No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 8

Wakki was busy trying on new clothes for most of the evening, with Fred and Mary as the judges. By the time it was over, Fred and Mary complimented all of the boys for picking out such good looking outfits for Wakki. After Wakki was finished trying on clothes, Doug and Darren finally caught him alone.

"Hey Wakki, we were wondering if you might be up to doing us a favor." said Doug.

"We know someone who is curious about what it would be like to be with you." added Darren.

"You have all been so good to me that I haven't said no to this point." replied Wakki. "I really do love Benjamin though guys. I know he's in England and I'm here in the U.S., but it doesn't make any difference to me. When Donnie and Chris wanted to have sex with me, I didn't think it would make me feel as bad as it did. It made me feel like I didn't deserve the guy I love. It also didn't feel right because Donnie and Chris are suppose to be in love with each other. I felt like they were competing for me while we were having sex, and that didn't make me feel very good either. I appreciate that you want me to have fun, but I don't think any sex is going to be fun unless it's with Benjamin. He makes it feel like it's suppose to feel for me. Do you understand?"

"I'm sorry Wakki, I guess we didn't stop to think about it that way." said Doug. "We don't want you to do anything that you don't feel right about."

"We'll tell Cory that you're not interested." said Darren. "We'll also have a talk with Donnie and Chris too. You should have said something sooner Wakki. We really do care about you, and we don't want to do anything to make you feel bad. You're really like a brother to us."

"Thanks guys." said Wakki. "I should have said something sooner, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"We're the ones who ended up hurting your feelings though brother." said Doug. "We'll make it up to you though. How would you like to go to our favorite amusement park in the whole world?"

"That would be great!" exclaimed Wakki. "Is this place as much fun as Disneyland was?"

"It's much better little brother!" replied Darren. "If you liked the rollercoasters at Disney, you're going to freak out over this place! It's about halfway between Toledo and Cleveland Ohio."

"That sounds really fun." said Wakki. "When are we going?"

"Friday should be a good day for it." replied Doug. "I'll have to check and see if mom and dad wants to go, and if Chris can go because I know Donnie will want to. If Chris and Donnie both go, can we find you a riding partner? Don't worry, we won't try to fix you up. We just want to find someone so you won't have to ride by yourself. I would suggest dad, but after Disney, I don't think we would be able to trick him into this."

"It's not that much worse than Disney, is it?" asked Wakki.

"Well, they have one coaster that goes one hundred and twenty four miles an hour, and four hundred and twenty feet in the air." replied Darren.

Wakki's eyes grew wide, and Doug and Darren began to snicker. "Surely you can't be serious!" exclaimed Wakki.

"We are serious." replied Doug. "And don't call us Shirley."

After Doug and Darren stopped laughing, Darren said, "I'll check with mom and dad if you and Donnie want to call Chris."

Fred and Mary had no problem with the boys going to the park on Friday, and Donnie was eager to call Chris to see if he wanted to go. Eileen answered the phone, and told Donnie she would think about it, but the boys would have to have adult supervision. Doug went back to talk to Mary and Fred, but they didn't really want to go. They did suggest though that the boys ask Chuck and Steve. Doug then called Chuck, who agreed immediately. Now all Doug had to do was find a riding partner for Wakki.

"Hi Doug." said Cory, as he came up from behind Doug. "Jenni told me that you guys were going to speak to Wakki for me."

"Yeah Cory, I needed to speak to you about that." replied Doug. "It seems like we have been making Wakki feel really uncomfortable about sex because he really loves Benjamin too much to be doing stuff with us. The only reason that he's been doing it is because he didn't want to hurt our feelings."

"I didn't stop to think about that." said Cory.

"Neither did we." replied Doug. "I hope you're okay about it Cory."

"Of course I am." said Cory. "It might have been fun, but I don't want to make him feel bad about it. Is there anything we can do to make things up to him?"

"Darren and I are taking him to our favorite park, but I need to find a riding partner for him." replied Doug.

"How about if I go then?" asked Cory. "I'll leave Jenni here for the day, and it will just be us boys. I promise I won't try to talk him into anything either, I just want to help make things up to him."

"That would be really sweet Cory." replied Doug.

Doug then went to call Eileen back to let her know there would be three adults on the trip. Eileen seemed much more comfortable with that, so she agreed to let Chris go. Then Doug found Darren and Wakki playing Playstation together, so he had Darren go find Donnie to let him know that Chris could go.

"Hey Wakki, I just wanted to let you know that we found you a riding partner for Friday." said Doug. "Cory will be going along with us. You don't have to worry about anything with him either, we just had a little talk. He's as sorry about making you feel bad as we are, and he wants to make it up to you too. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, I like Cory." said Wakki. "As long as we're just having fun, everything will be great."

