No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 25

From the last chapter:

"We decided that the theme of the entire Enchanted Village should be loony." snickered Doug. "The pig ride was mine and Darren's idea. I can't wait until Tim's is ready. His is a teacup ride called A Snowball's Chance. You ride in snowball shaped cars that spin and circle around a nasty looking devil. Then you should see the ride vehicles on our carousel. It has any kind of animal you wouldn't think of riding, and none that you would think of riding. I personally can't wait to ride a chicken."

"I want to ride a grasshopper!" laughed Darren.

"You guys have too much time on your hands!" laughed Darryl.

After Fred had shut the ride down, everyone headed back out to the cars to go home. On the way there, Doug and Darren swore Paul and Darryl to secrecy about the park. Then Doug asked Paul about last night. Paul was a little shy about talking about making love to Darryl at first, but once he got started, he had everyone in the car hard. Then he told Doug about their plans for that night, as Darryl smiled at his boyfriend's enthusiasm.

That night Paul was laying on his back as Darryl lubed his cock. "Are you sure you want me to do this Paul?" asked Darryl. "Feeling my cock push into your butt is going to be different than anything you've ever felt before."

"I have to feel your beautiful cock inside me Darryl!" replied Paul. "I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love you, and I need this."

"Okay babe, I'll be as gentle as I can taking your virginity." smiled Darryl.

Darryl put Paul's ankles up on his shoulders, and lined his erect cock up to Paul's pucker. As soon as Darryl slowly pushed his cock into Paul, he saw Paul wince noticeably.

"Does it hurt too much babe?" asked Darryl with concern.

"What did you put in my ass man, a telephone pole?" groaned Paul.

"I'll take it out and loosen you up some more babe." said Darryl.

"Please don't take your cock out of me my love!" begged Paul. "I just need to get use to it. It's already starting to let up a little. Just hold your cock right where it is inside me, until I get use to it."

Darryl held his cock still inside Paul, as he rubbed Paul's heaving chest. After a few minutes, Darryl saw Paul relax, and the smile return to his face. Then Darryl slowly worked the rest of his cock into Paul.

As soon as Darryl was all the way in, Paul moaned, "I love it that I just gave my virginity to you Darryl. Your cock feels like it was meant to be inside me now. I hope you will be my lover forever!"

"That would be a wonderful way to spend forever." smiled Darryl.

Both boys moaned passionately as Darryl's cock thrust in and out of Paul. Darryl could tell that Paul was looking forward to feeling his cum shooting into him, but Darryl made it last as long as he could. After about ten minutes though, Darryl could not hold back his orgasm. Paul almost shouted out from the wonderful feeling of Darryl's warm cum shooting into him. When Darryl's orgasm was over, the boys switched places, and Paul lovingly made love to Darryl. Then they fell asleep in each other's arms smiling.

The next morning, Paul went on and on about how great the last night was. Doug and Darren both smiled at their friend, as they knew that Paul's and Darryl's love was just as strong as theirs now. When Tim brought Sky back later, it was time to go back to Lansing.

The principal talked to Doug and Darren constantly that week, and finally worked out an arrangement. Doug and Darren waited until after practice Thursday though to tell the team, because they didn't want anything to interfere with their preparations for the state championship game.

After Thursday's practice was over, Doug gathered the team together and said, "I know that most of you guys think that tomorrow is the last time that Darren and I will be with the team. It is true that after next week, Darren and I will be moving to Sterling Heights. We have worked out an arrangement with the principal though that will allow both of us to return next year as your coaches. I won't be a student anymore, so I won't be able to play, but nothing in the books says that I can't coach the team. Besides, Paul is turning out to be as fine of a quarterback as I am, and he is more than able to take over that position full time next season. I hope I see all of you guys back here next year if you aren't graduating, because this is the greatest team that has ever played this game. Now, let's get out there tomorrow and end this season in style!"

The team was in a fantastic mood as they left that evening. Everyone on the team knew that they would have missed Doug and Darren very much, but now they wouldn't. Due to Central High School's record, the championship game would be played at their home field. As the boys took to the field for their final game of the year, they were awed by the crowd. The stands on either side of the field were packed as full as possible, and no empty spot around the field was left unused. The boys had never dreamt of seeing a crowd like this. Doug, Rondell, and Darryl went out for Central for the coin toss.

