No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 3

The plane ride to Tahiti was much more relaxed than the trip to Hawaii. The first one up to go to the lavatory was Darren, followed a few moments later by Doug. Doug carefully snuck into the same cubicle occupied by Darren, then put one hand around Darren and caressed his cock. Doug's other hand was quickly lowering his own shorts.

"Are you ready for tonight babe?" whispered Doug into Darren's ear, as he lubed his cock.

"I guess so." answered Darren quietly. "I just don't want to see those two boys trying to pick up some strange guys. It's much better that we show them what it's like the right way. Now Doug, why don't you do it to me the right way?"

Without another word, Doug slipped his cock into Darren and began thrusting as much as he could get away with. As Doug slid in and out of Darren, he massaged Darren's chest and gently pinched his nipples. Darren softly moaned his appreciation of Doug's efforts.

"Oh God Doug." moaned Darren quietly. "You feel so big and good inside me. I just hope whoever takes you tonight can handle your cock."

Doug kissed Darren's back, between the shoulders, as he moaned softly. Doug continued massaging Darren as he slid in and out of him for the next ten minutes. The gentle rocking of the aircraft cabin gave Doug's cock enough friction inside Darren that he was ready to put his cum deep inside his lover. Doug continued to moan as he covered his teeth with his lips, then gently bit into Darren's shoulder as he began to cum. Darren had a hard time keeping his moaning under control as he felt Doug's lips dig into his shoulder, and Doug's cum shoot into his rectum. As soon as Doug had stopped cumming, Darren turned around and pressed his lips against Doug's. The two boys kissed briefly but passionately, then Doug turned around and handed Darren the lube.

"I have to have you in me now babe." said Doug softly.

By this time Darren had lubed his cock, so he slipped it gently into Doug. Then Darren began to thrust back and forth as much as he could in the cramped space. Doug moaned softly and contentedly as he felt Darren's cock slide in and out of him.

"It's times like this that I think of how much we've been through over the past ten months babe." said Doug softly. "I would do it all again for you without thinking about it Darren."

"It's getting hard for me to even remember what it was like without your love Doug." replied Darren, as his slid in and out of Doug.

"I love how you always say just the right thing babe." said Doug.

Darren smiled as he tried to pick up the pace as much as he could. After a few more minutes Darren began to breathe a little bit heavier, and Doug began to clench the muscles in his rectum around Darren's cock. Darren gasped quietly as his cum shot deeply into Doug, and Doug reached back to pull Darren even further into him. When Darren had finished cumming, Doug turned around and kissed Darren with as much love as he could. The two boys broke the kiss after a few minutes, thinking they should return to their seats before anyone noticed anything. Doug and Darren knew that they had been busted though, as about half the cabin smiled at the boys as they passed by, one at a time. As soon as Doug joined Darren, the two boys burst into laughter.

As the handsome young male flight attendant walked by, he asked, "Is there anything I can get you two gorgeous young lovers?"

"Damn!" exclaimed Darren as he smiled. "Does the whole plane know what we just did?"

"I'm sure it's just everyone in the first class cabin that knows." replied the attendant. "Don't you young men worry about it though. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in there! I can't wait until I share this story with my boyfriend back in Hawaii."

The rest of the flight was less eventful, with the attendant pampering Doug and Darren terribly. By the time the plane landed in Tahiti, Doug and Darren had made another new friend on this trip. As soon as everyone dropped their bags off at the hotel, they decided to do a little shopping before having dinner. While they were shopping, Chuck and Steve caught Doug and Darren away from the rest of the group for a few minutes.

"Donnie and Chris told me what you two are going to do for them, and why you're doing it." said Chuck. "I think it's very special that you care about them that much."

"Darren and I would hate to see anything happen to them like what happened to Benjamin." said Doug. "It's just not a good idea for kids their age to be trying to pick up strange adults, and we can't let them take that kind of risk."

"We know they wouldn't stop though." said Darren. "They're both very curious, and they would try to satisfy their curiosity one way or the other. We would rather be the ones to help them with that."

