No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

The doctor finally brought Sky back out and said, "Sky will be fine. His CAT scan was clear, and his reflexes and pupils are good. He sustained a very minor concussion though, so I would like him to relax for the next twenty four hours, and someone will need to keep an eye on him and look for any unusual symptoms. Other than that, he's free to go now."

Doug and the other boys followed Cory and Jenni back to their house. Sky was slightly disappointed that his older brother would be tagging along, as he wasn't sure how Cory would take his relationship with Tim when he finally found out. Doug assured Sky that everything would be okay this weekend though. Then finally, everyone was ready to head to Sterling Heights.

On the drive to Sterling Heights, Paul and Darryl saw the construction at the dome and began talking about it. Doug and Darren snickered as they talked like they didn't know too much about it. They wanted to surprise their friends tomorrow. When everyone pulled into the driveway at Doug and Darren's house, Tim already seemed to be there.

"Hi boys, you're running a little late." said Fred, as he met everyone at the door. "We were almost ready to give up on you for tonight."

"We had a kinda rough game today, and had to stop by the hospital." replied Doug. "Everyone is okay though."

"What happened?" asked Fred.

"The other team showed up, and decided they didn't want to play a very sportsmanlike game." said Darren. "Doug got roughed up a little, but Sky caught the worst of it. That's why Cory and Jenni came along with us. The referee ended up having to forfeit the game to us."

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Fred. "Is Sky okay?"

"What's wrong with Sky?" asked Tim, as he came to the door with Fred.

"He just has a minor concussion, and the doctor wants him to take it easy tonight and tomorrow." replied Darren. "He'll be fine though."

"Hi Tim!" smiled Sky. "I got my bell rung, but we won the game!"

"Hi there Sky." replied Tim, as he returned Sky's smile. "I'm glad you're okay. I see you brought your brother along too. Hi Cory, how are you?"

"Pretty good Tim." replied Cory. "It looks like we'll be making a bowl game this year over Christmas vacation, and I've been considering making it a honeymoon trip as well."

"Congratulations then Cory." said Tim, as he offered Cory his hand to shake. "Have you asked Jenni yet?"

"I was thinking about doing it this weekend, but I'm sure she'll say yes." replied Cory.

"She'd be crazy not to say yes." laughed Tim. "I hope everything works out well for you two. I know how rough it's been lately for you and your brother. I've had to go through too much of that myself this year."

"Yeah, it hasn't been the greatest year at times." replied Cory. "I'm sure everything will turn around for all of us eventually though."

"Well Cory, you know that I'll help in any way that I can." said Tim.

"Thanks Tim, I can see why Sky likes you." replied Cory. "I appreciate all the help you've been to him already."

"It's my pleasure Cory." replied Tim.

While Tim and Cory had been talking, Doug had introduced Paul and Darryl to everyone. Then everyone went on inside, and Fred called their favorite take-out to order dinner. The delivery person seemed a little overwhelmed by the size of the order when he delivered it, but the boys were eager to help him bring it in. Fred made sure to give him a very good tip. Dinner was filled with a lot of talk and some laughter. Sky snuck around and ended up sitting next to Tim for dinner, but Cory didn't seem to notice anything going on. Jenni did though, but she could tell that Tim seemed to care about Sky very much, so she didn't see anything wrong with it. She decided to give Sky a few more weeks before talking to him about it.

When bedtime finally came, it was time to figure out sleeping arrangements. "Benjamin and I can bunk with Donnie and Chris." offered Wakki. "That will clear up our room for someone."

"Okay then, we have Wakki's room and the guest room." said Doug.

"My place may be kind of small, but my sofa folds out into a very nice bed if anyone would like that." offered Tim.

"I'll go with Tim then." said Sky right away.

"I kinda wanted to keep an eye on you little brother." said Cory. "You did take a pretty hard lick today."