The other team's captain looked at Doug and said, "You guys ain't getting an easy one like you did last week. Those guys were so stupid that they deserved to lose. We're going to beat you on the field by playing the best game that we can."

"That's just the way we like to play it!" grinned Doug.

It turned out to be the closest game of the season for either team. The longest anyone held a lead was when Central had a lead for just over seven minutes. The other team was true to their captain's word though, and played a very sportsmanlike game. The fans were sure that the game would end in a tie, and go into overtime. Neither team disappointed the fans either. The score was still tied at seventeen at the end of the first overtime, and both teams were desperately trying to end it. After eight straight fourth down punts, Central found themselves with the ball one more time late in the second overtime. Doug was so desperate to put something together, that he took himself out of the game and substituted Paul. Paul had played the second and fourth quarters, and had done very well. Doug was now hoping that he was rested enough to put something together for Central.

When Paul was able to convert his first third down, it seemed to pump the team up. Doug and Darren sent in plays, and watched as Paul and the team slowly moved the ball down the field. Paul's string finally came to an end though, with a fourth down and the ball on the opponent's thirty yard line.

Darren went to Sky and said, "Sky, you know that we all love you very much, and we all know you can do this for us. I want you to go out there and not think about anything except getting the ball through the uprights. Your teammates will take care of everything else."

After Darren gave Sky a quick hug on the sidelines, Sky headed out to what everyone hoped would be the last play of the game. As both teams lined up for the snap, Sky cleared his mind of everything except kicking. Darryl snapped the ball to Paul, who placed it on the ground for Sky. The other team tried desperately to block the kick as Sky got it off as quickly as he could. Sky even thought the ball might have been tapped, but the other player knew that he missed it by less than an inch. Sky didn't know that though, so he turned around and put his head down in his hands, thinking that the ball would miss the uprights. Then Sky heard the roar of the crowd as the referee signaled a successful field goal, and turned around as his teammates mobbed him. Sky was carried off the field on his teammate's shoulders, to an overjoyed Doug and Darren.

During the celebration, the other team's captain came over to Doug and said, "I don't care if a lot of you guys are gay, you played a hell of a game! You deserve this."

"I think either of us could have ended up winning this one." replied Doug. "You guys are every bit as good as us."

"Thanks Atherton." replied the boy, as he held his hand out for Doug to shake.

It only took about ten minutes to set up the trophy presentation. After Central High was awarded the championship trophy, and Doug and Darren were named co-coaches of the year, there was one more trophy to hand out. That was for Doug and Darren's recommendation for most valuable player. Sky was almost overcome when he was called out to receive that honor. The only words he could manage was a thank you to the crowd and his team. Then everyone on the team came by, and gave Sky a hug in front of the crowd. The crowd did include Cory and Jenni, and Cory couldn't have been more proud of his little brother. Tim was also in the crowd, and he gave Sky a wave and a smile from his seat. When Jenni saw that, she invited Tim by their house for what was sure to be a very loud and happy victory party.

The party was exactly that, but Tim was glad he made it there, as it gave him the chance to congratulate his young boyfriend much better than at the game. That was what Jenni wanted to know, and after seeing them at the party when they thought no one was looking, she would now make it a point to speak to Sky next week. All she wanted to know for now was that Tim cared about Sky, and would treat him well. The party ended very late, so Doug and Darren asked Tim to spend the night, and follow them to Sterling Heights in the morning. Even though he wouldn't be able to sleep with Sky, it still sounded like a good idea.

Doug and Darren were so passionate making love that night, that Tim could hear them from the next room. It made him smile though that his two bosses loved each other so much. When it sounded like Doug was cumming inside Darren though, he almost wished he could have been there to see it.

Darren woke up the next morning with Doug's cock still inside him, and squeezed Doug's hand as he said, "I love waking up with you filling me like this Doug."

"That's good babe." replied Doug softly. "It feels so good inside you that I can't imagine anything better than being inside you all night. Let's see if we can get up and make it to the shower joined together like this."

