No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

When Rondell felt Billy's cum shooting deeply inside him, he moaned out louder than he ever had in his life. Rondell moaned and writhed on the bed, as Billy jerked and thrust into him. When Billy's orgasm had drained him of his strength, he fell down onto Rondell's heaving chest. Rondell wrapped his arms tightly around Billy, holding Billy's still twitching cock deep inside of him.

It took Billy five minutes to recover enough to gasp, "I need to have you inside me Rondell! I know it must be late, but I have to have it tonight, my love! Please let me feel your love inside me!"

Rondell smiled into Billy's pleading face and said, "I could never turn down anything my baby needs. It would be a pleasure for me to make love to you now Billy. If I live to be one thousand, I'll never forget this night."

Rondell then rolled Billy off him, and slowly knelt between Billy's muscular legs. Rondell slowly lubed his cock, as Billy stared longingly at the big beautiful dark cock that was about to fill him with the love he needed. Then Rondell's arm muscles flexed as he lifted Billy's athletic legs up to his shoulders.

"You have some very nice legs baby." said Rondell softly, as he stroked Billy's thighs. "I can definitely tell my baby is a tight end."

Then Rondell's hand slipped underneath Billy, as he put some lube on his fingers. Rondell tentatively slipped one finger into Billy, then pushed two more in with it, causing Billy to gasp.

"Your butt opened up really nice for me there baby." said Rondell softly as he smiled, and stretched Billy's hole open with his fingers. "I hope that was okay. If you can't take all ten inches of my cock, just let me know. I want to give it to you like you want it, but I don't want to hurt my baby."

Rondell put his cock up to Billy's pucker, as Billy breathed in and out deeply and relaxed. Rondell had to lean into Billy slightly, as he began pushing his cock into Billy. When Rondell had most of his cock inside Billy, he asked, "Are you okay baby? Do you want to stop there?"

"Oh God no, don't stop!" Billy almost shouted.

Rondell smiled as he pushed the rest of his massive cock into Billy. Then Rondell looked down as he pulled his cock almost all the way out of Billy, then pushed it all the way back in. The way that Billy's rectum grasped his cock to try to keep it in him made Rondell feel very good. Then Rondell leaned down and began to kiss Billy deeply, as his cock began to thrust in and out of Billy.

"Harder my love!" moaned Billy into Rondell's mouth.

Rondell then thrust his cock into Billy hard enough to make Billy exhale sharply. Then Rondell pulled back slightly from Billy's lips and asked, "Is that how you want it baby?"

"Oh God yes!" moaned Billy euphorically.

Rondell put his lips back against Billy's, and thrust into his lover exactly the way Billy wanted him too. Billy's cock stiffened a little more every time he heard Rondell's heavy balls smack against his butt. Rondell sucked hard on Billy's tongue, as he drove his cock into Billy with force. After about five minutes, Billy began to moan loudly, and shot a second orgasm between his and Rondell's stomachs. When Rondell felt Billy's cum smearing across his stomach, he grunted and moaned even louder. Billy felt more cum shooting into him from Rondell's cock than he could have ever imagined. If Billy could have cum again, he would have, as Rondell's cum filled his insides. Once Rondell's orgasm finished, he rested for a few minutes, laying all of his weight on Billy. Then Rondell lifted himself up, and his cock slowly slid out of Billy. He could still feel Billy's rectum clenching at his cock.

"Let's go over there and sleep in the nice clean bed baby." smiled Rondell into Billy's eyes.

"If I try to get up, your cum will come out of me." said Billy. "I want it inside me forever."

"I'll take care of it then baby." replied Rondell.

Rondell lifted Billy off the soiled bed, and placed his lover gently on the clean bed. Then Rondell laid down beside Billy, and took his lover tightly in his arms. Rondell and Billy fell asleep in a tight embrace.

The next morning, Tim went to Rondell and Billy's room to wake the boys. Since he and Sky had taken the room right next to them, he also wanted to talk to the boys.

"Hi boys, I wanted to talk to you when you get dressed." said Tim, as he tried not too stare at Rondell's naked body too much.

