No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

Before leaving Sky's room, Billy said, "We both love you Sky, and there's nothing wrong with kissing a friend that you love. Either of us will be happy to give you a kiss, anytime or any place. Neither of us cares who sees us kissing a good friend who we love."

Sky wasn't completely back to normal yet, and probably wouldn't be for some time. His friends were doing what they said they would though, and making him feel much better.

Cory wasn't too sure about letting Sky go off with Doug and Darren for the weekend yet, so they begged Cory into letting him go. Doug and Darren knew that Sky needed to be with Tim on the weekends. Tim was glad to see Doug and Darren drop Sky off at his place on Saturday morning, before they went on to their parents house. Tim sat Sky on the sofa with him, and gave Sky a warm and loving kiss, then held his boy tightly against him.

"I lost both of my parents within three weeks of each other Sky, so I know how much it hurts." said Tim. "I promise that it will get easier though, and you have plenty of people who love you, and will help this get easier for you. I would give up anything for you to feel better right now."

"You are making me feel better right now Tim." replied Sky. "Just being with you makes me feel better. Having you hold me like this makes me feel even better yet."

"Then we'll spend the entire weekend like this, if that's what you want." replied Tim. "I love the way you feel in my arms anyway."

Tim and Sky spent all morning wrapped in each other's arms, with Tim softly caressing Sky's back and head, and gently kissing him every few minutes. They did have to take a lunch break eventually, but went right back to their comforting embrace afterward.

Doug and Darren spent most of the day catching up on how the park was coming along, and catching their family up on everything that was happening back in Lansing. Fred was glad when he heard that everyone was supporting Sky. He was also shocked that the infamous locker vandal was becoming good friends with one of his gay teammates, and might possibly be having feelings for him.

"I don't know why that's so hard to believe!" laughed Doug. "I've had my hands all over Darryl's butt, and let's just say that if I didn't have Darren, he has a mighty nice one!"

"Okay, that's it!" laughed Darren. "We're cutting back your playing time this week!" That remark caused everyone to laugh.

As it got closer to evening, Fred made plans to take everyone to a nice family style restaurant. Doug called Tim to ask him and Sky to go along, so Tim talked Sky into it. Everyone thought it would be good for Sky to try to get back to a somewhat normal routine. As soon as Doug got off the phone, Donnie and Wakki came up to him.

"We want to do something special for Sky, but we don't know what would be okay to do." said Donnie.

"Yeah, the last thing we would want to do is make him feel worse." added Wakki.

"Well, what Sky really needs right now is to know that he has plenty of friends who love him." replied Doug. "It's very sweet of you two to care about him that much."

"Of course we care, he's a really cool guy." said Donnie.

"I think it would be okay if you gave him a nice hug and told him that you love him." said Darren. "Anything more intimate might be too much, and besides, I'm sure he would want Tim to handle that right now."

The dinner seemed to be a good idea for Sky, as he was looking pretty good right now under the circumstances. While they were waiting for the main course, Donnie and Wakki both got up and gave Sky a nice warm hug and told him they loved him, and they would help him any way they could.

That made Sky smile as he said, "I'm glad Doug and Darren have two brothers as nice as you two. Benjamin and Chris are very lucky to have you as their boyfriends."

The rest of the dinner went just as well. When Donnie and Wakki got home, Chris and Benjamin came over to spend the night. Tim and Sky stopped at Doug and Darren's for a little while, before going to Tim's place for a nice quiet evening. When bedtime came, Sky went to Tim's bedroom in just his boxers.

"I know how you feel about our situation Tim, and I agree." said Sky. "Besides, it might not seem right to do anything right now. I would still like to sleep with you tonight though. I just want us to be in contact with each other all night."

Tim smiled as he replied, "I don't think there would be anything wrong with that at all Sky. I do love you very much."

Tim pulled back the covers, and Sky walked over to the bed. Then he pulled off his boxers, and laid down naked next to Tim.

"I love you too Tim." said Sky as he smiled.

Tim gave Sky a tender kiss as he gently rubbed Sky's chest. Then he held Sky in a comfortable embrace. Within a few minutes, Sky was snoring softly into Tim's chest, as Tim drifted off to sleep happily with his boy.

