No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

Then Paul gave Doug a very warm hug as he wept lightly on Doug's shoulder. As Paul broke the hug, he gave Doug a very sweet but brief kiss on his lips. Then Paul gave Darren the same hug and kiss.

"I knew there was something inside you worth saving Paul." said Doug.

"I will never again treat anyone the way I treated you guys before, and I hope the kiss I gave you proves that." said Paul. "That was the first time I have ever kissed another boy. Although it may not become a regular habit, I hope it isn't the last time either."

Doug was true to his word, and gave Paul a shot at making the team. He had Paul come to practice the next day, prepared to stay if he could make the team.

"Hi Paul, I'm glad you made it." said Doug, as Paul came out to the field. "Darren babe, why don't you get the practice started with these guys, while I run through the tryout with Paul?"

"Okay dear." smiled Darren, as he gave Doug a playful swat on the butt.

"I think he's been around the guys on the team too long!" laughed Doug to Paul. "Anyway Paul, I do have one opening that I want to try you out for. One of our guys moved a few weeks ago, and I haven't been able to fill his position yet. Have you ever played quarterback?"

"No, I've never had the chance to try that position." replied Paul. "I've done wide receiver, running back, and tight end, although I didn't do very well at tight end."

"Well, let's give it a shot Paul." said Doug. "Being a running back shows you can move, and being a receiver shows you can handle the ball." Doug picked up a ball, and showed it to Paul as he continued, "The first thing you have to remember is how to throw the ball. At this point most people would say, What's so hard about throwing a ball?, then grab ahold of it any old way they feel like, and toss it. That's when you see the ball wobble through the air like a drunken sailor, and you'll never make a pass like that. The only correct way to throw the ball is to lay your four fingers across the stitching, and grasp the ball with your thumb pointing the opposite way from your fingers. That allows the ball to come out of your hand perfectly lined up for a beautiful spiral every time. Go ahead and try that Paul."

Doug handed Paul the ball, and let him grab ahold of it. Then Doug took ahold of Paul's hand, and adjusted his fingers on the ball. Paul smiled as Doug worked with putting his hand in the proper position.

"There Paul." said Doug. "That's how you should grasp the ball before you throw it. If you do it like that every time, you'll never make a bad throw."

"Hmm, that feels pretty comfortable like that Doug." said Paul.

"Yeah, that's why throwing is the easy part." laughed Doug. "Completing a pass is where it gets interesting. You are a receiver though, so you already know that the quarterback leads his receiver when he throws the ball. For an average short yardage pass, you want to lead your receiver by two seconds. At short yardage, all receivers will cover about the same amount of ground. When you throw one long though, you want to lead your receiver by four to five seconds, depending on the speed of your receiver. You have to keep in mind who you're throwing too, and how fast they are. If you're good at judging speed though, it will only take a few practices with these guys to figure it out."

"Do you really think I can do this Doug?" asked Paul.

"I don't see why you can't Paul." replied Doug. "And I'll be working with you quite a bit until you have the hang of it. Now, I'm sure you know that not every play is a pass. When you are playing a running play with your running back or tight end, you always make sure you place the ball firmly in their midsection, then let go of it cleanly. Since you have experience as a running back too, there may be times when you run a quarterback keeper. If we have you run the ball, always make sure you tuck it in tightly against your body, just like you would if you were a running back."

"I have a question Doug." said Paul. "Why does the quarterback always put his hands right against the center's butt?"

"It's the only chance we get to cop a feel of a really cute guy's butt." replied Doug, before bursting into laughter. "I'm just kidding Paul. If we used only the snap count to communicate with our center, the other team would be able to figure out what we're going to do every time. That's why we also use very discrete hand signals against the center's thigh. That tells the center what we're really going to do, and he can quickly signal the guys on the line. That way, the other team can only guess at what play we might run. Don't worry though Paul, you'll get use to having your hands against your center in a very intimate position. It's just a part of the game. Are you ready to see what you can do now Paul?"

"Sure!" replied Paul.