"We're all going to have so much fun together you won't be able to believe it Wakki." said Doug. About that time, Donnie came flying into the room and gave Doug a huge hug. "I take it Darren told you the news about Chris going, huh little bro?" chuckled Doug.

"You guys are the greatest!" exclaimed Donnie excitedly. "This will be the first time I've ever been there with him!"

"I'm glad we could make you happy then." replied Doug.

That night, Doug and Darren were happy that they could straighten everything out. Their entire family was now happy again, including their newest brother. Making love that night felt very good for Doug and Darren. Doug sighed contentedly as he laid on his back and felt Darren's cock slip deeply into him. Darren smiled beautifully as he gently pushed his cock into Doug, and felt Doug's soft rectum caress his hard shaft.

"Oh God Doug!" moaned Darren softly. "Having my cock inside you feels so good tonight."

"That's because your cock feels better every time you put it inside me, my love." replied Doug breathlessly.

Darren then leaned down and pressed his lips against Doug's. Darren's tongue plunged inside Doug's mouth as he began thrusting in and out of Doug. Darren's firm, round butt flexed back and forth as his cock continued sliding in and out of Doug. Within a few minutes, both boys began gasping in pleasure into each other's mouths. Both boys could feel Darren's cock throb as it slid back and forth inside Doug. Doug began clenching his rectal muscles around Darren's cock, which sent Darren to the verge of his orgasm. When Darren began moaning over and over, Doug knew he was about to feel Darren's cum shooting into him. As Doug thought about having Darren's cum inside him, Doug's cock began to stiffen. When Darren felt Doug's hard shaft poking into his stomach, he began shooting his cum deeply inside Doug. As soon as Doug felt the first shot, he grabbed Darren's butt and pulled his lover into him as far as he could.

When Darren finally stopped cumming, Doug gasped, "Your love shooting deep inside me just feels better every time we make love Darren."

"That's because no one's rectum could ever caress my cock as softly and as well as yours." moaned Darren. "I hope our love always feels this good."

Darren laid on top of Doug until his cock slipped out of Doug on it's own. Then Doug rolled Darren over and lubed his own cock. Doug placed the head of his cock at Darren's pucker, then looked into Darren's beautiful smiling face. Doug knew how badly Darren craved feeling his cock inside him, so Doug pushed his cock all the way into Darren in one quick thrust.

"I love it when you make love to me like that Doug!" gasped Darren.

Doug placed his lips against Darren's, then thrust as deeply and quickly as he could in and out of Darren's tight chute. Then Doug reached down and began stroking Darren's cock until it became hard again. Doug kissed, stroked, and thrust in and out of Darren as passionately as he could as Darren squirmed around in pleasure underneath him. This went on for almost ten minutes before Darren began gasping once again. When Doug felt Darren's cum shooting between their tightly pressed together bodies, Doug began blasting his cum into Darren. When both boys orgasms were finally over, Doug dropped down into Darren's arms. The two boys fell asleep holding each other closely and smiling.

Nothing unusual happened for the rest of the week until the night before the trip. Chris did spend the night with Donnie on Thursday night, and Donnie was suppose to talk to him about how they had made Wakki feel. Chris was glad to have the talk because he had thought maybe he or Donnie had enjoyed what happened too much. Chris knew he loved Donnie, but he was very confused now. Chris had asked himself several times since the hotel in California, "Do I like Wakki too much? Does Donnie like Wakki too much?"

Chris and Donnie talked until late into the night, and were very relieved when they decided that they still loved each other very much. They also decided that they should never have sex with anyone but each other again. As Donnie put it, "That decision is easy Chris. It would kill me if I ever lost you, and we can't keep letting other people come in between us. Someday that will break us up, and then what? I love only you, so I'll make love to only you and never have sex with anyone else again."

That night Donnie and Chris made love more passionately together than ever before. The two young boys were exhausted by the time they had finished making love.

The next morning dawned clear and beautiful. As the boys were almost finished getting ready, Chuck and Steve pulled in. Before leaving though, Donnie had an announcement to make.

"Chris and I have decided that we are a serious couple now." said Donnie. "We want to remain monogamous and faithful to each other from now on. We both began to have doubts about things on the way home from Hawaii, but we know we would never get over it if someone came between us now. We wanted to thank everyone, especially Wakki, for showing us that this is the way we should be."