Things were finally feeling more normal for Doug and Darren, as they made love that night. Doug lubed his cock, then took Darren into and embrace while he kissed him passionately. Then Darren spread his legs apart as he wrapped them around Doug, and reached down to guide Doug's cock to his pucker. Doug drew Darren deeper into his embrace, and his cock slid gently into Darren.

"Oh God Doug!" moaned Darren. "I love the way you put yourself into me tonight! I hope you make love to me like this all night."

"I don't know if I can go all night, but I'll make it last as long as I can babe." replied Doug. "It felt so good and perfect for us to work together to do this."

Darren grabbed Doug's butt, and coaxed his lover to begin thrusting in and out of him. Doug slowly and passionately made love to Darren for the next hour. By that time, Darren was moaning in complete pleasure. Doug's cock was throbbing so hard that he could feel it throughout his entire body, and his balls were churning stronger than they ever had before.

"I can't hold my love back any longer babe!" moaned Doug loudly.

When Darren felt Doug's cum filling him, he knew that this would be one of Doug's largest orgasms ever. Darren's body accepted Doug's cum eagerly as a part of it, and Doug moaned as Darren's insides caressed his cock, trying to make the two boys as one. That caused this to be the most intense orgasm Doug had ever had. Doug rested his weight onto Darren, and was unable to move until five minutes after his orgasm had ended.

Then Darren laid Doug on his stomach, and began lovingly kissing and licking Doug's butt. When Doug was ready, Darren lubed his cock and climbed up onto Doug's back. Doug laid submissively beneath Darren, as Darren slid his cock all the way into Doug. Darren had almost cum several times earlier, so once he began thrusting in and out of Doug, he wasn't able to last more than five minutes. Both boys moaned passionately as Darren's cum shot into Doug forcefully. As Darren climbed off Doug, Doug turned to his side and took Darren into his arms. Doug and Darren shared a very deep and loving kiss as they embraced passionately. As they began to drift off in each other's arms, they could hear Donnie and Chris making love in the room on one side of them, and Benjamin and Wakki making love in the room on the other side of them.

Tim and Sky began the next day hugging and kissing as they laid in bed together. Once they got dressed and had breakfast, they resumed their embrace on the sofa until Doug and Darren stopped by that afternoon to pick Sky up. Doug and Darren knew that this weekend was something Sky really needed, as he looked better than he had in a few weeks.

The next week turned out to be an interesting week. It started off on Monday with Paul coming into the coach's office before practice, and closing the door behind him.

"I can't believe he did that!" exclaimed Paul softly, so the guys in the locker room couldn't hear him. "He just turned around and did it! I can't believe he kissed me like that! He made me feel things I never even knew existed. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt. What was even more incredible was when I kissed Darryl back! I'll never forget Saturday night as long as I live!"

"You really love Darryl, don't you?" asked Darren as he smiled.

"I don't know." replied Paul. "How does it feel to be in love with another guy?"

"Pretty much exactly like you just described!" replied Darren, as he tried not to laugh.

"I almost wish I could be there when you make love to him for the first time this weekend." Doug almost snickered.

"Aren't you getting a little carried away Doug?" asked Paul. "Isn't there a difference between kissing another guy, and making love to another guy?"

"Sometimes there is." replied Doug. "You are so excited about the way he made you feel though, that you can't wait to see what else he can make you feel. I'll bet you end up begging Darryl to make love to you this weekend. Don't worry though Paul, I've been there before too. It's quite a shock when you've spent your whole life trying to convince yourself that you're straight. Soon though, you'll be so in love with him that you won't remember what it was like without him. That's how it is with me and Darren now, and I wouldn't change anything about it, even if I could."

"Am I really in love with another guy?" asked Paul. "How could I be, after everything that has happened?"

"That's because you were being influenced by other people then." said Darren. "Now that your mind has been opened, you are free to be yourself for the first time in your life. It's nothing to be afraid of though Paul. I really like who you are when you're being yourself."

"I think it's time for you to spend the night with Darren and me, and hear our whole story." said Doug. "It will show you that what you're feeling is never wrong, unless it's what someone else wants you to feel. Not only will it help you understand us much better, it might help you understand yourself a little better too."