"Billy! Darryl!" yelled out Doug at the field. "I need you guys over here!" Once Billy and Darryl had joined Doug and Paul, Doug said, "Okay Paul, Darryl will be your center for the tryout. You might as well shake his hand, because your hands are going to get to know Darryl pretty well. This is Billy, our tight end. He will handle passes and hand-offs from you. We're going to try a hand-off first." Doug took the ball, and he and Paul stood right beside Billy. "Remember to put the ball firmly in Billy's midsection, like this. He will immediately wrap his arm around the ball and your hand, so make sure you let it go cleanly." Doug then placed the ball in Billy's midsection, and let Billy take the ball from his hand, then asked, "Do you got that Paul?"

"Yeah, I can do that." replied Paul.

"Okay then, let's line up!" said Doug. Doug placed the ball on the ground, then had Billy line up about ten feet from Darryl and Paul. Next, Doug had Darryl line up over the ball and said, "Now comes the fun part. I need you to place your hands right against Darryl's thighs, just under his butt cheeks."

Paul placed his hands tentatively between Darryl's legs, not quite making contact. Doug reached in, and adjusted Paul's hands so they were tightly pressed against Darryl's legs.

"You need to have this kind of contact with your center Paul." said Doug. "It isn't going to bother Darryl at all. Darren and I are very happily committed to each other, but I'm very use to the feel of Darryl's legs. There's absolutely nothing personal about it though Paul. You need to know the feel of his legs intimately, and he needs to know the feel of your hands between his legs and against the insides of his thighs. Go ahead and rub between his legs a little bit, and let him get use to the feel of your hands."

Paul went ahead and lightly rubbed between Darryl's legs, making Darryl smile slightly. Paul kind of liked the feel of Darryl's legs, and decided it was okay to be doing this.

"Are you a little more comfortable with it now Paul?" asked Doug. "Every quarterback has to have this kind of contact with his center. It will almost become second nature for you to have your hands between Darryl's legs. It will never mean anything though, unless you and Darryl both want it to mean something."

"I guess it doesn't hurt to have my hands against his legs like that." smiled Paul. "It doesn't make me feel any different than I did before."

"That's good, because you are going to become very familiar with every square inch of the area between Darryl's legs." smiled Doug. "You'll become very use to the feel of his legs, and he'll become very use to the feel of your hands between his legs."

"You do have very good hands to be a quarterback Paul." said Darryl, as he stayed bent over the ball.

"Okay guys, we're going to run simple snaps here." said Doug. "Everyone get into position." Once Darryl and Billy were ready, and Paul had his hands nestled snugly against Darryl's legs, Doug said, "Paul, you are going to count hike one, hike two, hike. When you say hike after hike two, Darryl will snap the ball into your hands. You will take two steps back, then turn and plant the ball into Billy's midsection. When Billy takes the ball, release it cleanly. We're going to run this at speed, without stopping, so be ready."

Doug watched as the boys ran the play smoothly several times. Doug was now confident that Paul could handle a running play, so they moved on to passing. Darryl reached up a couple of times, and adjusted Paul's hands against his legs until Paul got use to how Darryl wanted his hands to feel against him. The first few short passes were a little bit wobbly, but Doug worked closely with Paul. After a few passes, Paul's throwing began looking much better. He had no problem leading Billy properly on the short plays. The longer passes were a little rough at first, but once Paul had the ball spiraling beautifully through the air, he was able to hit Billy's outstretched hands perfectly with the ball.

Doug finally came up and said, "I'm impressed Paul! Congratulations, you're our new back up quarterback. If you keep impressing me like that, I'll make sure you take the starting spot next season. Now, lets get you your uniform, pads, and helmet, and see if we can join the practice before it's over. Do you have a favorite number in the single digits or teens?"

"Is four taken?" asked Paul, as he and Doug began heading to the locker room.

"Not at all, number four." smiled Doug. "I think we have one in there somewhere, and I'll have one with your name sewn on by tomorrow. Do you have your jock and cup on under your shorts?"