"Come on in Tim." laughed Rondell. "We can talk while we dress."

Tim went on in, noticing Rondell's cock as he walked past the boy. Rondell almost laughed softly at the attention. Then he went to the bed to wake Billy, as Tim sat in a chair next to the bed.

"Billy, wake up." said Rondell, as he shook Billy's shoulder. "Tim is here, and he wants to talk to us about something."

"Oh shit man!" exclaimed Billy. "I'm naked!"

"So am I Billy." laughed Rondell. "It don't matter, and I don't think he minds too much."

Billy then casually rolled over in the bed to face Tim, as his flaccid cock flopped from one side to the other. Rondell sat on the edge of the bed, with his legs spread apart toward Tim, and his cock hanging down over the bed. "What is it Tim?" asked Rondell with a chuckle.

"Um,... uh,... Oh yeah, I remember." said Tim as he blushed slightly. "It's about last night. I was wondering how open you are about you and Billy being lovers."

"What?!" replied Rondell, as it was now his turn to blush.

"Well guys, fortunately you are on a corner of the hotel, so you only have one room next to you." said Tim. "That would be mine and Sky's room. Judging from the reaction from Sky when we heard you two making love, not a lot of people know."

"Please Tim, don't say anything to anyone." replied Rondell, almost pleadingly. "And get Sky not to say anything."

"I kind of thought so." said Tim. "First, let me say that I think you and Billy look really nice together Rondell. Billy's a very good looking guy, and he's very lucky to have a boyfriend as good looking and well hung as you. As far as Sky goes, I'll have a talk with him about it. He's a very understanding and sensitive young man, and he won't say anything about what we heard. You two should talk to him about it too though. How many other people know about you two?"

"Just you guys and Doug, and Doug won't say anything." replied Rondell, a little less nervously.

"Okay then, if you want to keep it that way, I would suggest a little discretion." said Tim. "Sky had no idea until we heard you two last night. You might like your lover to push his cock into you hard Billy, and I can't say I blame you after seeing Rondell's nice cock, but you really should tell him a little more softly. By the way, Sky thinks you two make the most perfect couple in the world, and he would have loved to see you guys last night. I almost had to hold him back to keep him from trying to barge in on you. Why so much secrecy? I think you two look very nice together too."

"I'm going to be in the NFL someday Tim." replied Rondell.

"So is Sky, but he doesn't seem to think that being gay will hurt him there." replied Tim.

"Well, I know this sounds bad, and it really isn't meant to, but Sky is a kicker." said Rondell. "There have been a few kickers in the NFL who have been openly gay. It doesn't seem to matter for that position. Besides, Sky has such a good foot that no one is going to care who he has sex with. With me being an offensive guard, they are a lot less tolerant about that. I know it's discrimination, but there not much anyone can do about it unless the commissioner wants to get involved, and he never has yet. Once I make it though, and show them that they need me, it won't matter so much. Maybe I can even change things. Hell, the NFL could use a good gay activist or two. Until then though, Billy and I have to keep this quiet. He understands because he knows I could never really love anyone but him, and he's going to try to help. He's such a great guy, and lover." Then Rondell leaned down and gave Billy a gentle and loving kiss.

"I hope you make it Rondell, and I hope you two are happy together for a very long time." said Tim. "It would be great if you could make things easier for other promising gay athletes. If there is ever anything I can do for either of you, please ask. It would be an honor for me to do anything I can for such a beautiful couple. Now, we'll be ready to hit the road in about fifteen minutes, so don't start anything you can't finish." Then Tim smiled at the two boys as he got up and headed to the door.

Tim and Sky talked about Rondell and Billy almost all the way home. Sky did understand their wish to keep their relationship a secret, but he felt it was a shame that people could be so intolerant as to think Rondell and Billy shouldn't be allowed to love each other. Rondell and Billy were a little quieter at first on the trip back. They finally loosened up a little after getting to Ohio. Subconsciously though, Billy's every thought was of his beautiful boyfriend Rondell. Rondell also found it hard to stop thinking about the boy he lovingly gave his virginity to. Rondell wanted to lean over and kiss Billy so badly, but enough people already knew. He still felt bad about not trusting Darren though.