"And congratulations on landing such a hot boyfriend Paul!" said Darren as he smiled.

Doug and Darren didn't know if Darryl kissing Paul had anything to do with it, but the two boys played very well together during practice.

Sky seemed to do better all week during practice too. Everyone knew he was still having a tough time though, as he sat down on the bench several times that week, looking like he wanted to cry. The boys on the team took turns though going over to talk to him, to let him know that everyone cared and wanted to help him. Everyone realized though that it would take time, and it might be a good thing for him to possibly have two more games, to help him think about other things.

On Thursday, during the last practice before the semi-final game, Rondell and Billy kept disappearing several times. They would always take about three or four other boys with them, and return about ten minutes later with all the boys smiling. Doug and Darren couldn't figure out what was going on with them, until practice was finally over. The boys had strung a banner across the locker room that said, "Congratulations To Our Best Coaches Ever!" The locker room had also been set up for a very nice party in Doug and Darren's honor. After what was almost a rough start to the season, Doug and Darren didn't know what to say. Everyone in the locker room was now a team in every sense of the word.

Darren finally got everyone's attention as the party was getting underway, and said, "I can't even tell you guys what this means to me and Doug. We're both glad to have a group of friends like everyone on this team has been. We also want you guys to know that this year wouldn't have been as good as it's been, without the greatest players this school has ever seen!"

At one point, Paul and Darryl snuck off to the training room together. Once they were alone, Paul said, "Darryl, I've kissed other boys before, but never like the way you kissed me Saturday. The other times it's been as friends, but I know that Saturday was something more than that. I've thought about it so many times since then that it's a wonder I could think about anything else."

"Are you in love with me Paul?" asked Darryl. "Before you answer, let me say that I know I'm in love with you."

"Every time I've thought about you kissing me, it's made me smile Darryl." replied Paul. "I think I am in love with you, and I want you to kiss me again right now so bad that I can't stand it!"

Darryl smiled as he put his arms around Paul, and drew him against his body as he said, "Then let me show you a real kiss this time Paul. I love you, and there's no one else in this school that I'd rather have as my boyfriend."

Darryl placed his lips against Paul's gently at first, and began caressing Paul's back with his hands. Darryl coaxed Paul's tongue into his mouth. As Darryl began sucking passionately on Paul's tongue, he let one hand slide down onto Paul's butt. Paul moaned softly into Darryl's mouth, as he felt Darryl's hand caress his butt through his pants.

Paul pulled his face back from Darryl's slightly and panted, "My hands feel like they belong here!"

As Paul reached down with both hands and grabbed Darryl's butt, Darryl pulled their lips back together. Paul gently squeezed and caressed Darryl's butt as the two boys kissed with as much love and tenderness as they could. Darryl took his hand off Paul's butt, and reached in between them to softly caress Paul's now swollen erection. Darryl's hand was soon joined by one of Paul's, as Paul caressed Darryl's erect cock softly through his pants. Soon the two boys were panting into each other's mouths, so they finally broke the kiss.

"I don't THINK I'm in love with you Darryl." smiled Paul. "I KNOW I'm in love with you! Doug and Darren wanted me to spend the weekend with them this weekend, and they seemed sure that I would want you to come along too. I wish you would because Doug was right. I want to know everything that we can feel together as lovers. I'm begging you to make love to me this weekend Darryl."

"Of course I'll go Paul!" replied Darryl happily. "I want to make love to you more than anything in the world! I promise that I'll make it feel very beautiful to you Paul."

"Will you be my boyfriend Darryl?" asked Paul.

"If you'll be my boyfriend Paul." replied Darryl with a smile.

This time Paul grabbed Darryl, and kissed his new boyfriend passionately. The old Paul would have never considered doing what he did next. Paul took Darryl by the hand, and led him back out to the locker room. Then with Paul leading, the two boys shared a warm and loving kiss in front of their friends and teammates, which was of course accompanied by a chorus of hoots and whistles from the team.

When they broke the kiss, Paul said to the whole room, "I want all my friends to know that I'm gay, and I couldn't be happier about it! Not only that, I now have the most wonderful boyfriend in the whole world!"