"I can watch him for the night Cory." said Tim. "If I notice anything the least bit unusual, you'll be the first person I call."

"Please Cory?" begged Sky. "I'll have him bring me back here first thing in the morning."

"I think he should be okay until morning babe." said Jenni.

"Okay little brother, but you better behave yourself." said Cory.

"I promise I will." smiled Sky.

Tim and Sky left to go back to Tim's place, so Doug gave Wakki's room to Paul and Darryl, and Cory and Jenni took the guest room. As soon as Cory and Jenni got ready and got in bed together, Cory gave Jenni a very loving kiss.

"Jenni, with everything that has happened over the last few weeks, it has made me think about a few things." said Cory, after breaking the kiss. "It has made me think about how much we need to be a family. I need to be a part of a family, and I'm sure Sky does as well. I worry quite a bit about how rough the past few weeks have been on him. Jenni, will you marry me over the Thanksgiving holiday?"

"I would love that more that anything in the world Cory." replied Jenni. "I think we will make a wonderful family, and I'll do everything I can to help you take care of Sky."

Meanwhile in Wakki's room, Paul and Darryl were taking turns watching each other completely undress. Paul had never thought of looking at another naked guy like he was looking at Darryl now, but he knew that he needed what was about to happen.

As Paul stripped for Darryl, Darryl softly said, "That is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen Paul! Your body looks so soft and beautiful."

The two naked boys then laid down on the bed together, and Darryl took Paul into his arms. As Paul shared a very warm and tender kiss with Darryl, he felt his cock begin to stiffen.

When they broke that first kiss, Paul said, "I need you to make love to me Darryl. I've never felt feelings this strong before, and I need our bodies to be together. I need to feel your love inside me, and I need to give you my love."

"I can't think of anything that would feel better Paul." replied Darryl.

As Darryl placed his lips back against Paul's, his hands began to caress the boy who needed his love. One of Darryl's hands softly and lovingly rubbed Paul's butt, while the other hand found Paul's erect cock. Paul caressed the back of Darryl's head with one of his hands, while the other hand wrapped itself around Darryl's cock. After Paul and Darryl kissed for a few minutes, Darryl turned around and eased himself down until Paul's cock was directly in front of his face. Paul moaned loudly as he felt Darryl's soft lips wrap around his cock. Then Paul gazed lovingly at Darryl's cock, which was now the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Paul took ahold of Darryl's cock with one hand, and lovingly licked the head with his tongue. Then Paul put the head of Darryl's cock fully between his lips, and passionately kissed the head of Darryl's cock. Darryl loved that, and moaned deeply around Paul's cock. When Paul felt Darryl moan around his cock, he slid his lips gently down the shaft of Darryl's cock. Paul now had another boy's cock in his mouth for the first time ever, and nothing had ever felt better to him. The feeling of Darryl's cock against the inside of his mouth was the most perfect and wonderful thing he could imagine. Paul began sucking lightly as his lips began sliding up and down on the shaft of Darryl's cock. When Paul's tongue found the head of Darryl's cock, it began to caress it passionately. Darryl was putting more love into pleasuring Paul's cock than he ever had to anyone else, and Paul was making him feel very good as well.

Both boys backed off each other several times, because neither one wanted their love-making to end too soon. Every time Paul backed off Darryl's cock, he made sure to tell his boyfriend how much he loved making love to him.

The last time Paul said that, Darryl giggled as he replied, "I'm glad you love my cock so much Paul. It's yours anytime you want it, which I hope is very often!"

After about thirty minutes, Paul and Darryl began making love even more passionately. They now both wanted to make their boyfriend cum. Darryl was first, and Paul got his very first taste of cum. At first he didn't know what to do with a mouthful of Darryl's cum, but after a little over ten seconds, he realized that it tasted kinda nice, so he went ahead and swallowed it. Then Paul lovingly licked Darryl's cock clean as he built up to his orgasm. Darryl eagerly drank Paul's cum the moment it began shooting into his mouth. Once Paul's orgasm was over, Darryl turned back around and the boys shared another passionate kiss.