Once everyone stopped for a fuel and potty break, Rondell knew he had to make an opportunity to kiss his lover. Rondell and Billy waited for everyone else to go to the bathroom first, then they went on in together. Rondell looked around carefully, and when he thought the coast was clear, he pinned Billy against the wall and pressed their lips together. After a few moments, the man who was hiding himself in a stall had had about enough, especially once he could tell that one boy was black, and the other was white.

"You fucking queers make me sick!" said the man, as he prepared to come out from hiding. "Especially little white faggots that can't even stick to their own race! You deserve to be beaten to death for being with a ni...."

The man stopped in mid sentence when he flung the door open and saw the two boys who had been kissing. A look of terror crossed his face, then he ran past them screaming, "God damn faggots!"

Rondell looked like he had been hurt by that. Rondell left the bathroom with Billy following him. Then Rondell got outside to find a place to sit alone. When Billy caught up to him, it looked like Rondell was struggling to control his hurt feelings.

"Hey Rondell babe, you can't let garbage like that do this to you." said Billy. "There is nothing wrong with us being together. I know last night didn't feel wrong to me. It couldn't have felt more right, and I hope you feel that way too. It doesn't matter what color you are either. You would be beautiful no matter what color you were. That person back there, if he was even a person, is ugly. He was ignorant, hateful, ugly, and jealous. I'll bet he wishes he had someone as beautiful as you to love. Shit, his wife probably looks like Tip O'Neal, if he could even find someone desperate enough to be with him. You are my beautiful lover, and I couldn't be more proud of that. Now, what do you say we find that chump, and give him a scare he'll never forget? That wouldn't be too hard. The coward looked like he was about to piss in his pants as he ran out of the bathroom."

Rondell finally looked at Billy and smiled. The he laughed a little. Then he didn't care who saw him, as he gave Billy a brief but tender kiss.

"I love you so much Billy!" said Rondell. "Please don't ever give up on me or leave me!"

"Nothing could take me away from you now, my love." replied Billy as he smiled. "I'll love you forever Rondell."

The rest of the trip home wasn't nearly as exciting as that stop was. Once they got back to Sterling Heights, and Doug and Darren had said good-bye to their family for the week, the four boys hopped in the Pathfinder and waited for Sky. Sky gave Tim a very nice kiss right in front of them, then hopped in back with Rondell and Billy as he giggled.

On Wednesday at school, the locker vandal struck again. The lock must have frustrated him for now, because after trying to pick it a few times, he gave up. Instead, he took out a marker and wrote "Gay Team" on the locker. When Billy saw that, he laughed hysterically.

"Now we have that asshole!" laughed Billy happily.

Doug, Darren, and the principal watched as Billy went to work on the videotape. Once Billy was finished, they decided to start with the most likely suspect first, which was the boy who was kicked off the team on the first day of practice. Once the boy named Paul had reported to the office, the principal went out to get him. Then he led the boy back to his office. When Paul saw Doug, Darren, and Billy there, he became nervous.

"Paul, do you really think that vandalizing school property is acceptable behavior just because you were kicked off the football team?" asked the principal.

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about!" replied Paul.

"I'm talking about this." replied the principal, as he turned on the tape machine. The principal then froze a good frame of Paul vandalizing the locker.

"That's made up!" replied Paul. "You couldn't have got that shot of me! You don't have a camera at that angle!"

"I can take you out and show you if you like Paul." said the principal. "Even if you don't believe it, your admission just now is enough for me to expel you from this school."

"You let these faggots kick me off the team, and now your going to let them get me expelled?!" exclaimed Paul. "What's your fucking problem?!"

"Watch your language young man!" reprimanded the principal.

"What's your problem Paul?" asked Doug. "What did I do to you before you got yourself kicked off the team?"

