No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 6

The boys made it back to the room without hotel security catching up to them, and they all went into Doug and Darren's bedroom.

"Okay Benjamin and Wakki, you guys are our guests today, so you get to decide." said Doug. "Do you want to use Donnie and Chris's room by yourselves, or would you rather be in here with Darren and I?"

"I guess we shall stay here." replied Benjamin. "We wouldn't wish to put Donnie and Chris out of their room."

"They hardly ever use it anyway!" snickered Darren.

"I have an idea." said Donnie. "If we lay across the width of the bed, all six of us should be able to fit."

"What do you say guys?" asked Doug.

"Let's do it Benjamin." said Wakki. "I've never been involved in an orgy before."

"What do you mean Wakki?" asked Benjamin as he giggled. "I've hardly ever been involved in sex before!"

All of the boys snickered, then began removing their boyfriend's shorts. Once they were all naked, they laid down on the bed in couples. Doug and Darren was on one end, and Benjamin and Wakki were next to them. That left Chris and Donnie on the other end. Doug and Darren decided to take turns putting their cocks deep inside each other to make love, while Donnie and Chris went into a slow and passionate sixty-nine.

"I want us to make love to each other with our mouths Wakki, but I want us to take turns doing it." said Benjamin. "I want desperately to have you in my mouth, and I don't want anything to distract me."

"Okay Benjamin." replied Wakki. "I'm just happy to be making love to another guy as nice as you, so we'll do it any way you want."

Benjamin gazed at Wakki's small but beautiful dick for several moments, then took it gently into his mouth. Wakki may have been small, but Benjamin was feeling things he had never felt before. Benjamin loved the way Wakki's dick felt in his mouth, and he knew that this was right. The man who had forced Benjamin into sex made it feel dirty and wrong, but Wakki was making it the most wonderful thing that Benjamin had ever dreamed of. Benjamin concentrated intently on the taste and feel of Wakki's dick, as Wakki ran his hands gently through Benjamin's hair. Wakki looked at the other two couples making love, then he looked down at Benjamin as the boy lovingly caressed his dick with his mouth. The look of love on Benjamin's face was beautiful to Wakki, and then he saw that Doug and Darren had the same look as Doug thrust his cock in and out of Darren. Then he looked the other way and saw the same look on Donnie and Chris's faces too. Wakki knew that Benjamin had fallen in love with him.

"Oh Benjamin, I can't even describe how I feel right now." moaned Wakki softly. "You make me feel like the luckiest boy in the world because I'm gay, even though it got me kicked out of my family forever. I may not have a place to sleep, but at least now I can stay forever in your heart."

When Benjamin heard those words, he put even more love and intensity into what he was doing. Wakki now didn't want to go back to the streets, not now that he had felt real love for the first time in his life. Wakki began to cry softly as he started to feel an orgasm come on. The few times he had felt it before, it was out of desperation and loneliness. This time though it was out of love, and Wakki thought he would burst. How could he possibly go back to life on the street now? Wakki now felt there was only one choice if he could not have this kind of life, but he would wait to end his pain until Benjamin was off the island. As Wakki thought about how much he loved this wonderful boy from England, he began having the largest orgasm of his life. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his body trembled and shook, and he gasped loudly. Benjamin could not bring himself to let go of Wakki's dick until it began to soften again.

"Why are you crying my love?" asked Benjamin, as he made his way back up to Wakki's face. "I can't have the love of my life and most beautiful boy on earth crying."

Benjamin then gently licked the tears from Wakki's face, then Wakki made his way down to Benjamin's uncut dick. It was a full inch and a half larger than his own, and Wakki thought it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Wakki planned to make the rest of Benjamin's stay as much fun as he could, and then he would do what had to be done. Wakki took Benjamin's cock into his mouth like a man in the desert who was dying of thirst. By this time the other boys had finished, and were now engrossed in watching the most intense act of making love they had ever seen.

"My God Benjamin, you are the luckiest guy in the world to find him!" said Donnie. "That has to feel awesome!"

"Uhhh,... uhhh." was the only response that Benjamin could give.

Darren, on the other hand, had seen Wakki crying as Benjamin made love to him. Darren thought he had a very good idea of what it was about, so he began to gently stroke Wakki's back and butt as Wakki made love to Benjamin.

"You don't have to worry about living on the streets any more Wakki." said Darren comfortingly. "Our lawyer is with us, so you're either going home with Benjamin or us. We won't let friends go through the kind of pain you have been going through, and you're our friend Wakki. We want to be your family now, if that's okay with you."

