No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 4

Sounds of love and pleasure came from all of the tents that night. Fred was being a little more gentle with Mary than normal, due to her condition, but everyone else found the night air of the island very stimulating. Jenni was on top of Cory, lifting herself up and down on his stiff cock forcefully. Cory moaned his appreciation as Jenni kissed him deeply, and her vagina grasped at his cock. Meanwhile, Chuck, Steve, and Randy were going through every position that three men could accomplish together. Randy had not felt this level of sexual pleasure since losing Bruce, and he was very grateful for his new friends.

Donnie and Chris were still a little sore from the night before, but the thought of Doug and Darren's large cocks filling their butts still made both boys smile. Donnie went to his bag and pulled out two toys that he had brought with him. Chris laid on his side as Donnie lubed the first of two seven inch vibrating dildos.

"Would your dad put this inside him?" asked Donnie wickedly, as he held the toy out for Chris to see.

"I'm pretty sure he would." giggled Chris.

Donnie smiled as he gently inserted the toy inside Chris, then turned it on. Donnie then placed Chris's hand over the toy to hold it in place, and got into a sixty nine position. After Donnie lubed his own toy and slipped it inside himself, the two boys eagerly swallowed each other's dicks. As Donnie and Chris sucked each other towards their orgasms, they imagined that Doug and Darren were once again filling their butts with their large cocks. Donnie and Chris moaned and panted so loudly that everyone in the camp could hear them, and everyone was turned on by the sounds of the two boys making love. As Chris began to approach his orgasm, he started sliding the dildo in and out of himself. Chris sucked harder on Donnie's dick, wanting to taste Donnie's cum as he shot his own. After ten minutes, and some holding back by Chris, both boys began shooting their cum into each other wildly. Chris loved the taste of every last drop of Donnie's cum, and would have eagerly drank more of it if Donnie could have produced it. Donnie drank Chris's cum with just as much enthusiasm, and fantasized that his boyfriend could shoot much more cum than he actually could.

After both boy's orgasms had ended, Donnie panted loudly, "I have to have more of you Chris. Let's keep going until we cum again." The two boys continued moaning in pleasure well into the night, as they tried to satisfy their insatiable thirst for each other.

Doug and Darren made love to each other as they listened to the boys in the next tent and smiled. As Doug had his cock buried deeply inside Darren, Darren said, "I can't imagine what Donnie was feeling last night when you were inside him like this. When I was his age, I fooled around with a boy that was about the size that I am now. We were at his place, and his parents were away. It was a good thing too, because it felt like he was driving a truck up my butt. I screamed so loud that I thought his neighbors would hear us, but I begged him to do it again the next time his parents were away."

"Why didn't you guys stay together then?" asked Doug.

"Because I knew he wasn't the one." replied Darren. "I've always been waiting for the guy who, when our love was combined, would feel like one gigantic and overwhelming love. That guy would be the one that I was meant to be with, and I'm looking at him right now."

"I feel the same way." smiled Doug. "I just didn't know how to put it into words, but you put it into words perfectly."

Doug leaned down and kissed Darren deeply, as his cock continued to thrust in and out of his lover. Darren finally trapped Doug's tongue in his mouth, and began sucking hard on it. Then the two boys ran their hands passionately over each other's bodies. With what they were hearing from the next tent, and what they were doing in their own tent, Doug was building toward an incredible orgasm. Darren could tell that this would be a good one for Doug, because he could feel Doug's cock throbbing strongly inside him. Darren grabbed Doug's butt and pulled his lover into him harder and harder. Doug raised up and groaned loudly as his cock exploded inside Darren. Darren's rectum pulled at Doug's cock, trying to get as much cum as possible from Doug.

