No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 7

The flight home was very long due to a one day layover in Los Angeles. Fred had planned to take his family someplace he had always wanted to go himself, so he had booked a room near Disneyland. The boys were all very excited, especially Wakki. This was the first time that Wakki had ever been anyplace like this before, and the boys were determined to take him on every ride that they could. Since Mary was pregnant and couldn't ride the more turbulent rides, Fred was designated as Wakki's partner for the day. It wasn't a big problem for Fred until the boys decided that they had done everything they wanted at the original park, and wanted to go over to Disney's California Adventures.

The first stop there was The Maliboomer, which thrust the riders up a vertical tower. Fred began to realize that this wasn't going to be the typical tame Disney park. Fred was mercilessly dragged on the more extreme rides there, with Wakki wanting to ride the big coaster twice. Even though Fred was beginning to feel a little green around the gills, it was worth it to see all of the boys laughing and having a great time, especially Wakki. Fred was glad to get back to the hotel that night though, as were the boys. The boys were glad to get back to the hotel for a completely different reason though.

Wakki watched as all the boys began getting undressed, and was sad that Benjamin was not with them. As soon as Donnie and Chris were naked, they noticed that something was bothering Wakki.

"I know that neither of us are Benjamin, but we have been wondering all day if you would like to join us tonight Wakki." said Donnie. "We may not be able to replace the love that you and Benjamin have for each other, but we do care about you very much, and we want you to feel good."

"Please Wakki, could you take your clothes off and join us?" asked Chris. "We really would like for you to be with us tonight."

Wakki smiled as he began removing his clothes. Doug and Darren were getting down to making love on one of the two large beds, and Donnie and Chris were anxiously awaiting Wakki on the other. Wakki finally had all of his clothes off, and gazed at Doug's cock sliding in and out of a blissful Darren. Then Wakki turned back to the other bed, and joined the other two boys.

"I would like one of you two guys to do to me what Doug is doing to Darren right now." said Wakki, as he laid down on the bed. "I've never had anyone's dick inside my butt before, but it looks like a lot of fun."

"What about Benjamin?" asked Donnie.

"I love Benjamin very much, and it would be nice to be doing that with him right now." said Wakki. "I have to be realistic though. It may be quite some time before I can be with the one that I love very much. Benjamin and I talked about this before we left Hawaii, and we agreed that although we love each other more than anyone in the world, it may be a bit difficult to wait until we can be together. It would be great for Benjamin to be my first, but if he can't do it, we both thought that it should be one of you guys."

"Either one of us would be honored to be the first for you Wakki." said Donnie, as he hugged Wakki's naked body tightly.

"I just hope we can decide who it should be." said Chris, as he too hugged Wakki. "First though, we would both love to taste that beautiful dick of yours."

Chris laid Wakki back on the bed, then Donnie and Chris both moved down and straddled each of Wakki's legs. The two boys then leaned down very close to Wakki's dick, as their erections poked into Wakki's legs. Wakki felt both boys' dicks poking into his legs, and began to stiffen himself. Donnie was the first to lovingly take Wakki's stiffening dick into his mouth and begin to passionately suck on it. Chris watched closely as Donnie sucked his beautiful little dick. After a few minutes, Donnie let Wakki slip gently from between his lips, and Chris took over. Chris and Donnie loved each other very much, but Wakki's dick was the most beautiful thing Chris had ever felt or tasted in his mouth. Wakki was now moaning softly as Donnie maneuvered Chris around on top of Wakki. Wakki now had Chris's dick in front of his face, so he eagerly took it into his mouth. Donnie knelt between Wakki's legs as he lubed his stiff dick. Wakki moaned loudly with Chris's dick in his mouth as soon as he felt Donnie's dick slide into him. Donnie smiled widely as he began to thrust back and forth inside Wakki.

"Oh God Wakki, I love the way you're sucking me so intensely." moaned Chris, who then continued sucking Wakki.

"You love having my dick inside you, don't you Wakki?" asked Donnie lustily.

Wakki responded by thrusting himself back on Donnie's dick, and sucking hard on Chris's. Wakki and Chris began writhing on the bed, as Donnie thrust into Wakki proudly. Then all three boys began to approach their orgasms. First, Wakki began cumming into Chris's mouth. Chris gulped greedily as he tasted one of the sweetest nectars he had ever tasted. As Wakki's flow began to wane, Chris's cum began shooting forcefully into Wakki's mouth. Donnie watched Wakki hungrily swallow Chris's cum, which caused him to begin cumming inside Wakki. All three boys moaned and squirmed until their balls had been thoroughly drained. As soon as Chris turned back around, all three boys collapsed happily into each other's arms.