"I agree completely." replied Chuck. "I'm glad Donnie has two older brothers like you two. Just remember to try to be discreet though. After all, you are in a foreign country now."

"Thanks Chuck, we'll remember that." said Doug.

Dinner was spent with Donnie and Chris looking over at Doug and Darren quite a few times. Both boys couldn't help but smile as they looked at the two older boys. After dinner was over Jenni and Cory went for a walk on the beach, while the other adults relaxed in the hotel lounge. Doug, Darren, Donnie, and Chris spent about an hour at the hotel pool before returning to their room for the night. As the boys walked to their room, Doug slipped his arm around Donnie as Darren slipped his arm around Chris. Finally all four boys were completely alone back in their suite.

"Have you guys decided how you want to do this?" Doug asked the two younger boys.

"Well, Donnie has a little more experience than I do." said Chris. "We thought he should be with you Doug, because you are a little bigger than Darren."

"Well, we're both big enough that both you guys are going to feel it." chuckled Doug. "Anyway, why don't Donnie and I take mine and Darren's bedroom then, and you and Darren can take the other one?"

"Can all four of us be in the same room?" asked Donnie. "Chris and I kinda wanted to be together for this."

"That sounds fine with me." replied Darren. "What about you babe?"

"Yeah, we can do that." replied Doug.

All four boys then went into Doug and Darren's bedroom together. Doug led Donnie around to one side of the bed, while Darren took Chris around to the other side.

"Darren and I want to make this as romantic as possible." said Doug. "We want you guys to know that we're doing this because we care about you very much. We love you guys, and we want to make this special for you."

As soon as Doug pulled Donnie's shirt off, he placed his lips against Donnie's. While Doug kissed Donnie tenderly, Darren wrapped Chris in his arms and began kissing him deeply. After Doug and Darren had pulled down Donnie and Chris's shorts, the two younger boys began to undress Doug and Darren. Once all four boys were undressed, Doug and Darren laid Donnie and Chris down on the bed. Doug and Darren laid on top of the younger boys, only resting part of their weight on them. Doug and Darren then began kissing the two boys again. Donnie grasped Doug's butt with one hand, and gently caressed Doug's huge cock with the other. Then Donnie sucked Doug's tongue into his mouth. Darren's cock was now pressing into Chris's tummy, as his tongue explored Chris's mouth. Chris had both of his arms wrapped tightly around Darren's torso, moaning in pleasure.

When all four boys broke their kisses, Chris said, "You're a hell of a kisser Darren. I'm glad you and Doug are making love to us, instead of just fucking us."

Darren kissed Chris on the tip of his nose and said, "There isn't a boy on this planet that wouldn't want to make love to you dude."

Doug kissed Donnie on the tip of the nose and said, "That goes for you too little brother. You are both very good-looking and sexy dudes. Now, we need you two to lay on your stomachs so we can get you ready for this."

Donnie and Chris both turned over, and pointed their firm little butts up into the air. Doug and Darren leaned down and began covering their butts with gentle kisses, as Donnie and Chris looked at each other and smiled. Doug and Darren then spread the two boy's cheeks apart, and put their tongues into Donnie and Chris's cracks. Doug concentrated on licking Donnie's pucker, while Darren ran his tongue from the top of Chris's crack down to Chris's balls. Darren sucked both of them into his mouth easily, and bathed Chris's balls with his tongue for a moment. As Darren went back up to lick Chris's pucker, Doug went down further to suck Donnie's balls for a moment. Then Doug and Darren both raised up, and each grabbed a tube of lube.

"It won't be long now little brother." said Doug to Donnie.

"We just need to loosen you two up a little." said Darren.

Doug and Darren both put a generous amount of lube on the two boys puckers, then began to work it into the boys with one finger. Donnie and Chris both moaned as Doug and Darren each stuck one finger deeply into the boys, and began working the lube into them. After a few minutes, Doug and Darren put some more lube on the boy's holes and began to work two fingers into each boy. Donnie and Chris both grunted as they felt their holes begin to stretch, but it didn't really hurt and they both wanted more. Doug and Darren worked two fingers back and forth inside the boys for a few minutes.