Once Doug was finally drained, he dropped down on top of Darren. Darren then turned both of them over at the same time, ending up on top of Doug. Darren's long blonde hair fell down and covered both boy's heads, as Darren kissed Doug passionately. Darren continued kissing Doug as he readied his cock, then slipped it into Doug. Darren made love to Doug as erotically as he could, as his cock slid in and out of Doug. Both boys began panting heavily far too soon, even though Darren spent at least ten minutes making love to Doug. As Darren's orgasm started, he hugged Doug tightly and drove his cock deeply into Doug. Doug humped back and forth on Darren's cock until his lover had been completely drained, then both boys held each other tightly. They were finally serenaded to sleep by the moans of pleasure that were still coming from Donnie's and Chris's tent.

The next morning, after a nice breakfast that Mary and Jenni prepared, Randy took the group around the area to show them where the entrances to the mines would be. He explained to everyone how they would try to mine as much of the gems as they could, without setting the volcano off again.

"One thing's for sure, if it does go off after they dig all of the tunnels they're planning, it will probably kill the volcano." chuckled Randy.

"I don't see how you boys survived on this island for eight months!" remarked Fred.

"All of this was a lot different just three months ago." replied Doug. "It was the most beautiful island that you could imagine."

"It was so beautiful that it inspired our love to last forever." added Darren.

"The volcano pretty much destroyed a place that was as close to paradise as you could get." said Doug, with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"It WAS paradise, not just close to it." said Darren, as he wrapped his arms around Doug.

"Well, the island will eventually recover." said Randy. "That's nature's way of doing things. It may take a long time, but someday it will be just as beautiful as it ever was, at least until the next eruption."

"I wish there was a way to keep it from ever erupting again." said Darren.

"Well, that wouldn't be good even if it were possible." said Randy. "Have you boys ever noticed the spout on a tea kettle?"

"Yeah, it lets off steam." replied Doug.

"That's right." said Randy. "When you boil water, it expands to make steam. If the tea kettle didn't have a spout, the expanding water would build up so much pressure that it would destroy the tea kettle. The Earth is a lot like that tea kettle too. You have the crust, which is the kettle itself. Inside the crust is the magma, which is a lot like the boiling water. The magma is molten rock, and rocks really have to be heated up in order to melt. That much heat builds up an incredible amount of pressure inside the Earth, and that pressure has to be released so that the Earth doesn't destroy itself. That's why we have volcanoes. These volcanoes regulate the pressure inside the Earth, and keep our whole planet safe. That's why us vulcanologists are trying to teach people to respect these things. Some of these volcanoes release a lot of pressure from inside the Earth. The longer it goes without erupting, the more pressure builds up. That's what happened at Mount St. Helens. It had been so long since the volcano had erupted, that some people didn't take it as seriously as they should have. The pressure that it released was massive, and that's why that eruption killed as many people as it did. Some people just refused to heed our warnings, and they paid for it with their lives. They saw the experts that predicted such a massive eruption as a bunch of doomsayers, just trying to scare people. We're really trying to educate people though, not scare them."

All of the boys continued to ask Randy questions as they headed back toward the camp. They were fascinated by Randy's knowledge of volcanoes. By the time they returned to camp, Donnie and Chris both wanted to become a vulcanologist, just like Randy. Then they giggled about already being interested in eruptions. Fred and his group then began to pack up their camp, and load the plane to return to Tahiti. Before leaving the island, everyone gave Randy a hug. Chuck's and Steve's hugs lingered a little longer than the other's though, and Randy thanked both of them for a wonderful night.

Doug and Darren took one more look at their island, as the plane built up enough speed to take off. Then they shared a passionate kiss as their plane lifted into the air. The flight back to Tahiti seemed very short, and it was filled with talk of volcanoes, gems, and money. By the time the plane landed in Tahiti, Doug and Darren knew that they had to begin preparing to be two of the richest people in the world. They had already had some practice though, because their love had already made them rich. Everyone wanted to do some more shopping in Tahiti before supper. They all wanted to take as much of this island paradise home with them as they could. Doug and Darren also wanted to get something for Benjamin, in case he was still in Hawaii when they returned. In a small, out of the way shop, the boys stumbled across a small carved statue. The figure represented good luck to the natives of the islands around Tahiti, so Doug and Darren thought it would be perfect for Benjamin.