"That was the hottest fucking thing I ever saw!" exclaimed Darren softly.

"You and me both!" replied Doug as he smiled.

The flight back to Michigan the next day was uneventful. It was the end to one of the most satisfying and rewarding vacations that anyone would ever know. In just a few hours, the boys would be back home. They would also begin showing off their new brother, who seemed to be getting more beautiful as they got further away from Hawaii and closer to home. When the announcement was made that the plane was descending toward Detroit, Wakki began peering intently out the window. As the plane got lower, Wakki watched houses and stores give way to factories and parking lots. After seeing a freeway and then an open field zip past, the plane touched down gently on the runway. Wakki was now in his new home.

The drive back to Lansing was filled with questions from Wakki. He had never seen so much open country, or so many people before. Darren and Doug answered Wakki's questions as best they could, and knew that there would be many more questions in the coming days. Donnie and Chris spent the drive home saying good-bye. They knew that life would now return to normal, and they wouldn't be together every waking moment. They did want to spend every waking moment together though. Donnie and Chris knew that their love would get them through the times when they couldn't be together though. Before reaching home, Fred stopped at Chris's house to drop the boy off. Mary went to Chris's door too, so she could thank Eileen again for letting Chris go on the trip.

Mr. Parker was out at the time, so Chris and his mother could talk freely about Chris's vacation. Chris told his mother everything, and Eileen could see the love and passion in her son's eyes. Eileen quietly listened to Chris's adventures, then asked, "You are in love with Donnie, aren't you son?"

"I love him so much that I don't know what I would do without him." replied Chris. "I know that no one wants their son to be gay mom, but when Donnie and I make love, it's the most wonderful thing in the world to both of us."

"I don't really mind that you're gay Chris." said Eileen. "It's actually kind of a relief to hear you say it out loud like that. I have always suspected that you were gay though, even before you met Donnie. You're my son Chris. You're my gay son, and I love you every bit as much as I would if you were straight. The only thing that matters to me is that you are yourself, and you're happy with who you are. If you want to grow up to be the first openly gay president, I would be as proud of you as I could possibly be. If you just want to settle down quietly with Donnie someday, I will still be proud of you. As long as you are doing what you want to do, that's all that matters."

"What if I want to settle down with Donnie, then be the first openly gay president?" asked Chris.

"If that is what you want, I will help you any way that I can baby." replied Eileen. "I'm afraid your father will never be that understanding of you though. Your father also suspects that you might be gay, and he isn't very happy about it. I told him while you were away that I didn't care if you were gay or not, that you were still my baby boy. I also told him if he ever tried to hurt you or punish you because he thought you were gay, I would leave him immediately. I told him that I also didn't want him questioning you about the subject, or using any kind of slurs when talking about you. I do want you to do one thing for me though honey."

"What's that mom?" asked Chris. "I will do anything for you except leave Donnie."

"I would never ask you to leave the boy you love, my baby boy." replied Eileen. "I do want you to be careful about what you say and how you act around your father though. I will accept Donnie completely from this moment as your boyfriend, but your father never will. Seeing evidence of that may only set him off, and we should avoid that if at all possible."

"Okay mom, I'll do it for you." replied Chris. "I love you so much mom."

"I love you too, my sweet little man." said Eileen, as she hugged her son tightly.

As soon as the Chambers family arrived home, Wakki wanted to call Benjamin in Hawaii. Benjamin's family would be leaving tomorrow, to return to England, and Wakki wanted to talk to his boyfriend first. Wakki spent quite a while on the phone, and Doug and Darren spoke to Benjamin as well. Benjamin thanked both of them once again, and made them promise again that they would visit him in England before the summer ended. As soon as Wakki finished saying good-bye to Benjamin, Jenni called everyone into the family room.

"I have an announcement to make to the whole family." said Jenni, as she put her arm around Cory. "Cory and I want to be married before summer is over. We're going to continue to use contraception until the middle of September, but then I want to become pregnant with his child. I want to be able to give birth while college is out for the summer, so it doesn't prevent either of us from finishing our education. We are going to tell Cory's parents about our plans now, and we want both families to plan our wedding together."

Everyone was excited for Jenni, but before she and Cory left for Cory's house, Doug and Darren pulled her aside.

"Hi brothers." said Jenni. "I think I already know what this is about, and Cory told me about the hot time you guys had in the hospital. I'm okay with it because Cory loves me very much now. He said what you guys did was very fun, but neither of us see it interfering with our love."