"Yep!" smiled Paul.

Once they were in the locker room, Doug had Paul strip down to his shorts and t-shirt while he put together a set of medium pads, which looked like they would be the right size for Paul. Doug helped Paul fit his pads, then got Paul a uniform with a number four jersey. As Paul put on the uniform, Doug put a number four decal on a helmet. Then Doug tossed the helmet to Paul and said, "Let's get back to practice, teammate."

The team seemed happy when Paul joined them. Most of the team felt that out of the three boys kicked off on the first day, Paul was the one most being influenced by other people. Paul gave all of his teammates a nice hug, especially Doug and Darren.

After practice was over, Paul joined Doug and Darren in the showers, as the two boys were soaping each other down. Billy and Rondell were also there.

"Hi Doug and Darren." said Paul. "I just wanted you guys to know that because of you, I'm going to volunteer with a group that helps educate people about the Holocaust, and it's survivors. There are fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors left every day, and we need to make sure that the world never forgets what happened."

"That is so cool Paul!" replied Doug, as Darren soaped his back and butt. "We're glad that we could help you realize how important that is."

"You two helped me realize so many things that I'll never know how to thank you." replied Paul.

"We'll call the jerseys you gave us as thanks enough." said Darren, as he rubbed the soap deep between Doug's cheeks. "We both like the color and the number."

Billy and Rondell snickered as Paul asked, "Are you guys sure? You know how I was feeling when I gave you those."

"Yeah, but you don't feel that way now, do you?" asked Darren, as he turned so Doug could soap his back and butt. "If you gave us the same jerseys today, why would you do it?"

"It would be a gift to the two nicest gay people I know, to show them how proud I am to be their friends." smiled Paul.

"Then in that case, I KNOW we love the jerseys!" smiled Darren, as Doug rubbed the soap into his crack. "We thank you for such a nice gift, and we'll think nice things about you when we wear them. I'm glad we got to you before it was too late Paul."

Then Doug and Darren both gave Paul a warm hug, as they pressed their naked bodies against Paul's naked body. Once Doug and Darren left the showers, Darryl walked in and smiled at Paul.

"There's my new quarterback!" said Darryl, as he handed a bar of soap to Paul. "Do you mind getting between my legs for me?"

Paul laughed as he took the soap from Darryl, and thoroughly soaped between Darryl's legs. Billy and Rondell both snickered, as they watched Darryl smile as he popped a nice erection. Paul gently and thoroughly rubbed the soap over the area between Darryl's legs, including his balls and between his cheeks.

Then Paul walked around in front of Darryl and laughed as he pointed at Darryl's erection and said, "I washed your balls and your butt for you buddy, but you're going to have to take care of THAT yourself!" Then the boys laughed and joked as they finished their shower. When Darryl and Paul left, Rondell and Billy were finally alone. The two boys placed their arms around each other, and began to share a passionate kiss.

"I wish I could feel you inside me right now Rondell!" moaned Billy softly.

"Cool!" exclaimed Sky, who had quietly joined them in the showers. "I get to watch the absolute hottest couple I know!"

"We need to talk about that Sky." said Rondell, as he held the embrace with Billy. We know that you know now, and we're okay with that. No one else around here can know about Billy and I being lovers though."

"I know, Tim had a long talk with me about that on the way back from Pittsburgh." replied Sky. "I do understand how you guys feel, although I think it's a shame. You two make a perfect couple. Now, get to it you guys! Doug and Darren are the only ones left here, and they're busy in the office! I really would like to see the perfect couple in action."

Since Rondell used a mild soap that didn't irritate sensitive flesh, he and Billy smiled at each other before Billy leaned over with his hands against the shower wall. Rondell lovingly soaped between Billy's cheeks, making sure to rub the soap into Billy's pucker. Then Rondell generously soaped his ten inch cock. Sky stood right next to the boys, and stared in amazement with his mouth hanging open, as he watched Rondell's cock slide all the way into Billy. Billy began moaning softly as Rondell's cock slid in and out of him. Sky's breathing became heavier as he watched the boys, and he reached down to begin stroking his cock.