Then Doug and Darren pulled their fingers out, and Doug said, "Now for the fun part. We need you guys to turn over on your backs."

Donnie and Chris quickly turned over, with their stiff dicks pointing up into the air as far as they could. Both boys had a look of impending ecstasy on their faces.

Doug smiled as he said, "I see you guys like this so far!"

"We can't wait to feel you guys inside us." moaned Donnie, as he smiled back up at Doug.

Doug and Darren raised up a little, so the two boys could watch them as they lubed their cocks.

"I can't wait for you to stretch me open with that cock Darren." said Chris breathlessly.

"I can't wait to feel your cock inside me too big brother." moaned Donnie softly.

Doug placed the head of his cock at Donnie's hole, while Darren did the same thing with Chris. Then Doug and Darren smiled warmly as they pushed their cocks just inside the two boys. Donnie and Chris both had the same shocked looks on their faces, as they were not completely prepared for how much Doug and Darren's cock would stretch their butts open. Doug and Darren stopped with their cocks just inside the two boys, then began to gently massage their tummies.

"Do you guys want to keep going, or stop?" asked Doug in a concerned tone.

"We have to have you guys all the way inside us now, big brother." gasped Donnie.

"Just give us a few minutes to get use to it." said Chris. "We didn't know how much your cocks would stretch us open."

"We won't continue until you guys are ready." replied Doug, as he gently massaged Donnie's smooth torso.

After a few minutes of caressing the two younger boys, Doug and Darren saw their smiles begin to return. They knew the younger boys were ready to go on, and still wanted to do this. Doug and Darren continued to push their cocks deeper into the boys, going very slowly. After about five minutes, Doug and Darren were as deeply into Donnie and Chris as they could go.

"You have all of me inside you now Donnie." said Doug. "How are you doing?"

"I've never even imagined being this full!" panted Donnie. "I can't even think of the words to describe how your huge cock feels inside me!"

"How about you Chris?" asked Darren.

"I've never felt this much of anything inside me before!" moaned Chris. "Your cock is so big that it feels like you put a telephone pole inside me."

Darren smiled and replied, "Nope. That's just my big cock inside you dude. Do you guys want to keep going?"

"You mean your big beautiful cock inside me." said Chris as he smiled. "Please keep on making love to us."

Doug leaned down and placed his lips against Donnie's, followed by Darren placing his lips against Chris's. Doug and Darren began to slowly thrust in and out of Donnie and Chris, as they held the two boys gently in their arms and kissed them passionately. The two boys puffed into Doug and Darren's mouths every time Doug and Darren thrust all the way into them. Doug and Darren felt the two boys stiff dicks press into their groins whenever they buried their cocks deeply into them, and sucked hard on Donnie's and Chris's tongues. After a few minutes, Donnie and Chris panted for Doug and Darren to go faster. After about ten minutes, Doug and Darren were going just as fast and hard into Donnie and Chris as they would themselves. Donnie and Chris were panting for more, but Doug and Darren kept the same pace. Donnie and Chris's rectums were wrapped so tightly around their cocks that they didn't want to go any faster because it might hurt the two boys.

Finally Doug panted, "I'm going to shoot my cum deep inside you now, little brother."

"Oh God yes!" moaned Donnie loudly.

"Are you ready to have my cum in you now Chris?" panted Darren.

"I can't wait!" moaned Chris.