The two boys got up carefully, and walked together in perfect harmony to the bathroom, with Doug's cock staying deeply inside Darren. As Darren shampooed their hair together, Doug thrust his cock gently in and out of Darren. Then Doug rubbed the soap gently over both of them as he continued making love to Darren in the shower. As the boys were rinsing themselves off, Doug began moaning as he cummed inside Darren. Once Doug's orgasm was over, he leaned Darren back against the wall of the shower, and went down on his knees to take Darren's cock into his mouth. Doug lovingly caressed Darren's cock with his lips and tongue until Darren began to moan softly. Doug drank hungrily as Darren's cum shot into his mouth. Once Darren had finished cumming, the two boys kissed passionately as they cleaned their genitals, and Darren's butt. The sight of Doug and Darren walking proudly back to their room naked almost took Tim's breath as he passed them in the hallway.

Once Tim and the boys started to Sterling Heights that morning, they made it about two blocks before Sky had both cars stop, and jumped in the car with Tim. Then Sky cuddled into Tim's side all the way there. Once they got to Sterling Heights, the day was spent telling Doug and Darren's family about the game, and celebrating the championship. Later that evening when Sky and Tim went to his place, they both stripped down for bed, and shared their most passionate kiss yet.

Sky finally broke the kiss long enough to say, "I want us to caress each other's bodies tonight Tim. I know how you feel, and it won't go any further than that."

"It's not that I don't want it to go further than that Sky." replied Tim. "I would love to make love to you right now, if we both felt we were ready for it. I'll wait for you as long as it takes Sky, because I love you very much, and I would love to caress your beautiful body tonight."

Tim and Sky resumed their kiss, and began gently rubbing their hands over each other. Tim loved the feel of Sky's hands on his chest and back, as they worked their way down. Tim smiled when he felt Sky lovingly caress his butt, then Tim moved his hands around to Sky's crotch. Sky gasped lightly as Tim softly caressed his cock and balls. Then Sky moved his hands around, and caressed Tim to an erection. Tim and Sky kissed deeply as they rubbed each other gently.

Sky finally broke the kiss again and said, "I guess we better take over on our own cocks unless you want us to make each other cum."

Tim hugged Sky with one arm as he returned Sky's cock and balls to him. Then Tim and Sky began to stroke themselves. After only a moment, Sky stroked his cum all over Tim's crotch. When Tim felt Sky's warm cum shooting against his cock and hand, Tim began shooting his cum onto Sky's crotch. The two then pressed their cum soaked crotches together, and fell asleep in a tight but loving embrace.

The next morning Tim and Sky shared a nice warm shower, then shared a nice romantic breakfast in Tim's kitchen. As they prepared to go back to Doug and Darren's house, Tim drew Sky into a tender and long kiss.

When Tim broke the kiss, he said, "I love you very much Sky. I think you will be a fantastic lover, and I can't wait until we're both ready."

"I love you too Tim, and I promise that I'll work on it." replied Sky, before cuddling his head into Tim's chest.

"You are the sweetest boy that has ever walked this planet Sky." smiled Tim, as he stroked Sky's head.

The next week at school was Doug and Darren's last week in Lansing. Fred had found them a private school in Sterling Heights that would allow them to complete some of their studies at home when necessary. Most of their friends spent the week begging them to stay, but their closest friends knew why they couldn't. Billy, Rondell, Paul, and Darryl got together to throw them a going away party on Friday, with Sky setting the party up at his house.

"What's this going away party?" asked Doug. "You guys better get over to Sterling Heights every weekend, or Darren and I will come back here and drag you to our house."

"I think what Doug means is, we love you guys like family, and we'll see you as often as possible no matter how we have to do it." laughed Darren.

By the end of the party, most of the boys there had gotten together and giggled as they whispered back and forth. Then they all lined up and gave Doug and Darren both a nice warm kiss of friendship on their lips. Doug and Darren were both shocked when Rondell joined in the good-bye kiss, but for different reasons. Darren did think Rondell was a nice kisser, and if his suspicions were right, Billy was a hell of a lucky guy. He still wanted to let them come to him and tell him though.