Darryl was a little nervous about Paul's announcement, but every boy on the team offered the two lovers either a hug or handshake, and their congratulations and best wishes. Of course Doug and Darren gave both boys a warm hug.

"I take it Darryl is coming with us after the game tomorrow then, right?" asked Doug.

"Not only that, but you were right Doug!" replied Paul. "I've begged my lover to make love to me this weekend! It's going to be so great!"

"Okay everyone!" announced Sky. "Just so we all know, how many guys on this team are gay?"

Sky already had his hand up, and was quickly joined by Doug, Darren, Paul, and Darryl. Billy looked quickly at Rondell. Even though Rondell didn't feel comfortable coming out yet, he knew his baby wanted to now. Rondell gave Billy a discreet nod, and Billy's hand went up. By the time it was over, twelve out of the thirty six boys on the team raised their hands. Doug and Darren were completely shocked by what they were seeing, especially when Darren saw Billy's hand go up.

"Billy?!" exclaimed Darren. "I can't believe you raised your hand! Do you know what a crush I had on you in the eighth grade?!"

"It was probably a good thing you didn't say anything then, or you and I would have still been boyfriends today, and you never would have found Doug." laughed Billy. "You two really were meant to be together Darren, but if he hadn't come around someday, I wouldn't have waited forever. I'm glad you did find each other though."

"Does Rondell know that you're gay?" asked Darren.

"Well, if he didn't before, he does now!" laughed Billy even harder. "Seriously though, you guys helped him come a long way. He doesn't look at anyone as being straight or gay anymore because of you. It was the first thing I told him when we became friends though, and he doesn't care. I have to thank you for that."

Darren shook his head and smiled as Billy went back to Rondell, and the two boys began talking and laughing. He was sure that there was something going on there, but he would play along until his friends felt comfortable talking to him about it. Darren went back to be with Doug, and they looked around the locker room as they wrapped an arm around each other's back. Their primary running back and one of the wide receivers, who had both raised their hands earlier, were now talking very friendly together. Darren and Doug chuckled as they contemplated how long it would take the two boys to be kissing. Darren's guess was right on the money, as they shared a kiss about five minutes later. The big surprise came five minutes later, when the two biggest boys on the team, who both played on the starting defensive line next to each other, were caught in the most passionate and erotic kiss of the evening. The shock was that they hadn't even raised their hands earlier.

One of the boys, named Theo, called over to Sky, "Hey Sky, you might as well add me and Daniel to that list of yours. We just decided that we can't wait to see what it feels like to have sex with each other!"

Half of the team tried to encourage the two big boys to go ahead and do it now, But Theo and Daniel wanted to make it a little more private. After a few minutes when the other boys wouldn't let up, Theo said, "What the heck, let's give em a little show!"

The two dark skinned boys kissed again, then Theo knelt down in front of Daniel. About half the team gathered around the two boys, as Theo pulled Daniel's pants down, and took the boy's very dark and hard eight inch cock into his mouth. Theo smiled around Daniel's cock right away, while his teammates cheered him on. Theo almost gagged a few times when he tried to take too much of Daniel's cock into his mouth, so then he sucked on Daniel's fairly large balls for a few moments.

"I can tell you want Daniel's cock in your throat Theo, so I'm going to help you guys." said Billy. "Okay Theo, you need to straighten your throat out first, by tipping your head back slightly. That's good Theo, now I need you to relax your throat as much as possible. As soon as Daniel starts pushing his cock into your throat, go ahead and swallow like you're trying to swallow it. Now Daniel, I need you to take ahold of both sides of Theo's head, and push your cock straight into his throat."

As the team watched, and Daniel began pushing his cock into Theo's throat, Theo swallowed. His eyes went wide with surprise when Daniel's cock slid into his throat. The boys who were watching were now very quiet, as Daniel thrust his cock in and out of Theo's throat a few times. Then Theo took over, as he hungrily took Daniel's cock in and out of his throat. Everyone began cheering again, when they realized that Daniel was getting ready to shoot. Theo didn't know what to expect when Daniel started cumming, and he almost couldn't keep up. He liked it right away though, so he managed to swallow all of Daniel's cum.

When Daniel was finished cumming, Theo licked his lips and said, "Okay guys, show's over! Daniel wants to wait until later to take my cock in his mouth."

