billy smiled brightly as Rondell helped undress him, as it now looked like Rondell loved him quite a bit. Billy would be convinced of that by the end of the weekend. As soon as both boys were naked and laying on the bed, Rondell took Billy's face in his hands, and held their faces close enough to feel each other's breath.

"Billy baby, I need to tell you something about Monday." said Rondell softly. "You ain't never going to be second choice to me. You're the first one I want to spend time with, the first one I want to talk to, the first one I want to kiss, and the first one I want to make love to."

Then Rondell placed his lips against Billy's. Billy relaxed his mouth, and let Rondell's tongue easily push his aside to explore his mouth. Rondell moaned as he felt Billy give himself to him completely, then moaned again when Billy's tongue finally began to softly caress his. Billy softly caressed Rondell's back and butt with his hands as he moaned into Rondell's mouth, and Rondell did the same for Billy. After a few minutes, Rondell barely parted his and Billy's lips.

"I just hope you can understand me Billy." said Rondell, as he gazed into Billy's love-struck eyes. "I have to keep my image until I turn pro. You're my boy though, and boys are forever. Shanice is just my woman. Just someone I need for my image. She wasn't the first, and she probably won't be the last until it's just me and you baby. She's only with me because she wants to be with a football player, and I know that. I can see it in her eyes. You want to be with me for me though, not who I am, and I hope you're with me forever. I do love you very much Billy Hutchins, and I'm going to convince you of that tomorrow."

Then Rondell turned around the opposite way, and took Billy's cock deeply into his mouth. Billy went down so deeply on Rondell's cock that he nearly gagged himself, before loosening his throat muscles enough for Rondell's cock to slide into his throat. Billy couldn't believe how good Rondell's cock felt in his throat, even though it should have caused him to have difficulty breathing. It didn't though, and Billy passionately made love to Rondell. As Rondell's mouth caressed Billy's cock, Rondell knew that sex with Shanice, or anyone else, was just sex. Sex with Billy was much more intense though, because it was love. Both boys felt passion beyond belief by the time their orgasms finally flowed into each other's hungry mouths. Once both boys had been drained of the juice of their love, Rondell turned back around and took Billy tightly into his arms. Both boys fell asleep that night with their lips pressed together.

Rondell and Billy were awoke the next morning by a pounding on their door, and Doug yelling out, "Get up and ready guys!"

Billy smiled as he opened his eyes and gazed into Rondell's, then said, "I can never imagine loving anyone but you Rondell."

Rondell gave Billy a brief kiss, then jumped up from the bed with his cock swinging wildly. Then he reached down and grabbed ahold of Billy, and pulled him to his feet and into a hug. "You're my baby Billy, and you're the only one who ever will be." said Rondell. "Now, let's go have some fun today!"

Then Rondell took off for the bathroom without any clothes, out of habit. Fortunately Doug and Darren were the only ones upstairs with Rondell and Billy this morning.

"Damn Rondell, that's even nicer out of the shower room!" laughed a naked Darren, as he passed Rondell in the hall.

"Yeah, it never hurts to be proud of such a big black beautiful cock!" replied Rondell, trying to hide his embarrassment over not putting clothes on.

Once Rondell finished his shower, and dashed back to the guest room, Billy immediately wrapped his hand around Rondell's cock.

"Damn baby, I love the way your hand feels wrapped around my cock." moaned Rondell. "Doug and Darren are leaving in fifteen minutes though."

"I can shower in five and dress in five, so that leaves me five minutes to feel the most beautiful cock in the world." smiled Billy.

"And I can cum in five if you keep that up!" smiled Rondell back.

Billy knelt down and took Rondell's cock into his throat, then worked it over as hotly as he could. Rondell laced one hand in Billy's hair, put the other one on Billy's back, and imagined what it would be like to let Billy take his virginity. Within four minutes, Billy was hungrily swallowing Rondell's orgasm. When Rondell stopped cumming, and Billy stood back up, Rondell was breathing heavily.

"You were off by one minute, my beautiful lover." laughed Billy. "That was only four minutes. I'll see you when I finish my shower."