Doug and Darren leaned up as they began shooting their cum into Donnie and Chris. When Donnie and Chris felt the older boys' cum shooting into them, they stared at each other wide-eyed as they smiled. Doug and Darren grunted as they fired shot after shot of cum into the younger boys. When their orgasms had ended, Doug and Darren slowly pulled their cocks out of Donnie and Chris. Doug immediately took Donnie's stiff dick into his mouth, so Darren smiled then swallowed Chris's dick. Doug and Darren sucked hungrily at the younger boys dicks, as Donnie and Chris squirmed beneath them in pleasure. When Doug and Darren felt Donnie and Chris's dicks throb wildly in their mouths, they began sucking on the younger boys as hard as they could. Donnie and Chris both gasped loudly in ecstasy as they began cumming in Doug and Darren's mouths. Doug and Darren both hungrily swallowed Donnie and Chris's cum until the younger boys had been completely drained. Doug and Darren then placed the two boys back to back, and cuddled up against the on the bed.

"We'll never forget how you guys made love to us tonight." moaned Donnie dreamily.

Doug and Darren raised up and passionately kissed each other good night, then cuddled back up to the two younger boys and gave them an equally passionate good night kiss. The four boys fell asleep with beautiful smiles on their faces.

The next morning, Darren woke up first and went around to the other side of the bed. After scooting Donnie and Chris over as they slept, Darren climbed in next to Doug and woke his lover up. Donnie and Chris woke up to the sight of Doug and Darren making love in a sixty-nine position, so they took the same position with each other. After all four boys had completed their morning orgasms, they began to get ready for the day. Doug and Darren had to fight back a few snickers as they watched Donnie and Chris slowly limp to the bathroom together.

When the boys finally returned, Doug asked, "Are you guys okay this morning?"

Donnie and Chris held each other and smiled as Donnie replied, "We may be a little sore this morning, but it was definitely worth it to have you guys make love to us like that!"

"We'll never forget what you and Darren did for us, and how awesome it felt!" said Chris.

As Donnie and Chris wrapped themselves in a warm embrace and kiss, Doug and Darren got up to take their shower together. When they came back from the shower, Donnie and Chris were still kissing.

"You two lovebirds better get dressed now." said Doug. "We have a plane to catch after breakfast!"

Darren smiled brightly as he put his arm around Doug and said, "Yeah, we have to go to our island today!"

Doug and Darren were so excited at breakfast that it made everyone either chuckle or giggle at the two boys. Doug and Darren couldn't help it though. So much had happened to them, that they couldn't believe it had only been a little over two months since they last saw the island. After breakfast everyone made their way to the marina, as they would be going to the island by sea plane. Chuck had already made the arrangements, including the supplies they would need for camping out overnight on the island.

As they were getting into the plane, Doug asked, "What's the latest report on our island Chuck?"

"She's still as quiet as a mouse Doug." replied Chuck. "There's nothing to worry about. Besides, there's a seismologist out there right now. He's in the middle of a week long check on the island. He'll let us know right away if it so much as burps."

The flight took about ninety minutes, seeing that the island was right at the limit of the sea plane's round trip range. As the plane broke down through a cloud, Chuck pointed out to the left.

"There she is everyone!" exclaimed Chuck. "Utopia Island! The upper tip of the island looks like it wasn't even touched by the volcano. Do you see it? We're going to set down there, then hike over to the side that Doug and Darren were rescued from. The terrain isn't quite as hospitable there now, that's why were camping on the upper tip. That's also where the mining company is going to set up their operations center. Once they get the pier built, they're going to practically build an entire town out here." Everyone looked at the island as the plane flew over it.

Then Doug pointed out of the other side of the plane and said, "There's the beach where Darren and I lived for eight months. I can't wait to see it again!"

Everyone was awestruck at how terribly the volcano had ravaged that part of the island. Doug and Darren couldn't believe that they had lived through that themselves. If it hadn't been for their friends the Russians, they knew they wouldn't have stood a chance down there. The plane then followed the coast back up to the upper tip of the island, and parked near two other sea planes. The seismologist that Chuck had mentioned came out to meet the plane. Chuck got out of the plane first, and went to meet him.

"Hi, I'm Chuck Wainforth." said Chuck. "We talked on the phone just before you came out here."

"Hi Chuck, I'm Randall Peters, but everyone calls me Randy." said the young man. "These two boys coming up behind you must be the owners of this rock."