After supper that evening, the adults went to the hotel lounge to relax and talk. The kids, including Jenni and Cory, spent the evening at the hotel pool. Everyone decided to turn in early that night, to rest up for the trip back to Hawaii the next day. Donnie and Chris once again shared a suite with Doug and Darren, but were happy to stick with each other on their last night in Tahiti. The boys did however all make love to their boyfriends in the same room that night. Doug and Darren couldn't get over the enthusiasm and lust of the two younger boys as they made love. It seemed like Donnie and Chris existed mainly to give each other pleasure, and they enjoyed it as much as possible. On the other hand, Donnie and Chris were captivated by how much love Doug and Darren were able to display when they made love. It seemed as though they had always been together, and would remain that way through eternity. After Donnie and Chris were through making love, and Doug and Darren had finished making love, all four boys once again fell asleep in the same bed together.

When Fred went in to wake the boys the next morning, he couldn't help but to get his camera and take a picture. All four boys were sleeping naked on the bed, in a happily twisted mass of bodies. Once Fred had the picture, he woke the boys so they could get ready to go to the airport. After everyone had boarded the airplane and taken their seats, Doug and Darren spotted their flight attendant friend. He waved to the two boys, then went about his duties of getting everyone ready for take-off. After the plane had reached it's cruising altitude, Doug and Darren's friend came back to see them.

"So, are you guys going to put on another hot show for us today?" asked the attendant, who's name they had found out was Kerry.

"I think we might pass today." said Doug. "My younger brother and his boyfriend will probably be going at it any minute though."

As if on cue, Donnie got up to go to the lavatory. He was followed by Chris about one minute later. The attendant watched Chris go to the same door that Donnie had, and duck on inside.

"That's just too damn cute!" snickered Kerry. "I'd give anything to see those two boys together!"

Doug chuckled for a moment and said, "Just hope that we're all not able to hear them out here in a moment!"

Kerry went over closer to the lavatories, and listened closely. After a few moments, he began giggling like a little boy. By the time he got back to Doug and Darren, Kerry was laughing.

"I don't want to embarrass them, but someone needs to go tell them to keep it down a little." Kerry. "Everyone in first class is going to be able to hear them soon." Then Kerry began laughing so hard that he had to sit down.

"I guess I'll take care of it." snickered Doug.

Doug went to the lavatory door and knocked. The moans he had heard suddenly went silent, and he heard some scuffling around inside the lavatory. A few moments later, the door cracked open and Donnie peeked out at Doug.

"This is pretty bad timing bro, what do you want?" asked Donnie.

Doug tried to control himself, but to no avail. "There's an attendant out here laughing himself into a coma, who thinks you and Chris should keep it down a little." laughed Doug.

"Very funny Doug." replied Donnie. "I was just about to shoot for Chris."

"If you don't believe me, just look for yourself!" said Doug.

Donnie peeked his head further out the door, and saw Darren trying to help the stricken attendant. Then he noticed that Chuck and Steve were making a gallant effort not to snicker out loud.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Donnie, who then disappeared back inside the lavatory.

About thirty minutes later Donnie came back out, and quietly went to his seat. A moment later, Donnie was followed by Chris. Drinks had already been served, so Doug and Darren's friend went over to the two boys.

"I hope we didn't embarrass you boys too much." said Kerry. "That wasn't what we were trying to do. I hope you got to finish what you were doing. Now, could I get you boys a soft drink?"

"Yeah, I guess we could use something to drink after what we just did." replied Donnie.

Kerry rubbed both boys on the head and smiled, then said, "I'll be right back then. And just so you know, I think you two are a very cute couple. I think it's great that you two love each other the way you do, so don't let anyone try to come between you."