Then Theo helped Daniel pull his pants back up, and sat his new boyfriend down on a bench. Once Daniel caught his breath, the two boys shared another kiss. The party finally broke up at about nine o'clock, so the boys could rest up for tomorrow's big game. As everyone cleared out, Doug and Darren couldn't believe that over a third of their team was gay.

Doug went out to the football field early the next day, while Darren got the team ready to play. He wanted to check on preparations for today's game. When he got there, he found a group of kids from the opponent's school setting up a protest outside their stadium. They were claiming to be a student Christian group setting up a non-violent protest, but some of their protest signs looked a little bit on the hateful side. Doug immediately called his principal, who immediately called the police. The police didn't want to do anything at first, because they said the group had the right to a non-violent protest. Then the principal showed the officer in charge a copy of their school policy, and anyone on school property was subject to that policy. As a result, the group was moved further away from the stadium, and half their signs were confiscated for violating school policy. The group was very agitated about this, and Doug knew that this game might not be pretty. Doug went back to the locker room to talk to the team before they went to the field.

"I know this game is important to all of us." said Doug. "We have a chance to go out there and do something that everyone said we couldn't do. We've known better than that all year though. The other team today looks like they will resort to any level to win tonight. The police have already had to control a planned demonstration against us tonight by students from the other school. A large number of tickets have also been sold to people from the other school. There may be a chance that the other team is coming here with the intention of hurting us, because some members of this team are gay. I want everyone to be a little more careful tonight, but not to the point of playing any less than your best. Make sure you look out for each other like a family though. They can't beat us if we stick together like we have all season. No matter what happens tonight, I'm already proud of you guys."

Central High took the field to applause from their fans, and boos and jeers from the other team's fans. Even though the other team had fewer fans at the game, they were almost as vocal as Central's fans. That was an ominous sign to the team. Upon winning the coin toss and electing to receive the ball, Central was booed by the visiting fans once again.

Doug casually remarked to the referee before the game started, "These people look a little rowdy. I hope they didn't come to our school to start any trouble."

"Don't worry son." replied the referee. "Your principal already gave us the heads up on what's going on. If they start trouble, we'll finish it."

Yellow flags began flying on the very first play of the game. The opposing kicker kicked a very high kick-off, somewhat shorter than normal, so the receiver for Central called for a fair catch. His call was ignored by two boys on the visiting team, who tackled him pretty hard as he caught the ball.

The referee cued his mic and said, "Unnecessary roughness on the defense. Illegal deliberate tackle after the fair catch had been called. Penalty will be half the distance to the goal line from the spot of the foul."

The opposing fans booed very loudly when they realized that meant a thirty five yard penalty against their team. The referee wanted to send a message early that he wouldn't tolerate any unsportsmanlike play. On the next play, Rondell realized that the other team was going to come at Doug with the intent to hurt him on every play, regardless of what play they ran. Rondell relayed that to Doug, then told the line to protect their quarterback. Central moved the ball quickly downfield on running plays, while the other team tried to blitz every play. Darren sent the equipment handler around to the other side of the field to tell the other coach that if they were going to play like assholes, they would be treated the same.

Doug had run four pass plays, and gotten two first downs to place Central in scoring position. Since his receivers were also pretty much being ignored, he decided to run a short pass next. As Doug completed his first touchdown pass, an opponent broke clear of the line and took aim at him. Rondell caught the boy, and drove him hard into the ground just before he reached Doug. The opposing fans now booed even louder at the touchdown and at their player being taken down, and tension began to develop amongst the fans of the different schools.

As the other boy got up, Rondell sneered, "You even look at my quarterback again, and you're dead meat!"

The other coach ran out to the referee and yelled, "What kind of faggot loving asshole are you?! I demand a penalty on that play!"

"If you use one more derogatory word toward me, I WILL eject you from the game!" replied the referee. "And since you demand a penalty, you got it!" The referee threw his flag, then tapped his mic and said, "Unsportsmanlike conduct on the defense. Their coach has been given a warning. Foul was after the touchdown, so the penalty will be assessed after the kick-off." Then he turned back to the coach and asked, "Are you happy sir? Go ahead and say it! I'll kick you out of here, and your team will suffer because of it!"