The next morning, Sky helped Doug and Darren load their stuff in the Pathfinder, and they took Sky with them to Sterling Heights. They would bring him back to Lansing the next day, but then they would return to their family. Everyone was happy to see Doug and Darren with the rest of their belongings. Donnie had missed his older brother living with them so much that he jumped up into Doug's arms, and kissed him hard on the cheek. Doug laughed as he ruffled Donnie's hair, and returned his little brother's kiss to his forehead. That night, due to painting at Tim's place and in the guest room at Doug and Darren's house, Tim and Sky had to use the spare bed in Doug and Darren's room. This would be the first time for Tim to watch Doug and Darren make love, so Doug and Darren wanted to give him a show he would remember.

When Doug and Darren stripped down for bed, Tim and Sky followed suit. Then they laid down on the bed, and Tim put his arm around Sky as they watched Doug and Darren kiss passionately. When Doug turned around so he and Darren could caress each other's cock in their mouths, Tim wrapped one arm softly around Sky and began rubbing his chest lovingly. Sky turned around and gave Tim a very nice kiss, then turned back to watch his friends, and let Tim continue rubbing his chest. Doug and Darren was now taking each other's cocks slowly all the way into their mouths, then caressing them sensuously with their lips on the way out. Tim couldn't believe how beautiful they looked as they made love.

After some time, Darren turned over on his stomach so Doug could put his cock in him, and Tim and Sky could see it. Tim and Sky stared and breathed heavily as Doug's large cock disappeared inside Darren. As Tim stroked Sky's chest, Sky reached down and began stroking his own cock. Tim kissed the back of Sky's neck, and reached down to caress Sky's balls for a few moments. Then Tim went back to rubbing Sky's chest. As he rubbed Sky's chest while they watched Doug make love to Darren, Tim took his other hand and began stroking his own cock too. As Doug began moaning in approach of his orgasm, Sky's chest began to heave under Tim's hand. As Doug shot his cum into Darren, Sky turned onto his back and shot his cum onto his chest and stomach. Tim lovingly rubbed Sky's cum into his stomach, chest, and neck. By the time Sky had stopped cumming, and Tim had his cum rubbed into his skin, Doug had pulled his cock out of Darren and Darren was now pushing his cock into Doug. Then Tim began to shoot his cum onto Sky's back as he rubbed his cum into the boy's skin. When Tim stopped cumming, he used his face to finish rubbing his cum into Sky's back. As Darren was cumming inside Doug, Tim pulled Sky up on top of him, and wrapped his arms around Sky. Sky mostly concentrated on kissing Tim's cum smeared face, while Tim kissed Sky's neck where he had rubbed Sky's cum. Doug and Darren were now back in each other's arms, as they smiled at Tim and Sky as they began to drift off to sleep.

"Those two guys better be ready to actually make love soon." whispered Darren to Doug.

"You're right there babe." whispered Doug back. "I know Tim would be so gentle and loving with Sky."

Tim and Sky smiled the next morning as they awoke to the sight of Doug and Darren cumming into each other's mouths. Tim gave Sky a tender kiss, and said, "I guess we better wash this cum off of us before they get ready to get cleaned up. I love you very much Sky."

"I love you too Tim." replied Sky, as they both got ready to head to the shower. "I had quite a scare this week though."

"What happened?" asked Tim.

"Jenni knows about us, and she wanted to talk to me about it." replied Sky. "Don't worry though Tim, I think she's okay with it, and she might help with my brother when the time comes. I still want to make love to you someday."

"Why me though Sky?" asked Tim, as Doug and Darren rolled their eyes.

"Because I love you, and it would feel great." replied Sky. "You want more than that, don't you?"

"If you have to ask that, then you know there should be more to it than that." replied Tim. "After last night and last weekend though, I'm sure it will happen someday. I do want to make love to you when the time is right Sky."

After breakfast, Tim and Fred worked on Doug and Darren a little more for the coaster they wanted the boys to build. Doug and Darren were starting to warm up to the idea, and Tim and Fred knew they could talk them into it eventually. After lunch, Doug and Darren got ready to take Sky back to Lansing. Tim went along too, so he could be with Sky as much as possible.

As they were heading back to Lansing, Tim said, "I wanted to thank you guys for last night. I always wondered what it would be like to watch you two make love, and it was incredible. You are two very lucky guys to have each other. I hope Sky and I can make love with as much love as you guys do someday."