"Yeah Randy." replied Chuck. "This is Doug Atherton and Darren Chambers, and their family." Everyone shook Randy's hand and introduced themselves.

"This must have been one beautiful island before that big blast furnace over there had it's way with it." said Randy. "I almost kind of envy you boys for getting to see it happen so closely!"

"Well, we were a little too scared shitless at the time to fully appreciate nature's fury." laughed Doug.

"Besides, the Russians that picked us up seemed to be in an awful big hurry to get away from this thing." laughed Darren.

"I guess if you had been on this end, it wouldn't have been so bad." chuckled Randy. "I've been to what's left of the beach where you guys were picked up, and I can imagine how scary it must have been for you."

"So Randy, who else is here?" asked Chuck.

"'The mining company sent a survey crew out to set out the approach to the pier, and the pier itself." replied Randy. "They have a couple of ships that are ready to head out here, and they want to get started on the pier as soon as they get here. As soon as they finish the pier, they want to get started on Utopia City. When you boys get back to Tahiti, you should stop by their office and check out the plans. They have some big plans for your island."

"They told me about it over the phone." said Chuck. "It does sound like they're going all out. A processing center, mining headquarters, company offices, living quarters for all their employees, stores, entertainment, and all the public works facilities of a good sized town."

"Yeah, they're building a regular city out here." replied Randy. "Their geologist says there's enough gems and minerals out here to keep them busy for twenty years!"

"Wow, I can't believe how rich we're going to be!" exclaimed Darren.

"Are we going to be like two of the richest people in the world?" asked Doug.

"I'd say you're going to end up pretty damn close to the top of the list!" replied Randy with a chuckle.

"Well, we better go ahead and set up camp if you guys want to hike to your beach today." said Chuck.

Everyone helped haul their gear up to the bluff, overlooking the beach, then began to set up their camp. But Doug and Darren couldn't help but to look at the volcano that ended their time on the island, and nearly ended their lives. The boys trusted Chuck and Randy that it was safe now, but they still couldn't completely turn their backs on it. Chuck and Steve finished setting up their tent, and went to give Doug and Darren a hand.

"Kinda looks like a sleeping demon, doesn't it?" asked Chuck as he pointed at the volcano.

"You should have been here a couple of months ago." replied Doug. "I'd face a demon anytime before facing that again."

"I guess you have a point Doug." chuckled Chuck. "I'm no where near as crazy as Randy is. I wouldn't want to be close to anything like that! But you guys made it out alive, and that's all that matters. Thank God for the Russians, huh?"

"We'll never look at them the same as most people do anymore." replied Darren. "They are as great and friendly as anyone I've ever met."

"Yeah, it's too bad most people don't know them like we do." said Chuck. "I went to college with a young Russian guy back in the old days. He was one of the best friends I've ever had."

"Did you guys keep in touch?" asked Doug.

"We did for a while." replied Chuck. "The last I heard, his economic fortunes were finally turning around. He has a wife and two kids now, and was starting to be able to provide better for them. The economic recovery for most Russians was very difficult after the fall of Soviet leadership though. A lot of people there still aren't doing as well as they should be doing. I haven't heard from Petrov in about two years now. I think I'll give him a call when we get home."

"So, he's straight, huh?" asked Darren.

"Yeah, he's straight." replied Chuck as he smiled. Chuck knew where this line of questions was leading.

"That's a shame, you two could have had some fun back in college." said Doug.

"Who said we didn't?" asked Chuck. "I just said he was straight, not dead."

Chuck and Steve began laughing over the expressions on Doug's and Darren's faces, then the two boys finally joined in the laughter. After a light lunch, everyone set out for Doug and Darren's beach. Once they got past the uppermost tip of the island, there was very little vegetation to slow them down. However, the path they took was strewn with sharp lava formations, so they had to travel carefully. After about an hour and a half hike, the group finally made it to the beach that Doug and Darren were rescued from. There wasn't very much left there though. The first thing that Doug and Darren noticed was one of the poles still standing from their hut.

