No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 5

As the boys said Good-bye to Kerry and Ali that evening, each boy gave their two hosts a hug. Doug and Darren also gave them a kiss on the cheek.

"We had a lot of fun this evening, and we want to thank you and Ali for inviting us over." said Doug to Kerry. "You guys make an awesome couple too. If you're ever in the Michigan area, make sure you come by to see us."

"We will if we ever get to that area." replied Kerry. "Thanks for coming over, and we're happy that all of you boys felt as comfortable around us as you did. You and Darren, and Donnie and Chris are very good looking couples. Aloha boys."

After the four boys were in the taxi to go back to the hotel, Darren began snickering as he said, "Good work Donnie and Chris! I think you really got Kerry and Ali turned on back there. I don't think you two realize the effect you have on people when you're together!"

"What would you say if I told you that we do know, and we show off on purpose?" asked Donnie, as he and Chris giggled.

"It's a good thing you two are so young and cute!" snickered Doug. "That's the only reason you get away with stuff like that!"

"We do want to thank you two for taking us along tonight though." said Donnie. "It made us feel good that you and Darren, and Kerry and Ali accepted us as a part of the activities. We'll never be able to be grateful enough to have you guys there for us. And we also want to hang out with you guys more often when you go places like tonight!"

Then Donnie and Chris's giggles turned into boyish laughter. Doug and Darren had to laugh along too, as they shook their heads. Once the boys got back to the hotel, they once again shared the same bed but stuck to their own boyfriends. That night in bed was all about love, even with Donnie and Chris. Doug and Darren was amazed to see their usual wild lust replaced with a passion that equaled their own. Donnie and Chris weren't amazed though. They knew that even though they were too horny for their own good sometimes, they loved each other very much. Donnie had known for some time that he loved Chris, and Chris never would have learned to follow his heart if it had not been for Donnie. The boys' bedroom was filled with so much love that night, that the boys could feel it in the air through their skin.

The next day would be the last full day in Hawaii. That morning Fred and Mary woke everyone up early. They wanted to spend most of that day on the big island, just to the south of Oahu. Steve and Chris, and Jenni and Cory decided to go along. Doug and Darren however wanted to spend the day with Benjamin.

"Okay Donnie, which would you and Chris rather do?" asked Doug. "Would you like to see another volcano, or would you rather see a young English boy?"

"A very nice young English boy!" added Darren.

"Damn, that's a tough one big brother!" exclaimed Donnie. "What do you think Chris? Molten rocks, or English dude about our age?"

"Make sure to bring us back a nice video of the volcano, Mr. and Mrs. Chambers!" replied Chris.

Everyone had a good laugh at Chris's reply, then Darren said, "That was a pretty quick answer dude."

"It was easy Darren." replied Chris. "I just asked myself which one would my dad rather do!"

Everyone laughed even more before splitting up for the day. Then out of habit, Fred checked with Doug and Darren to make sure they had plenty of money for the day.

"That's really funny dad, I was going to ask you the same thing!" replied Doug.

That got another laugh from Fred, who smiled that Doug felt comfortable enough to call him dad. Mary noticed her husband's reaction, and began to smile herself as she asked, "Any second thoughts now dear?"

"I knew we were doing the right thing all along honey." replied Fred. "And in a little more than seven months, we'll give all of the kids a new baby brother or sister. I wouldn't trade my life right now for anything!" Then Fred wrapped Mary in his arms and gave her a very warm and loving kiss in front of their kids.

Darren wrapped his arm around Doug as he smiled, and said, "Well, let's get going guys. Benjamin is waiting for us to show him a good time for once on his vacation."

Everyone went down to the front of the hotel then. The boys began walking toward Benjamin's hotel, as everyone else got into a cab to begin their sightseeing day. The boys were greeted by Benjamin's mother at the door to the suite.

"It is very good to see you young men again." said Benjamin's mother. "I could never thank you enough for what you've done for Benjamin. We had a very good chat yesterday after you were gone, and all of us are feeling much better now. Who do you have with you today?"

"This is my younger brother Donnie, and his best friend Chris." replied Doug. "They wanted to meet Benjamin today, and hang out with us."