Wakki began making love to Benjamin with more passion than he ever thought was possible, and Benjamin's entire body was now shaking violently.

"Ahh!... Ahh!" screamed Benjamin.

Benjamin began to cum harder than he thought was humanly possible. The first few blasts shot directly down Wakki's throat, who sucked hard on Benjamin's dick. Benjamin was thrashing around on the bed so hard that Doug had to hold him down so he wouldn't toss himself or Wakki off the bed. Benjamin's intense orgasm finally subsided, and his body began to relax again. Wakki immediately launched himself up to take Benjamin into his arms. As Wakki held Benjamin tightly, he pressed their lips firmly together. After a few minutes, Benjamin finally broke the kiss so he could breathe again. Then Wakki threw his arms around Darren.

"I can't tell you guys how much all of you mean to me now, especially Benjamin." sobbed Wakki, as he held onto Darren. "I don't know what made me stop in front of that restaurant today, but I know it was the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"I meant every word that I said too Wakki, my brother." replied Darren.

"Yes Wakki, you're our brother now if you would give us that honor." said Doug. "I know our parents will love you and take you into our family too, if you can't go to England with Benjamin. Chuck will find out for us as soon as he can though, just as soon as I call his beeper."

"I have a confession to make." said Wakki. "Benjamin is my lover now, and the rest of you guys are my family, and I can't keep this from you. As soon as all of you guys had left the island, I was going to kill myself. I couldn't face going back to the life of pain and loneliness that I had been living."

"You can't do that Wakki!" screamed Benjamin. "I love you, and I would know what you did no matter how far apart we were. You have to promise that you'll be a part of my life forever Wakki!"

"I will Benjamin." replied Wakki. "I have people who love me and care about me for the first time in my life. There's no reason to end my life anymore."

Benjamin took Wakki into a tight hug as the two boys wept in each other's arms, and Doug called Chuck's beeper. When Chuck called back, Doug asked him to hop on the next plane back up to Oahu. They had a serious situation that only he could handle for them. That left Chuck's mind to wander in all kinds of scary directions until he got back to Oahu. It was still early evening before Chuck could get back though.

"Okay, what's the emergency?" asked Chuck breathlessly, as he bolted into the boy's suite.

Doug pointed to Wakki and said, "Chuck, meet Wakki. We met Wakki today at a restaurant. He was outside the restaurant, looking in because he was hungry. Wakki's family kicked him out and brought him to Oahu about six months ago because Wakki is gay, and he's been living on the streets ever since. He says that kind of thing is common on some of the smaller islands. Anyway, Wakki's life has been hell, and he was almost to the point of ending it. Then he fell in love with Benjamin. We either have to find a way for him to go to England with Benjamin, or to go home with us, and we have to do it before we leave tomorrow. We can't leave him here on the streets, where he has nothing to live for."

"You sure as heck don't want much, do you Doug?" asked Chuck.

"Not too much." said Darren. "Just everything, and we're willing to pay anything to get it."

"Do you really want to leave the islands Wakki?" asked Chuck.

"Like Doug said, I have nothing here." replied Wakki. "I love Benjamin very much, and Doug and Darren already seem like brothers to me."

"Okay, let's see." said Chuck. "First we have to find out if it would be possible for Wakki to even go to England on such short notice. International adoptions usually take a very long time though, so I'm guessing that might not even be possible. Then the courts are closed here for the day, so we'll have to get the local child welfare agency involved. I'm not promising anything, especially not England, but I'll see what I can do."

Chuck went to his room and began making calls. A social worker for the state showed up at the hotel about thirty minutes later, and Wakki was called to Chuck's room. While the social worker talked to Wakki alone, Chuck tracked down Fred and Mary. They were on their way back to Oahu, and would be at the airport shortly. Then the social worker wanted to talk to Chuck again.

"Wakki seems like a very wonderful boy." said the social worker. "Unfortunately, homosexuality is not as well accepted on some of the smaller islands as it is here on Oahu, and these things happen all the time. Usually these children just tend to disappear from society. Wakki was definitely in the right place at the right time today. He has expressed an interest in being adopted by a family from England, but those things tend to take a very long time. He has to have someplace to live in the meantime."

"He does have someone else from the US that would like to help him." said Chuck.

"You mean Doug and Darren?" asked the social worker.

"Yes." replied Chuck. "I haven't talked to their parents yet, but they should be here soon. I do know them very well though, and I know they would love to take Wakki into their home. They are very wealthy, and they could provide Wakki with a great home until the adoption by the English family could be taken care of."