"I can't believe this is still here!" exclaimed Darren, as everyone looked at his discovery. "This is the post that Doug and I tied our hammock to! Laying in that hammock with Doug was one of the few ways I managed to make it through."

A single tear trickled down Darren face as he began to remember their time on the island. Doug came up beside Darren and gently put his arm around Darren.

"I guess our love is so strong that not even a volcano can completely erase it." said Doug, as he ran his hand over the post. "I'll always remember how I learned to make love here for the very first time. Before you, it was always just sex."

Everyone else began looking around as Doug and Darren shared a passionate kiss and embrace. After a few minutes, Doug and Darren broke their kiss and joined the others. As Doug and Darren joined the others, Donnie came up to them carrying a long and pointed stick.

"What's this?" asked Donnie. "It don't look natural."

"Hey little bro, you found my spear!" exclaimed Doug. "I used that to catch fish for us to eat!"

"Yeah, your brother was the greatest and sexiest fisherman I've ever known." said Darren. "I loved eating stuff that came from his spear."

Donnie couldn't understand why Doug and Darren were laughing so hard at first, but then Chris explained it to him. All four boys had a good laugh. Then Fred and Mary finally came over to see what the laughter was about, but Darren wouldn't repeat his earlier comment.

"So this is where you two boys fell in love, huh?" asked Fred. "Mary and I missed you boys terribly, but at least a lot of good came out of it. I noticed the way you two were when you were friends as small kids, and I didn't want to see either of you go through what my best friend did when I was your age. When you boys drifted apart, I told myself I was relieved about that. Then when we were told your plane went down, I realized how wrong I had been. I actually hoped for you two to be together again, if it would bring you back to us. You two boys are so perfect together that no one should ever try to keep you apart again. I just let my fear get in the way of how I should have helped you two."

"That's alright dad." said Doug. "I guess we pretty much did the same thing. Being here on this island for eight months was what it took to put us back on the right path."

"Thanks son." said Fred, as he wrapped an arm around each boy and gave them both a kiss on the forehead.

Then Doug pointed out toward the surf and said, "Look Darren! It's our rock!"

"I have to hear what's special about that rock." said Fred.

"Me too." said Mary, as she came up behind them.

"That's the rock where Darren told me that he couldn't go on living with the same scared and angry Doug anymore." said Doug.

"Then later, on the same rock, Doug gave me a reason to stay with him for the rest of our lives." said Darren.

"It's too bad the volcano took out the little path that led out there." said Doug. "I'd love to sit on that rock again with you Darren."

"As long as a little part of us is sitting out there together, that's all that matters." said Darren. "What do you say we go see if our pool ever came back?"

"Great idea Darren!" replied Doug.

Doug and Darren led the group up toward the volcano, along a path that use to be a lush tropical forest. They had to use their memory of direction, seeing that all landmarks had been wiped out by the volcano. Doug and Darren concentrated really hard though, and led the group right to the spot were the pools were.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Doug. "I can't believe our pools are filled with clean water again!"

"The day that we left here, these pools were filled with a really bad smelling sludge, but now they're crystal clear again!" Darren explained to the group. "Look at the bottom of our drinking pool Doug!"

Doug looked at the bottom of the pool, and immediately dived in. Everyone looked on as Doug dove to the bottom of the pool, and picked up two large red stones. Then Doug swam back to the surface, and Darren helped him out of the pool. Then Doug handed Mary and Jenni each a large ruby.

"Two beautiful gems for two beautiful ladies." said Doug.

"I don't know if the mining company would like that." said Chuck. "That's why it will be our little secret."

Doug and Darren's smiles were soon matched by the smiles of Mary and Jenni. Both women gave Doug and Darren both a kiss on the cheek. By this time it was early evening, so everyone decided to head back to camp. Doug and Darren took the group on a route that would go by their cave at the base of the volcano. When they got there, Doug told everyone that the cave was where they hid during the typhoon.