Billy soaped himself down with one hand, while he stroked his cock with the other. He had to do both quickly. Then Billy thought to himself, "I have to feel him inside me!" Seconds later, Billy was stroking a nice orgasm from his cock, and down the drain. He then rinsed himself off, and went back to the guest room to dress.

Tim and Sky were waiting by Tim's car when the boys pulled up, and Doug and Darren let him take the lead as they started out. The traffic was very light at five in the morning, and by seven, they were about forty miles east of Toledo. They decided to go ahead and make their first stop for breakfast at the next plaza. Then after breakfast, it would be straight through to Pittsburgh.

Breakfast was really interesting, especially when as everyone was leaving, Rondell whispered into Billy's ear, "How was your second breakfast of the day baby?"

No one could understand why Billy was laughing so hard as they left the table. Although the rest of the drive to Pittsburgh was a long drive, it wasn't as bad as Doug had though it would be. Once they turned south off the turnpike, and began heading into the city, the boys couldn't believe such a major city was built over such rough terrain. It was a beautiful city though, especially when they crested the last hill going into downtown. None of the boys had ever seen anything like downtown Pittsburgh before, and it was almost enough to make Rondell wish that he would someday play for the Steelers.

Finally, they made it to the park, and Doug asked Tim, "Why is the parking lot on one side of the street, and the park is on the other?"

"And where does that skylift go?" asked Darren.

"Well, from what I know, the park was built a long time ago when the city didn't come out this far." replied Tim. "The street actually ended at the park, so when they first built the lot, you didn't have to cross the street. Then the city kind of closed in on the park, and they didn't have anywhere to relocate the lot on the other side of the street. Don't worry though, we don't have to cross the street. We go under it. And the skylift goes up to the secondary lot over the top of that hill."

"Wow!" exclaimed all the boys together.

The first thing everyone wanted to do was ride a coaster, so Tim headed them toward the Racer.

"That sure doesn't look very big." remarked Billy.

What the kids didn't know that that side of the park at been built at the top of a ravine, which was well hidden by the midway. Tim chuckled over the lack of enthusiasm, as he knew it would soon change. Once they got on the ride, and the trains started up the hill, the boys could see the ride drop off into the ravine. The boys had such a great time, they immediately got back in line again, and then again. Tim finally had to drag them off the ride for lunch.

As they were eating, Darren asked, "I wonder why they don't charge as much for food here as they do at other parks?"

"That's probably because they care about their guests here, and want them to come back over and over again." replied Tim. "Other parks, like the one I worked at, like to rape every guest that walks through their gates until it hurts."

"Yeah, but the food here is about half of what it is in other parks." said Doug.

"And they still make a profit too." laughed Tim. "That should tell you how much more they care about the guests here. It's not just the food though. Wait until we get to a souvenir shop later. Most of their souvenirs here are about half of what they are in other places too."

"Darren, take down notes to give to dad when we get home." said Doug. "At the top of the page, write the word prices in great big letters."

"Notes for what Doug?" asked Billy.

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Doug. "It figures my big mouth would be the first one to spring a leak."

"Um, Billy." said Darren. "Do you know that great big park that's being built at the dome? Doug and I don't want anyone but the people here to know this, but we own it. Our dad is managing it for us, and Tim here is his assistant manager. It's really important to us that you don't tell anyone at school. It's just going to be you, Rondell, and Sky that knows about it. Okay?"

"No way guys!" exclaimed Billy. "You guys? Own a park?"

"It's true Billy." said Rondell. "That's why I spent last weekend with them. They trusted me enough to let me in on their secret, and now they trust you just as much."

"Okay then guys, I won't blab." said Billy. "It's still kinda hard to believe though."

"Well, I'm glad Doug and Darren own it." said Tim. "They're the best bosses I've had in a long time! Now, how about some more rides everyone?"

"Yeah!" replied all the boys.