Meanwhile, Doug and Darren had cleared off the desk, and were now laying on top of it in a passionate sixty nine. As Doug's lips lovingly caressed Darren's cock, both boys moaned in pleasure around each other's shafts. Darren was urgently pulling Doug's hips back and forth, driving Doug's cock in and out of his mouth and throat.

Doug lifted off Darren's throbbing cock long enough to beg, "Come on Darren babe, give me your cum! You know how much I love the taste!"

Then Doug hungrily went back down onto Darren's cock, as he reached up and firmly caressed Darren's churning balls. Darren moaned as loud as he could, as he held Doug's cock deeply in his throat and began cumming into Doug's mouth. The beautiful taste of Darren's cum made Doug begin cumming deep into Darren's throat. Darren hungrily milked the base of Doug's cock with his lips, drawing a large orgasm from Doug's balls. When both boys had finished cumming, Doug turned back around into Darren's arms, and the two boys shared a passionately oblivious kiss.

Sky stared wide eyed as Billy's cock began cumming without being touched. Sky quickly moved his face down and began cumming as Billy's cum splattered against his face. Rondell could see this happening, and began blasting a huge orgasm deeply into Billy. Once it was over, Rondell kept his now deflating cock inside Billy as he had Sky stand up. Rondell then licked every drop of his baby's cum off Sky's face. Then Rondell kissed Sky appreciatively on the nose.

"Thanks for catching my baby's cum for me on your face." smiled Rondell. "I love the taste of Billy's cum!"

Rondell held Billy tightly against him, with his cock still inside Billy, as they watched Sky clean himself off in a daze. Rondell finally pulled his flaccid cock out of Billy, then cleaned both of them off. Once they were all clean, Sky gave them both an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for letting me see that guys." said Sky. "I meant it when I said I think you two are the most perfect couple in the world."

"No problem sport!" smiled Rondell. "I'm glad we could help. Now try to get that boyfriend of yours to make love to you so you're not so horny all the time!"

The three boys laughed as they left the showers together, and began getting dressed. Billy was going to give Rondell's cock an affectionate stroke just before he put it away, but Doug and Darren finally came out of the office.

"Why are you guys still here?" asked Darren as he smiled. "It's time to go home for the evening."

"We were just talking football." replied Sky casually.

"Yeah, and probably listening to me and Darren in the office!" laughed Doug, who then turned to Darren and snickered, "I don't know what we're going to do with these boys babe!"

Everything went better for the next several weeks than any of the boys could have expected. Doug kept putting Paul into games on occasion, and Paul did very well. Doug knew he would be the starter next year, and he was happy that Paul had turned himself around so completely. Paul's turnaround was so complete, that the boys even noticed a relationship beginning to form between Paul and Darryl. Sky had also broken every record in the history of the school by the time their last away game was over. Tim and Sky celebrated that after the last away game, and Tim felt that Sky was very close to being ready to take their relationship further. He decided he would talk to Sky about it the following weekend, after his last home game of the regular season.

The team was still undefeated going into that last game, and had a shot at their first perfect season in history. The principal smiled as he told Doug and Darren that it would be impossible to fill their shoes, then begged the boys to stay on in Lansing. Doug and Darren finally had to tell the principal why they couldn't. He completely understood after Doug and Darren talked to him on the Monday before their final home game. Just before practice began that Wednesday, Doug was called back into the office. He arrived there to find the principal and Cory waiting for him. By the time Doug left the office, he was as pale as a sheet. Doug knew that he was going to end up breaking the heart of a very dear friend, but there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

"Darren, you're in charge of practice today." said Doug sadly. "We'll talk later. Sky, I need you to come to the office with me."

Sky thought something must have been wrong as he followed Doug to the office, but when he saw Cory and the principal there, he knew that something was terribly wrong.