"It's not your fault Doug, it's HIS fault!" replied Paul loudly, as he pointed at Darren. "You went to Australia one year ago last summer straight, and you came back gay! He's the one that did that to you, I know it!"

"Paul, I went to Australia lost." said Doug. "I was lost, and hurt, and lashing out at people that I had no right to lash out at. I found myself while I was gone though. Darren may have helped me find myself, but he never tried to tell me who I was. Everyone else constantly tried to tell me who I was, and they had less of a clue than I did! Do you know who Darren's best friend was at his fifth, sixth, and seventh birthday parties?"

"That was a long time ago Doug." said Paul. "It was before he was turned gay!"

"Would you just listen to yourself for a minute Paul?" replied Doug. "Who's putting these ideas in your head? I know they weren't thought out by you! So you think Darren turned me gay, and someone else turned Darren gay. Who turned the person gay who turned Darren gay? There had to be two first gay people on Earth Paul. Who turned them gay?"

"My dad said you people would try to confuse me and make me gay." said Paul. "Is that what you're trying to do now Doug?"

"I think we're getting somewhere now." replied Doug. "I met your dad Paul. It was just before he threatened violence against a kid, and was knocked on his ass by Rondell. Is that who you're molding yourself after Paul? If you are, it's a bad mold!"

"Don't say that about my dad!" yelled Paul.

"Paul, the only one hurting you right now is you." said Darren. "Your attitude that was influenced by your dad is what got you kicked off the team. I would have personally loved to let you play, but you couldn't be a part of the team. Do you know why we're undefeated right now? It's because everyone on the team knows how to be a part of the team. But to you, the hateful ideas that your dad has fed you are more important than being a part of the team. Now that same attitude is going to get you expelled from school. I don't want to see that happen, but it's too late now."

"Paul, do you have any idea why this school has such a strict anti-discrimination policy?" asked the principal. "It's because last year, the coach at this school thought that because two children were different than what he thought they should be, it was okay for him and the people who believe him to kill those two kids, Should someone lose their right to live just because they're not like you Paul?"

"I didn't say that!" replied Paul, a little shakily.

"What is your last name Paul?" asked the principal.

"Goldman sir." replied Paul, almost in a subdued tone.

"You're Jewish, aren't you Paul?" asked the principal.

"Yes sir." replied Paul.

"Then I think it's time for a history lesson, and your father should be teaching you things like this, instead of hate." said the principal. "Did you know that in the late 1920's, a man by the name of Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany? The people of Germany actually elected him at first, before he immediately banned further elections. He was elected for his views of a strong and united Germany. That sounded great to the people of Germany, as it would to anyone. Then when he was elected, they found out what he believed would make them strong. He did not like people who he considered not normal. He thought those people made Germany weak. He rounded these people up, and put them in prisons called concentration camps. Many different types of people were put in these camps. Western Europeans, Americans, blacks, homosexuals, and the one group of people that he thought was worst of all, Jews. His number one priority was rounding up the Jewish people of Europe, and putting them in concentration camps. These camps could only hold so many people though Paul. What do you think Hitler did, to make room in his camps for more prisoners?"

"I don't know sir." replied Paul softly, afraid of the answer.

"He began to kill the people in these camps Paul." said the principal. "It was mostly the Jewish people that he had killed. As I said, he thought this was the worst group of people of all. Before Hitler could be driven to suicide at the end of World War Two, he had ordered the murder of six million Jewish people Paul. Six million people were killed because they were not like Adolph Hitler. Is it right to harm people who are not like you Paul, knowing that six million Jewish people suffered that same fate?"

"No sir." Paul almost cried.

Doug then whispered quite a bit in the principal's ear, as the principal nodded. The the principal said, "Okay Doug."

"Paul, I was headed down the same road as you, and it almost cost me my life." said Doug. "I survived though, and Darren saw something in me worth saving. I couldn't understand what that was after the way I treated him, until I just saw that in you."