Darryl finally broke the kiss, and laughed as he said, "You've got cum breath dude!"

"Are you trying to make me hard again lover boy?" giggled Paul.

The two boys shared a laugh, then embraced each other as Darryl rested his head on Paul's chest. That was how they fell asleep a few moments later.

When Tim and Sky got to Tim's place that night, Sky followed Tim straight to his bedroom. Tim knew that Sky just wanted closeness right now, and he was fine with that. The two undressed together, then climbed into bed. Sky snuggled his backside tightly into Tim's front, and playfully ground his butt into Tim's crotch. Tim smiled as he put an arm over Sky, and gently rubbed the boy's chest. After a few minutes of massaging Sky's chest, the boy began drifting off in the safety of Tim's arms. When Sky had fallen asleep, Tim joined him in slumber a few moments later.

As soon as Tim awoke the next morning, he kissed the back of Sky's neck until Sky awoke, then asked, "How are you feeling this morning Sky?"

"Very safe and warm." smiled Sky. "I love being in your arms Tim. It's too bad we told Cory that we'd meet him at Doug and Darren's so early."

"I'm sure that you will know when the time is right for us to go further, and tell Cory about your feelings." replied Tim. "You are a very bright and perceptive young man after all."

"And it does so much good for you to think of me that way, and treat me the same way." replied Sky.

"That's because I care so much about you that it's hard to even put it into words." said Tim. "You are a very special young man Sky."

Sky turned around in bed, and gave Tim a very loving and tender kiss. Tim and Sky finally broke the kiss after several minutes, and began getting dressed to meet up with Cory and Jenni.

Paul and Darryl awoke in each other's arms, and smiled brightly before sharing a kiss. When they broke the kiss, Paul said, "Waking up with you like this feels so right Darryl. This feels like how the rest of our lives should be. I would love to be able to look into your beautiful face every morning as we wake up in each other's arms."

"That makes me very happy." replied Darryl. "I was hoping my next boyfriend would be as romantic as you Paul. Tonight when we make love, I'm going to put myself inside you. Don't worry though, I'll be so gentle with you that I know you'll love it."

"I can't wait until tonight then!" smiled Paul.

When Cory and Jenni awoke, they got together with Fred, Mary, Doug, and Darren in the living room. Then Jenni said, "Last night Cory asked me to marry him, and I said of course I would. We're going to get married over the Thanksgiving holiday."

Everyone took turns hugging the newly engaged couple, and wished them the best with their lives together. As that was going on, Tim and Sky walked in together. Cory went over and smiled as he gave his brother a hug.

"I'm going to get married to Jenni, little brother!" said Cory happily. "Isn't that great?!"

"Yeah, that's great." replied Sky. "I'm really happy for both of you."

Sky didn't sound too convincing, so Cory asked, "What's wrong Sky? I thought you would be a little happier for me than that."

Then Tim whispered briefly into Cory's ear for a few moments, and Cory nodded his head in understanding. Cory sat down, then pulled Sky onto his lap and hugged him tightly.

"There's nothing to worry about Sky." said Cory softly. "This is the start of a long and happy life together for Jenni and me. Mom and dad had that too, and I'd be willing to bet that they're very happy about this. You do know that they're still watching over us, right?"

"I know, but I wish they were HERE watching over us." sniffled Sky.

"They will be HERE with us." replied Cory. "All you have to do for that to happen is remember the happy times we all had together, and I promise that they'll never leave us. Jenni and I aren't going anywhere either Sky. You need us, so we're going to be right here for you for a long time. I promise that too."

"I love you Cory!" cried Sky, as he hugged his brother tightly. "I'm glad you have Jenni, and that you two are going to be married."