"What's wrong Cory?" asked Sky fearfully, as he looked into the drained face of his brother.

"Come here and sit in my lap first, little brother." replied Cory, as a few tears escaped from his eyes.

Sky was now more scared than he had ever been in his life, as he sat in Cory's lap.

"I want you to know little brother, that I'll take very good care of you." said Cory, as he tried not to break down. "There was an accident about two hours ago. Someone had too much to drink, and was driving his truck along the road too fast. He swerved into the wrong lane as he came up to mom and dad's car. The police said they were gone instantly, so at least they didn't suffer. I'm so sorry Sky!"

Cory then broke down again, as he held his wailing brother tightly. Doug and the principal both cried with the two brothers.

"What am I going to do Cory?!" cried Sky, in more pain than he had ever felt. "I'm only fourteen! I need mom and dad!"

"I know little brother, and so do I." cried Cory. "That won't bring them back though. We have to be strong now, and learn to go on. You know that's what they would have wanted. They also would have wanted Jenni and me to finish raising you for them. I already talked to the state, and they're going to place you in our custody. I love you Sky, and I'll promise to do the best I can to take care of you. Jenni talked to her parents too, and they'll do anything they can to make sure we're okay. So will our friend Tim, and our friends Doug and Darren. We'll all get through this together little brother."

Cory and Sky cried on each other's shoulders until practice was almost over. Then Doug and the principal helped Cory get Sky out to his car.

Before Cory got in to take Sky home, Doug said, "Darren and I will be home as soon as possible Cory. What happened to the man who killed them?"

Cory sniffed back a few tears and replied, "When he saw what he had done, he snapped. I guess he couldn't take it, so he broke away from the police, and deliberately stepped into the path of a passing semi truck. There wasn't much left of him to pick up."

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Doug softly. "Well, we'll be along as soon as possible."

"Thanks Doug." replied Cory. "Sky needs as many people around him right now as possible. Tim and your parents are on the way here too."

When Darren and the team came in, the mood was kind of somber. They knew something serious had happened, but they didn't know what. When Doug told Darren, they both cried together for a moment.

"We have to get these guys out of here, and get home to Sky." said Darren. "I think he might need us as soon as we can get there. Could you make an announcement to everyone Doug?"

"Yeah babe, I'll take care of it." replied Doug, as he stroked Darren's hair.

When Doug told the team what had happened, they were all stunned. No one could have imagined that that was what had happened. Then Billy and Rondell volunteered to lock up for Doug and Darren, and drop their keys by their house. Doug thanked his two friends, then went to get Darren so they could get home to Sky.

The funeral was scheduled for Friday morning, so Sky was out of school for the rest of the week. There was also no way he could make the last home game. The principal allowed the team to wear black arm bands for the remainder of the season, and a brief memorial was held just before the start of the final regular season game. Doug was also not up to playing, but he and Darren had to be there to coach the team. Doug let Paul play the entire game, and the team went on to their first ever perfect season, in memory of Sky's parents.

Tim stayed the weekend in Lansing with all the boys, and there was no talk of a relationship. Tim knew that wasn't what Sky needed now. Sky needed the strength of his friends to help him through this. Any talk of a relationship would now wait until Sky was the one who was ready to bring it up.

Cory spent the weekend thanking everyone over and over again for helping him with Sky. He always knew that his brother talked very highly of Tim, and although Cory was wary at first, he was glad that Tim was there for Sky by the end of that weekend.

Nobody wanted to return to business as usual that next week, but it needed to be done. Shanice decided to give Rondell a hard time about spending too much time with his friends that past week, so Rondell told her that it was over between them. His friends were much more important to him, especially with what had happened to Sky. Rondell knew that she might come back later, begging him to forgive her, ot she might not. As long as he had Billy, he really didn't care either way.

Practice that week was still somber. The team was now practicing for the playoffs, but it was hard to concentrate, especially for Sky. All of his teammates took turns comforting him that week whenever he needed it, but it was eventually Rondell that helped him the most. During practice on Thursday, Rondell saw Sky sitting alone on the bottom row of bleachers, so he went over and wrapped an arm lovingly around his friend.