"Have you spoken to the family from England yet?" asked the social worker.

"Not yet I'm afraid." replied Chuck.

"Then that should be our next step." said the social worker.

Chuck called Wakki and Benjamin over, so they and the social worker could speak with Benjamin's family. Chuck told Doug and Darren to stay at the hotel, and let Fred and Mary know what was happening when they returned. When Fred and Mary did return, Doug and Darren told them all about Wakki, and what was going on.

"We can't leave you boys alone one day without you trying to expand our family, can we?" laughed Fred. "If you say Wakki is a nice boy though, we believe you."

"We would be thrilled to help your new friend in any way that we can." said Mary. "We would love to have him in our home."

Chuck, Wakki, and the social worker finally returned, and the social worker said, "Benjamin's parents were kind of surprised by the boys idea, and they need some time to consider it. We need to find a safe and loving home for Wakki in the meantime though."

"I'd like you to meet our parents then." said Doug. "This is my mom and dad, Mary and Fred Chambers."

"Hello Mr. And Mrs. Chambers." said the social worker, as she held out her hand. "Doug and Darren has said that you would be willing to have Wakki as a part of your family for now. Would you?"

"I'm positive that we would." said Fred. "My wife and I would like to have a chance to speak with Wakki alone first though, if that's okay."

"That's completely understandable." said the social worker.

Fred and Mary took Wakki to their suite to speak to him. They were gone for about forty-five minutes before they finally rejoined everyone else. When they did return, Mary had her arm around Wakki's shoulder, and Wakki looked very happy.

"We want Wakki to return to Michigan with us tomorrow." said Fred. "Is there any way we can make that happen?"

"First I will have to conduct an interview with you and your wife." said the social worker. "Then there will be a ton of forms that have to be filled out tonight. Then we will have to be at the courthouse first thing tomorrow morning. What time does your flight leave?"

"One o'clock in the afternoon." replied Fred.

"Okay then, why don't you go ahead and make a reservation for Wakki on the same flight, if you still can." said the social worker. "I will need Wakki, Fred, and Chuck to go with me to the courthouse in the morning. I will do everything I can to get you back to the airport by one, but if not, the rest of your family can go ahead, and we'll get you on the next available flight. Does that sound okay to everyone?"

Everyone agreed to that, so Chuck, Fred, Mary, and the social worker got to work on everything that needed to be done. The boys went back to Doug and Darren's room, where Doug immediately called Benjamin. Doug and Darren let Benjamin know what was going on, and then Wakki took the phone so he could talk to the boy he loved. Just as it looked as though Wakki and Benjamin might start having phone sex, the conversation suddenly stopped. Then Wakki held the phone out to Doug.

"I think Benjamin's mother wants to speak to you." said Wakki.

"Hello Doug." said Benjamin's mother. "I just wanted to speak to you about what is going on right now, since you probably know more than anyone else about it. Please don't take me wrong Doug, I have no problem with Benjamin's sexual orientation if he is in fact gay. This entire episode is just very sudden though. I do feel sympathetic for Wakki, but I would need to know that we wouldn't be making some type of mistake here."

If you saw them together today though, you would know that this isn't a mistake." said Doug. "Benjamin and Wakki are very much in love with each other. I've never seen it happen that fast either, but they are very bit as in love with each other as Darren and I are. If you listen to Benjamin's heart on this, it will tell you how the two boys feel. I think what they feel for each other is a very beautiful thing."

"Yes, I guess I shall have to have a very long talk with Benjamin." said Benjamin's mother. "If he feels that strongly toward this boy, I don't want to harm either of them. I love Benjamin very much, so I shall try to see this from his point of view. Thank you ever so much Doug. We owe you and Darren quite a bit."

"We were just doing what we could for a friend." replied Doug.

"And I am very glad that Benjamin has made friends like you on this holiday." said Benjamin's mother. "We shall keep in very close touch with you."

"That would be great." replied Doug. "Let Benjamin know that Wakki will be taken very good care of until this is settled. He will be staying with us, and we'll treat him like our brother."

"You can tell him that Doug, I'm letting him have the telephone back now." replied Benjamin's mother. "I think he's anxious to talk to someone in particular again."

The boys all took turns talking to Benjamin for quite a while longer. Their stomachs started complaining about missing supper, so the boys ordered pizzas while they talked with Benjamin until late into the night. Fred finally knocked on the door to tell Wakki to get to sleep, that he would have to wake up early the next morning. That night Doug and Darren slept with Wakki between them, with no sexual contact but a little bit of cuddling. Wakki slept more comfortably than he had in quite a while, because he enjoyed the warmth from Doug and Darren.