"Doug has talked me into offering you a way to save yourself from the direction you are heading Paul." said the principal. "You are to serve a three day in house suspension. During those three days you will be confined to the library, and given total access to one of the computers there. At the end of those three days, I want you to turn in a one hundred page report on Nazi Germany and World War Two. If you complete this, that will be the end of your suspension. That means it will be due on Monday. You may also feel free to work on this paper at home as well. Also if you complete this, Doug has said that he'll offer you a spot on the football team. His only condition to that is that your father is not allowed to have any role in your playing football. You may go back to class for now, and your suspension begins tomorrow in the library."

"Yes sir, thank you." said Paul softly. Then he turned to Doug and Darren and softly said, "I'm sorry guys."

After Paul had left, the principal said, "I think we may have gotten through to him in time."

Doug and Darren checked in on Paul quite a bit over the next two days, without him being aware of it. The first day, Paul looked stunned by all he was learning. The second day saw Paul crying a few times though. He did stick with it though, which made Doug and Darren happy. The weekend started on Saturday morning this week, due to the team finally having to play an away game. Due to a scheduling quirk, all but their last regular season game would be played away. The boys did have a bit of a surprise when arriving at their parents house on Saturday.

"Read it and weep boys!" said Fred, as he handed Doug and Darren the latest trade paper.

"Park loses buyout bid for largest park chain in the world after serious fatal accident." read Doug aloud. "Holy crap! Can this really be true?! If it is, it means they may be in some kind of trouble over that accident!"

"The park chain that was going to be bought was very vocal about the statement." replied Fred. "The park that lost their bid to buy them isn't making any comments."

"Well, I'd have to say that's good news for the world's largest park chain then." said Darren. "We are so going to put them under when we open! We'll take best park and best steel coaster from them with one shot."

"I don't like to be too over-confident, but I'd say there's a good chance of that." replied Fred.

That evening was spent with Donnie and Chris telling Doug and Darren about their latest sexual exploits. Doug and Darren responded by speculating that the two younger boys would be sex experts by the time they were eighteen. Wakki and Benjamin shocked them though, when Wakki started bragging about how they stayed home from school one day, and Wakki went from eight in the morning until eight that night with his dick in Benjamin's mouth, before Benjamin would make him cum. Doug and Darren both almost shot a load just hearing about that.

"I can't believe that for one second!" Doug finally said. "How did you guys eat?"

"Donnie stayed home from school too, and helped us with that." said Wakki. "We fed Benjamin fairly soft food that day. Donnie would put a mouthful of food at the base of my dick, then Benjamin would go all the way down to get the food, and chew it softly with my dick still in his mouth. I almost cummed several times while Benjamin was eating, but I managed to hold off until he made me cum at eight o'clock that night. It was so cool to have my dick in his mouth all day. I'm going to do the same thing for him when we have a school holiday next week. It will be fun to have his dick in my mouth for twelve hours too."

Doug and Darren used that image that night to have massive orgasms for each other.

When Doug and Darren returned to school on Monday, it was obvious that Paul didn't sleep well over the weekend. The principal called Doug and Darren to the office at two o'clock, because Paul had sent word to him that he was done, and wanted Doug and Darren there when he handed in the report.

The principal looked through the report for a few minutes and said, "It looks to me like you've satisfied your suspension Paul. You can return to class when you leave here. Have you learned anything over the past five days?"

"I learned more than I ever wanted to know sir." replied Paul. "I can see why I was wrong now, and why the school policy is the way it is. My dad and I had a long talk about why he was teaching me the wrong things in life." Then Paul turned to Doug and Darren and said, "I will never be able to make up for the terrible things I did and said to you guys. I'm very sorry though, and I hope you can forgive me so we might be friends someday."

Then Paul gave Doug a very warm hug as he wept lightly on Doug's shoulder. As Paul broke the hug, he gave Doug a very sweet but brief kiss on his lips. Then Paul gave Darren the same hug and kiss.

"I knew there was something inside you worth saving Paul." said Doug.

"I will never again treat anyone the way I treated you guys before, and I hope the kiss I gave you proves that." said Paul. "That was the first time I have ever kissed another boy. Although it may not become a regular habit, I hope it isn't the last time either."

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