"You guys were lucky to have a cave to hide in for that one." said Chuck. "That must have been the same typhoon that slammed into Indonesia, and killed fifteen hundred people! I'm kind of impressed that you were brave enough to hide in a volcano vent tube though."

"We never did figure out what the cave was until we got to the Russian ship, and saw the smoke and fire shooting out of it." said Darren. "It was really spooky seeing that sight!"

The group continued on around the base of the volcano, then headed back toward the uppermost tip of the island. By this time Doug and Darren hadn't felt any tremors since being on the island, so they finally began to relax a little more. They both smiled at some of the better memories of their eight months alone on the island. The group finally made it back to the forested area of the island, and quickly made their way back to the camp. Jenni and Mary began to fix supper for the group, and had Chuck go to invite Randy to eat with them. The meal was very good for being a camping meal, and Randy complimented the ladies on their cooking. Randy was quickly followed by compliments from Fred, Chuck, and Steve. Then everyone sat around a campfire, and talked about the future of the island. Randy and the geologist did work closely together at times, so Randy had the most up to date information.

"So, about how much is there in gems on this island?" asked Doug.

"Well, the spring that feeds the pool you boys collected all of your gems from runs through two deposits of rubies and sapphires that are the largest in the world." replied Randy. "The two veins of gems cover that entire side of the island back underneath the ocean. Right where the veins of rubies and sapphires stop, the vein of diamonds kicks in. It covers the entire area of the volcano until about halfway back to the forest. Giles tried to figure out how deep the vein runs, but he hasn't brought equipment out yet that can take readings that deep."

"That sounds like a lot!" exclaimed Darren.

"Let's just say that there are a lot of countries that are going to wish they had the income of you two." laughed Randy. "Everyone is pretty much convinced that this may be the largest vein of diamonds ever discovered. Giles seems to think that a lot of the gems are going to be of pretty good size too. I was serious when I said that you two may end up being the two richest people in the world when this is over. All we have to do is mine all the gems without setting off the volcano again. I think we've seen all that it's going to do for a while too."

Everyone sat around the campfire and talked into the night. All of the couples were now getting pretty close by this time. Randy looked over to Fred, who had his arm around Mary. Then he saw Chuck with his arm around Steve, and Doug with his arm around Darren. Cory was also holding Jenni closely with his arm around her, and Donnie even had an arm around Chris. A few tears began to trickle down Randy's cheek as he saw all of the happy couples.

"What's wrong Randy?" asked Chuck.

"It's just that seeing how much you people love your mates reminds me of someone." said Randy. "I wasn't always just in love with volcanoes. It's not that I'm really in love with them, it's just that there's a lot we still don't know about them. A really close friend named Bruce and I graduated college together. We were more than just friends actually. Doug and Darren reminds me a lot of how close we were. Anyway, here we were, two fresh kids out of college and eager to study volcanoes together. Our very first assignment was an impending eruption in the Japan. We were keeping a close eye on the volcano, and getting some very good readings. We thought that the volcano was venting well enough so that we would have plenty of warning before it erupted. It fooled us though, and we ended up cutting it way too close. There was a group of six of us there, and only two of us were able to escape. After I lost Bruce to that volcano, I promised to study these things until I could make sure that they never kill anyone like that again. I'm afraid I'll be spending my life studying them though, because half of the people in the world still don't take us seriously enough."

By the time Randy had finished his story, there were a few wet eyes around the campfire. Then Chuck and Steve began whispering to each other. Soon it was time to turn in for the night. As everyone got up to go to their tents, Chuck went over to talk to Randy.

"Randy, would you consider joining Steve and myself in our tent tonight?" asked Chuck.

"If this is about losing Bruce, I'll find someone else someday." replied Randy. "I doubt that anyone can ever replace him though."

"This isn't about Bruce." said Chuck. "This is about the fact that we both like you, and would be happy if you would join us."

Randy smiled brightly and said, "Lead on then Chuck."

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