The coach turned around fuming, without saying a word. The response from the opposing fans was as negative as could be expected. Doug went over to the sidelines with Darren, accompanied by jeering from the opposing fans.

"This game is going to be hell!" said Doug, as he removed his helmet.

"What are you talking about babe?" replied Darren. "They love us!"

The bitterness on the field seemed to die down, at least while Central's defense was on the field. When the opposing team was forced to punt, they realized that they would have to play the game a little more by the book. They would still look for the opportunity to take Central's key players out of the game though. Central was able to prevent them from doing that for the remainder of the first quarter though, and Doug passed for another touchdown. That now put the score at fourteen to zero in favor of Central, and brought the loudest boos and jeers yet. The opposing team was well on its way to setting an unbeatable record for penalties in one game.

On Central's first possession of the second quarter, Doug handed of the ball to his running back. The running back was able to run for a huge gain, because the player who was assigned to him went after Doug instead. Doug was knocked to the ground hard, and laid there with the wind knocked out of him. The opposing player was proud of himself as he trotted happily toward the sideline. Rondell knew he was going to take a penalty, but he didn't care. As the boy approached Rondell, Rondell clotheslined him hard enough to knock him to the ground, with his helmet flying off his head.

A flag had already been thrown on the defensive player, who was now flat on his back as well, so the referee had no choice but to throw a flag on Rondell's play. Then the referee went to Darren, who was checking Doug to see if he was okay.

"I can understand that your player was upset over the late hit, but he has to let us deal with those situations." said the referee. "I will begin ejecting players for any further acts of violence." After the referee gave the same warning to the other coach, he tapped his mic and said, "Unsportsmanlike conduct on the defense. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the offense. Penalties are offset, and both coaches have been warned."

Darren sent Paul in to play for Doug, and told him to tell the guys on the field not to retaliate against the other players anymore. As Doug sat on the bench trying to catch his breath, Darren had the team trainer look at him. Nothing appeared to be broken, and it looked like Doug would be okay after he had been given a chance to rest. When the opposing fans saw that Doug had been replaced, they cheered loudly for the fact that he had been injured. Darren shook his head in disgust at them.

The other team soon wished that Paul had not been brought in, as Central quickly scored another touchdown with him. The mood in the stands was now looking very ugly. On their next possession, the visiting team finally managed to break through Central's defense to score a touchdown, which brought the score to twenty one to seven in favor of Central. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Doug was feeling better, but let Paul go back in for him anyway. Paul managed to move the ball down to the twenty yard line before being stopped. Darren went ahead and sent Sky in to try the field goal. When the ball was snapped, Sky ran up and kicked it perfectly. The ball would have no problem making it through the uprights. As the ball sailed through the uprights, a defensive player came up behind Sky and knocked him to the ground hard. Doug immediately ran out to Sky as the opposing fans cheered, and saw that he was having problems getting up.

Darren went to the referee and calmly and politely said, "Please do something sir. That guy lost both of his parents two weeks ago, and they have no business treating him that way. They have no business treating any of us that way."

"Tell the boy that I'm sorry son." replied the referee. "I'm nipping this in the bud right now."

The referee signaled to the player who committed the hit on Sky, and signaled him to leave the field.

The other coach ran out and yelled, "You cocksucking motherfucker! You wait until my boys catch you off this damn field!"

The referee immediately signaled the coach to leave the field as well. Then he went to the sideline and said, "If I even see any of you boys LOOK at the other team in an unsportsmanlike manner, you WILL forfeit your semi-final game! Is that how you boys want to end your season, as the biggest cheaters this state has ever seen? Now, I suggest you tell your trainer that he has to take over for your coach, who I just ejected!" When the referee tapped his mic again, it would start the beginning of the end of the game. The referee tapped his mic and said, "Unsportsmanlike conduct on the defense. Deliberate late hit on the kicker with the intent to injure. The defensive player has been ejected, and the penalty will be assessed after the kick-off. We also have unsportsmanlike conduct on the defense for the coach using foul, offensive, and intimidating language to an official after being warned. The coach has also been ejected from the game. The visiting team has been warned that the next unsportsmanlike conduct call will result in the forfeiture of the game."