This time Sky sounded like he meant it, so Cory said, "Thanks Sky, it means a lot that you're happy for me. And you'll have someone just as special as Jenni is to me someday. I promise when that happens, I'll make him feel like a part of our family. All I'll need to know is that you love him, and he loves you just as much. Your happiness means everything to me Sky."

After the two brothers finished hugging, and Cory gave Sky a kiss on the cheek, Cory stood up to face Tim. Cory gave Tim a light hug as he said, "Thanks Tim, you were so right about me and Jenni. I don't know if I would have had the nerve to go through with it if it hadn't been for what you said. And thanks for the help with Sky too. It means a lot that you care about him. I can see why he wants you as a friend now, and I don't have any problem with that."

"I just want to see both of you as happy as possible right now." replied Tim. "I've been through this too, and I know how hard it can be to get your happiness back. You and Sky both deserve all the help you can get with that right now."

Once everyone was awake and dressed, Doug asked, "Why don't we all go out to breakfast together this morning? After that, we can swing by the park to see how things are going there."

Everyone liked the idea, although Paul and Darryl were a little confused by that last part. After breakfast had been demolished, and the group had left the people at the restaurant to recover, Doug and Darren took the lead with Paul and Darryl in their car. Paul and Darryl's confusion from earlier quickly disappeared as Doug pulled in to the gate to their park.

"Good morning Mister Atherton and Mister Chambers." said Hank the guard. "How are you today?"

"We're fine Hank!" replied Doug cheerfully. "How about you?"

"I'm fine as usual." replied Hank. "Did you boys bring hard hats for your friends?"

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Doug. "I knew we forgot something!"

"Not a problem sir, we got some more in this week and I have a case of them here in the booth." said Hank, as he handed Doug a couple of hats. "You boys have a good time today. Who's car is that behind you?"

"That's our sister's fiancee Cory." replied Doug. "Tim and Sky are in the car with them, and then the next one back is dad's car."

"Okay Doug, I'll just wave them all through then." replied Hank.

"Thanks Hank." replied Doug. "You may want to give Cory and Jenni a hard hat first though."

The entire conversation left Paul and Darryl just a little shocked. Paul finally asked, "Why did that guard just treat you like you own the place Doug?"

"That could be because Darren and I DO own the place." laughed Doug. "Go ahead and adjust these hard hats and put them on before we get out up here."

All three cars came to a stop, and everyone got out and put their hard hats on. Then Darren said, "Paul and Darryl, welcome to Thunderdome Amusement Park. Doug and I hope you'll pardon the dust, but there's a lot of construction going on in our park right now. Would you like to see how we're doing on the outdoor rides right now?"

"Sure!" replied both boys in awe.

Doug and Darren laughed as they led the group around to the side of the dome. Darren said, "This first one is our biggest. Since it will have a five hundred foot drop straight down toward the ground, Doug and I have decided to call it the Sky Diver. We like to let Sky think we named it after him though. It will also have a vertical loop over three hundred and thirty feet high, and a cobra roll at over two hundred feet. The first inclined helix is guaranteed to force your stomach out of your butt, and we have a bunny hill at over two hundred feet. I think we'll see a lot of screaming on this one!"

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Paul.

"Do you expect many people to survive this one?" asked Darryl.

That question made the entire group laugh, and Tim said, "I'm looking forward to the first ride on this baby!"

The group had to stay in the middle of the midway, as there was construction going on on both sides. "We're putting in some smaller spinning rides across from the Sky Diver, in case some people haven't worked up enough nerve to try it yet." said Doug. "When we get up here near the Sky Diver's first turn, make sure you watch out for the big hole on the right."

When they got to where Doug was talking about, the boys peered carefully into the fifty foot deep hole while they whistled.

"That's a big hole!" said Paul. "What are they doing here, digging to China?"

"They're letting the sealer set right now so the hole will stay dry." laughed Tim. "Then they will pour the foundation for the world's tallest stand-up gyro drop. It's going to go up three hundred and fifty feet."