Doug and Darren wanted to go with Chuck, Fred, and Wakki in the morning, but Fred and Mary thought it would be best if they stayed with her. After all, there was no guarantee of what would happen that morning. So Doug and Darren stayed at the hotel to get ready to go to the airport.

Fred and Chuck took Wakki to the courthouse, where they would meet up with the social worker. The social worker was on their side, and would transfer the case to Michigan as soon as the judge approved. The court seemed to want to make everyone wait though, which made Chuck nervous. They finally got to see the judge at about ten thirty, with only two and a half hours left before the flight.

The judge looked over the papers before him and said, "So, you want to take a native Hawaiian boy, and move him to Michigan? I can't say that it would be in his best interest to be taken from his people, to a culture that he knows little about."

"With all due respect your honor, is it in Wakki's best interest to remain living on the streets in Honolulu because his people have thrown him out of their lives?" asked Chuck. "The Chambers family cares very much for Wakki, and could offer him more than he could ever have here."

"That may be how mainlanders are use to doing things, but that's not how we do things here Mr. Wainforth." replied the judge.

"Please let me handle this Chuck." said the social worker, who then turned to the judge. "Your honor, everyone in my department has nothing but respect for you and the customs of our islands. There are circumstances in Wakki's case that lead me and my supervisor to strongly believe that this is what's best for Wakki, and we have put that in our report. Wakki is a good Hawaiian boy though, and will remain that way no matter where he is. Please give me a chance to earn your respect your honor, and read what I have written in my report."

"I'll take a closer look at it, but only out of respect for your department." replied the judge. "This court is in recess for fifteen minutes, and I would like to see Wakki in my chambers."

Chuck and Fred waited nervously as they looked at their watches. This judge was certainly making them cut things close. Fifteen minutes turned into twenty before Wakki came back out, and everyone was called back to the courtroom.

The judge shuffled his papers for a moment before he said, "I usually don't do things this way, because I feel Hawaiians should care for their own. In this case though, Wakki may be better taken care of by the Chambers family. I will order his case sent to Michigan, and I ask that Mr. And Mrs. Chambers take very good care of our native son. Please stop by the clerk's desk on the way out."

Chuck, Fred, and Wakki were in a hurry like they had never been in before. By the time they finished at the courthouse, it was past eleven thirty. They would have to fight the beginning of lunch hour traffic, then get through airport security. The social worker knew that they might not make their flight, so she snagged a police officer outside the court that she had dated a few times. Fortunately he wanted to stay in her good graces, so he agreed to get them to the airport as quickly as he could.

They arrived at the security checkpoint at the airport, and hoped for a little quick service there. As the last of the group cleared security, the last call for their flight was called. It was now time to see how fast they could run to the gate. The flight crew was almost ready to seal the plane when Fred, Chuck, and Wakki checked in. They made it on board the plane with absolutely no time left to spare. The plane began to taxi as they were still making to their seats, accompanied by a round of cheers. No one was cheering harder than Doug and Darren when they saw Wakki step into the plane though. They had saved him a seat between them, and covered Wakki with hugs as he tried to fasten his seat belt. All five boys giggled and laughed as the plane began speeding down the runway. In just a matter of moments the plane lifted majestically into the air, and Wakki was on his way to a new life. This had definitely been the best vacation that anyone in the Chambers family had ever had, and now Doug and Darren were on their way home with a new brother.

"How do you feel about leaving Hawaii behind Wakki?" asked Doug.

"I'm with people who care about me now." replied Wakki. "There was nothing left for me there."

"Well, there's plenty waiting for you when we get home." said Darren as he smiled.

Doug and Darren then each gave their new brother a kiss on each cheek, as their plane soared toward the east. Wakki watched as Chris got up to go to the lavatory, then smiled as Donnie followed him a few moments later.

"Did you guys see that?" asked Wakki. "Donnie just went to the same lavatory as Chris!"

"We never should have told those two about the mile high club!" snickered Doug.

"I'm just scared to death that we're going to have to have dad install an airplane lavatory at home now!" said Darren, as seriously as he could manage.

All three boys were soon doubled over in hysterical laughter. When Fred asked what was wrong, Darren gasped as he told Fred his joke. Soon Fred was doubled over in his seat, laughing even harder that the boys were. When Fred could finally regain his breath, he promised to install the airplane lavatory as soon as they got home. That got the laughter started once again. The flight home would be a very happy and cheerful flight.

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