The rest of the flight was uneventful. All of the boys tried to monopolize their favorite attendant's time, and Kerry was more than happy to try and make the boys feel special. Before the plane landed, Kerry asked Doug and Darren if they would like to visit him and his boyfriend that evening in Honolulu. Doug and Darren seemed a little nervous about the offer, so Kerry assured them that it would just be a nice friendly visit. Doug and Darren agreed to that, as long as it was okay with the parents.

As soon as the plane landed in Hawaii, and everyone got back to the hotel, Doug and Darren began checking on Benjamin. They found out that he had been released from the hospital, and he and his family were still at their hotel in Hawaii. Seeing that it wasn't too far away, Doug and Darren immediately went to see him.

Benjamin's mother answered the knock at the door of their room, and upon seeing Doug and Darren, she said, "Doug and Darren! Please, come in! Benjamin has been a bit out of sorts since leaving the hospital, and I'm very sure it would help to see his two new mates."

The boys followed Benjamin's mother into the suite as she knocked on a bedroom door. "Benjamin dear, you have two visitors here."

The door opened slightly, and Benjamin peeked out. When he saw Doug and Darren, his face lit up as he said, "Doug! Darren! I'm ever so glad to see you! Please come in."

Doug and Darren went into the bedroom, and Benjamin shut the door back behind them.

"What's this we hear about you not feeling too good?" asked Doug.

"I don't know." replied Benjamin. "My mum and dad won't let me out of their site now, and I'm sure if it had not been for the publicity you and Darren caused, the police would not have taken this as seriously as they did. I am so grateful for what you and Darren have done for me. It's just that everyone else makes me so mad."

"Why are you mad Benjamin?" asked Darren.

"Everyone except you has treated me as if this has been my fault." replied Benjamin, as he began to cry. "I didn't ask that man to attack me. I tried to fight him off, but he was too big for me. I didn't ask him to tie me up, and force himself inside me whenever he felt like it. It hurt so much when he did that to me!"

As Benjamin began to lose control, Doug and Darren wrapped him in their arms. Doug and Darren took turns massaging his back, patting his head, and kissing his cheek, until Benjamin stopped crying.

"You're right Benjamin, it wasn't your fault." said Doug. "I hope the sicko that did that to you goes to prison and gets what he deserves. He's the only one that anyone should blame for this."

"We care about you very much Benjamin, and we'll make sure that people stop treating you like this was your fault." said Darren. "It's ridiculous for anyone to think that you could have wanted this to happen to you. We promise things will get better."

"This may help things get better." said Doug, as he pulled their gift out of a bag. "This statue represents good luck for some of the natives of the South Pacific. Something told us that you needed this."

"It's beautiful!" said Benjamin, as he took the statue. "I can't tell you what the two of you mean to me."

Doug and Darren stayed with Benjamin for a few hours, with Darren sneaking off to talk to Benjamin's parents. They were shocked to hear Darren tell them that Benjamin felt like they blamed him for what happened, but Darren explained to them why he felt that way. They realized that they had been a little over protective since Benjamin was found, and that it could seem like they didn't trust him. Benjamin's mother wept as she told Darren to tell him how sorry they were.

"I will." said Darren. "You should tell him too though, and give him a hug while you do it. Make sure he knows that you still love him."

Benjamin's parents promised Darren that they would make things right with Benjamin, and they would make sure he knew that they still loved him. Then she begged Doug and Darren to visit them in England sometime during the summer. Darren agreed that he and Doug would make it to England before the summer was over, then went back to Doug and Benjamin. By the time Doug and Darren left that day, Benjamin was feeling much better. As soon as they were gone, it was Benjamin's parents turn. They hugged and cried together for most of the evening, until Benjamin knew that he was loved, and they didn't mean to treat him the way they did. Benjamin had considered running away earlier in the day, but now there was no need to think like that again.

When Doug and Darren returned to the hotel, they had just enough time to talk to Chuck before going to visit Kerry.