"Standing up?!" asked Darryl fearfully.

"Yes, it should be quite a rush." said Tim. "I wanted them to dig the hole another fifty feet so the first fifty feet of the ride would be below ground, but we would have had too many water table issues with that. We're still considering adding a building around the bottom of it, but that wouldn't have looked as nice as the ride dropping into the ground."

"Yeah, you could have put a cute little railing around the hole with skull and crossbones signs around it." replied Paul.

"I like how your friend thinks Doug!" chuckled Tim.

The group finally got back to the large wooden coaster that was being built along the back side of the park. The ride had large hills on the front and back sides, and the back side had what appeared to be a loop under construction toward the infield side. One side of the infield had been left open toward the park.

"What are you calling this?" asked Paul.

"We all had to think about this one for a while." said Darren. "Then we discovered that if you look at it from the air, it looks like the letter U. We finally decided to call it Wooden U."

"Cool name!" laughed Darryl. "Is that a loop they're building toward the infield on the back side?"

"Yep, it sure is." replied Darren. "It's going to come off the mid-course block, over a small hump, and into a loop."

"Sweet!" replied Paul and Darryl together.

"Yeah, the boys are way ahead of us old folks on these new designs." laughed Fred. "Tim was telling me about something that I hope Doug and Darren will let him build though. When my mother and father got married they went to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. Not too far from there was a park called Crystal Beach. My dad use to tell me stories about a ride there called the Crystal Beach Cyclone, and it sounded like a blast. Then Tim mentioned it, and said he found a simulator program that had the Cyclone in it. It looked just the way my dad described it."

"We're still thinking about it dad." laughed Darren.

As the group headed back toward the offices to look inside the dome, Fred said, "Tim, Mary, and I have been going over your boys notes from Pittsburgh. We think we have a good idea now of how they can keep their prices down and still offer better quality food and merchandise than other parks. We've been looking around, and we're sure we can incorporate most of that into our park. The admission might not be as low, but it won't be as high as our closest competitor either."

"What about the possibility that they might lower their admission for next season?" asked Darren.

"I think that's just a marketing ploy by them to regain the business they lost at the end of the season." replied Fred. "If they don't change the way they operate, it won't help them that much. There are too many other parks trying to take business away from them, and they don't want to admit that it's possible. They will probably end up finding out the hard way, then it will be too late for them. Someone will swoop in, and buy them out."

"Do you really think so Mister Chambers?" asked Paul. "Those people have been around for a long time."

"Over the years they've had some really good management." replied Fred. "They stayed open during the Great Depression when no one thought they could, and they were competitive when the big theme parks began springing up in the sixties and seventies. Their management has been awful and getting worse every year for the past decade though, and even though they've tried to offer the most impressive rides, it has gotten to the point where that may no longer help. Who knows, if they can survive another two or three years, WE may end up buying them out."

"Wow, do you think it's THAT bad for them, in spite of what they say?" asked Doug.

"You have to remember that if they are having problems, the last thing they will ever do is tell the public that." replied Fred. "It will show in statistics compared to other parks though. The gas crisis this fall did hurt some parks, but not nearly as bad as it hurt them, and I don't think it was just due to the gas crisis either. People would rather go somewhere to have fun where they feel that the management cares about them. No one believes that particular park gives a rat's ass about anyone except themselves."

"Well, that's where we will be much different." said Darren. "Tim thinks that there isn't any reason why we shouldn't be able to treat our guests like we love them. Isn't that right Tim?"

"We'll make that other park look like the Grinch who stole Christmas!" laughed Tim. "We'll treat our guests so well that they'll willingly believe that the people who run the other park are the kind of people who would steal candy from babies!"

Everyone laughed as they headed on inside the dome. Paul and Darryl was impressed that there was even more work going on inside than there was outside.

"Why does it seem like there's more going on in here than outside?" asked Paul.