"So, you really don't mind that we know your boyfriend's cock as well as you do?" asked Darren.

"No I don't mind Dare." said Jenni. "Besides, he does have a nice cock, doesn't he?"

"Very nice!" replied Doug and Darren together, which made all three of them laugh.

"Really though, if the guy I love had to have a fling with two other guys, I'm glad it was you two." said Jenni. "I love and trust both of you very much. The same goes with Wakki too. I know Cory would like to fool around with him once, and as long as he remembers that he still loves me, I don't mind. I tried to convince him of that, but I don't think he believed me."

"If you want us to talk to both of them, it would be our honor." said Darren.

"That would be great Dare." said Jenni. "I don't want our wedding day to roll around with Cory still thinking about something like that. I would just as soon have him do it and get it over with."

"We'll do what we can sis." said Doug. "Congratulations to you and Cory too, we both hope you two are very happy together for the rest of your lives."

Jenni kissed Doug square on the forehead and said, "Thanks bro, I love you guys very much."

Now it was time for Doug and Darren to get their new brother use to living in Michigan, and seeing if he would be interested in having a little fun with their soon to be brother in law. They would start getting Wakki familiar with the area tomorrow.

Later that night, Donnie stopped in to see Doug and Darren. "I wanted to thank you guys again for what you did for Chris and me back in Tahiti. You didn't have to do it, but you cared so much about us that you did it anyway. We'll remember it for a long time."

"That kinda reminds me of something that's been on my mind since then." said Doug. "Darren babe, how could you forget your first time?"

"What do you mean Doug?" asked Darren.

"When we were in Tahiti, you were talking about being in a similar situation as Donnie and Chris." said Doug. "You said that when you were about their age, you had a much larger guy have anal sex with you. When we were on the island alone though, you said I was the first one you were letting do that to you. You didn't think I would get jealous and back out, did you?"

"I wasn't worried about that at all babe." replied Darren. "The one thing that I remember the most about the first time was how nervous I was. That caused it to hurt more than it would have, even though he wasn't the gentlest guy in the world either. I wanted you to think it was the first time for both of us so that you would see that I wasn't nervous, even though you are larger than most guys our age. Then you wouldn't be nervous about my cock going into you, and it wouldn't hurt too much. If it had hurt so much that you never wanted to do it again, I would have been devastated. I knew you wouldn't be jealous about my real first time, but if I had began talking about what it was like, it would have made you nervous."

"So, you said it was your first time so it would be easier for me?" asked Doug rhetorically. "That's really kinda sweet in a way. I hope that's the only thing you've kept from me though."

"It really is Doug." said Darren. "I could never mislead you about anything else, because you're the most important person in the world to me."

"Okay babe, I believe you." said Doug. Doug then asked Donnie to excuse himself, and he and Darren made love more passionately than usual that night.

The next day, Doug and Darren woke Wakki and Donnie up so they could take Wakki shopping for clothes. They were also going to spend time showing Wakki around town as well. First up was the mall east of town in Okemos. Clothes shopping was first because Wakki had left Hawaii with nothing but the clothes on his back, and a handmade shell necklace. Wakki's shoes had also seen their better days long ago. After stopping at a few stores, Wakki finally had enough of a wardrobe to make a change. After stopping at the men's room, Wakki came back out to a standing ovation from Doug and Darren. Wakki's old clothes went into one of their bags, and his shoes went into the nearest trash can. Now the boys wanted to find Wakki a hair salon, so his hair wouldn't look quite so untamable. Once that was done, other girls and boys at the mall began to notice Wakki. Doug and Darren thought it was a good time to head to the north side of town, to the mall there. Donnie called Chris first though, and Chris's mother said she would be delighted to have Chris ready for them to pick up on the way to the other mall.

As soon as Doug and Darren pulled out of Chris's driveway, Chris and Donnie locked their lips together. Wakki watched and smiled as Chris and Donnie kissed and groped each other next to him. First the boys took in a movie, and then it was time for more shopping. This time though, Wakki got a few toys as well as clothes. Wakki had never even had any Christmas this nice, and his new brothers were going to make sure that he never would forget today. Before leaving the mall, the boys ordered a meal at on of the nicer mall restaurants.

While they were waiting for their food Donnie looked at Doug, Darren, and Wakki, and said, "Thanks for blocking for us at the theater today. With us in the back row, and you guys right in front of us, we were able to have a good time making love."

"Donnie, you and Chris would have a good time making love on the steps of the capitol at mid-day!" replied Doug as he smiled.

That made everyone laugh, and the boys had a great end to their shopping trip for Wakki.

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