The visiting fans were not very happy with that, and began throwing anything they could get toward the field. Darren was now afraid for the safety of the team, so he called them out to the field, and sent them to the furthest end away from the visiting team's fans.

Darren went to the referee and said, "My team is not safe. We can't return to the sidelines until order has been restored."

The referee went over to the visiting team's trainer, who was now serving as their coach and said, "I am forfeiting this game to Central in one minute if you don't get your fans under control! Here's the mic, I suggest you start talking."

As the trainer talked to the unruly fans, the Central principal had the police line the field on their side. This did not deter the visiting fans, as the police officers were pelted with garbage. The referee saw that the trainer was completely unprepared for dealing with unruly people so he took his mic back. Then he went to where Darren and the team was standing, and told them to quickly get to their locker room, and that they would play the championship game next week.

Once the Central High School Warriors had made it to their locker room, the referee tapped his mic one last time and said, "Unsportsmanlike conduct on the visiting team due to fan intervention. The game has been forfeited to Central High School. Central will move on to the championship game next week."

When Darren and the team got to the locker room, Sky was still a little wobbly. The trainer looked him over, and suggested he go to the hospital to be checked out as a precautionary measure. Doug called Cory, and told him to meet them there, but not to worry because Sky would be fine.

"I can't believe that shit!" exclaimed Rondell. "Those chumps didn't even deserve to be on the same field with us!"

"Rondell, about that clothesline when Doug went down,..." started Darren.

"I'm sorry Darren." said Rondell. "I know I shouldn't have done it, but when I saw my friend hit the ground like that, and that bastard smiling about it, I guess I just flipped."

"Let me finish Rondell." said Darren. "I was going to say nice shot, just try not to do it again. And if you do, I didn't see it!"

Then Darren smiled at Rondell, and they both began to laugh. "Okay everyone, listen up!" said Darren. "Next Friday we WILL be playing for the state championship! I know we could have beat these guys, even if they hadn't acted like assholes. We better not plan on that happening again though. I want everyone to spend the weekend putting this game out of their minds, and next week we will practice to become the state champions! I'm proud of all of my friends here." Then Darren gave a nod to Rondell after the last statement.

After everyone was ready, Darren, Doug, Paul, and Darryl got Sky in the Pathfinder with them, and took him to the hospital. Cory and Jenni were already there, and Doug helped sign Sky in to be treated. Then the doctor took Sky back to look him over.

As Sky was back being examined, Cory asked, "What the hell kind of game did you guys have? Why was it over so early?"

"Well, you're probably going to hear this one on the news anyway, so you might as well hear it from us first." replied Doug. "Apparently the other team knew that several guys on the team are gay. They had a protest planned, and quite a few of their fans in the stands. The other team also decided it would be the gentlemanly thing to do to go after our best players to injure them. They didn't have any luck though until the second quarter. First they knocked me out of the game, then they went after Sky. After that, it got kind of ugly, and the referee had to forfeit the game to us."

"Damn, what a bunch of ignorant assholes!" exclaimed Cory. "I know that Sky probably wants to go with you and Darren this weekend. He always does. I would like to keep an eye on him this weekend though. He at least got his bell rung pretty good, and he's the only family I have left now."

"I understand Cory." replied Doug. "The problem is that the news is going to want to be all over this story, and they'll probably want to find Darren, myself, and Sky. I'd like for the whole team to be out of town this weekend, just in case, but it would really be good if Sky went with us. Is there any way that you and Jenni can follow us, and spend the weekend in Sterling Heights?"

"I guess we can manage that." replied Cory. "The last thing Sky needs right now is the press hounding him."

The doctor finally brought Sky back out and said, "Sky will be fine. His CAT scan was clear, and his reflexes and pupils are good. He sustained a very minor concussion though, so I would like him to relax for the next twenty four hours, and someone will need to keep an eye on him and look for any unusual symptoms. Other than that, he's free to go now."

Doug and the other boys followed Cory and Jenni back to their house. Sky was slightly disappointed that his older brother would be tagging along, as he wasn't sure how Cory would take his relationship with Tim when he finally found out. Doug assured Sky that everything would be okay this weekend though. Then finally, everyone was ready to head to Sterling Heights.

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