"This is the main part of our park." said Tim. "This will be what really draws people in, and we want it mostly finished by the end of February. Work outside will begin to slow down soon, until March. When March comes, we want all of our efforts concentrated on the outdoor section of the park. We're going to set our official opening for Memorial Day weekend, so that will give us less than three months to finish up out there. We're still considering a soft opening for the two weeks prior to opening weekend though."

"I've told Simon that that will mean we will need to have our staff hired and ready to train by the first day of May." said Fred. "We want to make sure every employee knows how we want to operate the park, no matter what their job is."

"I would still like to have some of our staff hired and training by the last week of April." said Tim. "Those people would be the first to take any leadership roles."

"Anyway, enough of the boring business stuff!" laughed Doug. "We have three coasters and two towers on the floor. On one side of the lower bowl will be our kiddy area, and we'll have larger rides around the rest of the lower and upper bowl wherever the Screaming Eagle will allow them. The lift going up between the two towers and the restaurant fly-by will be the most awesome parts of that one."

"Is that a water ride up there in the left upper bowl?" asked Darryl.

"Yep, it's the only indoor raft ride in the world." said Darren. "Everyone else thinks that they can only be built outdoors, but we're going to prove them wrong. If they can build an indoor flume ride in Vegas, then we can build an indoor raft ride here."

At that point the ride maintenance supervisor came up to Fred and said, "The state inspector was here this morning while you were outside sir. He really got a kick out of our pink pigs. Anyway, after he got through laughing, he cleared our first ride and gave us a sticker."

"Would anyone like to ride?" asked Fred. "It would be the very first ride ever in a brand new park. I've been over the controls thoroughly with the technicians, so I can operate it for you."

Of course all of the boys were eager to ride, even if it was just a kiddy ride, so everyone headed over to the Enchanted Village. Fred did a ride check and test run while the boys all waited in the queue with Cory, Jenni, and Tim. Then he opened the gates, and everyone went in with their partner and picked out a pink pig to sit in.

"Welcome to When Pigs Fly." said Fred over the PA. "Please make sure your safety belt is fastened, as the ride will not operate with an unfastened safety belt. Once the ride has started, you can make your pig go up by pulling the control toward you. Pushing the control away from you will make your pig come down." Then Fred went out and checked all the safety belts, returned to the booth, and said. "Okay everyone, please enjoy your ride on When Pigs Fly."

Everyone laughed and had a ball on the ride. It was so much fun that the boys made Fred run the ride four times before they got off. When they did get off, Paul laughed as he asked, "Where in the world did you guys come up with the idea to call it When Pigs Fly?"

"We decided that the theme of the entire Enchanted Village should be loony." snickered Doug. "The pig ride was mine and Darren's idea. I can't wait until Tim's is ready. His is a teacup ride called A Snowball's Chance. You ride in snowball shaped cars that spin and circle around a nasty looking devil. Then you should see the ride vehicles on our carousel. It has any kind of animal you wouldn't think of riding, and none that you would think of riding. I personally can't wait to ride a chicken."

"I want to ride a grasshopper!" laughed Darren.

"You guys have too much time on your hands!" laughed Darryl.

After Fred had shut the ride down, everyone headed back out to the cars to go home. On the way there, Doug and Darren swore Paul and Darryl to secrecy about the park. Then Doug asked Paul about last night. Paul was a little shy about talking about making love to Darryl at first, but once he got started, he had everyone in the car hard. Then he told Doug about their plans for that night, as Darryl smiled at his boyfriend's enthusiasm.

Sounds like Paul has found out without a doubt that he's gay. In Starting Over, I listed the vertical loop on the Sky Diver as two hundred and fifty feet. After writing that, I built the Sky Diver on my coaster simulation program. I found out with a loop that small, the ride would pull over fifteen G's. The height mentioned in this chapter is correct as far as keeping the G's survivable Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 25.