"Hello boys, it is very good to meet you." replied Benjamin's mother. "I'm very sure that Benjamin will be pleased that you have come along as well. Please come on in, Benjamin is expecting you in his room."

The boys went on in to Benjamin's room, and Doug gave him a warm hug as he said, "Hello Benjamin. I hear things are going a little better now."

"Yes, very much so." replied Benjamin, as he returned the hug.

Then Darren gave him a hug as he said, "That's great dude. We're glad to hear that you're doing better now."

"I can never thank you mates enough for everything you have done for me." replied Benjamin, as he returned Darren's hug.

"This is my younger brother Donnie." said Doug, as he pushed Donnie toward Benjamin.

"Hi Benjamin, we've heard a lot about you from Doug and Darren." said Donnie, as he stuck his hand out toward Benjamin.

"What's the matter Donnie, aren't you as friendly as Doug and Darren?" asked Benjamin, as he held his arms out.

Donnie took Benjamin into nice hug as he replied, "I just didn't want to freak you out or anything."

Donnie could feel Benjamin press their bodies together slightly, so as the hug ended Donnie said, "This is my boyfriend Chris."

"Boyfriend?" asked Benjamin. He then gave Chris a less touchy hug as he said, "Hello Chris, it is very nice to meet the both of you."

Chris hugged Benjamin a little tighter as he replied, "Donnie just said we were boyfriends, not monks. There's no reason to feel uncomfortable with us." Then Chris cupped Benjamin's butt with one of his hands.

Benjamin smiled from the contact from Chris's hand, then said, "Sorry about that mate. I just didn't know how affectionate you two would want me to be."

Chris looked at the smile on Benjamin's face, then gave him a very nice but short kiss on the lips. "About that affectionate should be fine." replied Chris.

"That's no fair!" exclaimed Donnie. "I didn't get a kiss!" Then Donnie gave Benjamin an equally nice kiss.

"I think I like you two mates already!" said Benjamin, as he smiled brightly.

"Take my word for it Benjamin, don't encourage them." snickered Doug.

"Yeah, they're the two horniest dudes in the world!" snickered Darren.

"That will be fine with me." said Benjamin seductively. "I never did find out what I set out to when this mess started."

Doug and Darren could swear they heard the gears in Donnie and Chris's heads turning, so they decided that they should get going before they ended up spending the whole day in this room.

On the way to the door, Benjamin stopped to give his mother a hug. "You take care of yourself today, my sweet young man." said Benjamin's mom.

"Thank you mum, I shall." replied Benjamin. "And thank you for believing in me. I shall try my best to not disappoint you."

Benjamin's mother kissed him on the forehead and said, "I have never for one moment been disappointed in you Benjamin, and I don't believe that I ever shall be."

"I love you mum." said Benjamin.

With that, the boys were off on their adventure for the day. First up was a little jet skiing on the beach between their hotels. Doug and Darren had to take turns with the other three boys because they were not old enough yet to rent jet skis for themselves. The boys had a great time though, crashing through waves and laughing madly. The longer the boys played, the more Benjamin acted like a normal and happy boy. After about ninety minutes, the boys were ready to move on.

Darren then came up with the idea of catching a bus to Pearl Harbor, and looking at the battleship memorials there. Once they got there, the boys realized that the site was a little more somber than they thought it would be. They still had a good time though, especially when they got a chance to go on an actual battleship. They also kept the personnel there entertained with their questions. By the time they were finished at Pearl Harbor, the boys stomachs told them that it was time for lunch. No one could decide where they wanted to eat, until Donnie spotted a small polynesian grille. While the boys were waiting for their food, they noticed a young polynesian boy watching them through the window. Chris snuck out of the booth, then slipped up behind the boy.

"Hi, my name is Chris." said Chris. "My friends and I noticed you watching us inside."

"I'm very sorry." said the boy. "I didn't mean to offend you and your friends."

"Would you like to come inside and join us?" asked Chris sincerely.

"I couldn't." replied the boy. "I don't want to impose on you guys."