Then Chris and Donnie got into the car with Chuck and Steve, and Cory and Wakki got into the car with Doug and Darren. There was a lot of talking in Doug and Darren's car, as Doug drove in the lead. There was a lot of kissing in the Back of Chuck's car between Donnie and Chris, as Chuck followed Doug to the park. They finally pulled off the turnpike in Ohio, and began driving north toward the lake. It was nine thirty when they pulled onto the road leading to the park. The entire park came into view as Doug pulled out onto the causeway to the park. Wakki stared out over the bay at the park they were approaching.

"What's that big yellow thing in the middle of the park?" asked Wakki.

"That's the coaster we were telling you about." replied Darren. "I'm sure you'll love it Wakki."

"That's a coaster?!" exclaimed Wakki.

The boys all laughed except Wakki, as Doug drove across the causeway. They finally made it through the line at the toll booth, then waited for Chuck's car to make it through. After following the parking attendants directions, Doug and Chuck pulled into their parking spaces next to each other. Wakki was amazed as he looked at the park in front of him from close up.

"Well, we're all locked up." said Chuck.

"So are we." replied Doug. "Let's get going then so we can have fun watching Wakki."

By the time everyone got into the park, it was ten o'clock and time for the park attendants to drop the chain that had been put up just past the Skyride station. Doug and Darren had everyone walk over to the side of the midway, so they wouldn't be run over by the people running to the largest coaster in the middle of the park. Doug and Darren had been here many times before, so they knew the line would be very long for that ride for the first two hours. They made their way down the midway and stayed to the left, going to the second tallest coaster in the park first. After crossing the railroad tracks for the train ride, they had made it to their first ride of the day. Wakki looked up the mammoth lift hill that ran along the bay side of the park,and took a loud gulp. As they entered the queue, a train roared past above them.

"H-how h-high is this?" stuttered Wakki.

"This one only has a three hundred and six foot first drop." replied Doug calmly.

Wakki almost had to be dragged through the entrance to the queue, but Doug and Darren assured him that he would have fun. Chuck and Steve were already having fun just watching the boys. Fortunately the queue was short, and the boys were ready to get on in about fifteen minutes. They were the first ones behind the turnstile for their train, and there was no line for the front row yet, so they took the first four rows. Much to Wakki's horror, Cory dragged him into the front row. The climb up the mammoth lift hill was very quick, but Wakki still clung to Cory tightly. Once Wakki realized that he had survived the first drop though, the rest of the ride was fun for him. Doug and Darren had to promise to bring him back later in the day.

Next was a tower ride like they had rode in California. The biggest difference was that this one was much taller. Wakki was having a great time now, as the boys rode the ride twice. The first time they were thrust up the tower to two hundred and eighty five feet, then the second time they were thrust down from that height.

Then it was time for the main attraction. The boys headed toward the back of the park from where they were at, and soon came to the tallest ride in the park. Everyone stared at the impossibly tall tower at the far end of the ride, that had coaster tracks going straight up to the top of the tower. At that time a train was rolled out of the station, and into the launch position. Then the drag race style lights came on and counted down to the green lights. The train was propelled incredibly fast down the launch track, then climbed straight up into the sky. It slowly crested the top at four hundred and twenty feet, then plummeted straight down as it spiraled toward the ground. The track then curved until it was once again parallel to the ground, and the train flew down the back side of the ride to the brakes.

After watching the ride once, Wakki nervously followed the other boys to the entrance. Chuck was as eager as most of the boys to ride, as he had always heard about the ride, but had never been to this park before. After waiting for about ninety minutes, the group finally made it to the station. The line for the front row was packed, so they took rows two through five. Wakki was so nervous that the attendant finally had to assist him with his lap belt, but the train was finally ready to go. As the train rolled out to the starting position, Cory thought that Wakki might squeeze his hand so hard that he would break it. Before he knew what had happened, Wakki felt the train blasting down the track faster than he thought possible. Then they were suddenly climbing straight up. By the time they crested the top of the tower at four hundred and twenty feet, Wakki was having the time of his life.

When the ride was over, Wakki wanted to immediately go on again. The other boys wanted to see more of the park first though, but they agreed to come back later. The boys all had a great time that day, even though Donnie and Chris could never get alone enough to make out. Wakki had the best time of all of the boys, and everyone felt better about the misunderstanding they'd had since returning from Hawaii. They once again all felt like a very happy family together. Doug and Darren talked to everyone during the day, and everyone assured them that they would never take Wakki's feelings for granted again. The trip home that day was filled with good feelings, especially in the back seat of Chuck's car. That was where Donnie and Chris were riding. Chuck and Steve smiled as they pretended that they paid no attention to the two boys.

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