"You know where we stand on that Tim." replied Darren. "You and Sky should be lovers as soon as possible. Thanks for the compliment though."

"Yeah Tim, it looked really nice when you were holding Sky in your arms and rubbing his chest." said Doug. "I think you would be the best lover in the world for Sky."

"It's okay guys, I think I understand what Tim is trying to say." said Sky. "He's taking a awfully big risk by just being with me like we are now, and he needs to be sure it's right before we go on. I can tell he loves me by looking at him. He almost looks like he could make love to me right here in your back seat, but that wouldn't be right. I guess we'll both know when it is right. Besides, the fantasies I've been having lately have been awesome, and I think they're from waiting like this."

"Really, what kind of fantasies?" asked Tim.

"The hottest one was you bending me over so far that I could get my cock in my own mouth." smiled Sky impishly. "Then as you thrust your cock in and out of me, it caused my cock to thrust in and out of my mouth. I started cumming in my own mouth about a second after you started cumming in me. I held all of my cum in my mouth though, and when you leaned down to kiss me, I gave you the mouthful of my cum."

Sky noticed that his fantasy had made Tim hard, so he reached over and opened Tim's pants. Sky took Tim's cock out, and began stroking it in the back of Doug and Darren's car. Then Tim reached over, got Sky's cock out of his pants, and began stroking it too. Darren looked back at his two friends, who were now masturbating each other, and smiled.

"Can I pull your foreskin back and kiss the head Tim?" asked Sky. "I promise I won't put your cock in my mouth."

"Okay, but please remember your promise." replied Tim. "I want our actual first time to be more special than this."

Tim watched as Sky leaned down and pulled his foreskin back. Then Tim watched Sky's lips lightly contact the head of his cock. Sky gave Tim's cock a very tender kiss. As Sky broke the kiss, his tongue poked lightly at Tim's piss slit. Now it was Tim's turn, so he leaned down and gave Sky's circumcised cock a very warm and loving kiss. As Tim broke his kiss, he quickly circled the head of Sky's cock with his tongue.

Sky began breathing heavy as he grasped his own cock, and gasped, "I'm gonna cum Tim!"

Tim cupped his hands in front of Sky's cock and replied, "Cum in my hands then Sky. I want to taste you."

Sky moaned as he shot his cum into Tim's cupped hands. Once Sky stopped cumming, Tim raised his hands to his mouth and drank the creamy fluid cupped there. As Sky watched Tim drink his cum, then lick his hands clean, Sky began stroking Tim's cock again. As soon as Tim had his hands cleaned, he brushed Sky's hand away from his cock and began stroking it himself.

"I'm going to cum now Sky." moaned Tim.

Sky cupped his hands in front of Tim's cock, and Tim had a very large orgasm for Sky, almost half filling his cupped hands. Once Tim stopped cumming, Sky raised his hands to his face and began drinking eagerly. Once Sky had licked his hands clean of Tim's cum, they both rested a few minutes. Then Sky gently put Tim's cock back into his pants. After Sky was done, Tim put Sky's beautiful young cock back in his pants too.

"I don't know what Doug and I are worried about." smiled Darren, who had watched the whole thing. "You two already are lovers. You'll work up to full fledged love-making eventually."

Tim held his boy tightly and smiled the rest of the way back to Lansing. The ride back to Sterling Heights was anything but quiet, as Doug and Darren tried to ease Tim's fears about having a fourteen, soon to be fifteen year old boyfriend. They pointed out that Jenni seemed to know and understand, and they were sure Cory would too when he found out.

The next day would begin a new chapter in Doug and Darren's lives. They had left behind their friends in Lansing, although Doug and Darren would make sure they saw them often one way or the other. Tomorrow would be the start of a new private school. Doug and Darren would attend school four days a week instead of five now, and do some of their studies at home. That would give them more time to put into the building of their park, as well as keeping up with their friends in Lansing. Although the boys didn't know what to expect, they were very excited.

Once again, this is the final chapter of No One Else 2. The story will continue with No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome. I was going to call it Beyond Thunderdome, but I didn't want to run into any infringement issues. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 1 of Behind Thunderdome.