The boys had a great time for the rest of the day, especially on the double dip on the next coaster they rode. All of the coasters they rode, except one, ended up dropping into a ravine at some point. One named Thunderbolt even dropped into a ravine right out of the station. The boys rode that one four times in a row. By the time the day came to an end, Doug and Darren knew that they had now seen an example of what to do right.

Tim told them that that was why this was his favorite park, at least until theirs opened. They would have a lot to do if they expected to keep up with how this park was run, but he felt they could at least come close.

Billy and Rondell were both glad they had come too. Not only did they have fun in the park, but they both knew they would have fun when they got to the hotel that night. After a nice late dinner at the Riverwalk area, Tim checked everyone into the hotel. When Rondell and Billy entered their room, Rondell went to the window and said, "This is a beautiful view! But it's not going to be nearly as beautiful as the view I'll see after I close this window!"

Billy laughed while Rondell closed the window, then Rondell went back to where Billy was standing, and put his arms around Billy. Rondell smiled as he gazed deeply into Billy's eyes. Then Rondell gently and briefly kissed Billy's lips.

"I can't believe I didn't even have these feelings until that day in the locker room." said Rondell softly, as he held Billy against himself. "Now look at how fast you've captured my heart. It's so incredible that I don't even feel like the same person anymore."

"Rondell, I've had the biggest crush on you for well over a year now." replied Billy. "The way you walk, the way you talk, everything about you turns me on so much. You always seemed like you were running from something though, and I could never be close to you like this. Then suddenly, you stopped running and made me very happy. As far as I'm concerned Rondell, the world revolves around you, and I love you as much as I always have."

Rondell then pulled Billy's face back toward his, and gently locked their lips together. Then Rondell and Billy shared the best kiss that either of them had ever experienced. Their kiss wasn't out of passion, or lust, or desire. It was a kiss of pure love between two people who's souls belonged together. Both boys were so overwhelmed by the love of their kiss, that neither of them even knew how they got undressed and to the bed. The next thing they were aware of after their lips touching was laying on the bed, embraced in a kiss that nearly had their hearts beating out of their chests. Rondell finally broke the kiss, as both boys needed air badly.

Rondell raised up, and looked down into Billy's smiling face. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt Billy!" gasped Rondell softly. Then Rondell looked around for his pants, and reached into the pockets to remove a small tube. "I want to do something tonight that I imagine will be even more incredible Billy." said Rondell. "I've been doing some reading on the internet, and have figured out that we'll need this. I want you to have the most important thing I have Billy. I want you to have my virginity tonight." Then Rondell handed Billy the small tube of lube he had gotten out of his pocket.

"This is the one thing you can give me that I'll treasure the most Rondell." replied Billy.

Rondell and Billy then switched places, and Billy had Rondell put his ankles up on his shoulders. Billy smiled lovingly as he put some of the lube on one finger, then reached down and found Rondell's pucker. Billy spread the lube around on Rondell's pucker for a few minutes, then gently slid one finger into Rondell.

"Mmmm, that actually feels kinda nice Billy!" smiled Rondell.

"That's only one finger, my beautiful lover." replied Billy softly, as he too smiled. "When I get three into you, then we'll be ready to make love."

Billy spent the next five minutes, gently loosening Rondell's hole with one finger. Then he added more lube, and another finger. Billy could tell by the momentary look of surprise on Rondell's face that this was a new experience for him. Rondell was still smiling sweetly though, so Billy kept working at him. After a few more minutes, Rondell was moaning softly, so Billy added a third finger. That one made Rondell gasp.

"Are you okay, my love?" asked Billy.

"I guess, but are you sure your cock is that big baby?" asked Rondell.

"Maybe a hair bigger." smiled Billy. "Trust me my love, when I slide my cock into you, you're going to be glad we did this first."

Billy gently slid three fingers in and out of Rondell, until Rondell began to relax again. When Rondell began to smile again, Billy began lubing his cock with his other hand. Billy then pulled his fingers out of Rondell, and wiped his hands down on the side of the bed.

"I think we're using the other bed for sleeping!" laughed Billy.