"I can see so much of my little brother in you Sky." said Rondell. "Well, he has a bit more of a tan than you, but there are a lot of other things that are alike. He's been hurt a lot too. Maybe not like you, but something was taken away from him that he can never get back. I love that little guy so much, and I love you too Sky. I've done a lot to help my little brother, I even took a chance of going to jail to defend him, and he's finally starting to come back around. He hardly ever has nightmares anymore because of what happened. Now that he's going to be okay, I want to do whatever I can to help you, just like I did with him."

"Can you make it stop hurting?" asked Sky.

"I know you'll always miss them Sky, but I'll do whatever I can to make it better for you." replied Rondell, as he wrapped Sky tightly in both arms. "You have a lot of people who love you very much Sky, and we're all here for you. You got me, Doug and Darren, everyone else on the team, that boyfriend of yours Tim, and most importantly, your brother Cory. I respect the hell out of him for what he's doing! Stepping in at eighteen and taking over for your folks, he's a hell of a fine man in my books! The point is, we all love you very much Sky. There's nothing that any of us wouldn't do for you right now, and all you have to do is ask."

Then Rondell gently pressed Sky's head to his chest while he rubbed his friend's back, and said, "We'll make this feel better for you Sky, I promise. We all love you very much."

Rondell noticed that no one was watching, so he pressed his lips against Sky's, and gave his friend a very comforting kiss. When Rondell backed away, Sky finally half smiled for the first time all week.

"Thanks for being my friend Rondell." said Sky. "I love you too."

During the first playoff game the next day, Doug and Darren knew that things would someday return to normal for Sky. During the first half, Sky had a field goal to give the team their first lead of the game. After the first half, Doug sat himself out, and put Paul in for the rest of the game. The other team got a field goal at the beginning of the second half to tie the score back up. The score remained tied until the beginning of the fourth quarter, when Sky came back in to attempt another field goal. Instead of kicking the ball though, he saw Billy get wide open. Billy had told Sky to look for him, so Sky threw the ball to Billy instead. Then Sky ran to the end zone, and hugged Billy for just getting the touchdown. Paul had two touchdowns after that, putting the game out of reach for the other team. Their win moved the team into the semi-final game.

The team had a victory party that night at Cory's house, because that's where Doug and Darren lived in Lansing. During the party, Sky went off alone with Rondell and Billy up to Sky's room.

"I don't want to have sex with you guys." said Sky. "There is only one person in the world who I want to make love to someday. I would like to share a little affection with you guys though, because I love both of you, and you've done quite a bit for me this past week. Then if you guys want, you can make love to each other around me."

Rondell smiled at Billy, and the two boys undressed Sky. Then they undressed each other, and had Sky lay in the bed between them. Billy and Rondell covered Sky with gentle kisses from the waist up, then took him into a warm embrace between them. Sky smiled when he felt Rondell's cock lay across his stomach, then Billy kissed and licked it as it lay there. Then Billy laid the side of his head on Sky's stomach, and made love to Rondell. Sky ran his hands through both boys' hair, as Billy and Rondell took turns making love to each other while laying their heads on Sky's stomach. Once they had finished making love to each other, Billy and Rondell came back up and took turns kissing Sky warmly on his lips. The boys kept their promise and didn't try to have sex with Sky, but they gave their friend all of the affection he needed from them.

Before leaving Sky's room, Billy said, "We both love you Sky, and there's nothing wrong with kissing a friend that you love. Either of us will be happy to give you a kiss, anytime or any place. Neither of us cares who sees us kissing a good friend who we love."

Sky wasn't completely back to normal yet, and probably wouldn't be for some time. His friends were doing what they said they would though, and making him feel much better.

With everything that has happened with me this year, this was a tough chapter to write. I realized it would be though, when I set it up this way in the story Starting Over. I'm glad I'm through this chapter now. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 23, which should not be quite as down.