"Hey Chuck, can you do us a favor?" asked Doug.

"What's that boys?" replied Chuck.

"Could you go see the prosecutor here tomorrow, and make sure he prosecutes the guy that kidnapped Benjamin as vigorously as possible?" asked Doug. "Benjamin was upset about the way things seemed to be being handled. Also make sure that they treat Benjamin a little better."

"It would be a pleasure to do that favor for you boys." replied Chuck. "Now I have a favor to ask you and Darren. Would it be possible for you to take Donnie and Chris with you when you visit your flight attendant friend? We'll look after them if you can't, but Steve and I kind of wanted to do something romantic this evening."

"You've done so much for us Chuck, that I don't see how we could turn you down for something like that." replied Darren.

Doug and Darren had the two boys get ready quickly because the taxi would be there soon. A few minutes later, they all piled into the taxi while Doug gave the driver Kerry's address. The driver pulled up in front of a very nice small duplex, overlooking the beach and ocean on the outskirts of Honolulu. The boys rang the bell for Kerry's door and waited.

When Kerry answered the door, Doug said, "We got stuck with the horny little kids this evening, I hope you don't mind."

"Don't be silly Doug." said Kerry. "Your brother and his boyfriend are just as welcome here as you and Darren are. Please come on in." After they got inside, Kerry went over to a young native Hawaiian man and said, "Boys, this is my boyfriend Ali. That's short for his complete Hawaiian name, but even I have trouble with that, so everyone calls him Ali. Someday we hope to be married if we ever catch Hawaii's on again off again same-sex marriage laws in our favor. Ali, This is Doug and his boyfriend Darren, then Doug's brother Donnie and his boyfriend Chris."

"Aloha boys." said Ali. "Kerry has told me a lot about your escapades on the airplane. It's good to meet you."

Then Ali held his hand out to each of the boys. They all stared at the very beautiful young polynesian man as they shook his hand. By the time the greeting was over, Kerry had returned from the kitchen with refreshments for everyone.

"What would everyone like?" asked Kerry. "I have cola, root beer, and Ali's special pineapple drink. It's actually a pineapple wine that is a secret family recipe, but it has a very low alcohol content which makes it acceptable for people your age here in Hawaii."

All of the boys naturally tried the pineapple drink, while Ali had Kahlua and root beer. Kerry opted for straight Kahlua. Everyone then sat around and talked for a little while, with Kerry and Ali getting to know the boys better, and hearing all about their trip so far.

After several minutes, Kerry asked, "Why don't we move our visit out to the hot tub? If you boys don't want to though, it's perfectly understandable."

"It's not that we wouldn't want to, it's just that we didn't bring any swimwear with us." replied Doug.

"Well, the patios in this duplex are separated from each other, so Ali and I usually use the hot tub naked." said Kerry. "It's not as big of a deal here as it is elsewhere, but I can come up with spare shorts if you boys want. They might be a little big for the younger boys though."

"I don't know about Doug and Darren, but we don't need shorts." replied Donnie.

"I guess it would be okay then." replied Darren.

Everyone followed Kerry out to the patio, which was indeed very secluded and private from the other side of the duplex. Kerry turned the hot tub on, then removed the cover. The tub was more than large enough for six people.

"Just put your clothes over here on this patio table." said Kerry, as he began to strip.

Once Kerry was naked, he went to get more refreshments and an ice bucket. As everyone else stripped, the boys occasionally glanced at Ali. Ali's smooth body was the same lightly darkened tone all over. Kerry definitely did have a very beautiful boyfriend. The younger boys stare settled on Ali's cock as it came into view. Ali was uncut, and just slightly larger than the two younger boys. Ali smiled when he saw the two younger boys staring at him.

"I see you two enjoy appreciating other guys cocks." said Ali to Donnie and Chris. Then he held his cock out proudly in his hand and said, "There's nothing wrong with looking, so go right ahead and look."