"You wouldn't be imposing on us." replied Chris. "We'd love to have you join us. Besides, you were looking at us like you might want to meet some new friends." Chris also thought the boy looked hungry, but he didn't want to push too hard.

"Only if you're sure you don't mind." said the boy. "Everyone calls me Wakki. My real name is longer, but Wakki is easier."

"Okay then Wakki, let's go!" replied Chris.

Chris led the boy back inside, and just as they got back to the boys' booth, one of the waiters approached them and said, "I thought you street kids were told to stay out of here!"

Wakki began to look frightened, so Doug stood up to face the waiter and said, "How dare you talk to our friend like that! He is with us, and if you insult him, you insult all of us!"

"You boys have no idea who he is, or what you're dealing with!" said the waiter.

Then Darren stood up and said, "You are the one who has no idea who WE are, or who YOU'RE dealing with!"

Then Doug raised his voice a little and said, "I want to see the owner of this so-called restaurant right now!!!"

The owner had heard some of the commotion going on, and when Doug said that, he came running out front. Doug talked to the man for about five minutes, then the owner went back over to the table. He made a frantic and upset gesture to the waiter, then pointed toward the back of the restaurant. The waiter lowered his head and left the table.

"I'm so sorry young man." said the owner to Wakki. "I promise you will be treated well from now on. Would you like me to bring you what your friend Doug is having?"

"Sure." replied Wakki, still not looking too confident. Then Doug sat the boy between himself and Darren.

"Well, that was fun!" said Chris. "Anyway Wakki, on your right is Darren and the loud one on your left is Doug."

"Hi Wakki." said Darren, as he smiled at the still frightened boy. "You can relax now dude, they won't bother you here anymore."

Then Wakki turned and Doug said, "Hi Wakki, you're with friends now. Everything is okay."

"Over next to the window on my side is Benjamin, and in the middle next to me is my boyfriend Donnie." said Chris.

When Chris called Donnie his boyfriend, Wakki almost smiled. "Hi Wakki." said Donnie and Benjamin together.

"So Wakki, was what the waiter saying true?" asked Doug. "Do you live on the street?"

"Yes." replied Wakki, as he lowered his head. "I don't know who my parents were. I was being raised by a cousin on one of the smaller islands. My cousin brought me to this island about six months ago and dropped me off. Then she told me not to come back, and to stay on Oahu. I don't really know anyone on this island though, so I live on the streets. Thanks for buying my meal today."

"What did the waiter mean when he said you might cause us trouble?" asked Darren.

"That waiter doesn't know what he's talking about." replied Wakki. "Most of the kids that live on the streets around here are watched out for by local gangs. I'm not from this island though, so they would never watch out for me. They would be more likely to beat me up, so I avoid them. No one is going to bother you because of me though."

"How have you survived six months on the streets?" asked Chris.

"Hey dufus, we survived eight months on a deserted island!" chuckled Doug.

"I survive mostly on the kindness of tourists." said Wakki. "I try to make myself look cute and adorable for them. Sometimes it works, but sometimes I have to scrounge around behind restaurants and markets. Did you say that you were on a deserted island for eight months Doug?"

"Yeah, and Darren was with me." replied Doug.

"You must have been the two guys that everyone was talking about a few months ago then." said Wakki.

"That would be us!" said Darren.

"I always wanted to meet you guys, to find out how you survived with even less than me!" said Wakki.

"I don't know about that." replied Doug. "We had each other, and that meant quite a lot to us."

As Doug and Darren smiled dreamily at each other, everyone's food arrived. Everyone could tell that Wakki was hungry by the way he dug into the food. The boys didn't say too much as they enjoyed their meal, and the owner did treat Wakki much better than the waiter had. When the boys were almost finished, the waiter finally came back out to their table.

"I am very sorry for the way that I acted earlier." said the waiter. Then he looked at Wakki and said, "I am especially sorry to you. I hope all of you can forgive me, because what I did was horrible."

"Let's just call it a misunderstanding then." said Doug. "And I'm sorry for raising my voice to you."

"You had every right to do that young man." said the waiter. "I was wrong, and I needed to be told that."

"It's all cool then." said Darren. "Whenever we come back to Hawaii, we'll make sure we eat here so we can visit you again."