Then Billy grabbed ahold of one of Rondell's legs with one hand, and lined his cock up with the other hand. "Are you ready for a man to give you his love as deeply and completely as possible?" asked Billy softly.

"Please Billy, I love you!" begged Rondell. "I'm giving you this with all of my love!"

Billy then gently nudged his cock against Rondell's hole. Billy pushed just a little bit more until his cock began to slide into Rondell. Rondell then gasped sharply, and closed his eyes. Billy stopped, and left his cock just inside Rondell.

Billy reached down and softly stroked Rondell's chest and softly said, "Relax my love, that's the pain of losing your virginity. It's only like that once, and if it's done out of love, it's worth it."

Billy continued to stroke Rondell's chest while he tried to relax his lover. Billy knew that if Rondell wanted to stop, he'd let him know. Rondell didn't want to stop though, as he slowly opened his eyes again. Rondell took a few deep breaths, and looked up at Billy.

"I definitely felt that baby." said Rondell, as his eyes tried to tell Billy that he was okay now. "You have been so loving and gentle with me Billy. My uncle didn't do that for my little brother. He just rammed his big cock into that little boy as hard and fast as he could. It scares me now to imagine what my baby brother felt."

"Oh my God!" gasped Billy. "Do you mean he raped your brother, and forced himself into him?"

"Yeah, but I finally had him put away." said Rondell, as he felt himself continue to relax.

"That's good then." said Billy, as he continued stroking Rondell's chest. "That's right where he belongs. Is your brother okay now?"

"He still has his moments." replied Rondell.

"Could you let me meet him sometime?" asked Billy. "The more people he knows that cares, and won't let that happen to him again, the better it will be for him."

"He might like that." smiled Rondell. "I'm feeling great now baby, if you want to continue with what we were doing."

"Okay my lover, I'm going to take it very easy now." replied Billy. "Just let me know if you need to take a break again."

Billy began slowly inching his cock deeper into Rondell. He did it so slowly that Rondell couldn't even tell Billy's cock was going further into him. It also helped that Billy told Rondell that he loved him over and over again. After about five minutes, Billy was as far into Rondell as he could go. Then Billy leaned down until his lips almost touched Rondell's.

"You're my boy Rondell, and boys are forever." said Billy softly.

As Billy's lips gently touched Rondell's, Billy began to slowly thrust in and out of Rondell. Rondell moaned softly into Billy's mouth, and placed his hands gently on Billy's soft butt cheeks. Billy's tongue was now lovingly caressing the inside of Rondell's mouth, as his cock slowly caressed Rondell's rectum. After a few minutes, Rondell pulled down firmly on Billy's butt, driving Billy's cock into himself harder. Rondell exhaled deeply into Billy's mouth, and motioned to Billy that he liked how that felt. Billy began thrusting his cock a little harder and faster in and out of Rondell, and Rondell moaned deeply into Billy's mouth. As Billy kissed Rondell, he looked deeply into his lover's eyes. Billy saw more excitement and pleasure in Rondell's eyes than he had ever seen in his life, so he picked up his pace a little more. The faster and harder Billy's thrusts became, the deeper Rondell moaned in pleasure.

After about five minutes, Rondell began moaning, "Oh God Billy!... I can never live without you now!... I love you Billy!... I want to feel you cum inside me baby!"

"Unnnngh!" moaned Billy. "I'm,... I'm,... I'm,... cumming!"

When Rondell felt Billy's cum shooting deeply into him, he moaned out louder than he ever had in his life. Rondell moaned and writhed on the bed, as Billy jerked and thrust into him. When Billy's orgasm had drained him of his strength, he fell down onto Rondell's heaving chest. Rondell wrapped his arms tightly around Billy, holding Billy's still twitching cock deep inside of him.

It took Billy five minutes to recover enough to gasp, "I need to have you inside me Rondell! I know it must be late, but I have to have it tonight, my love! Please let me feel your love inside me!"

Rondell smiled into Billy's pleading face and said, "I could never turn down anything my baby needs. It would be a pleasure for me to make love to you now Billy. If I live to be one thousand, I'll never forget this night."

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