"How old are you Ali?" asked Chris.

"I'm twenty four and Kerry is twenty two." replied Ali.

"Why is your cock almost the same size as ours then?" asked Donnie.

"It's not unusual for polynesian men's cocks to be smaller than most caucasian men's cocks." said Ali. "To me, Doug's cock there is unusually large."

"I think my lover's cock is beautiful the way it is though." said Kerry as he returned to the patio. "The hot tub should be ready now, so let's get on in."

Everyone stepped into the warm bubbly water, and sat down next to their lover. Ali gave Kerry a nice kiss on the lips, so the boys put their arms back behind their lovers.

"Are you ready to try a drink with a little more punch, Doug and Darren?" asked Kerry.

"Sure, why not!" replied Doug.

"Great, I'll make you Ali's favorite, except with not quite as much Kalhua." said Kerry. He fixed two drinks with about half the alcohol that he normally put in Ali's, then handed the drinks to Doug and Darren.

"Could we try that too?" asked Donnie.

"I'm afraid you guys are still a little too young for that." replied Kerry. "You're welcome to another glass of pineapple drink though."

"I guess that'll do." snickered Donnie. "I just had to try."

Everyone enjoyed their drinks slowly, as they cuddled with their boyfriends in the warm water. Kerry and Ali enjoyed hearing about Doug and Darren's adventures over the past year, and was impressed to be in the same hot tub with two people who were so rich. Then Ali poked Kerry in the side and pointed to Donnie and Chris. Donnie and Chris had finished their drinks, and were now passionately kissing each other.

"I think that's so damn sweet." said Kerry.

"You get use to it, being around them." chuckled Doug.

"Yeah, I've never seen two people who enjoyed loving each other so much, except for Doug and I." said Darren.

"There's a blanket laid out on the patio over there, in case you two would like to use it." said Kerry.

Everyone watched as Donnie and Chris stood up, and water dripped from their stiff dicks. Donnie and Chris got out of the tub and walked over to the blanket. While everyone continued to watch, the two boys laid down in a sixty-nine position, and eagerly began sucking each other.

"My God, they make it look so right for two boys to be making love to each other like that!" said Kerry, as he stared at the two boys making love.

"I think they have the right idea though." said Ali.

Ali then stood up and pulled Kerry to his feet. The two men then went over and laid next to the two boys. Doug and Darren watched as Kerry and Ali began passionately sucking each other. Donnie and Chris also watched the men out of the corner of their eyes, as they continued sucking each other hungrily.

"Oh, what the heck!" said Doug. "We might as well follow suit."

Doug and Darren then got out of the tub, and found an empty spot on the large blanket. Soon, all six guys were busy massaging their favorite cock inside their mouths. As everyone began moaning lightly, Kerry raised up off Ali's cock.

"Look at this everyone." said Kerry, as he pulled the foreskin of Ali's cock back. "Isn't this a beautiful cock?"

Everyone watched Ali's cock as it twitched in Kerry's hand. Then Donnie and Chris both reached over and stroked it lightly once each as Kerry smiled.

"I think it's cool how he's the same size as us." said Donnie.

"He's the perfect size as far as I'm concerned." said Kerry.

Kerry then sensuously kissed the head of Ali's twitching cock. All of the boys watched as Kerry's lips gently pressed against the head of Ali's cock, before Kerry once again engulfed it in his mouth. Once again everyone concentrated on sucking and pleasuring their boyfriend's cock. Everyone fought and moaned as they waited to all cum at the same time. Ali started things off by cumming in Kerry's hungry mouth, then everyone else released the orgasms they had been holding back. The patio was filled with six writhing bodies, as moans of pleasure hung in the air. Finally all six orgasms ended, and everyone collapsed into their boyfriend's arms. After a few minutes, everyone began staggering back to the hot tub. Everyone laid back in the arms of their lovers, as the warm water caressed their bodies.

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