"Thank you so much." said the waiter. "I promise I will never act that way again."

When the waiter had left, Doug asked, "Okay everyone, what's next? Remember that Wakki will be with us for the rest of the day. Right Wakki?"

Wakki gave the boys his first actual full-fledged smile since meeting them, then said, "It would be so great to hang out with you guys. Thank you so much!"

All six boys hung out at a nearby arcade for a few minutes, before deciding on swimming at the hotel. The boys liked the pool at their hotel because it had several waterslides that started on the third floor inside balcony. There was also one more that wound around an artificial rock formation that also had a waterfall. That slide disappeared into a tunnel near the bottom, and shot out through the base of the waterfall. First though the boys wanted to clean Wakki up a little.

Once they got back to the hotel, they went up to their room. Wakki didn't smell bad, but his clothes were well worn, and he did look like he hadn't bathed lately. The boys insisted on taking his clothes while Wakki bathed, then they would get him something of Chris's since Wakki and Chris seemed to be about the same size. Wakki finally came out of the shower naked, and all five boys couldn't help but to stare. Wakki knew that all the boys were staring at his naked body, and he began to fidget.

"Um, how many of you guys like other guys?" asked Wakki nervously. When all five boys hands went into the air, Wakki asked, "I meant how many of you guys REALLY like other guys?" That question got the same five hands in the air. "Whew!!!" sighed Wakki. "That's a relief because I'm going to be getting hard any second now!"

As if on cue, Wakki's dick began to stick straight out. By the time it was fully erect, it was standing out about four inches.

Doug handed Wakki a pair of Chris's swimming trunks and said, "I think we better get to the pool while we still can!"

"Good idea!" laughed Wakki nervously.

Before Wakki could get his shorts on though, Benjamin stepped over to the boy and wrapped his hand around the four inch uncut dick. Then Benjamin looked deeply into Wakki's eyes. Wakki could see in Benjamin's eyes what the boy wanted, and he could tell that Benjamin would need to be treated special. Wakki had thought about what was passing between them before, but he had never had the chance to act on it. Benjamin looked into Wakki's eyes and could see a desire that had never been answered before. He then knew that he would be Wakki's first time, and this time he wanted it. Benjamin and Wakki were finally broken out of their trance by the other boys, and Benjamin reluctantly let go of Wakki's dick.

"Your body is very beautiful Wakki." said Benjamin softly.

"That felt very nice just now Benjamin." replied Wakki.

The boys smiled at each other as Wakki put on his borrowed trunks, then everyone went down to the pool. The boys had a great time at the pool, as most of the guests were outside at this time of the day. After a while, Benjamin caught Wakki getting ready to slide down one of the slides, so he waited near the bottom. When Wakki came off the slide and went under, Benjamin immediately dived after him. Benjamin caught Wakki underwater, and pressed his mouth against Wakki's. The seal was tight enough for both boys to put their tongues into each other's mouths. Benjamin and Wakki wrapped their arms tightly around each other as their tongues massaged the inside of each other's mouths. The boys didn't know it, but they were underwater for several minutes before they realized they needed to surface. The boys broke the surface with their mouths still locked together, and their arms still wrapped around each other.

"So that's what you guys were up to!" chuckled Doug.

"You had us worried for a minute!" snickered Darren.

"I think they have the right idea though." said Doug, as he winked at Darren.

"Yeah babe, I think everyone might be ready to go back to the room now." replied Darren, as he swam over to Doug and wrapped him in his arms.

Donnie and Chris could see that everyone was now paired off, which meant that they would be going back to their room soon. Then their mischievous streak took over. Donnie and Chris pulled each other's trunks down around their knees, then nodded at each other impishly. The two boys hopped up out of the pool with water dripping from their butts and dicks, then said loudly, "Oops everyone! Sorry about that. They must have slipped down while we were swimming." Then the two boys giggled madly as they pulled their shorts up.

"I think they're trying to tell us that it's time to go back to the room." said Doug.

Darren laughed as he seen several people around the pool with their mouths hanging open in shock.

Sounds like a fun day so far, huh? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 6.